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No. 5. M0UNT ROflO, iWAORaS 

The Indian Biographical 



Edited by 

C. HAYAVADANA RAO, p,.a., li.L., 

Editor, '■ Mysore Economic Journal " ; 

for sometime Offg. Editor, " The Leader ", Allahabad, and 

'■ The Madras Times ", Madras ; and Fellow of 

the Royal Anthropological Institute of 

Great Britain and Ireland. 



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Index to Advertisements . . . v 

Preface ...... vii 

Abbreviations Used ..... ix 

The Eoyal Family .... i 

Biographies ...... 1 

Supplementary Biographies ... 1 

Indian Honours List .... 11 

Obituary . . . . . . .33 


Precedence in India . . > . . i 

Salutes in India ..... xiv 

Formal Modes of Addressing Titled Persons, etc. xx 

Clubs in India, Burma and Ceylon . . xxvii 

Principal London Clubs "... xxxviii 

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Terms relating to Banks and Titles . xlii 










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In this book an attempt has been made to present the general public 
in this country with succinct biographies of most, if not all, living per- 
sons who have had a direct connection with India either as officials or 
non-officials. In the majority of cases these biographies are based on 
materials very kindly furnished by the persons themselves : the rest are 
compiled from authoritative sources of information. The main object 
kept in view has been to produce a comprehensive work useful to busy 
people. Few care to wade through pages of writing to pick out the main 
incidents of a notable's life. The British " Who's Who " which has 
supplied the model to the Japanese " Who's Who ", and the American 
" Who's Who, " is an invaluable work, and covers a field as wide as 
the world itself. Its utiHty as a book of reference is beyond praise, 
while its general accuracy has been a matter for wonder with most 
people who have had occasion to use it. It has many Indian and 
Anglo-Indian names included in it, but in the nature of things it cannot 
be expected that it can deal with all personages whom India knows 
or delights to honour. It is the purpose of the book to fill in this gap. 
In its main design it follows that excellent book of reference, and it will 
be apparent to those glancing through its p'ages that it covers a wide 
ground. The name of almost every man and woman who has worked 
or is working for the good of India, in the moral or material, religious 
or political spheres has been, it is thought, included in it. Every 
endeavour has been made to include the names of all title-holders in 
India, but it is possible that owing to non-receipt of replies or from the 
paucity of information available, there are occasional omissions. In 
the next edition of the Dictionary, it is hoped to make good this short- 
coming. A work like this depends very largely for its accuracy and 
comprehensiveness on the help that the general public render its Editor. 
It is hoped that many more will respond in the years to come to the 
appeals for information sent to them. In order to facilitate the work of 
giving accurate addresses, a desideratum, in a reference book of this 
kind, those sending back proofs will help the Editor very much, in- 
deed, if they will add an address or check the one already inserted and 
supplement the same with the name of the club or clubs to which they 
may belong, so that correspondence may be easily directed to them. 


Clubs in India arc very numerous and there are few who do not 
belong to one or other of these. To facilitate their work a list of clubs 
is included in the appendices printed at the end of this volume to 
which reference is solicited. 

In the preparation of this boolv, histories of gazetted officers issued 
by the Government of India and the various local Governments and 
Administrations, and the Feudatory States of India, the India Office 
List, Debrett's Baronetage and Peerage, 1914; Dodd's Peerage, 1914; 
Who's Who, 1914 ; Sir Roper Lethbridge's The Golden Book of 
India ; Air. Buckland's Z)/c^/on«r;j7 of Indian Biography, Whittaker's 
Almanac, 1914, and many other official and non-official publications 
have been consulted and to publishers and authors of these the Editor 
would here express his great indebtedness. 

It is inevitable that a work of this kind, passed through the press under 
difficulties and during intervals of time snatched from a busy working 
day, should contain some typographical errors. The errata issued 
will, it is hoped, tend to clear most of these. The Editor craves the 
indulgence of the public in this matter. Every practicable suggestion 
intended to improve the utility of the book will, the Editor wishes to 
add here, receive his best attention when the time comes to issue the 
next edition. 

In conclusion the Editor would tender his thanks to the many gentle- 
men who have helped him in any way in bringing out tfte work. He 
would specially thank those who have readily responded to his call for 
information. Also, those who have ver}' considerately tendered sugges- 
tions to increase the utility of the book. He would also express his 
thanks to Messrs. K. V. Raja Rao and T. Raja Rao who have assisted 
him in the preparation of the volume and to Mr. L. Swami Rao, b.a., 
in reading the proofs. 

The Editor. 



Alphabetically Arranged 

A.A.G., Assisfcanfc Adjutant General. 

A.C.G., Assistant Commissary CJeneral. 

A.C.P., Associate of the College of Preceptors. 

A.D., (L. Auuo Domini), Year of the Lord. 

A.D.C., Aide-de-camp. 

A.H., (L. Anno IIcjinB), the Year of the Flight. 

A. I.e., Associate of the Institute of Chemistry. 

A.K.C., Associate of King's College, London. 

A.L.S., Associate of the Linnapan Society. 

A.M., (L. Anno Mundi), Year of the ^Yorld : Ante Meridiem. 

Before Noon. Ark Mariner. 
A.P.S., Associate of the Pharmaceutical Society. 
A.Q.M.G., Assistant Quarter Master General. 
A.E.A., Associate of the Eoyal Academy. 
A.E.S.A., Associate of the Koyal Scottish Academy. 
A.S., Adopted son. 
A.S.C., Army Service Corps. 
h., Born. j 

B.A., Bachelor of Arts. 
Bart., Baronet. 
B.C., Before Christ. 
B.C.E., Bachelor of Civil Engineering. 
B.C.L., Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.C.S., Bengal Civil Service or Bomhay Civil Service. 
B.D., Bachelor of Divinity. 
B.L., Bachelor of Law. 
B.S.C., Borahay or Bengal Staff Corps. ^ 
B.Sc, Bachelor of Science. 
C, Conservative. 
C.A., County Alderman. 
Cantab., of Camliridge. 
C.B., Companion of the Bath. 
C.C, County Councillor. 
C.E., Civil Engineer. 
C.G-, Commissary General. 
Cf. {confer). Compare. 


C.I., Order of the Crown of India. 

C.I.E., Companion of the Indian Empire. 

C.I.F., Charges, Insurance, Freight. 

CM., Master in Surgery. 

C.M.G., Companion of Saints Michael and George. 

C.S., Civil Service. 

C.S.C., Conspicuous Service Cross. 

C.S.I., Companion of the Star of India. 

C.V.O., Companion of the Eoyal Victorian Order, 

d., Daughter. 

D.A.A.G., Deputy Assistant Adjutant General. 

D-A.Q.M.G., Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General. 

D.C.G., Deputy Commissary General. 

D.C.L., Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D., Doctor of Divinity. 

Dep.> Deputation. 

Dep., Department. 

D.G.M., District Grand Master- 

D.Lit., Doctor of Literature. 

D.P.H., Doctor of Public Health. 

D.P.W., Department of Public Works. 

D. Sc, Doctor of Science. 

D.S.O., Distinguished Service Order. 

Dt., District. 

cduc : Educated. 

e.s., Eldest son. 

e.d., Eldest daughter. 

E.I.C., East India Company. 

Etc., &c., Etcetera, and other things. 

Et. Seq., (L. et sequeuts), and the following. 

Ex. Div., Exclusive of dividend. 

Ex, Engr., Executive Engineer. 

F.C.A., Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, 

F.C.H., Fellow of Cooper's Hill College (Engineering). 

F.C.P., Fellow of the College of Preceptors. 

F.C.S., Fellow of the Chemical Society. 

F.G.S., Fellow of the Geological Society. 

F.L.S., Fellow of the Linna^an Society. 

F.M.U., Fellow of the Madras University. 

F.E.A.S., Fellow of the Koyal Astronomical Society. 

F.E.C.S., Fellow of the Eoyal College of Surgeons. 

F.E.G.S., Fellow of the Eoyal Geographical Society. 

F.E.H.S., Fellow of the Eoyal Horticultural Society. 


F.R. Hist. S., Fellow of the Eoyal Historical Society. 

F.R.I. B.A., Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

F.R.M.S., Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society. 

F.R.P.S., Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. 

F.R.S., Fellow of the Royal Society. 

F.R.S.L., Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. 

F.S.A., Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. 

F.S.S., Fellow of the Statistical Society. 

F.Z.S., Fellow of the Zoological Society. 

G.C.B., Grand Cross of the Bath. 

G.C.I.E., Grand Commander of the Indian Empire. 

G.C.L.H., Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. 

G.C.M.G., Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. 

G.C.S.I., Grand Commander of the Star of India. 

G.C.V.O., Grand Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. 

G.M., Grand Master. 

H.B.M., His or Her Britannic Majesty. 

H.E., His or Her Excellency, His Eminence- 

H.E.I.C.S., Honourable East India Company's Civil Service. 

H.H., His Holiness, His or Her Highness, His Honour. 

H.I.H., His, or Her, Imperial Highness. 

H.M.S., His, or Her, Majesty's Ship, or Service. 

Hon. or Hon'ble, Honourable. 

H.P., Horse Power. 

H.R.H., His, or Her, Royal Highness. 

I.A., Indian Army. 

I.C.S., Indian Civil Service. 

I.E.E., Institute of Electrical Engineers. 

I.M.E., Institute of Mechanical Engineers. 

Imp., (L. Imperator, or Imperatrix), Emperor or Empress. 

I.M.S., Indian Medical Service. 

I.O.G.T., Independent Order of Good T6mplars. 

I.S.A., Incorporated Society of Authors. 

I.S.C, Indian Staff Corps. 

I.S.O., Imperial Service Order. 

J.P., Justice of the Peace. 

K.C., King's Counsel. 

K.C.B., Knight Commander of the Bath. 

K.C.I.E., Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire. 

K.C.M.G., Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George. 

K.C.S.I., Knight Commander of the Star of India. 

K.C.V.O., Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. 

K.G., Knight of the Garter. 



K.L.H., Knight of the Legion of Honour. 

K.M., Knight of IMalta. 

Kt., Knight. 

K.P., Knight of St. Patrick. 

K.T., Knight of the Thistle : Knight Templar. 

L.C.E., Licentiate of Civil Engineering. 

L.C.P., Licentiate of the College of Preceptors. 

L.D.S., Licentiate in Dental Surgery. 

L.I., Light Infantry. 

L.L.A., Lady Literate in Arts. 

LL.B., Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D., Doctor of Laws. 

L.M.S., Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery. 

L.R.C.P., Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. 

L.R.C.S., Licentiate of the Eoyal College of Surgeons. 

L.S., (L. Locus sigilli), place of the seal. 

L.T., Licentiate of Teaching. 

L.S.A., Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries. 

M.A., Master of Arts. 

M.B., Bachelor of jNIedicine. 

M.C.S., Madras Civil Service. 

M.D., Doctor of Medicine. 

M.E., Mining Engineer. 

M.E.C., Member of Executive Council. 

M.I.C.E., Member of thp Institute of Civil Engineers. 

M.I.E.E., Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. 

M.I.Min.E., Member of the Institute of Mining Engineers. 

M.L.C, Member of Legislative Council. 

M.L.A., Member of Legislative Association. 

M.I.Mech.E., Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. 

M.M., Master Mason. 

M.M.M., Mark Master Mason. 

M.P., Member of Parliament. 

M.P.S., Member of the Ifharmaceutical Society. 

M.R.A.C, Member of the Eoyal Agricultural College. 

M.R.A.S., Member of the Royal Asiatic Society. 

M.R.C.P., Member of the Royal College of Physicians. 

M.R.C.S., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 

M.R.C.V.S., Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. 

M.R.I., Member of the Royal Institution. 

M.S.G., Merchant Service Guild (for Captains and Officers of the 

Mercantile Marine). 
MSS., Manuscripts. 



Mus. B., Bachelor of Music. 

Mus. D., Doctor ol Music. 

M.V.O., Member of the Eoyal Victorian Order. 

N.B., (L. Nota Bote), mark well. 

No., (L. nnviero), number. 

N.W.P., North West Province. 

NY., New York. 

O.M., Order of Merit. 

O S., Old Style or only son. 

Oxon., of Oxford. 

O. Surv. S., Only surviving son. 

P. C, Privy Councillor. 

P.C.S., Provincial Civil Service. 

P.G.M., Provincial Grand Master. 

Ph.B., Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy. 

P.M., (L. Post Meridiem), afternoon. 

Pro tern., (L. Pro tempore), for the time being. 

Presy., Presidency. 

P.T.O., Please turnover. 

Q.C., Queen's Counsel. 

Q.M.G., Quarter Master General. 

Q.V , (L. Quod vide), which see. 

E.A., Eoyal Academican. 

E.A., Eoyal Artillery. Eoyal Arch. , 

E.A.jM., Eoyal Academy of Music. 

E.A.M.C., Eoyal Army Medical Corps. 

E.AS., Eoyal Agricultural Society. 

E.B A., Pioyai Society of British Artists. 

E.C.M., Eoyal College of Music. 

E.E., Eoval Engineers. 

E.I.B.A., Eoyal Institute of British Architects. 

E.H.A., Eoyal Horse .\rtillery. 

E.M., Eoyal Marine. 

E.N.E., Eoyal Naval Eeserve. 

E.E.C., Eoyal Eed Cross (Nursing Order). 

E.S.I., Eoval Sanitary Institute. 

S , Son. 

S.J., Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

S.S.C., Solicitor before the Supreme Court (Scotland). 

S.W., Senior Warden. 

T.O., Turn over. 

T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin. 



U.K., United Kingdom. 

"V.A., Koyal Order of Victory and Albert for ladies. 

"V.C., Victoria Cross ; Vice-Chancellor. 

V.D., Volunteer Officers' Decoration. 

Vis., Vise, Viscount. 

Viz. (L. Videlicet), namely. 

Vs. (L. Versus) against. 

W.M., Worshipful Master. 

W.S., Writer to the Signet (Scotland). 

y.d.. Younger or Youngest Daughter. 

y.s., Younger or Youngest Son. 

y., Year. 




Bead as 

4 .. 

Author of 

... Publication. 

28 .. 

. after, Barton M.P. please add. CLE., (1914). 

29 .. 

. Basu Srish Bhandra.. 

. . . Basu, Srish Ghandra. 

32 .. 

. Eatson, Maj.-Genl. .. 

... Beatson, Maj.-Genl. 

38 .. 

. Beasant 

... Besant. 

64 .. 

. Bell William 

... Bradley Herbert. 

81 .. 

. Owin ... 


91 .. 

. Ddinburgh ... 

... Edinburgh. 

98 .. 

. Translated ... 

... Transferred. 

99 .. 

. Coterell 

... Gotterell. 

113 .. 


... Daroowala. 

115 .. 

. Gundelkhand 

... Bundelkhand. 


Booch Behar 

Gooch Behar. 

123 .. 


. . . Bangalore. 

127 .. 

. H. S. King & So. .. 

... H. S. King .1 Co. 

128 .. 

. Games 

. . . James. 


. G.G.O 

... G.G.B. 

130 . 

. B.G.H 

. ... B. Gh. 

• M 

. Cishop 

... Bishop. 

135 . 

. Dunlop Smith 

... Durand. 

159 . 

. Cedford 

... Bedford. 

161 . 

.. Oined 

... Joined. 

181 . 

. Hethwa 

... ' Hatwa. 

217 . 

., Lhusro Manzil 

... Khusro Manzil. 

219 . 

.. Membrr 


225 . 

.. Keonehal 

... Keonthal. 


.. Buhudur 


249 . 

.. Lawson, A. E., Sh 

erifC of 

Madras, 1891-92 

... 1911-12. 

250 . 

.. Minors 

... Minor. 

251 . 

.. H-nry 


276 . 

.. Gontribution 

... • Publication. 

304 . 


... Shere. 


.. Rna 

... Rana. 


... after the words Nun 


ya, H. v., M. A 

, M. L. 

please add 



.. Rao Bahadur (1912) 

... Diwan Bahadur (1914) 


.. Law 

. . . Laws. 


.. Plhey 

... Pin hey. 



His Most Excellent Majesty our Sovereign Lord George 
the fifth, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom 
of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Domi- 
nions Beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, 
Emperor of India. 

HIS MAJESTY George Frederick Ernest Albert, 
second and only surviving son of His late Majesty King Edward 
VII., and of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, born at Marlborough 
House, 3rd June, 1865; married at St. James's Palace, 6th July, 
1893, H.S.H. Princess Victoria Mary ('"May") Augusta Louisa 
Olga Pauline Claudine x\gnes, now Her Majesty Queen Mary 
(born 26 May, 1867, Lady of the Most No*lDle Order of the Garter, 
has Orders of the Victoria and x\lbert, and Crown of India, Mus. 
Doc, LL.D.), only daughter of H.H. the late Francis, Duke of 
Teck, and H.R.H. the late Princess Mary of Cambridge. 
Duchess of Teck; created Duke of York, Earl of Inverness, and 
Baron Killarney, in the peerage of the United Kingdom, 1892, 
Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, also in the peerage of the 
United Kingdom, 9 Nov. 1901; ascended the throne on the death 
of his father 6 May, 1910; crowned at Westminster Abbey, 22 
•Tune, 1911; entered the Royal Navy, 18^7; Midshipman, 1880 ; 
Sub-Lieut. 1881 ; Lieutenant, 1885 ; Commander, 1891 ; Captain, 
1893 ; (Personal Naval A. D. C. to Queen Victoria, 1887-1901; to 
King Edward, 1901); Rear-Admiral IJan. 1901; Vice-Admiral, 
26th June, 1903; Admiral, 1 March, 1907; Admiral of the Fleet, 7th 
May, 1910; gazetted General in the Army 1902, Field-Marshal 7th 
May, 1910; Field-Marshal in the Prussian Army 16th May, 1911; 
Colonel in-Chief 1st and 2nd Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards, 
10th (Prince of Wale's Own Royal Hussars, King Edward's 
Horse (The King's Oversea Dominions Regt.), Duke of Lancaster's 

Own, Norfolk (Tlie King's Own Royal Regt.), and Suffolk 
(Yeomanry). Royal Regiment of Arfeilleiy, The Honourable 
Artillery Company, and 5th London Brigade Royal Field 
Artillery (Territorial Force), Royal Malta Artillery, Corps of the 
Royal Engineers, Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Scots 
Guards, Irish Guards, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt.), 
3rd Batt. Th; Prince of Wales's Own (West_ Yorkshire Regt.), 
The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, The King's Royal'Rifle Corps, The 
Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Princess Victoria's (Royal 
Irish) Fusiliers, Officers Training Corps, 1st Duke of York's Own 
Lancers (Skinnner's Horse), 6th King Edward's Own Cavalry. 
11th King Edward's own Lancers (Probyn's Horse), 18th King 
George's Own Lancers 26th King George's Own Light Cavalry, 
38th and 39th King George's Own Central India Horse, 1st King 
George's Own Sappers andMiners 14th King George's Own Feroze- 
pore Sikhs, 61st King George's Own Pioneers, 102nd King Edward 
Own Grenadiers, 130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's 
Rifles, 1st King George's Own Gurkha Rifles), TlieMalaun Regt,) 
2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles), The 
Royal Marines, and 8th Isle of Wight Rifles, " Princess Beat- 
rice's' ) Battu the Hampshire Regt.; Hon. Comiuanderof the 1st 
Dragoon Guards (Germany); Hon. Colonel 8th(Zamora) Infantry 
Regt. Sovereign of tlie Orders of the Garter, the Thistle, St. 
Patrick, the Bath, the Order of Merit, the star of India 
St. Michael and St. Ceorge the India Empire, the Royal, 
Victorian, Distinguished Service, and Imperial Service ; Sovei'e- 
ign and Patron of the Order of the Hospital of St. Jerusalum in 
England, and of the Order of Mercy; has received the Orders of 
the Black Eagle of Prussia, the Golden Fleece of Spain, St. 
Andrew of Russia, Grand Cordon of the Osmanieh, the Haned- 
ani Ali Osraan, and the Murassa .Initias of Turkey, the Annun- 
ciata of Italy, the White Elephant of Denmark, the Seraphim of 
Sweden, the Legion of Honour, and many other Foreign Orders; 
an Elder Brother of the . Corporation of Trinity House (formerly 
Master); President of many Societies, Colleges, etc.. and Patron 
of many Institutions; installed Chancellor of the University of 
the Cape of Good Hope, 1901, and of the University of Wales 
1902: Hon. D.C.L. Oxford, LL.D. Cambridge, and many other 
Universities, F.R.S.; was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports 1905-7; 
Bencher of Lincoln's Inn 1892, Treasurer 1904; Trustee of the 
British Museum; High Steward of Reading and Plymouth; and 
Member of the Royal Commission on Food Supply in War-time 
1903, etc. Visited India as Prince of Wales in 1906 and person- 
ally presided over the Durbar at Delhi in 1911, as King-Emperor. 

Address : Windsor Castle, Berkshire ; Buckingham Palace, S.W.; 
Balmoral Castle, Scotland; Sandringham, Norfolk. Chibs : United 
Service, Marlborough, etc. 

His Majesty has had issue — 

H. R. H. Prince Edward Albert Christian George Andrew 
Patrick David, K. G.. created Prince of Wales and Earl of 
Ciiester bv Letters Patent under tlie Great Seal, 23rd June 1901, 
HEIR APPARENT TO THE CROWN, Dnhe of Cormvall in the 
Peerage of England {l^^l) , Duke of Bothesay, Earl of Carrich, 
Baron of Benfreic, Lord of the Isles, and Great Stexvard of Scotland, 
in the Peerage of Scotland (1469), Duke of Saxony, and Prince 
of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha ; Born at White Lodge, Sheen, 23rd 
June, 1894; a Naval Cadet 1907-11, midshipman 1911-12 ; an 
undergraduate of Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1912; has received the 
orders of the Golden Fleece and the Legion of Honour ; proceeded 
to the Front in the great continental war and appointed A. D. 
C. to Genrl. Sir John French, 1914. 

H. R. H. Prince Albert Frederick Artliur George. Born 14th 
Dec. 1895; is a Naval Cadet. 

H. R. H. Prirnce Henry Willam Frederick x41hert. Born 
31st Mar. 1900. 

H. R. H. Prince George Edward Alexander Edmund. Born 
20th Dec. 1902. 

H. R. H- Prince John Charles FraAcis. Born 12th July. 

H. R. H. I^rincess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary. Born 
25th Apr. 1897. 


Alexandra Caroline Mary Charlotte Louisa Julia, eldest 
daughter of Christian IX., King of Denmark (who died Jan. 29th, 
1906), Lady of the Garter, and of the Orders of Victoria and Albert 
and Crown of India, Lady of Justice of the Order of the Hospital 
of St. John of Jerusalem in England, R.R.C., Governor of St. 
Bartholomew's Hospital, President of the Nursing Board, Queen 
zVlexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, and of the Terri- 
torial Force Nursing Service Advisory Council, etc. Born 1st 
Deceml^er, 1844 : M. lOtli Marcli, 1863, His late Majesty King 
Edward VII. ; became Queen Consort and Empress of India 
on liis accession, 22nd January, 1901. Address : Sandringham, 


H. R. H. the late Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward of 
Wales, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Earl of Athlone, K.G., 
K.P., LL.D. Born 1864; died 1892. 

H.R.H. Princess Louiss Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, V.A., 
C.I., Princess Royal. Born 20 Feb. 1867, M. 27th July 1889,, 
Alexander WilHam. George, 1st Duke of Fife, K.G., K.T., G.C. 
V.O.,P.C., (d. 1912). 

Issue — 

H.H. Princess Alexandra Victoria Alberta Edwina Louise, 
Duchess of Fife. 

H.H. Princess Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha 
of Fife. Born 3 April, 1893. 

H.R.H. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, V.A., C.I. ; 
a Lady of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England. Born 6th July, 1868. 

H.M. the Queen of Norway (H.R.H. Maud Charlotte Mary 
Victoria). Born 26 Nov., 1869; 3/. 22nd July, 1896, H.R.H. 
Prince Charles of Denmark, who was elected King of Norway 
1905, and ascended that throne under the name of King Haakon 
(or Haco) VII.; Hon. Admiral in British Navy, Hon. Col. Norfolk 
Yeom. ; K.G. 1906. (i.C.B., G.C.V.O. Address :— Royal Castle, 
Christiania ; King George's Palace, Bredgade, Copenhagen. 

Issue — 

H.R.H. Prince Olaf of Norway (Prince Alexander Edward 
Christian Frederick of Denmark), b. 2 July, 1903. 

The late Prince Alexander John Charles Albert, born 6th 
April, 1874 : died 7 April, 1871, " 


H.R.H. the late Prince Alfred Ernest Albert (died 1900,) 
Duke of Saxe-Coburg- Gotha, Duke of Edinburgh, and Earl of 
Kent and of Ulster. Born, 1844 ; ill. 1874, H.I.H. the Grand 
Duchess Marie Alexandrovna (born 1853), V.A., C.I., Grand 
Duchess of Russia, only dau. of Alexandra II., Emperor of Russia. 
Had issue — 

H. R. H. Prince Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert, 
Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Col)urg-Gotha. Born, 1874 : died, 

Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, V.A., C.I. Born, 1875 ; 
M. 1893, H. R. H. Prince Ferdinand of Roumania, G. C. B., 
and lias living two sons and two daughters. 

Princess Victoria ^felita, V.A., C.I. Born. 1876 ; if. 1st, 
1894, her cousin, the Grand Duke of Hesse (see below) (ma]', 
dissolv. 1901 ; 2nd Oct. 1905, H. I. H. the Grand Duke Cyril of 
Russia, and has one daughter. 

Princess Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria, V.A., C.I. Born, 
1878 ; M. -^896, Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 
Regent of Sax'e-Coburg-Gotha, and has living one son and three 

Princess Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria. Born 1884 : M. 
1909, Alfonso, Infante of Spain. 

H. R. H. Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, K.G., K.T., 
K.P., P.C, G.C.B., G.C.S.I,, G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.A^O., 
D.C.L., L.L.D., Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Earl of 
Sussex, Duke of Saxony, and Prince of Saxe-Cohurg-Gotha 
(renounced succession 1899). Born 1st May, 1860 ; M. 
1879, H. R. H. Prin:;ess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria 
Agnes (born 1860), V.A., C.I., a Lady of Justice of the Order of 
St. John of Jerusalem, R.R.C., dau. of Prince Frederick Charles 
of Prussia ; entered R.E., 1868, R.A., 1878, Ritie Brigade 1869 ; 
became gen. 1893, field-marshal 1902 ; com. of forces in Ireland 
1900-1904 ; Insp.-Gen. of Forces 1904'-1907 ; Com, -in-chief. 
Mediterranean Forces, and High Commissioner in the Medi- 
terranean 1907-9; Governor-General of the Dominion of Canada 
since 1911 ; President of tlie Selection Board, and 3rd Army 
Corps 1901-4 ; col. -in-chief Inniskilling Dragoons, Highland 
Light Infantry, Roy. Dublin Fusiliers, Rifle Bgd., 13th Duke 
of Connaught's Lancers, 32st Duke of Connaught's Own 
Lancers. 7th Duke of Connauglit's Own Rajputs, 129th Duke of 
Connaught's Own Baluchis ; col. Grenadier Guards; col Army 
Service Corps : hon. col. South Irisli Horse, Royal E. Kent 
Yomanry. 6th batt. Hampshire regt., 3rd batt. The Queen's Own 
(Royal West Kent regt.) 3rd and 4th batt. Highland Liglit 
Infantry, 18th batt. The London regt. (London Irish rides) ; 
Chief Personal A.D.C. to the King, formerly Chief Personal A.D. 
C. to King Edward VII. ; Grand Master of the freemasons of 
England 1901 ; Great Master of the Bath 1901 ; Grand Prior of 
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem since 1910 ; Great Prior of 
Ireland ; Ranger of l']pping Forest; President Institute of Volun- 
teer Commanding Ollicers 1906 ; President Duke of York's Roval 

Military School ; Master of the Ti-inity House since 1910 ; a 
Kuight of the Order of the Golden Fleece (Spain), of the Black 
Eagle (Germany) ; has Orders of St. Andrew (Russia), St. Stephen 
(Austria), the Anunziata (Italy), the Elephant (Denmark), the 
Osmanli (Turkey), the Tower and Sword (Portugal), the Chrysan- 
themum (Japan), Military Merit (of Spain and Prussia), Medjldie 
(2nd cl.), and the grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. Address — 
Bagshot Park, Surrey ; Clarence House, St. James's, London, S. 
W. Has issue — 

H.R.H. Prince Arthur Freperick Patrick Alhert, K. G., G.C. 
Y.O.. P.C. (1910) Born 1883 : ed, at Eton and R.M.C. Sand- 
luu-st; capt. 2nd DragoQns 1907: personal A.D.C. to the King", 
late persoal A.D.C. to King Edward VII ;apptd. head of special 
mission to invest the Emperor of Japan with Order of Garter, 
1905 : has Royal Victorian Chain, 1906 ; also Order of Black 
Eagle of Prussia, and Grand Cross of Order of Charles III. 
of Spain ; is Knight of Justice of St. John of Jerusalem in 

H. R. H. Princess Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte 
Norah, V. A. C. I. Ladv of Justice of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England. Born 1882"^; mar June 15th. 1905, H.R.H. Prince 
Oscar Frederick William Olaf Gustavus Adolphus, Duke of 
Schonen [or Scanial . G.C.B., G.C.V.O., now Crown Prince of 
Sweden, and has three sons. 


H. R. H. Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, C.I. 
Born 1886 ; a Lady of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jeru- 
salem in England 1910. 

H. R. H. the late Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert. 
K.G., Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence, and Baron Arklow, 
Born 1853 ; mar. 1882, H.S.H. Princess Helen Frederica Auguste 
(R.R.C., has the Order of the Leauge of Mercy), dau. of the late 
Reigning Prince of Waldeck and Pyriuont ; died 1884, leaving 
issue — ' 

H.R.H. Prince Leopold Charles Edward George Albert, 
Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Born 19th July, 1884 ; 
mar. 11th Oct. 1905, H.H. Princess Victoria Adelaide Helena 
Louise Frederika of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderbuz-g-Glucksburg ; 
succeeded at his birth to his father's titles, and succeeded his 
uncle, 1900, as Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke of 
Julich, Cleve, and Berg, Langrave in Thuringen, Margrave of 
Meissen, Count of Henneberg, Count von der Mark and Ravens- 
herg, and Lord of Rawenstein and Tonna ; ed. at Eton and 


Postdam ; Col. -in-Chief Seaforth Higlilanders, Address: The 
Palace, Coburg ; The Schloss, Eeichardsbiunn, and Schloss 
FiienenstiMn, Gotha ; Clareraont, Pusher, Surrey. Has two sons 
and two daughters. 

H. E. H. Princess Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, 
V.A., Lady of Justice of St. John of Jerusalem in England, and 
Lady Grand Pres. of League of Mercy. Born 1883. Married 
190i H.S.H' Prince Alexander Augustus F.W.A.G. of Teck, 
G.A.V.O., D.S.O. 

H. L H. the late Princess Victoi'ia Adelaide Mary [.ouisa 
(the Dowager Empress and Queen Frederick of Germany and 
Prussia, and Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland). 
Boi-n 1840 ; mar. 1858, Prince Frederick William Nicholas Char- 
les of Prussia (afterwards German Emi)eror ai:d King of I'russia 
<lied 1888) ; died 1901, having liad issue- 
Prince Frederick William Victor Albert, K. G., G. C. V. (). 
(German Emperor and King of Prussia). Born, 1859 : Hon. 
Admiral of the Fleet, 1889 ; Field-Marshal in British Army, and 
Colonel-in Chief, 1st Eoyal Dragoons : succeeded his father, 
M. 1881, Princess Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein- 
1888 ; Sonderburg-.\ugustenburg, and has living six sons and 
•one daughter. 

Prince Albert William Plenry, K. G.,,,G. C. B., Hon. .\dmi- 
ral of the British Navy. Born, 1862 ; 'm. 1888, his cousin 
Princess Irene of Hesse V. A., and has living two sons. 

Princess Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte, V. A., C. I. 
Boi-n, 18G0: M. 1878, Bernard, Hereditary Prince of Saxe- 
Meiningen, G. C. B., and has living one daughter. 

I'rincess Frederika Wilhelmina Amelia Victoria, V. .\. 
Born, 1806: M. 1890, H. S. H. Adolphe of Schaumburg-Lip|)e, 
■G. C. B. 

Princess Sophia Dorothea Ulrika Alice, V. A. Born, 1870; 
M. 1899, the Duke of Sparta (Crown Prince of the Hellenes), 
G. C. B., and has living three sons and two daughters. 

Princess Margaret Beatrice Ferodora. Born, 1872 ; M. 
1893, Prince Frederick Charies of Hesse, G. C. B., and has 
living six sons. 

H.R.H. the late Princess Alice. Born, 1843: M. 1S(;2. 
H.E.H. Frederick William Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse (ho died. 
1892); died 1878, leaving issue— 

Prince Ei-nesfc Louise Charles Albert William, K.G..G.C.B., 
Grand Duke of Hesse. Born, 1868; succeeded T892; M. 1894. 
Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (see above): 2nd. 1903, 
Eleanor Ernestine Marie, of Solms-Hohensomls-Lich, and has- 
living a son and daughter. 

Princess Victoria Alberta Elizabeth Matilda Mary. Born, 
1863 ; M. 1884, Prince Louis of Battenberg (vide Battenberg 
in Part I.), G. C. B., E. N.. and has living two sons and two 

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Luise Alice, V.A. Born, 1864 ; 
M. 1894, the Grand Duke Serge of Eussia, G.C.B., wlio was 
assasinated 1905. 

Princess Irene Marie Luise Anna. Born, 1866; M. 1888, 
Prince Henry of Prussia. 

Princess Alix Victoria Alice Helena Luise Beatrix (Alexan- 
dra Feodorovna), V.A. Born 1872; M. 1894, H.I.M. Nicholas XL, 
Emperor of all the Eussias, K.G., Hon. Admiral of the Fleet,. 
1908, and has living one son and four daughters. 

H.E.H. Helena Augusta Victoria, Princess of the United 
Kingdom, V.A., C.I., E.E.C. Born, 1846; M. 1866, H.E.H. 
Prince Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of Schleswig- 
Holstein, K.G., P.C., G.C.V.O.: gen. in the British Array; Personal 
A.D.C. to the King sin»3 1910: hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1910. Address; 
— Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. Has had issue — 

The late Prince Chrisitan Victor Albert Ludwig Ernest 

Anton, G.C.B., G.C.V.O. D.S.O.; Capt. and brevat-maj. King's 

Eoyal Eifie Corps; died at Pretoria of fever contracted on service 

in the South African war, 1900. 


Prince Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George, G.C.B., 

G.C.V.O.: Capt. in Prussian Hussars of the Guard. Born 1869. 

Princess Victoria Marie Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia. 
Helena, V.A., C.I., E.E.C. and has Order of Mercy. Born, 1870, 

Princess Franziska Josepha Louise Auguste Marie Christiana 
Helena, V.A., C.I. Born, 1872; M. 1891, H.H. Prince Aribert of 
Anhalt, G.C.B. (marriage dissolved, 1900). 

H.E.H. Louise Caroline Alberta, Princess of the United 
Kingdom, Duchess of Argyll, V.A., G.I., E.E.C. Born, 1848 ; M. 
1871, the Marquis of Lome, K.T., G.C.M.G., eldest son of the 
1st Duke of Argyll, who succeeded his father, 1900. 

H.R.H. Beatrice M<iry Victoria Feodoie, L'lincess of the 
United Kingdom. \.X.. C.I., R.R.C., Governoi- of tlie Isle of 
Weight, L.L.D., (Glasgow Univ.). Born, 1857 ; M. 1885, Piince 
Henry Maurice of Battenl)erg, K.G., P.C., who died of fever con- 
tracted during Ashanii Exped. 1896. Address : Osborne Cot- 
tage, Isle of Weight : Kensington Palace. Issue — 

Prince Alexander Albert, G.C.V.O. 1911 ; K.C.V.O. 1910. 
Born, 1886: late midsliipnian, R.N.; 2nd lieut. (iieiiiidier Guards, 

Prince Leopold Artiuir, Louis, K.C.V.O. 1911. Born, 1889: 
lieutenant, King's Pto\ . RiHe Corps since 1912. 

Prince Maurice Victor Donald, K.C.V.O. 1910. J^orn, 1891. 
2ud Ijieut, King's Roy. RiHe Corps since 1911 

Princess Victoria I'Aigenie Julia Kna, Queen Nicloria iMige- 
iiie of Spain 'H.R.H. bv Roval connnand, Apr. 8i-d, 1906). Boin 
1887, M. 1908, H.M. King Alfonso XIII. of Spain, K.G., G.C.V 
O., General in tiie ]^)ritish Army, Col-in Chief, Kith Lancers ; has 
two sons and two daus.. Prince of Asturias, b. lOlh Ma>, 1907 : 
Prince Jaime, b. 33rd June, 1908 ; Princess Beatrice, h. 22nd 
June, 1949 ; Piincess Maria Cristina, i). 12th Dec. 1911. 




Abbas Ali Baig, Mirza, ^Member of 
the Council of India, London ; 
born, 1859 ; Educated at Wilson 
College, Bombay, where he graduat- 
ed heading the list of successful 
candidates from the College. His 
first appointment in government 
service was that of Spacial 
Inspecting Officer for Mahom- 
madan Eductional Institutions 
in the Central and Southern 
Divisions of the Bombay Presi- 
dency, including the city of 
Bombay ; Minister, Janjira State, 
Assistant Collector, Sub-Divisional 
Magistrate, Special Commissioner 
for settling Hindu-Mahommedau 
disputes of Somnath Pattan ; 
Presidency IVIagistrate, Bombay; 
Oriental Translator, Bombay ; 
Rej)orter on the Native Press ; 
Registrar of Indian Publications, 
and Secretary to the Civil and j\Iili- 
tary Examination Boards. Trans- 
ferred to foreign service as Dewan 
of Junagadh, the premier State in 
Kathiawar, 190G; he distinguished 
himself by introducing many 
important reforms in the different 
branches of the administration of 
this state ; appointed Member of 
the India Council in succession to 
Nawab Imad-ul-Mulk Sycd Hussa- 

in Bilgrami, 1910. Address: India 
Office, London. 

Abbott,Col. Herbert Edward Stacey. 

D. S. 0., Born 1S55. S. of General 
H. E. S. Abbott, Bengal Infantry ; 
B. Calcutta, Gth April, 1855; M, 
1881, Mary. D. of Thomas Aveliug 
Rochester, Kent ; one S, one D. ; 
educated at St. Elizabeth College, 
Guernsey, and R.M.A. Woolwich ; 
R. E. entered the Army, 1S74 ; 
Served in India in the Afghan War, 
1878-80'; P.W.D., Punjab; Hazara 
expedition 1888 ; Under-Secretarv, 
P. W. D., Punjab; Chitral Relief 
Force, 1895 ; Ofg. Chief Engineer, 
Punjab, P.W.D., 1903-04; D.S.O., 
1896. Recreation : cricket, shoot, 
ing, Golf. Address : Parkhill, 

Abbot, J.H. Hon. Mr. ; nominated 
non-official Member, Imperial 
Lcgislafiive Council ; President, 
Anglo-Indian Empire League; has 
taken great interest in the .\nglo- 
Indian cause ; has toured and lec- 
tured extensively through India in 
connection with it. 

Abdul Aziz Lari Khan Saheb, 

Vakil; Managing Director of the 
Kasia Co-operative Bank: Bar-at- 
Law, 1864 ; son of Maulvi Sheikh 
IMokkarain Ali ; commenced prac- 


ABDUL AZIZ Labi Khan Saheb. 

tice in 1885: has taken interest 
in several public movements, 
started Kasia Central Co-operative 
Bank, 1902. Served during the 
famine of 1908. Publication : — 
Commentary in Urdu on the Agra 
Tenancy Act. Address : Kasia, 
Gorakhpur, U.P. 

Abdul Ghaffur Khan, Nawab, 
Khan Bahadur. Khan of Tesi ; 
KhanBahadur ; 1897, Nawab, 1911. 
Address : Tesi, Kohat District, 
North- Western Frontier. 

Abdul Ghain Khan Sahib ; possess- 
es landed property in Bhanga, 
Nagarkhanda and twenty-two other 
villages scattered throughout the 
province ; is Secretary of the Anju- 
man-i-Islamia of Faridpur ; Secre- 
• tary of the Faridpur Co-operative 
Urban Bank ; greatly interested in 
the cause of Mahommedan edu- 
cation ; "Khan Sahib," 1910. 
Address : Nurpur Bhanga, Farid- 
pur, Bengal. 

Abdul Hakim Shams-ul-Ulema(1903) 

Professor of the Oriental College, 
Lahore ; Fellow of thd Punjab 
University. Address : Lahore. 

Abdul Karim Khan, Nawab of 
Bastinagar; born, 1877; succeed- 
ed to title, 1903 ; the founder of 
the estate was Nawab Dildar Khan, 
the third son of Nawab Diler Khan, 
who built the city of Shahjahanpur 
and acquired a large Jagir in the 
Shahabad and Sara Parganas 
during the reign of Aurangazib. 
In 1871, the holder of the estate 
having died without male issue, 
it descended to his widow Begum 
Amanat Fatima ; the Begum died 
in 1903, and bequeathed the estate 
to her sister's son Abdul Karim 
Khan ; the title was deemed to 
have lapsed in default of direct 
succession, but it was restored in 
1907 on the representation of the 
British Lidian Association. The 

estate comprises 29 villages and 
6 shares in Hardoi. Address : 
Bastinagar, Hardoi. 

Abdul Khadir Maulvi, Khan Sahib, 

J. P. : born, 1847 ; did much 
to alleviate the sufferings of the 
people in the plague scare of 
1897-98 ; connected with several 
public bodies in the capacity 
of President, Vice-President or 
Secretary. Title conferred, 1899. 
Address : Surat. 

Abdul Majid, Syed, also knoivn as 
Manju Meah Sahib, Khan Baha- 
dur (1894); Hakim; born, 1854, 
of a respectable family of Hakims 
(Indian physicians) ; educated in 
the High School at Cuddapah ; 
Secretary. Cuddapah Moham- 
medan Club ; Member of the 
Society of Arts, London ; Member 
of the Taluk and District Boards of 
Cuddapah. Address : Cuddapah, 
Madras Presidency. 

Abdul Muzaffar Abdul Ali Khan, 
Khan Sahib, Special Sub-Regis- 
trar ; born 12th July, 1868 ; edu- 
cated at Mymensingh, Dacca, and 
Calcutta Presidency College ; Son 
of jMauhd Khazi Afsulali Khan ; 
entered Government service, 1898. 
Special Sub-Registrar in charge 
of Mymensingh District, 1907. 
Recreation : Riding. Address : 

<■ Mymensingh, Bengal. 

Abdul Rahiman, Hon : Mr. Wapi- 

chi Marcayar, jMahommedan 
member, Ceylon Legislative Coun- 
cil ; nominated 1912. 

Abdul Rasul, Moulvi, Bar-at-Law, 
Calcutta ; Son of I\Ioulvi (xhulam 
Rasul, a Zemindar of Guniauk, 
in the district of Tippera. Born, 
1872 ; Educated at Kishoreganj ; 
matriculated from the Government 
school at Dacca, 1888 ; when he 
was barely seventeen years old. 



went to England : after a short 
period of study at Liverpool, join- 
ed the King's College. London ; 
matriculated at Oxford. 189-2; took 
B.A. degree from St. John's Col- 
lege, Oxford, 1896: M.A.. 1898; 
called to the Bar (Middle Temple) 
1898; also took the B.C.L., being 
the first Bengali to obtain that 
degree. Returned to India at the 
close of 1898: enrolled as a Barrister 
of the Calcutta High Court, 1899; 
enjoys a lucrative practice on 
the Appellate Side; Head Examiner 
in English for the Calcutta En- 
trance examination from 1899 to 
1902 ; also an examiner for the 
Calcutta B.L. examination ; has 
tried tc bring his co-religionists in- 
to line with Hindus so far as poli- 
tical matters are concerned and to 
check polygamy among Mahom- 
medans ; President of the Bengal 
Provincial Conference held at 
Barisal. Address : High Court, 

Abdul Wajid, Chowdhry, Khan 
Bahadur ; son of Sheik Zia-ul-lah 
Chowdhry, a descendant of the 
Mahipur Zemindars ; born, 1857 ; 
educated at the zillah school, 
Rangpur; has founded a school, 
a charitable dispensary and a 
^ladrassa; Honorary Magistrate 
and ^Member of the District and 
Muncipal Boards ; Khan Bahadur, 
1898. Address: ]\Iahipur, Rangpur, 

Abdulla Yusuf All. :\r.A., LL.M., 
M.R.A.S., I.C.S., Bar-at-Law, 
Deputy Commissioner U.P.; an 
Arab by descent ; son of Sheik 
Yusuf Ali Shuja-ud-Din, Khan 
Bahadur,- well-known in Surat ; 
educated in Bombay ; passed B.A. 
in the first division, gaining a 
special prize for Latin ; obtained 
a Government scholarship, went 
to England, took his M.A. and 
LL.M., degrees ; called to the Bar 

(Lincoln's Inn.) ; appeared for 
the I.C.S. and headed the list 
of successful candidates ; returned 
to India, 1896 ; Assi-stant 
Collector and Magistrate of 
Shahjahanpur, Bareilly, &c.; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1910 ; well 
versed in Urdu, Hindi Gujrati. 
Marathi, Persian, Sanskrit, and 
French and owns a large private 
library. Publications: "Life and 
Labour of the People of India" and 
a ]\Ionograph on " Silk IManufac- 
ture." Address : Hamirpur, 


Abdur Rahim, M.A., Bar-at-Law, 
Judge, High Court, INIadras ; born 
1867 ; Tagore Professor of Law 
Calcutta, 1907, Lectures on the 
principles of !\Iohammadan Law 
according to Hanifite, Shafite, 
Malikite and Hombalite Schools 
of Law ; Puisne Judge, Madras 
High Court, 1908 ; Member, Royal 
Commission on Public Services, 
1912. Out of India. 

Abdur Raliman, A. F. :\r., Nawab, 
Khan Bahadur, Bar-at-Law; 
Second Judge, Court of Small 
Causes, Calcutta ; MeraVjer of the 
Zoological Gardens' Committee, 
Calcutta; appointed to present 
post, 1908. "Khan Bahadur" 
.'ind "Nawab" 1898 and 1907. 
rublication: "Institutes of 

IMohammedan Law." Address: 16, 
Taltotta Bazar Street, Calcutta; 
also, Rajapur, Faridpur, Bengal. 

Abdus Sobhan Chowdhry, Nawab ; 
owns extensive landed property in 
the district of Bogra in Bengal and 
also in Behar; founder of the Tah- 
wmissia Female Hospital; hiseldest 
son, Saiyid .\ltaf Ali Chowdhri is 
the heir to the estate ; Honorary 
^Magistrate, Bogra; Nawab, 1803. 
Address : Bogra, Bengal. 



Abdus Sobhan, Nawabzada Abul 
Khair, Khan Bahadur ; second 
son of late Nawab Bahadur 
Abdul Latif, Khan Bahadur, C. I. 
E. ; born, 1859; educated at the 
Madrassa and the Presidency 
College, Calcutta, and entered 
Government service in 1884 ; 
founder of many social clubs in 
various parts of Bengal, the latest 
of them being the Faridpur Social 
Club ; Khan Bahadur, 1908. Ad- 
dress: Faridpur, Bengal. 

Abraham Pandithar. Rao Sahib ; 

born 18G0 ; privately educated ; 
founded an experimental farm, 
which has been a great success; 
Fellow of the Royal Society of 
Arts, London ; Member of the 
Madura Tamil Sangam ; Member 
of the ]\Iuuicipal and Taluk Boards 
and Hospital Committee, Tanjore; 
Governor of the Victoria Caste and 
Gosha Hospital, Madras ; Hono- 
rary Visitor of the Government 
Agricultural College, Coimbatore 
and Tanjore ; and Ayurvedic 
Medical Practitioner, Tanjore ; 
title conferred, June 1909. Publi- 
cations : " Karunaiiaritha Sagara 
Thirattu" (a book on Hindu jMusic) 
Address : Karunanitha IMedical 
Hall, Tanjore, Madras Presidency. 

Abrahams, Lionel, C.B. Financial 
Secretary, India Office, since 1902; 
born, 1869 ; educated at City of 
London School ; scholar of Balliol 
College, Oxford ; Arnold Prizeman, 
189-1 ; entered India office, 1893 ; 
Assistant Financial Secretary, 
1901 ; Financial Secretarv, 1902 ; 
C.B. 1908 ; has contributed to the 
Dictionary of Political Economy; 
gave evidence before the Indian 
Finance and Currency Committee, 
1913-4. Author of "The Expulsion 
of the Jews from E ngland in 1290. ' ' 
Recreation : Collecting Books . 
Address: 18, Rorchester Terrace, 
W.; India Office, S.W. Club: East 
India United Service. 

Abu Jafar, Saiyid, Raja of Pirpur; 

born 1872 and succeeded, 1894. 
Well versed in Arabic literature and 
philosophy, having studied them 
in Arabia; privately educated in 
English at Pirpur; has had to face a 
protracted litigation with another 
branch of the family, who disputed 
his succession to the estate. In 
consultation with and under the 
advice of late Sir John Woodburn. 
effected a compromise with his 
opponents, by making over to them 
a third of the estate and 4^ 
lakhs of rupees in cash ; has 
largely improved his estate ; has 
established the Jafna School, where 
free education is given ; has con- 
tributed Rs. 20,000 to the Muslim 
University and spends a sum of Rs. 
(3,000) a year on poor students ; 
has contributed liberally to the 
Lady Dufferin Fund and has built 
and endowed a Students' Boarding 
House at Tanda ; family is said 
to have bee)i founded by one Saiyid 
Suleman, a merchant of Khorassan 
who came to Oudh in 1403 and 
married one of the Saiyids of Itra- 
ura; his descendants were holding 
the office of Chaudhri in the par- 
gana of Akbarpur in the days of 
Emperor Akbar ; the estate com- 
prised of no less than 645 villages 
in 1819 when it came into the pos- 
session of jNIir Kasim Ali. Shortly 
afterwards through the influence of 
' the Court of Oudh, Ghalib Jang, 
the Nazim, obtained a firman and 
took possession of the whole estate. 
With the help of the British Resi- 
dent then stationed at Lucknow, 
INIir Kasim Ali soon regained en- 
tire possession of the whole of his 
estate. Address : Pirpur, Akbar- 
pur Tahsil, Fyzabad, U. P. 

Abul Hasankhan, Raja of Painte- 
pure and Bilahra ; born, 1888; 
succeeded to title, 1904 ; Raja is 
of the same family as that of 
Mahmudabad ; Mazhar Ali Khan 



obtained as his share of property 
the estate of Bilahra, which in 
course of time was conveyed to 
Raja Ibad Ali Khan, who died in 
1870 and was succeeded by his 
son Raja ^luhammad Kazim 
Husain Khan, who again left it to 
the present holder ; the estate 
comprises of 43 villages and 
7 pattis in Sitapur, 37 villages, 8 
niahals and 3 pattis in Bara Banki 
and one mahal in Lucknow, paying 
a revenue of Rs. 185 ; title of Raja 
was made hereditary in 1877. 
Address : Paintepur, Sitapur, 
Bilahra, Bara Banki, U. P. 

Acharji. Satis Chandra, I\I. A., Ph. 

D. , ]\Iahamahopadhyaya, Principal, 
Government Sanskrit College, 
Calcutta ; otherwise known as Satis 
Chandra Vidyabhushan ; born, 
1870 ; graduated at the Calcutta 
University being the first to obtain 
the University Gold Medal for Pali 
at the M..A. examination ; depu- 
ted b}' Governnient to co-operate 
in the compilation of the Tibetan- 
Sanskrit English Dictionary, 1897; 
deputed to accompany the Tashi 
Lama on his tour in India 1905 ; 
on deputation in Ceylon and 
Benares, studying the methods of 
imparting Buddhist learning. 1909- 
1910 ; gi-eat Oriental Scholar ; 
has served in the Presidency 
College, Calcutta; Author and> 
Editor of many valuable works in 
Sanskrit, Tibetan, Pali, Bengali and 
English. The Calcutta University 
has conferred the degree of Doctor 
of Philosophy on him in recognition 
of his original researches in the 
field of Jaina and Buddhist logic; 
Mahamahopadhyaya, 1906. Ad- 
dress : Calcutta. 

Adami, Leonard Christian, I.C.S., 

^lembcv of the Lr^islativc Council, 
Bihar and Orissa-. 1913. Address: 

Adamji Peerbhai Rafiuddin, born 
at Doragi, 1846 ; came over to 
Bombay in his 17th 3'ear and there 
became a Government Contractor; 
started an industry in tanning ; 
supplies boots and leather to 
the Madras and Bombay Com- 
mands ; has endowed many 
charities, one of them being 
in Mecca : was Sheriff for 
the city of Bombay (1897-98) ; is 
the owner of a mill at Tardeo near 
Bombay ; has projected the May 
Teheran Branch Railway, the only 
Railway undertaking in India 
projected by an Indian without any 
guarantee either fi-om the Govern- 
mei^t or from the principal railway 
Companies. J.ddress: Bombay. 

Adinarayana Ayya, M., Diwan 
Bahadur ; born, 1867 ; entered 
Government service in the office of 
the Revenue Board, Madras, 
1867 ; became Registrar, then 
Assistant Commissioner and finally 
Deputy Commissioner, Settlement 
Department, in which capacity he 
retired in March 1902 ; is actively 
connected with all Indian public 
movements, his zeal for Social Re- 
form and industrial regeneration 
of India being well known. Owns 
landed property in Sladras and 
Chingleput ; till recently he was 
one of the nominated members in 
the JMadras Legislative Council. 
Address: Tondiarpett, IMadras. 

Aga Khan, His Highness Aga Sul- 
thanl/iohamrnad Shah, Cr.C.l.E.; 
born, 1875; sou of the late 
Aga Khan, one of the claimants 
to the throne of Persia ; claims\ 
descent in direct line from Ali, the 
first Iman of the Shiah sect of 
Z^Iohammedans ; his ancestors 
were rulers of Egypt for many 
centuries. The British Government 
offered an asylum to his father and 
granted to him a pension of 
Rs. 10,000 a month, which is 


AG A Khan. 

being continued to His Highness. 
Received his education in Persian 
from his mother, who was a Pcr- 
sion scholar of no mean repute ; 
placed under Mr. John Kenny of 
Bombay, to receive his English 
education; head of the INIauli or 
Ismaili sect of Mohammedans, 
who are represented in Bombay by 
the Khoja Community. Every 
member of this community subs- 
cribes one-tenth of his income 
for maintaining his status and dig- 
nity ; has adherants also in Central 
Asia and East Africa ; headed the 
Moslem deputation to the Viceroy, 
for the discussion of the question 
of separate representation of 
.]\Ioslems on the Supreme Council, 
1906; leading member in the move- 
ment for the establishment of a 
Mahommedan University , for which 
he made an extensive tour through 
India for the pirrpose of collecting 
funds; guest of the British nation 
at the Coronation of King-Emperor 
Edward VII, 1902. In memory of 
his revered father, has founded the 
Aga Khan Memorial European 
Scholarship Fund, foi*" providing 
selected Mahommedan students 
with a post graduate course in 
Europe ; personal tide of His 
Highness conferred, 1S86 ; K.C. 
I. E., 1898 and G.C.I.E., 1902; 
Prussian Order of the Royal 
Crown, 1901 ; Brilliant Star' of 
Zanzibar, 1900; has travelled a 
great deal; offered to serve as a 
sepoy in the European War, 
1914. Recreations: Golf, IMotor- 
ing. Cycling and travel. Address: 
Aga Hall, Bombay. Club Marlbor- 
rough, Bombay. 

Agnew, the Hon ble Mr. P. D. 

Temporary Additional Judge, Chief 

Court, Punjab. Address : Lahore. 

Ahmed Abdul Aziz Khan, Khan 
Bahadur, Shams-ul-ulema, Nawab 
Aziz Jang. Retired 1st Taluqdar, 


Hyderabad ; Member of Hyderabad 
Municipal Board ; elected Presi- 
dent ; nominated Llember of the 
Hyderabad Legislative Council ; 
has acted as Editor of Aziz-ul- 
Akbar ; Associated INIember of 
Bengal Asiatic Society ; title of 
Khan Bahadur bestowed by the 
Nizam's Government and that of 
Nawab and Shams-ul-ulema by 
the British. Publications : Com- 
mentaries on the Revenue Act; 
]\Iahabub-ul-Lier ; History of 
Hyderabad ; Fulahtun Nakl ; Date 
Palm in India and Arsaful Lugah 
(Persian Dictionary). Address: 
Hyderabad, Deccan. 

Ahmed Bin Fadthi, Sultan Sir, K. 

C.S.I. , Sultan of Lahej ; a des- 
cendant of a Chief from the coast 
of Arabia, who is said to have come 
over about the year 1038 and to 
have seized Aden and remained 
there until driven out in 1137; one 
of the descendants, Abdali Sultan, 
again took possession of it in 1735; 
it continued in the possession of 
the Lahej family till its capture by 
the British in 1839 ; the present 
Chief is in receipt of the pensioii 
granted to the original holder : 
enjoys a personal salute of 11 
guns, the usual salute being 9 guns; 
created K.C. S.I. in 1901. Address: 
Aden . 

Ahmed Husein. M.A., B.L., C.S.I., 
Private Secretary to H.H. the 
Nizam; Invested with the insignia 
of C.S.I, at the Durbar of 1911. 
Adxlress : Hyderabad, Deccan. 

Ahmed Husain Khan, Khan Baha- 
dur, of Pariawan ; bom , 1865; 
succeeded to title, 1885 ; Hon. 
Magistrate. This family is said to 
have been founded by Haji Abdur 
Rauf, who migrated from INIecca 
to Ghazni and accompanied 
Shahab-ud-Din Ghori to India ; 
he obtained the grant of Pariawan. 



It now comprises several vil- 
lages in Partabgarh and Rae 
Bareli. Address: Pariawan, Kunda 
Tahsil, Partabgarh District, U. P. 

Ahmed Khan, Najjor Khan: Khan 
Sahib ; late Head Clerk, Ordinance 
Dept., Aden; born, 1860; edu- 
cated at Aden ; father migrated 
to Aden from Ranpur in 1842 ; 
worked in the Al-Diraiga Field 
Force ; owns property in Aden. 
Title conferred, 1911. Address : 

Ahmed Thambi Marcayar, A. K. G.; 

the Hon'ble Mr. Elected non- 
official ^Member, Legislative Coun- 
cil, I\Iadras ; General ^Merchant 
and Cattle Agent for the Straits 
Settlement Federated Malay 
States, Sumatra. Manilla and 
Burma; Dubash, B.I. S.N. Co. 
Ltd.. and Madura Co., Ltd., 
Telegraphic Address: "Cattle " 
Negapatam, TanJDre District, 
Madras Presidency. 

Ahsan Akhtar Bakht, Mirza Baha- 
dur ; belongs to the ex-royal family 
of Delhi ; Political pensioner ; 
owns considerable landed property. 
Address : Shivvala, Benares. 

Ahsan-ud-Din Ahmad, Syed, C.S. 
Collector & Magistrate of Bankura ; 
born, 18-59 ; educated at the Cal- 
cutta Madrassa and Doveton ' 
College, Calcutta ; Balliol College, 
Oxford: entered service in 1882 and 
is the first INIahommedan in India 
to be appointed as Sessions Judge ; 
was also Commissioner of Factories, 
Bengal ; presented to H. M. the 
late Empress Victoria at a Royal 
Levee, 1880. Address : " Plill 
House ", Bankura, Bengal. 

Aitken. Colonel William, born, 1840 ; 
son of James Aitken of Falkirk, 
N. B. Educated at Edinburgh 
Academy and Heidelberg ; entered 

the Royal Artillery, 18G7 ; Captain, 
1878 ; in Afghan War, 1878-80 : 
ISIuhsud Waziri expedition, 1881 ; 
Major, 1888 ; Burma expedition. 
1885-87 ; Brevet Lt. Colonel in 
the Chitral Relief Force, 1895: C, 
B. ; Brevet Colonel, 1897 ; served 
with the Malakand field force, and 
in the Mohmand and Buner ex- 
peditions, 1897-8 ; commanded the 
Mountain Artillery, Rawalpindi, 
Punjab, till 1899 ; A. D. C. to His 
Majesty and Colonel on the staff, 
commanding R. A., Scottish Dist- 
rict, 1899—1903 ; retired, 1903. 
Recreation : shooting and golfing. 
Address : Innergillie, Ansthruther, 

Akbar, Bakhat, Mirza ; born, 1866; 
educated at the Queen's College, 
Benares ; belongs to ex-Royal 
family of Delhi and is the 5th in 
descent from Prince Jawan Bakht, 
also known as Mirza Jahand Shah, 
the eldest son and heir-apparent 
to Emperor Shah Alam of Delhi ; 
a Durbarri exempted from the 
operations of the Arms Act ; 
Honorrxv Magistrate ; Chairman 
of the i\Iuslim League, Benares ; 
Vice Chairman of the Girl's School 
and Parchae Karigaran of 
Benares ; married a daughter of 
the late Prince Mohammad Wabaj- 
ud-din Shah, of the House of 
Tippu Sultan of Mysore, and 
brother to Prince Mahommad 
riakhtiyar Shah, CLE. Address : 
Shiwala, Benares. 

Alcock, Lt. Col. Alfred William, 

C.I.E.,M.B.,LL.D.,F.R.S.; liorn, 
1859 ; educated at ilill Hill, 
Blackheath, Westminster, and 
Aberdeen University ; M.B.; Assis- 
tant Professor of Zoology, Aberdeen 
University, 1883-85; joined the 
Indian Medical Service. 1885 ; ser- 
ved in the T'unjab Frontier force ; 
Surgeon Naturalist to the Marine 
Survev of India on board the 



Investigator, 1888-1892 ; and to Pa- 
mir Boundary Commission, 1895 ; 
Superintendent of the Indian Mu- 
seum and Professor of Zoology in 
the Zvledical College, Calcutta, 
since 1893; CLE. , 1903 ; Author 
of .-1 Naturalist in Indian Seas 
and numerous Zoological mono- 
graphs ; retired 1907. 

Alexander, General Sir James, 

entered the Bengal Artillery, 1820; 
Present at capture of Bhartpur, 
1825-6 ; commanded the Artillery 
under Pollock in Afganistan, 1842; 
forced the Khyber Pass, at Tezin and 
Kabul; in the Gwalior campaign, 
at Maharajpur, 1843; in the 
Satlaj campaign, 1845-6 at Badi- 
wai, Aliwal, Sobraon; C.B., K.C. 
B., 1871; General. 1872; retired 

Ali Chowdhri. also l^nown as 
Shahzada Mirza Aurangazeb ; 

Nawab, Khan Bahadur ; descended 
from Prince Mirza Jahandar ; has 
founded an Anglo- Vernacular High 
School, and a public library at 
Comilla : has contributeds liberally 
to all sorts of local charities. 
Recreations : .athletics and hunt- 
ing. Address : Kurshed ]Munzil 
Paschingaon, Homnabad Pargana, 
Tippera, Bengal. 

Ali Husain Khan, Nawab of Fateh- 
pur ; born, 1854 and succeeded to 
title, 1902 ; belongs to a family of 
Saiyids, said to have been founded 
by Ikram-ud-Din Ahm^d, who 
followed Humayun from Persia ; 
J obtaining some agpointment. at 
the 'Moghul Court, he was succeed- 
ed by his son and grandson. The 
son of the latter, ]\Iohammad Taki, 
held high office in the time of 
Aurangazeb and received Jagirs in 
Kashmir. Lahore and elsewhere ; 
Saiyid Z;a-ud-Din, one of his 
successors, resigned his post and 
all his Jagirs and retired into 

private life ; at the cession of 
territory which took place in 1801, 
Bakar Ali Khan was detained in 
Fatehpur and on his death, much 
of his lands were restored to the 
old owners and his Jagir leased to 
his youngest brother, Saiyid 
IMohammad Khan, who was suc- 
ceeded by his son Ahmad Hussain 
Khan from whom the estate has 
descended to the present holder ; 
it comprises of 6 villages in Fateh- 
pur assessed at Rs. 13,560. The 
title has been recognised. Address : 
Fatehpur, U.P. 

Ail Nag! Kazi Saiyid Khan Baha- 
dur ; born, 6th June, 1852; Edu- 
cated at Benares. Tahsildar of 
Cawnpore 1892, Deputy Collector, 
Mirzapur, 1896 ; Ghezam, 1909- 
1911. Pays a revenue of Rs. 4, 000 to 
Government. Address : Naunahra, 
GhazipurDt. ; U.P. 

Allan, Henry John, M.A.. Bar-at- 
Law ; Professor of History, Presi- 
dency College, Madras ; appointed 
to service, 1894 ; joined Indian 
Educational Service, 1897. Ad- 
dress : Presidency College, Madras. 

Allbless, N.D. B.A. (Cantab), LL.B., 
Bar-at-Law. Educated in Bom- 
bav and in Cambridge ; called to 
the Bar (^Middle Temple), 1888 and 
commenced practice first in the 

, Bombay High Court, and then 
before the Privy Council ; elected a 
Member of the Urban District 
Council in 1899 ; retired and was 
re-elected in 1902 ; Chairman of 
the Hampton Division on the Mid- 
dle Sex County Council, 1901 ; 
Trustee of the Hampton Gram- 
mar School. Address: Hampton 
Division, Middlesex, England. 

Amarnath. Rai Saheb : Chief 
Minister to H. H. the Maharaja of 
Kashmir. Born, 18G6 ; Governor 
of Jammu, 189.3—1905 ; Foreign 
Minister to the State ; Rai Saheb, 



1905; owns 10,000 acres of land in 
Gujranwala, enjoys a jaghir from 
Kashmir State; his grandfather 
Diwan Jinola Sahai, established 
High Schools, Boarding Houses, 
Dispensaries etc. at Eminabad. 
Address : Jammvi. Kashmir. 

Amappal Singh, Rai Bahadur; 

Talukdar of Dalippur ; claims 
descent from one Bariar Singh, 
representing the eldest line of the 
Bachgoti Rajputs of Patti ; the 
title, held for generations past, was 
recognised in 1883 ; his father, an 
Honorary Assistant Commissioner, 
was instrumental in saving the 
lives of many Europeans in the 
Mutiny ; the estate comprises 133 
villages and 80 patti.^., paying a 
Government demand of Rs. 85,000 
per annum; T'ice-Chairman of the 
District Board and Member, 
Municipal Board of Partabgarh, 
also Member of the Executive 
Committee of the British Indian 
Association, Oudh. Address: 

Dalippur, Partabgarh. U.P. 

Amar Prakash Bahadur. Raja of 
Sirmooi' ; born, 18S7 ; edu- 
cated privately and married to 
the eldest daughter of the ex-Prime 
^Minister of Nepal, Maharaja Dev 
Shamsher Jang Bahadur ; suc- 
ceeded to the gaddi, 1911 ; the 
relations of this State with the 
English began in a peculiar wa\'. 
Karm Prakash II, at one time the 
ruler of the State, invoked tlie aid of 
the Gurkhas to suppress a revolt 
that had arisen in his State in 
1803. In compliance with the 
demand, the Gurkhas entered his 
territory, expelled the ruler and 
became mastei-s of the State tliem- 
sclves. But the ruler of Sirmoor, 
a lady of courage and resource, 
invoked British aid and her appeal 
fortunately coinciding with the 
time of the Nepal War, a force 
was sent to expel the Gurkhas 

from Sirmoor ; after the conclusion 
of the Nepal War, the British 
Government placed Fateh Prakash, 
the son of Karm Prakash, on the 
throne ; during the first Afghan 
War the Raja of Sirmoor aided the 
British with a loan and in the first 
Sikh War, a small contingent of 
Sirmoor forces fought on the side of 
the English ; the present Chief had 
administrative training during the 
time of his father ; invested vi^ith 
full powers, 1911 ; the area of the 
state is 1108 square miles and its 
population is 135. 689. It enjoys 
a revenue of Rs. 6,00,000. "a 
inilitary force of 203 Imperial 
Service Sappers, 235 infantry, 31 
cavalry and 4 guns is maintained ; 
^ entitled to a salute of 11 guns. 
Recreation : Hockey, Cricket, 
Tennis and shooting. Address: 
Sirmoor (Nahan), Pvinjab. 

Amar Singh, Rai Sahib, born 
1853 ; educated partly in Bengal 
and partly in the Punjab ; entered 
Government service as Tahsildar 
1886 ; services lent to Bilaspur 
State in 1903 and since 1909 has 
been Financial Manager, Keonthal 
State. Owns a village in Palampur 
and land in the Jhelum Canal 
Colony ; establislied a vernacular 
school and free dispensary in his 
Jagir ; his family is connected with 
that of H. H. the Maharaja of 
Jammu and Kashmir ; title, 1908. 
Address : Keonthal State, Simla 

Amarsmgh Banesingi. Rai Saheb, 
Raja of Wankaner ; born, 1879 
andsucccedfd, issi ; belongs to the 
same family as the Rulers of 
Dhrangadra, etc. ; the Chief is 
also known by the name of 
Gangubha ; educated at the Ilajkot 
College ; the State was adminis- 
tered bv a Karhlmri during his mi- 
nority ; area of State 415 miles, 
population, about 30,000; revenue 



Amar Singh. 

3 lakhs; tribute paid to the British 
and to the Nawab of Junagarh; the 
Nawab is authorised to adopt, 
succession being according to the 
law of primogeniture ; entitled to a 
salute of 11 guns. Address: Wan- 
kaner, Bombay Presidency. 

Amar Singh, Sardar ; born, 1S5G ; 
the Sardar's father, Deva Singh,' 
was in the service of the Maha- 
raja Ranjit Singh ; he joined the 
British m the Sikh War and 
rendered them valuable assistance. 
When the Punjab Military Police 
was formed, Deva Singh was 
chosen to raise and command the 
7th Police Battalion at Amritsar ; 
was granted the Star of the Order 
of British India with the title d? 
Sardar Bahadur and a personal 
allowance of Rs. 1,200 a year. 
After the re-organization of the 
Punjab Police, Deva Singh retired 
with a pension of Rs. 3,000 a year 
and a grant of 600 acres of land 
with perpetual proprietary right ; 
present Sardar was once Secretirv 
to the Local Board of Zira ; is a 
Provincial Durbarri, and* zaildar 
of his ilalza. Address: Mansurwal, 

Ameer All, Rt. Hon'ble Sir Syed 

M.A.B.L., G.I.E., Bar-at-law: P.c! 
Member of the Judicial Committee 
of the Privy Council ; born April 
6, 1849 ; son of Syed Saadat Ali 
of i\rohan,Unao. Oudh, of a family 
originally from Persia ; des(jendant 
of Muhammad through the Imam 
Ali-ar-.Raza, of Mashad ; educated 
at Hughli College, Calcutta; M.A. 
and B.L. (Cal.); called to the Bar 
at the Inner Temple, 1873; prac- 
tised in the High Court, Calcutta; 
Fellow of the Calcutta University, 
1874 ; Magistrate and Chief 
INIagistrate, Calcutta, 1878-Sl ; 
Lecturer on IMahommedan Law 
at Presidency College, Cal- 

cutta, 187 5-9; President of the 
Committee of management of the 
Moslem Endowment, Bengal, 
187G-1901 ; IMember of the Com- 
mission to inquire into the aSairs 
of the Ex-King of Oudh, 1879 ; 
Member of the Calcutta Corpora- 
tion, 1881-1883; Member of the 
Bengal Legislative Council, 1878- 
83 ; and of the Governor-Generals' 
Legislative Council, 1883-5 ; Ta- 
gore Law Profe.ssor, 1884 ; CLE., 
1887; Puisne Judge of the Calcutta 
High Court, 1890-1904 ; President 
of the Committee of the Hughli 
imambara, 1876-1904 ; founder of 
the Central National Muhamma- 
dan Association, and its Secretary, 
1876-90; a strong advocate of Eng- 
lish education and of the education 
of Indian ladies. Publications: A 
Critical Examination of tlie Life 
and Teachings of Mahommed, The 
■ spirit of Isla7n. The Etliics of Islam, 
A Short Histoi-j/ of the Saracens, 
Personal Lam 'of the Mahommedans. 
Students' Handbook of Mahomme- 
dan -Law, Malioinvieclan Laiu, 2 
Vols.; joint author of A Commen- 
tary on tlie Indian Evidence Act: 
and of .4 Commentary on the 
Bengal Tenancy Act: has frequent- 
ly written articles in The Nine- 
teenth Century, and is engaged on 
a History of Mahommedan Civili- 
zation in India ; since retirement, 
settled in England, where, during 
' 1908-9, he took a leading part in 
the deliberations of the ]Muslim 
Leagvie and obtained favorable 
concessions to Musalmans in con- 
nection with Indian Council 
Reforms ; made a Privy Councillor 
and a member of the Judicial 
Committee, being the first Indian 
to be appointed to that dis- 
tinguished body, 1910. Address: 
The Lambdons, Beenham, Berks. 
Reform Club. 

Amir Ali, B.A., Khan Sahib ; Judge, 
Court of Small Causes, Lahore ; 


Amir All 

born, 1866 ; educated at the 
Lahore Government-College: served 
as Professor of that College, then 
became Extra-Assistant Commis- 
sioner and passing through various 
grades of the service was made 
Judge of the Court of Small Causes, 
1909 ; title conferred, 1911 ; Life 
Member of the Punjab Public 
Library and Punjab Association 
and Fellow of the Punjab Univer- 
sity. Publicntions : '"Geography 
of the Punjab", "General Princi- 
ples of Taxation", translation of 
Fawcett's " Political Economy " 
into Urdu and some treatises and 
pamphlets on morals and religion. 
Address : Lahore. 

Ampthill, 2ndB. (Cr. 1S92). Arthur 
Oliver Yilliers Russell, born at 
Rome, February 19, 1869 ; 
succeeded, 1884 ; son of the first 
Baron, better known as Lord Odo 
Russell, the famous Ambassador ; 
educated at Eton, and New College, 
Oxford ; rowed in the Oxford 
University Eight, 1889-91 ; Presi- 
dent of the Oxford Union Society, 
1891; won silver goblets at Henlev 
Regatta with Guy Nickalls, 1890- 
91 ; Assistant Private Secretary to 
Mr. Joseph- Chamberlain, Secretary 
of State for Colonies, 1895 ; 
Private Secretary, 1897; Governor 
of Madras, from 13th December, 
1900 to •29th IMarch, 1906 ; Acting 
Viceroy and Governor-General from 
30th April to 13th December, 1904; 
G. C. S. I., ^nd Septemt)er, 1904 ; 
G. C. I. E., 28th December, 1900 ; 
British Delegate at the Inter- 
national Conference on the Sugar 
Bounties, 189S ; late District 
Grand I\Iaster of Madras Freema- 
sons ; Provincial Grand Master of 
Grand Lodge of Freemasons of 
England, 1908; President, liondon 
Rowing Club. Since retirement 
has taken an active and conspi- 
cuous part in the agitation 
against the ill-treatment of British 

Indians resident in South Africa : 
Heir: John Hugo Russell. Address: 
Milton Ernest Hall, Bedford : 
Brooks's Club. 

Ananda Rao, Tanjore, CLE. 

Retired Dewan of ^Mysore State. 
Born 15th May, 1852; eldest son 
of the late Raja Sir T. ]\Iadhava 
Rao, the well-known Dewan of 
Travancore and Baroda ; educated 
at Presidency College, Madras, and 
Maharajah's College, Trevandrum. 
Travancore State ; had a brilliant, 
scholastic career, matriculating in 
1st class, 1867 ; F.A. 1st class, 
• 1869; B.A. (Madras) 1871, 1st 
class in History, Logic and 
Psychology ; first employed in 
Madras, Board of Revenue ; Tutor 
to the sons of the late IMaharaja 
Tukaji Rao Holkar ; joined as an 
Attache, Mysore Commission. 
14th November 1873 ; Assistant 
Commissioner, Bangalore, 7th July 
1876 ; in charge of Palace, 1st 
December 1879; settled Palace acco- 
unts January 1883; served as Assis- 
tant Commissioner. Hassan and 
Kadu;^1883; Ag. DejDuty Commis- 
sioner in Hassan and Mysore. 1st 
April 1886; and 19th November 
1889, when he became Chief Secre- 
tarv to the Dewan of IMvsorc ; on 
leave froml9th March 1874 to 25th- 
January 1897, when he was ' appo- 
inted Director of Agricultural and 
other Statistics in IMysore; Mysore 
Census Superintendent, •14th 
March 1904 : his Report on IMysore 
Census has been described to be a 
delignt to those " who, not satis- 
fied with dry-statistical details, 
wish to wander in the by-paths of 
Ethnology." Revenue Com- 

missioner, IMysore State, 14th 
March 1904 ; 1st :Membcr of Coun- 
cil, Mysore State, 30th March 
1906 ; " Dewan of Mysore , 1st 
April 1909; retired, 1912; CLE. 
1910. Recreation: Walking. 

Address: High-Ground, Bangalore, 




Anantarama Aiyer, C. S., B. A., 

Under Secretary to Government 
Local and Municipal Departments 
Madras : born, 1879 ; son of 
Chittoor Subbaraya Aiyar ; joined 
service, 1902 as Deputy Collector of 
Chingleput; Head Quarters Deputy 
Collector, Tanjore. 1912 ; Under 
Secretary, ^Madras Government, 
1913. Address : IMoubray's Road, 
Teynampet, ^Madras. 

Anantasami Rao, L.: — Retired Sec- 
retary to Government of jNIysore: 
born, '28th April 1853. Joined 
service as Teacher, Royal School, 
Mysore, 10th April 1871 ; Asst. 
Commissioner, Bangalore, 188C ; 
Registrar, Chief Court, 1889; U.S. 
to jNIysore Government, December 
1891 ; Deputy Secretary in charge 
of Muzrai Departinent, 1901 ; Sec- 
cretary in same, 1904, retired 1908. 
Address: Chamarajpet, Bangalore 

Anderson A.R. ; Agent M. & S. M. 
Railway Co., since 1908: till then 
was Agent, Southern ilahratta 
Railway Co. ; Dharwar i success- 
fully coped with widespread strikes 
on the broad gauge section of the 
Railwav. 1909 and 1913 ; on leave 
out cf India. 1911. 

Anderson, Capt. R. H., District 
Superintendent of Police. Anda- 
mans ; born, 1882 ; first appoint- 
ed, 1901. Address: Port Blair. 

Andrew. James, I.C.S., joined ser- 
vice as Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate. Nellore, 1879 ; acted 
in the lower grades in various dis- 
tricts till he became Collector and 
Magistrate, 1897 ; President of the 
Indian Police Committee, 1902 ; 
acting fourth Member, ?iladras 
Board of Revenue, 1903. Addi- 
tional -Member, ^ladras Legis- 
lative Council, 1904, Resident in 
Travancore and Cochin, 1904 ; 


reverted to the Board of Revenue 
and retired, 1909. 

Annesley, Lieutenant the Hon'ble 
C.A.J. , A.D.C.. to H.E. the Gover- 
nor of Bengal ; was A.D.C. to 
Lord Carmaicheal when he was 
Governor of I^Iadras. Address : 
Governnient House, Calcutta. 

Antaon, Bertram, Hon'ble 'Slv. 
Attorney-CTeneral, Ceylon. 

Apcar, Honorable Mr. J. G. ; elected 
non-official ^Member, Legislative 
Council, Bengal ; appointed, 25th 
December, 1913. 

Aplin. Lt. Col. S. L. I. Ag. Commis- 
sioner, Mandalay Division; join- 
ed service, 1883, as Assistant 
Commissioner; Cantonment Magis- 
trate, 1891 ; Judge, Small Cause 
Court, 1902 ; ActingCommissioner, 
:Mandalay Division, 1913. Ad- 
dress: Mandalay, Burma. 

Appaswami, M. Commissioner, 
L)!strict Police and Delegations 
Judicious, Pondicherry. 

Appleyard, Major-Genl. Frederick 

Ernest, C.B.; born 1829; son of 
F.N. .Appleyard, a Cursitor of the 
High Court of Chancery ; educated 
at Elizabeth College, Guern.sey ; 
' entered 80th regiment, 18-50: served 
in the Second Burmese War; pres- 
ent at INIartaban, the storming of 
Rangoon and taking of Prome ; 
exchanged to the 7th R. Fusiliers ; 
in the Crimea ; wounded at Alma, 
1854, and the Redan, 1855; present 
at Inkerman, in the trenches at 
Sebastopol ; commanded a Brigade 
in the Afghan campaign, 1878-80 ; 
C. B. 1875 for Military Services ; 
knight of the Legion d' Honneur 
and Order of the ^ledjidie. Address: 
Tarakai, Surbiton. Army and 
Navy Club. 



Arbuthnot, Sir George Gough, Kt. 

born, 1818 ; sou of the late 
A. G. Arbuthnot ; educated at 
Eton ; partner in the late firm of 
Arbuthnot & Co., Bankers & Mer- 
chants, ]\Iadras ; Member of the 
j\Iadras Legislative Council on 
different occasions ; Fellow of the 
Madras University; Chairman, 
Famine Relief Fund of 1900 and a 
prominent Jlomber of the ]\Iadras 
Chamlier of Commerce ; proceeded 
to England after the failure of his 
firm m 1906. Address: Carton. 

Arbuthnot. Robert Edward Yau- 
ghon, I.C.S., born, 1871; Offg. 
Chief Secretary to Government of 
Burma, 1913 ; educated at 
the ^Merchant Taylor School and 
St. John's College, Oxford ; Assis- 
tant Commissioner, Burma, 1892 ; 
U.S. to. Government 1897-1899 ; 
U.S. to Government of India 1900- 
1904. Address : Rangoon. 

Arcot. The Honourable Ghulam 
Muhammad All, Khan Bahadur, 
Prince of: — Born Felj. 188-2 ; 
descended from the old Nawab 
of Arcot ; succeeded his father 
]\Iuhammad Munawar Ali Khan 
Bahadur, K.C. I.E., ^rdjan. 1903 ; 
Premier IMahommedan nobleman 
and acknowledged head of the 
l\Iuhammadan community of the 
Madras Presidency : Khan Bahadur 
1897 ; took a prominent part in the 
Queen's Proclamation Jubile pro- 
ceedings, Madras, 1908 ; K.C. I.E., 
1908, President, Mahammedan 
Educational Conference, 1910 ; 
elected by the Mahammadans of 
Madras to the Imperial Legislative 
Council 1910. Address : Amir 
Mahal, Pycroft's Road, Rayapetth, 
Madras, S. E. 

Ariff, The Hon'ble Mr. Ghulam 
Husain Khasim ; elected non- 

Official Member, Legislative 
Council, Bengal; appointed, 8th 
January, 1913. 

Armitage. Frank, Commissioner of 
Police, T^Iadras; born, 1872 ; joined 
service as Inspector of Police, 
Anantapur, 1890 ; Assistant 

Suparintendent, ^Malabar, 1895 : 
Principal, Police Training School, 
Vellore, 1898 ; Superintendent of 
Police, Godavari, 1900; Assistant 
Inspector-General of Police, 
Madras, 1905; Deputy Inspector- 
General of Police, Southern Range, 
Coimbatore, 1909 ; Special duty in 
connection with the revision of the 
Madras Police Orders and the com- 
pilation of a Police Order Book for 
the IMadras City Police, 1910 ; Com- 
missioner of Police, Madras, 1911. 
Address: Police Commissioner's 
Road, Egmore, IMadras, S.C. 

Arumugam Mudaliar, Themaghud- 
1am Vellore, B. A., M. B. C. M., 

Rao Sahib ; Senior Surgeon and 
Sanitary Commissioner, Mysore 
State; "born 10th April, 1861; 
joined t;j)rvice, 1877 : Civil Surgeon 
1st class, 1908, Medical Officer, 
Victoria Hospital, Bangalore; 
September, 1905. Address: Banga- 
lore, Mysore State. 

Arumukham Pillai, M., Rao Baha- 
dur ; born 1859 ; educated at 
Government and Mission Schools, 
Karur ; entered Government ser- 
vice 1882 ; rose to the 
position of Deputy Collector ; 
rendered conspicuous services 
during the famine of 1891-92, for 
which he was rewarded by the 
title of Rao Bahadur in 'l892. 
Address. Tanjore, Madras Presi- 

Arthur, Hon'ble Sir Allan; nomi- 
nated Non-oilicial Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Bengal ; 12th March 




Arthur. S.R.: I.C.S., Senior Colles- 
tor, Bombay ; educated at Charter- 
house and New College Oxford ; 
joined service, 1888 ; Forest 
Settlement Officer, 1898 ; Politi- 
cal Agent and Collector, 1905 
Senior Collector, Bombay, 1909 
on special duty, 1911-12. Address 

Arundel. Sir Arundel Tagg, K.C. 
S.I.. I.C.S., son of the late Mr. 
Tagg of New Barnet; born, 1843 ; 
educated at University School and 
College, London ; B.A. 186.3; en- 
tered I.C.S.. 1865; assumed his sur- 
name of Arundel, 1870: appointed 
Private Secretary to Governor of 
Madras, 1875 ; President, i\Iadras 
^Municipal Commission, 1881 
District and Sessions Judge, 1884 
Collector and IMagistrate, 1887 
^lember, Madras Board of Revenue, 
1892; Secretary to j\Iadras Govern- 
ment, Revenue Department, 1896; 
Chief-Secretary, 1897 ; Member 
of the Madras Executive Council, 
1898 ; ]\Iember of the Viceroy's 
Council, 1901 ; retired, 1906. 
J. P. for Surrey; C.S.I 1899; 
K.C.S.I., 1904. Address : Uplands, 
Maybury Hill, Woking. Club : 
East India United Service Club. 

Hyderabad ; second son of the 
late Nawab Salved Fateh Ali 
Khan Bahadur of Banganapalli ; 
entered Government service ; 
gave it up soon and betooK him- 
self to trade and founded the 
firm of M. A. Ali and Brothers at 
Banganapalli ; purchased the firm 
of Framjee Pestonjee Bhumgara, 
the well known jewellers and Curio 
Merchants in ^Madras ; connected 
with the All-India and the ^Madras 
Muslim League ; Member of the 
]\Iohammedan Educational Asso- 
ciation of Southern India ; Hono- 
rary Treasurer of the Anjuman and 
[Member of the Madras Trades 
Association. Eecrenlior,. : Shooting 
and Tennis. Address : Vepery, 
]\Iadras. Ckib : Cosmopolitan. 

Asad-ul-Lah Khan, Nawab, Khan 
Bahadur ; descended from Hazrat 
Zubbar, one of the earliest fol- 
lowers of the Prophet ; son of 
Ahmad-ul-Law Khan, who served 
in the Customs Department, and 
rendered nieritorious service in the 
[Mutiny, Yice-Chairman, District 
and [Municipal Boards, jMeerut ; 
Khan Bahadur, 1888 ; Nawab, 
1895. Address : Jannat Nishan, 

Arunachelam, P. Retired Member 
of Council, Ceylon. 

Arur Singh (of Nan Shahria) Sar- 
dar ; bora, 1864 ; educated at the 
Government High School, Amrit- 
sar; belongs to Shergil Jat faniily. 
The Jagirlies chiefly in Gutdaspur 
33 square miles of land on the 
Chenab Canal and about 800 
Ghumaos in Amritsar; Honorary 
Magistrate and Provincial Dur- 
bari ; [Manager of the Golden 
Temple. Address : Amritsar. 

Asad Ali Khan, Khan Bahadur ; 
[Merchant ; born, Aiigust. 1879, 
educated at the Nizam's Co]]ege, 

Ashraf-ud-Din Ahmad, Syed, 

Nawabzada, Khan Bahadur, 
[Muttwalli of the Hooghly Imam- 
. hara ; son of the late Nawab Amir 
Ali, CLE., Khan Bahadur ; born 
in 1855 ; educated at the Calcutta 
Madrassa and the Doveton College, 
Calcutta ; Fellow of the Calcutta 
University ; Trustee of the Aligarh 
(College and Secretary of the 
Hooghlv Mahommedan Associa- 
tion ; "Khau Bahadur, 1893 ; 
Certificate of Honor, 1903 : Publi- 
cations several works in Persian. 
Address : Hooghly. ' 

Ashutosh Chowdhri, Judge, High 
Court, Calcutta. Address: Calcutta. 



Ashworth, Mr. Ernest Horatio, 

I.C.S. ^ileinber of Council, U.P. 

Aslam Khan Muhammad, Col. 
Sir; A.D.C. to H.M. The King ; 
Afghan by descent belonging 
to Sedozai family ; son of Nizam- 
ud Daula Khan ; ^Minister to Shah 
Shuja ; joined the army as a 
trooper, 1S81 ; appointed com- 
mandent of Khaihers Jerailahis, 
Political attache to the Afghan 
Boundry Commission, 1st to cross 
the 60 miles of desert from 
Nushki to Khwaja Ali on the 
Helmand river ; retired in 1898 
after 41 years service. 

Assanand. Rai Sahib ; Sub-Engineer 
(Retired), born 1S51, educated in 
Lahore ; entered Government 
service in the Military Works 
Department ; title 1910. Address : 
Kamalia, ]\Iontgomer}-. 

Asthibhuja Prasad, Rai Bahadur ; 
born in 188'i; educated at Kayastha 
Patasala, Allahabad; an enlightened 
Zamindar who started the Bansi 
Vernacular School ; liberal subs- 
criber to All-India King Edward 
VII Memorial : built temples at 
Ajoodhya and Gorakhpur. Address: 
Bansi, Basti District, U.P. 

Atar Singh, Raja : Provincial Dur- 
barri ; Ijorn, 18G4 and succeeded 
his uncle Raja Brij Rai Singh 
in 1892 ; descendant of the ex- 
Rajas of Bhadri in Kashmir ; 
remains in British territory on 
a perpetual cash pension from 
Government in lieu of his Jagir 
title hereditary. Address: Tilokpur, 
Kangra, I'unjab. 

Atkinson, Sir John Nathaniel, K.C. 

S. I., I. C. S. ; joined service as 
Assistant Collector and ^Magistrate, 
Kistna, 1878 ; served in various 
capacities and in various districts 
till 1894 when hp was_posted, as 

Collector and Magistrate of Kistna 
but was niade to officiate as Collec- 
tor, etc. of Madras in which post he 
was confirmed in 1897. In 1900, 
he became acting Third IMember, 
Board of Revenue, Madras; in 1903 
he became Secretary to the Govern- 
ment, Revenue Department. He 
was also an Additional ]\Iember of 
the Madras Legislative Council 
in 1901— 1902 and again from 1903 
to 1905 ; Acting Chief Secretary 
to the Government of Madras, 1908; 
Temporary ^Member of Council, 
1909 ; Ordinarv ^Member of Council 
Madras, August, 1909 ; C. S. I., 
1908 ; K. C. S. L, 1912 ; retired 
from service, 1914. 

Aulad Hassan, Saiyid, Khan Baha- 
dur, Dacca ; joined Bengal Regis- 
tration Department, 1883; Inspector 
of Registration Offices 1906 ; Mem- 
ber of the Royal Asiatic Society ; 
Honorary Magistrate, Khan Baha- 
dur, 1907. Address : Dacca. 

Aulad Hoosein, Saiyid, Khan 

Bahadur; Extra Assistant Superin- 
tendent, Survey of India ; born 
16th December, 1868 ; educated at 
the Aligarh College, Roorke 
Engineering College, and Survey 
of India Training School, Dehra- 
dun; joined Survey Department, 
1891. Address: Dehra-Dun. 

Autar Singh, Sardar ; Extra-Assis- 
tant Commmisioner, Punjab ; born 
1884 and succeeded to the estate 
in 1903 ; his grandfather Colonel 
Jivan 'Singh was entirely on the 
British side in the Second Sikh 
War ; after the annexation of the 
I'unjab, the British Government 
confirmed him in his position of 
commandant and ;ilso granted him 
a personal monthly allowance of 
Rs. 300 ; shortly afterwads Colonel 
Jivan Singh was murdered in the 
streets of Amritsar, while engaged 
i;) quelling a disturbance ; on re- 



AUTAE Singh. 

ceiving the news of the murder, the 
Governor-General described his loss 
as "a public loss to the State 
he had served so well". He also 
sanctioned the continuance of the 
monthly allowance of Rs . 300 to the 
male heirs of Colonel Jivan Singh 
in perpetuity and granted pay- 
ments of cash pensions to certain 
members of the family. Address: 
Kalaswar, Kangra. 

Ayling, Honorable Mr. Justice W.B.; 

I.C.S., Judge, High Court, Madras, 
joined service, October, 1888, 
arrived in India, January, 1889 ; 
Assistant Collector and Magistrate 
Coimbatore ; District and Sessions 
Judge, Ganjam, 1904 ; appointed 
acting Puisne Judge, High Court 
of Judicature, INIadras, 1911 ; con- 
firmed 19th June, 1912. Address : 
Bishops Gardens, Adyar, IMadras. 

Aylmer, Col. Fsnton John, R. E., 

))orn April 5, ISG'i ; son of 
Captain F.J. Aylmer, 97th Regt.; 
educated privately and at R.M.A., 
Woolwich; entered the Ro-^ al Engi- 
neers, 1880 ; served in Ii:jdia since 
1883; in the Burma War, 1886-87 ; 
the Hazara expedition, 1891; in the 
Hunza expedition, 1891-2 ; Isazai 
expedition, 1892 ; Chitral expedi- 
tion, 1895; at the storming of the 
Nilt Fort in 1891-2 ; for conduct at 
which obtained V. C. and Brevet 
Majority ; C. B., 1907. Recreation: 
shooting. Address : Quetta, N. 
W. Frontier Province. 

Azam, Khwaja Mahommeh, Khan 
Sahib ; born in 1878 ; educated 
at the Dacca College : Honorary 
Magistrate of Dacca ; Superintend- 
ent of Mofiul-Islam Panchayats ; 
Member of the Land-holders 
Association, Eastern Bangal and 
Assam ; Member of the All-India 
Muslim League ; and Member of 
the Dacca Municipal Board. 
Khan Sahib, 1909. Publications : 


" Islami Panchayets, Dacca ' 
(Urdu) and " Panchayet Sysemt 
of Dacca " (English). Address ; 
Dilkusha Gardens, Dacca. 

Azim Shah, Muhammad, Raja: 
Born, 1884 ; educated at the Rai- 
pur Rajkumar College as well as 
the M. A. O. College, Aligarh ; 
adopted by Raja Suleman Shah, 
his maternal grandfather, in 1884. 
who died soon after the adoption. 
Succeeded to estate, 1906 ; exempt 
from personal attendance in Civil 
Courts ; also from the provisions 
of the Arms Act; owns 49 villages: 
title of Raja hereditary. Recrea- 
tion : Polo, riding and shooting. 
Address : Sansthanib Kila, Nag- 
pur, C.P. 

Azmad Ali Khan, Nawab Bahadur : 
born, 1835 ; according to Sir 
Denezil Ibbetson, the family of 
this Nawab is of Jat origin, though 
the British i-ecords say that the 
family is of Patlian Mahommedan 
descent ; Jiluhandadi Khan, the 
grandfather of the present Nawab, 
was in I\Iahratta service and had 
been given lands in Muzaffarna- 
gar, etc ; during the wars with 
the jMahratas, he helped the 
British and as a reward for his 
services received lands in the Doab 
in the pargana of Kadnal. His 
family also helped the British 
during the Mutiny of 1857 for 
which it was liberally rewarded; 
granted title in 1891 ; has Jagirs 
both in the Punjab and the United 
Provinces, besides lands and house 
property yielding an annual in- 
come of Rs. 80,000. Address: 
Karnal, Punjab. 

Aziz-ud-Din, Ahmad Khan, M. R. A. 

S. Qazi Khan Bahadur, Member: 
State Council, Bhartpur; born April 
18G1 ; entered Government service 
Deputy Collector, United Pro- 
vinces, 1888 ; selected to serve 



under His Majesty the Amir during 
his tour in India m 1910 : Fellow of 
the Allahabad University : Trustee 
of the Aligarh College ; Member of 
the State Council ; Employed Coro- 
nation Durbar Camp — Press camp ; 
Publications : Life of King George 
V. Address : Bhartpur. 

Aziz-ud-din Husain Sahib Bahadur, 
Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Col- 
lector of South Arcot, Madras. See 
Muhammad Aziz-ud-dm Hussain 
Saliib Bahadur. 

Azum Husain, Khan Sahib (1910) ; 
born, 1850. Private Secretary to 
H. H. the Prince of Arcot, Ad- 
dress : Triplicane, Madras. 

Babu Balakram, Hon'bleMr. T»Iem- 
ber, Legislative Council, U.P. 

Babu Gobi Krishna, Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Bihar and Orissa, 

Babu Mohendranath Rai, Hon'ble 
Mr. : IilJected ^Member, Bengal 
Legislative Council. 

Babu Prasanna Kumar Rai, 

Hon'ble Mr. ; Elected Member, 
Bengal Legislative Council. 

Babu Sarat Chandra Sen, Tklember, 
Legislative Council Behar and 
Orissa, 1913. Address : Patna. 

Badan Singh. C.S.J. (1903), Sardar ; 
born, 1M40 ; fith in descent from 
the celebrated Phub, the Common 
ancestor of the present rulers of 
Patiala, Jhind and Nabha. This 
family served the British Govern- 
ment faithfully both in the Gurkha 

War of 1815 and in the Mutiny, 
1857. The present Sardar has 
made liberal contributions to works 
of public utility and amongst his 
many acts of generosity may be 
mentioned his erection and en- 
dowment of a dispensary at 
Malandh, and his contribution to 
the Amritsar Khalsa College, etc. 
Title of Sardhar, hereditary. Ad- 
dress ; Patiala. 

Baden-Powell, Lt-Gen. Sir Robert 
Stephenson Smyth, Kt., 1909 ; K. 
C. B. 1909 ; C.B. 1900 ; C.V. 
O. 1909; K.C.V.O., LL.D., F. R. 
G.S. ; retired ; b. 22 Feb. 1857 ; s. 
of Rev. Prof. Baden-Powell, 
of Oxford and Langton Manor ; 
unmarried ; Educ., Charterhouse ; 
Joined 13th Hussars, 1876 : 
served with that regiment as 
Adjutant in India, Afghanistan, 
and South Africa ; served on the 
Staff as Assist. Mil. Secy., South 
Africa, 1887-89 ; operations in Zu- 
luland, 1888 (despatches) : Assist. 
Mil. Secy., Malta. 1890-93: special 
service, Ashanti, in command of 
Native Levies, 1895 (star, brevet 
LieutVCol.) ; Chief Staff Officer, 
in IMatabeleland campaign, 1890- 
97 (despatches, brevet Col.) ; colo- 
nel of Irregular Horse, South Af- 
rica ; promoted from 13th Hussars 
to Command of 5th Dragoon Guard, 
1897 : Lieut-col. commanding 5th 
Dragoon Guards, 1897-99 ; Defeiice 
of Mafeking, 1899-1900 (promoted 
Maj.-Gen. : despatches) ; opera- 
tions in Transvaal, 1900-01 (des- 
patches, C.B.) ; organised S. Afri- 
can Constabulary : Inspector-Ge- 
neral of S. African Constabulary, 
1900-3; Inspector-General of Cava- 
lry, 1903-7 ; Lieut. -Gen. comman- 
ding Northumbrian Territorial Di- 
vision, 1908; founded the organi- 
zation of Boy Scouts to promote 
good citizenship in the rising gene- 
ration, 1908. Publications : Pig- 
sticking or Hog-hunting, 1889 : 



Baden-Powell. Lt-Gex. 

Reconnaissance and Scouting, 
1890 : vedette, 1890 ; Cavalrv Ins- 
truction, 1895 : The Downfall of 
Prempeh, 1896 : Tlie Matabele 
Campaign, 1896 ; Aids to Scouting, 
1899 ; Sport in War. 1900; Sketch- 
es in Mafeking and East Africa, 
1907 ; Scouting for Boys, 1908 ; 
Exhibited Sculpture in Royal 
Academy, 1907. . Recreations ; pig- 
striking (winner of Kadir Cup), 
golf, polo, big game shooting, 
Address : 32 Princes Gate, S. W. 
Clubs : Naval and Military, 
Cavalry, Beefsteak. 

India Office. 1907, also Director 
of Funds and Official Agent to Ad- 
ministrators-General in India, 
1901 ; b. 1854: e.s. of late Williams 
F. Badock of the Manor House, 
Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucester- 
Shire: m. Elian May. d. of Charles 
Britten; one s. three d; Educ, 
AUeslev Park Coll. ; Entered 
H. M. Office of Works, 1S73, 
and India Office, 1S79, by open 
competition : Senior Clerk, 1893 ; 
Deputy Accouutant-General and 
Assessor of Income T5x, 1905 ; 
Clerk to Commissioner of Income 
Tax, 1907. Address : India Office, 
We.stminster. S. W. 

Badr-ud-Din Ghulam Husain, H.M. 
Malak, Khan Bahadur : born, 
1855 ; educated, Elphinstone 
High School, Bombay ; mal- 
guzar of Umrer : served in Aden in 
the Treasury Department of Go- 
vernment ; resigned wnd re- 
turned to Bombay ; commenced 
business as merchant ; and later 
removed to Nagpur ; built rest 
house and the library in Nag- 
pur City ; Member, Nagpur 
Municipal Council ; elected Vice- 
President of the Anjuman-i-Isla- 
mia ; an acknowledged represen- 
tative, of his community in the 
province : has a seat in the 


Chief Commissioner's Durbai-^ 
Address : Nagpur, C. P. 

Badshah Nawab Rajwi, also known 
as Syed Mohammad Mahdi 

Husain Khan, Nawab. Banker and, 
Zemindar ; born : 1858 ; claims 
descent from General Syed Husain 
who came to India with the army 
of Nadir Shah ; son of late Nawab 
Syed Latiff Khan. C. I. E.; edu- 
cated at the Government College, 
Patna; has founded a Burial 
Society for Moslems ; has given 
landed property yielding an 
annual income of Rs. 8.000 for 
female education , in Bihar ; 
INIember of the Municipality and 
of the District Board of 
Patna ; received Coronation 
Medal, 1903 aud the title of 
Nawab (personal). 1909. Address ; 
Patna, Bengal. 

Baghal, Raja of; Bikram Singh; 

born, 1898 ; succeeded to gadi as. 
a minor, 1904 ; married the two 
sisters of the Rana of Jubbal ; 
claims descent from a Rajput family 
who came fromUjjain and conquer- 
ed Baghal at an unknown date. 
During the time of the Mutiny of 
1857, this State then under Kishen 
Singh, grand-uncle of the present 
Raja, remained loyal to the 
British, for which he was rewarded 
with the title of Raja ; the present 
Raja is yet a minor and the ad- 
ministration is therefore carried on 
by a Manager. The area of the State 
is 124 square miles with a popula- 
tion of 25,720 and a revenue of 
Rs. 80.000. Address: Baghal, 

Bahawalpur. Nawab of, His 
Highness Rukn ud Daula Nawab 
Jang Hafiz-ul- Mulk Mukhlis-ud 
Daula Nawab Sir Ladik 
Mahummad Khan Bahadur Y. 
G.C.S.I.: born, 1904: succeeded tO' 



the gaddi while yet a minor, 1907; 
ranks second among the Ruling 
Chiefs of the Punjab, and is 
entitled to a salute of 17 guns; 
maintains one Arts College, one 
High School, seven middle schools, 
32 Primary Schools, and 6 Mahom- 
medan Theological Schools. Ad- 
rfjYs.s: Bahawalpur, Punjab, India. 

Bahadur Singhji, Thakur Sahib 
of Goher; Of Rajput descent; born, 
1900; lost his father when only five 
years of age ; Educated at the 
Raj Kumar College ; the area of 
the state is 300 sq miles. Its popu- 
lation is 60,000 and its revenue is 
Rs. 7,00,000. The State is noted 
for its fine breed of Kathi horses. 
and for a large number of beautiful 
Jain temples on the Satrunjaya 
Hill, where about 5,000 Bania 
pilgrims resort every year from 
all parts of India. Entitled to 
a salute of 9 guns. Addrcsi : 
Palitana, Kathiawar, Bombay 

Bahrain Khan, Hon'ble Nawab, 

C. I. E. : b. 1851 ; Chief of the 
Mazrai tribe of Dera Ghazi Khan; 
succeeded his father, 1903 ; enjoys 
considerable prestige in his own 
district and round about, so much 
so, that he is often called upon 
to settle tribal and inter-tribal 
disputes arising in and around 
his district : Nawab, 1914 ; 
C.I.E., 1907 ; Provincial Durbarri; 
enjoys powers of an Assistant 
Collector. Address: Dera Ghazi 

Baig, Mirza Abbas Ali, Sec Abbas 
Ali Baig. 

Baijnath Goenka, Rai Bahadur ; 
Banker ; Honorary IMagistrate, 
Member of British Indian Asso- 
ciation ; born, 1863 ; educated at 
IMonghyr ; comes from Rajputana ; 

possesses considerable Zamindari 

property. Has an income of a, 

lakh. Address : Monghyr, 

Baijnath Pandai. B.A., Rai Baha- 
dur ; Extra Assistant Commission- 
er, Bhandara ; born, 1867 ; edu- 
cated at the Jubbulpore College ; 
joined the same College as Assis- 
tant Professor. 1888 ; on famine 
duty, 1896-97 ; Superintendent 
and then Dewan of Bastur State ; 
Rai Bahadur, 1907. Address: 
Bhandara, C. P. 

Bailie, Sir Duncan Colvin, K. C. 

S. I. (1914) C. S. I., (1910); 
INIember, Board of Revenue, United 
Provinces, since 1907 ; Member of 
Lieut. Governor's Council since 
1909 ; Vice President of Council, 
1913 ; born, Inverness, 1856 ; son 
of late Peter Baillie, ship-owner, 
Inverness ; Educated at Inverness 
Academy. Glasgow Academy, and 
Edinburgh University ; Entered 
I.C.S., 1879; Assist. Settlement 
Officer, 1886-89; Superintendent of 
Provincial Census, 1890-92 : Com- 
missione? and Settlement Officer of 
Rai Bareli, 1892; Director of Land 
Records and Agriculture, 1895 ; 
Magistrate and Collector, 1896 ; 
Secretary to Board of Revenue- 
1896 ; Opium Agent, Benares, 
1899; Commissioner, 1903; Em, 
ployed as Member and subse- 
quently President of a Committee 
on the Canal Colony Administra- 
tion, Punjab, 1907-08. Publica- 
tion; Census Report of 1891. 
Recreation : golf. Address : Allaha- 
bad. U. P., India. Cbib : East 
India United Service. 

Baines, Sir Jervoise Athelstane, 

Kt. ; 1905: C.S.I. , 1894; Indian 
Civil Service, retired; late Alder- 
man, L.C.C. ; President (Gold 
jMedalist). Royal Statistical Soc. 
1009-10 ; born,'Bluntisham. Hunt, 



Baines, Sie jervoise Athelstane. 

1847; son of Rev. Edward Baines 
EdiLC. : Rugby and Triu. Coll. 
Cantab ; Joined I. C. S. in 
Bombay, 1870-69 ; Census Com- 
missioner for India, 1889-93 ; 
employed at India Office and 
as Secretary to Royal Commis- 
sion on Opium, 1894-95 ; retired, 
1895. Decorated for Census 
Administration. Publications : 
Official Reports on Provincial 
Administration on Indian Census 
Operations, 1881-91 ; Indian Pro- 
gress (Parliamentary), 1894 ; 
many papers, ethnographic and 
statistial, for London Societies. 
Address : Home Close, Kidington, 
Oxon. Clubs : Reform, United 
Empire, and Liberal Union. 

1878 ; Deputy Commissioner, and 
then Under-Secretary to Govern- 
ment of Bengal, and to Govern- 
ment of India, Finance Depart- 
ment, 1885 ; Deputy-Secretary, 
1892-5 ; :Magistrate and Collect'or 
of Customs, Calcutta : Secretary 
1902-5 ; Financial Secretary to 
the Government of Bengal and 
Member of Bengal Legislative 
Council, 1898-1902 ; Fmancial 
IMember of the Supreme Council, 
19U5 ; Lieutenant - Governor of 
Bengal, 1908-1911. East India 
United Service and Reform Clubs. 

Baker, J. L., Deputy Conservator of 
Forests, Andaman Islands. Ad- 
dress: Port Blair. 

Baird, Sir David, 3rd Bart, of 
Newbyth. 1809: born, 1832; 
Educ, Rugby; Entered Army, 
1850 ; served Kaffir War, 
1851-52 ; Crimea, 1824 ; Indian 
Mutiny, Maj. 1858. Owns about 
3,000 acres ; heir : s. David, 
b. 1865, Captain 42nd Royal 
Highlanders. Addirss : Newbyth, 
Prestonkirk, N.B.; 4f Berkeley 
Square, W. Clubs; Army and 
Navy, White's. 

Bajpal Chandrabal ; Talukdar of 
Kandah ; educated at Uneo High 
School and succeeded to his esta- 
tes, 1909; belongs to a brahmin 
family of Oudh ; Is a Durbari 
and an enlightened and popular 
land-holder. Address : Kardaha, 
Unao District, Unifed Pro- 
vinces : 

Baker, Sir Edward Norman, K. 

C.S.I. 1908, C.S.I. 1900; Born, 
1857 : son of late Arthur Baker ; 
I. C. S., (Retd.) formerly Lieute- 
nant-Governor of Bengal educated 
at Christ's College. Finchley ; 
joined Bengal Civil Service, 


Bala Bux, Khawas, Rai Bahadur, 
Minister of His Highness the 
Maharaja of Jaipur ; born, 1860; 
entered service of the State 1878; 
went to England for King Ed- 
ward's Coronation, 1902. Address: 
Jaipur, Rajputna. 

Baldeo Singh. L. M.S., Rai Bahadur; 
born, 1859 ; educated at the 
Fyzabad High School and Lahore 
Medical College ; belongs to a 
Rajput family whose ancestors 
were in the service of Emperor 
Akbar and had been granted 
territory near Amethi ; his uncles 
are known to have been on the 
side of the British in the Mutiny 
of 1857 ; father was in the service 
of Maharaja Sir Man Singh ; owns 
a Zemindari in the District of 
Sultanpur: Honorary Asstistant 
Surgeon to His Excellency the 
Viceroy. Address: Ballia, Ba- 
reilly, U.P. 

Balakrishna Ayyar, T.S. Rao 

Bahadur ; Government Pleader, 
Coimbatore : born, 1862 ; Member, 
Madras Legislative Council, 1909- 



1912. * Address : Coimbatorc, 
Madras Presidency. 

Bal Kishen Rao, Srimant, Rao 

Sahib, Raja of Gursarai : Ho- 
norary ilagistrate and j\Iunsi2 
since 1908 ; Raja, 1911. Address : 
Gursarai, -Jhansi. U.P. 

Balmukund Rai, B.A. Puisne Judge, 
High Court, Hyderabad ; born, 
1862 ; educated at Hyderabad Col- 
lege : B. A. 1885 ; passed 1st Grade 
pleadership, 1887 : 1st appointed 
Nazir to the High Court ; raised to 
the Bench, 1908 ; founded Middle 
School called Mujidul-A..m-School ; 
nominated by Government as a 
member of the Coronation Celebra- 
tion Committee, Hyderabad. Ad- 
dress : Hyderabad, (Deccan). 

Balasundram Ayyar, Coirabatore 
Subramanya; son of Coimbatore 
Subramanya Iyer; Born, 1878 ; 
Educated at Anglo-Vernacular (now- 
Hindu) High School, Triplicane, 
and Presidency College, Madras ; 
1st class in Matriculation, F. A., 
. and B. A. (Madras) 1893, 1895, 
and 1897 respectively : won the 
Marsh Prize and the Pitti Muni- 
sawmy Ohettv and the Christian 
College Gold' Medals for 1897; 
joined M.C.S., 1897; Probationary 
Assistant Commissioner, Banga- 
lore, 1897 ; served in same capacity 
in Shimoga and Bangalore, 1899 
1905; U.S. to Mysore Government, 
1906 ; Ofneiating Secretary to 
Government, General and Revenue 
Departments, Mysore, 1907. Re- 
creation : Tennis ; Address : Basa- 
vangudi. Bangalore City. 

Balrampur, Maharaja of; Hon'ble 
Maharaja Sir Bhagwat Prasad 

Singh, K.C.I. E.; born, 1879; 
adopted by late Maharani Indra 
Kunvvar, senior widow of late 
Maharaja Digbijai Singh Bahadur, 
K.C.S.I., of Balarampur, 1883; 

educated privately under English 
and Indian tutors ; married, 1833, 
but having had no male issues, 
married again in 1909 ; second wife 
died, 1911 ; assumed active man- 
agement of the State, July 1900 ; 
received personal distinction of 
Maharaja, 1900; K.C.I.E., 1906; 
title of Maharaja made here- 
ditary, 1909. His family claims 
descent from the celebrated Pan- 
dava hero, Arjuna. of ]\Iahabharata 
fame. Bariar Sah was the founder 
of the family. Raja Digbijai Singh, 
predecessor of the present 
Maharaja, was a staunch friend of 
the British Government. He ren- 
dered singal service during the 
Mutiny of 1857. His death v\ras 
caused by a fall from an elephant 
while engaged in a tiger shooting 
expedition, and the present IMaha- 
raja was taken in adoption by his 
widow. He gave three lakhs 
of rupees for the enlargement and 
reconstitution of the Lucknow 
Canning College ; three lakhs to- 
wards the Lucknow Medical Co- 
lege ; one lakh towards the All- 
India Vi(?toria Memorial Fund ; 
one lakh for charity to the poor at 
the time of his installation ; Rs. 
20,000 to the Allahabad Exhibition 
Fund ; etc. Organised relief mea- 
sures during the famine of 1907-08 
and fed 20.000 persons, undertook 
seventy unaided works and main- 
tained two poor houses at a cost of 
over five lakhs ; President of the 
British Indian .Association of Oudh, 
Member,* Legislative Council 
U.P. Honorary Fellow, Allaha- 
bad University ; Honorary i\Iagis- 
trate ; Chairman, Balrampur 
Municipality ; premier nobleman 
and leader of the ' Barons of Oudh'. 
His estates comprise more than a 
thousand villages these being situa- 
ted in the districts of Gonda, Bah- 
raich and Lucknow. In all they 
cover an area of 1,300 square miles. 
The Maharaja maintains more than 




a hundred elephants. Publications ; 
An account of Balrampur and 
Khedda, in Urdu, 1904-5 ; Recrea- 
tions : Cricket, tennis, billiards, 
chess, motorj ng and tiger shooting. 
Address : The Palace, Balrampur, 
(Gonda) ; also Khurshed Baugh, 
Lucknow ; and Ivv Park, Naini 

Balwant Rao, Bhaisya Sindhia, C. 

V.O. (1911) ; ^Member of the Board 
of Revenue, Gwalior ^tate. Address: 

Balwant Singh, Sardar Saheb, Assis- 
tant Engineer, Punjab, P.W.D. ; 
born, 1867 : educated at the Guru- 
daspur High School and Lahore 
Government College ; entered P. 
W.D. as an Overseer : Assistant 
Engineer, 1908 ; Waziristan Ex- 
pedition from 1894-1898 and again 
in 1900-1901. Received a Sannad 
for his services ; selected to serve 
on the Coronation Durl:ar Works 
of 190ti-1903, and in 1905 for the 
preparations for the visit of T.R. 
H. Prince and Princei^"> of Wales : 
in charge of the works of the 
Khalsa College from 1903-1910 ; 
deputed to the Delhi Durbar 
Works. ; got the Kaiser — I — Hind 
Medal ; Addr£ss : Delhi. Club : 
Lahore Masonic. 

Balvant Singh, Sardar, born, 1852: 
son of Atar Singh, who was in 
command of a body of fifty horse- 
men, in 1857: Provincifl Durbari. 
Address : Ludhiana. 

Banaji, Miss Piroja: born, 1880 : 
Educated, Girton High School, 
and the Eliphinstone College, 
Bombay ; B.A.. 1900 ; M.A., 
1901 ; Principal Macmillan of 
the Elphinstone College has 
said of her '' she could write and 
speak English with unusual 
correctness". Address : Bombay. 


Ban Behari Kapur, Raja,* G.S.I. 

Adopted by the third brother of 
the late ]Maharaj-Adhiraja Alahtab 
Chand Bahadur of Burdwan. 
1856 ; appointed Diwan-i-Raj of 
Burdwan, 1877 and Vice Presi- 
dent of the Burdwan Council, 
1879 ; Joint Manager of Burdwan 
estate, 3 886 ; sole Manager, 1891, 
Personal title of Raja, 1908; 
C.S.I. , 1903. Address : Burdwan. 

Bandaranaike, Sir Solomon Dias, 

Kt., 1907 ; C.M.G., 1902 : 
Maha Mudaliyar and J.I', for the 
Island of Ceylon, and Native 
A.D.C. to H.E. the Governor ; b. 
1862; s. of the late D. C. H. 
Dias Bandaranaike, J. P. for the 
Island. JMudaliyar of the Gover- 
nor's Gate, etc. etc., and g.s. of 
late Don Solomon Dias Bandara- 
naike, referred to in Sir Emerson 
Tenant's History of Ceylon : m. 
Daily Ezline, e.d. of Hon. Mr. 
S.C' Obeyesekree, Member of the 
Legislative Council of Ceylon, 
one s. two d- Educ. ; St. Thomas' 
Coll. Colombo. Is referred to in 
Cruise of H.M.S. Bacchante, ISSG, 
in connection with the visit to 
Ceylon of T.R.H. Princes Albert 
Victor and George of Wales in 
1882 ; created ]\Iohandirum of the 
Governor's Gate, and invested 
with the sword and belt of the 
office by H.R.H. the late Duke of 
Clarence, 1882 ; visited England 
1895, 1897, and 1902 ; received 
Diamond Jubilee Gold Medal, 
1897, having been sent as a dele- 
gate from Ceylon ; presented with 
a gold medal by the inhabitants of 
Siyane Korle East, 1896, in 
recognition of services rendered to 
that district while administering 
its afiairs as Mudaliyar : presented 
with a Gold Sword of Honour, 
1901, by public subscription ; 
acted as extra A.D.C. to Duke 
of York during the visit of Duke 
and Duchess to Ceyloa. 1901; one 



of Cej'lon's representatives at the 
Coronation ; Coronation gold 
medal : Royal Order of Merit, 
Cambodia, 1907. Recreations : 
Riding, driving, shooting, horse- 
breeding, country life. Address : 
Horagolla, Yeyangoda, Ceylon. 

Banerji, Albion Rajkumar, ]\LA., 

I.C.S., CLE. Dev.-an of Cochin; 
born in England, 1871 ; Son of 
Babu Sasipada Banarji ; educated 
at Calcutta and at Baliol College, 
Oxford ; his mother was the first 
high caste Indian ladv to visit 
England ; joined I. C. S., 1895 ; 
Served in Madras Presidency as 
Assistant Collector and Head 
Assistant till 1904 ; Dewan of 
Cochin, Maj' 1907 ; introduced 
several improvements into the 
State and increased its revenue 
from 3-2 to 43 lakhs per annum ; 
CLE. 1911. Address: c/o India 
Office, London. 

Banerji, Sir Gooru Das, M.A., D.L., 
ex- Judge of the High Court, 
Calcutta ; belongs to a respectable 
Brahmin family of Calcutta ; born, 
1848 ; lost his father at an 
early age ; brought up by his 
mother ; educated in the Hare 
School and the Presidency Col- 
lege, Calcutta, taking B. A. 
degree in the latter, heading the 
list of successful candidates; M.A. 
1865, winning the University gold 
medal in Mathematics ; Lecturer 
in Mathematics. Presidency Col- 
lege, Calcutta ; passed, B.L. at the 
top of the list, winning the Univer- 
sity gold medal in Law, 1866 ; 
Honours in Law, 1876 ; D.L. 1877; 
Law Lecturer at the Berhampore 
College, 1SG6-1872: enrolled as 
Vakil of the High Court, 1866 ; 
Commenced practice in Mofussil 
Courts, 1866; joined High Court 
Bar, 1872; Tagore Law Lecturer, 
1878 ; Fellow of the Calcutta 
University and Honorary Presi- 

dency ^Magistrate 1879 ; nominated 
to the Bengal Legislative Council 
1887 ; Member, Calcutta Cor- 
poration, 1886 ; Acting Judge 
of the Calcutta High Court, 
1888; President, Central Text- 
Book Committee, 1902 ; Vice- 
Chancellor, Calcutta Univer- 
sity, 1880-1891 ; Member, Indian 
Universities Commission, 1902 ; 
ret>ired, 1904. Knighted, 1904, 
Honorary P.H.D. (Calcutta) 1908. 
Publications : ''A Few Thoughts 
on Education ; " Hindu Law of 
iMarriage and Stridhan ; Note on 
Devanagiri alphabet ; Elementary 
Geometry and several other 
educational works. Address : 28, 
Sasitala Read, Narikel Danga, 

Banerji, Kumudwni Kanta, M.A., 
Rai Babudur (1906) : entered Edu- 
cation Department, 1877, Princi- 
pal of the Rajshahi College, 1898 : 
Fellow of the Calcutta University. 
Address: Rajshahi, Bengal. 

Banerji, Hon'ble Sir P.C. B.A., 

B.L., P'iisne Judge, High Court, 
Allahabad : District 3Iunsiff, 1872, 
Sub-Judge, 1880; Small Cause 
Court Judge at Agra and Allaha- 
bad ; Additional Civil Judge, Luck- 
now, 1883 ; Judge High Court, 
1893; Knighted, 1913. Address: 


P^ditor, Bengalee, Calcutta; second 
son of D^urga Charan Banerji, atone 
time the ablest allopathic-practition- 
erin Calcutta; born, 1848; educated 
iit the Doveton College, Calcutta, 
where he shone Irilliantly ; B. A. 
(Cal) 1868 ; pa.ssed in England the 
competitive examination for the 
Indian Civil Service. 1869 : after a 
tough but .successful fight with the 
C. S. Com.missioners about his age 
went out to Bengal, 1871 : Assis- 
tant jMagistrate at Sylhet ; ceased 




to be a Member of the Civil Service, 
March, 1874 : became Professor of 
English Literature in the Metro- 
politon Institution, Calcutta. 1876 ; 
Lecturer at the City College, 1877 : 
joined the Free Church Institution 
and Duff College, 1881 ; founded 
the Ripou College, 1882 ; has made 
over to it by a formal trust deed 
property worth about Rs. 25,000 ; 
has been termed the Arnold of 
India ; a great lover of and much 
loved by students ; took ov^r the 
weekly Bengalee from ^Ir. W. E. 
Banerjee in 1879 and has made it 
one of the best newspapers in all 
India ; imprisoned for one month 
in the Civil side of the Presidency 
Jail, 1883, for contempt of Court 
in the celebrated idol case but Jus- 
tice Norris afterwards made his 
" amende" to him by helping him 
in his lecturing mission in England 
in 1890 ; Jilember of the Calcutta 
Corporation, 1876 ; later. Chairman 
of North Barrackpur Muncipality 
and in both capacities did much 
good to his countrymen and to 
Calcutta ; his knowledge of munici- 
pal affairs and of the jfi-inciples 
on which legislation should 
affect them is known to be of a 
high order ; resigned his seat 
on the Corporation. 1899, as the 
final protest against the Calcutta 
Municipal Bill of 1897 ; esta- 
blished the Indian Association, 
1876. with the late IMr. A. 
M. Bose and through it com- 
menced constitutional agitation 
for the redress of grieva^ices in 
India ; represented Calcutta 
Corporation in the Bengal Legisla- 
tive Council, 1893 ; President of 
the XI session of the Indian 
National Congress at Poona 1865, 
and of the XVIII at Ahmadabad, 
1903 ; elected a Fellow of the Cal- 
cutta University by the Graduates, 
1904 ; Honorary IMagistrate of Bar- 
rackpur, till 1906 ; visited 
England several times for political 


lecturing, notably in 1889. when 
he created a great impression by 
his powerful orations; gave evidence 
before the Wei by Commission. 
1897 ; the only Indian delegate to 
the Imperial Press Conference, 
1909 ; as a public speaker he is 
famous in all India and is also 
well-known in England ; a dis- 
criminating English critic describ- 
ing his oratory, says : Whatever 
the subject, he strikes fire at once. 
Fact after fact, argument after 
ai'gument. all bearing directly on 
the point in discussion succeed 
each other and as each fresh view 
is presented and led forward to a 
logical conclusion the rounds of 
applause that greet him prove that 
his demonstration has told and 
has been felt by all as legitimate 
and just. ' ' Like the classic orators 
of the West, he melts himself in 
the case he represents. Collected 
edition of his speeches published 
and republi.shed by Lahiri & Co., 
Calcutta, and latest English spee- 
ches by Ganesh & Co.. ]\Iadras. 
Brief biography by G. A. Natesan 
& Co.. Madras. Social reformer; 
though himself a Brahman, lives 
in European fashion ; has an only 
son and five daughters : Recreation: 
Gardening, walking, reading and 
attending Swadeshi meetings. 
Address: ]\Iani ram pore, Barrack- 
pur ; Bengalee Office, Colootola, 

Banganapalle. Nawab of; Nawab 
Saiyed GhuIam-i-AIi Khan 
Bahadur; Born, about 1S77 ; 
Foruialh' installed on the gaddi 
by His Excellency Sir .Arthur Law- 
Iv, the thou Governor of IMadras. 
19th December 1908. The State 
is within the Kurnool district of 
the Madras Presidenc)' ; has an 
area of 275 square miles ; Popula- 
tion as per census of 1911, 39. 366. 
The State is under the political 


BanganapAlle Nawab. 

supervision of the Collector of 
Kurnool. Address : Banganapalle, 
Kurnool Dt., ]\Iadras Presv, 

Bangera, Manga'.ore Kundappah. 
B.A., B.L., De\yan Bahadur, 
Retired District Judge, JManga- 
lore : born. 1885 ; joined ser- 
vice as District IMunsift. Karak- 
kal, 1885 ; Member of the Malabar 
Marriage Commission ; Sub- 
Judge, 1904 ; appointed District 
and Sessions Judge, 1908 ; Retired, 
1913; Chairman, Municipal 

Council, Mangalorc. Address : 

Bannerman, Hon . William Burney, 
M.D.. D.Sc, C.S.L, Surgeon 
Genera], ^Madras ; Born. 1858; 
joined service as surgeon (on 
probation), Netley, 1883 : 

Deputy Surgeon-General, His 
j\Iajesty's Forces, Secunderabad, 
1884 : Surgeon, 4th Regiment 
M.l. Pioneers, Secunderabad, 1885; 
In iledical charge of No. -J Bombay 
Mountain Battery and Civi! Dis- 
pensery, Thall Chotiali, Balu- 
chistan, 1886; same year was 
attached to 4th M.I., Pioneers, 
Trichinopoly ; general duty, No. 
20 Field, Upper Burma, Man- 
dalay, 1886 ; general duty. 
Madras, 1889 ; in 3\redicial 
charge. Left Wing, M. I., 
Berhampore, 1891 ; Inspector of 
Vaccination and Deputy Sanitary 
Commissioner, Madras, 1893 ; 
promoted to Surgeon ^lajor, 1895; 
Services temporarily placed 
at the disposal of Government of 
India, Home Dept, from IGth 
IMay 1898 ; reverted to IMadras 
Service and was Superintendent of 
Plague Hospitals in ^ladras from 
4th to 17th March 1899 ; on Plague 
duty with Dr. Haffkine, 20th 
March 1899; on duty. Plague 
Research Laboratory, 1st ■March 
1899; Superintendent, P.eseareh 

Laboratory, 1900 ; promoted 
Lieutenant Colonel 1903; on special 
duty with the Surgeon-General, 
Bombay, 5th to .30th November 
1909 ; Superintendent, the King 
Institute of Preventive Medi- 
cine. 1903 ; Superintendent, the 
King Institute, and Professor 
of Bacteriology. IMadras Medical 
College. 1904 ; Director. Bombay 
Bacteriological Laboratory (change 
in designation), 1906 ; Brevet 
Colonel, 1911; reverted to Mivdras 
Service and appointed as Surgeon- 
General with the Government of 
Madras, 1912 ; on Deputation in 
England from 2Sth Septem.ber 
1913 ; returned and resumed 
duties, November 1912. Address : 

Banspati Singh. Raja of, Barah ; 

born, 1834: connected with the 
House of Rewa ; belongs to the 
clan of Baghel Rajputs and claims 
descent from Baghesh Deo of 
Gujara ; in the Muting of 1857, 
was of great service to 
the Brit^sh in maintaining order 
and in "escorting remittances of 
revenue ; with a fo'-ce of 1,000 
men. he proceeded to the pargana 
of Khairagah, against a formid- 
able band of rebels then holding 
out there ; in recognition of this 
valuable service, the title of 
Raja was conferred on him in 
18-58. The estate comprises 170' 
villages in Allahabad, paying re- 
venue of Rs. 45,956. Address : 
Barah, ^Allahabad. 

Bapu Rao Dada Kinghade, IM. A. 

Rail Bahadur ; born. 1856 ; educa- 
ted at the Free Church Institute, 
Nagpur; Government High School 
Sangar, and the Muir Central Col- 
lege. Allahabad; B.A. 1875; M.A. 
1877; Naib-Tahsildar; Extra-Assis- 
tant Commissioner ; resigned ane 
joined the Bar at Nagpur ; Vic- 
President of the Nagpur Municipal 



BAPU Rao. 

lity since 1SS6 ; Member of the 
Committees of the Morris College 
and Neill City School ; Secretary 
to the local branch of the Famine 
Relief Charitable District Com- 
mittee of 1896-97 and 1899-1909. 
Address : Nagpur, C.P. 

Barade, Dhondiba Hanumantrao, 

J. P., Rao Bahadur (1896): born, 
184l'; is a descendant of the 
Bhonsle family of Bhuinj and is 
related to many of the Mahratta 
Ruling Chiefs 'in the Deccan in- 
cluding that of the House of 
Cxwalior ; commenced life as a 
building contractor, winning the 
approbation of Civil Engineers and 
Architects, by his integrity and 
capability ; has undertaken and 
carried out many important Go- 
vernment works including the 
well-known " Tata Palace "" ; parti- 
cularly skilled in Hindu architec- 
ture as is testified in the pile of 
buildings at Waiiowri, built for 
H. H. the Maharaja of Gwalior ; 
Justice of the Peace, 1892. Certifi. 
cate of Merit, 1899. „ Address: 

Barber, Dr. C. A. M.A.. D. Sc, 

F.L.S., Sugar Cane Expert with 
the Government of Madras since 
1913 ; born, 1863 ; Govermnent 
Botanist, Madras, 1898 : Ad- 
dress ; Coimbatore, jMadras Presi- 

Barber, Hon'ble Mr. Edwj^rcl Fair- 
less ; Elected non-official ^Member 
representing the planting Commu- 
nity, Legislative Council, JMadras, 

Barbhya, Moolji Chawanidas : liorn 
atZlIangalore, 1850; early education 
at the Gokuldas Tejpal Charity 
School; joined the Bombay Elphin- 
stone College; passed the Attorney's 


examination-, 1872 ; distinguished 
himself in the Ahmadabad conspi- 
racy case ; Municipal commission- 
er of Bombay (1881-89). Address: 
Malabar Hill, Bombay. 

Barbour, Sir David Miller, K.C.M. 
G.; K. C.S.I. Retired I.C.S.; born, 
1841 ; son of late Miller Barbour 
of Calkill, Ireland ; educated at 
Queen's College, Belfast ; went to 
India, 1863 ; served in Lower 
Bengal, until he became Under 
Secretary, Financial Department, 
Government of India, 1872, 
Accountant-Cxeneral, Bengal'; Se- 
cretary to Government of Bengal, 
Revenue Department, 1882; 

Member of the Bengal Legislative 
Council, 1882 ; Secretary to the 
Government of India, Financial 
Department, 1882; C.S.I., 1887 ; 
Member of the Royal Commission 
in England on gold and silver, 
1886 ; Financial :\Iember of 
the Supreme Council, 1888-1893 ; 
K. C. S. I., 1889; Member of 
the Indian Currency Commis- 
•sion. 1898: K. C. M. G., 1899, 
jMember and Chairman of several 
important Royal Commissions 
and Committees oh the currency 
and finance of other countries, 
and on questions involving 
great financial considerations. 
PnhUcation : The Theory nf Bime- 
tallism. Address : Tiltwood, 
Crowley Down, Sussex and the 
Athenaeum. East India United 
Service Club. 

Barna, Hon. Mr. M.C. :Member, 
Axssam Legislative Council, 1912. 
Address : Shillong. 

Burna. Hon'ble Prabhat Chan- 
dra. Raja of Gowripur; Uem- 

ber, Legislative Council of 
Assam ; Personal title of Raja 
conferred, 1901. Address Gowri- 
pur, Goalpara, Assam. 



Barnes, Sir Hugh Shakespear K.C. 

S.I., K.C.V.O.,I.O.S.; born, 1853; 
son of James Ralph Barnes, I. C.S.; 
educated at Malvern ; joined 
the Civil Service at Allahabad, 
1874 : served in Bareilly and 
]\Ioradabad ; Private Secretary to 
the Financial ]Member of Council 
1876; Assistant Secretarv. Foreign 
Office, 1879 : Political Officer,- 
Kandahar, 1880 : Political Agent, 
Quetta, 1883 : Under Secretary, 
Foreign Department. 1889 ; De- 
puty Secretary, 1890 ; Revenue 
Commissioner, Quetta, 1891 ; Re- 
sident in Kashmir, 1894 : A.G.G., 
and Chief Commissioner, Belu- 
chistan, 1896 : Foreign Secre- 
tary to Government of India, 
1900-3 : President of Central Com- 
mittee for the Delhi Darbar, 1902- 
3 : Lieutenant Governor of Burma 
1903-5 : Member of the Council of 
India, 1905: K.C.S.I.. 1903 ; K.C. 
V.O. 1903. Recreation ; .shoo- 
ting. Address: 8, Hyde Park Ter- 
race, W. East India United Ser- 
vice Club. 

Baroda, H.H. Maharajah Gaekwar 
Sir Sayaji Rao IllShamshir Ba- 
hadur G-C. S.I. (1881): born, 1803 
ilcscended from the founders of 
the Baroda dynasty : adopted 
by Jemnabai, widow of the 
Gaekwar Khandi Rao: hi. 1st, 
Chimnabai Maharani, 1875 C.I., 
1S80[; 2nd, Chimnabai Maharanill 
C.I., 1885 ; three sons, and one 
daughter, educated at the Maha- 
raja's school at Baroda ; instal- 
led, 1875 : during his minority, 
there was a Council cf Regency 
under a British officer and Raja 
Sir Tanjore ]\Iadhava Rao, 
K. C. S. I. ; entrusted with 
the administration of the State 
1831; made G. C.S.I, 1887; an 
enlightened ruler, and holds ad- 
vanced views on social questions ; 
h;;s several times visited Europe. 
Address : Baroda, W. India. 

Barr, Lieut-Col Sir DaYid^Williara 
Keith, K.C. S.I, (1902) Indian 
Army, Member of Council of India; 
born, 1846; eldest son of the 
late Lieut. -General Henry 
James Barr ; Educated privately 
and at Royal Military College ; 
entered the Army, 1864 : served in 
the Abyssinian expedition : entered 
the Political Department, Govern- 
ment of India, 1809: Boundary 
Settlement officer in the IMalwa 
Bhil country, 1st Assistant to the 
A. G. G. for Central India, 1870; 
.Political Agent at Jodhpur, 1878- 
89. in Rewa.; 1SS1-1S87,- Resi- 
dent at Gwalior, 1887-1892; in 
Kashmir 1892-1894 ; A. G. G. 
for Central India, 1894-1900 ; 
Resident at Hyderabad, 1900- 
1905 : retired, 1905 : K. C. S. I. 
1902 : ]\Iember of the Council of 
India, 1905. Address : 92 Onslow 
Gardens, London S. W. United 
Service Club. 

Barren. Hon'ble Mr. C.A., C. S. I., 

I.C.S.; Chief Secretary and Official 
Member. Punjab Legislative 
Couiacil; took his seat, 1st January 
1913. Address : Lahore. 

Barrow, Lieut-General Sir Edmund 
George, G. C. B. (1900) K. C. B. 
(1901) C.B. 1908 ; Indian Army ; 
born 1852 ; son of :Maj-Ge- 
neral Joseph Lyon Barrow, 
C.B., B.A. : educated at Marl- 
borough and Sandhurst; married. 
1882, Bnarian Letittia, daughter 
of , late Reverend Story of 
Crrick, Clogher Co. Tyrone, 
joined Armv , 1871 ; served 
in Afghan war. 1878-9; D. 
A., Q.M.G. : with the Indian 
Contingent in Egypt, 1882, and in 
the intelligence Branch, Bengal, 
1885-7 ; Assistant Secretary to the 
Government of India. Jlili'tary De- 
partment, 1887-91; First Deputy 
Secretary in the Military 
Department. 1897-1900; Secretary, 




1901-3 : , D.A.G-, Bengal, 1900 ; 
served in the Afghan War, 1876 ; 
Egyptian Expedition, 1882 ; Tirah 
campaign, 1897-8: Chief Staff 
Officer, China expedition, 1900- 
1901; (xsneral Officer Commanding 
first Division, Northern Armv 
Corps, 1901 : General Officer 
Commanding, 1908; Col. 7th Duke 
of Connaught's own Rajputs. 
Address: . c/o Grindlay & Co., 
Parliament Street, S. W. Junior 
United Service Club. 

Barrow, Oscar Theodore, C.S.I. 
1907 ; Comptroller and Auditor- 
General of India since 1906 ; s. of 
late Jacob Barrow ; b. 1854 ; in. 
Helen Emma Winefride, d. of late 
Reginald Reynolds, Clarendon 
Square, Leamington; Educ. , Bea- 
umaris Grammar School and Glou- 
cester School: Entered I. C. S., 
1875; Accountant-General, Bengal: 
1891; Bombay, 1894 ; officiated as 
Comptroller and Auditor-General. 
1897, 1898, and 190:3; Secretary to 
Government of India, Finance 
Dept. sub pro tcivpore , 190G;Fellow 
of Bombay University,, 1910; 
Comptroller and Auditor-General 
of India, 1906 ; Retired, 1910. Ad- 
dress : Karvol, Weybridge, Survey. 
East India United Service and 
Hurlingham CIu'ds. 

Barrow. Hon'ble Mr. Reginald 
Peacock, I. G. S., Nominated 
Official Member, Legislative 
Council, Bombay: 2Sth December 
1912 : ■ ^ 

Barton, Col. Maurice Charles, 

D. S. O. 1899 ; late R. E.; b. 
1852; s. of Charles Barton of 
Holbrook, Wincanton, Somerset ; 
m. 1817. Harriet, d. of Col. Brand- 
reth, R.E. Entered army, 1872; 
Captain, 1884: I\Iajor, 1891; Lieut- 
Col. 1899 ; served Afghan Car, 
1878-79 (despatches, medal); Akha 
Expedition, 1883-84 (despatches), 


Burmah, 1885-87 (despatches twice, 
medal with clasp) ; Isezai Expedi- 
tion ; Chitral Relief Force (des. 
patches, medal with clasp (North- 
West Frontier, India, 1897;98 
(despatches, D.S.O., clasp). Army 
and Navy Club. 

Barton, M.P.. I. C. S. Offg. 
Judicial Commissioner, N.W. Pro- 
vince ; educated, Bedford Modern 
School ; Worcester Coll. Oxford, 
and University College, London ; 
joined service, 1894 ; On Special 
duty Kurran, 1898 ; Divisional 
Judge, Peshawar, 1907 ; Political 
Agent at Dir, 1910 ; Secretary to 
Chief Commissioner, 1911 ; Offi- 
ciating Judicial Commissioner, 
1912: CLE., 1914. Address: 

Barwa Daadashar. Rai Sahib : 
Member of the Gilghat Local 
Board and Education Sub Com- 
mittee ; born, 1855 ; educated at 
Sibsagar High School and at Cal- 
cutta ; entered Service, 1873 ; 
retired, 1905 ; helped to found 
a charitable Dispensary at Khu- 
mtai. Address : Khumtai-Leti Ku- 
jan, Gilghafc. Assam. 

Basant Singh, Sardar, Rai Bahadu. 
Assistant Engineer ; born, 1858 : 
educated, Lahore Government 
school and College ; entered ser- 
vice as Overseer, Quetta, 1878. 
Address : Quetta, Baluchistan. 

Bastar Raja of; Rudra Pratab Deo; 

b. 18S5 ; educated at the Rai- 
pur E,aj Kumar College ; succeeded 
to gaddi, 1881. The Raja is a 
Somvanshi R;ijput and claims 
descent from Prataparudra of War- 
angal. The State remained indepen- 
dent, but about the Commencement 
of the 19th century, owing to dis- 
sensions in the faimly and Conse- 
quent disorder the IMahrattas. 



interfered and made it their 
tributary and exacted tribute. 
Thereafter, the State came under 
the control of the British and has 
since remained under their Control. 
The Raja has made extensive Indian 
tours and has Considerably impro- 
ved the administration. Address : 
Jagdalpur, Bastar, C.P. 

IBasu, Hon'ble Babu Bhupendra 
Nath, B.A., Attorney, Calcutta ; 
belongs to a respectable Kayastha 
family ; born, 1859: B.A., 1880; 
enrolled as solicitor's Clerk in 
Calcutta; M. A., with honours 
in English literature, 1881, 
enrolled as an attorney of the 
Calcutta High Court ; an active 
member of the Calcutta Corpo- 
ration and has been an active 
member in all social and politi- 
<;al movements in the country ; 
an ardent temperance reformer ; 
President of the Bengal Provincial 
'Coixference held at Mymensingh, 
1905 ; a staunch supporter of 
the Indian National Congress 
.and v/as Chairman of the Congress 
Reception Committee in 1906; visi- 
ted England and spoke on Indian 
affairs before large English audien- 
■ces ; was an elected member, first 
in the Bengal and then in 
the Supreme Legislative Council ; 
during his tenure of member- 
ship in the latter body, he 
introduced a Civil Marriage Bill, 
which created a good deal of agita- 
tion throughout India ; Govern- 
ment of India eventually disallow- 
ed it; deputed to proceed to England 
for the purpose of enlightening the 
British public on the present condi- 
tion of aSairs in India, 1914, 
a powerful speaker and WTiter ; 
elected President, Indian Nation-* 
al Congress, 1914. Address : 

Basu,Kailash Chandra. Rai Bahadr, 
(1895), CLE., ( 1910) K.l.H. 1909; 

One of the leading citizens of 
Calcutta ; Member of the Corpora- 
tion of Calcutta and Honorary 
Presidency ^Magistrate, Address: 
1, Sukea's Street, Calcutta. 

Basu, Karunedas, M.A., B.L. Rai 
Bahadur ; born, 1847 ; educated, 
Presidency College, Calcutta; comes 
from a good Decca family ; worked 
in the village of Dakhintalegpur 
during the cyclone of 187G. 
Address : 55, Mirzapur street, 

Basu, Nritya Gopal. Rai Bahadur; 
(See Nritya Gopal Basu). 

Basu, Srish Bhandra, B.A., Rai 

Bahadur, Judge of the Court of 
Small, Benares; Member of 
the Theosophical Society ; Trustee 
and Member of the Central Hindu 
College ^Managing Committee, 
Banares : Born, 1861 ; son of Babu 
Bearma Charan Basu ; educated, 
Lahore (rovernment College ; 
Joined Judicial Branch, 1892 ; ap- 
pointed! to the Benares Small 
Cause Court, 1910 ; a recognis- 
ed Sanskrit scholar, and Cerudit 
lawyer, with a thorough mase 
tery of Arabic and Persian- 
Publications : Astadhayi of Panin. 
and Sidhanta Kaumadi of Bhatroji 
Dikshit. Address: Benares Canton- 

Batchelor, Hon. Mr. Justice Stan- 
ley Uockhart, Judge of High 
Court. Bombav, since 1904 Editc : 
St. Edmund's Coll, Ware Uni- 
versity Coll. London; Entened I. 
C. S. 1887, Under-Secretary to 
Government, Pclitical Depart- 
ment 1896; Judge, 1901. Retd. 

Bate, Colonel Thomas Elwood 
Lindsay, G. I. E. (1902) L. R. 



Bi.TE Colonel Thomas 

C.P.L.R.C. S. I., Indian Medical 
Service, Inspector-General of Pri- 
sons, Punjab ; b. 1S52, Surgeon, 
1875, Surg. Lieut. -Col. 1895; Col. 
1905. Retd, 1910. Address: c/o 
India Office, London, 

Bath, Thomas Henry Thynne, Fifth 
Marquis of. Born, 18G3 ; son of 
the -itli Jilarquis : educated • at 
Eton and Balliol College Oxford ; 
Private Secretary to the Earl of 
Iddesleigh, First Lord of the 
Treasury 1886-7 : Assistant Pri- 
vate Secretary to the Chancellor 
of the Exchequer, Lord Goschen : 
M. P- for Frome. 1886-9 and 1895 
6 : succeeded his father in the 
peerage, 1896 : Lord Lieutenant 
of Somerset: Under Secretary of 
State for India, 1905, Address '■ 
Lougleat, Warminister, Wilts. 
Carlton Club, 

Batfcy, Hon Mr. Justice Herbert 

M. A. Christ's College, Camb., 
Barrister-at-la\v Lincoln's Inn : 
entered I. C. S. 1861;' Prof, 
of Logic and Moral Philosophy, 
Deccan College, Poona, 187'2-5; 
Assistant Judge and Sessions 
Judge ; Under - Secretary to 
Government, Bombay, 1885, 
Remembrancer of Legal affairs. 
1892 ; Acting Chief Secretary to 
Government ; Political Depart- 
ment, 1896 ; Acting Judicial 
Commissioner in Sind, 1899 ; 
Acting Judge, High Court, Bombay 
1900; Judicial Commissioner. Sind 
1901 ; 'Judge High Court' Bom- 
bay, 1902-8. 

Bayly, Major-Gen. Alfred William 
Lambart, C.B . 1900, C.S.I. . 1909. 
D.S.O., 1887, Cal. 126th Baluchis- 
tan Infantry, Secretary to the 
Government of India, Army De- 
partment, since 1906 ; b, Paisley^ 
1856, son of late Major George 
Baylj, VI. 1st; Ada Margaret, d. of 


late Maj-Gen. S. Thacker, Bombay 
Staff Corps, 1877 {d. 1880), 2nd 
Eva, d. of late John Naylor, Leigh- 
ton Hall Montgomeryshire, 1889, 
one s. Educ: Wellington College. 
Joined 108th Regt. 1874 : Bombay 
Staff Corps. 1879, passed through 
Staff College, 1893, officiating D.A. 
Q.M.G. Bombay, 1885-80, D.A.A. 
and Q. M. G. Burma Expedition, 
1886-87, D.A.A.G. Mhovv district 
1887-92, commanded 26th Bombay 
(Baluchistan Regt.) , Infantrv, 
1896 ; Afghan W^ar, 1880-81 , de- 
fence and battle of Kan- 
dahar., 1st Sept. 1880 (medal 
and clasp), Soudan, 1885, Suakin 
(medal and clasp, bronze star) , 
Burma, 1886-87 (despatches) , and 
in S. Africa, 1899-1901 (wounded, 
despatches twice, C. B.). United 
Service Club. 

Bayley, Charles Butterworth, M. 

V.O. ; Son of Sir Steuart Colvin 
Bayley, K. C.S.I,, CLE.; Born, 
1870 ; Educated, Blundell's 
School, Tiverton ; Asstt. Secy, to 
Govt, of Bengal, P. W. Deptt. ; 
Acted as Special Correspondent to 
Daily Telegraph and Pioneer 
(Allahabad) with Tibet Expedition, 
and to Daily JMail with JMohaniand 
Expedition ; was Private Secretary 
10 the Lieutenant Govei'nor of 
Bihar and Orrisa ; M.V.O., (4th 
class), 1906. Address: Patna. 
Bengal Club. 

Bayley, Sir Charles Stuart. K.C.S. 
I., 1908 ; Lieutenant-Governor, 
Bihar and Orissa. b. 1854: s. of late 
Gapt. Daniel Bayley, formerly of 
the East India Company's Bengal 
Cavalry, -jn. 1880, Sarah Constance 
d: of Major-General A. E. Camp- 
-iDell,- Indian Staff Corps. Ediic. 
Harrow, Heidelberg. Barrister-at- 
Law, Lincoln's Inn, 1887: Entered 
Indian Civil Service. 1887, and 
filled various positions, includ- 



ing those of Under-Secrctar- 
to the Governments of Bengal any 
India, Political Agant in Bikanerd 
General Superintendent of opera, 
tions for the suppression of Thag, 
and Dacoity ; Agent to the Goveri 
nor-General in Central India - 
Resident Hyderabad ; Lieut. - 
Governor, Eastern Bengal and 
Assam, 1911 : Lieut-Governor of 
Bihar and Orissa, 1912: Clubs: 
Address : Patna and Simla : East 
India United Service and other 

Bayley, Major Edward Charles, 

Private Secretary to H. H. the 
Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab; 
Address: Lahore. 

Bayley, Sir Steuart Colvin, G.C.S. 

1., 1911. K. C.S.I. : 1878 : B. 

5.1. 1S74 ; CLE. 1882: Z>, 
183G ; son of late William Butter- 
worth Bayley B.C,S. sometime 
officiating Governor-General of 
India and a Director of H.E. & I. 
Co., m. Anna, d. of R. N. Farqu- 
harson, Bengal C. S., 1860; four s. 
three d. Educ. Eton : Haileybury; 
Entered I.C.S. 1855 : Commis- 
sioner of Patna, , 187.3-74 : 
Secretary to Government of 
Bengal, 1877 : Chief Commissioner 
of Assam : Resident, Hyderabad, 
1881-2 : JMcmber of ViceroviS 
Council, 1882-1887 : Lieut Gov.^f 
Bengal, 1887-90 : Secretary, Politi- 
cal Department, India Office, 1890. 
1895 : Member, India Council. 
1895-1905. Address: 2 Barkstou 
Gardens. S. W. Chib Athenneum. 

Bayne. Charies Gerwien, C.S,1,; 
1901 Indian Civil SerN-ice retired 
1906 b. 1860 ; s. of late Dr. 
Peter Cayne, LL.D. m. 1890, 
Alice Augusta, d; of late Rev. 
G. C. Hodgkinson ; one s. two d. 
Educ. : Uppingham Universit>- 
College, Oxford; Served in various 

capacities in the Civil Service- 
in Cnrmah, 1880-1905. Retired, 
1906. Recreations :, cro- 
quet, bride. East India United 
Service. Club. 

Bazlulla Sahib Bahadur Muham- 
mad ; Senior Pressy Magistrate- 
Madras — Sec M/tJiaiiuiiad Bazlulla. 
Sahib Bahadur. 

Beachcroft, Hon. Mr, C.P. Acting 
Puisne Judge, High Court, Cal- 
cutta. Address, Calcutta. 

Beadon, Lt-Col. G. C. Temp Judge, 
Chief Court, Punjab ; Joined Ser- 
vice, 1884 ; was in Military Service 
till 1887 ; transferred to Civil 
Branch and became Assistant 
Commissioner, Punjab ; District 
Judge, 1894, Temp. -Judge, Chief 
Court, 1912. Address : Lahore. 

Beaman, My. F.C.O. I.S.O.I.C.S. 

Judge, High Court, Bombay: — Edu- 
cated at Bedford Grammar School 
and Queen's College, Oxford; Joined 
service as Assistant to the Collec- 
tor, 187Si; Agent to the Governor, 
Panch Mahals, 1883, Special 
Settlement Officer, Baroda, 1886; 
Judicial Assistant to the Political 
Agent, Kathiawar, 1891 ; Judicial 
Commissioner and Judge, Sind. 
1904 ; Judge, High Court, 1907. 
Address : Bombay. 

Beasson. Colonel Charles Henry, 

C.B. 1907 , Indian Army :\lud. 
Service • b. 1851; 2nd s. of late 
Surg: Gen. George Stewart 
Beatson, F.B., m. Geraldine IMarv; 
d. of Rev. T. Wilson, M.A., Educ., 
King William's College. Joined 
Indian Armv IMedical Service, 
1876; served ioth D.S.O. Lancers. 
(Hodson's Horse) till 1905, Divi- 
sional Staff, 1905-10 ; Unemployed 
List, 1910; served Afghan war, 
1878-79 (medal), Manipur, 1891 
(despatches). Recreations: riding 




and sea-fishing. Address : Simla, 
India. Junior Naval and Military. 

eatson, Major-General Sir Stuart 
Brownlow, K. C B., 1910 ; 
K. C. S. I., 1907, Indian Army, 
Extra Equerry to the King ; b. 
1854, 0. s. of late Captain 
William Stuart Beat:;on, H.E.I.C. 
S., and Cora. d. of Col. George 
Brownlow, and n, of 1st Lord Lur- 
gan, m. 1889, Edith Cecii, d. of 
late' Sir William EUes, K.C.E., 
one s. one d. Educ. : Wellington 
College ; Joined 17th Regb. 1873 ; 
11th P.W.O. Bengal Lancers, 1876; 
N. W. Frontier Jowaki, 1878 
(medal with claps), Alghanistan 
1878-80 ; action of Ali Musjid 
(medal with clap), Egypt, 1882; 
E:rtra A.D.C. to Sir H. Macpher- 
son, Commanding Indian Contin- 
gent, deputed to Syria on Special 
Dutv (medal, bronze star, Curma, 
1886; Mill Sec. to Sir H. Macpher- 
son, pursuit of Hlaoo (despatches, 
claps. Brevet of Majors), N. W. 
Frontier, 1897-98, relief of Mala- 
kand, defence of Malakand, relief 
of Chakdara, action a^ Landakai, 
operations in Majour, Mamund 
and Mohmand country (despatches 
thrice, medal with two clasps, C. 
C), commanded mobile column m 
S. Africa, 1901 (despatches Crevet 
of colonel, medal with three claps); 
Military Secretary to Prince of 
Wales "during Indian tour ; Maj- 
Gen. 1905, super-numerary un- 
employed list. Address : The Cot. 
Slaugham, Sussex. Cavalry Club. 

Beckett, Colonel Stephen, C. B. . 

Retired Indian Stag Corps ; b, 
1840 ; 5th s. of late Capt. J. 0. 
Beckett, H.E.I.C.S., m. 1st, 
Cecilia, d. of P. Grifith (d. 1889), 
2nd Ida Maud, d. of J. Macfarlane, 
1894, two s. Educ. Private School 
and Edinburgh Academy Ensign 
H.E.I.C.S. 1857; attached 54th 
Regt. 1857-58, Punjab Frontier 


Force, 1858-69; Assistant Political 
Agent and Superintendent Bhaha- 
walpur 186-79 ; Commissariat 
Department.. 1879-81; 31st Punjab 
Infry., 1881-82; Commissarit and 
Transport Department., 1882-87, 
commanded 38th Bengal Infry., 
1887-89 ; served in Indian Mutiny 
(despatches, dangerously wounded, 
medal). Umbeylah campaign, 
1863-64 (despatches twice, medal 
with clasp); commanded Bahawal- 
pur contingent on Dera Ghavi 
Khan Frontier during 1st Kabul 
campaign, 1879, Suakin, 1885, as 
Director of Indian Transport with 
British troops (despatches, medal 
with claps, Khedive's star, and 
C.B). Address : Elmcroft, War- 
wick Road, Ealiug. 

Beckett, Walter Ralph Durie C.M.G. 

1909, F.R.G.S., H.B.M. Consul, 
Bangkok. Siam, since 1963 ; b. 
Agra N. W. P., India, 1864 ; 
s. of Col. W.H. Ceckett ; Educ. 
Ton bridge School ; Passed a 
competitive examination, 1886; 
student interpreter, Siam, 1886; 
2nd Assistant 1888, 1st Assistant 
1891, H.M. Vice- Con at Cangkok, 
1893; Acting Con. 11 April to 22 
Oct. 1864, acted as Charged' 
Affaires, 23 October to 6 November, 
1894 ; Acting Counsul, 1894-95, 
when he was again in charge of 
the Legation, H.M. Consul for 
territories of Lampun, 
Lakhon, Phre, Nan, etc. (Northern 
Siam). 1897, H. M. Consul at 
Bangkok, 1903, and granted local 
rank of First Secretary, 1904; 
Charged Affairs during 1904, 1906, 
1907 1908, and March 10, 1909, 
to January 26, 1910. Recreations: 
cricket, polo, tennis, golf, etc. 
Address : H. i. M. Legation, 
Bangkok. Oriental, and Ohiengmai, 
Gymkhana Clubs. 

Beddome Col. Richard Henry Indian 
Staff Corps (Retired) ; Born, 


Beddome, Col. Richard Henry. 

1830: son of R.B. Beddoms • 
educated at Charterhouse : joined 
Madras Army, 18iS : Quarter- 
master and Interpreter of 
24th Infantry, 1857 : Assistant 
Conservator of Forests, Madras, 
1857 : Head of the Madras Forest 
Department, 1860 to 1832, when 
he retired as Colonel : Fellow, 
Madras University, 1880. Piiblica- 
tio7is : The Flora Sylvatica of the 
Madras Presidency, (400 trees), 
The Ferns of Southern India, (345 
plates), The Ferns of British India 
(661 ferns). Hand-book of the 
ferns of India, besides pamphlets on 
new reptiles and land shells discove- 
red by him in India. Address : 
Sispara, West Hill, Putney. 

Bedford, Lt-Col. Charles Henry, 

D.ScM.D. Edin.,M.R.C.S. Eng., 
etc., Indian Medical Service ; Di- 
rector, Central Excise Laboratory 
for India, Chemical Examiner to 
the Governments of India and 
Bengal, Professor of Chemistry, 
Calcutta Medical College ; b. 1886; 
son of late P. W. Bedford, D.C.L. 
Oxford, Lit. D. Dublin, Ph. D. 
Heidelberg; Eduo. : Edinburgh 
University; Entered Indian Medi- 
cal Service, 1889 ; Major, 1901; 
Lt. Col. 1909; conducted the 
Government of India's Investiga- 
tion into the Quality, Manufac- 
ture, and Control of Alcoho- 
lic Liquors in India ; was scientific 
and technical adviser to the Indian 
Excise Committee, 1905-6; Pre- 
sident for India, 6th International 
Congress of Applied Chemistry, 
Rome, 1906; Chemical Examiner 
to the Punjab Government ; Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry and Toxicology, 
Lahore jModical College, for seve- 
ral years; Examiner in Universi- 
ties of Calcutta, Allahabad, and 
Punjab ; Editor, Indian Medical 
Gazette. Publications : The Qua- 
lity, Manufacture, and Con- 

trol of Alcoholic Liquors in 
India (Report to the Government 
of India 190G) ; two books on 
chemical subjects ; Elementary 
Hygiene for Indian Students; 
the Symptoms and Treatment of 
Poisoning ; The History, Causa- 
tion, and Prevention of the 
Enteric fever of India ; a Memoir 
of F. W. Bedford, D. C. L; various 
reports to Government on his 
researches in connection with 
Excise and Customs problems; 
papers on chemical, Indian medico- 
legal, and medical subjects, and 
several Archselogical papers (Proc. 
Soc. Antiq. Scot.), etc. Address: 
Kasauli, Punjab. 

Bed Saran, Kurwar, Rani of Agori 
Barhar, Born, 1851 ; succeeded to 
title, 1871 ; the family belongs to 
Chandelclan of Rajputs. In 1871 
Warren Hastings granted a sanad 
to Adil Shah, restoring to him 
the Zemindari of Agori Barhar 
with a money allowance of 
Rs. 8,000 ; this was afterwards 
exchanged for an additional grant 
of land,»the revenue of which was 
assigned to the Raja ; the estate 
was under the Court of Wards for 
some time, but has since been 
restored to the present Rani ; the 
title of Raja, a hereditary one, 
was recognised, 1781 ; the 
estate comprises 400 whole villages, 
and shares in 13 others in Mirza- 
pur. Address : Rajpur, Mirzapur, 

Beer Biki^am Singh Bahadur, Raj 
Kumar, Lieutenant Colonel, 
G.I.E.; Younger Son of H.H. Sir 
Shamshcr Prakash Bahadur, Raja 
of Sirmoor ; 6, 1868 • ed. at Nahan, 
Sirmoor State ; served throughout 
Tirah Expedition with 2nd Div. 
1897-8 (despatches, CLE.) ; Hono- 
rary Lieutenant-Colonel in the 
Army attached to Sirmoor Imperial 



Beer Bikeam Singh Bahadur. 

Service Sappers and Honorary 
A.D.C. to the Viceroy ; represented 
Imperial Service Troops in the 
Coronation of Emperor Edward 
Vn, and at Stafi College, Camber- 
ly, 1907-9 ; Address : Nahan, 
Sirmoor State, Punjab. Sirmoor 

Begbie, Major-General Elphinstone 

Waters, C.B. 1896 : D.S.O. 1891 ; 
b. Cheltenham, 1842; 5th s. of late 
Major-General P.J. Begbie, Madras 
Artillery; Educ, Crewkerne Gram- 
mar School, and at Bonn and, 
Canstatt, Germany : Ensign, 
Madras Infantry, 1859; Lieutenant 
1861 ; Captain, 1871 : Major, 1879; 
Lieut.- Colonel, 1885 : Colonel 
1889 : Major-General, 1898 ; served 
in Abyssinian campaign, 1867-G8 
(despatches, medal) : served in 
DufHa expedition, 1874-75 (despat- 
ches) : served in third Burniese 
War, 1885-86 (despatches, medal) : 
admitted to Good Service Pension, 
1897 ; attached to Queen's Own 
Madras Sappers and Miners; 1871- 
88 ; Instructor in Army Signalling 
for Madras Presidency, ^^ 1872-88 ; 
Commandant, Bangalore Rifle 
Volunteers, 1888-99 ; Assistant- 
Adjutant General, District Stafi, 
1910-91 ; A.A.G. Headquarters, 
Madras Army, 1891 ; D. A. G. 
Madras Army, 1891-94 : officiating 
A.G. Madras Army, 1894-95 : 
D.A.G., Madras Commaiid, with 
rank of Brig. -Gen., 1887; trans- 
ferred Unemployed Supernumerary 
List, 1902. Address : c/o London 
County and Westminster Bank, 
West Brighton. 

Behari Lai Bhargawa. Rao Baha- 
dur (1896) ; belongs to a respect- 
able Bhargava Brahmin family ; 
born, 1850; S. of Pandit Chandra 
Bhan ; Banker, Zemindar, and 
Government Treasurer of Jubbul- 
pur, Seoniand Mandla:inaugurated 
the Bhargava Commercial Bank, 


of which he is a Life ^Managing 
Director ; established relief works 
at his own expense and helped the 
Government in various other 
ways during the famine, for which 
a special Sancul was granted to 
him; greatly interested in the cause 
of female education. Address: 
Jubbulpur, U.P. 

Bell, E.A.S. ; F.C.H., A.M.I.C.E , 

Engineer-in-chief, Mysore Railway 
Construction Department and Ex- 
Officio Secretary, Railway Depa7;t- 
ment, Consulting Engineer to the 
Government of I\Iysore, for Rail- 
ways (on leave). Address: Banga- 
lore, ?>Iysore Province, 

Bell, G.J.H., Inspector General of 
Prisons, Burma ; appointed, 1912. 
Address : Rangoon . 

Bell, Nicholas D Beatson; CLE. 
Member of Council, Bengal; edu- 
cated, Edi7iburgh Acad, and Balilol 
Coll, Oxford ; joined service, 1886 ; 
Joint Magistrate and Deputy Col- 
lector, 1895; Magistrate and Collec- 
tor, 1896; to 1898: Ofig. Director, 
Land Records and Agriculture, Ben- 
gal, 1905-06; Commissioner of Land 
Revenue, Director of Land Re- 
cords and -^gri. and ^Member, 
Legislative Council, Bengal 1913 
holds a K.I.H. Medal; CLE. 1906; 
Member, Executive Council, 1914, 
Address : Calcutta. 

Bell, William, CLE. 1904 ; M.A. 
Edin. 1885 ; Director of Public, 
Instruction Punjab ; 6. 1860. 
Educ. Moray House Training 
College, Edinburgh, Edinburgh 
University (medallist, honours): 
Vans Dunlop Scholar, Edinburgh, 
1882-85 : Joined Indian Educa- 
tional Service, 1885, as Principal 
Central Training College, Lahore 


Bell, William. 

Principal, Government Col- 
lege, Lahote, and Inspector of 
European Schools: 1895; Director 
of Public Instruction, Punjab, and 
Under-Secretary to, Government 
Education Department, 1901-08 ; 
Fellow and Syndic of Punjab Uni- 
versity since 1886: Inspector of 
Chiefs' Colleges in India, 1903-07: 
Inspector-Cxeneral of Reformatory 
Schools, Punjab, 1904 ; President, 
Punjab Text-Book Committee, 
1901-07 ; Registrar at various 
times; Examiner in Philosophy, 
Allahabad and Punjab Universi- 
ties ; 190-3. Publication's: Various 
educational works. Address: c/o 
H. S. King & Co., 3 Pall Mall, 
S. W. 

Benares. Maharajah of; His 
Highness Maharaja Sir Prabhu 
Narain Singh Bahadur, G.C,I.E. 
1898; Born, 1855; Succeeded his 
uncle, 1899; belongs to Bhuinhar 
family of brahmins. Mansaram, 
the founder of the State, 
rose in favor of Rustam 
Ali, Governer of Benares, under 
the Nawab Wajir of Oudh. In the 
days of the Eash India Company, 
Chet Singh, one of the ancestors, 
obtained a Saiind (1775). During 
the Mutiny of 1857, Ishwari Prasad, 
the then head of the family, 
renderned valuable help to the 
British, for which he received the 
personal title of jMaharaja ; was 
created a G.C.S.I., and pciimttcd 
to adopt according to Hindu Law. 
Area of the Raj, 887 square miles; 
population 500,000; revenue over 
10 lakhs. The i\Iaharaja also owns 
estates in the districts of Benares, 
Ghazipur, Ballia, etc. which yield 
him an annual revenue of 2 lakhs; 
Is a well known Sanskrit scholar 
and an orthodox brahmin; has 
contributed Rs. 50,000 to the Luck- 
now MedicaJ College; the Bhirinhar 
•College, Muzaffarpur, has founded 

and endowed a female Hospital at 
Banares ; has built a house at 
Kasauli for the accommodation of 
indigent Indians for treatment at 
Pasteur Institute ; has made a 
spelendid contribution to the Cen- 
tral Hindu College, Benares and 
his presented Rs. 30,000 to the 
Benares Sanskrit Bhawan Saras- 
wati Library besides a large 
number of books and M. S. S. 
G.C.I.E. 1898; elevated to the posi- 
tion of Ruling Chief. 9th Novem- 
ber 1910;Installcd with full powers 
1st April 1911 with the personal 
title, of "His Highness "and 
"Maharaja Bahadur"; Heir: Kun- 
. war Aditya Narayan Singh (born 
1874). Address: Ramnagar, Bena- 
res ; and Chakia, Mirzapur. 

Benn. Major Robert ArthurEdward, 

CLE. (1904), F. R. G. S., Indian 
Army ; Political Agent, Kelat, 
Baluchistan ; b. 1867; e. s. of 
Charles Edward Benn;?H. 1898, 
Edith Annie Fraser, 3rd d. of 
]\Iajor-General Neville Parker 
Bengal » Army (retired); Educ, 
IMerchant Tavlors' School, Great 
Crosby, Heidelberg Coll., Germany, 
Royal Millitary Coll., Sandhurst; 
Entered army (York.shire Light In- 
fantry, 1887: Squadron ofhcer (Sind 
Horse), 1890; Lieut. 1889; Capt. 
1898; Major, 1905 ; Inteiligencc 
Officer, Baluch. Afghan Boundary 
Commission, 1894-95 ; employed 
under Foreign Office as Military 
Adviser, to H. H. Khan of Jvelat, 
Baluchistan, 1895-98 ; appointed 
to the Indian Political Depart- 
ment, 1898; served in Burmese 
War (medal, two clasps), 1885-87, 
1887-89; Consul for Seistan and 
Kain, 1900-4; in Political charge of 
H.H. The Raj Rana of Jhallawar 
in Europe, 1904; on special duty in 
India with H.H. Inayatulia Khan, 
son of H.H. The Amir of Afghan- 
istan, 1904-1905 ; Political Agent, 



Chagai, Baluchistan, 1905-G. 
Has twice completed overland 
journey from India to Europe on 
horseback. Address : Quetta, 
Baluchistan, India. Cavalry, 
Imperial and Colonial Clubs. 

Bennett, Thomas Jewell, CLE. 1903; 

Principal Proprietor of the Times 
of India, Bombay ; s. of late J. T. 
Bennett, of Wisbech, Cambridge- 
shire ; took to journalism early in 
life ; was for some years assistant 
Editor, "Western Daily Press," 
Bristol; joined the leader-writing 
staff of the "Standard;" proceeded 
to Bombay, 1884 ; for eight years 
Associate ' Editor, the Bombay 
Gazette; succeeded to the editorship 
and the principal proprietary inte- 
rest in the "Times of India:" 
was presented by the agriculturists 
of Guzerat with an address thank- 
ing him for the successful persis- 
tency with which he had brought 
the grievances of the cultivating 
class to the notice of Government, 
1901; awarded a silver medal of the 
Society of Arts for a paper on the 
British connection with the Persian 
Gulf. 190-2; nominated by the 
Bombay Government as a Fellow of 
the Bombay University. Address : 
Harmarton House, Speldhurst. 
Kent. Clubs Oriental: andByculla. 

Benson, Percy Hugh, M.B., CM., 
M.R.CS., M.S., Retired Surgeon- 
General, Madras ; Born, 1852 ; 
Entered service in the Madras 
General Hospital, ia'^4 ; Zilla 
Surgeon with medical charge of 
Central Jail, Coimbatore, 1875 ; 
Medical Ofticer in charge of H.R. 
H. the Prince of Wales' Camp, 
Annamalai Hills Septer. 1875; 
Doing dutv with C 9th Battery 
Royal Artillery, Bangalore,Novem- 
ber 1875 ; acted in Vizianagaram 
and Bimlipatam till 1876 ; 
transferred to Mysore service 
and posted as Civil Surgeon- 


Shimoga, 187G-79 ; Civil Surgeon 
and Supdt of Mysore and Keekara- 
palli Jails and Chemical Analyst, 
Mysore, 1880; Residency Surgeon, 
Bangalore, 1881 ; acted in various 
other places in the State and be- 
came Senior Surgeon and Sani- 
tary Commissioner, Mysore 1892 ; 
on dutv with H.H. the Maharaja 
from i.3th December 1893 to 5th 
March 1894 ; Surgeon Lieutenant- 
Colonel, 1894 : again on duty with 
H.H. the Maharaja till 3rd Janu- 
ary 1895 ; Senior Surgeon, and 
ex-ofhcio Sanitary Commissioner 
and Inspector-General of Prisons, 
Bangalore, 1901 ; transferred to 
Burma Service, 1902 ; transferred 
to ]\Iilitary Department and ap- 
pointed as Principal Medical 
Officer, Madras Brigade, 1904 ; 
Principal Medcial Officer, Banga- 
Officer, Madras Brigade, 1905; 
reverted to Madras service and ap- 
pointed as Surgeon-General with 
the Government of Madras, April 
1906, Retired, 1908. Add-ress : c/o 
India Office, London. 

Benson. Sir Ralph Slllery, Kt.(1906), 

Puisne Judge, l\Iadras (Retd.) ; 
b. 1851 ; s. of Charles Benson, 
sometime President, Royal College 
of Surgeons, Dublin ; vi. 1876, 
Fanny, d. of Rev. W. Gilbert- 
Cooper, M.A. ; Educ. : Trinity 
College. Dublin (M.A., LL.B.); 
Entered I.C.S. 1873 ;' Barrister, 
Middle Temple, 1887 ; Assistant 
Collector of Salem. 1873; Judge 
High Court, 1896; Retired, 1913 ; 
was Vice-Chancellor, Madras 
Universitv, for a few years ; gave 
evidence-before the Royal Commis- 
sion on Public Services, 1913,. 
Clnb : Dublin University. 

Benton, John: CLE. 1902; Chief 
Engineer and Secretary to Govern- 
ment, Punjab Irrigation Branch; 



b. 1850 ; s. of late John Benton ; 
m. . 1885, Margaret Forsyth, 
d. of ex-Provost Dick of Rothes, 
N.B. ; Ecluc, Aberdeen University, 
Edinburgh University, Royal 
Indian Engineering College, Coo- 
per's Hill (Fellow) ; Appointed As- 
sistant Engineer, 1873 : Executive 
Engineer, 1881 ; Superintending 
Engineer, 1897 ; Chief Engineer, 
1900 ; Inspector-General cf Irri- 
gation, 1905. Address : Simla. 

Beresford, John Stuart, CLE., 

(1900) : 6. J845 ; s. of late Thomas 
Beresford ; vi. 1872, Elizabeth, d, 
of late William Quinton. Enter, 
ed service in P. W. D., India, 
1867 ; Chief Engineer and Secre- 
tary to Government, N-W. Pro- 
vinces and Gudh, 1892; Chief 
Engineer and Secretary to Chief 
Commissioner, Central Provinces, 
1893-96 ; Chief Engineer and 
Secretary to Government of 
Punjab, Irriga,tion Branch, 1896- 
1900 ; Member of Punjab Legisla- 
tive Council, 1897-1900; Joint 
Secretary to the Government of 
India and Inspector-General of 
Irrigation, 14 Jan. to 24 July 1898; 
retired, 1900 ; is a Member Queen's 
University, Ireland; ^lemberof the 
Institution of Civil Engineers ; 
Fellow, Allahabad Universiry. 
Publications : Several monographs 
and reports on engineering subjects. 
Address : c/o Grindly and Co., 54 
Parliament Street, S.W. East 
India United Service Club. 

Berkeley, Major-General James 
Cavan, CLE., (1888), formerly 
Resident at Gwalior ; b. Clifton, 
1839 ; s. of late General 
Sackville Hamilton Berkeley ; m. 
1st, Anna Sophia {d. 1886), d. of 
Capt. G. Middlecoat, ^Madras Art.; 
2nd, Maud, y. d. of W. Tomlinson, 
F.R.A.S., of YorK and Sandon, 
Isle of Wight ; Educ: King's 
Coll., London ; Joined Indian 

Army, 1857 ; transferred to Politi- 
cal department, 1882 ; was suc- 
cessively British Resident at 
Gwalior (1883). Kashmir (1884), 
and Nepal Courts (1885),, and Agent 
to the Governor-General at Baroda 
(1886-7). Address: Priestlands 
Sherlbourne, Dorset. Club: Uni 
ted Service. 

Berna, Hon. Srijut Padmanath 

nominated non-official IMember of 
Council, Assam, 1913. Addtess: 

Berwick, T., Bar-at-Law, Lincoln's 
Inn; M.R.A.S. ; b. Edinburgh, 
1826 ; 4th s. of late William Ber- 
wick : m. 1862. Annette d. of R. 
Howard-Brooke of Castle Howard, 
CO. Wicklow; s. Educ: Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh. Advocate, 
Supreme Court, Ceylon, 1851; 
Deputy Queen's Advocate succes- 
sively for the Southern and Mid- 
land Circuits, and for the Island ; 
Solicitor-General, 1851-68; sat on 
the Benches of Kandy and Colombo 
and the Supreme Court, 1866 
to 1888,, when he retired ; called to 
the English Bar with special dispen- 
sation, 1861 ; served on a commit- 
tee of inquiry into the police force, 
1864 ; was official member of the 
Municipal Council of Colombo, since 
its establishment in 1865; sat on the 
Currency Commission, on whose 
report silver was substituted for the 
previous gold standard, and 
decimal coinage introduced in 
Ceylon ; was largely instrumental 
in the abolition of legal polyandry 
and in the improvement of the 
native marriage laws, and the revi- 
val of the ancient village tribunals 
in Ceylon ; retired, 1888 : is an ex- 
Captain of the Ceylon L.I. Volun- 
teers. Publicatums : A Translation 
of Voet's Commentaries on the 
Pandects (two editions), and vari- 
ous papers in journals. Recreations: 
foreign travelling, archeeological 




studies, and photography. Addreas: 
North-field; Ryde, Isle of Wight. 
C/2(p.' Consfitutipual. 

Besant, Annie, President, Theoso- 
phical Society : author and lecturer 
on religious, philosophical, and 
scientific subjects ; Editor, New 
India, Madras since 1914; 6. 1847; 
d. of William Page Wood and 
Emily, d. of James Morris ; m. 
Rev. Frank Bes^^ ut, Vicar of Sibsey, 
Lincolnshire, 18G7 : legally sepa- 
rated from him, 1873 ; one s. one 
d. Educ. : privately in England, 
Germany .and France; took honours 
in Botany at the Preliminary 
Science Exam, Lond. University, 
and at South Kensington Science 
and Art Exam ; Joined the Na- 
tional Secular Society, 1874: work- 
ed in the Free Thought and Radi- 
cal movementsled by the late ]\Ir. 
Charles Bradlaugh. IM.P. ; was co- 
editor of the "National Reformer"; 
was prominent in the Labour and 
Socialist movements, and member 
of the Fabian Society and Social 
Democratic Federation; took active 
part in Trades Union work among 
unskilled labourers, and with 
Herbert Burrows led the great 
Match Strike to a successful con- 
clusion ; aided the defence of 
public meeting in London ; was a 
niember of the London School 
Board (for Tower Hamlets), 1887- 
90, but declined re-election ; joined 
the Theosophical Society. 1889 ; 
became a devoted pupil of Mme. 
Blavatsky, and travelled to all 
parts of the globe in its service ; 
elected its President, 1907; found- 
ed the Central Hindu College at 
Benares, 1898 ; the Central Hindu 
Girls' School, Benares, 1904 ; 
worked to found a Hindu Univer- 
sity in India ; lectured and wrote 
widely on India and Indian Griev- 
ances in England, 1914 ; purchased 
the Madras Standard and founded 
the Neiu India, 1^1^- Publications: 


Reincarnation, 1892; Seven Princi- 
ples of Man, 1892 ; Autobiographv, 
1893 ; Death and After, 1893 ; 
Building of the Kosmos, 1894 ; In 
the Outer Court, 1895 ; Kai-ma, 
1895 ; The Self and its Sheaths, 
1895 ; Path of Discipleship, 1896 : 
Man and his Bodies, 1896 : Four 
Great Religions, 1897 : The Ancient 
Wisdom, 1897 ; Three Paths to 
Union v.ith God, 1897 ; Evolution 
of Lite and Form, 1898 : Dharma. 
1899 ; The Storv of the Great War, 
1899 ; Avataras, 1900 ; Ancient 
Ideals in Modern Life, 1901 ; 
Esoteric Christianity, 1901 : 
Thought-Power, its Control and 
Culture. 1901 : The Religious Pro- 
blem in India, 1902 ; The Pedigree 
of Man, 1903; A Study in Con- 
sciousness, 1904 ; Theosophy and 
the New Psvchologv, 1904 ; Hints 
on the Bhagavad G"ita, 1905 ; The 
Wisdom of the Upanishads, 1906 ; 
Buddhist Popular Lectures ; Occult 
Chemistry ; The Changing World ; 
editor of the Theosophist and of 
the Central Hindu College Maga- 
zine; tracts and pamphlets r trans- 
lations of Force and flatter and 
Mind in Animals (Buchner), Israel 
(Soury), and Bhagavad Gita. Re- 
creations : as a girl, expert archer 
and croquet player ; rode much till 
1889, and resumed in 1900. Ad- 
dress : Theosophical Society, 106, 
New Bond Street, W ; Benares 
City; "New India" Office, Pop- 
hams Broadway, IMadras ; and 
Theosophical Headquarters, Adyar, 
Madras, India. T.A. : Blavatsky, 
London ; Besant, Benares; Olcott, 

Best. James William, B.A., Bar-at- 
Law., Retired Judge, High Court, 
]\Ladras ; Educated, St. John's. 
College, Cambridge ; Entered Ser- 
vice, 21st August 1862 ; Student, 
at College, 8th December, 1862 ; 
Assistant Collector and ]\Iagis- 
trate, Trichinopoly, 1864; Justice^ 


Best, James Williams. 

of the Peace, 1863 ; acted in vari- 
ous places in the mofussil and 
was appointed Ofig. Judgo. High 
Court, IMadras, 1S90 ; Reverted 
as District and Sessions Judge .• 
Again appointed Offg. Judge, 
Madras High Court, 1892; confir- 
med a few months after and 
retired 1895 ; joined Mysore Ser- 
vice as Chief Judge of the Chief 
Court, Mysore, 1396; Retired, 
1902 ; Fellow, Madras University, 
1894 ; and number. Facultv of 
Law, 1894 ; Is a ::\Iember of the 
Society for the Propogation of the 
Gospel in Foreign Parts. Address: 
c/o India Office, London. 

Bevan, Edwyn; Author; Is a familiar 
figure at Indian gatherings in 
London, and has known a large 
number of Indian students in 
London as well as at Oxford : 
Publications : House of Seleucus .• 
Jerusalem under the High Priests ; 
Stoics and Sceptics. Indian Nation- 

Beville, General George Francis, F. 

B. 1893 ; U.S. List (1899) India 
Stafi Corps ; h. 1837 ; s. of 
late Henrv Edward Beville, 
.5th Dragoon Guards , of Cal- 
cot Park, Berks ; in. Eva, d. of late , 
Captain Edward Grove and 
Olivia Halliday Parry-Brooke of 
Kempshott Park, Hants, 1873 : 
Educ. Leamington College: En- 
tered Bombay Army, 18.55; elect- 
ed Indian Staff Corps, 1861 ; 
Captain, 1867; Major, 1868; 
became General, 1897 ; served 
during Indian Jlutiny, 1857-59 
(modal with clasp); Abyssinian 
Campaign, as Brigade l\Iajor, 1868; 
(despatches twice, medal. Brevet 
Major); Afghan War, 1880-81, as 
Deputy -Judge- Advocate and Pro- 
vost-RIarshal (despatches, medal 
with clasp ; District Commander, 
1889-94. Decorated for field 
services, and awarded a 

service pension for distinguished 
and meritorious service. Recrea- 
tions: hunting, shooting, bicycling, 
golfing. Address: 41 , Ashley 
Gardens, S. W. Roval Bombay 

Beynon, Lt. Col. William George 
Lawrance, D.S.O., 3rd Gurkha 
Riilo Regt., India; 6. 1866; 
s. of Gen. W. Howell Benon, 
and Charlotte, d. of Lt.- 
Gon. Sir G. St. Patrick Lawrence, 
K.C.SJ., C.B.; m. Edith Nofah, 
:'/. d. of George Petrie, of 1, De 
Vere Gardens, 1898; Educ; 
Marlborough Coll., and Sandhurst 
R.M.C. ; Joined 2nd Batt. Royal 
Sussex Regt.; 2nd Lieut. 1887; 
joined Indian Stafi Corps, Lieut. 
1889'; became Major, 1905: 
served in the Black Mountain 
Expedition, 1888 (medaland clasp); 
Chitral Expedition ; staff officer to 
Col. Kelly (despatches, medal and 
clasp, D'.S.O.) ; Samana, 1897 ; 
Punjab Frontier, 1197 (2 clasps) ; 
Tirah, 1897-98 (clasp. Brevet 
Majority, despatches) ; Somaliland 
Expedition, 1901 (despatches. 
Brevet of Lieut. -Col. on attaining 
substantive majority, medal and 
clasp) ; Tibet, 1904 (despatches, 
medal and clasp, Brevet Lieut. - 
Col.) Publication: With Kelly to 
Chitral. Address: H. S. King 
and Co., 9 Pall Mall, S. W. Club : 
Army and Navy. 

Bhabha, Hormasji Jehangir, Bom- 
bay; 'Bom, 1852; Educated at 
Bombay ; B.A., 1868; M.A., 1870; 
Joined Mysore Service as Vice- 
Principal, Central College, 1876; 
Principal, Maharajah's College, 
IMysoro, 1884 ; Secretary to 
Government, Educational 

Department, 1890 ; Inspector- 
General of Education, Mysore, 
1895 ; Fellow of the Bombay 
and Madras Universities. 1904 ; 




deputed to Europe and America 
to study the systems of Pri- 
mary Education, 1906 ; 
raised the number of Primary 
schools for boys from 1,143 
to 1,77G, and for girls from 55 to 
214; Secondary schools for boys 
from 216 to 245, for girls from 17 
to 54 : Industrial, Technical and 
special schools from 1 to 24 : 
introduced Manual Training 
and Kindergarten instruction into 
the schools of the State ; 
introduced religious and moral 
instruction in schools ; increased 
the minimum pay of Village School 
Masters to Rs. 10 per mensem. 
Retired, 1909. Address : Bombay. 

Bhadrachalam, Zamindar of > 
Sri Parthasarathi Appa Rao ; 

Hereditary keeper of the famous 
temple of Sri Rama at Bhadra- 
chalam, the place where the epic 
hero is said to have crossed the 
Godavari on his expedition to Cey- 
lon. Born, 1860; Title recognised, 
1869 ; has two sons, elder 
being Narayya Appa Rao ; 
has established a hospital and an 
A. V. School at Buragammala- 
padu, the head-quarters of the 
Zamin; has encouraged well irriga- 
tion and has introduced sugar cane 
cultivation into his estate. Address: 
Buragammalapadu, Godavari Dis- 
trict, Madras Presidency. 

Bhachandra Rao Chintamanrao, 
also known as, AnnaSahibPatva- 
rdhan, Maherban; Chief of Kur- 
andvad (Senior). This is a feudal 
estate granted by the Peishwa to a 
member of the Patvardhau family 
on condition of military Service. 
The Chief is a first class Sardar 
and ha-s power to try his subjects 
for capital ofiences. ThVi area of 
the estate is 185 sq. miles, with a 
population of 50,000, and a 
revenue of nearly two lakhs. He 
has a sanad of adoption, and suc- 
cession follows the rule of primo- 
geniture. Address : Kurandavad, 
Southern Mahratta Country, Bom- 
bay Presidency. 

Bhagat Chand, Rana, ; Born, 
1888 ; succeeded to gaddi, 
1910 ; educated at the Lahore 

Aitchison College. This state was 
originally a tributary of Sirmoor, 
but after the Gurkha War in 1815, 
it was made independent and a 
Sanad was granted to Rana Puran 
Chand by Lord Moira. Puran 
Chand afterwards abdicated and 
the state was restored to his son 
Karam Chand in 1840. The present 
Rana, prior to his accession to the 
gaddi, was a ^Magistrate and Coun- 
cillor of the State, whose area is 
288 square miles ; its population is 
24,700 and its revenue, Rs 1,90,000. 
Address: Jubbal, Simla Hill States, 

Bhadawar, Raja of; Makarudra 
Man Singh ; Born, 1896 ," Succee- 
ded, 1902 ; The estate comprises 
28 villages in the District of Agra 
and 2 in Mainpuri, the latter be- 
ing revenue free. In 1803 the 
then Raja helped the British 
against Sindhia for which he 
received the grant of Ater, revenue 
free. Address : Nangawan, Agra, 


Bhagat Singh, Sardar Bahadur : 
Revenue ISIember, Dholpur State; 
Bern, 1863 ; Educated at 
Lahore : Entered Service as clerk 
in Sindh, Punjab and Delhi Rail- 
way ; transferred to Thaggi and 
Dacoity department, 1902 ; Services 
lent to Dholpur State ; promoted 
to the Secretaryship of Ijlas khas. 
Exercises also Sessions powers in 
the State. Address : Dholpur. 


Bhagat Singh. 

Bhagavatacharya Ram Shastri, 
Mahaniahopadhyaya (1908), Sahi- 
tyacharya Dharraasastracharya 
Yedantacharya, Sankyayogacha- 
rya : also known as Bhagava- 
tacharyaswami ; Professor, Sans- 
krit College. Benares. Born, 1864 ; 
educated at the Government Sans- 
krit College, Benares. Address : 
Surjakund, Benares. 

Shagwan Bakhsh Singh, Raja of 
Amethi; bom, 1869. succeeded, 
1891 ; Is the head of the Bhan- 
dhalgoti clan of Rajputs who claim 
to belong to Surajbansi stock and 
to have descended from Sudha Bai 
of Narwargarh, the old home of the 
Jaipur family, though other ac- 
counts assign to them a purely local 
origin. The senior branch of this 
family have retained position of 
the Raj over the whole pargana of 
Amethi. In 1810, Saadat Ali 
Khan resumed the grant, leaving 
the Raja only 48 villages rent-free ; 
at the annexation, i. e., after the 
Province came into British posses- 
sion, Madho Singh, the then chief , 
having turned a rebel, his fort was 
taken by Lord Clyde. Madho 
Singh afterwards submitted and 
was allowed to have his whole an- 
cestral estate. He had a son who 
pre-deceased him and he was suc- 
ceeded by his adopted heir, Raja 
Bhagwan Bakhsh Singh. The title 
of Raja has been recognised as here- 
ditary bv the British Government. 
Granted' K, I. H. medal in 1902. 
Address: Amethi, Sultanpur, 

Bhagwan Bakhsh Singh, Raja of 
Pakhra Ansari ; Born, 1872 ; 
succeeded to title, 1877. The 
founder of the estate was Rao Ram 
Singh. Fourth in descent from 
him was Kalyan Singh, whose 
elder son, Rao Balbhadar Singh, 
retained Pokhra Ansari, while the 

younger, Deo Eai, founded the 
taluka of Ramnagar Pare wan. The 
estate comprises 23 villages and 4 
pattis in Bara Banki. The title of 
Rao was changed to that of Raja 
and was recognised as hereditary 
in 1877. Address : Rauni, Bara 
Banki, Oudh, U.P. 

Bhawani Das, Rai Bahadur; Born, 
1859 : educated at the Delhi and 
Lahore Colleges ; entered Govern- 
ment service as extra-Assistant 
Commissioner and became District 
Judge, 1902 ; services lent to the 
State of Kashmir, where, after 
working as Revenue Member for 
five years he reverted to British 
service. Address: Girote, Khusal, 

Bhagwan Das., M. A., Benares; born, 
1869 ; Educated at Queen's College, 
Benares ; Matriculated at the Cal- 
cutta University, 1880; B.A.1885; 
M.A. in Mental and Moral Science, 
1887; entered service as Tahsil- 
dar, .1^90 ; became a Deputy 
Collector ; resigned service and 
joined the Central Hindu College, 
Benares, as Secretary to the Board 
of Trustees ; has done a great deal 
of toucing in India in connection 
with the work of the Theosophical 
Society and the Central Hindu 
College; is a Member of the Nagri 
Pracharini Sabha of Benares ; has 
helped in compiling the philosophy 
portior^ of the Hindu Scientitic 
Glossary published by that Sabha ; 
took part in the Allahabad Conven- 
tion of Religions, 1911. Publica- 
tions: " The Science of Peace", 
"Metaphysics", "The science of 
Social Organisation or the laws of 
Manu in the Light of Theosophy", 
" The Pranava Vaida or the Scien 
ce of the Sacred Sound", and "The 
Religion of Theosophy." Address : 
Sevashrama, Benares. 



Bhagwati Sahoy. 

Bhagwati Sahoy; M.A., B.L., 
Bengal Provincial Educational 
Service ; Fellow of Calcutta 
University ; b. at Bhagalpur, 
1863 : son of Babu Chandi Prasad, 
Revenue agent,. Bhagalpur : Ed. 
at Baghalpur Zilla School, Patna 
College and Metropolitan Institu- 
tion, Calcutta ; Entered Govern- 
ment service, as Teacher 1886: 
Promoted to the Provincial Educa- 
tional Service, 1902 ; Inspector of 
Schools, Patna and Tirhut Divi- 
sions : Promoted to the Indian 
Educational Service and acted as 
Professor of Philosophy, Patna 
College ; Editor of Bengal Educa- 
tion Department Senior and Junior 
Teachers' Manuals. Address : 
Bankipur, Behar. 

Bhagykal, Raja of; Sri Nath Roy ; 

Boru. IS-il : educated at . the 
Dacca College, and the Presidency 
College. Calcutta. , Belongs to the 
Kundu family noted for its works 
of munificence ; ' among many 
philanthrophic institutions founded 
by the present chief, itiav be noted, 
the Eye Infirmary at Dacca, and 
the Water \Yorks at Chittagong ; 
worked for the establishment of 
the East Bengal Saraswat Samaj, 
and for the promotion of Sanskrit 
Literature ; Is a Banker and Zem- 
indar, Trustee of the Economic 
]\Iuseum, Life-Member of the 
Calcutta Zoological Gardens 
Committee, etc. Raja, 1891. Ad- 
dress : Dacca, Bengal, India. 


Bhandari, Sadanand Trimbak; Rao 

Bahadur, J. P., Assistant Collector 
of Customs, Bombay; born, 
18-54 ; Educated, Elphinstone High 
School and College, Bombay, and 
the Deccan College, Poona ; 
Joined Customs Department, 1895 ; 
Promoted to Imperial Service, 
1908 ; Member, Bombay Branch 
of the Royal Asiatic Society, 


the Anthropological Society, etc 
Address : ■ Bombay. 

Bhandakar, D.R., Supdt., Archw- 
logio-il Survey, Western Circle 
since 1908 ; son of Sir Ramakristna 
Gopal Bhandarkar ; Entered ser- 
vice as Assistant Cupdt., Western 
Cii'cle ; .Joint Editor, "Indian 
Antiquary"; frequent- Contribu- 
tor to the "Indian Antiquary" and 
the " Epigraphia Indica ". Pub- 
lications: Several learned papers on 
the progress of archaeological 
rosearches in Bonibav Presy. pub- 
lished in' the Dir. -General's 
Annual, Address : Poona. 

Bhandarkar, Ramakrishna Gopal, 

CLE. (1889) Orientalist and 
Social reformer ; born^, 1837 : 
cdlicated at Ratnagiri Jlnd-Elphin- 
stone College, Bombay: M.A., 
1866 : ; Dakhshina Fellow of 
Elphinstone CoUege, 1859, 

aud. later in the Dekkau 
College, Poona, till 1864 : In the 
Bombay Education Department, 
1864-93 : Head-master of Hydera- 
bad (Sind) and Ratnagiri High 
Schools, 1864-9 ; Professor of 
Sanskrit and Oriental Languages 
in Elphinstone College, where 
he was at first Assistant Professor 
for many years, from 1869 to 1881 : 
Professor of Sanskrit at Dekkan 
College, Poona, 1882-93: Fel- 
low, Bombay University from 
1866 : Syndic, 1873-81 : Vice- 
Chancellor, 1893-5 : Hon., LL.D. 
Bombay, 1904 : Member, Supreme 
Legislative Council, 1903-4 ; Mem- 
l;er, Bombay Legislative Council, 
1904-5; Fellow, Calcutta Uni- 
versity, 1887 : IMember of vari- 
ous learned Societies : R. A. S. 
London, 1874: R. A. S. Bombay, 
1865; German Oriental Society, 
1887 ; American Oriental Society, 
1887 ; Asiatic Society of Italy, 
1 887; Imperial Academy of Science, 
St. Petersburg, 1888 ; Foreign 


Bhaxdarkar, Ramakrishna Gopal. 

Member, French Institute, 1695 : 
Member International Congress of 
Orientalists, Dondon, 1S74 : of 
Vienna, 18S6 which he attended : 
C.I.E., 16S9 : retned from service, 
1893: Hon. LL.D., Edinbrugh 
Unversity ; Hon. Phil. Dr. Gottm- 
gen and Calcutta Universities ; 
has contributed largely to the 
journals on philological and 
antiquarian subjects : also to the 
Indian Antiquary: first lecturer on 
the Wilson Lectureship, Bombay 
University : reported on his 
searches for Sanskrit Mss. in the 
Bombay Presidency ; edited the 
text of the Sanskrit Malati- 
Madhava : and has written 
Sanskrit educational works : is a 
leader of the religious movement 
of the Prarthana Samaj in W. 
India : as a social reformer 
has practically supported the re- 
marriage of widows ; in politics 
he is a moderate progressivist. 
Address : Poona, India. 

Bhatawadekar, Sir Bhalchandra 
Krishna, Kt. (I'.iOO), L.M, ; J. -P.; 

Jledical Practitioner, Bombay : 
Member Muncipal (Corporation and 
Standing Committc' ; b. 1852 ; s. 
of Krishna Shastri Bhatawadekar ; 
7«.Savitribai ; three s. two d. Educ: 
Elphinstone High School and 
Grant Medical Coll. Bombay; Won 
1st cl. L.M. Gold iledal ; Assistant 
Surgeon at Baudra, Palanpur, and 
Bassim, 1874-76 ; Principal, Ver- 
nacular Coll. of Science, and Chief 
Medical Officer, Baroda State, 
1876.85 ; returned to Bombay 
and set up private practice: Fellow 
and some time Syndic and Dean 
in Medicine, Bombay Univ. ; Pres. 
of the Municipal Corporation; Pres. 
Medical Union; Pres. Grant College 
Medical Society ; additional Mem- 
ber of Legislative Council, 1897-99; 
Member of the Improvement Trust; 
President of the Indian Temperance 
Association and of the Temperance 

Council; President of the 14th Bom- 
bay Provincial Conference, 1907 - 
President of the Committee for al; 
teration in orthography of Marathi 
language; President ■ of Hindu 
Calciider Reform Committee. 
Decorated for work as Pres. 
Bombay Corporation and for 
work in connection with Plague 
measures. Publications : Public 
Health ; Manual of Botany, 
and Diseases of Women (in IMara- 
tlii) : Inoculation Explained ; 
Leprosy ; an Address on Temper- 
ance ; Evidence before the Indian 
Universities Commission ;' and 
other papers in English. Address : 
Girgaum. Bombay. Hindu Union, 
and Orient Clubs, Bombay. 

Bhavanagar, His Highness the 
Thakur Sahib of; Sir Bhav- 
singhji Takhtsinghji, K. C.S.I.; 

son of late Maharaja Sir Takht- 
singhji, G.C.S.L; born, 1875 , suc- 
ceeded to gaddi, 1896 ; was for 
sometime educated at the Rajkot 
Rajkumar College and was then 
phiccd under the guardianship of 
Mr. Stuart M. Frazer, CLE., 
I.C.S. , Claims descent from the great 
Salivahana, of the Shaka Dynasty. 
During the time of the father of 
the present Ruler, the administra- 
tion of the state was improved in 
all directions and the State Rail- 
way, the organisation of the State 
Council, the raising of the State 
Lancers and the opening up of 
communications, etc, received 
good .attention. The State 
IS a first class one in Kathiawar ; 
it has an area of 2,860 squire 
miles, a population of 500,000 and 
a revenue of over 45 lakhs includ- 
ing the income from the State Rail- 
way, owned and managed 
l)y the Durbar. The IMaharaja has 
toured extensively in India and 
Ceylon, and has undergone a course 
of military training in Poona. 
Was Commandant of the State 



Bhavanagar takur Sahib. 

Lancers, and Extra ^Member of the 
State Executive Council, 1894 ; 
opened famine relief works em- 
ploying 16,000 persons and person- 
ally visited the afiected areas in the 
State, 1897 ; at the last Boer War, 
he furnished 100 trained horses and 
equipment and 50 men for "Lums- 
den's Horse; " improved the 
Port of Bhavanagar, where 
now vessels are able to discharge, 
a Dock and a wharf ha\ing been 
constructed ; has carried out Rail- 
way extentions in the State ; 
has founded scholarships for the 
study of agricultural science ; is 
entitled to a salute of 11 guns. 
Address: " Nilambag Palace," 

Bhavanrav, also known as Bala 
Sahib Pant Maherban, Pratini- 

dhi ; Is a Brahmin and a descend- 
ant of Trimbak Krishna Parasuram 
Pant ; the son of Trimbak was 
raised to the rank of Sardar by 
Rajaram Sivaji in 1690 and the 
higher title of "Pratinidhi in 1698. 
This title afterwards became heredi- 
tary. Area of the State is 447 
square miles and its population is 
about 70,000. The Chief is a first 
class Sardar. Address : — Aundh, 
Satara Agency, Bombay. 

Bhavanandam Pillai, Saravana ; 

Rao Sahib. (1910), Assistant Com- 
missioner, Madras City Police : 
Born, 1866, Inspector of Police. 
Madras; Officiating Assistant Com- 
missioner of Police, 1908, Deputy 
Superintendent of Police, 1913 ; 
Officiating Assistant, Commissioner 
of Pohce Madras, 15th March 1913; 
Examiner in Tamil, ]\Iadras Univer- 
sity. Publications: Harischandra in 
Tamil and various other dramatic 
prices. Address : Pursawakum, 

Bhedwar,Shapur N; Indian artistand 
photographer, Bombay; b. ; 1858; 


Visited Europe. 1891 ; Holds over 
forty ]\Iedals and diplomas : also 
a gold Medal of the Royal Photo- 
graphic Society of Great Britain 
and Champion gold medal of the 
International Photographic Exhi- 
bition, Liverpool. Is a photogra- 
pher to the Royal family. 
Has published several Guzrathi 
works. Address : Camballa Hall, 

Bhimasena Rao.H. B. A., son of Mr 

B. Hanumantha Rao. B.A., retired 
Professor, College of Engineer- 
ing, Madras: Dy. Accountant Gen- 
eral, Madras ; B.A. 1896 ; Joined 
services as Assistant Accountant 
General, IMadras, 1899; Comptrol- 
ler, Postal Accounts of Central Pro- 
vinces, 1902 ; Assistant Accountant 
General and Examiner of Local 
Fund Accounts, Madras, 1908; As- 
sistant Accountant General. Cal- 
cutta, 1961 ; Dy Accountant 
General, Rangoon, 1912 ; Dy Ac- 
countant General, Madras, 1914. 
Address : Kamlalaya, Rayapeta, 

Bhinga, Raja of; Bajarshi Udai 
Pratap Singh, C.S.I. . b. 1850 ; 
succeeded his father, the late Raja 
Krishna Datta Singh, 1862 ; took 
charge of the estate, 1869; edu- 
cated at the Court of Wards Insti- 
tute, Lucknow ; married the 
Younger daughter of the late Raja 
Raghunath Shah Dewa, of Aghori 
Barhar in the district of Mirzapur. 
Is a Kshatriya of the Bishen 
clan and traces his descent from 
Mayur Bhatta, a devotee. The 
last of the Gonda line of Chiefs 
was Raja Devi Bakhsh Singh. In 
1887, the Government of India 
presented the present Raja with a 
cannon ; exempted him from the 
operation of the Arms Act and from 
personal attendance in Civil Courts 
He has established what is now 



known as the ' ' Kshatriya Upkarni 
Mahasabha" for which he has made 
an endowment of Rs. 35,000 ; 
founded the "Bhinga Raj Kshatri- 
ya Scholarship, and the Edward 
Scholarships ; has given Rs. 11,000 
for sending a Kshatriya graduate 
to Oxford or Cambridge University; 
has endowed Rs. 10 lakhs for the 
Hewett Kshatriya High School at 
Benares. The title of " Rajarshi " 
was conferred on him by the 
Mahasabha, which has been 
recognised by Government as a 
mode of address ; retired from 
public life and is leading the life 
of a I'ecluse at Benares since 1895. 
Publication: ''A history of the 
Bhi]iga Raj Family" (1883); 
" Democracy not suited to India 
(1888), "The decay of the landed, 
Aristocracy in India " (1892); 
" INIemorandum on the education 
of the sons of Landlords " (1882); 
" Minute on the Law of Sedition 
in India" (1892); "The Russul 
Question" (1893) and " Views and 
Observations " (1907). Address : 
Bhinga Estate, Bahraich, Oudh ; 
also, Durgakund, Benares City. 

Bhopal, Begum of; H. H. Nawab 
Sultan Sir Jehan Begum, G. C.S.I. 
1910; G.C.I. E,, 1904; b. 1858; 
S. mother (H.H. Nawab Shah 
Jehan Begum, G.C.S.L, C.I. ), 1910; 
Eighth in lineal descent from the 
famous Dost Mahomed Khan, foun- 
der of the dynasty : Area of 
the State, 6874 square miles ; 
Population, 900,000 ; Her High- 
ness receives a salute of 21 
guns within, and 19 guns outside 
the limits of her dominions. Ad- 
dress: Bhopal, Central India. 

Bhore, Joseph William, B.A., 

(Bombay), I.C.S. Dewan of Cochin 
State since 1913; Ed. in Bombay 
and at University College, London; 
joined service as Assistant Collector 
and Blagistrate, Kistna, 1902 ; 

Acted as Head Assistant Collector 
and I\Iagistrate in various places 
and on different occasions till he 
became Assistant Secretary and 
then acting Under Secretary to 
Government in the Rev. Dept. 
1910; Sub-Collector, 3rd Grade, 
1911 ; Dewan of the State of 
Cochin, 1913 ; Address : Enaku- 
1am, Cochin State, South India. 

Bhownagree, Sir Mancherjee Mer- 
wanjee, K.C.I.E.; 1897; Bart. 
1858; b. 1851; belongs to a fainily 
which originaly ca,me from Persia; 
m. 1872; one s. one d. Ednc.: 
Elphinstone College. Began life as 
a journalist; appointed as Agent, at 
Bombay, for the State of Bhavangar, 
1873, of which he became Judicial 
Councillor, 1887;M.P.(L.) Bethnal 
Green, North-East, 1895-190G; 
founded the Ave Bhownagree Nur- 
ses' Home at Bombay, and erected 
the Bhownagree Corridor at Impe- 
rial Institute, London, in memory 
of his only sister. Took part in 
the agitation against the treat- 
ment of Indians in South Africa 
and other colonies, 1914. Publica- 
tions: History of the Constitution 
of the East India Company, 1871: 
Gujerati translation of H.M.'s Life 
in the Highlands, etc. Recrea- 
tions : gymnastics, riding. Add- 
ress : 177, Cromwell Road, S.W. 
Carlton, and Constitutional Clubs. 

Bhunesh Partab Singh, Raja ; 

Born, 1884, succeeded to title 
1904 ; head of the younger 
brancil of the Sarnet clan of Raj- 
puts founded by Chandar Sen ; 
Rundhir Singh, the youngest son 
of Chandra Sen, was the first to re- 
ceive the estate of Unaula for his 
share. Of the history of the des- 
cendants of Randhir Singh, very 
little is known, except that they 
provided heirs for the Bansiline on 
two different occasions ; Raja Hari- 
har Surparaz Singh was in posses- 



Bhunesh PArtAb Singh. 

sion of the Estate when the Dis- 
trict of Gorakhpur was ceded to 
the British. The Raja having 
been left in undisturbed possession 
of his property after the Mutiny 
of 1857, the Estate has now come 
in possession of the present holder. 
Comprises G5 villages in the dis- 
trict of Gorakhpur, paying an 
annual revenue of Rs. 11,379. The 
title of Raja has been recognised. 
Address : Unaula, Gorakhpur, U. P. 

Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, Raja, 
of Kautit ; born, 1863 ; educated at 
Queen's College, Benares ; suc- 
ceeded to the Estate, 1893 ; 
claims descent from the Kings 
of Kanauj ; the family settled in 
Benares and obtained their posses- 
sions in jNIirzapur from the Bhars. 
In 1758, Bikramajit Singh, the 
head of the family, was ejected by 
Raja Bahvant Singh of Benares. 
The property, however, was regain- 
ed after the flight of Chet Singh, 
when Govind Singh, son of Bik- 
ramajit Singh, was awarded a 
Malicana allov/ance of Rs. 87,000/. 
This was afterwards exchanged for 
Bijapur. In tlie time*' of Jagat 
Bahadur Singh, the estate was 
taken over by the Court of Wards. 
.Soon after Jagat Bahadur Singh 
died and his son Rajendra Bahadur 
Singh died just as the estate was 
about to be handed over to him. 
The whole estate comprises 400 
villages and shares in thirteen 
others in the district of ^lirzapur. 
Hereditary title of Raja recognised 
by Government, 1781. 'v'he Raja 
has contributed liberally to 
the Mirzapur Town Hall, hos- 
pital, and the water works. 
Address : Bejpur, Mirzapur, U.P. 

Bhupendranath Bssu, Babu. See 

Basu, Babu Bhupendranath. 

Bhup Dev Singh, Raja; Born, 

1868; Succeeded to estate, 1894. 
Belongs to a Gond family 


formerly settled in Bairagarh, 
Nagpur, but having been driven 
out by the Mahrattas had subse- 
quently settled in Raigarh. The 
Chief also obtained possession of 
Borgarh about 60 years ago. The 
area of the state is 1486 squire 
miles with a population of about 
300,000 and a revenue of about three 
lakhs. The heir apparent to the 
State is Lai Netwar Singh. Address: 
Raigarh, Sambalpur District, C.P. 

Bhuta:i, Maharaja of; His High- 
ness Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri 
Sir Ugyean V/angchuclt, K.C.S.I., 
K.C.I.E. Born, 18G1 ; Son of 
late H. H. Sangya Dorji Devraji; 
Succeedad to gaddi, 1907 ; 
Area of the state, -20,000 Squire 
miles ; Entitled to a salute of 15 
guns. Address : Bhtttan, India. 

Bidle. Surgeon-General George, M. 

B..C.I.E. (1883) ; Hon. Surgeon to 
Viceroy of India (1887) ; Hon. Sur- 
geon to the Queen, 1898 ; Hon. 
Surgeon to the King, 1901 : Sur- 
geon-General, -Madras, 1SS6-90 : 
b, Backies, Banffshire, 1830; 
m. Isabella {d. 1906), d. of Alex. 
\Yiseman, Banchory, Aberdeen- 
shire, 1854 ; two s. five d. Edicc.: 
locally and at Aberdeen Grammar 
School : M.B. 1853 ; L.R.A.S. and 
L.M. Edinburgh, 18-53 ; Fellow of 
and late Pres. of ^Medical Faculty, 
Madras Univ, ; F.Z.S. ; Memb. of 
the Board for Civil Service 
Exams., ]\Iadras ; Appointed to 
the ^ladras Medical Service, 
1856 ; served with jMadras Artillery 
and 12th Ryl. Lancers, 1856-58 ; 
1st Infantry Hyderabad Contin 
gent, 1858-60 ;on Field Service- 
IMutiny (medal and good servic, 
pension). Professor of Botany 
and Materia ]\Iedica, ^ladras 
i\Iedical College ; Superintendent, 
Lunatic Asylum, Madras, 1866- 
70 ; Secretary and Statistical 
Officer 1870-83 : with con-joint 
charge Govt. Central Mu- 



seum: to which he got added a 
Free Public Library. 1872-85 ; 
Deputy Surg. Gen. and in charge 
of British Burma Division, 1884 ; 
Sanitary Cominissioner, IMadras, 
1885-86 ; Surg-Gen, 1886 ; 
decorated for the discovery in 
1867 of a preventive for an in- 
sect best which treatened the ex- 
tinction of the Coffee Plantations 
in Southern India ; Member of 
JMadras Committee for franaing 
scheme of technical education. 
Publications : Report on the Ra- 
vages of Corer insect on Coffee 
Estates, 1869 Handbook of Prac- 
tical Pharmacy, •2nd ed. 1883 ; 
Catalogue of Gold Coins in Govern- 
ment Central Mviseum IMadras, 
1874 ; Neilgherry Parasitical Plan 
destructive to Forest and Fruit- 
trees, 1875 ; Descriptive Catalogue 
of Raw Products of S. India sent 
to Paris Exhibition, 1878 (gold 
medal) ; Native Dyes of IMadras, 
1879 ; Pagoda or Varaha Coins of 
S. India, 1883. Sand-binding Plan 
of Southern India, 1883, Recvca- 
tions : zoology, botany, angling. 
Address, : Carmore, Bridge of 
Allan, N.C. : Madras Club. 

Biddulph, John, Colonel : born, 
1840: son of Robert Biddulph, 
of Ledbury ; educated at West- 
minister : entered the Bengal 
Cavalry, 1858: served in the mu- 
tiny: joined the Indian Staff Corps; 
A.D.C. to Lord Northbrook when 
Viceroy, 1872-6: Member of the 
Mission to Yarkand, 1878-4 : em- 
ployed on a secret mission to coun- 
tries beyond Gilgit, 1877 ; acting 
A. G. G. Beluchistan, May-Nov., 
1882:Political Agent, Bhowar, 1882; 
Haraoti and Tonk, 1886: Resident 
and Crmmissioner, Ajmir, 1890 ; 
Officiating Agent, Beluchistan, 

1891 ; acting Resident, Gwalior, 

1892 ; Resident at Baroda, 1893 : 
reverted to military dutv, 1895 ; 
Publications : Tribes of the Hindu 

Kush, 1880 ; The Nineteenth and 
their Times, 1899 ; Stringer Law- 
rence, 1901. 

Biddulph, Thomas Henry Stilling- 
fleet, CLE., 1970; late Accoun- 
tant-General, India ; s. of Rev. 
Francis John Biddulph; 1846 ; m. 
1878, Lydia Beatrice, d. of late 
Col. S. Becher. Indian Army. 
Ediic. : Lancing; Joined Financial 
Department, Government of India, 
1671; Deputy Auditor-General, and 
latterly .\ccountant-General; spec- 
ially deputed to reorganise the 
finances of the ^lysore State, and 
subsequently Patiala State; retired, 
1905. Address: c/6 H.:S. King 
& Co., 9 Pall Mall. Club : East 
India United Service. 

Bigge, Major-General Thomas 
Scovell (retired) : C.B. 1905 ; J. P. 
for Hertfordshire : 6. 1837; 
s. of Charles Richard Bigge ; ni. 
1866, Ellen, d. of Rev. John and 
the Lady Louisa Lees, y. d. of 11th 
Earl of Huntingdon ; three s. 
Ediic. ; privately. Served Crimea, 
1854-56', (wounded, despatches, 
medal and clasp for Sebastopol, 
Turkish War medal. Order of 
Medjidie); China, 1857: Indian 
Mutiny, Defence of Alum Bagh, 
Relief of Luckhow, Defence (2nd) 
of Alum Bagh Position, Capture 
of Lucknow, Campaign in Oude, 
North and South, 1857-1858 
(medal and 2 clasps for Relief and 
Capture of Lucknow, and the 
grant pf one year's service). 
Decorated: Jubilee Crimean War. 
Address : The Lye House, Brickct 
Wood, near St. Albans, Herts. 
Club : United Service. 

Biggs, Colonel Henry Yero, D.S.O. 

1898 ; Royal Engineers ; b. 
Bclgaum, 1860: 3rd s. of Col. 
T. Biggs, late R. A. m ; 1887, 
Prances Kate, e. d. of late Col. 
C. H. Ewart, B. S. C. ; one s. 




Ecluc. : Private school at Clifton. 
Passed into R.M.A., Woolwich, 
1877 : joined R.E., 1879 ; embarked 
for India, and joined the Bombay 
S. and M. 1882; spent nearly 
three years on Afghan frontier 
(including the 1884 Zhob Valley 
Expedition); in the 3rd Burmase 
War, 1885-87 (medal %vith clasp) : 
joined the Military Works from 
the S. and M., 1887; 
Captain, 1889; Adjutant, R.E., 
Tirah Expeditionary Force, 1897- 
98 ; operations on North-West 
Frontier, 1897 ; operations in the 
Kurram and on the Sarama, the 
Chagru Kotal : capture of the 
Sampaga Pass, and operations 
in the Khyber (despatches, medal 
with 3 clasps, and D.S.O.) ; 
promoted Major, 1898 ; Lieut-Col. 
1905; Bt.-Col. 1898; elected for 
permanent Indian Service. 

Decorated for the Tirah Expedi- 
tion, 1897-98. Recreations: shoo- 
ting (big game), riding, rowing, 
walking. Address: c/o Box & Co., 
Charing Cross, S. W. 

Bijai Bahadur, Raja of^ Chichli ; 

b, 1849 ; succeeded, 1871 ; family 
were originally settled at Fatehpur 
in Hoshangabad. For capturing 
a notorious rebel, Mir Khan, 
Raja Sangram Shah, of this 
family, received, from Nawab 
Sidak Ali, Subedar of the Raja of 
Nagpur, a flag, a staS, a belt and 
a drum ; Raja Nazim Singh, the 
father of the present Raja, received 
a sanad of loyalty, a sword of honor 
and a money grant from tne British 
Government, in consideration of 
his loyal adherance to British cause 
in the Mutiny of 1857. Heir : 
Lai Sahib. .4 ddress: Chichli, Nara- 
singhpur C.P. 

Bikaner, Maharajah of; Col. H. H. 
Raj Rajeshwar Narendra Shiro- 
mani Sir Sri Ganga Singh Baha- 
dur, G.C.I.E.. 1907; K. C.S.I. , 


1904; K. C. L E., 1901; A. 
D. C. : b. 1880 ; succeeded, 
1887 ; two s. one d. Invested with 
full ruling powers, 1898 ; gianted 
hon. commission of Major in the 
British Army, 1900, and attached 
to 2nd Bengal Lancers; served with 
British Army in China in command 
of Bikaner Camel Corps, 1901 (me- 
dal, despatches, K.O.I.E.; With the 
Indian Expedtionary Force to War 
in Europe, 1914. Decorated for 
services in China. Awarded gold 
medal of K. I, H. for public 
service in India in the famine 
of 1899-1900; attended the Corona- 
tion of King Edward VII., 1902, at 
London ; A.D.C. to H.M. the King, 
since 1910. Recreations : polo, 
racquets, tennis, motoring, big 
game shooting. Address : Bikaner, 

Bilderbeck, James Bourdillon, 

M.A. Retired Principal, Presidency 
College, Madras. Born, 1851 ; 
finished his education in Cam- 
bridge ; joined service as Acting 
Professor of History, Presidency 
College, Madras, 1875 ; Head 
Master, Zilla School, Chittoor, 
1876 ; 1st Asst. Master and acting 
Head Master, Provincial School, 
Rajahmundry, 1877; Professor, 
English Literature, Presidency 
College, Madras, 1882; promoted 
to 3rd Class and posted as Acting 
Principal, Kumbhakonam College, 
1885-87 ; promoted to 2nd Class 
and posted as Professor of Eng- 
literature. Presidency College, 
Madras, 1895 ; again acting Prin- 
cipal, Kumbhakonam College, 
1895-97; acting Director of P.I. and 
Commissioner of Govt. Examina- 
tions, 1897 ; Principal, Presidency 
College, Madras, 1899-1905 ; 
Additional Member, Madras Legis- 
lative Council, January 1903 to 
February 1904 ; Addl. Member, 
Imperial Legislative Council, 
November 1903 to April 1904, 



Selected to give evidence before 
the Indian University Commission, 
1902. Retired, 1906. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. 

Biles, John Harvard, LL.D., D.Sc; 
Vice-President , Institution of Naval 
Architects; M. Inst. C. E., M. 
Inst. Mech. E., M. Soc. Nav. Arch. 
U. S. A. : Hon. Memb. Japanese 
Society of Naval Architects : Order 
of Osmanieh, .3rd class. In Con- 
structive Department, Admiralty, 
afterwards Naval Architect to 
Clyde Shipbuilding Yard ; Professor 
of Naval Architecture, Glasgow 
University, since 1891 ; has served 
on various Admiralty and Board 
of Trade Committees; is Consulting 
Naval Architect to H. M. India 
Oftice and to the Commonwealth 
Government of Australia ; Master 
of the Worshipful Company of 
Shipwrights ; has visited India, 
Australia. United States of Ame- 
rica, Canada, Japan, and China, 
and nearly all European countries ; 
b. Portsmouth, 6 Jan. 1854 ; in. 
Emma Jane, of late Richard 
Hoskyn Lloyd of Pembroke, 1876; 
one s. two d. Educ. : Royal School 
of Naval Architecture and Marine 
Engineering ; Royal Naval College 
Greenwhich. Publications : The 
Marrine Steam Turbine : Design 
and Construction of Ships ; many 
papers on Professional Subjects in 
Transactions of learned Societies. 
Address : Broadway Chambers, 
Westminster, S.W. ; 175 West 
George Street and 10 University 
Gardens, Glasgow. Clubs : Na- 
tional: University, New Glasgow; 
Royal Northern Yacht. 

Bilgranii, Syed Ali, Shams-ul- 
Ulema, M. A. (Cantab), L.L.B., 
L. H. (Calcutta), B.L. (Calcutta) 
son of Syed Zainuddin Husain 
Khan Bahadur, of the Bengal 
Provincial Service, a member of the 
well known family of the Sayyids 


of Bilgram, who emigrated to India 
from Wasit in Mesopotamia ; 
born, 1853 ; educated at Cann- 
ing College, Lucknow, Patna 
College, Bankipur, and Thomson 
Civil Engineering College, Roorki ; 
visited Europe and England 
in the suite of Sir Salar Jang 
I, the famous Prime Minister of 
Haideraljad, 1876; Joined the Royal 
School of Mines, passed the 
Examination for the Associate- 
ship and obtained the Mur- 
chison Medal in Geology ; 
Returned to India, 1879 ; en- 
tered the service of the Nizam, 
1879 ; was Secretary in the 
Departments of Public Works, 
Railways and Mines for nearly ten 
years ; retired in 1901 to settle in 
England ; Examiner in Sanskrit 
to the University of Madras froifi 
1890-2 ; received the title of 
Shams-ul-ulcma for Arabic learn- 
ing, 1891 : Gold Medallist, in 
law, Calcutta University ; was ap- 
pointed Lecturer in Marathi to 
the University of Cambridge, 1902. 
Publications : Civilization of the 
Arabs, translated from the French, 
of Dr. Gustav Le Bon ; Manual of 
Medical Jurisprudence ; Mono- 
graph on the Book of Kalila and 
Dimna ; Notes on the Educational 
Value of Persian as compared with 
Sanskrit ; A Guide to the Cave 
Temples of Ellora ; The Geology 
and Economic Minerals of Hy- 
derabad, etc ; aijpointed by the 
India Office to catalogue the 
collections of Arabic and Persian 
M.S.S', known astheDelhiM.S.S., 
1902. lieereation-.'Wiilkhig, cycling 
and tennis. Address: Khairatabad, 
Hyderabad, Deccan, India. Club: 
United Service, Secunderabad. 

Bilgrami, Syed Plossain, Nawab, 
Imadul Mulk Bahadur ; C.S.I. ; 
b. Gya, 1844 ; s. . of Syed 
Zainuddin Hossain Khan Bahadur 
of tho Uncovenanted Civil Service, 




; 711. 1864 ; four ,s. one d. 
Educ.: wife died, 1897; Presidency 
College, Calcuttii. Professor of 
Arabic, Canning College, Luc- 
know, 1866-73 ; Private Secretary 
to H.E. Sir Salar Jung till his 
death ; Private Secretary to H.H. 
the Nizam ; Director of Public 
Inatruction for H.H. the Nizam's 
Dominions; retired on good service 
pension, 1907 ; Member, Imperial 
Legislative Council ; IMember, 
Secretary of State's Council, 1907-9. 
PnbJicatiofi!^ : Life of Sir Salar 
Jung ; I^ectures and Addresses ; (in 
collaboration); Historical and Des- 
criptive SKetcli of His Highness 
the Nizam's Dominions, '1 vols. 
Address: Bilgrami House, Hydera- 
bad, Deccan, India. Club : United 
Service, Secunderabad. 

Bilitnoria, Phirozsha Nasarvanji 
B. A., L.L.B., Diwan of Bansda 

State ; b. 1874 ; educated at 
the Gujrat College, Ahmodabad, 
obtained the Boradaile and Phil- 
patt scholarships ; B.A., 1896 ; 
LL. B. 1899 ; enrolled as vakil, 
1900 ; joined service of the 
Gaekwar of Baroda as Vahi- 
vatdar, 1901 ; promoted to 
Subordinate Judgeship and Naib 
Subha ; Diwan of the state, 1910. 
Address : Bansda. 

Binaya Krishna Deb, Raja, 1905 ; 
Younger son of the late Maha- 
raja Kamal Krishna Deb Baha- 
dur ; b. 1866 ; Member of the Cul- 
cutta Indian Association; co-ope- 
rated with the late IMr. A\0. Hume 
for the founding of the Bengal 
National League ; maintains 
many schools, dispensaries, etc. ; 
has founded Sova Bazar Bene- 
volent Society for the relief of poor 
students, orphans and widows ; 
the Bangiya Sahitya Parisad, and 
the Sahitya Sabha for the cultiva- 
tion and dissemination of Bengali 
literature; Governor of the Calcutta 


Mayo Hospital ; K. I. H. (2nd 
class) Medal, 190:3. Publications ; 
" The Early History and Growth 
of Calcutta." Address: Calcutta. 

Bingley, Bravet-Col. Alfred Hero- 
ford, CLE., 1909; commanding 
7th D.S.O. Rajputs since 1909; 
b., 1865; s. of late Peregrine 
Tavlor Binglev; m. 1893, Mabel. 
e. d. of late Col. G. A Way. C.B.; 
one d.; Educ: Kensington School; 
and R.M.C., Sandhurst; Lieut. Lei- 
cester Regiment, 1885; Indian Staff 
Corps, 1887; Captain Indian Army, 
1896; IM ijor, 1903; Lieut. -Colonel, 
1906; employed on plague duty, 
Bombay, 1897-98 ; Kaisar-i-Hiiid 
medal, (1st class); D.A.A.G., at 
headquarters, 1901-1906; Deputy 
Sec. Army Dept. 1906-09; ser- 
ved Burma, 1891-9'2 (medal with 
clasp); China, 1900 (despatches 
Brevet-lMajor, medal with clasp); 
Gold medal United Sei-vice Insti- 
tution of India, 1896. Publications: 
Series of Handbooks on the Classes 
recruited in the Indian Army. 
Address; Dinapore, Bengal. Club. 
East India United Service. 

Binning, Lieut. -Colonel Joseph, 

CLE. 1908; Commandant, '2nd 
Batt, Calcutta Volunteer Rifles. 
Address: Calcutta. 

Bird. F. D., Y. D., A. D. C, 

Chief Presidency Magistrate, 
Madras. Born, ' 1862: Joined 
service as Clerk, Chief Secretariat, 
Madras, 1878; Proceeded on Study 
leave to England, 1884 ; Deputy 
Collector and Assistant Superin- 
tendent of Stamps and Stationery, 
IMadras, 1898 ; Special Plague 
Officer, Madras, 1904 ; Second 
Presidency Magistrate, Madras, 
1906 ; Chief Presidency ilagistrate, 
Madras. 1907 ; Address : Police 
Commissioner's Road, Egmore, 



Bird, Lieut-Col. Robert, CLE. 

1905; M.D.. (1889) M.S. (Lond).. 
P.R.C.S., 1891; D.P.H. (Camb.), 
I.M.S. 1891 ; Son of (leorge Bird 
of Blackhcath; born, 1860; Surgeon 
to the Viceroy, 1904 ; Professor of 
Surgery, Medical College, Calcutta, 
1904; mai-ried Harriet Ellien, 
daughter of the late Lieut. Col. 
James Raymond Johnstone Dewar 
R.A., Address : 2, IMiddleton Row, 
Calcutta ; c/o Slessrs. Grindlay 
& Co. Parliament Street, S. \V. 
Clubs : East India United 
Service, Bengal United Service. 

Birdwood, Sir George Christopher 
Molesworth, M.D,, (Edln), K. C. 
I. E ; Born at Belgaum, 1832; 
son of General Christouher Bird- 
wood, of the Indian Army; educated 
at Plymouth Grammar School, 
Dollar Acadamy and Edinburgh 
University ; entered Bombay 
^ledical Service 1854 ; served 
in Persian War, 1856-7 ; on 
jeturn to Bombay took a promi- 
nent part in the life of the city, 
influencing, by his great popularity 
with the leaders of Indian thought, 
the endo^VInents which were made 
to the newly established University, 
the construction of some of the 
public buildings and the carrying 
out of improvements which have 
earned for the tov.'n and island the 
title of " Boml)ay the Beautiful." 
was for a time Professor of 
.Anatomy and Physiology, and 
at Materia TMedica and Botany 
of Grant Medical College ; 
Curator of the Government Central 
IVIusexim ; Honorary Secretary, 
Bombay Branch of the Royal 
.Asiatic Sociiity and of the Agri- 
Horticultural Society ; Registrar 
of the University ; one of the 
founders of the Victoria and 
Albert IMuseum and the designer 
of the Victoria gardens at Byculla; 
Sheriff of P.ombay, 1S4G ; proceeded 
to England and joined the staff of 

the India Office, as S'pecial Assis- 
tant in the Revenue and Statis- 
tical Department, 1878 to 1899 ; 
retired after two extensions, of 
service beyond the ordinary age 
limit ; held a leading position in 
. all the principal International 
Exhibitions from 1857 to 1901: 
founded, with Prof. Chenery and 
others the PrimeroseDay. Publica- 
tions : Economic Vegetable Pro- 
ducts of the Bombay Presidency, 
1888 : Handbook of British Indian 
section, Paris Exhibition, 1878 ; 
The Industrial Arts of India, 
1888 ; Report on the Old Records 
of the India office, 1891 : 
First Letter Book of the East 
India Company, 1895 ; papers 
on The Genus " Bcsewellia " 
(Frankincense Trees) ; Incens 
and other articles in Ency. Brit ; 
Report on Cultivation of Spanish 
Chestnuts, 1892; Report on Culti- 
vation of Carrots in India, 1897-8; 
Appendix on the Aryan Fancy and 
Flora, to Max IMuUer's Biagraphy 
of words, 1888 ; and prefaces 
and introductions to various well- 
known jworks, such as Count 
d' Alviela's IMagratssons des 
syniboles, besides many official 
reports on economic products, 
etc ; a prolific contributor to 
leading journals and reviews, 
including the Times, and 
Athenaeum, the Quarterly Review; 
and the Journal of the Society of 
Arts, the latter containing a great 
ninnber of his speeches and essays- 
in coni^exion with tlie work of the 
S. I., 1887 ; K.C.I.E., 1887 : LL. 
D. (Cambridge) 1886 : Knight of 
Grace, and St. John of Jerusalem. 
Officer Legion of Honour; Laureate 
of French Academy ; liecr cation : 
gardening. Address. 119, The 
Avenue, West Ealing, W. Prim- 
rose and Northbrook Clubs. 

Birdwood, Brig.-Gen. William Bid- 
dell, C.S.I.; A.D.C. to His Majesty 




1910; CLE. 1908; D.S.O. 1908; 
Brigade Commander, India ; 6, 
1865 ; e. mrv. s. of late H.M. 
Birdwood, J. P., LL.D., C.S.L, 
M.A.. I.C.S.; TO. 1914, Jeannette 
Hope Gonville, e. d. of Col. Sir C. 
P. Bromhead, B.A., 4th Bart., gX 
v.; one s. two d. Ediic: Clifton 
College, Sandhurst ; Jjieut. 4th 
Batt, Rhyal Scots Fusiliers, 1883; 
l'2th Lancers, 1885; 11th Bengal 
Lancers, 1886; Capt., 1896; ]\Iajor, 
1900; Lt.-Co].. 1902; Col., 1905; 
Adjt., Viceroy's rJodyguard, 1893; 
Brigade-Major, South Africa, 1899; 
D.A.A.G., S. Africa 1900; Military 
Secretary to Com. -in-chief, S. 
Africa (General Lord Kitchener), 
1902: A. M.S. and Interpreter to 
Com-in-chief, India, 1892; A. AG., 
Headquarters, India, 1904: ]\Iili- 
tary Secretary to Com. -in-chief. 
General Lord Kitchener, India, 
1905 ; Brigade Commander, 1909; 
A.D.C. to the King, 1906; served 
Hazara, 1891 (medal with clasp); 
Isa^ai, 1892; N.W. Frontier, India, 
1897-98 (medal, two clasps); Tirah, 
1897-98 (despatches, clasp); S. 
Africa, 1897-1902 (seveialy woun- 
ded, despatches five times, Brevet 
Major and Lieut.- Col., Queen's 
medal. 6 clasps. King' medal, 2 
clasps); Chief Staff Officer IMoham- 
edau Expedition, Present at action 
of Kargha. 1908, despatches, me- 
dal and clasp, D.S.O). Brig. Com. 
in India. Address: Kohat, North- 
West Frontier Province. India. 
Club.- Cavalry. 

Bir Mitradaya Singh Deo, Maha- 
raja of Sonpur; b, 1874 : suc- 
ceeded, 1902; area of the State, 
906 squire miles; population, about 
170,000; revenue, Rs. 1,20,000; 
claims descent from IMadan Gopal, 
son of the 4th Raja of Sambalpur 
who conquered the State about the 
year 1556. The grand-father of the 
present RuJor helped the British in 
the Sambulpur insurrection, and 


obtained the title of Raja Bahadur^ 
Maharaja, 1908. Address : Sonpur. 
Sambalpur district, Bengal Presi- 

Bisharaber Nath, B.A., LL.B.; Rao 
Saheh, Vakil; Government Pleader 
and Public Prosecutor, Municipal 
Commissioner and President of the 
Bar Association of Ajmir. Born at 
Agra, 1870; Educated at St. John's- 
College, Agra, and Agra College ; 
Enrolled as Vakil of Allahabad 
High Court, 189-3 ; began practice 
in Ajmere ; Joined Ajmir ^lunici- 
pal committee, 1896; got a sannad 
in 1901 for his work during the 
famine of 1899-1900 ; Joint 
Secretary to the Famine Relief 
Committee during 1905-1906 ; 
guest of Government at the last- 
Delhi Coronation Durbar; Address: 
Civil Lines, Ajmir. 

Bishen Das. Dewan Bahadur, 

Member, of Board of Revenue, in 
charge of Land Records and Settle- 
ments, Gwalior. Born. 1866 ; edu- 
cated at Montgomery, Lahore High 
School, and Egerton College, Bha- 
walpore State. Commenced service 
in the Lower Grades and rose to 
the position of Assistant to the 
Resident at Gwalior, 1908 : 
Publications : a few works in the 
Vernacular. Recreation : Hunting, 
Tenuis and Billiards. Address : 
Lashkar, Gwalior State. 

Bishen Datta Shukul B.A., M. R. 

S.A., Rai Bahadur, Born, 1876; 
educated at the Jubbulpur Raj- 
Kumar College, and at the Luc- 
know Canning College ; Honorary 
Magistrate, 1898 ; Member of the 
Royal Society of Arts. 1910 ; 
Chairman of the Local Board and 
Vice-President of the Municipal 
Committee ; invited to the Durbar 
of 1911. Address: Sehora Road, 



Bisheshar Nath, Diwan Bahdr, 
Dewan of Rajgarh. Born, 1847 ; 
Educated in Crovernment College, 
Delhi ; Entered Service as an Ins- 
pector in the Commissariat Dept. 
and proceeded to Abyssinia with the 
expedition of 1867-68 ; Served as 
Accountant in P.W.D. ; Services 
lent to Indore Durbar, 1891 ; 
worked as Accountant in the 
Residency and became IMeniber of 
Council; Retired from Government 
Service in 1899 ; appointed Super- 
intendent of Dewas (Senior Br.) 
1900; K.I.H. Medal 1902; Ap- 
pointed to Rajgarh State, 1902 ; 
Durbar Medal of 1903 and 1911; 
Rai Bahadur. 1907 ; Diwan 
Bahadur, 1911. Address: Rajgarh, 
Bhopal Agency, C.I. 

Bishop, A. W. Ph. D., (Munich) 
Director of Public Instruction, 
Travancore State, joined service 
as Professor of Chemistry, 
Maharaja's College, 1894; Principal 
of the same College 1909 ; Director 
of Public Instructon 1912 ; secured 
for the College, the appointment of 
a chair for Sanskrit and Dravidian 
Languages. Address : Trivandrum. 

Sishop, A. W : Superintendent of 
Government Press, Rangoon ; 
appointed, 1904. 

Bishun Narayan Dhar. Pandit, 

Bar-at-Law; Ex-President, Indian 
National ongress (1911) : ]\Iem- 
ber. Imperial Legislative Coun- 
cil, 1914'; born, 1864 ; p]du- 
cated privately at the Church Mis- 
sion High School and Canning 
College, Lahore ; proceeded to 
England, and joined the Middle 
Temple and was called to the Bar 
in due course. On his return to 
India, he found he had to meet 
with some opposition in the matter 
of his re-admittance into his caste, 
but this difficulty was eventually 
■overcome ; belongs to a respectable 

Kashmiri family of Lucknow. 
His father held a responsible post 
under the Government ; while his 
uncle. Pundit Shambhu Nath, was 
the first Indian Judge. of the Cal- 
cutta High Court ; his grandfather 
Pundit Hari Ram Dhar, was the 
Royal Akhbar Navis at Calcutta, 
under the old Oudh Court ; Join- 
ed the Indian National Congress 
in 1887 when it held its Session at 
Madras and his speech on that 
occasion was much appreciated and 
received encomiums from the lato 
Raja Sir T. Madhava Row, CLE. 
and others. A practical social 
reformer and a friend of Compul- 
sary education ; an eloquent 
speaker and a powerful writer ; 
was President of the United Pro- 
vincial Conference held at Bareil- 
ly, 1911. PMfeZica<to?is : Papers and 
speeches on the Indian National 
Congress, and many speeches on 
Indian politics. Address : Luck- 
now, U. P. 

Bishu Nath Singh, Raja, of Paren- 

da. Born, 1883 ; educated privat- 
ely ; succeeded lo the Estate, 1902; 
son of Raja Sheo Datt Singh ; 
married, 1875 ; son and Heir, 
Kunwar Rudra Pratab Singh ; 
Hereditary title of Raja recognised, 
1877. The estate consists of 10 
villages and 3 pattis in the ^lohan 
and Purwa tahsils, of Unao Dis- 
trict, U.P., paying a revenue of 
about Rs 8,100f-Addr('ss: Parendii. 
Estate, Unao District, U. P. 

Bishunath Saran Singh, Raja 
Bahadur, of Tiloi ; Born, 1899 ; 
Suceeded, 1901. Is the head of the 
great Kanhpuria clan of Rajputs 
who have occupiC'l the eastern 
half of the Rae Bareli District 
together with the adjoining 
portions of Sultanpur and Partab- 
garh. The Instate comprising 99 
villages in Rae Bareli, 28 in Mus- 




tafabad, 46 in Patti Saifabad, and 
numerous shares in other villages, 
were taken over by the Court of 
Wards. Title of Raja recognised as 
hereditarv, 1887; Raja Bahadur, 
1882. Address: Tiloi, Rae Bareli 
District, U.P. 

Biscoe, Lieut. -General William 
Walters, C.B. ; b. Donnington, 
Herefordshire, 1841 ; 2nd s. of 
late Rev. W. Biscoe ; Ediic: Win- 
chester College .• Joined 1st Bengal 
European Light Cavalry, 1860 ; 
appointed to Fane's Horse (now 
19th Bengal Lancers), 1862 ; 
Assist. Adv. -Gen. Umballa Di- 
vision, 1882-85; commanded 19th 
Bengal Lancers, 1885-92 ; Colonel 
on Staff, Multan, 1892-1895 ; com- 
manded Bandelkand District, 1895; 
served in Bezeti Expedition, 1869; 
Afghan Campaigns of 1878-80 
(medal and Brevet of Lieut-Colonel) ; 
commanded Cavalry Brigade in 
Miarnlai Expedition, 1891 (medal, 
C.B.). Recreations: hunting, shoot- 
ink, polo, cricket, racquets. 
Address : 7, Larkstone Road, Ilfra- 
combe. Clubs : Unitetl Service, 
Junior Constitutional. 

Bisseswar Tarkaratna, Mahama- 
hopadhyaya, (1911). Born, 1869: 
Educated privately & at Benares ,- 
belongs to a family in Baikerganj 
which maintained Sanskrit Semi- 
naries in olden days; Principal, 
Maharaja's College, Burd wan, 'Secy, 
to the Sanskrit Eyamination 
Board, Burdwan, 1911. Address: 
Burdwan, Bengal. 

Bisset, Sir William Sinclair Smith; 
K.C.I. E., Born, 1845 ; Son of late 
Rev. James Bisset, D. D. ; entered 
service, 1863; Colonel, 1895; 
served in the Afghan War, 1878-80 ; 
Dy, Consulting Engr. for Railways, 
1872-75 ; INIanager. Rajputana- 


Malva State Rvs., 1875-84 ; Agent. 
B. B. and C. I. Ry., 1884-93 ; 
Secretary Crovernment of India, 
P. W. i), 1893-97 ; Director of 
Indian Rys. 1897-01 ; Retired, 
1901 ; Chairman, Bd. of Directors, 
M. & S. M. Ry, 1908 : K. C. I. E., 
1897 ; Address, Hill House, Stoke 
Poges, London. Club : United 

Blakesly, E.H., I.C.S., Bar-at-law. 
Political Agent, Chhatisghar Terri- 
tories. Address : Chhatisghar. 

Blenner, Sir A. Hasslet; Chief 
Secretary, C. P. Member, Legisla- 
tive Council : Address, Nagpur. 

Blennerhassett, Sir Arthur Charles 
Francis Bernard, 5th Bt. ; 1809 ; 
Assistant Commissioner Central 
Provinces, India ; b. 1871 ; s. of 
4th Bart Countess .Charlotte de- 
Leyden, m. 1899, Mary Frances,. 
d. of Ludwig von Aretin of Hai- 
demburg, Bavaria : two s. ; S. 
father 1909. Educ. : Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford (C. A.). Entered 
Indian Civil Service, 1895 ; Heir : 
s. Marmaduke Casimir Henry 
Joseph, b. 1902. Address : 54 Rut- 
land Gate, S. W. Wellington, 

Bliss, Sir Henry William, B.A., 

I.C.S. Retd; son of late Rev. Jamesj- 
Bliss : b, 1840 : educated at Mer- 
ton, Oxford ; joined I.C.S. 1863; 
Commissioner of Salt and Abkari 
Revenue, 1878 ; on special 
duty on these subjects ; Fellow 
of the Madras University, 1882 ; 
Member of the Finance Com- 
mittee, 1886 ; IMember of the 
Board of Revenue, 1887; first 
Member, 1889; C.I.E. 1889; 
Member of the Governor-General's. 
Ijegislative Council, 1890-2 r 
Member of Council, Madras, 
1893-8 ; Offg. Governor of Madras, 



March 189G ; K.C.I.E., 1897 ; 
retired, 1898; Member of the 
London Conntrv Council for the 
Holborn Division 1901-1907. Ad- 
dress : The Al^bey, Abingdon. 

Blomfield. Mojar-Gen. Charles 
James, C.B. 1904 ; D.S.O. 1898 ; 
b. Bow, Devonshire, ]855: 2nd 
s. of Rev. George J Blomfield 
and Isabel, d. of late Charles 
James Blomfield, Bishop of 
London; vi. 1881, Henriette. d. 
of late Major E. Briscoe, 20th 
Foot ; two s. Educ. : Haileybury ; 
R.M.C. Sandhurst. Sub-Lieut, in 
20th Foot, 1875 ; Lieut, in 20th 
Foot. 1875 ; captain in Lancashire 
Fusiliers, 1881; Major, 1890,- 
Lieut-col., 1898; Adj. Lane. 
Fuhsiliers, 1880-83; Acting Mili- 
tary Secretary to H.E. Comman- 
der-in-chief, Bombav Armv, 1891; 
D.A.A.Cr. Bombav, 'l892-97 ; A. A. 
G. Bombav, 1897; Soudan Expedi- 
tion, 1898; S. African War, 1889- 

• 1902 ; with Jjadysmith relief force 
(severely wounded at Spion Kop) 
Colonel on Staff to command Dis- 
trict, 1900, and in command of 
columns in S.E. Transval and on 
Zululand border ; commanded 

" Harrismith and Natal Sv;b-District, 
1902-1906. Becreations : shooting 
and golf. Club .• Army and Navy, 

Blood, General Sir Bindon, G.C.B., 
1909 ; K. C. B., 1896 ; b. 
1842 \ e. s. of late W. B. 
Blood, Cranahcr, Co. Clare; vi. 
1883, Charlotte, d. of late Sir 
Auckland Colvin, K. C. S. I. ; 
Entered R.E. 1860 : served Jowaki 
Exp(!dition (medal and clasp), 
1877-78 ; Zulu War 1879, Afghan 
War 1880 ; Egyptian Campaign 
1882 ; Brig-Gen. and Chief Staff 
Officer, Chitral Relief Force, 1895 ; 
Major-Gen('ral commanding Malak- 
land Field Force and Buner Field 
Force (two clasps), 1897-98 ; Lieut- 
General commanding troops in 

eastern Transvaal, 1901 ; retired 
1907. Address : 183, St. James's 
Court, Buckingham Gate, S.W. 
Clubs : Naval and Military, 

Bloomfield, Maurice, M. A., Ph.D., 

Professor of Sanskrit and Com- 
parative Philology, Johns Hop- 
kins University b. Bielitz, Austria, 
1855 ; Educ. ; Chicago University ; 
Furman University, South Caroli- 
na, Yale University; Johns Hopkins 
University, Furman University ; 
Edited for the first time from 
the original Sanskrit Maniis- 
cripts, the Grihyasamgraha of 
Gobhilaputra (Leipsic, 1881), and 
the Sutra of Kaucika (New Haven, 
1899); translated the Atharva-Veda 
in the Sacred Books of the East 
(edited by ]\Iax IMiiller) ; author of 
the Atharva-Veda and the Gopatha- 
Brahmana (Strassburg 1899); joint- 
editor (with Professor Richard 
Garbe of the University of Tubin- 
gen) of the chromo-photographic 
reproduction of The Kashmirian 
Atharva-Veda, the so-called Paip- 
palada, 1900 ; author of Cerberus, 
The Dog of Hades. 1905 ; A Con- 
cordance of the Vedas (Harvard 
Oriental Series), 1907 ; Religion of 
the Veda, 1907 ; contributor to 
numerous learned journals and 
reviews on subjects connected with 
the history, religion, mythology, 
and literature of Ancient India ; 
on Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and 
Comparative Grammar ; on Ethno- 
logy avid Science of Religions ; 
Vice-President and President of 
the American Oriental Society, 
1905-1910; IMembcr of the Ameri- 
can Philological Association : 
German Oriental Society ; Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society; Foreign 
Meml)er of the Royal Bohemian 
Society of Prague : Hon. IMember 
Finno-Ugrian Society of Helsings- 
fors ; Hardy pri7;o of the Royal 
Bavarian Academy of Munich^ 




1908. Address : 861 Park Avenue, 
Baltimore, U.S.A. Club; Univer- 

Blundell, ColonelJohn Eyles, C. B. 

retired ; Taunton ; b. 1843 ; 4th 
s. of late Major G. S. Blundell, 
Bengal Army; Educ.: Sherborne 
School; Royal Military Coll. Sand- 
hurst; Joined 67 th Regiment, 1863; 
served with 67th Regiment during 
theTaiping rebellion in China. 1863; 
D.A.A. General, Madras, 1876-79; 
served with 67th Regiment in Af- 
ghan campaign, 1879-80; A. A. 
General, Madras and Burmah, 
1882-87 ; Burmah campaign, 1885- 
87 : commanded Touhon Expedi- 
tion, Upper Burmah, 1889-90 ; 
commanded 2nd Hampshire Regi- 
ment, 1892-96. Decorated for war 
services. Queen's Jubilee, 1897, 
Address : Cox & Co., 16 Charing 
Cross, S. W. Club : Army and 

Blundell, Major-Gen. Richard; b. 

1835 ; Entered army, 1856 ; 
Major-General, 1889: retired, 1897; 
Lieut. -Col. commanding' 8rd Hus- 
sars, 1874-83 ; .4. A. G. Headquart- 
ers, 1889-85 ; D.A.G, Malta, 1886- 
89 ; commanding First Class Dis- 
trict, Bomha,y, 1891-96. Address: 12 
Lennox Gardens, S.W. Club: Army 
and Navy. 

Blunt, Major Charles Tasper, A.C. 

D.; Ordnance Officer, 3rd Class, 
Burscougli, b. King William's 
Town, S. Africa ; e.s. of "Col. F.C, 
Blunt, late A.S. Corps of Ryde, 
I.W., and gr.-s. of Samuel Tasper 
Blunt of the Colonial Ofhce ; 
widower. Educ : Dr. Thompson's 
School, Jersey ; R.'M. Academy, 
Woolwich. Entred Royal Artillerv, 
1885; served in India, 1885-95; 
Captain, 1896; Major 1904; 
Ordnance Officer, 3rd class, 1904 ; 
Transferred to A.O. Department, 


1905 ; Officer in Charge of Danger 
Buildings, Royal Arsenal, Wool- 
which, 1898—1901 ; served throug- 
out Chitral Campaign, 1895, with 
relief force under Sir Robert Low 
Chief Ordnance Officer, Guernsey, 
1901-1904. Publications: Chitral, 
IMohmad, andTirah Campaigns, for 
Times ; Encyclopaedia Brittanica ; 
Recreatioris ; Out-door games, 
photography. Address: Burscough, 
Lanes; Club: Sports. 

Blunt, Colonel Ernest, C.C. 1907 : 
b. 1851 ; s. of late Rev. H. 
Blunt, M.A.; m. 1884 : Mana, d. of 
Col. Co-ape Smith. Indian, Army; 
one d. Educ: Brighton College; 
Entired -Army, 1872: Captain 1884; 
Major 1891 ;" Lt. -Col. -1898 ; Col.- 
1903; served Afghan War, 1878 79; 
Mahsud Waziri, 1880, N.-W. 
Frontier 1897-98; served nine years 
with Bengal Sappers and Miners ; 
seventeen years in military works 
service ; Chief Engineer, Eastern 
Command, till its abolition; retired. 
1908. Club: United Service. 

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen; b. Petworth 

House, 17 Aug. 1840; s. of F. S. 
Blunt, of Crabbet Park ; to. Lady 
Anne Noel, d. of 1st Earl of Love- 
lace, 1869. Educ: Stonyhurst ; 
Oscott. Diplomatic Service, 1858-70; 
travelled in India, Arabia, Syria, 
Persia, Mesopotomia, etc. 1877- 
81 ; took part in Egyptian National 
Movement, 1881-82; travelled in 
India, 1883-84 when Lord Ripon 
was Viceroy in India ; stood for 
Camberwell, Tory Home Ruler, 
1885 ; Kidderminister, Liberal 
Home Ruler, 1886 ; arrested in Ire- 
land for calling meeting in a pro- 
claimed district, Oct. 1887; impri- 
soned two months in Galway and 
Kilmainham Gaols, 1888. Publi- 
cations: Love Sonnets of Proteus, 
1880; Future of Islam. 1882; The 
Wind and the Whirlwind, 1883 - 
Ideas about India, 1885 : In Vin; 



culis, 1889; A New Pilgrimage, 
1889; Esther, 1892; Stealing of 
the Miire, 1892; Griselda, 1893; 
Satan Absolved, 1899 ; Seven Gold- 
en Odes of Pagan Arabia, 1903. Re- 
creations : Breeder of Arab horses. 
Owns about 5000 acres. Address : 
Crabbet Park, Three Bridges, Suss- 
ex. Clubs: Travellers' ; St. James's, 

Bobbin, Kumara Raja of; Raja 
Yenkata Kumara Krishna Ranga 
Rao Bahadur, b, 1880 : Son 
and heir of Maharajah of Bob- 
bili ; d., born 1899, and named 
Victoria, after Her late Majesty 
the Queen Empress. Educa- 
ted privately under European 
.supervision ; visited Europe 1909. 
Address : Bobbili, Vizagapatam 
District; Madras Presidency. 

Bobbili, Maharajah of; Sir Yenkata 
Svetachalapati Ranga Row 

K. C. I. E., Zamindar of Bobbili ; 
1862 ; 3rd son of the Raja of 
Venkatagiri, and was adopted into 
the Bobbili family in 1871; Married 
thrice ; Heir : Kumara Raja of 
Bobbili ; Educated under the late 
Dr. J. Marsh, of Tanjore and Jey- 
pore ; took charge of Estate, 1881 
and has proved a vigorous manager; 
raised the local middle school to 
the status of high school, 1882; 
built Victoria ^Market, Bobbili, 
1887; the Mahal, a most pleasantly 
situated house to the S.W. of the 
town, 1888. Travelled in N. India 
1883-84 ; visited Europe, 1893 and 
was presented to Her late Jlajesty 
■Queen Victoria, in whose honour 
he built the Victoria Town Hall, 
Bobbili : built Ghosha Hospital 
there, 1894 and gave Rs. 20-000 
for it ; endowed beds in Madras 
Ghosha Hospital, 1875-G; contri- 
buted Rs. 10.000 to the Indian 
Famine Fund 1876-7; title of Raja 
recognised as hereditary in his fa- 

mily bv Government of India. 1890 
K.C.I.E., 1895 ; Member of Le- 
gislative Council, Madras, 1890- 
1898 ; Maharajah, 1900 ; chosen 
one of the two Madras representa- 
tives at the Coronation of King 
Edward VII, 1902. Maintains a 
caste girl school, and has improved 
and enlarged his estate materially. 
]\Iember of Executive Council, 
Madras, 1910-1911. Publications : 
Account of Bobbili Zamindari, 
Advice to Zamindars, "Diary in 
Europe", etc. Address : Bobbili, 
Vizagapatam District, Madras Pre- 
sidency ; Gopal Bag, Mount Road, 

Bocquet, Roscoe, CLE. 1878 ; b. 
1839 ; s. of Francis Samnel 
Bocquet of Liverpool ; m. 1863, 
Edith {d. 1902), d. of John 
Hampton, of Coventry ; Engineer 
on Scinde-Delhi Railway, 1860 to 
1885 ; Engineer for some time in 
South American Railway; rendered 
special services in Connection 
with Madras Famine, 1876. 

Bod, Raj c^ of, Jogindra Deo; Born, 

about 1857 ; succeeded to gaddi, 
1879 ; title of ' Raja ' enjoyed since 
the time of the ]\Iahrattas was re- 
cognised in 1874 ; eldest son of the 
family is called the Jubaraj and 
younger sons are called Babu ; the 
State is one of the tributary 
i\Iahals of Orissa. Area of the 
State, 2064 square miles ; popula- 
tion, about 140,000. The Raja has 
a force of 592 infantry and 2 guns. 
Address : Bod, Orissa. 

Bodinayakanur, Zamindarni of: 
Sri Kamala Ammal. Widow of 
Tirumalai Bodia Kaniarajaya 
Pandya Nayakar, late Zemindar ; 
assumed charge 1888 ; maintains 
a Hospital and a choultry at Bodi- 
nayakanur ; has introduced coffee 
into the Estate ; has an only 




daughter who is married to Zamin- 
darofSaptur. Address: Bodinaya- 
kanur. INIadiira District, Madras 

Boileau, Colonel Frank Ridley 
Farrer; Colonel, General Staff 
8rd Division ; b. 1867 : .s. of 
Colonel F. W. Boile an, C. C, 
and Mrs. Boilean, of Camberley ; 
m. 1902. Mary Aurora, d, of Rev. 
Subdean Tudor of Exeter ; three 
.s. Ednc. : Cheltenham Coll; Joined 
Roval Engineers as 2nd Lieut, 
1887 : served in India, 1889-96 ; 
afterwards in Central Africa as 
Assistant Commissioner Anglo- 
German Boundary Commission, 
South African War ,• passed Stafi 
College.- D. A. A. G. at War Office, 
1902-5; Professor, Staff College, 
Quetta. India, 1906-10. Address : 
Culford Camp. Club : Naval and 

Boileau, Col. Francis William. F.B. 
1891, I. C.S. : b. 1835; s. of 
late Maj.-Gen. F. B. Boileau; 
VI. 1861, Mary Letitia,j<Z. of late 
Rev. William Bradford ; Entered 
army, 1855 ; Col. 1855 ; served 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-59; .Abvssinia, 
1867-68 ; Afghan War 1878-79. Ad- 
dress : Elstowe, Camberley, Surrey. 

Bois, Sir Stanley, Kt. cr. 1905; 
partner in the firm of Bois Bros. 
& Co., merchants and commission 
agents, Colombo ; b. London, 
1864 ; s. of Henry aijd Fran- 
cis Elizabeth Bois, VI. 1895, Isa 
Gordon, d. of Gabriel Ross of 
Sutherlandshire, N. C. ; one d. 
Ediic. ; South Penge Park College, 
London. Spent two years in the 
city of London in a shipbroker's 
office before coming to the East : 
arrived in Ceylon, 1882, and 
joined the staff of a firm whose 
business his brother and he 
ultimately acquired ; acted as 


Member of the Municipal Council, 
Colombo ; Chairman of the Ceylon 
Chamber of Commerce for three 
consecutive years ; Member of 
Legislative Council, 1903 ; Com- 
missioner-General for Ceylon 
to the World's Fair, St. Louis, 
U.S.A. 1904; Acting European M. 
LA., 1906, and Mercantile M.L.C.. 
1910. RecrenHons : music and 
motoring. Address : Hunupitiya 
Cottage, Colombo, Ceylon. Clubs : 
Conservative ; Colcmbo : Hill, 
Newara Eliya. 

Boisragon, Lt.-Col. Guy Hudleston,^ 

V.C. ; Lt. -Colonel, 5th Goorkhas, 
Frontier Force ; b. Kohat, Punjab, 
1864 ; e. s. of Maj.-Gen. Henry 
F. M. Boisragon. late Com- 
mandant of the 1th Sikhs, Punjab 
Frontier Force ; m, Anna, d. of 
late William Hudleston of the 
Madras Civil Service ; Educ. :. 
Charterhouse and Royal Military 
Coll. Sandhurst; Joined Lin- 
colnshire (10th) Regt., 1885; 
joined 5th Goorkhas, 1887 Cap- ; 
tain, 1896; Major, 1903; served 
Hazara Expedition, 1888 Hazara 
Expedition, 1891 ; and with the 
two Miranzai Expeditions in 1891, 
in the first expedition as orderly- 
officer to the general officer in 
command served in the operations, 
in Hunza-Nagar country 1891-92, 
including capture of the Nilt Fort; 
served in Waziristan Expedition 
under Sir William Lockhart, 1894- 
95; Aide-de-Campto Lieut. -General 
Punjab command, 1895-9G; served 
in operations on North-West 
Frontier, 1897-98 ; operations in 
the Sarnana and Kurram valley, 
1897 ; First Expedition 1897-98; 
reconnaissance of the Khar- 
mana defile and action of 7 
Nov. 1897 ; operations against the 
Khani Khel Chamkhannis ; Ad- 
dress : c/o H.S. King & Co., 45 
Pall Mall, S.W. Club: Junior 
Naval and Militarv. 



Bolton, Charles Walter, I.C.S., 
C.S.I. (1897); son of Dr. J. Bolton ; 
Born 1S.50; Educ. University College 
School, the Royal College, Jlauri- 
tius, and King's College, London ; 
went out to Lower Bengal, 1872 : 
Under Secretary t^ the Bengal 
Government 1879 : IMagistrate and 
Collector, 1885 ; Secretary to the 
Board of Revenue, 1891 ; Chief 
Secretary to the Bengal Govern- 
ment, 1896 ; Member of the Board, 
of Revenue. Bengal, 1900 ; Addi- 
tional ^lember. Supreme Legisla- 
tive Council, 1900-1902; C. S.I., 
1897 ; Officiated as Chief Commis 
sioner of Assam, 1903, J. P. for 
Eastborne. Address : Avonmore, 

Bolster, John CLE. 1907 : Deputy 
Commissioner, North India Salt 
Revenue Department ; entered Ser- 
vice 1871 ; Inspector, 1878 ; Super- 
intendent, 1886 ; Assist. Com- 
missioner, 1890 ; Dy. Commis- 
sioner, 1904. Address : India Salt 
Rev. r>ept., Agra, India. 

Bombay Bishop of ; Rt. Rev. Edwin 
James Palmer ; o. s. of late Ar- 
chdeacon Palmer of Oxford, and 
nephew of 1st Lord Selborne ; 
Ediic. ; Winchester School, Balliol 
College, Oxford ; 1st Class Mode. ; 
1st Class Lit. Hum.) ; Ordained 
189G; Fellow, Balliol College, 1891 ; 
Tutor, 1893; Chaplain, 1896; 
Isxiiniining Chaplain to Bishop of 
South-well, 1899-1904; to liishop 
of Rochester, 1904-5 ; to Bishop 
of South wark, 1905-8 ; Liberal and 
High Churchman. Recreations : 
golf, Tennis, study of architec- 
ture, travelling. Address: Bombay, 

Bomford, Surg. -Gen. Sir Gerald, 

K.C.T.E. 1909; CLE. 1903; 
M.D., L. R. C P., ]\LR.A.S., 
Ii.S.A. ; Retired Director-General 
I.IM.S. : b. 1851 ; 4th s. of 

Samuel Bomford ; m. 18S1, Mary 
Florence, d. of Maj.-Geu. F. 
Eteson. Entered Indian 'Medical 
Service ; Principal, Calcutta 
Medical College and Inspector 
General of Civil Hospitals, Punjab; 
' Director-General of I.M.S. 1905. 
1910 ; Retired. 1910 ; Surg.- 
Gen. 1905; served Peralc. 1875-7G- 
Address: Simla. 

Bompas, Hon'ble Mr. C. H. ; Mem- 
ber, Legislative Council, Bengal, 

Bonser, Rt. Hon. Sir John Winfield ; 

Kt. cr. 1894 ; P. C 2901 ; Barr. 
Lincoln's Inn b. 1847 ; o. 
s. of late Rev. John Conser, Has- 
tings ; m. 1st, 1883, Certha, and d. 
of John Nanson (d. 1894) ; 2nd, 
1899, ]\Iary Catherine, o. d. of late- 
Col. Hon. Sir William Colvile, K. 
C.V.O. ; one .s. one d. Educ. : 
Ashby de la Zouche, Lough- 
borough and Heath Crrammar 
Schools ; Christ's Coll. Canib. 
Afterwards Fellow ; Tancred 
Student in Ccmmon Law at Lin- 
coln's ?nn, 1869 ; Senior Classic, 
1870 ; Attorney-Gen. of the Straits- 
Settlements, 1883-93 ; Legal Advi- 
ser to British Legation in Siam, 
1883-9 ; Admiralty Advocate to 
Straits Settlements, 1889.93; Chief 
Justice of Straits Settlements, 1893; 
Chief Justice of Ceylon, 1893-1902; 
Member of Judicial Committee of 
Privy Council, 19U2. Recreations: 
golf, bridge. Address : 3 Eaton 
Place, S.W. Clubs : United Univer- 
sity Savile. 

Bookey, Col. John Trench Brown- 

rigg, CO., 1900 ; Indian Medical 
Service ; late Surgeon to the 
Viceroy ; retired 1902 ; b. Carnew, 
Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 1847 ; 
s. of Dr. Bookev ; w. 1892. Ediic.: 
Trinity College', Dublin. L.R.C.P. 
Edin.L.R.C.S.L ; Enteredl.M.S.,. 



1872 ; se'-ved with the Punjab 
Frontier Force from 1873-1900 ; 
appointed P.M.O. Presv. Dist., 
1900 ; Colonel 1900 ■ served 
in the Jowaki Afrid, Expedi- 
tion, 1877-78 : Mahsud Wazi- 
ri, 1881 ; Burmah, 1886-87 ; 
Hazara Black Mountain, 1888 : 
Miranzai, 1891 : Mahsud Waziri, 
1894-95 Malakand Field Forces 
1897 ; Tirah, 1897-98 ; China 
Expeditionary Force, 1900. Address: 
c/o Grindlav & Co., 54 Parliament 
Street, S.W. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Boon, Archibald, D.Sc. (Edin). 
Professor, Heriat-watt Technical 
College, Edinburgh : educated 
at Bishop Corrie's Grammar 
School, ^he Doveton College, and 
the Presidency College, Madras, 
where he took the B.A. degree of 
the Madras University. ; proceed- 
ed to Edinburgh, and took the 
B. Sc. degree of that University and 
then the D.Sc. Is the first 
Eurasian to attain the last men- 
tioned Degree. 


Booth-Tucker, Commissioner; Officer 

in Salvation Army. Was a 
Deputy Commissioner in the 
Punjab. Became interested in the 
work of the Salvation Army, 1881; 
resigned his position in the I. C. S. 
and joined the Salvation Army 
as an Officer.; came to India and 
opened operations, 1882 ; while on 
a procession in the Streets of 
Bombay, he was arresfed with 
several of his Companions, and 
sentenced to a month's imprison- 
ment ; was sent to America where 
he originated the Farm Settlements 
taking a number of people from 
the town ; his work in the Settle- 
ment was favourably reported on 
by i\rr. Rider Haggard who was 
disputed by the British Govern- 
ment to inspect and report upon 


it ; toured in India for introduc- 
ing certain schemes of a social 
character ; has opened many 
Settlements in India to reclaim the 
Criminal classes of India. 

Bosanqaet, Oswald Yivian, CLE. 
1910; Resident at Baroda b. 
1866 ; 3rd s. of Arthur Bosan- 
quet, Cleddon Hall, Trellecii, N. 
Monmouth ; Educ,. : Clifton Col- 
lege ; New College, Oxford ; Enter- 
ed Indian Civil Service, 1887 ; As- 
sistant Resident at Hyderabad, 
1890 — 3 ; 1st .Assistant and Gover- 
nor General' s Agent Rajputana, 
1893 — 5 ; acting Under-Secretary 
Govt, of India, Foreign Dept. 1895 
and 1898 ; Political Agent, Bhopal, 
1899; Indore, 1900; Resident 
at Indore, 1903—1907; Resident at 
Baroda 1999; Kaiser-i-Hind Gold 
Medal, 190-2. Address: Baroda. 
Club : Junior Carlton. 

Bose, Sir Bipin Krishna; M.A., 
(1898) Rai Bahadur, Govern- 
ment Advocate Nagpur ; Born, 
1851 ; ed. at the Presi- 

dency College Calcutta; M.A., 
1871 ; B. L. 1872. Began to 
practice at Jabbulpur, thereafter 
went over to Nagpur, where he 
rose to the front rank in his pro- 
fession ; Secretary of the Neil 
City High School for the past 
thirty years ; one of the founders 
of the Morris INIemorial College ; 
Member of the Nagpur Municipa- 
lity ; Member of the Famine 
Commission 1908 ; Honorary Sec- 
retary of the Central Provinces 
Branch of the Indian Charitable 
Relief Fund ; Government Advo- 
cate 1888 ; resigned 1902 ; Member 
Supreme Legislative Council ; 
1902 — 1905 ; again appointed Gov- 
ernment Advocate, 1905; Knighted, 
1907. Address: Nagpur, C. P. 

Bose, Chuni Lai; M. A., F. G. S. 
Rai Bahadur, 1898 ; educated at 



the Sanskrit Collegiate School, the 
General Assembly's Institution and 
the Calcutta Medical College ; Ad- 
ditional Chemical Examiner since 
1894 ; one of the Vice Presidents of 
the Indian Medical Congress, 1894; 
elected fellow of the chemical 
Society of Great Britain, 1894 ; 
Member of the Indigenous Drugs 
Committee, 1897; Fellow of the 
Calcutta University; Examiner in 
Arts and Medicine for the past 
15 years. Publications : many 
works on chemistry. Address ; 25 
Mahendra Bose's Lane, Calcutta. 

Bose, Jagdish Chandra M.A. (Can- 
tab), CLE. (1908) C.S.L, (1911)D. 
Sc. (Lond) ; Educated, Presidency 
College, Calcutta, and Christ's 
College Cambridge, where he gained 
high honors in the Natural Science 
Tripas ; conducted much research 
work in the realms of 
Chemistry and Electricity ; his 
enquiries into " Hertzian Waves" 
led to the discovery of the 
principles of " Wireless Tel- 
graphy" ; invented an instru- 
ment for verifying the laws of 
refraction, reflection, and polariza- 
tion of electric waves. Entered 
the Bengal Education Dept. 1883; 
has been a very distinguished 
Professor at the Presidency 
College ; is a member of many 
European and American scientific 
societies ; was invited to attend 
the International Scientific Con- 
gress in Paris where he was receiv- 
ed with every mark of honor by 
the most famous scientists of the 
world, 1900; Invited by the Royal 
Institution of England to read a 
paper on his recent scientific dis- 
coveries. Publications: " Deter- 
mination of Indices of Refraction" 
"Electric Wares," "The Res- 
ponse of Inorganic IMatter to 
stimulus," etc. Fellow of the 
Calcutta Universiry. Addirss: 
Presidency College, Calcutta. 

Bose KarunaDas, M.A., M.L., Raf 
Bahadur 1900; Retd., District and 
Sessions Judge: son of the late Rai 
Harischandra Bose ; born, 1847; 
educated at the Dacca Collegiate 
School and the Calcutta Presidency 
College. Add)-ess : Bangala bazar, 
Decca, Bengal, and Mirzapur 
street, Calcutta. 

Bose, Ram Gopal, Rai Bahadur 
1889; Born, 1843, educated at 
Hooghly College; Entered service in 
the Fyzabad Cantonment Magis- 
trate's office, 1846; Head Accoun- 
tant, Indore Residency, from 
which he retired in 189'2. 
Address : 128, Ganesh Mohulla, 
Benares City. 

Boughey, Co!. George Fletcher Ott- 

ley, R.E; C.S.L, 1896; a Light 
Railway Commissioner; b- 

1844 ; ' in. 1872, Harriet Rose 
Army, d. of late Lieut. -Col. W. 
Stuart Menteth. Entered R.E., 
1862; Captain 1875; Col. 1895; 
served Bhutan Expedition 1865-66; 
Afghan War. 1878-80. Address: 
60 Courjbficld Gardens, S. W. ; 54 
Parliament Street, S. W. 

Boulger, Demetrius Charles : Born. 
1853 ; educated privately and 
at Kensington Grammar School 
has contributed to all the 
leading journals on questions rela- 
ting to India, China, Egypt and 
Turkey since 1876 : founded, in 
conjunction with Sir Lepel Griflfin, 
the Asiatic Quarterly Review, 
1885; And edited it up to 1890. 
hablications Life of Yakub Beg of 
Kasghar, England and Russia in 
Central Asia, Central Asian Por- 
traits, Armies of the Native States 
of India, Central Asian Questions, 
Lord William Bcntinck, Story of 
India, in the Nineteenth Century, 
History of Cliina, of which several 
editions have been published. Life 
of Gordon, Life of Sir Stamford 




Raffles, 18;)9; the- Gango State, 
1898 ; the Belgians at Waterloo ; 
India in the XIX cenr. 1901 : His- 
tory of Belgium, 190'2 .- Belgian 
Life, 1904 ; Life of Sir Hallidav 
Macartney, K C.M.G., 1908. Ad- 
drei:s : 1-2 Bloouisbury Square, 

Boulnois, Charles, Bar-at-law b, 

183'2; son of late William Boulnois 
Educ : King's ell, Lcndcn; 
LL. B. Lond. Univ., Advocate of 
the Calcutta Svipreme Court. 1855; 
Prof, of Law, Calcutta Presidency 
Coll. 1858 ; First Judge, Calcutta 
Court of Small Causes; 1861: 
Officiating Secretary, Legislative 
Department, Government of Ben- 
gal, 1863 ; Officiating Deputy 
Secretary, Legislative Department, 
Government of India, 1861: : Judge 
of the Chief Court of the Punjab, 
1866; Senior Judge, 1867-77; 
Reporter of Indian appeals in 
England for the authorised Indian 
Law Reports, 1879—1901 ; joint 
author of Notes on Punjab Custo- 
mary Law, Lahore, 1876: Fellow 
of the Punjab University, 188'2, 
Address: '2, Harcourt iSuildings, 
Temple. E. B. 

Bourne. Sir Alfred Gibbs. K.C.I.E. 
Cr. 1913 ; CLE. 1908, F.R.S., 
F.L.S., C.M.Z.S. ; Director of 
Public Instruction, ]\Iadras, (on 
leave) ; Commissioner for Govern- 
ment Examination ; Additional 
Member of the Council of Fort St. 
George ; 6, Lowestoft, 8 Aug. 1859; 
e. s. of Alfred Bourne, SAjretary to 
the British and Foreign School 
Society ; m. Emily Tree Glashier, 
1888; one s, one d. Educ: Univer- 
sity College, School; Royal School 
of Mines : University College, 
London. D. Sc. Lond. ; Fellow of 
Univ. Coll. London ; President of 
the Faculty of Arts in the Univer- 
sity of Madras. Assistant to E. 
Hay Lankester, 1879-85 : engaged 


in research at Zoological Station, 
Naples, 1883-85 , appointed to 
Madras, 1885 ; Registrar of the 
Univ. of Madras, 1891 and 1899 ; 
Botanist to the Government of 
Madras, 1897-98 ; Member, Indian 
Universities Conimission, 1902 ; 
Warden, Victoria Hostel, !Madi-as, 
1900-2 ; Prof, of Biology, the 
Presidency Coll., Madras, Indian 
Education Service, 1886-1903 ; 
Publications: Papers on the Anato- 
my of the Pelomyxa, Limnocodium 
Choetobranchus, Leeches, Earth- 
worms, Rotifera, Pearly Nautilus, 
Scorpion Poison, etc., in Quart. 
Journ. Micro. Science, Proc. Royal 
Sec, etc. liecrcations: mechanical 
manipulation, botanical field-work, 
motoring. Address: The Adyar, 
INIadras ; c/o Grindlay and Co. 54 
Parliament Street. Club : Savile. 

Boyson Sir A. J., Director, Messrs, 
Binny & Co., ^ladras , .s. of late Mr. 
J. A. Boyson, Solicitor of the old 
Sadar Court and subsequently 
High Court, Madras ; one of 
the oldest members of the 
European merchantile community 
of Madras ; joined business and 
became Director of ^Messrs Binney 
& Co., one of the leading 
European firms in IMadras ; Has 
done much towards the indus- 
trial progress of the jiresidency as 
a whole; Is generally known as 
the reconstructor of ^lessrs Binny 
& Co. Address : ' Silverton ' Casa- 
wajor's Road, Egmore, Madras 

Brackenbury, Gen. Rt. Hon. Sir 
Henry : Born September 1, 1837: 
at Bolingbroke, Linconshire ; 
educated at Eton and R.M.A., 
Whoolwich; Joined the Royal 
Artillery, 1856 : in the Indian 
mutiny : served in Central India, 
1857-8 ; Franco-German War, 
1870-1 Ashanti war, 1873-4 : Zulu 
war, 1879-80 : Private Secretary 



• to Lord Lytton, the Vicerov of 
Jndia, 1880: Military Attache at 
Paris, 1881-2: Assistant Under- 
Secretary to Lord-Liout. of Ire- 
land, 1882 ; oommanded River 
'Column, Egypt, 1884-5 : pro- 
moted Major-deneral for dis- 
tinguished service in the field : 
Director of ililitary Intelligence 
188G-91 : Military Member of the 
Supreme Council of India, 18S)1-G: 
President Ordnance Commitee 
189G-99; Director General 'of 
Ordnance at the War Office, 1899, 
1904; K.C.B., 1894: K, C.S.I. 
1896: G.C.B., 1900: General 
R.A.„ 1901: P.O. Feb. 1904. 
Publications : The Last Campaign 
of Hanover, 1870 ; The Tactics of 
the Three Arms, 1873 ; Narrative 
of the Ashantee War (2 Vols), 

.,• 1874 ; The River Column, 1885. 
Address ; Queen Anne's Mansions, 
St James' Park, S. W. United 
Service, and Wellington Clubs. 

Brackenbury, Colonel Maule Camp- 
bell, R.E. ; C.S.I. , 1898 : retired 
list ; 6. 20 September. 1844 ; .s. of 
William Congreve Brackenbury : 
m. Florence Mary, d. of General 
William Spottiswode Trevor, V.C; 
1882. Educ. : private school; en- 
tered R.E. 1865 ; Col. 1898 ; serv- 
ed Perak Expedition, 1874-75. 
Afghanistan, 1878-1880; Mariri- 

, Expedition, 1880 (despatches). 
Was Private Secretary to Governor 
■ of Straits Settlements, 1873-5; 
Decorated for services in mobilisa- 
tion of troops in India in 1898. 
Recreations : golf, shooting, fish- 
ing. Address: Queen's Mansions, 

. 56 Victoria Street, C.W. Clubs: 
United Service, Hurlingham. Wel- 

Bradford, Colonel Sir Edward Ridle 
Colborne, Baronet: Bum July 27 
1836: son ofRev. W.M.K. Brad- 
ford : educated at Marlborough : 
entered the Madras Army, 1854; 

Captain, 1865; Colonelin 1884: 
served in the Persian campaign, 
1856-7: in the Indian Mutiny, in 
the N..W. Provinces, 1858-9 : com- 
manded a regt. of the Central 
India Horse, 1858-1869: entered 
the Political Departmet : General 
Superintendent for suppressing 
Thagi and Dakaiti, '1874: attend- 
ed H.R.H. the Prince of Wales on 
his tour in India, 1875-6 : Agent 
to the Governor-General for Raja 
putana and Chief Commissionier- 
Ajmere ; Secretary in the Political, 
and Secret Department, India 
office, 1887 : accompanied H.R.H;. 
Prince Edward Duke of Clarence, 
on his tour in India, 1889-90; A.D. 
C. to the Queen 1889-93 : Chief 
Commissioner of Police in the Met- 
ropolis, 1890-1903.- K.C.S.I., 1885 
G.C.B.G.C.V.D., 1902 : Baronet, 
1902. Extra Equerry to the King, 
1903 : Address : .50, South Audley, 
Street, W. Army and Navy Club. 

Bradley-Birt, F.B., I.C.S., F.R.G. 

S.; b. 25 June 1874. Editc. : 
Brasenose College, Oxford. B.A. 
(Honours in History), 1897 ; 
entered ' Inner Temple, 1895; 
entered I.C.S. 1898 ; Assistant 
IMagistrate and Collector, Bengal; 
several times on special duty ; 
Magistrate and Collector, Hooghly 
and Khulna. Publications : Chota 
Nagpore : a little-known Province 
of the Empire, 1903 ; The Story of 
an Indian Upland, 1905; The 
Romance of an Eastern Capital, 
1906 : Through Persia from the 
Gulf ko the Caspian, 1909. 
Address : The Berrow, Worcester- 
shire. Chibs : East India United 
Service; Authors'; United Service, 

Bradley, Herbert, C.S.I. 1906 ; b. 
29 January 1856 ; Elder, s. of R.H. 
Bradley M.D. of Blackhcath r 7)j. 
1891, Lillias, Sarah, d. of Rev. 
Dr. M'CuUoch. Educ: Winchester. 
Enteredl.C.S. 1876; Barrister(Mid. 



Bell, William. 

Temple) 1878 ; posted to Madras, 
1878 , Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate, special duty, 1885-87 
Secretary to the Board of Revenue, 
1887 ; Collector, 1891 ; Member of 
the Board of Revenue 1900 ; 
President of the Salt Committee, 
1904 ; Member of the Legislative 
Council, l900 Chief Secretary, 
1905-8; Temporary, Member of 
Council, 1902, 1904^ 190G, and 1908; 
retired 1909. Address : Hill Croft, 
Broadstone, Dorset. Clubs : East 
India United Service; Royal and 
Ancient Golf, St. Andrews. 

Bradshaw, Surgeon-General Alex- 
(Frederick, C.B., 1891 ; M.R.C.P- 
(Lond.), M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. 
Lond.), F.R.G.S., Member Royal 
Society of ^ledicine ; Hon. 
Physician to the King; M.A. 
Oxon. {hon., 1900; by decree, 
19lO);A.M.S. (retired); Member 
of Oxford City Council: b 1834; 
m. 1164, Ellen C, d. of Col. R. S. 
Ew art, Bengal Army; three s, 
five d. Educ: private school. 
Cam bridge; St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, London: Worcester 
College, Oxford, .1897-1900. 

Entered Army IMedical Depart- 
ment, 1857, "and appointed to 
Rifle Brigade : served with 2nd 
Battalion during Indian Mutiny ; 
present at siege of Lucknow, 1858, 
Garrison and Brigade Surgeon, 
Delhi, 1863-1864 ; appointed to 
Chestnut Troop, Royal Horse 
Artillery, 1866 : on personal staff 
of there Commanders-in-Chief in 
India, Sir William .Mansfield 
(afterwards Lord Sandhurst), 
Lord Napier of Magdala, and Sir 
Fred. Haines, 1869-81: went with 
last to Afghanistan, 1879, during 
the war ; principal medical officer 
of the Quetta District, Baluchistan 
1884-86; of the Zhob A'alley 
Expeditionary Force, 1884 of the 
Frontier Field Force, Assam, 
E^ypt, 1886-87 ; of the Northern 

■ District , England, 1887; of the 


Rawal Pindi District, Punjab,. 
1887-92 : of the Hazara (Black 
IMountain) Field Force, 1891 Hon. 
Surgeon to Viceroys of India. 
Lords Lansdowne and Elgin, 
1891-95 ; principal medical officer, 
H.M.'s Forces in India, 1892-95; 
served 35 years in India ; received 
King's Coronation Medal, 1902. 
Address : 111 Banbury Road. 
Oxford. Clubs : United Service,. 
London : Oxford and County, 

Brahmachari, UpendraNath; M.A. 
M.D. Ph. D; Rai Bahadur; 
Fellow of the Calcutta Universityr 
Royal Society of niedicine ; 
member of the Asiatic Society of 
Bengal ; Lecturer in Medicine 
at the Medical School, Cal- 
cutta. Born, 1875 ; Educ: at 
the Presidency College, Calcutta; 
B.A. in honours in Mathematics 
securing Thwaytes Medal ; M.A. 
while a medical student ; 1st in 
the M.B. Examination Winning 
Mclood Goodeve Medals ; M.D. in 
1902 ; Fellow 1904 ; Member of cen- 
tral Malaria Committee, Bombay; 
1911; Entered Government service 
as house Physician in the Medical 
College hospital Calcutta. Address: 
No. 10, Nenitola Ghat Street. Cal- 

Brandt, Hon : Mr. Francis, B. A., 

Retired Judge, High Court, IMadras 
educated at the Brasenose College, 
Oxford; Entered I. C. S. 1st 
September, 1862 ; Student at th e 
College, from 7th October 1862; 
passed in Telugu and Tamil on 15th 
January and 15th April respec- 
tively, 1863; Posted as Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, Kistna, 
8th June 1863 ; sub Magistrate 1st 
Class, 22nd April 1864 ; Acting 
Special Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate Kistna, 1st November. 
1864 to 20th January 1865 ; Acting 
Head Assistant Collector, Kurnool 



1st March to 11th April, 1SG5 ; 
Acting Under Secretary to Govern- 
ment in tlie departments under the 
Chief Secretary, 19th April to 18th 
July 1865 ; Acting Head Assistant, 
Salem, from 29th July 1865 : 
Justice of the Peace, 8th January 
1866 ; Head Assistant Collector, 
Bellarv; but to continue in Salem, 
30th April to Sth June, 1866 ; 
Acted as Under Secretary to 
Government in the Revenue and 
other departments till August 1867; 
Confirmed as Under Secretary to 
Government, Revenue Department, 
28th August 1867 ; Acting Sub- 
Secretary, Board of Revenue. 21st 
August 'to 21st November 1868 ; 
various other capacities till 1873; 
Proceeded to Europe on furlough, 
13th October 1873 to 16th April 
1874; Acting Collector of Sea 
Customs, Madras, till 27th April 
1874; Acting District and Sessions 
Judge. Chingleput, 20th July 1874 
to 13th August 1875 ; Acted in 
other capacities and again pro- 
ceeded on furlough from 
21st April 1879 to 19th April 
1880 ; returned and was posted 
to Trichinopoly, 1880; Member, 
Rent Law Commission, 1882; 
Collector, Magistrate and Addi- 
tional Judge, Nilgris, 1888 ; OSg. 
Judge, High Court, Madras, 1884; 
confirmed, 30th September 1884, 
retd. 1887. Address : c/o India 
Office, London. 

up the Seistan-Nashki trade route; 
thanked by Government of India ; 
accompanied Pekin Svndicate 
throughout North China," 1898-9; 
Served South Africa, 1899- 
1902 ; Royal Humane Medal. Re- 
creations : steeplechasing, hunting, 
polo, shooting. Address : Wood- 
ville, Buttevant, Co. Cork. Club : 

Brereton, Alfred, C.S.I. , 1903; 
M.I.C.E. ; b. 1849; s. of late Rev. 
Charles David Brereton, Rector of 
Framingham Earl, Norfolk ; r>i. 
1st, 1894, Haidee {d. 1902), e. d. of 
Col. Shaw (retired) of Heathburn 
Hall, Co. Cork; 2nd, 1908, Frances, 
d. of late D. Stewart of Ealing. 
Educ. : Norwich Grammar School; 
entered Railway Branch of the 
Indian Pviblic Works Dept., 1873 ; 
Executive Engineer, 1880 ; Assis- 
tant Director, N.W. Railway, 
1887 ; District Traffic Superinten- 
dent, 1888; Deputy Manager, 1891 ; 
Officiating Manager, Eastern Ben- 
gal State Railway, 1893 ; Manager 
and Engineer-in-Chief, East Coast 
Railway, 1893 ; Director of Rail- 
way Traffic and Deputy Secretary 
to Government of India (Rail- 
way Dept.), 1897; Secretary, 1901- 
1904 ; retired, 1904 ; Govt. Direc- 
tor, Guaranteed Railway Com- 
panies, 1905. Recreations : riding ; 
Address : 24, Ashley Palace, S.W. 
Chib : Oriental. 

Brazier-Creagh , Lieutenant-Colonel 
George Washington, C.M.G., 
R. A. M. C; b. 1860; s. of 
late George Washington Brazier- 
Creagh, Woodville, Buttevant, and 
Creagh Castle, Doneraile, Co. 
Cork. Educ. : Trin. Coll. Dublin ; 
Conducted Missions to S.E. Persia, 
1893-4; to Seistan, Persia, 1896-7; 
made extensive explorations in 
the regions in Eastern Persia and 
Persian Baluchistan and opened 

Brereton^ Capt. Frederick Sadlier, 

M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., M.D. Brux. ; 
R.A.M.C., attached to Scots 
Guards ; now engaged in writing 
books, b. 1872 ; s. of Franc Sadlier 
Brereton , late 2nd Batt . 60th Rifles , 
and Isabella Beeston ; in. 1898. 
Ethel Mary Lamb, of Eskdale : 
Birkdale; one s. one d. Ediic, 
Cranleigh; Guy's Hospital; Gazet- 
ted Surg. -Lieut, Army Medical 
Staff, 1896, obtained first place 




in competitive entrance exami- 
nation, and ]Martin Gold ]\Iedal for 
^Medicine and Parke's ]\Iedal for 
Hygiene at Netley : gazetted Assis- 
tant Surgeon to 2nd Scots Guards, 
1898; retired, 1902; served in South 
African War ; Captain, 1898, and 
on retirement, Captain, 3rd V.B. 
King's Liverpool Regt.; at present 
in command of IMounted Infantry 
Co. Publications: With Shield and 
Assegai, Zulu War; With rifle and 
Bayonet, Boer War, 1900; A Gall- 
ant Grenadier, Crimea; The Dragon 
of Pekin, ^oi^ revolt; In the 
King's Service; Cromwell in Ire- 
land; One of the Fighting Scouts, 
Boer War, 1901; In the Grip of 
the ^Mullah, Somaliland; Foes of 
the Red Cockade, French Revolu- 
tion; A Hero of Lucknow, Indian 
Mutiny; With the Dyacks of Bor- 
neo; Under the Spangled Banner, 
Spanish-American War; A Knight 
of St. John, a tale of the Siege of 
Malta; A Soldier of Japan, etc. 
Ec(.:reaiions .-motoring, carpentering, 
etc./lcMrt'Ss; c/o Parr'sBank, South 

Brett, The Hon. Mr. Justice Cecil 
Michael Wilford, C.S.I. , 1906; 
Judge, High Court, Calcutta, since 
1900 ; 3rd s. of late R.R.W. Brett, 
Bombay Cavalry ; b. Ranelagh, 
Chelsea, 1852 ; vi. Margaret 
Ellen, 3rd d. of late Henry 
Davies. Educ: Cheltenham Coll.; 
Indian Civil Service, 1874 ; Regis- 
trar, High Court, Calcutta, Appel- 
late side, 1886 ; called,J}0 the Bar, 
Middle Temple, 1885 ; District 
Judge, 1891. Address : High 
Court, Calcutta. Clubs : East 
India United Service ; United 
Service ; Calcutta. 

Brijmohan Deo, Raja of Kaiahan- 

di ; 6, 1895 ; succeeded to gaddi, 
1897; cduc, at Patna. Till recently 
the State was in charge of the 
Political Agent subject to the 


supervision of the Commissioner 
of Orissa. The ruling family 
belongs to the Nagvansi clan of 
Rajputs. Area of the State, 
3,745 square miles; popula- 
tion, about 400,000; revenue, Rs. 
1.11,000. The Raja is entitled to a 
salute of 9 guns. Address : Kala- 
handi, Sambalpur, Bengal. 

Brij Lai Chauduri, Rao Sahib. 1902, 

Acct. Gl, Alwar State ; 6, 1S54. 
educ, at Beawar ; Tiaiisferred 
to the Executive Engineer's 
Office, Kotah State, 1880; appointed 
Hakkim Hisat by the Political 
Agents, 1889 ; Vice-President, 
Kotah Municipality for 16 years ; 
Census, work. Kotah city, 1901; 
Acct-General, Alwar State. Address: 
Alwar, Rajaputana, India. 

Brij Narayan Gurtu, Rai'; 6, 

1876 ; succeeded, 1904; is a 
Kashmiri Brahmin of the Gurtu 
sect.; his grandfather Pandit 
Kishen Narayan, was a Deputy 
Collector at the time of the 
Mutiny of 1857 at Sangor. 
He was loyal to the Government 
and did all he could to restrain the 
rebel sepoys and to quiet the in- 
habitants. He was rewarded with 
a grant of 3 villages in Cawnpore 
together with the hereditary title 
of Rai. The property compyises 
7 villages in Cawnpore, paying a 
revenue of Rs. 8,288. Acldress : 
Patkapur, Cawnpore, U.P. 

Broacha, Sir ShapurjiEarjorji, Kt. 

(1911), late Sheriff of Bombay; 
President of the Native Share and 
Stock Broker's Association. Ad- 
dress : Bombay. 

Broadbent, Col. John Edward, C.B. 

1393; R. E. ; b. Longwood, 
1845 ; 3rd s. of late John 
Broadbent, Longv/ood Edge, near 
Huddersfield ; m. 1st, 1870, Dora 



{d. 1897), d. of T. Nicholson; 
three s. one d. ; 2nd, 1900, Hon. 
Alexandra Caroline Frances, 4th 
d. of 14th Baron Save and Sele, 
Educ. ; privately. Pollock ]Medal, 
R. M. Academy, Woolwich. Joined 
R.B. 186G : sailed for India 1866 ; 
commanded 3rd Company, Bengal 
Sappers and Miners, 1869 ; Secre- 
tary to Torpedo Committee, Cal- 
cutta, till 1S74 ; Military Works 
Department. 1874 ; Head-quarters 
StaS of Inspector- jeneral of Mili- 
tary Works, Simla 1879-82 ; Assis- 
tant Secretary and Deputy Secre- 
tary, Government of India, Mili- 
tary Department 1S82-92; Deputy 
Director-General for Fortifications, 
1892-94 ; Chief Engineer, Bombay 
:\rilitary works, 1894-9-5 ; Chie'f 
P^ngineer, Punjab Command, 1895- 
1902: commanded R. E.Malakand 
Field Force, 1897 ; Brigadier- 
General commanding R.E. Tirah 
Expeditionary Force, 1897 ; des- 
patches ; Treasurer Royal Berk- 
shire Hospital ; J. P. Berks, Deco- 
rated for Malokand Field Force ; 
Tirah Expeditionary Force ; re- 
tired, 1902. Recreations : Reading. 
Address: Fyneshury, Club: 

Broadfoot, Major William C. B. 

(1888), F.R.G.S. : b, 1841: s. of 
Alexander Broadfoot: educ; pri- 
vately and at Addiscombe College, 
joined the Royal Engineers, 1860; 
Major, 1881 : served with the 
Hazara Field Force, 1868 (Medal 
and Clasp); in the Irrigation Dep- 
artment in the Panjab, 1SG4-8: 
Assistant Secretary to the Panjab 
Governmenit, 1863-78 : retired ; 
is the Referee of Royal Geogra- 
phical Society on Afghanistan, 
Beluchistan, and India. Publica- 
!ions : The Career of Major 
' ieorga Broadfoot, Billiards, in 
the Badminton Library, 1891 ; 
numerous articles in the principal 

Reviews and jNIaga^ines, and in 
the Athenaeum, the Times Ency- 
clopedia Britannica. Etc. ; Bio- 
graphies in the D.N.B. and the 
R.E. Journal : Eecreatiov.s : travel, 
towing, painting in water colours, 
billiards. Address : 103, Glowcestor 
Terrace Hyde Park, W. Naval 
and ]^.Iilitary, and Union, Clubs. 

Brodie, Hon'bIe:Mr. Norman Somer- 

Yille,M.A., I.C.S., Member. Board 
of Revenue, ?iladras ; completed 
education at the Christ Church 
(^/ollege, Oxford ; joined service, 
1886; permitted to remain one more 
year in England for taking a Degree 
in Honors at the Oxford Univer- 
sity ; arrived in India, December 
1887 ; posted as Assistant Collec- 
tor and IMagistrate, 1888 ; acted 
in the various subordinate grades 
in various parts of the Presidency ; 
twice deputed on special duty, 
once for preparing Administration 
Report of the Presidency for 1899- 
'JO, and again for arranging records 
in the office of the Board of Rev- 
enue, Madras ; Secretary to Com- 
nrissioner of Salt, etc., Jladras, 
1900 ; Collector and Magistrate, 

1903 ; again on special duty for the 
organisation of the Guntur Dist. 

1904 and as a ilember, P. W. Estbt 
Committee, 190G-O7 ; Addl. Mem- 
ber, Madras Legislative Council, 
1912 ; 4th Member, Board of 
Revenue, Madras, 1913. Address ; 
Nungambakam, ^Madras, India.' 

Brooke, Sir William Robert, 3v.C. 
I.E.; 1895; b. 1842; in. 1870, 
Evelyn, d. of John Simons ; enter- 
ed Indian Telegraph Department, 
1857 ; Superintendent, Bombay, 
1866-69 ; Punjab, 1869-71 ; Direc- 
tor, 1883; Deputy Director-General, 
1886-87 ; Director-Gen. of Teleg- 
raphs in India,;i887 ; retired, 1895. 
Address : Albert Gate JIansions, 
219 Knightsbridge, S.W. Chtb : 




Broun, John Alexander, C.S.I. 1909; 
Commissioner, Fyzabad Division ; 
b. 1856 ; s, of late John Allan 
Broun, P.R.S. ; m. 1889, Mary 
d. of ilaj.-Creneral de Symons 
Barrow ; Ecluc. : University Col- 
lege, London ; Balliol College, 
Oxford; Entered I.C.S. 1877; 
Joint Magistrate, 1888 ; Deputy 
Commissioner, 1894 ; Magistrate 
and Collector, 1896. Address : 
Fyzabad, India. Club: East India 
Uiiited Service. 

Brown Charles, CLE. (1903) ; 5. 

184'J ; .s. of late Rev. 
J. R. Brown, Vicar of Knighton, 
Radnorshire ; in. 1875, Wilhelmina 
Mary, cZ. of late Lieut. -Col. J. P. 
Mayers of Pendell Court, Blet- 
chingle}', Surrey ; one d. Educ. : 
Marlborough College; entered 
Punjab Police, 1868 ; District 
Superintendent, 1876 ; served in 
Afghanistan, 1869 (medal and 
clasp) ; Deputy Inspector-General. 
1894. ; Inspector-General, 1901; in 
charge of Police arrangements. 
Coronation Durbar, Delhi, 1903; 
retired, 1904. Adderss : Southend 
Lodge, Cheltenham. Club : New 

Brown.Thomas Edwin Burton,M.D., 

CLE. ; Brigade-Surgeon (retired); 
b. 1833 : s. of Thomas Brown ; 
m. 1862, Mary Caroline, d. of 
Charles Hewlett (deceased) ; three 
s. one d. Educ. : King's College 
School : Guy's Hospital, 'London; 
Exhibitioner and Gold Medalist in 
Anatomy and Materia Medica ; 
Gold Medalist in Botany, Surgery, 
and Physiology; Demonstrator of 
Anatomy, Guy's Hospital, 1857 ; 
House-Surgeon, Medical College 
Hospital, Calcutta, 1860; Chemical 
Examiner, Punjab Govt. 1861 ; 
Lecturer on Chemi.stry, Botany. 
■ Materia Medica, and Toxicology, 
Lahore Medical School, 1870; 


Principal, Lahore I\Iedical College, 
and Lecturer on Itledicine and 
Physiology; Medical Tutor, 

Ayerst Hostel, Cambridge, 1890 : 
Examiner, Apothecaries Society, 
1891; Master, Apothecaries Society, 
1901-'2 ; President, Tlierapeutical 
Society, 1906; Vice-'ii'resident, 
Royal Society of IMedicine. Puhli- 
catians. On Punjab Poisons, and 
papers in the Indian IMe'dical 
Gazette. Recreafion: gardening. 
Address: Ryslaw, 185, Willesden 
Lane, Brondesbury, N.W. 

Browne, Surgeon-General William 
Richard, M. D.; CLE. 1846 ; 
retired ; b. 1852 ; served in Rumpa 
rebellion, 1876-80. 

Browne, Colonel Samuel Haslet, 

M.D., M.R.C.P., CLE. l':^96. 
I.I\I.S. ; retired I.G. of Civil Hospi- 
tals, Bengal ; late Hon, Surgeon 
to Viceroy of India; b. Buncrana, Co 
Donegal, Ireland, 1850; y, s. of 
Rev. William Browne ; Educ. : 
Queen's College. Belfast ; and in 
medical colleges in London, Paris, 
and Vienna; Fellow Royal Insti- 
tute of Public Health; entered 
Royal Naval Medical Service 1870; 
resigned, 1874 ; entered Indian 
Medical Service ; Afghan War, 
1878-79 Civil Surgeon, Simla, 
1886; Principal, Medical College, 
Lahore, 1899, 1903. Recreations : 
golf, tennis, shooting. Chib : East 
India United Service. 

Brittain, Rev Canon Arthur Henry 
Barrett. M. A. ; h. 1854 : 7th 
s. of late Rev. Charles Brittain; 
VI. Geraldine Feodora. d. of 
late Henry Barry Hyde, ones, one 
d; Educ: King Edward's School. 
Birmingham ; St. Edmund Hall, 
Oxford; M.A., 1879; Ordained 
Curate of Wolstanton, 1880 ; Foun- 
4^r and first head of St. Augus- 
tine Mission, Pulham ; Junior 



Chaplain, Madras, 1887 ; Senior 
Chaplain, and C<inon of 

Madras Cathedral : Editor, jMadras 
Diocesan ^Magazine, 1903-07 ; 
Acting Archdeacon of Madras and 
Bishop's Commissary ; Founder of 
the Diocesan Soldier's Institutes 
at Secundcrabad and St. Thomas's 
Mount : Secretary of the Angli- 
can Third Order ; Vicar of Whit- 
tlebury-cum-Silverstone, 1909. Ad- 
dress : Whittlebury "Vicarage, 

Browning, C.E., M. I. C. E., 
M.A.S.E.; b. 1869; Chief Engineer, 
Cochin State. Address: Ernaculam, 
Cochin State, Southern India. 

Browjiing, Lt. -Colonel Winthrop 
Benjamin, CLE., 1S9S; L.R. 
C.P.I. ; L.R.C.S. I.; Senior Medical 
Officer, General Hospital, and Prin- 
cipal, -iledical College, ^Madras, (re- 
tired;; Fellow ]\Iadras University ; 
s. of late Benjamin Winthrop 
Browning, Baggotstown, Co. Limer 
ick; b. 1855; m. 1887, Annie Geor- 
gina, d. of Col. Kenlis-Fergus Ste- 
venson ; three s. Edicc. : privately ; 
entered Indian jMedical Service, 
1880; entered civil department and 
became Surgeon, Royapetta Hos- 
pital, and Professor of ]\Iedical 
-Jurisprudence, Madras ^ledical 
Collrge ; 1st Surgeon and Prof, of 
Surgerv, Madras General Hospital, 
190(5 ; Surgeon to T. E. Lord Wen- 
lock, Sir A. Havelock, and Lord 
.Ampthill, Governors of Madras ; 
Retired, 1910. Address: Rahcen, 
Tipperary. Chcb: East India 
United Service. 

Brownlow, Lieut-General Henry 
Alexander, R.E. ; b. 1831 ; 
HI. 1859, d. of late Sir J. 
Brind, G.C.B., R.A. ; entered 
Army, 1849; Maj-Gen. 1886; served 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-58 ; Inspector 
General of Irrigation and Deputy 

Secretary to Government of India, 
1877-86 ; Retired, 1886. Address : 
8, Homefield Road, Wimbledon. 

Bruce, Richard Isaac, Commis- 
sioner (retired). Punjab ; b. 18-10: 
s. of Jonathan Bruce : served in 
Afghan V/ar, 1878-9 : on the N.W. 
Frontier of India at Daulatzai, 
1884: in the Zhob Valley 
Expedition, 1890; co-operated in the 
opening of the Cromal Pass, 1890 ; 
British Commissioner, Afghan- 
Waziristan Delimitation Commis- 
sion, 1894 : at Wano, 1894 : in 
Waziristan, 1894-5: received thanks 
of Government on several occasions 
for distinguished services on the 
Frontier. Publications : Gazetter 
of Dera Ghazi Khan ; A ^Manual 
of the Beluchi language; A 
History of the ]Marri-Beluch 
Tribe ; The Forward Policy, and 
its Results. Address : Quetta ; 
Fairfax Road, Teddington. East 
India United Service club. 

Brunyate, James Bennett, CLE., 
(1910), I.e. S., Additional Member, 
Imperial Legislative Council; s. of 
late Rev. W. Brunyate of Lans- 
down, Bath ; /;. ' 1871 ; cduc, 
at St. Paul's school and Trinity 
College, Cambridge ; entered 
service, 1889 ; Served in N.W. 
Provinces as Assist. Collector and 
Magistrate, and Assistant Settle- 
ment oincer ; Under Secretary to 
Government, 1896 ; Under Secre- 
tary to Government of India, 
Finance and Commerce Depart- 
ment, 1897 ; Deputy Cr-mmis- 
sioner, 1901 ; Deputy Secretary, 
Government of India, Finance 
Department, 1905 ; Joint Secre- 
tary, Government of India, 
Finance Department (I\Iil Finan- 
ce,) 1907; IMember, International 
Opium Commission, Shanghai, 
1909 ; ]Mcmber of Imperial Exe- 
cutive Council ; Clubs: PJast India 




United Sarvico, and Bengal (Cal- 
cutta). Address: Simla, India. 

Buchanan. Kt Hon, Thomas 
Ryburn, P.O. ; M.P. (L.) East 
Division, Perths., sines 1903; b. 
Glasgow, 1840; s. of late J. Buchan- 
an. Glasgow ; m. Emily, d. of T.S. 
Bolitbo, 1888. Educ. ; Glasgow ; 
Sherborne ; BalUol Coll. Oxford ; 
Fellow of All Souls ; Barr. Inner 
Temple ; contested Haddington, 
1880 ; contested W. Edinburgh, 
1892 • M. P. Edinburgh, 1881-85 : 
W. Edinburgh 1S9-2-1900 M.P. 
(G. L.), Aberdeenshire, E., 1892- 
1900) Financial Secj-., War Office ; 
1906-8 ; Under-Secy of State, for 
India, 1908-9. Address : 12, South 
Street, W. CJub : Reform. 

Buchanan, Walter James, M.D., 

Lt.-Ccl. Indian Medical Service ; 
Editor, Indian Medical Gazette, 
Calcutta, since 1899; Inspector 
General of Prisons, Bengal; 
b. Londonderry, 1861 : e. s. of 
late Robert Buchanan of Fintona, 
Tyrone ; edu.c. Trinity College, 
Dubhn ; Vienna. B.A.,M. B., Ch. 
etc. ; Diplomate in State INIedi- 
cine, Univ. Dublin ; Univer- 
sity Travelling Prizeman in 
Medicine; 1887; entered I. M.S., 
1887 ; took part in Hazara Expedi- 
tion, 1888; Lushai Expedition, 
1890 ; IManipur Field Force, 1891; 
entered Civil Medical employ, 
Bengal, 1892; Superintendent, 
Central Jails, Bhagalpjir and 
Alipur ; holds Delhi Durbar Co- 
ronation medal. Publications ; 
Manual of Jail Hygiene (2nd 
ed. 1900) ; Article in Quain's 
Diet, of ]\Iedicine on Liver Dis- 
eases (1902) ; articles on tropical 
diseases in medical papers. Recrea- 
tion : golf. Address : The Bengal 
Secretariat, Writer's Buildings, 
Calcutta. Chib: East India United 


Buck, Sir Edward Charles. I.C.S- 
K.B. (188G), K. C.S.I. (1897); 
b. 18-39 : edxic, Norwich 

and Oakham schools, and Clare 
College, Cambridge (L.L.B. 1862 ; 
LL.D. 1886) ; entered Bengal 
Civil Service, 1862 ; Director of 
Agricultural Dept. N.W.P. 187,5; 
Secretary, Government of India, 
Revenue and Agricultural Depart- 
ment, 1882; retired, 1897; repre- 
sented the Indian Government at 
the Colonial Exhibition, 1886; 
British Delegate to International 
Agricultural Conference at Rome, 
1905 ; Club : East India United 

Buck, Mr. E. J., Reuter's Agent 
with the Government of India. 
Simla and Delhi ; s. of Sir Edward 
Charles Buck, K.C.S.I., B.L.. 
L.L.D., late I.C.S. ; Press Corres- 
pondent in India ; toured round 
the world visiting, among other 
places, Canada, Fiji, and New 
Zealand; joined the tour of British 
Association for the advancement 
of Science in Australia ; returned 
from tour. October 1914. Publica- 
tion : Simla, Past and Present. 
Address : Simla, and Delhi, India. 

Buckland, Charles Edward I.C.S. 
CLE., (1895), (Retired) ; s. of 
Charles Thomas Buckland, I.C.S.. 
b, 1847 ; ed2(c, Laleham, Eton, and 
Balliol College, Oxford ; joined the 
Civil Service in Bengal, 1870 ; 
Private Secretary to Sir Ric- 
hard, Temple, Lieutenant Gov- 
ernor of Bengal, 1877-8 ; Re- 
venue and Chief Secretary to Go- 
vernment of Bengal, and ^Member. 
Bengal Legislative Council ; 
Senior ISIember, Board of 
Revenue; retired, 1904. Publica- 
tions: Bengal under the Lieutenant 
Gover)iors ; The Dictionary of 
Indian Biography, &c. Address : 
01, Cor wall Gardens, 3. W. 



Buckley, Hon. Mr. L.E. I. C. S. 

Member, Board of Revenue, 
Lladras ; ediic, the New College, Ox- 
ford ; joined service, 1887 ; Tem- 
porary Famine Secretary, Board of 
Revenue, 1S97 ; Commissioner, 
Coorg, for a few mouths in 1898, 
n,nd then Plague Commissioner, 
Madras ; Collector and Magistrate, 
1900 ; special duty in connection 
wkh the revision of the ]\Iadras 
Forest Code, 1909 ; Member, Board 
of Revenue. 1913 ; Address ; 

Bullock, Frederick Shore, C.S.I. 

CLE. LS97 ; Assistant Commis- 
sioner, I^Ietropolitan Police, since 
1909,- Chief Constable, Metro- 
politan Police, London, 1903-09 ; 
b. India, 1847 ; s. of Thomas 
Henry Bullock, Commissioner of 
Berar; Educ: Cheltenham College ; 
Passed for Indian Civil Service; 
1868 : arrived in India, 1870 ,• ser- 
ved in N.W.P., as Judge and Col- 
lector ; Judicial Commissioner of 
Berar, 1892 ; Commissioner of 
Hyderabad assigned Districts, 1895; 
retired, 1899 ; British delegate to 
International Congress on White 
Slave Traffic, Paris, 1906 ; British 
Delegate to International Congress- 
es on White Slave Traffic and Obs- 
cenic Literature, 1910. Recreations: 
golf, cricket, shooting. Address '■ 
19, The Grove, Boltons, S.W. 
Cbib: Junior Carlton, Ranelagh. 

Bun Behari Kapur, Raja, C.S.I. 
(1909) ; b, 1855; Father of H.H. the 
present Maharajadhiraja of Burd- 
wan, K.C.I.E. ; Has been Diwau- 
i-Raj, Burdwan ; Vice President 
and Chief Councillor of the State 
Council ; Hony. Magistrate and 
Member, District Board, Burdwan; 
INIanager of the Raj Estates, and 
a Member. Bengal Legislative 
Council (for 3 terr/is) ; Raja 
(personal), 1893. Address ; Burd- 
wan, India. 

Bunbury, Cecil Edward Francis, 

C.S.I. . 1910; Resident and Judi- 
cial Commissioner, N.W. Frontier 
Province since 1906 ; Educ. ; 
Wellington ; Keble College,, Ox- 
ford ; Entered I.C.S.; 1883; 
Deputy-Commissioner, 1896 ; Judi- 
cial Commissioner, N.Vv'. Frontier, 
1901. Address : Peshawar, India. 

Bundi, H.H. Maharao Raja Sir 
Raghubir Singhji Bahadur, K.C. 

I.E., 1894; K.C.S.I.. 1897. G.C. 
I.E. 1900 ; G. C. V. O., 1911 ; b. 
1"68 ; S. 1889 ; area of the State, 
2220 square miles ; population, 
over 17,000. Address : Bundi, 
Rajputana, India. 

Burdwan, Maharaja of; H.H. Sir 
Bija Chand Mahtab, K.C.I.E., 
(1910) I.O.M., (1909) Maharaj 
Adhiraja Bahadur; a, s. of the 

late :\Iaharaj Adhiraja ; b, 1881 ; 
installed, 1903 ; visited Europe 
many times ; Member, Imperial 
and Bengal Legislative Councils ; 
saved Sir Andrew Eraser, Lieu- 
tenant Governor of Bengal, when 
he was about to be assasinated, by 
standing between the assassin and 
the Lieutenant Governor, 1910 ; 
reformed the administration of the 
estate ; Fellow, Royal Geographi- 
cal Society ; Follow, Royal Society 
of Arts ; Fellow, North British 
Academy: INIember, Royal Asiatic 
Society ; and President, British 
Indian Association, Calcutta. 
Publications: "Vijia Gitika," 
"Studies," "Diary of a European 
Tour," l^'itc. Recreations: Tennis, 
golf and rowing. Address : Burd- 
wan, Alipur, Calcutta, Kurseong, 
and Darjoeling. Clubs : Aftab 
Burdwan ; Calcutta Club ; Gym- 
khana, Darjeeling. 

Burgess, James, CLE. 1885; Hon. 
LL.D., Edin. 1881, E.R.S.E., 
Hon. A.R. I. B.A., F. R. G. S. ; 
/;. Kirkmahoo, Dumfriesshire, 




1832 ; m. 1855 ; engaged in 
educational work in Calcutta, 1856 
and Bombay, 1861; Sacr etary, 
Bombay Geographical Society. 
1868-73 ; Head of Arc haeological 
Survey, Western Ind ia, 1873 ; 
of S. India, 1881 ; Director- 
General, Archaeological Surveys in 
India, 1886-89; Hon. M. Imp. 
Russ. Archaeol. Soc, A mer. Orient 
Soc.,andR. Phil, Soc. Glasgow; 
Hon. Associate Finno-U grian Soc; 
H. Corr. M. Authrop. Soc. Berlin, 
and Batavian Soc. Arts and Sci- 
ences; M. Soc. Asiat. Paris, M. 
R.A.S. publications: The Temples 
of Shatrunjaya, 1869; the Rock 
Temples of Elephanta, 1871 ; 
Temples of So manath. Gunagadh, 
and Girnar, 1870 ; Scenery and 
Architecture in Guzarat and 
Rajputana, 1873; Notes on Ajanta 
Paintings, 2 879; The Cave Temples 
of India (conjointly with late 
James Fergussan), 1880; Indian 
Antiquary, 1872-84; Archaeological 
Survev of W. India, 9 vols., 1874- 
1905; Tarikh-i-Sorath (edited), 1882 
Lists of Antiquarian Remains in 
Bombay Presidency, 1885; Bud- 
dhist Stupas of Amaravati, etc., 
1887; Antiquities of Dabhoi, 1888; 
The Sharqi Architecture of Jaiinpur 
(edited), 1889; Archaeological 
Research in India, 1890- Epigra- 
phia Indica, 2 vols., 1889-94; On 
Hindu Astronomy 1893: Consta- 
ble's Hand-Gazetteer of India, 
1898; Hypsometry by Boiling-point, 
1858 and 1863; Transliteration of 
Indian Place-names, 1868, 1894- 
95; On the Error-functioii Definite 
Integral, 1898 (awarded the Keith 
medal, R.S.E.); The Gandhara 
Sculptures, 1899 and 1900; Bud- 
dhist Art in India (enlarged trans- 
lation), 1901 ; The Indian Sect of 
the Jainas (translated and edited), 
1903 : Fergusson's Indian and 
Eastern Architecture, enlarged 
ed., 1919; etc.. Address: 22 
Seton Place, Edinburgh. 


Burgess, Capt, John Hay, M.D'' 
F.R.C.S., LM.S. Surgeon to Hi^ 
Excellency the Governor of Bengal' 
Address: Government House, Cal' 


Burkill, Isaac Henry, M.A., Officiat- 
ing Reporter on Economic Products 
to Government of India since 
1902 ; b. Chapel AUertou near 
Leeds, 1870; Educ: Reptocn 
Gonville and Caius College, 
Cambridge ; Assistant Curator, 
University Herbarium, 1890 ; 
Walsingham Medalist, 1894 ; 
a Technical Assistant, 1897,' 
and a Principal Assistant, 1899, 
in the Royal Botanic Gardens, 
Kew ; is now Director of Gardens, 
Straits Settlements. Publications : 
Scientific and technical papers in 
various Journals. Address'. Bot- 
anical Gardens, Singapore. 

Burls, Sir Edwin Grant, Kt. 1909 .- 
C.S.l. 1902 ; b. 1884 ; e.s. of late 
Charles Burls ; Educ. : Denmark 
Hill Grammar School ; entered 
India Oftice, 1863 : became 
senior clerk, 1865 ; store dept. 
1875: Assistant to Director-General 
of Stores, 1891; Deputy Director- 
General, 1895 ; late i\Iajor, 1st 
Surrey Artillery Volunteer Corps 
having lield Commission, 1868-82 : 
Director-General of Stores, India 
Office, 1896-1909. Address : 

Shortlands, Kent. Clubs : East 
India United Service, St. Stephen's 

Burn, Hon'ble Mr. Richard, I.C.S., 
Chief Secretary to the Government 
of U.P., Lucknow ; educ: the 
Liverpool Institution, and Christ 
College, Oxford ; joined service, 
1891 ; acted as Assistant Collector 
and ^Magistrate, etc., till 1896 ; 
Under-Secretarj^ to Government, 
1897 ; Superientendent, Census 
OiDerations, 1900 ; Superintendent, 
Imperial Gazetteer, 1902 ; Deputy 



Commissioner, liJOi ,• Editor, 
Imperial Gazetter, for India, 1905; 
Chief Secretary to Government, 
;ind ^lember, Legislative Council, 
(J.P., Since 1910. Publications: 
Census Report of the United Pro- 
vinces, 1901 ; Imperial Gazetteer 
of India, 2nd Ed. Address : Luck- 
now, U.P., India. 

Department, Baluchistan, 1883 ; 
Assistant Superintendent, Trigno- 
metrical Survey, 1884 ; Deputy 
Suiierinteudent, 1889 ; Officiating 
Surveyor-General of India, 1908. 
Publication : A Sketch of the Geo- 
logy and Geography of the Hima- 
layan Mountains and Tibet, 1908. 
Address : Dehra Dun, India. 

Burriham, John Charles ; C.S.I. 

(1911), ^Manager, Cordite Factorj', 
Nilgiris; educ, at Victoria Univer- 
sity, Manchester ; Assistant 
Chemist, Woolwich Chemical, 
Department, 1888—1894. Served 
in various other places, and was 
appointed to present post. Address: 
Coonoor, Nilgiris. 

Burns, W. F. D. Principal, Bombay 

School of -A.rts ; cduc, in the Herbert 
Hercomer School at Bushey, Her- 
ffardshire : Joined the Royal Aca- 
demy and the New gallcrj' for 
figure pictures in oil, water colour, 
iind pastel ; came to Bombay, 
1890 ; elected a ^Member of the 
Royal Society of British Artists, 
1896; wrote and drew in black and 
v/hite for art Magazines and illus- 
trated journals in London; appoin- 
ted to present post, 1899: Conducted 
the Fancy Fair in aid of the Lady 
Dufferiu Fund, 1901 ; designed 
Casket to H.R.H. the Prince of 
Wales for presentation at the 
Ceremony of laying the foundation 
stone of the now Alexandra Dock. 
Address : Bombav, India. 

Burrard, Col. Sidney Gerald, R.E. ; 
F.R.S. 1904 ; Superintendent. Tri- 
gnometrical Survey, India, since 
1899; b. 1860; s. 'of late Sidney 
Burrard ; Cousin and heir to 
Sir H. P. Burrard 6th Bt.; joined 
R.E., 1879 ; Military Works. 

Burt. Henry Parsall, CLE. 1909 ; 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Manager, N.W. India 
Raihvay since 1907 ; ]\Iember, 
Legislative Council, Punjab; Lieut. 
Col. commanding N. W. Railway 
Rifles ; b. 1857 ; Editc.: Clifton 
College ; Royal Engineering 
College ; entered service, 1878 ; 
officiated as Under Sec. to Govern- 
ment of India, 1905 ; Deputy 
Manager, N.W. Railway, 1901 ; 
Manager 0. and R. Railway, 1902. 
Manager, East Bengal State Rail- 
way, 1905. Address: Abbot Road, 
Lahore, India. 

Buta Singh, CLE., (1909) Rai 
Bahadur 1899 ; b, 1856. Ad- 
dress : Rawalpindi, Punjab. 

Butler, Montagu Sherard Dawes, 

M.A. ; CLE. 1009; Deputy Com- 
missioner, Lahore : b. 1873 : .s. of 
Spencer Perceval Butler ; Bar-at- 
Law. Educ. : Haileybury ; Pem- 
broke College, Cambridge Scholar, 
First Class Classical Tripos. 
Parts I. and II., with special 
distinction in Part 'II. , University 
Bhavnagar Medalist (B.A., 1894, 
M.A., 1898) ; Fellow of Pembroke 
1895-1961 ; (President of the 
Union, 1895) ; Entered LC.S.' 
1896 ; Settlement Officer, Kotah 
State, 1904-9. Dy Commissioner, 
Lahore, 1909, and Dy Secretary, 
Government of India, Heme Dcpt, 
1911 ; Recreations : Fencing 
(Public Schools bronze medallist. 




18SDh tennis. Address: Calcutta, 

Butler. Sir Spencer Harcourt. K.C. 
S.I.. 1911 : C.I.E., 1901 ; I.C.S.; 
Member for Education. Govern- 
ment of India since 1910; b. 1SG9 ; 
s. of Spencer P. Butler; Ediic: 
Harrow; Balliol College, Oxford; 
m, Florence, d. of late Francis 
Nelson Wright I. C. S ; entered 
I.C.S. 1899; Served as Assistant 
CoUeccor and ^lagistrate; Junior 
Secretary, Board of Revenue, 1892: 
Secretary to i^amine Commission, 
1900; Financial Secretary to 
Government ; Director of Agri- 
culture ; Judicial Secretary to 
Government : Deputy Commis- 
sioner. Lucknow; Foreign Secre- 
tary to the Government of India, 
1908. INIember of the Executive 
Council. Address : Delhi, Simla, 

Butterworth, Allan, I.C.S. ; 
Uduc. Balliol College, Oxford: 
joined service, 188G; Under Secy 
to Government. Rev. Department, 
1893; District and Sessions Judge, 
Dharwar, 1897 ; Divisional Judge, 
Jubbulpur 1898 ; Collector and 
Magistrate, Nellore, 1900 ; Special 
duty in connection with Draft 
Irrigation Bill, 1905; Secretary to 
Government, Local and^Mu'.iicipal 
Department, 190G; Member, 
IMadras Board of Rev, 191-2 ; 
Secretary to Government, Rev. 
Department, 1913; Chief Secretary 
to Government of Madras, 1914, 
Publicaiions : Inscriptions in 
Nellore, in collaboration with 
V. Venugopal Chetty. I.C.S. 
Address, "Montcath House," Eg- 
moro, Madras. 

Buyers. John Walker, CLE. 
1889 ; Public Works Department. 


(retired) entered service, 18G9, 
Engineer-in-Chief, Garo Hills 
Survey, 1881; ]\Iu .Valley Railway, 
1880, Retired, 1904. 

Cable. Sir Ernest, Kt., (1900), senior 
partner, Bird and Co., Calcutta 
and London ; h. 1859 ; *■. of late 
Hubbard Cable ; ed.uc ; privately ; 
formerly Sheriff of Calcutta ; at one 
time Member, Viceroy's Council ; 
and ex-President, Bengal Chamber 
of Commerce. liecreafion ; golf 
Address: Bisopsterguton, S. Devon, ' 
29 Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. 
Clubs : Wellington, Gresham, 

Cadell, Alan ; C.S.I. (1895) I.C.S. 
(Retd.); b, 1841; s. of late John 
Cadell ; educ, Edinburgh Academy 
and University and in Germany ; 
entered Bengal Civil Service, 
1862 ; was Commissioner of Agra 
and Rohilkund ; Member, Board 
of Revenue, and INIember, Legisla- 
tive Council, United Provinces ; 
acted as Lieutenant-Governor of 
the United Provinces, Jan. to 
Nov. 1895 ; temporary Mem- 
ber, Governor-General's Council, 
1895-1897 ; retired. 1897. .40"- 
dress : Clenmara Arthur Road, 
Wimbledon Park. East India Uni- 
ted Service Club. 

Cadall, Colonel Thomas, c.ii. (1908); 
V.C, (1857), I.S.C. ; b. 1835 ; y.s. 
of late H. F. Cadell, Cockenzie, 
Haddingtonshire ; J. P. and 
County Councillor, Haddington 
shire; educ.: Edin. Acad.; Grange, 
Sunderland; entered Indian Armv, 
1854; Capt. 1866 ;Col. 1884; Ser- 
ved with 2nd European Bengal 
Fusiliers (now Royal Munster 
Fusiliers) at the siege of Delhi and 
subsequent operations, and with 
3rd Bengal Cavalry in the Oudh 



Campaign, 1857 ; commanded a 
Flying Column inBundelkhand and 
received thanks of the Government, 
1S60-1 ; entered Political Depart- 
ment, and held various appoint- 
ments in Central India and Raj- 
putana, 1S70-1879 ; Chief Com- 
missioner. Andaman and Nieobar 
Islands, 1879— 189-2. Address ; 
Cockenzie House, Prestonpans, 
N.B. Clubs: East India United 
Service; Edinburgh. 

Caldecott, Major-Genera! Fra,ncis 
James, C. B. (1384) retired list 
Royal Artillery b ; . IS-l-i ; s. of 
late CM. Caldecott, J. P. and 
D.L., of Holbrook Grange, 
Warwickshire ; educ. Cheltenham 
Coll ; Lieut. Bombav Artillerv, 
1860; Capt. Royal Artillery, 187-2; 
Major, 1880 : Brevet Dt.-Col. 1881 ; 
Col. 1885 ; Maj.-Gen. 1894 : Served 
Abyssinian expedition, 1807-68 
(despatches, medal) ; Afghan War, 
1879-80 ; Superintendent, Govern- 
ment Gunpowder and Experimental 
Explosives Factory at Kirkee ; 
inventor of many improvements 
in the manufacture of gunpowder 
and its ingredients ; retired, 1897. 
Recreations : cricket, Rugby, foot- 
ball in England in the sixties; later 
a leading cricketeer in India for 
many vcars. Club : Junior United 

Cama, Camaji Bikramji Nowroji, 

]\I.A., (Bi.nibav), B A.. L.L.B. 
(cantabl. I.C.'S. ; 6, 1878; Fel- 
low, Elphinstone College, Bom- 
hay ; holder of Government of 
India scholarship for study in 
England ; Lavv' Tripos Examina- 
tion of Cambridge Bar Final, 
but not called ; Joined Go- 
vernment service in the Central 
Provinces as Assistant Commis- 
sioner, 1904 ; District and Sessions 
Judge, C.P.; secured Govern- 
ment of India awards and diplo- 
mas for higher standard, higher 

proficiency, and degree of honors. 
in Persian, higher ttandard in 
Arabic and Sanskrit, and higher 
proficiency in Bengali, Uriya, 
Hindi and Urdu. Address : Rai- 
pur, C.P. India. 

Cambay. Nawab of ; His Highness 
Nawab Jafar All Khan Husain 
Yawar Khan Sahib Bahadur, 
Najib-ud-Dov/la, MuiVitaz-ul- 
Muik, Momin Khan Dilawar 
Jang; S. of late Nawab Hu- 
sain Yawar Khan ; b, 1S48 ; 
Succeeded, 1880 ; The founder of 
the family was one Momin Khan. 
His son, Slomi-n Khan II, is s;iid 
to have successfully resisted the 
demands icr tribute bj' the Llah- 
ratta Peshwas until the treaty of 
Bassein by which Cambay was 
transferred to the British. The 
State comprises of two towns and 
eight villages with a population of 
about 80,000, and a revenue of six 
lakhs. Nawab exercises full powers, 
and is entitled to a salute of eleven 
guns. Address : Cambay, Bombay 
Presidency, India. 

Cameron, William Lochiel Sapte 
LoYett, C.S.I. (1900) ; Secretary 
Public Works Department. Bombay 
since 1906 : b. 1854 ; s. of late Curg- 
Major W. Lochiel Cameron H.F^. 
I.C.S. ; Edttc : Cheltenham College; 
R.I.E. College ; entered service 
1877 ; served in various capacities 
in Sind and other parts of the 
presidency ; Executive Engineer 
(Irrigatioji Branch) 1889; Superin- 
tending P^ngineer. 1903 ; Joint 
Secretary, C^overnment of Bombay, 
1904; Secretary, 1906; Member, 
Legislative Council ; rendered ser- 
vice during Indian Famine, 1899- 
1904 ; Recreations : sliooting, golf, 
riding. Address : Bombay. Chib : 
East India United Service. 

Cammiade, Lovis Aiwe. B.A. (1892) 
B. L. (1901) Bar-at-Law. Presi- 




doncy Magistrate, Madras : Joined 
Service as clerk, chief Secretariat, 
1895 ; confidential clerk, same 
office, 1895 ; Acting Deputy 
Tahsildar, 1897 ; confirmed, 1899 ; 
Head clerk, Government Secre- 
tariat, Madras, 1900; Deputy 
collector, Tinnevelly, 1903 ; special 
duty as Settlement Officer, 
Polavaram Division, 5th January 
to I7th June 1909 ; Presidency 
IMagistrate, Madras, 19li. Ad- 
dress : ^Madras. 

Campbell, Captain Alexander, 

Roval Indian Marine: D.S.O. 1887; 
CLE. 1893; retired, 1894; 6" 
Ballyalton, Co. Down, 18S9 ; 3rd 
s. of late Wm. Campbell ; edjic: 
Belfast Officer Mercantile Marine, 
1855-65 ; entered Bombay Marine, 
18G5 ; held various appoint- 
ments and commands till 1865-85 ; 
assisted Abyssinian and Egyptian 
expeditions ; 1885-86, served in 
Burma expedition as Chief Marine 
Transport Officer ; specially 
selected as Depty. Director, Royal 
Indian Marine, 1887 ; Address : 
Rathgael, 1, Kimbolton Avenue, 
Bedford. Clubs : Junior Conserva- 
tive ; Town and Countv, Bedford. 

•Campbell, Archibald Young Glpps 
B.A.. C. 1. E., (1911) *■. of late 
A.S. Campbell: 6., 1872 ; cduc, 
Westminster and Trinity Colleges, 
Cambridge ; 9th Wrangler 1894 ; 
lyson Medallist and Smith's prize- 
man, 1895 ; entered service as 
Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 
1896 ; Under Secretary, Madras 
Government, 1902-06 ; Private 
Secretary to G o v e r n o r of 
Madras ; on special duty 
at Calcutta in connection with the 
Madras Coast Light Dues Bill, 
1903; again on Special duty 
in connection with the visit 
of Their Royal Highnesses the 


Prince and Princess of Wales to 
Madras, 1896; Collector of Chittur, 
1912: Acting President, iladras 
Corporation, 1913; Member of the 
Weights and ^Measures Committe; 
On leave out of India. East India 
United Service Club. 

CainpHjell. Colin George: Assis- 
tant Under Secretar^• L^f State for 
India since 1907; b' 1852; s. of 
Colin George Campbell of Stone- 
field, Argyllshire; ediLC. : Rug- 
by; Balliol College, Oxford; joined 
India Office, 1876; Private Secre- 
tary to Secretary of State for India, 
1894-95; Secretary to Royal Com- 
mission, Indian Expedition, 1895- 
1900. Address : 43, Lovv-er Belgrave 
Street S.W. Clnbs : New Univer- 
sit\ ; Royal Highland Yacht. 

Campbell. John Strathenden, C.S. 
I., (1909) ; CLE.. (1907) s. of 
late John Scarlett Campbell ; 
6, 1868, edioc. Rugby and 
Balliol College, Oxford; entered 
I.C.S., 1881; Joint Magistrate, 
1890 ; District and Sessions Judge, 
1896; Deputy Commissioner, 
1896 ; ^Magistrate and Collector, 
1898. Commissioner, U.P. India, 
since 1906: Address: Kumaon 
Division U.P., India. 

Campbell, Major Malcolm Syden- 
ham Clarke, CLE. 1007: R,A., 
1st Class Indian Ordnance Officer, 
since 1902 ; 6. 1863 ; s. of 
Major-General A.H.P^. Campbell, 
late Madras Cavalry; educ. : Chel- 
tenham College and Roy. Kiel. 
Academy, Woolwich ; entered 
Royal Artillery, 1883 ; served 
Burma Campaign, 1885-87; joined 
Indian Ordnance Department, 
1888 ; served with China Field 
Force, 1900; present at relief of Pe- 
king ;lst Class Ordnance Officer, 
1902 ; Deputy Inspector-General 
of Ordnance, 1909; Ordnance Com- 
missioner; India, 1911; Lieut. 



Col, 1911 : Chil : Royal and An- 
cient, St. Andrews. 

Campbell, R. H. ; C. I. E., (1912); 
educ. the Edinburgh Univer- 
sity ; joined service, 1S85 ; Under- 
Secretary to Government, Rev. Dept. 
1S9-2; Collector & Magistrate, 1896; 
Private Secretary to H. E. the 
Governor of Madras, 1899 ; Collec- 
tor of Vizagapatam, 1903 ; Private 
Secretary to H. H. Maharaja of 
]\Iysore, 1909 ; Retired from 
British Service, 1912 ; Address : 
]\Iysore, & Bangalore. 

Campbell, Honble Col. Robert Neil, 

C. I. E. 1909; M. B, Officiating 
Inspector-General, Civil Hospitals, 
Assam: b. 1S54; entered 
Army] 877: Lent. Col. I. M. S. 
1897; Served Naga Hills Expedi- 
tion, 1874-80; Akha Expedition 
1883-4 (despatches). Holds Kaiser- 
i-Hind medal ; ]Member, Legis- 
lative Council Assam, 1913. Ad- 
dress : Gauhati, Assam. 

Campbell. Col. Walter, B.A.,D.S.O. 

(1900) b. 1SC>4; s. of late John 
Campbell, of Rath feru, Co. An- 
trum; educ, Wellington College and 
Trinity College, Combridge; Joined 
Gordon Highlanders 1887 ; 
served in the Wazirstan Field 
Force, 1894-5; Chitral Relief 
Force, Tirah Expedition, 1837-8, 
including Dargai Sampaga, and 
Arhang; South Africa, 1899-1902, 
with 1st Batt. Gordon High- 
landers; Brig. IMajor, Highland 
Brigade, and D.A.A.G. Army Head 
Quarters D.A.Q.M.G., Head- 
quarters Staff: acted as Asst. 
Commissioner, City Police, 1911. 
Club : United Service. 

Candy, Sii' Edward Townshend, 

Kt., (1904). Bar-at-Law, I. C. S., 
C. S. I. (1903); s. of late Major 
Thomas Candv, C.S.I. , b. 1845 ; m. 

1874, Constance IMary, d. of C.M.- 
Harrison, late Bo. C.S ; educ: 
Cheltenham College ; Entered 
Indian Civil Service, 1865 ; served 
as Assistant Collector, Assistant 
Judge, District and Sessions Judge 
in many parts of the Bombay 
Presidency; Judicial Assis- 

tant to the Political Agent, Kathia- 
war, 1873-82; officiated as Judicial 
Ccramiesioner in Sind, 1883 and 
1886-87 .- Vice-Chancellor, Bombay 
Universitv. 1897-1902 ; Puisne 
Judge, High Court, 1889-1903: 
retired, 1903 ; Reader in India 
Law, Cambridge Universitv, 
1909-G; a teacher therein 1907 : 
Correspondent of Educational 
Adviser of Indian student, 1909. 
Address : Great Shelf ord, near 
Cambridge. Chib : East India 
United Service. 

Cappel, Sir Albert James Leppoc . 

K. C. I. E. 1887); b 1836 ; 
s. of late J. Leppoc Cappel : 
served in the Crimea, 1855-56 '■ 
Director of Indian Telegraphs, 
1883-9 (several times thanked by 
Govt, of India). Address: 27, 
Kensington Court, Gardens, W. 
Club St. Stephen's. 

Cappel, Edward Louis, C.I.E. 

(1900) .-I.C.S., Additional Member, 
Legislative Council, India. 1903- 
1900 ; b. 185G ; s. of late 
Rev. L. Cappel ; educ: Merchant 
Taylors School: entered I.C.S. . 
1878 ; Director of Land Records 
and Agriculture, Bombay, 1891-3 ; 
Junior Collector and Magis- 
trate, 1896; Senior Collector, 
1897 ; Acting Commissioner, 1901- 
1903; Retd., 1897; Address: 2, 
Museum Mansions, Great Russell 
Street, W. C. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Cardew, Alexander Gordon, M.A 

(Oxon.), C.S.I. (1910) ; Executive 
Member, Government of Madras ; 




/). 1S61 ; e. s. of Rev. J. 
W. Cai-dew, M. A., Vicar of 
West cuoyle, Wilts : vi. Evelj-n 
Roberta, d. of E.J. Firth : two 
s. two d. educ. Somersetshire 
College, Bath; Queen's College, 
Oxford ; entered I.C S., 1882; 
Secretary, Malabar Land Tenures 
Coinmissoin, 1885; Under-Secre- 
tary, Madras Government, 1885- 
90 ; Inspector Cleneral of Prisons, 
1892-99 ; Collector and Magistrate, 
1399-1903 ; Secretary to Govern- 
ment, Legislative and Educational 
Departments, 1903-5; inRev. Dept- 
1905-10 ; }iIem'oer of council. Ad- 
d)-css: The Cloisters, Madras ; St. 
Margarets, Ottacamand, India. 

•Carew, Lt.-Gen. Sir Reg'nald Pole, 

K. C. B., (1902), C. V. 0.; J. P. 
of Antonv ; b. .Antonv Cornwall, 
1894 ; e.' s. of late W. H. Pole 
Carew, of Antony ; m. Lady 
Beatrice Bulter, e. d, of 3rd 
Marquis of Ormonde, 1901; Educ.: 
Christ Church, Oxford ; Served in 
Coldstream Guards, 1869-99 ; Pri- 
vate Secretary to Sir Hercules 
Robinson, Governor of New South 
Wales, 1876-77 ; A. D C. to Lord 
Lytton, Viceroy of India, 1878-79; 
to Sir Frederick Roberts, 1879-81; 
to Duke of Connaught, Egvpt, 
18S-2 ; ilil. Sec. to Sir Frederick 
Roberts, Madras, 1884-85 ; :Mil. Sec. 
to Sir Fredrick Roberts Com. -in 
chief, India, 1885-95 ; commanded 
2ndBatt. Coldstream Guards, 1895- 
99 ; Commanded consecutively 9th 
Brigade and Guards Brigade, and 
11th Division, South Africa ; con- 
tested Pembroiie Boroughs (C.) 
1906 ; Bodmin Division 1910 ; 
Commanding 8th Division, 3rd 
Army Corps, 1903-5; retired, 1906. 
Bccreations ; hunting, shooting. 
Heir : s. John Gawen, b, 
1902. Address : Anton y, 

Cornwall. Clubs: ^larlborough, 
Turf, Travellers'. Pratt's Carlton. 

Cardot, Rt. Rev. Alexander; Bishop 
of Limyra and Vicar Apostolic of 
the ^Mission of Southern Burma 
since 1894 ; b. Fresse, Haute- 
Saone, France, 1857. Educ. : 
Luxeuil and Paris ; Priest. 
1878 ; arrived in Southern Burma, 
1879; Cc-adjutor Bishop to Bishop 
Bigandes, 1893 ; built a cathedral 
in Rangoon; present at Eucharistic 
Congress, London, 1908. Address : 

Carey, Arthur Douglas; I.C.S,, 
educ, at the City of London 
School ; went out to Bombay, 
1865 ; Collector of Salt Revenue, 
ISSl ; -Vcting Commissioner, 
Indian Customs, 1881 ; visited 
Northern Tibet, Lake Mungtsa, 
Khotan, Kuchar, Lake Lob, 
Tsaidam, Urumtsi, Yarkand. to 
Ladak 1885 ; Commissioner of 
Customs, Salt, Opium and Abkari, 
1891 ; on special duty to Lisbon, 
in Connection with Goa Treaty 
negotiations, 1891-2 ; retired, 
1893. Address: c/o India Office, 

Carely, Bertram Saumarez, CLE. 
(1893) V.D.; entered I. C.S., 1886; 
Assistant Commissioner, Burmah, 
1886; Deputy Commissioner, 1900; 
Commissioner, Saigan Divi- 
sion, 1913. Address: Saigan; 

Carlyle, Robert Warrand. CLE. 

1898; C.S.I. 1910; Ordinary 
Member of Council of G^overnor 
General,India, since 1910; b, 1859; 
5. of late Rev. J.E. Caryle ; educ".; 
Glasgow University ; Ealliol Col- 
lege, Oxford ; entered I.C.S. 1878 ; 
Assistant ^lagistrate and Collector, 
Bengal, 1880 ; ]Magistrate and 
Collector, 1894 ; Inspector-General 
of Police, 1902 : ofneiating 
Chief Secretary, Government of 
Bengal, 1904 ;" confirmed, 1905; 




Secretary, Government of India, 
Revenue and Agricultural Depart- 
ments, 1S07. Addn'ss: Strawberry 
Mill, Simla, India. 

Carmichael, Claude Dundas James, 

Dy. Inspector -General of Police, 
Southern Range, Coimbatore ; 
joined I\Iadras Police Force, 1883; 
b. 18G'2 ; 2nd. and o. surv. s. of late 
Col. James Dodington Carmichael, 
C.B; m. 1888, Mary Glencairn, '2nd 
d. of late James Shaw, Principal 
Inspector-General of Hospitals, 
Jiladras Presidency ; one d. Held 
:i commission in 3rd Batt. Duke 
of Cornwall's Light Infantry ; is 
heir-male of the House of Carmi- 
chael ; claims the dormant titles 
of Earl of Hyndford, Viscount 
Inglisberry and Nenrphlar, 
and Lord Carmichael of Carmi- 
chael, 1701, and Lord Carmichael, 
1G47, with the baronetcy (Nova 
Scotia) of 1627. Clnb : Constitu- 

Carmichael of Skirling, 1st Baron 
(1912) the Right Hon'ble Thomas 
David Baron Carmichael K.C.M. 
G.G.C. I.E., Governor of Bengal 
since 1912 ; b. Edinburgh, 1859; 
s. of . Sir William Gibson Car- 
micheal; ediic, St. John's College, 
Cambridge; B.A. 1881. M.A. 1884; 
111. 1886, Miss Mery Nagent, e. d. 
of Baromtoy of the Austrian 
Empire ; Private Secretary to 
Sir George Trivelyon and Lord 
Dalhowsie, when Secretaries for 
Scotland ; contested IMidlotbian 
and represented it in Parliament 
in succession to Mr. Gladstone, 
1895-1900 ; made his first speech 
speaking for the opposition of 
Agricultural Rates Relief Bill, 
1896; Trustee of the National 
Gallery, 1906 ; Governor of 
Victoria, 1908; Takes lively 
interest in the study of Natural 
History and his papers on antipo- 
des, spiders, etc. are regarded as 

authoritaitive; Member, Board 
of Trustees, Scottish National 
Galleries, 1907-1908 ; appointed 
Governor of IMadras, February 
1911; Took charge, on-3rd Nov- 
ember 1911; G.C.I. E. 1911; 
Transferred to Bengal Presidency 
as Governor, April 1912. Address : 
Government House, Calcutta, 

CarndufF, Hon. Mr, Justice Her- 
bert William Cameron ; Judge, 
High Court, Calcutta; e. s. of 
late David Carnduff ; CLE., 
educ ; Edinburgh Univer- 

sity, and at Balliol College, 
Oxford ; called to Bar (Inner 
Temple), 1900; entered ser- 
vice, 1883 ; Under Secretary to.- 
Government, Bengal, 13SS; Regis- 
trar, High Court. Calcutta, 1890 ; 
District and Sessions Judge, 1895; 
Deputy Secretary to Government, 
Legislative Department. 1896 ; 
Private Secretary to LordCurzon, 
1902 ; District and Sessions 
Judge, 1904 ; ^Member, Imperial 
Legislative Council, and Offg. 
Secretary to Government. Bengal, 
1905 ; Judge, High Court, Cal- 
cutta, 1900 ; Publication : Chapter 
5, Vol. IV of the Imperial Gazetter, 
dealing with Legislation and Jus- 
tice. Address : 5, Hungerford 
Street, Calcutta. Clubs : Bengal 
United service and East India 
United service. 

Carpentei?, Alfred, D.S.O. (1887) 
s, of Charles Carpenter, R. N. ; 
b. 1847; educ, at Brighton College; 
entered the Royal Navy, 1S61 ; 
retired as Captain, 1895; served 
in the " Challenger" scientific ex- 
pedition; Soudan Expedition, 1S84; 
was in charge of the Marino 
Strrvey of India, and piloted the 
war flotilla under fire to "Mandalay 
and Bhamo, 1885 ; Recreations : 
Billiards, 'golf ; Collection of corals, 




mefcreology and astronomy. Ad- 
dress : The Red House, San- 
derstead, Surrey. 

Carr, Francis Edward Culling, 

Dy. Inspector General of Police, 
Madras. (Retired);.. Inspector 
of Police. Ganjam, 1886 ; 
Asst. Superintendent of Police, 
1889 : Asst. Superiniendent of 
Police, Bangalore, Ootacamund and 
Madras, 1892-96 ; Asst. Superin- 
tendent, Coorg ; services lent to 
Mysore; Deputy Commissioner. 
Kadur, 1898 ; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, Kolar 1900-3 ; Inspector- 
General of Police, Mysore, 1904-08; 
reverted to Madras service. 1910. 
Out of India, Address : c/o India 
Office, London. 

Carr. Reginald Childers Culling, 

I.C.S. Bar-at-Law. First Member 
Board of Revenue, Madras ; joined 
service as Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate, 1885; Acted in various 
capacities including those of 
Cantonment Magistrate, and Dis- 
trict Munsifi until 1891; Assis- 
tant Secretary to Government, 
Judl and Legl Departments,- 
Private Secretary to H. E. the 
Governor of Madras for a short 
period, 1891 ; Third Member, 
Board of Revenue, IMadras ; On 
three different occasions was 
deputed to special duty, once in 
1888 for preparing the Annual Ad- 
ministration Report of the Madras 
Presidency for 1887-88 ; again in 
1894, for revision of Forest Code, 
and a third time in 1902 for 
preparation of a complete Scheme 
for the revision and maintenance 
of village Maps and Records ; First 
Member, Board of Revenue, 
Madras, Since 1914. Address : 
Wood's Road, Rayapeta, Madras, 
India. Madras Club. 


Carr, Miss R. C: Senior Inspec- 
tress of Girls' Schools, IMadras; 
Superintendent, Presidency Train- 
ing Schools for Misstresses. 
Madras, 1882 ; Passed the com- 
pulsury examination in Tamil, 
1884 ; Higher Proficiency Exami- 
nation in Telegu, 1891 ; appointed 
as Inspectress of Girls' Schools, 
Southern and Western Circles, 
U. P. P. Takes keen interest in 
the education of Indian widows. 
Retired, 1902. 

Carr-Gomni, Francis Culling. V. D.; 

I.C.S. (Retd.) 2nd s. of late 
Rev. T.W. Carr of Southboro, b. 
1834; VI. 1st, Jeanie W.1869), d. of 
Maj. E. Francklvu ; two s. one d,; 
2nd, 1876, Emily Blanche {d.l909). 
rf. of late A. Morton Carr, Barrister- 
at law ; two s. one d ; entered 
IMadras C. S.. 1855 ; for many 
j'ears District Judge of TinnevcUy; 
retired, 1882 ; Barrister, Inner 
Temple, 1869; J. P. and D. L., 
Bucks ; late Chairman of London 
Hospital ; Hon. Col. 3rd V. B. 
"The Queen's" R. W. Surrey. 
Mrs. Carr-Gomm was Lady of 
the Manor of Ratherhithe. They 
assumed by Royal Licence the 
surname and arms of Gomm, 
1878. Publications : Life of Sir 
William Gomm ; Handbook of 
Administrations of Nineteenth 
Century ; Records of the Parish 
of Farnham Royal. Address : The 
Chase, Farnham Royal, Bucks ; 2. 
Buckingham Palace Gardens, S.W. 
Cht-bs : East India United Service, 

Caspersz. Hon'ble Mr. Justice 
C.P., Bar-at-law, Judge, High 
Court, Calcutta ; educ, 

Harrow and London Universities : 
joined service 1878: District and 
Sessions Judge 1894 : Judge, Cal- 
cutta High Court. 1907; Trans- 



ferred to Bihar and Orissa, 1912 
and there retired; Lecturer in 
Bengali, University College, Lon- 
don, 1913; Address : C/o India 
Office, London. 

Cathcart, Hon. Mr. W. T. C. 

I.E. elected non-official Member, 
Assam Legislative Council, since 
191'2. Address : Gauhati, Assam. 

Caulfeild. Major Algernon Mont- 
gomerie, D.S.C, 1886: '2nd 
Border Regiment (retired) ; b. 
1858 ; 4th s. of late Lieut. - 
Colonel Montgomerie Caulfeild, 
Weston Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin; 
Joined 6Gth Berkshire Regiment, 
1878 ; served in Afghanistan ; 
present at engagement at Giriskh, 
with the Walli's mutinous troops, 
battle of Maiwand (wounded) and 
subsequent defence of Kandahar ; 
served in Burma, 1886-88, as 
Brigade Transport Officer to Maj- 
Gen. Sir Robert Low, K.C.B. ; 
with mounted infantry in the Chin 
Lushai Country, 1889; Recreations 
hunting and shooting. Address 
8, Hebert Place, Dublin. Club 
Naval and Military. 

Cave, Henry William, M. A., F. R. 

G. S.. M. R. A. S. ; b. Brackley, 
Northamptonshire, 1854 ; editc. : 
Magdalen College School, and 
Queen's College, Oxford; Found- 
ed the commercial house of 
Cave and Co., Colombo, 1877; 
retired, 1887 ; has made seventeen 
voyages to Ceylon and India ; ex- 
plored the remains of Anuradha- 
pura and Polonnaruwa, 1896. 
Publications : Colombo and the 
Kelani Valley, 1893; Kandy and 
Peradeniva, 1894 ; Nuwara Eliya 
and Adam's Peak, 1895; The Ruin- 
ed Cities of Ceylon, 1897 ; 
Golden Tips, a description of 
Cevlon and its great tea industry, 
1900 ; The Book of Ceylon, 1908 ; 
The Ceylon Governnient Railway, 

1909. Recreations : landscape 
photography, golf, music. Address: 
5, Sussex Square, Brighton. Clubs' 
Authors' .• New Brighton. 

Chadwick, D.I., I.C.S., Director of 
Agriculture, Madras since 1912 ; 
educ. in Sydney Sussex College ; 
joined I.C.S., as Assistant Col- 
lector and Magistrate ; Special 
Settlement Officer, 1908 ; Ob- 
tained diploma of Agriculture 
at Cambridge, 1911. Address : 
Madras, India. 

Chajuram Tiwari,M.R.A.S., Diwan 
Bahadur, Diwan of Dhar State; 
b. 1858; educ, at Mhow; en- 
gaged in famine work at Barwani, 
1897 ; Organized the State Forest 
Department ; Superintendent, 

State forests, 1904; made Minister, 
1909 : attended Durbars of 1877, 
1903 and 1911. Address : Dhar, 
Central India. 

Chakravarti, Hon'ble B ; B.A., 

L.L.B., Bar-at-Law; called to the 
Bar-1890 ; some time acting Advo- 
cate-General, Bengal ; elected 
Member, Bengal Legislative 
Council ; Address : Alipur Road, 
Calcutta, India. 

Chakravarti, J.S., M.A., F.R.A.S., 
Bangalore; b. 1875; Ex-Officio 
Financial Secretary to the Govern- 
ment of Mysore ; Member, Mysore 
Legislative Council. Address : 
Bangalore, Mysore, India. 

Chakravarti, Taranath M.A., B.L., 
Rai Bahadur ; Retired Govern- 
ment Pleader, Faridpur ; b, 1846 ; 
edtic, at Faridpur Government 
School, Dacca College, Cathedra; 
Mission College, Calcutta, and 
the Calcutta Presidency College 1 
Government pleader, 1870; retired 
1909; has always enjoyed an ex 
tensive private practice ; has 
served on the District and Mucn.i 
pal Boards of Faridpur ; owin 




considerable landed property in his 
district ; Rai Bahadur, 1905. 
Publicntions : "Annotated Crimi- 
nal Procedure Code in Bengali." 
Address : Faridpur, Bengal, India. 

Chalmers, Sir Mackenzie Dalzell 

M.A., K.C.B. (190G), C.S.I. (1899), 
C.B. (190-1) ; b. 1847 ; s. of Rev. 
F. Chalmers, D. D ; ediic, at 
King's College, London, and 
Trinity College, Oxford ; served 
in the Indian Civil Service, 
1869-72 ; Barrister Inner Temple, 
1869 : Counsel to Board of Trade, 
1882; Judge of County Courts, 
1884 ; Acting Chief Justice, 
Gibraltar, 189.3; Legal Member, 
Viceroy's Council, 1896; retired, 
1899 : Parliamentary Counsel to 
the Treasury, 1902-3 ; Permanent 
Under-Secretar}' in the Home 
Department, 1903-1908; Is a 
member of the Statute Law 
Committee and a J. P. for War- 
wickshire ; Member of Royal Com- 
mission on Vaccination, 1906; 
British Delegate at the Interna- 
tional Conference on Bills of 
Exchange at the Hague, 1910 ; 
Member, Royal Commission on 
Maltese Affairs, 1911 : Publica- 
tions : Articles in the Dictionary 
of Political Economy, and in the 
Encyclopaedia Britannica ; Digest 
of the Law of sale; Digest of the 
Law of Bills of Exchange : Ad- 
dress : 27, Grosvener Road, S.W. 
Athenium, Devonshire. Clubs: 
Wellington and Ranelagh. 

Chalmers, His Excellency Sir 
Robert, K. C. B., (1908) : C.B. 
1900 ; Governor, Commander-in- 
Chief, and Yice-Admiral-Elect, 
Ceylon : o. s. of late John 
Chabners of Aberdeen ; b, 1858 ; 
educ, at the City of Loudon 
School and at Oriel College, Ox- 
ford ; 1st class classical modera- 
tions, 1878 ; 2nd class, Natural 
Science, 1881 and M.A., 1908 ; 
Vlerk in the Treasury, 1882-1904; 


Assistant Secretary and Chair- 
man, Board of Inland Revenue, 
1907-1911 ; Secretary to the Trea- 
sury ; Secretary, Indian Currency 
Commission, 1898-9 ; Member, 
Indian Currency Commission, 
1913 ; Governor of Ceylon, 1911 ; 
Publication : A History of Colo- 
nial Currency. Address : Govern- 
ment House, Colombo. Ceylon. 

Chamba, Raja of; H. H. Sir Raja 
Bhure Singh, K. C.S.I. (1906), 
C.I.K. (1910) ; b. 1869, succeeded 
his brother. Raja Sham Singh, 
1904 ; invested with full powers, 
1904 ; was Minister during his 
brother's time, 1897-1904 ; area 
of the State, 3,216 square miles; 
population, 127, 834 ; revenue, 
Rs. 3,89.727; is entitled to a 
salute of 11 guns. Address : 
Chamba, Punjab, India. 

Chamberlain, Sir Neville Francis 
Fitzgerald, K.C.B. (1903) K.C. 
V.O. (1911), C.B.H. (1900), Lieut 
Col. I.S.O. (Retd) ; b. 1856 ; s. 
of Lt- Colonel Charles Chamber- 
lain, C.B.; educ, abroad and at 
Brentwood School, Essex ; Joined 
Army, 1873 ; Central India 
Horse, 1876 ; on the staff of 
Sir P. Roberts in the Afghan 
war, 1878-80 ; A.D.C. to Sir 
F. Roberts when C. in w, 
Madras, 1881-5 ; Persian Inter- 
preter, 1885-90 ; served in the 
Burma campaign, 1886-7; Military 
Secretary, Kashmir State, 1890-97; 
commanded the Khybcr Force, 
1899 ; Private Secretarj' to Lord 
Roberts in South African War ; 
Inspt-General, Royal Irish Cons- 
tabulary, since 1900. Address: 
Outlands Castlenook, Co. Dublin. 
Chib : Naval & Military. 

Chambers, Major-General Brooke 
Rynd, Indian Army ; b. 1834 • 
entered army, 1850 ; Maj.-Gen. 
1892 ; served Sonthal Rebellion 
1855-56; Indian Mutinv, 1857 ' 
N.W. Frontier of India, 1863 '. 



Hazara Campaign, 18G8 ; Jow- 
aki Expedition, 1878 ; ]\Iahsood 
Wuzeree Expedition, 1881; re- 
tired, 1893. Adch-ess: Brooks' 
Court, Camberley, Surrey. 

Chamier, Hon. Mr. E. M., 

D. S. C. Barrister-at-law, Judge, 
High Court, Allahabad; Called 
to Bar, 1887 ; entered service 
as Government Advocate, N. 
W. Provinces, 189G ; Addl. Judi- 
cial Commissioner, Oudh. 1901 ; 
Judicial Commissioner, 1907 ; 
Judge, High Court, Allahabad, 
1910. Address : Allahabad, U.P., 

Chamier, Major Genl. Francis Ed- 
ward Archibald, C. B. (1907), 
CLE. (190-2); s. of late Henry 
Chamier ; b, 1833 ; ediic, at 
Cheltenham; joined the Bengal 
Infantry, 1850; Adjutant, Cal- 
cutta Volunteers, 1857 ; Persian 
Interpreter to Sir James Outram 
in the capture of Lucknow ; com- 
manded the Raja of Kapur- 
thala's troops in the Oudh 
Campaign, 1858 ; l\Iajor General, 
1890 ; Sometime Hon : Sec, to 
Strangers' Home for Asiatics. 
Address: 55, Warwick Road, S. W. 
club : East India United Service. 

Chanda Hon : Mr. K. K.; Member, 
Assam Legislative Council, 1912. 

Chandar Shekar, Raja of Sissaindi; 

b. 18G0 ; succeeded to title, 
1873 ; belongs to a vei-y high 
family of Brahmins, being a 
Tiwari Daman of Misrakhera. 
The founder of the family was 
Lai ]\Iohan, chakladar of 
Baiswara, in 1883. His grandson 
,Kashi Prasad acquired Sissaindi 
^y right of inheritance and he 
became chakladar of Purwa in 
1853. He remained loyal to the 
British in the Mutiny of 1857 and 
was specially mentioned in Lord 
Canning's Proclamation of 1858 
iis one of the six loyal Taluqdars. 

He received a khilat of Rs. 2000 
and the confiscated estate of 
Dadaka, in Unao. He was also 
granted a remission of ten per cent 
on the revenue. He was suc- 
ceeded by his adopted son, the 
present holder. The estate com- 
prises 28 villages and five pattis in 
Lucknow, 22 villages and 4 pattis 
in Unao, and one village in Rae 
Bareli. The title of Raja was re- 
cognised as hereditary m 1877. 
Address : Sissaindi, Lucknow. 

Chandavarkar, Sir Narayan 

Ganesh.Kt. (1910) B. A., L.L.B.. 
retired Judge, Bombay ; s. of 
Ganesh Narayani Chandavarkar, 
a pleader at Sirsi in the District 
of Kanara ; b. 1855 ; ed^ic, St. 
Mary's High School, Bombay, 
and Elphinstone High School and 
College, Bombay; (B.A., 1877, 
History and Political Economy 
Prizeman, Junior Dakshina 
Fellow) ; Pleader, Bombay High 
Court, 1881 ; the same year he 
passed the L. L. B. Examina- 
bon in 1st Class and won the 
Arnold Scholarship; Editor, "Indu 
Prakash", for over ten years; went 
over to England as an Indian 
Delegate, 1885; Additional Member. 
Bombay Legislative Council, 1897- 
1900; Presdt., Indian National 
Congress, 1900 ; Fellow, Bombay 
University, since 1886 ; a Syndic, 
since 1901 ; Member, Indian 
University Commission, 1902 ; 
Acting Judge, Bombay Higli 
Court, 1901 ; Confirmed, the 
same year; Vice-Chanccllor, 
Bombay University 1909 ; Presi- 
dent, Bombay Provincial Con- 
ference, 1902 : retired from 
British service., 1913 ; Dewan, 
Indore State, 1914 ; resigned, 
October 1914 ; President, Theistic 
Church Bombay ; President, 
Bombay branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society; General Secretary, 
National Social Conference; Vice- 




President, Bombay branch of the 
Countess of Dufierin's Fund ; 
President of the Depressed Chisses 
Mission in Bombay. Address: 
Botiibay, India. 

Chandra Chur Singh, Raja, of Atra 
Chandapura; 6. 1878; succeeded 
to title, 1904: Is the head of 
the younger branch of the 
Kanpuria family of Tiloi, and is 
descended from Madan Singh, of 

• Simranta. Jagat Singh, sixth in 
descent from Madan Singh, is said 
to have received a Khilat from the 
then ruler of Delhi, for services 
rendered by him against the Bhars. 
His grandson, Mandhata Singh, 
obtained possession of Simranta, 
the name by which the estate of 
Atra Chandapur was then known. 
The Raja is an Honorary Magis- 
trate of the 3rd class within the 
Maharajgani Police Circle and is 
also an Honorary MunsifE of the 
Simranta pargana. The estate 
comprises of 33 Mahals and 13 
pattis in Rae Bareli. The title of 
Raja was confirmed by Govern- 
ment in 1864. Address : Chanda- 
pur, Rae Bareli, U.P. India. 

Chandra, Hari Mohan, Rai Baha- 
dur (1908) ; holds the gold K.I.H. 
Medal; b. 1846 ; educ. at Dinajpur 
Zilla School and Decca College ; 
entered Service in Bengal and was 
for 22 years Personal Assistant to 
the Commissioner of the Rajsbahi 
Division ; rendered valuable service 
in the famine of 1874 in the Dinaj- 
pur district ; helped materially 
in the founding of Low's Jubilee 
Sanitarium at Darjeeling, 1887 ; 
retired, 1902 ; owns four tea gard- 
ens ,• Publications ; Chaukidari 
and Pauchayat Guide. Address : 
Darjeeling, Bengal. 

Chandrasekhara Iyer, K. Sanka- 
riah. Judge, Chief Court, I\Iy- 
sore ; s. [of Dewan Peishcar 


Sankariah of Cochin; b. 1869; B.A., 
(Madras) 1889; B.L., 1892;M.C.S., 
1892; won Carmichael and 
Queen's Prizes for 1892 (Madras 
University) ; Served in the Madras 
Board of Revenue ; Prob. Assistant 
Commissioner, Mysore, 1892- 
1896 ; Assistant Secretary, to 
Government, General and Rev. 
Depts, 1876; Dy-Secretary, 1900-3; 
Olig. District and Sessions Judge, 
Bangalore 1904-5 ; Secretary to 
Government, General and Reve- 
nue Departments, 1906 ; OfEg. 
Judge, Chief Court, Mysore, 
1907; Secretary to Government, 
General and Revenue Departments, 
1909 ; Oeg. Judge, Chief Court, 
1910 ; confirmed 1912. Addi-ess : 
Chamarajpet, Bangalore City. 

Chandrasekar Prasad Singh Deo, 

Raja of Udaipur. At the time of 
the transfer of this State to the 
British, in accordance with the 
agreement entered into with 
IMadhoji Bhonsle in 1818, Kalyan 
Singli, the then Chief, paid tribute 
through the state of Sarguja. In 
1852, Udaipur escheated to Govern- 
ment ; but in 1860, it was con- 
ferred on a brother of the chief of 
Sarguja who had helped the 
British in the Mutiny of 1857. 
Area, 1052 Square miles ; popula- 
tion, about 50,000. Address : 
Udaipur, C. P., India. 

Chandy, Yen. Jacob, Pastor of 
Palhun, and Archdeacon of Maveli- 
kara since 1906; b. 1852; s. 
of Rev. Jacob Chandy, senior 
pastor inTravancore C.M.S.; edvc : 
C.M.S. College, Kottayam, Tra- 
vancore ; tea-iher, B.M.S. Theolo- 
gical Seminary at Tellichery, 1871- 
73; ordained Deacon, 1875; Theolo- 
gical tutor, Divinity School, Kot- 
tavam, 1874-78; Pastor of Trichur, 
1879-84, Pastor of Pallan Pallam, 
1885; Hon. Chaplain to the Bishop- 
of Travancore and Cochin, 1892- 



1906. Address : Pallam, Kot- 
tayam, Travancore. 

Chanter, E. Dale; Deputy Acconnt- 
ant-Goneral, Burma; Joined sei'vice 
as Assistant Examiner, 189G ; Dy 
Accountant-General, Bombay, 

1910; transferred to Burma, 1911. 
Address. Rangoon. 

Chaplin, Hon: Mr. Alfred William 
Cresswell ; Elected non-official 
Member, Legislative Council, 
Bengal, since 1913. 

Chapman, General Sir Edward 
Francis; K.C.B. (1905) R.A.;C.B. 
F.R.G.S. Col. Commandant R.A; 
b. 1840 ; .s. of Henry Chapman ; 
entered the Bengal Artillery, 1858; 
served in the Abyssinian War, 
1867-8; accompanied Sir Douglas 
Forsyth as Secretary to Yarkand, 
1873-4 ; in the Afghan War of 
1878-80, being Chief of the Staff in 
Sir F. Roberts march from Kabul 
to Kandahar; in Burma campaign, 
1885-6; Military Secretary to Sir 
Donald Stewart, when C. in C. in 
India ; Q.M.G. in India ; Director 
of Military Intelligence, 1891-6 ; 
commanded the Scottish District, 
1896-190, ; A.D.C. to Queen Vic- 
toria, 1891 ; Esquire of the 
Order of St John of Jerusalem. 
Address : Beechurst, Lingfield, 
Susscst ; Club; Athencum. 

iChapman, Mr. Justice E. P. M. A., 

I.C.S., Judge, High Court, Cal; 
cutta; ediic, Cliffton Coll. and Em- 
manuel Coll, Cambridge; Joined 
I.C.S., 1889 ; Secretary to Govern- 
ment of India, Foreign Deptt, 
1896; Registrar Appellate side 
of High Court, 1899 ; District and 
Sessions Judge, 1901; Temp. 
Secretary to Government, Judicial 
Department, 1910 ; Judge, High 
Court, Calcutta, 1912. Address : 

Charles. Lieut. -Col. Sir Richard 
Havelock, K. C. V. 0., 1906; 

I.M.S., M.D., R.U.I., F.R.C.SI.; 

Serjeant-Surgeon to King George 
V. ; formerly Physician in Ordi- 
nary to Prince of Wales ; . Member 
Medical Board, India Office ; 
Consulting Physician to Convales- 
cent Home for Officers, Osborne ; 
b. 1858 ; 6th s. of late 
D.H. Charles, M.D., J. P., Co. 
Tyrone, Ireland; in. 1886, Gertrude 
Seton, y. d. of late Adam Annand 
Gordon of Aberdeen, and Cromwell 
Road, London; two s. Ediic. : 
Queen's College, Cork; Dublin ; 
London ; Paris ; Berlin ; Vienna; 
Gold Medal and 1st class Honours 
with M.D., R.U. I., 1881 ; presented 
with Hon. Gold Medal of R.C,S., 
England, 1906 ; Arnot Memorial 
Gold IMedal, 1907 ; passed 1st into 
I. M.S., 1881, obtaining at Netley 
the Herbert Prize, the Montefiore 
Prize, and Parkes INIedal charge of 
C Field Hospital and Escort with 
Afghan Boundary Commission, 
1884-86; formerly Professor of 
Surgical and Descriptive Anatomy, 
Medical Colleges, Lahore and 
Calcutta; also Professor of Surgery, 
Medical College, Calcutta ; with 
Prince and Princess of Wales on 
Indian tour, 19U5-6 ; formerly 
Prefessor of Anatomy and Com- 
parative Anatomy, Lahore Medical 
College, and Surgeon, Mayo Hospi- 
tal, Lahore. Publications : Medi- 
cal Report of the Hospital Service 
connected with the Elscort which 
accompanied the Afghan Boundary 
Comnrission ; numerous papers on 
Anatomy, Anthropology, Cranio- 
logy, and Surgery, in Journal of 
Anatomy and physiology journal 
of Asiatic Society ; Scientific 
Sfemoirs of Medical officers of 
Army in India, Indian Medical 
Gazette, British INIedial Journal. 
Address : 9, ^Manchester Square, 
W. T. : 1048 Mayfair. Clubs : 
"Marlborough, East India. United 
Service, Sav;.ge. 




Chatarji Aghornath, R;ii Sahib ; 
He:id Master of the Jubilee High 
School, Gorakhpur; b. 1869; ccluc, 
at Canning College, Lucknow ; 
has worked for the relief of the 
suffering during the famine ; 
subscribed large sums towards 
the building of the Lucknow 
Medical College. Address : 

Gorakhpur: U. P. India. 

Chatarji, Bhut Nath, B.A., Rai 

Sahib, Superintendent, Military 
Actts Department, Eastern circle ; 
b. 1861 ; ediic, at Bally and 
Uttarapara ; graduated at Calcutta 
University ; s. of Late Babu 
Dwarkanath Chatarji; assisted 
in founding a School at Bally in 
Howrah District and also a Dis- 

fenary. Address : Murat, U. P. 

Chattarji. Khetra Nath, Rai Baha- 
dur, M.LC.E., Retired Executive 
Ehgineer: b. 1838: educ. at 
the Agra High School and Col- 
lege; entered Government service 
as second class Assistant Engineer; 
rose to the rank of Executive 
Engineer; retii-ed, 1890, Has 
acquired Zamindari property; 
i's a Fellow of the Calcutta Uni- 
versity : Member of the Alipur 
District Board; Honorary INIagis- 
trato and Vice-Chairman of the 
Baraset Municipality; holds a cer- 
tificate of honor granted in 
1903; Rai Bahadur, 1909. 

I'ublications : " Homeopathic 
Sarala Chikitsa," "Griha Chikit- 
sa," "Sar," " Sankshep Charak 
Samhita," etc. Address: Gustia, 

Chattarji, Purnananda, B.A., ( Jal), 
D. Sc.lEdin), Rai Bahadur; (1908), 
Inspector of Schools, Rajshahi 
Division ; entered Government 
service in the Education Depart- 
ment, ^ddr^ss; Jalpaiguri, Bengal. 


Chattterji, Sir Protul Chandra, Kt, 

(1909), CLE., (1903) Rai Bahadur- 
retired Judge, Chief Court, Pun- 
jab; 6. in Calcutta, 1848; s. of Nabo 
Chunder Chatterji ; educ; in the 
School of the General Assembly, 
Scotland; in Calcutta ; M.A.,1869; 
B.L., 1870; Enrolled as a Vakil 
at Calcutta, 1870 ; Municipal 
Commissioner, Lahore, 1887- 
1895 ; Judge of the Punjab 
Chief Court, 1894;1908. Fellow of 
the Punjab University: President 
of the Punjab Public Library and 
of the V.b.J. Hindu Technical 
Institute ; elected Dean of the 
Law Faculty, 1898; worked with 
Sir William Ratigan, the Vice- 
Chancellor, in framing the rules 
and regulations of the old Univer- 
sity for which he was made a Rai 
Bahadur; Yico-Chancellor of the 
Punjab University; 1904 and 1907- 
1909 ; L.L. D., (Punjab) 1909 ; a 
Social Reformer and a Freemason 
and holds the rank of Past Deputy 
District Grandmaster. Address: 
Lahore, India. 

Chattai'ji, Sosi Bhushan. Rai 
Bahadur ; b. 1S52, ed7ic. at 
the London Missionary Society 
Institution. Bhawanipur ; enter- 
ed Ordnance Department, 
1872; Owns 1,000 bighas of land in 
South Goria; saved the life of an 
Indian lady from drowning at great 
personal risk, 1896 ; granted 
certificate of honor, 1903; made 
Rai Bahadur and j)resented with a 
sword with belt and scabbard, 
1907. Address : South Goria, 24 

Chatarji, Upandra Nath, I.S.O. 

Cashier, Legislative Department, 
Government of India Secretariat, 
1857 ; educ. at Benares College, 
Benares ; Secretary of the Chota 
Simla Sanathan Dharma Lakshmi 
Sabha for 20 years and a leader in 
religious and philanthrophic move- 



ments. Adclres-'< : Calcutta and 

Chatterton, Alfred, C. I. E., B. Sc 

A. C. G. I., A. M. 1. C. E., M. I. 

M. E., Superintendent of Indus- 
trial Education, Madras, & Direc- 
tor of Industries & Commerce, 
Mysore ; b, 1866 ; Joined ser- 
vice as Professor of Engineering, 
Madras College of Engineering, 
1888 ; In charge of the Madras 
School of Arts without prejudice to 
his duties. 1889; In charge of P. W. 
Workshops, IMadras, 1892 ; Also 
in charge of Su'o-Divn., the same 
year ; Duty in P^ngland for one 
month, 1894 : Superintendent, 
Madras School of Arts, in addition 
to his own duties, 1897 ; on special 
duty to develop Indian industries, 
1901 ; On Special duty in England 
for six months, 1904 ; Director of 
Industrial & Technical Enquiries, 
Madras, 1906 ; transferred to Unit- 
ed Provinces, 1907 ; On special 
duty in England for three months, 
1910 ; Superintendent of Indus- 
trial Education, 1911 ; transferred 
to Foreign Service under the Mysore 
State, 191-2 ; Director of Indus- 
tries & Commerce, Mysore, 1913 ; 
Publications : Lift Irrigation and a 
numlier of p.^mphlets, addresses 
and articles on industrial & commer- 
cial subjects. Address : Bangalore, 
Mysore Province. 

Chatterton, the Right Rev. Eyre, 

D.I).,, 6.1.SG3; s. of A.T. 
Chatterton; educ, at Haileybury 
and Duljlin University : ordained, 
1887 ; Head of the Dublin Univer- 
sity Mission to ChotaNagpur,189J- 
1900 ;Bishop of Nagpur, Central 
Provinces, 1903 : Fublicatioiis : 
The story of Fifty Years Mission 
in Chota Nagpur. 

Chatteron, Colonel Frank William, 

C.I.E.. 1894 ; unemployed list, 
India ; b. 1839 : ,s, of John 
Balsir Chatterton; Educ: Christ's 

Hospital, Mill Hill; entered 
Indian Army, 1859; Adjutant, 14th 
Sikhs ; Umbeyla campaign, 1863; 
Adjutant, '29th Punjab Infantry ; 
Bhootan campaign, 1865; comman- 
ded Calcutta Volunteers, 1886-97 ; 
Chief Commissioner, Andaman 
Islands, 1897. Recreation :, 

cycling. Address: Central Lodge, 
Norwoods, S.E. Club: Junior 

Chaubal, Hon Mr. Mahadev 
Bhasker, Member of Council, Bom- 
bay ; 6. at Poona, 1857; a disting- 
uished member of the Kasyastha 
Prabhu community; B.A. 1879; 
L.L.B. 1882 ; Ag. Puisne Judge, 
Bombay High Court, 1908 ; 
succeeded Mr. Vasudev Kirti- 
kar as Government Pleader, 1906 ; 
has travelled in Europe ; Member, 
Royal Commission on Public Sur- 
vices, 1912. Address: Bombay; 
now out of India. 

Ghaudhuri, Charu Chandra; M.R. 

A.S; Rai Bahadur; Honorary 
Magistrate ; Member of Dt. Board 
and Chairman of Shirpur Munici- 
pality ; b. 1876 ; educ ; at the 
Presidency College, Calcutta ; s. of 
Pundit Hara Chandra Chaudhuri; 
erected Hara Chandra H(5spital. 
Piiblication ; History of "Shirpur 
pargana." Address : Shirpur, 
Mymensingh, Bengal. 

Chaudhuri, Radhi Govind, M. A. 

B. L., RaiBahadur. Govt. Pleader; 
Member of the Dt. Board ; Dispen- 
sary Committee, Charitable Society; 
Secretary of the Union Co-opera- 
tive Societies, Ranchi, & Director of 
Chota Nagpur Banking Assocation; 
b. 1864 ; educ, Purnlia Zilla School 
& Presy College, Calcutta; com- 
menced practice, 1888; appointed 
Government Pleader, 1911 ; Secre- 
tary, Local Famine committee, 
1908; Address: Ranchi, Chota 




Chet, Singh, Rao ; b. 1851, succeed- 
ed to the title, 1884 ; comes of 
a branch of the Sengar clan, being 
an ofishoot of the House of Ruru. 
When the district was ceded to the 
British the zemindars of Bhikra 
owned a fair amount of land, but 
of late years much of this has been 
sold, so that now, only a few acres 
remain. The present holder is the 
son of Rao Rudra Singh. The 
estate comprises two pattis. The 
title has been recognised by the 
British Government. Address : 
Bhikra, Etawah U.P. India. 

CheYis, Hon'ble Mr. W., I.C.S. 

Temporary Judge, Chief Court, 
Punjab : edtic. at Lancing College; 
& Balliol Coll. Oxford ; Joined 
Service, 1885; District Judge, 1893; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1899; 
Divisional Judge, 1900; Judge, 
Chief Court, 1911. Address : 

Chhartasinghji Gambhirsinghji, 
His Highness Maharana Shri 
Raja of Rajpipla; b. 1801 ; cduc. 
at the Rajkot College ; Succeeded 
to gaddy, 1897. Area of the State, 
1,517 Sq miles; population, 
120,000 ; Capital, Nandod. The 
founder of the family is said 
to be one Chokarana, a Rajput of 
the Paramara tribe, who left his 
country and established himself in 
the village of Pipla, in the most 
inaccessible part of the hill to the 
west of the present town of Nandod. 
His daughter married a Rajput 
of the Gohul tribe and the 
union was blessed with two sons, 
the elder son being the founder of 
the Bharnalar State and the 
younger of this State. In 1821, 
disputes arose in the family as to 
succession. The British Govern- 
ment interfered and chose Veri- 
salji. The present Raja after com- 
pleting his education, began to 
qualify himself to his place by 

serving as Magistrate and Revenue 
Of&cer in several sub-divisions of his 
State. He then undertook tours 
to England and the Continent. 
Between the years 1899-1902, the 
Raja has spent a sum of over nine 
lakhs in famine relief works. The 
Raja is invested with first class 
powers and is entitled to a salute 
of 11 guns. This State lies in the 
Agency of Rewa Kantha. Address : 
Rajpipla, Rewa Kantha Agency, 
Bombay Presidency, India. 

Chhatarpur, Maharaja of ; H. H. 
Maharaja Vishwanath Singh 
Bahadur ; b. 1866 ; Succeeded as 
minor. The State has an area of 
1169 square miles and a popula- 
tion of 1,73,148. Is entitled to a 
salute of 11 guns. Address : 
Chhatarpur, Bundelkhand. 

Chhota Udepur ,Raja of; Maharawal 
Shree Fatehsinhji, ; b. 1884 ; 
S. 1895 ; m. sister of His High- 
ness the Maharaja of Rajpipla; 
ediic. Rajkumar Coll, Rajkot; 
is a Chowan Rajput; area of the 
State, 873squaremiles; population, 
64.621 ; was installed as ruling 
chief with full powers, 1906 ; is 
entitled to a salute of 9 guns. 
Address; Chhota Udepur, Rewa 
Kantha Ageny, Bombay Presi- 
dency, India. 

Chidambaranatha Mudaliar, 
Hon'ble Mr. K. Shiyali ; Member, 
Madras Legislative Council repre- 
senting landholders and Zemindars 
in Group II. Address: Shiyali, 
Tanjore Dt, Madras Presidency, 

ChimajiSankar Rao, Pant Sachiv, 
of Bhor ; b. 1854 ; Succeeded to 
gaddi, 1871; the Chief has the 
title of Pandit and Pant Sachiv, 
and is a first class Sardar of the 
Deccan. Bhor is one of the feu- 
datories of the State of Satara and 



became a feudatory of the British 
in 1849. It was under the political 
control of the Collector of Satara 
till 1887 when it was transferred 
to Poona. Area of the State, 
about 404 square miles ; popula- 
tion, 200,000; revenue, 3^ lakhs ; 
enjoys a personal salute of nine 
guns since the Durbar of 1903. 
Address : Bhor, Poona. Bombay 
Presy, India. 

Chinthamani Patro, Rao Sahib ; 

Inspector of Police ; b. 1859; 
received his vernacular education 
in Berhampore ; entered Police 
Department, 1897 ; promoted to 
the rank of Inspector, 1893. In 
recognition of his services in 
quelling certain minor distur- 
bances in and around Chintha- 
pally, the Government Con- 
ferred on him the title of Rao 
Sahib, 1910. Address: Chintha- 
pally, Vizagapatam District, 
Madras Presy. 

Chintaman Rao Dhundi Rao also 
knoum as Appa Sahib Patvardhan 

Meherban, Chief of Sangli. The 
founder of this family was one 
Harihat, a Konkanast brahmin 
who was the family priest of 
the chief of Ichalkaranji. He 
received a grant of this State 
from the Peshwa, on the occa- 
sion of the marriage of his 
Chief's daughter. After the over- 
throw of the Peshwas in 1818, the 
Chief became a feudatory of the 
British, and in recognition of his 
high character and loyalty, the 
East India Company presented 
with a sword of Honor in 184G. 
Having ceded lands of the annual 
value of 11 lakles, the Chief does 
not now pay his contribution for 
military service. He is a first 
•class Sardar and has power to try 
his subjects for capital offences' 
The area of his State is 1,112 
square miles with a population of 
about 300,000, and an estimated 

annual revenue of 15 lakhs. There 
is a Police force of 497 men, of 
whom 54 are mounted, 20 armed, 
and 323 are unarmed. Address: 
Sangli, Bombay Presidency, India. 

Chintalapati Yontu, Zamindar of; 
Sri Yasi Reddi Dhandramales- 
wara Nayudu, Sir Deshmuk 
Manne Sultan, e.s., of Venkatadri 
Nayudu ; assumed management, 
1901 ; TO. 2nd d. of Zamindar of 
Devarakota ; has opened a model 
Cinchona Farm ; established a 
primary school at Muthyala. Rec- 
reation : study of Hindu Medicine. 
Address : Mulhyala, Kistna Dist., 
Madras Presidency. 

Chirol, Sir Yalentine; late Director of 
the Foreign Deptt. of the "Times" 
of London ; .s. of late Rev. Alexan- 
der Chirol ; b. 1852 ; edtic, in 
France and Germany ; Bachelier- 
es-letters of the University of 
Paris; Clerk, Foreign Office, 1872- 
76 ; travelled in European and 
Asiatic Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and 
the Far East, as well as in the 
United States and British Colonics; 
resided in Berlin for nearly ten 
years and was the Berlin Corres- 
pondent of the Times of London ; 
succeeded Sir D. M. Wallace, as 
Director, Foreign Deptt. of the 
Times ; Came out to India as 
Correspondent of the Times, 1905 
06 ; Member of the Royal 
Public Services Commission, 
1912 and in that capacity visited 
India a second time. Publications: 
Twist Greek and Turk, 1881 ; The 
Far Eastern Question, 1896; the 
Middle Eastern Question, 1903 ; 
and many articles in the London 
Times and other journals. Address: 
Queen Anne's Mansion, St James 
Park, S.W. 

Chisholm, R.F. ; F.R.I.B.A., Consul- 
ting Architect to the Government 
of ^ladras (retired); entered service 
iji the Bengal P.W.D. 1859 ; won 



a money prize of Rs. 3000 for de- 
signing new buildings for Madras, 
1864 ; appointed to Madras Service 
as Officiating Consulting Archi- 
tect, 1866 ; Confirmed, 1872 ; 
designed and Constructed several 
of the more prominent public 
buildings of Madras, among 
them being the Madras 
General Post Office (Hindu 
Saracenic), the Senate House 
(Bvzantiue) and the Government, 
PAY.D. Secretariat Offices, 
Chepauk. Outside the city of 
Madras, Mr. Chisholm carried out 
the work of restoration of the 
famous Tirumal Naik's Palace at 
Madura; carried out the works of 
preservation at the Seven Pago- 
das (Mahabalipuram, Chingleput 
District) ; a similar work at the 
old Vellore Temple and at the 
celebrated ruins of Hampi in the 
Bellary district ; restored the 
ancient palace of Chandragiri in 
the present Chittoor district ; 
designed the present Museum 
buildings at Travancore as also 
St. George's Church at Madras. 
He also designed and carried out 
many important improvements to 
Kalas Mahal, the building now 
occupied by the Offices of the 
Board of Revenue, ]\Iadras. 
Fellow of the Madras University, 
1867 .■ also a Member of the Faculty 
of Engineering. Address : C/o 
India Office, London. 

Chitnavis. Hon'ble Sir Gangadhar 
Madho Rao, K.C.I.E. (1911) C. I. 
Fj. (1895), Nagpur ; belongs to a 
family which has long been promi- 
nent in the Central Provinces and 
whose members had occupied hono- 
rable positions in the service of the 
Bhonsle Rajas of Nagpur: educ; 
Elphinstone College, Bombay ; 
one of the recognised leaders of 
Indian public opinion in his pro- 
vince ; President of the Nag- 
pur District Council ; made Hony: 


jistrate, 1889 ; Member, Sup- 
reme Legislative Council, 1893 ; 
still represents the land-holders 
of his province in that body; was 
President, Provincial Conference, 
Jubbalpur. 1905 ; was Chairman, 
Nagpur Municipal Council; repre- 
sented Central Provinces in the 
Coronation of Emperor Edward 
VII ; rendered valuable help to 
Government in their work in con- 
nection with plague and famine 
relief for which he was thanked 
by Government, 1899. Address; 
Nagpur, Central Provinces, India 

Chitnivas. Shanker Balwant ; 

M.A. B.L., Rao Saheb; Subordi- 
nate Judge, 1st Grade ; b. 1876. 
entered Service, 1899; Extra 
Assistant Commissioner, 1901. 
Address: Amraoti, Berar. 

Chitral, Shuja-ul-Mulk, Mehtar of ; 

About the year 1880, one Aman- 
ul-Mulk was the Chief of Chitral, 
having received a Subsidy from 
the British Government. He 
died in 1892 and his son Afzul-ul- 
Mulk succeeded hnn ; but believ- 
ing that the claims of one Nizam- 
ul-Mulk were being supported by 
the British, he ran away leaving 
the latter in undisputed possession 
of Chitral. Nizam-ul-Mulk's claim 
was recognised by the Government 
and a Resident was placed 
in Chitral. In 1895 however, 
Nizam-ul-Mulk was murdered and 
the fort of Chitral taken possession 
of by one Amir-ul-Mulk. This 
man was soon after ousted by his 
brother Shuja-ul-Mulk, who was 
recognised as a provisional Mehtar. 
Disturbances arose soon after in 
Chitral, the result of which was 
that Shuja-ul-Mulk was confirmed 
as Mehtar. Since then the princi- 
pality has been under the protec- 
tion of the British and has been 
enjoying peace. Address : Chitral, 
N.W.F. Province, India. 



Chitty, Hon'ble Mr, Justice, C. 

W., Bar at law, Judge, High 
Court, Calcutta ; called to the Bar 
by the Inner Temple, 1884; Clerk 
oi the Crown, Bombay High Court, 
1890 ; Ag. Chief Judge, Bombay 
S.C. Court, 1891; Offg. Judge, Chief 
Court, Lower Burma, 1903 ; Temp 
addl. Judge, Chief Court, Punjab, 
1905; Judge, High Court, Calcutta, 
1907. Address: Calcutta, India. 

Choksy, Dr. N.H., Khan Bahadur, 
IM.D., J. P., Chevalier of the 
Crown of Italy ; (1898) ; b. 1861 ; 
educ. Elphinstone and Grant 
Medical College, Bombay. M.D., 
1879: Secretary of the Factory 
Commission, 1884 ; in charge of 
Grant Road Small -pox Hospital, 
1838; in charge of plague duty, 
1897; Khan Bahadur, 1897 ; 
Member of the Medical Society 
of Munich, 1901; in charge 
of Mahratta Hospital, 190'2 ; 
Member of the Medico Physical 
Academy of Florence, 1903. Pub- 
lications : Has edited Indian 
IMedico-Chirurgical Review. Add- 
ress : Bombay, India. 

Cholaphru.Chaudhuri; Bohmongof 
Bandarban ; the population of 
this estate is composed tor the most 
part of the descendants of Araka- 
nese who fled to the hills when 
their country was overrun in 1874 
by the Burmese. These are divi- 
ded into three sections, the Jhu- 
mia Maghs, the Roang Maghs ,and 
the Rajbansi Maghs ; the last 
named have freely intermarried 
with Bengalis. The IMaghs are 
mostly Buddhists. The area of 
the estate is 20G4 square miles and 
its population about 45,000. Acapi- 
tation tax of Rs. 4 per family is 
imposed here. Of this sum Rs. 2 
goes to the chief. Re 1 to the vil- 
lage headman and the remaining 
Re 1 to Government. Address : 
Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracts, 
Assam, India. 

Cholmeley, Norman Goodford„ 

C.S.I. . (1910); LC.S. ; Commis- 
sioner of Magwe Division, Burma, 
since 1902 ; b. 1863 ; s. of 
late Montague Cholmeley, Indian 
Army ; Educ. : Charterhouse : 
Balliol College, Oxford; Joined 
I.C,S.. 1883; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, 1890; Commissioner, 1903; 
Recreations : polo, and tennis. 
Address: Magwe, Burma ; CIvb : 
East India United Servce. 

Chota Nagpore, Bishop of ; Rt. Rev. 

Foss Westcott, h, 1863; s. of 
Rt. Rev. B. F. Westcott (late 
Bishop of Durham) and S.L.M. 
Westcott; Ediic, : Cheltenham 
College; Peterhouse, Cambridge; 
Ordained deacon, 1886 ; priest, 
1887; Curate of St. Peter's Church, 
Bishopwearmouth ; joined the 
S.P.G. Mission, Cawnpore, 1889 ; 
Bishop, 1905. Address: Bishop's 
Lodge. Ranchi, India. 

Chowdhri, Ashutosh (see Ashutosh 

Chowdhri, Hon'ble Nawab Syed 
Husain Haider ; Member, Legisla- 
tive Council, Bengal. 

Christison, Sir Alexander, M.D., 
2nd Bt.; 1871 ; I. M. S. 
(retired) ; b. 1828 ; S. father, 
1882 ; Ednc. : Edin. Univer- 
sity; Served in 2nd Burmese 
War and Indian Mutiny. Heir : 
s. "Major Robert Alexander, R.G.A. 
(militia); retired; b. 1870. Address: 
40, TNIoray IMace, Ddinburgh. 

Christopher, Maj.-Gen. Leonard 
William, C.B. : h. 1848; e. s. 
of Maj.-Gen. Ij. R. Christopher; 
entered 75th Regt. (present 1st 
Gordon Highlanders), 1867 ; Col, 
Bengal StaR Corps, 1897; Maj.- 
Gen., 1902 ; served Afghan War, 
1878-80 ; Egyptian Expedition, 
1882; Tirah Expedition, 1897-98; 
Director-General of Supply and 
Transport, India, 1900-05; retired,, 




1908. Club : Constitutional. Add- 
ress: 29, Upper Berkcly Street, W. 

€hristy, Cuthbert, M.B., CM. 
(Edin), F.R.G.S., F.S.A. ; Assist- 
ant Lecturer, School of Tropical 
Medicine, University of Liverpool ; 
b. 1863 ; s. of Robert Christy, 
Chignal, Chelmsford ; Kduc, : 
Cliver's Mount School, Scar- 
borough; University of Edin- 
burgh; Junior Mackenzie Bursary 
in anatomy, 1887 ; senior, 1888 ; 
Assistant Demonstrator in Pathol- 
ogy and Pathological Histology ; 
graduated, 189'2 ; travelled in the 
Argentine, Patagonia, and Para- 
guay ; Island of San Domingo and 
West Indies ; S.M.O. 2nd Batt. 
W. African Frontier Force in 
Northern Nigeria, 1898-1900 (medal 
and clasp) ; Special Medical Officer 
for plague, Bombay Presidency: 
assistant to Dr. Haffkine in Bom- 
bay Plague Laboratory at Parel ; 
-acting Civil Surgeon, Ahmed- 
nagar, 1900, and Satara, 

1901 ; subsequently travelled 
through the Punjab. Cashmere, 
Baluchistan, and Sind; ]\Icmber 
of first Sleeping-Sickness Com- 
mission sent to Uganda, 1902 ; 
the Liverpool School of Tropical 
IMedicine Expedition to the Congo, 
1903; sent out at the instigation 
of King Leopold ; travelled in East 
Africa and Uganda. 1905-9. Publi- 
cations : The Birds of San Domin- 
go ; Mosquitoes and Malaria ; The 
Epidemiology and Etiology of 
Sleeping Sickness in Equatorial 
East Africa ; Trypanosomiasis and 
its Relation to Congo Sleeping 
Sickness ; Trypanosomiasis in 
Europeans ; The Cerebrospinal 
Fluid in Trypanosomiasis ; The 
Distribution of Filaria perstans in 
Uganda ; papers on medical sub- 
jects and some on sport and travel. 
Recreations : shooting, fishing, 
ornithology, and general field 
natural history. Chibs : Royal 


Societies, Royal Aero ; University, 
Liverpool ; Entebbe, Uganda. 

Chrystal, Hon'ble James P. 

Nominated ofhcial Member, 
Legislative Council, Bombay, 
1913 : 

Church, Maj.-Gen. Thomas Ross, 

C. I. E. (1S83) ; b. 1831 ; 2nd 
s. of late Thomas Church, B.C.S. ; 
Edtic. : Addiscombe Coll; entered 
Madras Armv, 1850 ; Captain 
1864; Major, 1870; Lieut Col, 1876; 
Col. 1881 ; Major-General, 1891 ; 
commanded the Madras Volunteer 
Guards, 1873-1888. Recreations : 
shooting, and fishing. Address : 
29, Beauchamp Avenue, Leaming- 
ton Spa. 

Chura Chand Singh, R.aja of Marir- 
pur. (see Marirpur, Rajah of). 

CHURCHILL, Sidney John Alex- 
ander, M. V. O. 1906 ; Consul, 
Naples : b. 1862 ; s. of late 
Henry Adrian Churchill, C. B. ; 
m. 1908 Stella, y. d. of George 
Myers; entered service of Govern- 
ment of India, 1880, in the 
Persian Telegraph Dept; Oriental 
2nd Sec. Legation of Teheran, 
1886; in attendance on the Shah of 
Persia during his visit^to England, 
1889 ; Consul for Dutch 
and French Guianas, 1894; 
transferred to Palermo for the Is- 
land of Sicily, 1898 ; in charge of 
the Consulate of Naples, 1 July- 
6 Oct. 1900. Publications : Mono- 
graph on the present condition of 
the Persian Carpet Industry in the 
great Oriental Carpet Book, pub- 
lished by the Austrian Mi- 
nistry of Commerce and Public 
Instruction ; various monographs 
in the Royal Asiatic Society's Jour- 
nal ; Bibliografia Celliniana 
(Florence Olschki, 1907) ; The 
Goldsmiths of Rome under the 
Papal Authority (in Papers of the 
'British School at Rome, 1907). 



Recreationh : from 1880-94 collec- 
ted Persian, Arabic, Turkish and 
Hebrew MSS. for the British 
Museum, vol. iv. of the Persian 
Catalogue of MSS. being almost 
entirely devoted to the Churchill 
MSS ; under the late Gen. Sir R. 
M. Smith, R. E., K .C. M. G. 
collected art objects for the South 
Kensington Museum in Persia ; is 
now engaged on researches for a 
history of gold and silver work in 
Italy, and especially the two Sici- 
lies. Address : British Consulate 
Naples T. A. ; Palazzo Capomazza, 
Arco Mirelli, Naples. 

Clark, William Henry, C .M.G. 190-3; 
Member for Commerce and In- 
dustry, India, since 1910 ; b. 
1876 ; s. of J. W. Clark, Scroope 
House, Cambridge ; Educ. : Eton; 
Trinitv College, Cambridge; Clerk, 
Board" of Trade, 1899 ; Secretary 
to Special IMission to Shanghai to 
negotiate a Commercial Treaty 
with China, 1901 ; acting 2nd 
Secretary in Diplomatic Service, 

1902 : secretary to Royal Commis- 
sion on Supply of food, etc., in 
time of War, 1903-5 ; Private 
Secretary at Board of Trade to Rt. 
Hon. D. Lloyd George, M. P., 
and to Rt. Hon. W. S. 
Churchil, M. P., 1907; to Rt. 
Hon. D. Lloyd George, M. P.,as 
Chancellor of Exchequer, 1908-10. 
Address : Calcutta. Clubs : 
United University, Union, 

Clark, Sir William Ovens, Kt ; 

1903 ; Chief Judge, Chief Court, 
Punjab ; b. 1849 ; s. of late 
James Jackson Clark, D,L. 
of Largantogher, Londonderry ; m. 
1885, Florence Elmily, d. of Robert 
Lawrie; twos, one d. Educ. ; Por- 
toraSchool,Enniskillen;Trin. Coll. 
Dul^Iin; Appointed to Indian Civil 
Service, 18G9 ; called to Bar, 
1881; Successively Deputy Com- 
missioner, and Divisional Judge 
in the Punjab ; Chief Judge, 

Chief Court, Punjab since 1898, 
Address : Lahore, Punjab. Club : 
East India United Service. 

Clarke, Edward Henry Scamander, 

CLE. (1908) ; Government of 
India, Political Department; 6, 
1856; s. of late S. H. Clarke of 
Blackheath; Educ. : at Cambridg- 
House School. Blackheath; eutere 
ed service, 1878 ; Extra Assistant 
Commissioner, Punjab, 1880; 
Personal Assistant to Chief Poli- 
tical officer, Kabul, 1880; Afghan 
Boundary Commission, Herat, 
1884-86; Special Duty, St. Peters- 
burg, 1887 ; Member of Durand 
Mission to Kabul, 1893; entered 
Indian Political Dept , 1894 ; 
served as Assistant, Under, and 
Deputy Secretary, Foreign Depart- 
ment, Govt, of India, 1891-1908; 
Address : Calcutta, India. 

Clarke. Yen. Frederick James ; 

Archdeacon of Lucknow since 1908; 
b. 1858 ; s. of James Sherwin 
Clarke of Westhill, Derby ; Educ: 
Clifton College; St. Bees Theolo- 
gical College; Ordained, 1882 ; 
Chaplain, Bengal Eccleciastical 
Establishment, 1890 ; Canon of 
All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad, 
1906. Address : The Parsonage, 
Naini Tal, India. 

Clarke, William Edward Thompson, 

B. A. (Bar-at-law), retired Chief 
Presidency Magistrate, Madras ; 
b. J 847 ; joined service as Sub. 
Judge, 1882; seconded in the new- 
organisation, 1884: Istgrade. 1888; 
Ag Chief Presidency Magistrate, 
Madras, 1893 ; reverted, 1895; 
again acting Chief Presidency 
Magistrate, 1896; Confirmed, 1904; 
retired, 1907. Address: c/o India 
Office, London. 

Clayton, H.; B.A., I.C.S., Director 
of Agriculture, Burma; since 1913. 
educ, Marlborough and Pem- 
broke Coll, ; Cambridge ; joined 




service as Assistant Commis- 
sioner, 1897; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, 1912, Address : Rangoon, 

Clegg, R.B.. I.C.S. ,■ joined service, 
1884; Arrived inlndia, 1885 ; Assis- 
tant Collector and Magistrate ; 
acted in various capacities includ- 
ing that of the District and Ses- 
sions Judge ; became Collector and 
Magistrate, 1900; Ag. Fourth Mem- 
ber, Board of Revenue, ^Madras, 
and Add. Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Madras, 1898 ; on 
special duty for a short period, 
1909; Collector and Magistrate, 
Coimbatore; Ag. 4th IMember, 
Board of Revenue; for sometime 
President, Board of Examiners, 
1912 ; 2nd ]\Iember, Board of 
Revenue, Madras. Address : 
Jarrett's Garden, Egmore, S.C., 
Madras, India. 

Cleghorn, Surg.-Gen. James, 

(retired, 1898) ; C. S. I., M. S. 
M.D. (1897.1 ; Hon. Surgeon to 
King ; Fellow of Allahabad 
Univ. ; b. Wick, 1841 : 3rd s. of 
John Cleghorn ; Ediic : Edinburgh 
Univ. ; Royal College of Surgeons, 
Edinburgh, M.D. St. Andrews, 
1862 ; L.R.C.S. Edinburgh: 
entered Indian Medical Service, 
1865 : appointed Director General, 
Indian Medical Service, and Sanit- 
ary Commissioner with Govern- 
ment of India , 1895-98; 
was made Hon Surgeon to H.M. ; 
Government of India delegate to 
Venice Plague Conference, 1897; 
Bhotan Campaign, 1865 (medal). 
Publications : various papers to 
medical journals. Recreations : 
fishing. Address : Weysprings, 
Halesmere, Surrey. Club : East 
India United Service. 

Clerk, Hugh Edward ; retired Chief 
Engineer and Secretary to 
Government of IMadras ; h. 
1859 ; Joined service, as Assis- 


tant Engineer, 1880; Chief Engi- 
neer, Travancore State, 1906 ; 
received an honorarium of Rs. 500- 
froni the State ; Chief Engineer 
and Secretary to the Government 
of Madras, 1907 ; retired, 1909. 
Address :Co. India Office, London. 

Clerk, Col. John, C.V.O. 1896 ; C.S. 
I. 1889 : s. of late Sir George 
Russell Clerk, G. C. S. I; served 
Crimea, with Rifle Brigade, 1854- 
55 (medal with two clasps, Turkish 
medal) : subsequently exchanged 
into 4th Dragoon Guards; was 
guardian to H.H. the Nizam, 1874- 
76 ; was Extra Equerry to Queen 
Victoria and late Duke of Saxe- 
Coburg; Comptroller and Treasurer 
to Princess Henry of Battenberg, 
1885-99. Address : 33, Ehn Park 
Gardens, S.W. Club : Carlton. 

Cleveland, Sir Charles Rait, CLE. 
(1906), K.C.I.E., (1911), I.C.S. , 
Director, C.I.D., cduc, Christ's 
College, Finchley and Balliol 
Coll, Oxford; Joined Service as 
Assistant Commisionner, 1887 
Inspector-General of Police, 1903 
Director, C.I.D., 1910; Address 
Simla, India. 

Cleveland, H. F., Major, I. M.S. 
Selected by His Majesty the Amir 
of Afghainstan as Surgeon at 
Kabul; b. 1863; joined I. M.S. 
1889 ; Address : Kabul. 

Cleysten, M.; President, Appellate 
Court, Pondicherry, S. India. 

Clogstoun, Herbert Cunningham, 

CLE.; Political Assistant, Raja- 
putana ; b. 1857 ; s. of MajoJ 
H. M. Clougstoun, V. C, late 
Indian Army ; m. Emily (d. 
1907), d. of Major-Gen. Hosea- 
son, late Madras Army; Educ ; 
Wellington College ; Bengal Police, 
1882-1887 ; Special service w-ith 
Government of Bengal, 1887-91 ; 
Foreign Department, Government 



of India, at Ajmer, Dholpur, and 
Indore, 1891-1906 ; sometime tutor 
to H. H. Maharaja Holkar of In- 
dore. Address : Ajmer, Rajputana ; 
Indore, Central India. 

Cobb. Henry Venn, CLE. . (1910) 
M.A., LL.M., (Cantab); I.C.S. ; 
Resident, Baroda, since 1908 ; ■4th 
.s. of hite Rev. Clement F. Cobb, 
M.A.; Educ; King's School, 
Canterbury ; Trinity College, 
Cambridge. B.A., and L.L.B. 
1886; M. A,, 1896; entered 
I.C.S. , 1888 ; arrived in India, 
1886; served in various capacities 
till 1895 ; Assistant Resident, 
Mysore; Political Agent, Ajmer, 
1895-97; Assistant Resident, Kash- 
mir, 1899-1900; Resident, Jaipur, 
1900-03 : Pol. Agent, East Raj- 
putana, 1904 : Gwalior, 1905-07; 
Jodhpur, 1908 ; Baroda, 1909. Re- 
creations : shooting, golf, travell- 
ing. Address : The Residency, 
Baroda. Clubs; East India Unit- 
ed Service, Bath. 

Cochin, Raja of; H. H. Raja Sir 

Sri Rama Yarma,K. C.S.I. (1897). 
G.C.S.I. (190.3) ; h. 1852 ; suc- 
ceeded, 1895 in the 43rd year 
of his age ; formally installed, 2.3rd 
October 1895 : paid his first visit 
to Madras, 1896 ; received visits 
Jrom the Governors of Madras, once 
in 1902 and again in 1907 ; recei- 
ved Lord Curiion at Cochin, 1900 , 
proceeded on an entensive Indian 
tour, 1902; At Delhi Durbar, 1903; 
tour through Southern India, 

1903 ; visited H. H. the Maharaja 
of Travancore at Trivandram, 

1904 ; paid his respects to Their 
Royal Highnesses the Prince and 
princes of Wales in IMadras, 1906. 
Area of the state, 1417^ Sq. miles ; 
population, 812,025 (1901 census) ; 
His Highness is an en- 
lightened and wise Ruler and is 
.greatly loved by his subjects of 
all classes. He has greatly 
improved the administration of the 

State. The following is an outline 
of the more important admi- 
nistrative measures undertaken 
during his reign : the complete 
reorganisation of the account sys- 
tem on modern lines, the extension 
of the railway line to the capital 
entirely at the cost of the 
State, the Commencement and 
completion of the Cadastral Survey, 
the scientific working of the State 
forests, the construction and com - 
pletion of a forest steam tramwa j 
as a means of providing an outlet 
for the produce of forests that were 
till recently inaccessible, the initia- 
tion and settlement of revenue on 
a systematic and equitable basis, 
the separation of revenue and Mag- 
isterial functions, the complete re- 
organisation and practical disesta- 
blishment, of the Devastanain 
department, the inauguration of 
Public Health, and Agricultural 
departments, the improvement of 
State fisheries, the carrying out of 
an industrial survey of the State, 
the provision for industrial and 
technical education of his subjects, 
the introduction of municipal 
administration in some of the 
more important towns of the 
State, etc. The Rajas of Cochin 
are usually entitled to a salute of 
17 guns, but in the case of the 
present Raja, it has been in- 
creased to 19 guns. The State is 
under the political supervision of 
a British Resident. Address : 
Tiruppanthurai,Ernakulam, Coch- 
in, South India. 

Coghill, Col. Kendal, C.B. (1882) ; s. 
of Admiral Sir J. Coghill, Bart; 
1832; ediic, at Cheltenham; joined 
the Indian Army, 1851 ; served in 
Burma, 1853-5 ; Adjutant of his 
regt. (2nd European Bengal 
Fusiliers) during the mutiny, 
1857-8; present at Bandlika- 
Sarai and siege of DeDii, and 
several subsequent actions ; Brig 




Majorat Cawnpur and Barrackpur ; 
Assistant A.G. at Lucknow and 
Calcutta ; and of the Presidency 
Division, 1861-1870 ; exchanged 
to 19th Hussars, which he com- 
manded in Egyptian campaign, 
188-2 : Address : C/o Indi a Office 

Coleman, Frank M. ; Comes from a 
family of Printers in London for 
the East India Company ; General 
Manager, " Times of India " 1895; 
attached to Government Press, 
Ceylon, for three years, and then 
Manager of the "Financial News," 
London; returned to India in 1901 
on a Commission with Government 
to reduce expenditure on printing, 
IdOl. Address: London. 

Coleridge, Francis Arthur, District 
and Sessions Judge, Kistna ; educ. 
University College, London ; 
joined service as Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, 1894 ; 
Head Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate, 1897; Special, Assis- 
tant Collector, ]\Iagistrate, and 
Government Agent, 1898 ; On 
Special duty for 8 months in 
connection with the demarcation 
of the Jeypore, Bastar Boundary, 
1900 : Principal Assistant Collector, 
Magistrate, and Agent to Govern- 
ment, 1901-02 ; on special 
duty for three months in connec- 
tion with the settlement of the 
Boundary dispute between the 
board State in Orissa and the 
Maliah Tracts of Ganjam, 1902 , 
acting Collector and Magistrate 
1907 ; acting District and Session. 
Judge; 1910 ; confirme ; 1912; 
Publications: INIadanapalle and its 
environs, and other works. Ad- 
dress : IMasulipatam, Kistna 
District, Madras Presidency, 

Collins, Sir Arthur John Ham- 
mond; Kt. 1885; h. 1837 ; s, of 
late John Collins of Parkstone, 


Dorset; m, 1863, Isabella, o. d. of 
tale Rev. Richard Wilson, D.D., 
of Chelsea called to Bar, Gray's 
Inn, 1860; Q.C. and Bencher, 
1877: Treasurer, 1883 and 1905; 
also barrister Middle Temple ; 
Recorder of Poole 1873-79 ; of 
Exeter, 1879-85; Chief Royal 
Commissioner to inquire into 
corrupt practices at clecctions 
for the Citv of Chester, 1880; 
Chief Justice of Madras, 1885-99 ; 
Vice-Chancellor of the University 
of Madras, 1889-99; Member of the 
Council of Legal Education, 1904. 
Address: 18 Ashburn Place, S..\V; 
Conservative Club. 

Colvin, Sir Elliot Graham, K. C. S 
I ; Agent to the Governor General 
Rajputana ; since 1912 ; b. 1861 
s, of Bazatt colonies, I. C. S. 
educ ; Charter House &■ King's 
College ; Cambridge ; joined 
service, 1883; Transferred to 
Assam as Personal Assistant to the 
Commissioner, 1884 ; Private 
Secretary to Lieutenant Governor 
Bengal, 1887 ; Assistant to Gover- 
nor General's Agent, Beluchistan 
1889 : Postmaster General, Ben- 
gal, 1890 ; Agent, Alwar, 1896 ; 
Resident in Kashmir, 1902; Agent 
to the Governor General, Raj- 
putana, 1912 : C. S. I. 1906. 
Address : Ajmere, Rajputna. 

Colvin, Sir Walter Mytton ; (1904) 

6.1847; y. s. of J. R. Colvin, 
I. C. S. ; educ; Rugby and Trinity 
Cambridge ; called to the Bar 
(Middle Temple) 1871 : practised 
at Allahabad : was Member of the 
Indian Police ommission, 1902-3. 

Colvin-Smith, M.A., Sir Colvin; 
(1903) b. 1829 : s. of Rev. Robert 
Smith, D. D. of Old Macker Aber- 
deen : educ; at Grammar school 
and Kings College and University, 
Aberdeen; entered the Madras Army, 



1851 ; served in second Burma war, 
185-2-3, and in the Indian mutiny, 
1857-9 ; Principal Medical officer 
with Indian Contingent in 
Egyptian Compaign, 188'2 ; C. B. 
1882 ; present at Tel-el-Kebir and 
Zagazig ,• retired, 1884 ; Honorary 
Surgeon to the late Queen and to 
H. M. the present King ; K. C, B. 
1903. Address : 5 Cresswell 
Gardens S. Kensington S. W. 

Cooch Behar, Maharaja of ; His 

Highness ^laharaja Raj Rajendra 
Narayan Bhup Bahadur ; s. of late 
Highness Maharaja Sir Nripendra 
Narayan Bhup Bahadur ; educ ; 
in India ; Succeeded his father, 
1911 ; Installed on the gaddi, 1911; 
Princess Indira d. of H. H. the 
Gaekwar of Baroda ; area of the 
State, 1,307 square miles ; popula- 
tion, about 600,000; revenue, about 
23 lakhs. The State was founded 
by a Kach Chief, named Chandan, 
in 1510 A. D. His successor, 
Biswa Singh, made consider- 
able extension to the territory and 
was succeeded by Nar Narayan, 
who extended the territory still 
further and even waged wars with 
the ?*ruhammadans. But dissen- 
sions broke out in the family 
and the aid of the Mughals and the 
East India Company were invoked. 
In 1773 a treaty was concluded 
between the East India Company 
and the then Raja by which the 
Raja not only accepted the political 
supremacy of the East India Com- 
pany, but also agreed to pay a sum 
of Rs. 67,000 per annum to the 
Company. The first Raja under 
these conditions was Narendra 
Narayan Bhup Bahadur, who died 
in 1868 and was succeeded by the 
late Maharaja Sir Nripendra 
Narayan Bhup Bahadur who was 
married to Suniti Devi, C. I., elder 
daughter of the late Babu Kesheb 
Chandra Sen (the famous Brahmo 
leader of Calcutta) and grand- 

daughter of Piari Mohan Sen- 
Title of " Maharaja Bhup Baha, 
dur" was recognised as hereditary. 
1885 ; entitled to a Salute of IS 
guns. Address : Cooch Behar, 
Calcutta, and Darjeeling. 

Cooch Behar, Dowager Maharani of 
Her Highness Suniti Devi, C. I. ; 
e. d. of the late Babu Keshub Chan- 
der Sen of Calcutta ; m. to the late 
Maharaja of Cooch Behar, 1878 ; 
C.I., 1887; Address : Cooch Behar, 

Cooch Behar, Maharaj Kumar 
Hitendra Narayan ; s. of His 

Highness the Maharaja of Cooch 
Behar ; Appointed Honorary Lieu- 
tenant, 1914. Address : Cooch 
Behar, India. 

Cook, John M. A. ; retired Principal, 
Central College, Bangalore; b. 1848; 
Educ ; at Aberdeen University ; 
First Joined the Madras Doveton 
Protestant College as Principal ; 
Principal, Central College, Banga- 
lore ; 1882, Director of Meteorology 
in Mysore, 1894 ; F.B.S. E. 1894 : 
P.M.U., 1909; delivered the 
Madras University Convocation 
Address, 1897; gave a great impetus 
to the study of Physical Science in 
the State. Retired, 1909. Publi- 
cations : — A High School Text- 
Book of Physics, (Longmans), and 
numerous other school publica- 

Cooke, Theodore; CLE. (1891); 
M.A. L.L.D. P.G.S. F.L.S. Direc- 
tor of Publiclnstruction, Bombay, 
(retired); b. 1836; s. of Rev. John 
Cooke, Rector of Ardinan Co. 
Tipperary : educ^ at Dublin 
University ; went to India 
as Engineer of the B.B. & 
C.I. Railway, 1860 : erected the 
Basscin Bridge, 1865 ; Principal of 
Civil Engineering College, Poona, 
1865 : officiated thrice as Director 
of Public Instruction, Bombay 




Director of Botanical Survey of 
Western India, and Director of 
Agriculture, Bombay; Fellow of the 
Bombay University ; retired, 1893: 
Sub-Director of the Imperial Insti- 
tute. Publications: Manual of Heat, 
Manual of Geology, Flora of 
Bombay Presidency ; Address : 
Potswood House, New Gardens. 

Coomaraswami, Dr. Ananda K., 

D. So. (Lond),F.I.S.,'F.G.S.,M.R. 
A. S., Ceylon ; s. of late Sir 
Muttu Coomaraswami, of Cevlon; 
b. 1877 ; Educ : Wycliffe College, 
Stonehouse, Gloucester, and Uni- 
versity College, London ; Director 
of Mineralogical Survey of Ceylon, 
1903-06 ; initiated a movement for 
National Education, teaching of 
vernaculars in all schools, and 
revival of Indian culture ; Member 
of the Cejdon University Associa- 
tion ; undertook a lecturing tour 
in India ; one of the founders of 
the India Society ; was in charge 
of the Arts section at the United 
Provinces Exhibition of 1910-11 ; 
Member of the Council of the India 
Society and Viking Society ; 
Fellow of the University College, 
London. Publications : Reports of 
the Geology of Ceylon, 1903-06; 
Mediasval Sinhalese Art ; The 
Indian Craftsman ; Essays in Na- 
tional Idealism ; Art and Swade- 
shi ; Selected Examples of Indian 
Art ; Indian Drawings, 2 Vols ; 
Myths of the Hindus and Bud- 
dhists ; Arts and Crafts of India 
and Ceylon ; etc, etc. Recreation: 
Collecting Indian works of art. 
Address : No. 39, Brookfield, 
West Hill, Highgate, N. 

oomes, William Heron ; F.R.G.S. 
F.R.A.S., Assoc. Inst. C.E.; Pro- 
tector of Immigrants, Trinidad 
and Tobago, since 1896; b. 
1851 ; m. 1875 ; Marion, d. of W. 
Lctheby Inch, Paymaster-in-Chief , 


R.N.; Educ. : Christ College, 
Finchley; entered R.N. 1866; 
Assist. ?upt. Marino Surveys ; 
Government, of India, being 
employed principally on har- 
bours, Madras, Colombo, Goa, etc.; 
1876-84, Interpreter in Hindi, Urdu, 
and Persian ; retired as Com- 
mander, 1894 ; member of Legis- 
lative Council and J. P. for the 
colony of Trinidad and Tobago. 
Recreations : shooting, fishing, 
whist, bridge, photography. Ad- 
dress : Port of Spain, Trinidad, 
West Indies. 

Cooper Francis Alfred C. M. G., 

Director of Public Works, Ceylon, 
1912. Address: Colombo, Ceylon. 

Cooper, Lt.-Col. Sir William 
Earnshaw, Kt., (1903) ; C. I. E., 
(1897); Hon. Col. Cawnpore Volun- 
teer Rifle Corps; managing part- 
ner. Cooper, Allen and Co., Cawn- 
pore, India ; b. 1843; Command- 
ed 5th Administrative Batt. N. 
W. P. Volunteers for several years; 
President Upper India Cham- 
ber of Commerce, 1889-99 : 
Member, Legislative Council, 
1893-1900. Publications : The 
Murder of Agriculture; Socia- 
lism and its Perils, 190S ; 
Britain for the Briton, 1909; 
England's Need, 1910 etc. Ad- 
dress: Cawnpore, U. P., India; 
Hume Towers, Bournemouth. 

Copleston, Right Rev. Reginald 
Stephen ; Bishop of Calcutta and 
Metropotiton of India (Retd.) ; 
h. 1845; s. of Rev. R.E. 
Copleston ; educ. at Merchant Tay- 
lors ; and Merton College, Oxford ; 
m. Edith, d. of late Archbishop 
Trench ; Fellow and Tutor, St. 
John's College, Oxford ; appointed 
Bishop of Colombo, 1875 ; transla- 
ted to Calcutta and became Metro- 
politan of India, 1902 ; retired, 



1913. Publication : Buddhism : 
Primitive and Present, etc. Ad- 
dress : c/o. Indian Office, London. 

Coppel, Rt. Rev. Francis Stephen, 

, R. G, {see Na<;ip")\ Bishop of.) 

Corbet, Frederick Hugh Mackenzie ; 

Barrister-at-Lciw ; Advocate-Gene- 
ral, Madras, since 21st October. 
1912 ; h. Barcelona, 1862 ; 2nd 
s. of Reginald John Corbet, J. P., 
M. L. C, Ceylon ; m. Eila, e. d. 
of Sir George, W. R. Campbell, 
K.C.M.G. ; Educ. : privately ; paid 
special attention toLa w and modern 
languages ; was granted Letters 
Patent of Venia yEtatis, 1879; 
Private Secretary to Hon. Mr. 
Justice Lawrie, "1885, 1886, and 
1888 , Librarian, Colombo Mu- 
seum, 1886-93; Secretary, Cen- 
tral Irrigation Board, Ceylon, 1890- 
91 ; resigned salaried Government 
employment (services acknowledg- 
ed by Secretary of State for the 
Colonies), 1893 ; Hon. Execu- 
tive Officer and Home Agent, 
Government of Ceylon, at the 
Imperial Institute, 1893-1901 ; 
Hony. Secretary, Ceylon Gene- 
ral Committee for Paris Exposi- 
tion, 1889 ; Member of Council, 
and successively Hony. Sec. 
and Hon. Treas. of Ceylon Cranch, 
Royal Asiatic Society, 1887-93; 
Delegate to International Congress 
of Orientalists, London, 1891 ; 
called to Bar. (Gray's In.) 1897 ; 
Chairman and Director of several 
South African and other Com- 
panies ; Member of Committee 
of several Societies ; President, 
Hardwicke Society, 1902-03 ; 
Secretary, Royal Commission on 
the Church of England and other 
Religious Bodies in Wales and 
won Monmouthshire, 1909-1912. 
Jubilee Gold Medal of Ceylon, 
1897. Puhlicntions : various offi- 
cial Reports, etc. ; Introduction to 
Ceylon portion of The Golden Book 

of India, 1900 ; The Laws of the 
Empire, 1901. Address : College 
Bridge House, Commander-in- 
Chief's Road, Egniore, Madras, 
S. C. 

Cory, Yen. Charles Page, Archdea- 
con of Rangoon since 1907. Edicc.: 
St. John's College, Cambridge 
(M.A.). Ordained 1883 ; Curate of 
Cexley, 1884 ; Vice- Principal St. 
Paul's College, Madagascar, 1884- 
90 ; Curate of Ledbergh, 1890-91 ; 
Chaplain Rangoon Catonments, 
1892-95 ; Thatyetmyo, 1895-99 : 
Incumbent of Port Blair, 1901-3 ; 
Chaplain of Rangoon Cathedral, 
1903-4 ; Rangoon Cantonnaents, 
1904-5 ; Acting Archdeacon and 
Commissary, 1906-7 : IMaymyo, 
1906-9. Address : M'aymyo, 

Coterill, Cecil Bernard, B.A., 
I.C S.; Private Secretary to H. E. 
the Governor of ^Madras ; edicc : 
Caliol College, Oxford : Joined 
Service as Assisstant Collector, 
Vizagapatain, 1899 ; Deputy 
Commissioner, Salt and Abkari 
Rev. Madras, 1905 ; Secry. 
to Board of Revenue, Separate 
Revei?ue, 1907 ; appointed 
Private Secretary to H. E. the 
Governer, 1912. Address : Govern- 
ment House, Madras, and Ootaca- 

Cotes, Everard, M.A. ; b. Newington- 
Rectory, Oxfordshire, 1862; s. of, 
Rev. S. Cotes ; in. Sara Jeannette 
Duncan ; Edtic. : Clifton ; Paris ; 
Oxford ; Assistant and Deputy 
Superintendent, Indian Museum, 
Calcutta, 1884-94 ; sometime Lec- 
turer at the Government of India 
Forest School, Dchi i Dun ; Edi- 
tor, The Indian Daily News, 
Calcutta, 1895-97 : Press Corres- 
pondent with the Government of 
India, 1897 ; Managing Director, 
Associated Press of India. Publi- 




cations : Indian Forest Zoology ; 
Catalogue of the Moths of India 
(with Swinghoe) ; and a series upon 
Indian Economic Entomology ; 
Signs and Portents in the Far 
East, 1907. Address : Westen- 
bert, Simla. Clubs : Bengal ■ 
Tollygunge, and Calcutta. 

Cotes. Sara Jeanette ; b. in 

Canada ; d. of Charles Dun- 
can, merchant ; married Everard 
Cotes, Press Correspondent with 
Government of India, Simla ; on 
the staff of " Washington Post", 
"Toronto Globe", and " Montreal 
Star." Author of A Social Depar- 
ture (Letters from Japan), An 
American Girl in London, The 
Simple Adventures of a Mem- 
Sahib, The Story of the Sonny 
Sahib, On the other Side of the 
Latch, Those Delightful Ameri- 
cans, His Honour and a Lady, 
etc., etc. Address : Simla. 

Cotilingam, J. P., M.A., Principal, 
Wardlaw College, Bellary ; B.A. 
degree, 1882: M.A., 1887; joined 
serevice as Principal, Wardlaw 
College, Bellary, 1888; has 
been aiFellow and an Examiner 
of the Madras University fsince 
1904; Address: Bellary, Madras 

Cotton, Harry Evan Auguste ; 

L.C.C. (P.) East Finsbury since 
1910 ; b. Midnapore, Bengal, 
1868 ; e.s. -of Sir Henry Cotton, 
K. C.S.I. , (q)v.) ; m, 1896, Nora, d. 
of late William Henry Grimley, 
Bengal Civil Service; 
Educ, : Mont Liban School, Pau ; 
Sherborne ; Jesus College, Oxford 
(open scholar) ; Secretary and 
Treasurer in succession of Oxford 
Union Society : called to Bar. 
(Lincoln's Inn), 1893 ; practised at 
Calcutta for 13 years ; acted as 
special correspondent of INIanches- 
ter Guardian] at Delhi Corona- 


tion Durbar, 1903 ; Calcutta 
correspondent of Daily News ; 
member of Calcutta Corpora- 
tion, 1900 ; left India, 1906 ; has 
been Editor of the ' India,' the 
London organ of the Indian 
National Congress, since 1906; 
contested Dulwich (L.), 1910. 
Publications : The Century in 
India, 1800-1900 ; Calcutta'. Old 
and New, a historical and des- 
criptive guide-book to the city ; 
annotated edition (with late J. 
Macfarlane) of Hartley House, 
Calcutta, a novel of the days of 
Warren Hastings ; and numerous 
newspaper articles on political and 
literary subjects. Assisted his 
brother J.J. Cotton (q.v.) in the 
preparation of " Movements in 
Madras." Address: 186 Adelaide 
Road, South Hampstead, N.W. ; 
85 Palace Chambers, Westminster, 
S.W. Chibs : National Liberal, 
Eighty, New Reform. 

Cotton. Sir Henry John Stedman, 

K.C.S.I., (1902); C.S.I. , (1S92) , 
b. 1845 ; 2nd .s. of J. J. Cotton, 
late Madras Civil Service; vi. 1867; 
Mary, d, of late James Ryan ; 
Educ. ; Magdalen College School ; 
Brighton College ; King's Coll. 
London ; Passed Indian Civil 
Service, 1865 ; joined service in 
Bengal, 1867 ; Under Secretary to 
Government, 1873-6 ; Registrar of 
High Court, 1874 ; Junior Secre- 
tary to Government, 1876-78 ; 
Magistrate and Collector, Chit- 
tagong, 1878-81 ; acted as Com- 
missioner, 1879, 1884 ; Sec. Co 
Board of Revenue, 1881-87 ; Com- 
missioner of Police and Chairman 
of Calcutta Corporation, 1887 ; 
Secretary to Government, Revenue 
Department, 1888 ; Finan- 

cial Department, 1889-91 ; Chief 
Secretary to Bengal Government, 
1892-96 ; Acting Home Secretary to 
Government of India, 1897 : Chief 
Commissioner of Assam, 1897-1902; 



retired, 1903, M. P. (L), for Not- 
tingham East, 1906-10 ; President 
of the Indian National Congress, 
1905 ; Publications : Memo, on the 
Rev. History of Chittagong, 1880 ; 
]Memo. on the Land Tenure of Ben- 
gal, 1884 ; New India or India in 
Transition, 1885 ; revised and 
enlarged editions, 1904-7 ; Indian 
and Home Memories, 1911. Ad- 
dress ■ 45, St. John's Wood Park. 
N. W. Clubs: Savile, National 

Cotton, J.J. M.A., I.C.S., District 
and Sessions Judge; s. of 
Sir Henry Cotton; {q. v.); educ : 
Corpus Christi College, Oxford ; 
joined service, 188.3 ; rose to the 
position of Collector and District 
JMagistrate, 1907 ; District and 
Sessions Judge. 1910; is much in- 
terested in the study of antiquities 
and genealogy in India. Publica- 
tions : Inscriptions on Tombs or 
Monuments in Madras. Address : 
Rajahmundary ; Godavari Dt., 
Madras Presidency. 

Cotton, James Sutherland, M.A. ; 
editor revised edition of the Imperial 
Gazeteer of India; 6. Coonoor, 1847 
s. of J.J. Cotton, late Madras Civil 
Service; m. Isabella, rf. of John 
Carter, Clifton, Bristol, 1873; 
Educ: Magdalen Coll. School; 
Brighton Coll.; Winchester Coll. 
Oxford; Scholar of Trin. Coll.; 
Fellow and Lecturer of Queen's 
Coll. Oxford ; 1st class Classical 
Moderations : 1st class Final Clas- 
sical School ; Hon. Secretary, 
Egypt Exploration Fund ; late 
editor of The Academy ; Pub- 
licaiioyis : Decennial Report on 
the Moral and Material Pro- 
gress of India, 1885 ; India in 
Citizen Series, 1883; Elphinstonc, 
in Rulers of India Series, 189'2; 
Quinquennial Report on Educa- 
tion in India, 1898 ; editor of 
Paterson's Practical Statutes. 

Address : 13 Warwick Mansions, 
Cromwell Crescent, S. W. Club ; 

Coughlan, Cornelius, V. C. Mutiny 
Veteran: s, of Edward Coughlan; 
b. 1828 ; educ ; at Eyrecourt, Co. 
Gal way ; served as Private, Cor- 
poral Sergeant, Colour-Sergeant 
and Serg-Major in the 75th regt. 
for 21 years, and as Serg-^Iajor 
in the Counaught Rangers for 21 
years ; was present at the siege of 
Delhi (when he won V.C. for 
acts of bravery), and relief of 
Lucknow. Address : Altamount 
Street, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ire- 

CoYentry, Bernard, CLE. (1892), 
Director, .\gricultural Research 
Institute, and Principal, Agricul- 
tural College, Pusa : b. 18.59 ; s. 
of late John Coventry of Burgate 
House, Fordingbridge, Hants ; m. 
1892, Ella Gordon, d. of E. Dal- 
gliesh, of Brook, Witley, Surrey ; 
educ ; at Beamount College ; Came 
out and joined the indigo industry 
in India 1881; at one time manager 
and part proprietor of the Dalsingh 
Sarai Indigo Concern in Behat ; 
started an agricultural research 
station on modern lines, 1899 ; 
appointed first. Publications : 
various reports on agricul- 
tural and industrial matters, and 
articles on Rhea and F'Jax 
published in the Agricultural 
Journal of India. Address : Pusa, 
Bengal, India, 

Coutts, Hon: Mr. W.C; Nominated 
^Icnibcr, Imperial Legislative 
C(juncil, representing Bihar ; 
.Appointed, 14th October 1914. 
/IfMre.s.s : Patna, India. 

Cowie, D.W.G. M.A. I.C.S. (Bar- 
at-Law) Collector of Madras : 
educ. Balliol College, Oxford ; 
Joined Service, 1886 ; Assistant 
Collector of Godaveri, 1887 ; 




Deputy Registrar, High Jourt, 
1892 ; Registrar, High Court ; on 
Special duty in connection with 
the revisiou of High Court 
Criminal rules of practice. 1895: 
Collector of Madras, 1900 ; 
Inspector: General of Police, 
Madras, 1907; Collector of Madras, 
1913. Address: Wood's Road, 
Royapettah, : Madras Club. 

Cox, Arthur Frederick, C. S. I. 

(1901);Indian Civil Service, retired; 
b. Kurnool, Madras Presidency. 
1849 ; 4th s. of late Major Edward 
Thomas Cox, H. E. N. S. of Hum 
Comman Surrey ; 7n. Flora, d. of 
late Alexander Ranken of Hamp- 
stead ; Educ. : Great Ealing 
School ; King's Coll. School and 
King's Coll., London ; Entered I. 
C. S. 1871 ; served in the 
Madras Revenue and Magisterial 
Department until 1882, when ho 
joined the Finance Department of 
the Government of India ; appoint- 
ed Assistant, Controller-General, 
Madras, 1883 ; returned to Madras 
as District and Sessions Judge, 
1887-89 ; reappointed to the Fin- 
ancial Department as Dy. Accoun- 
tant-General, Bombay ; 1885 ,• Ac- 
. countant-General Bombay, 1889 ; 
transferred to Bengal as Account- 
ant-General, 1895; Comptroller and 
Auditor-General, 1898: Kaiser-i- 
Hind Gold Medal for jrablic service 
in India, 1900; retired, 1900. 
Publication : The District Manual 
- of North Aroct, Madras Presidencv 
1st. P]dn. 1880. Address : Cuni- 
balla. Meads, Eastbourne. Chib : 
East India United Service. 

Cox, Edmund C, retired Dy. Ins- 
pector-General of Police Bombav ; 
.<-. of the Rev. George William Cox, 
Rector of Seragingham, who as- 
sumed in 1873 the baronecty of 
of Cox (cr. 1706) of Dunmaiiras, 
Cork. He died without having 
established or recorded his light 


to the dignity. He claimed to be 
the 14th Baronet. His son Ed- 
ward Charles claimed and assumed 
the title but was opposed by John 
Hantrey Reginald Cox (el. son of 
the late Maj-Gen. John Cox C.B. 
Gordon Highlanders) who claimed 
the title and assumed it in 189G. 
The case came before a Committee 
of the Privy Council on Nov. 9th 
1911, which resolved to advise His 
Majesty that neither of them had 
made out their title to the digni- 
ty and that therefore their names 
should not be entered on the offi- 
cial Roll of Baronets in respect of 
the Baronetcy claimed by them; b. 
1856 : Educ. at Marlborough, and 
at Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
appointed Assistant Inspector- 
General of Police. Bombay, 1877. 
Publications : Short History of the 
Bombay Presidency : Tales of An- 
cicnt India. Jolm Carruihers ; 
Indian Policeman ; My Thirty 
years in India 1909. Address-. 
Bavfield House, Shanklin, Isle of 

Cox, Harold, B.A., Editor, Edinburg 
Review; b. 1859; s. of late Homer- 
sham Cox, Judge of County Courts; 
Educ. : Tonbridge School ; Jesus 
College, Cam bridge;President, Cam- 
bridge Unionlectured on Political 
Economy for Cambridge Univer- 
sity ICxtension Society in York 
and Hull ; worked nearly a year 
as an agricultural labourer in 
Kent and Surrey in order to gain 
an insight into the life of English 
laboiu-ers ; spent two years in 
India teaching mathematics in 
the A.nglo-Oriental College, Aligarh' 
proceed to England and was called 
to the Bar, Gray'sinn, 1877; adopt- 
ed journalism as a profession ; 
Secretary of the Cobden Club, 
1889-1904; M.P. (l.) Preston. 
1906-10. Ptoblications : Land 
Nationalisation and Land 
Taxation ; various pamphlet 



onfreei'tade and economic subjects, 
Address : 6, Raymond Buildings, 
Gray's Inn, W. C. Club : Salve. 

Cox, Lionel Edgar, M. A., the 

Venerable the Archdeacon of 
Madras and Commissary of the 
Diocese and Domestic Chaplain to 
the Lord Bishop of Madras since 
1910. Address: Teyuampet, Madras 

Sch. ; at Wellington Coll. ; and 
Keble Coll. Oxford; entered Indian 
Civil Service, 1884 ; Settlement 
officer, Nagpur, 1890 : Secretary to 
Chief Commissioner, C.P, 1895 ; 
Commissioner, Nagpur, 1901 : 
Chief Commissioner, C.P., 1907; 
Publication : Report on Famine in 
Central Provinces of India, 1896-7. 
Address : Simla and Delhi; Chib. : 
East India United Service. 

Cox, Percy Zachariah, Lient-Col 
F.R.Ci.S., F.Z.S.; C.S.I. (1909) 
CLE. (1902) s. Arthur 

Zachariah Cox ; b. 1864 ; ediic, at 
Harrow and at Roy. Mil. Coll., 
Sandhurst ; joined the Army, 
1884 ; became Cap. Indian Staff 
Corps (now Indian Armv, 1879 ; 
Major, 1901^ ; Lient-Col, 191u : 
Vice-Consul at Zaila, Somali 
coast, 1893; at Berbera, 1894; 
Counsel and Political Agent, 
Muscat, 1899 : Resident and 
Consul-General for Persian Gulf, 
1904 ; Address : The Residency 
Burkshire, Persia. 

Coxe, Mr. Justice, H.R.H., Bar-at- 
Law, I.C.S., Judge, High Court. 
Calcutta, ; edtic. ; at Winchester 
and New College, Oxford, joined 
I.C.S., 1884 ; District and Sessions 
Judge, 1896 ; transfered to E.B. 
and A. as Legal Remembrance and 
Secretary to Legislative Council, 
1905; Judge, High Court, Calcutta, 
1908 ; on special duty in Home 
Department, 1908. Address : Cal- 
cutta, India. 

iCraddock, Sir Reginald Henry, 

K.C.S.I. (1911),C.S.L 1903; Mem- 
ber, ExecutiveCouncil India, since 
27th January 1912 ; b. 1864 ; s. of 
late Surg.-Major William Craddock. 
IstGoorkha Rifles ; w. 1888, Fran 
ces Henrietta, y. d. of Gen. H. R. 
3rowno C.B. Ed. ; of Norfolk 
Regt ; Educ. ; sX Reading Gram, 

Crawford. Arthur Travers, C.M.G. 
(18s7); b. 1835 ;s. of late James H. 
Crawford B.C.S. ; Entered Bom- 
bay Civil Service, 1854 ; Commis- 
sioner for Central Division, Bom- 
bay ; British Delegate for Portu- 
guese Treaty, 1879 ; retired, 
1889. Publication : Remiuiscenes 
of an Indian Official. 

Crawford, Henry Leighton, C.M.G. 
(1906) : Controller of Revenue, 
Ceylon, (Retired); b. 1855; s. of 
late. Rev. Henry Crawford, of 
Chelsfield, Kent ; Educ. ; Clifton 
College, Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge (Scholar 1876); Entered 
Ceylon Civil Service, 1877 ; Police 
Magistrate, Kalpitiya, 1883 ; 
District Judge Badulla, 1889; 
Asst. Col. Secretary, 1890 ; Princ - 
pal Assistant Colonial Seciotary, 
1896 ; Commissioner, Buddhist 
Temporalities ; Principal Collector 
of Customs ; Government Agent, 
North-West, Province, 1901 ; 
Principal Collector of Customs, 
1902 ; Actg. Colonial Treasurer, 
1904 ; Govt. Agent S. Province, 
1904 ; Govt. Agent, W. Province, 
1905: Ag. Col. Secretary, 1906; 
Controller of Revenue, Cylon, 
1907; retd. 1911. m. 1385, E. Alba, 
d. of the Rev. R. Grant-Brown; 
Address : Winsh.-im Club. 

Creagh. General Sir 0" Moore G. C. 

B., (1909) 2iid class, 1903 ; K. C. 




B., V. C. ; (1903) C. B. (1902) ; b. 
Cahirbane. Co. Clare, 1848 ; 6th s. 
of Captaih Creagh, R.N. : Educ. : 
privately and at Royal ]\Iilitary 
Coll. Sandhurst; Ensign., 95th 
Foot, 1866; Capt. Indian Army, 
1878. Brevet Major 1879 Lieut. Col. 
1892 ; Col. 1896 ; IMajor. General. 
1908 ; Comd. I\Iervvara Batt. 
1882; Capt., Comd. 2nd Balu- 
chis, and Hon'ble Colonel 44th 
JMerwara Infantry, 1889 ; Assist- 
ant, Quartermaster-General Bom- 
bay Command, 1895 ; Political 
■ Resident and General Officer Com- 
manding Aden, 1898-1900 ; served 
Afghan War, 1878-80 (despatches, 
medal, Brevet-jNIajor, V.C.) ; Zhob 
Valley Expedition, 1890 (despat- 
ches); China Expedition, 1900- 
1901 (despatches) ; first in Com- 
mand of 2nd Birg. and subsequently 
in Command of China Field force 
(despatches, K. C. B.) ; was in 
command of a 2nd class district in 
India and was Political Resi- 
dent at Aden. 1898-1900; Com- 
manded British Forces in N. 
Chira, 1901-3 ; 2nd Division N. 
Command, India, 1903-07; Military 
Secretary, India office, 1907-09 ; 
Commander-in-Chief in India and 
jNIember of Viceroy's Council 1909- 
1913; Col- 4 Merwara Infantry, 
1904 ; 2nd class order of Rising 
Sun of Japan; w. 1st 1874. his cou- 
sin, Lititi l.ongfield d. 1795: of 
2nd 1891, Elizabeth, d. of late 
E. Reade, C. B. 1902 ; K. C. B. 
1903, G. C. B. 1909; United 
Service Club. 

Creasy, Leonard, I.S.O. (1905)-; M. 
Inst. C.I'l.; 3rd s. of late Sir 
Edward Creasy, Chief Justice of 
Ceylon ; b. 1854 ; m. 1890, Ellen 
Maud, d. of late Sir George Elvey, 
Windsor; Educ; University College 
School, London; Served in Public 
Works Department, Ceylon, 1874- 
T905. Address : Hurstleigh, Wind- 
sor Forest. 


Creasy, Hon. Mr. Harvy, European 
Urban ^Member Ceylon Legislative 
Council, since 1913. Address 

Crewe, Earl ; First Marqies of; 
Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe 
Milnes, K.G., P.C.M.A., F.C.A., 
L.L.D., Created Earl, 1895; 
Marquis, 1911 ; Earl of Madeley, 
1911; Lord Privy Seal Since 1912; 
His Majesty's Lieutenant, County 
of London ; Secretary of State for 
India, Since 1910 ; b. in Upper- 
brook Street, West, 1858 ; s. of 
First Baron Houghton; edtic. 
Harrow Trinity College, Cambridge; 
Assitant Private Secretary to the 
Secretary for Foreign Affairs 18S3- 
84 ; Lord in waiting to the Queen, 
1886 ; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 
1892-95 ; Lord President of the 
Council 1905-08; Lord Privy Seal 
1908 ; Secretary of Stae for the 
Colonies, 1908-10; has a Library 
of 32,000 volumes and a large 
Collection of autographic letters , 
Owns 25,000 acres, m. 1 st. 1880; 
Sibyl. Marcia, d. of Sir Fredesick 
ulric Graham, 3rd Bt. ; 2nd.; 
Lady Margaret Etrenne Hannah 
Crimrose, d. of 5th Earl of 
Rosebery, Publication : stray, 
verses. Recreations ; Hunting, 
Shooting, Collection of Books; 
Heir, Earl Madeley; Addreess : 
Crewe Hall. Crewe ; aiid Crewe 
House, Curzon Street, London. 

Crichton, Lt.-Gol. Richmond 
Trevor, CLE. (1909), Director of 
Surveys, Bengal, since 1900 \b. 
1865; e. s. of late Major H. McVeagh 
Crichton, R.E,; ?w. 1891, Augusta 
Kate, d of Col. Francis Tweddell 
Educ: Edinburgh; R. M. C 
Sandhurst; Entered 2nd Batt 
Highland Light Infantry, 1884 
Captam I.S.C. 1895 ; Major 
Indian Army. 1902; Lient.-Co 
1910 ; jotned Survey Department 
1889; Deputy iSuperintedent, 1895 



Superintendent of Settlement Sur- 
vey, 1895. Address: Survey Depart- 
ment, Calcutta. Clubs : United 
Service, Calcutta. 

Csrimmin, Surgeon Lt.-Col. John, 

CLE. (1901): V.C. ; L.R.C.P., 
L.R.C.S., and D.C.H., Ireland; 
Health Officer, Port of Bombay ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1900 ; Entered I. 
M.S., 188-2; Surg-Maj. 1894; Lient- 
Col., 1902; served with Burma Ex- 
pedition, 1886-89 (medal with 
clasp); and with Karen Field Force 
1888-9 (despatches, clast, V. C); 
Health Officer, Bombay, 189G, 
Address : Bombay. 

Croft, Sir Alfred Woodley, M.A.; 
L.L,I).; K.C.I. E.: (1887); CLE. 
(1884) J. P. for Devon :6. 84 s. of 
late Charles Woodley Croft, of Ply- 
mouth. Educ: ^Vannamead 
School, Plymouth ; Exeter 

ollege. Oxford ; Lecturer: 
P'.xeier Coll, Oxford 1863-5; appoin, 
ted to Bengal Educational Depart- 
:nent, 1866 ; was Professor, Presy- 
Coll, Calcutta, 1866-73; Principal 
Decoa College, 1873-4; Inspector of 
Schools, 1874-6 ; Director Public 
Instruction, ]5engal, 1877-97 ; 
I^Iember, Indian Education Com- 
mition, 188'2-3; M.L,C. Bengal, 
1887-92; President, Asiatic Society 
of Bengal, 1892-93 : Trustee, 
Indian ^Museum, 1894-96; Vice- 
Chancellor, Calcutta University, 
1894-96, Governor and Treasurer. 
South Devon and East Cornwall 
Hospital. (Plymouth), a Gover- 
nor, Plymouth High School 
for Boys; and a Trustee of Kelly 
College, Travistock. Address: 
Rumleigh, Bere Alston, S. Devon. 
Club : Royal Western Yacht, 

Crole, Charles Stewart, CLE.: 
(1898), I.CS. (retired); Educ.: 
High School and Univ., Edin; 

joined service, 1862, 

Student at the Co 1 1 e g e, 
1863 ; on duty in the Sub-Div. 
i\Iadras, 1868 ; in charge of 
Madras Collr's office, the same 
year ; Sub-Secretary, Bd. of Rev. 
Madras, 1869; awarded Rs. 2000 
for compiling the Chingleput Dis. 
Manual, 1st December 1879 ; Ag- 
Conimr. of Salt Rev, Madras, 1880; 
Ag Collector of Sea Customs, 
Madras, 31st March to 5th Novem- 
ber 1880 ; furlough to Europe, 
13th November 1880 to 27th Febru- 
ary 1882 ; returned and was post- 
ed"^ as Dist. and Sessions Judge, 
Kistna, 1882; Collector and ^Ma- 
gistrate, 1882 ; Member. Board 
of Revenue, 1890 ; Member, 
Madras Legislative Council, 1893; 
retired, 1898 ; contested Enfield 
(L.), 1900. Publication: Chingle- 
pat District Manual. Address C/o 
India office, London. 

Cromer, 1st Earl (1901) Evelyn 
Baring, Viscount (1898), Baron 
(1892), P.C., G.C.B.C, G..M.G. 
K.C.S.I., CLE. O.M.. L.L.D. 
(hon.) Camb. Albert Medallist 
Society of Arts, 1907 ; formerly 
Major R. A. ;6. Cromer Hall, Nor- 
folk, 1841; s. of Henry Baring, M.P, 
m. 1st, Ethel Stanley, (d. 1898) d. 
of Sir Rowland Stanley Errington, 
Bt.,1876; 2nd, 1901, Lady Kather- 
ine Georgiana Louisa Thynne. 2nd 
d. of 4th Marquess of Bath; Educ: 
Ordunce School, Carshalton; 
R.M.A. Woolwich. Hon, D.C.L, 
Oxford; Protestant. Entered R.A. 
1858 ; Capt. 1870; Maj. 1876 A.D. 
C to Sir Henry Storks in Ionian 
Islands, 1861, and Secretary 
during inquiry into outbreak in 
Jamaica ; Private Secretary to 
Earl of North brook, Viceroy of 
India, 1872-76 ; Commissioner, 
Egyptian Public Debt, 1877-79; 
Controller-General, Egypt, 1879; 
Financial INIembcr, India, 1880 ; 
Financial Assistant at Conferences 




in London on Egyptian Finance, 
1884 ; Agent atad Consul-Gen., 
Egypt, 188-3-1907; granted £50,000 
by Parliament holds 1st class Med- 
judie reigned freedom of the city of 
London, 1907; is Pres of Research 
Defence society and Chairman, of 
African Entomological Research 
Committee C.S. 1. 187G; C.I.P]. 1880; 
K. C.S.I. 1883, K.C.B. (civil) 1887; 
G. C. M G. 1888 ; G.C.B. (civil) 
1895, P.C. 1900; Baron 1892; 
Viscount, 1899 ; Viscount 

Evington and Earl of cromer, 
1901 ; O.M. 1906. Publications : 
Staff College Essays ; Paraphrase 
and translations from the Greek ; 
The war Game ; and other 
military works ; Modern Egypt, 2 
vols., 1908; Ancient and Modern 
Imperialism, 1910. Heir : s. Vis- 
count Errington, Address : 36, 
Wimpole Street. Clubs ; Turf, 
Travellers, ' Brooke's, Marlborough. 

Crooke. William; I. C.S. , (Retd); b. 
1848; editc; at the Grammar School 
Tippevary and at Trinity College, 
Dublin ; arrived in India, 1871 ; 
served in the N. W. P. and Oudh ; 
Magistrate and Collector ; (retired) 
1896. Publictions: Rural and Agri- 
cultural Glossary, N. W. P. and 
Oudh, 1888 ; an Ethnographical 
Handbook for the N. W.P. and 
Oudh, 1890; The N. W. P of 
India, their History, etc., 1897 ; 
The popular Religion and Folklore 
of Northern India, 1896 ; and a 
Gazetteer of Jalesar : The Tribes 
and Castes of the N. \V. P. and 
Oudh, 1896 ; also of a Revised 
edition of yule Burnell's Jobson. 
and numerous papers in the 
Journals of the Anthropological 
Institute and Folklore Society. Ad- 
dress : c/o India Office, London. 

Cross, Richard Assheton, First 
Viscount : (1816) ; h. 1823 ; 
s. of William Cross ; ed.uc ; at 

Rugby and Trinity College, 
Cambridge : calleci to the bar, 
Inner Temple, 1849 ; a Bencher 
M.P. 1876; M.P. for Preston, 1857- 
62, and S. Lancashire, 1868-86; 
Home Secretary, 1874-8U and 
1885-6 ; Secretary of State for 
India, 1886. to 1892 ; Lord Privy 
Seal, 1895-1900: made a Viscount, 
188G: P.C, G. C. S. I. 1892; 
B. C. L.. LL. D. Cambridge, 
1878; G.C.B. 1880; F.R.S., 
author of legal works. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. 

Crosthwaite, Sir Charles Haukes 
Todd; K. C. S. I. (1888), C. S. 
I. (1887), I. C. S., (Retd); form- 
erly Lieut-Governor of N.W.P., 
s. of the late Revd. John Clarke 
Crosthwaite, vicar of Christ Church 
Cathedral, Dublin, and Clater Rec- 
tor of St. Mary-at-Hill, London ; 
educ : at Merchant Taylor's 
and St. Johns College, Oxford ; 
entered the Bengal Civil Service, 
1857 : Secretarv to Board of 
Revenue. N. "W. P. 1875-7; 
Commr. of jubbalpore C. P. 
1877-81 ; Member of Council 
of Governer-General, 1881-1883; 
Chief Commissioner, British 
Burma, 1883-4 ; Chief Com- 
missioner, Central Provinces, 
1885-6 ; Member, Public Services 
Commission, 1886-7 ; Chief Com- 
missioner. Burma, 1887-84 ; Mem- 
ber of the Governor-General's 
Council, 1890-1, and in 1892; 
Lieutenant-Governor of N. W. P. 
and Oudh, 1892-5 : Member of the 
Council of India, 1895-1905. 
Publication : Notes on the N. W. 
Provinces of India 1870. Address : 
Long Acre, Shemley Green, Surrey. 
Club,: Savile, 

Crosthwaite, Sir Robert Joseph, 

C.A., C.S.I.(1890),K.C.S.L, (1897); 
b. 1841 ; 3rd s. of late Rev. John 
Clarke Crosthwaite, Rector of St. 




Mary at Hill, London, "i». 1st, 
1868, Charlotte Frances, d. of W. 
W. T. Baldwin, Stede Hill, Kent ; 
'2nd. 1877, IMary, fL of S. Harves 
James, St. Just, Cornwall ; 
Educ. : Merchant Taylors' 

School: Brasenose College, Oxford; 
called to Bar (Middle Temple), 
1868: Entered Indian Civil Ser- 
vice, 1863 ; was Judicial Commis- 
sioner of Burmah and of Central 
Provinces, 18S5 ; Additional ]Mem- 
ber Imperial Legislative Council, 
1889: Agent to the Gov., Gen. 
for Central India, 1891—1895; 
Agent to the Gov. -Gen. in Raj- 
putana, 1895—1898 ; m. 1st 1868 
Charlotta Francis; 2nd 1877 Mary 
d. of s. H. James, of St. Just, 
Cornwall. Address : Lakenham. 
Northam, N. Devon. 

Crowe, William Henry, retired 
Judge, Bombay High Court ; h. 
1844 ; s. of late"^ Edward F. Crowe 
of Ravenscourt Park, Hammer- 
sinith ; 7». Violet Mary, 5th rf. of 
kte Col. Charles Caldwell Gran- 
thitm ; Educ. : Godolphin School, 
Hammersmith : King's Coll. 
London : Fellow of the Bombay 
Univer.sitv. Entered the Indian 
Civil Service, 1867 ; Judge and 
Sessions Judge of Poona and Agent 
for the Sardars in the Deccan, 1881: 
Member, Legislative Council, 
Bombay, 1893 and 1896 ; Judicial 
Conimissioner and Judge of the 
Sadar Court in Sind, 1894; 
Judge, High Court, Bomhav, 1899- 
1904. Address: 99 Sloan Street, 
S.W. ; Clubs : East India United 
Service, Ranelagh, Royal Automo- 

Cruickshank, Sir William Dikson 

Kt., (1906), CLE. (1903) Secre- 
tary, Bank of Bengal since 1887 ; 
b. 1845; .s. of late John Cruick- 
shank of Forres, N.B. ; in. 1874, 
Julia Emma, d. of W. S. Millurd 

of Calcutta ; educ ; Raftord School J 
entered Bank of Bengal, 1866 ! 
Inspector of Branches, 1868; Agent 
at Rangoon, 1869 : Deputy Secre- 
tary, 1876 ; Secretary and Trea- 
surer 1887 ; an authority on Indian 
banking and currency questions. 
Addresy- : Calcutta, India. 

Cruickshank. Alexander Walmsley. 

C.S.I. (1898), I.C.S. (retired) ; 
b. 1851 ; y. s. of late Major John 
James Farquharson Cruick shank; 
m. 1881. Fanny Nina, d. of late- 
Claremont Daniel. Educ. Wimble- 
don School, Passed 4th into 
Woolwich, but entered I.C.S. 1872 ; 
Barr. Middle Temple. 1883 ; Junior 
Secretary to Board of Revenue, N. 
W. Provinces. 187.-5 ; Under-Secy. 
to Goverinnent, 1886 ; Settlement 
Oiftcer, 1886 ; Deputy Commiss- 
ioner, 1890 : IMagistrate and Col- 
lector, 1891; Commissioner, Allaha- 
bad Division, 1897 ; Qommissioner 
of Rohilkhand Division, 1897 ; 
on special duty, 1897 ; reverted 
as Commr. Rohilkhand Division. 
1898 commanded Rohilkhand Vol. 
Rifle Corps, 1898-1903 ; additional 
meml)er Imperial Legislative Coun- 
cil, J 902: meml)er of Council. 
United Provinces, 1903; 3rd 
member. Board of Revenue, Uni- 
ted Provinces, 1905 : Commis- 
sioner of Rohilkhand Division, 
1898-1C08. retired. 1908. Publi- 
catifins: Settlement Report of 
Gorakpur District, U.P. Address : 
c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co.. Lon- 
don. Clubs : I<'iast India United 
Service, Oriental. 

Crump. Henry Ashbrook, B.A., 
I. C. S., Financial Commis- 
sioner. C.P. ; educ ; at Balliol 
Coll, O.vford ; joined service, 1885; 
Rose to the position of Chief 
Secretary, 1901 : Offg. Chief Com- 
missioner, 1907 ; Financial Com- 




missioner, 1912. Address : Nagpur, 
C.P., India. 

Cuffe, See WhceJer-Cuffe. 

Gumming, Hon'ble Mr. J. G. CLE, 
]Meniber, Legislative Council 
Bengal : 1913. 

•Cummins, Majoi' General James 
Turner, C.B., D.S.O. ; s. of late 
Nicholas Cummins, J. P., of Ashley 
House and Myrtleville House, on 
Cork; b. 1843 ; educ ; Chalten- 
ham College; and at Addis Combe; 
entered Madras Army, 1861 ; 
Captain. 1878 ; Transferred to 
M.S.C. (now Indian Arrnv), 1875 ; 
Major, 1883; Lt. Colonel, 1887; 
Colonel, 1894, and Hon Major 
General, 1901 ; Served in Afghan 
war 1878-80 (medal), Pjgyptian 
Expedition, 1882; Soudan Expedi- 
tion, 1885 Medal with clasp, 
bronze star ; Burma Campaign 
1886-9 (specially mentioned in 
despatches, medal with 2 clasps) ; 
.and in China. 1900-02 in Command 
of 4th Infantry Brigade (^Mentioned 
in despatches, C.B.) ; A.A.G. to 
Madras Forces, 1895-6; and A.Q. 
M.G., Madras. 1895; in Command 
of a 2nd Class District, 1895-1900; 
Appointed Colonel, 29th Lancers 
(Gordon's Horse), 1904, D.S.O. , 
1887 : C.B. (Mil), 1901. Retired, 
1903. Address : 5, Dring Avenue, 
Ealing, W.; United Service Club. 

Cunningham, Sir Alexander Fre- 
derick Douglas. K, C. I. E., 

(1901) CLE. (1881): b. 1852; 
s. of late Maj.-Gen. Sir A. 
Cunningham, K.C.I.E. ; in. 1883, 
Ada, d. of late Lestock Roid, B.C.S. 
Ednc. ; Kensington Grammar 
School ; King's Coll. London ; 
Entered B. C S. 1872 ; ser- 
ved Afghanistan, 1878; Poli- 
tical Officer Khaiber, 1879; 
1st Assistant to Chief Political 
■Officer, Kabul, 1880; Under Secre- 


tary to Govt., 1879, 1881, and 
1884 ;Superintendent, Kapurtha- 
la, 1884 ; Magistrate, 1887 94 ; 
Commissioner, Peshawur, 1894-90, 
and 1897-1901 ; retired, 1902. 
Address : Park Lodge, Benfield. 
Berks. Clubs : Athenasum, P^ast 
India United Service. 

Cunningham, Maj.-Gen. Charles 
Alexander, Indian Army, and 
Hon, Col. 127th Beluch Light In- 
fantry ; b. 1842 ; 2ud s. of late 
Alexander Cunningham ; Educ. : 
Edinburgh Academv ; entered 
Army. 1858 ; Maj.-Gen. 1899 ; 
served Afghan War, 1880 (medal) ; 
held various Staf! appoint- 
ments, including Secretary to 
Govt, of Bombay, Military De- 
partment, and G.O.C and Politi- 
cal Resident, Aden. Address: 
Cheltenham. Clubs : United Ser- 
vice ; New, Cheldeiiham. 

Cunningham, Sir Henry Stewart, 

K.C.I.E.; (1889) ; b. 1832; s. of 
late Rev. J.W. Cunningham, Vicar 
of Harrow ; «i. Hon. Havriette 
Emily, d of John, 1st Baron 
Lawrence, 1877 ; Educ. : Harrow ; 
Trin. Coll, Oxford ; Barr. Inner 
Temple, 1859 ; Advocate-Gen. 
Madras, 1873 ; Judge, High 
Court, Bengal, 1877-88; IMember, 
Indian Finance Commission, 
1878-9. Publication: Commentaries 
on the Indian Evidence Act ; 
Commentaries on the Indian 
Contract Act, (jointly with Sir 
Horatio Hale, sheppard) ; bio- 
graphy of " Earl canning" in 
the Rulers of Indian Series. 
Brtish India and its Rulers; The 
Chronicles of Dustypore, The 
Heriots, The Caeruleans, Sybilla 
and other novels. Addrees: 83, 
Eaton Place, S.W. Club: Athe- 

Cunningham, Hon. Mr. J.R., M.A., 
Director, Public Instruction, 



Assam ; s. of Dr. Cunningham of 
Bellvievv, Campbeltoure. Educ : 
Gammar School. Campbeltown, 
and St. Andrew's University, 
Germany ; was Professor of En- 
glish Language and Literature, 
Pachayappa's College, Madras ; 
Became Professor of English and 
Philosophy, Presidency College, 
Calcutta ; Director of Public 
Instruction, Assam ; INIember, 
Legislative Council, Assam, 1913 ; 
Address : Gauhati, Assam, India, 

Curzon of Kedleston, George Natha 
niel. First Baron, G.C.S.I., G. C. 
I.E., L.L.D., P.C., F.R.S., D.C. 
L., J.P., ex- Viceroy and Governor- 
General of India ; b. 1859 
s. of Rev. Alfred Nathaniel 
Holder Curzon, 4th Baron 
Scarsdale ; Educ. at Eton and 
Balliol College, Oxford : President 
of the Union Societv, 1880 ; Fel- 
low of All Souls College, 1883; 
gained the Arnold Essay Prize, 
1884 ,• Assistant Private Secretary 
to Marquis of Salisbury, 1885 ; 
Under Secretary of State for India ; 
1891-2 ; for Foreign Affairs, 1895- 
8 ; travelled in Central Asia, Per- 
sia, Afghanistan, the Pamirs, 
Siam, Indo-China, the Korea ; 
M. P. for Southport Division, 1886- 
98 ; Viceroy and Governor-General 
of India, January 6, 1899 to 
April, 1904 ; paid nruch attention 
to the control and defence of the 
frontiers of India, changing the 
policy on the N. W. Frontier ; 
created a Chief Commissionership 
of the Trans-Indus districts ; 
enforced the blockade of Waziris- 
tan ; showed distrust of Russian 
objects and Russian methods ; 
visited the Persian gulf, with a 
view to prevention of encroach- 
ment on British terirtories, to in- 
crease trade and maintain sphere 
of influence in Persia ; despatched 
Tibet mission to carry out Anglo- 

Chinese convention of 1890 and 
trade regulations of 1893, and 
check Russian influence in Tibet ; 
appointed several Commissions, on 
the Universities, to reform Higher 
Education ; on Irrigation ; on the 
; Police; aimed at improving re- 
lations with the feudatory Chiefs, 
and the character of their rule ; 
reformed the four Chief's Colleges ; 
founded the Imperial Cadet Corps; 
settled the question of the Berars ; 
set on foot the Victoria IMemorial 
Hall, held the Delhi Coronation 
Durbar of Dec. 1902. andJau. 1903; 
reduced Lower-Bengal by three 
Divisions, adding themto Assam to 
make a New Lieutenant-Governer- 
ship twice reduced the Salt Tax, and 
removed the Income Tax on the 
lowest incomes ; passed some im- 
portant Legislative measures, such 
as the Universities Act, the Official 
Secrets Act, the Indian Mines Act, 
the Ancient Monuments Preser- 
vation Act ; and the Co-operative 
Credit Societies Act. Was re-ap- 
pointed Viceroy after the exjjiryof 
of the term. Publications: Russia 
in Central Asia, 1889; Persia and 
the Persian Question, 1892,- Pro- 
blems of the Far East, 1894 ; Lord 
Curzon in India, 1906 ; Principles 
and Methods of University Re- 
form, 1909. Address: 1, Carlton 
House Terrace, S.W. ; Hackwood, 
Basingtoke. Clubs: Carlton, 

Cutch, His Highness Sir Mahadur 
Shri Sarvai Khengarji Bahadur 
Mirza Raja, G.C.I.E., Rao of; 
b. 1866 : Succeeded to title, 1867 ; 
S. of Maharao Pragmalji, G.C.S. 
I. ; area of the state, 7,616 square 
miles; population, al)Out 500,000 ; 
revenue, 20 lakhs. The State has 8 
towns and 937 villages. Owing 
to internal disorder consequent to 
the death of the ruler, the British 
(iovt. had to interfere in 1878, dc- 




pose Rao Ziliadmal II and place 
his minor son on the gaddi. The 
present ruler was admitted into 
the council of Administration, 
1882 ; invested with full powers, 
1884 ; hereditary title of Sawai 
Bahadur conferred, 1S85 ; has 
founded a Sanskrit School and has 
named it after his mother, and the 
Ferguson Library and i\Iuseum at 
Bhuj. Heir, Vijiarajji, b. 1885. 
Addreas : Cutch, Bombay Presy. 


Dacca. Nawab of; Hon'ble Sip 
Khwaja Salim-ul-lah Bahadur 

K. C.S.I. (I'JOJ), Nawab Bahadur 
(1903); G.C.S.I.E. (1911): s. of Kh- 
waja Sir Abson-ul-lah Khan; a great 
friend of the Bristish Government 
and wields considerable influence 
with his Co-religiomsts ; was 
a Member of the Legislative 
Council of Eastern Bengal and 
Assam. The bounder of the faimly 
was Khwaja Abdul Hakim. He 
came from Kashmir and secured 
influence in the Court of Delhi. 
After the downfall of the IMoghul 
Empire he settled himself in 
Sylhet and Commenced mercantile 
business. The present Nawab is 
the 3rd in succession to Khwaja 
Abdul Hakim, and has been 
managing the estate with great 
Care Addrees: Dacca, Bengal 
Presy. India. 

Dada Chanji, Dr. K.E., L.M.S., 
Physician; educ, Narasari IMad- 
rassa; Grant's Medical College 
Bombay ; a great authority on 
Indian drugs; Commissioner of the 
Bombay Corporation since 1895; 
Justice of the Peace ; Fellow of 
the Bombay University ; first to 
advocate the introduction of the 
M.B. degree in the University ; 
IMember of the St. John Ambulence 
Association. Addrees: Khetwadi, 


Dadhaboy Sir. Martekji Bigramji 

K.C. I.E. (1911), B;ir-at-law 
Central Provinces : 2nd s. of the 
Hon. Khan Bahadur Bigaramje 
Dadhabhai, J. P., late Registrar 
Bombav ; b, 1865 ;_Joined IMiddle 
Temple, 1884; Called in the Hilary 
Term, 1887 ; read some papers at 
the East India Association: Joined 
Bombay Bar,- removed himself 
to Nagpur ; appointed Government 
Advocate, 1891 ; President, Pro- 
vincial Industrial Conference, 
Raipur, 1907 ; Member, Municipal 
Board, Nagpur, for 19 years ; 
Member, Supreme Legislative 
Council ; sometime Dcwan of Deor 
State. Publications : Commentary 
on the Land Laws of the Central 
Provinces, and Commentary on 
the Central Provinces Tenancy Act. 
Address : Nagpur C.P., India. 

Dadu Gulab Singh, Rai Bahadur, 
Seoni; b. 18-17 ; cduc, at Seoni ; a 
zemindar owning 92 villages ; Rai 
Bahadur. 1898. Address: Seoni, 
Chapara, C.P., India. 

Daga, Sir Kastur Chand, Dewan 

Bahadur, C. I. E. (1909), K. C. I. 
E. (1911), Rai Bahadur, Bankir, 
landlord and Millowner, Bikaner 
State; s. of Abirachand Daga, Rai 
Bahadur ; b. 1855 ; is a Khazanchi 
to the Bank of Bengal ; owns cotton 
]\Iills in the Central Provinces and 
Berar; Chairman, Nagpur Electric 
Light and Power Co. Ltd. ; ?Iem- 
ber, Contonment committee, Kam- 
bee : Life Member, Central com- 
mittee of the Imperial Institute 
in India ; Life Counciller, Dufferin 
Hospital Fund ; exempt from the 
operations of the Arms Act and from 
personal attendance in Civil Courts 
and also from payment of custom 
duty in the Bikanir State ; has 
constructed works of Public utility 
such as, tanks, wells, markets, 
pavillions, etc; title of Rai Bahadur 
from Bikanir State, 1880 ; Rai 



Bahadur from Britisli Governnieat 
1887 ; Dewan Bahadur, 1903 ; 
K. I. H. Silver inedal, 1898; 
medals in the Durbars of 1903 and 
■ 1911; his eldest son is also a Rai 
Bahadur and a holder of a 2nd., 
class Faziiii from the Bikanir State. 
Address', Kampti, C. P.; Bikanir, 
Rajaputana, India. 

Dalhoff, Right Rev. Theodore, 
D. D., 2nd Catholic Arocbishop, 
Bambay ; b. in Westphalia, 
1837 ; entered the Society of Jesus, 
1859 ; arrived in India. 1866 : 
ordained priest, 1868 ; held several 
posts of Superiorship at Bandora, 
St. Xavier's College. Bombay, and 
St. Vincent's High School, Poona; 
adminsterd the diocese as Vicar- 
General, on the death of Archbi- 
shop Poster ; Archbishop of Bom- 
bay, 1891 ; consecrated in Bombay 
Cathedral, 1892 ; visited Europe, 
1891. and 1895; built the Church of 

•■ the Holy Name. Bombay with- Arch 
episcopal Residence and Convent 
School attached ; is proprietor of 
the Bomhny Catholic Excmiiner 
(now called the Examiner) a weekly 
religious paper of wide circulation, 
now in its 55th year. Address: 
Bombay, India. 

Dalip Singh, Rana, C. 1. E. (1896) 
Baighat ; claims descent from a 
family who are said to have come 
from Dorar Nagri in the Deccan, 
b. 1859; Succeeded to estate, as a 
minor 1862; area of the estate, 36; 
square miles ; population, 9490 ; 
revenue, Rs. 40,000. Address : 
Baghat, Punjab, India. 

Dalgit Singh, Hon : Sardar, CLE. 

(1914) ; Honorary ^Magistrate and 
an Additional ]\Iember, Imperial 
Legislative Council. Address : 
Jullundur, Punjab, India. 

Dallas, Surg.- Gen. Alexander 
Morison. CLE. (1880) I.M.S. 

(Retd) ; b. 1830 ; s. of late Hon. 
Samuel Jackson Dallas, Speaker of 
the House of Assembly. Jamaica ; 
in. 1856, Elizabeth, d. of Jate Rev. 
J.C Aldrich; entered 1S56 ; I.M.S. 
Inspector-General of Prisons, 1863; 
Deputy Surg. -Gen. Punjab, 
1884 ; Inspector-General, Civil 
Hospitals, 1885 ; retired. 1S89. 
Address ; 3, King's Avenue, 

Dalrymple, Brig-Gen. William 
Listen, Indian Army (retired); 
educ at High School, I-^diuiiurgh, 
Wimbledon and Sandhurst; Joined 
44th Regt., 1863, and 8Slh Can- 
naught Rangers, 1864 ; passed 
Staff College, 1878; served at Ash- 
anti, Bermuda D.A.A. and Q.M.G. 
Northern District ; A.A.G. Colo- 
nel Forces, South Africa, 1878 ; 
Brig-Major S. Africa Field Force, 

1879 ; Military Secretary to Lord 
Lvtton when Viceroy of India, 

1880 : A. Q.M.G. of India, 1883-4 ; 
D.Q.M.G. India, 1891-3; Brig- 
General, India, 1893-8 ; C.B., 
1893 : retired. 

Daly, Lt.-Col. Hugh, C.S.I. (1903), 
CLE. (1892), Agent to the Gover- 
nor-General in Central India ; b. 
1860; s. of Gen. Sir Henry 
Daly, G.C.B. ; m. 1891, Diana 
Maria, d. of late Charles Denison 
of Pennsylvania ; Educ. ; Win- 
chester ; Balliol College, Oxford; 
entered Gloucestershire Regt. 

1881 ; Captain, 1892 ; served 
Burmese Expedition, 1886-87 
(despatches, medal with clasp) ; 
Superintendent, Northern Shan 
States, 1888-91 ; Major, 1892 ; 
Assist. -Sec, Foreign Dept., 
1892-6; Deputy-Sec, 1896-1903, 
Resident, IMysore, and Chief Com- 
missioner. Coorg, 1910; Publication: 
Memoirs of General Sir Henry 
Daly, G. C. B. Address : Banga- 
lore, Mysore State, India. 




Damaralal Bhargva, Rao Bahadur 
(1909) Chief Member of the State 
Council, Kasauli; b., 1858: Ediic; 
Government High School, Aligar, 
and the College at Delhi, Lahore, 
Agra ; Passed the Law Examina- 
tion of the Allahabad High Court ; 
practised as a Lawyer at Aligarh ; 
Joined service as Naib Tahsildar 
in the Rohetah District 1884 ; 
Services placed at the dis- 
posal of the Chief Commissioner, 
Ajmeer — Llerwara, 1889 ; Deputy 
Collector, 1891; rendered excellent 
services during famine of 1891-95; 
Extra Assistant Commissioner and 
Treasury officer, Ajmere, 1892 ; 
twice acted as District Magistrate, 
Merwera, Rao Sahib, 1901 ; 
service lent to Bharetpur Darbar 
as member of State Council 
Chief Member of Council 
Kasauli, 1900 ; relieved the 
state from an indebtedness of 
Rs. 420,000. Address : Kasauli, 
Rajaputana, India. 

Damodaran Nair, M.S., Editor, 
West Coast Spectator, Calicut ; b. 
1882 ; ediic: at the Zamorin's 
College, Calicut; began career as a 
Journalist with the paper he now 
edits ; is a friend and supporter of 
British rule in Indih. Address : 
Calicut, Malabar, S. India. 

Dampier, Henry Lucius, CLE. 

(1882) , I.C.S. (Retd). Member. 
Board of Rev., b. 1828 : s. of late 
W. Dampier, B.C.S. ; m. 1851, 
Charlote Isabella Lindsay (d. 
1907), d. of Francis Gouldsbury, 
B.C.S.; Educ: Eton; and at H.E. 
I.C's College, Hailesbury; Entered 
I.C.S. 1849 ; Sec. to Government 
of Bengal, 1867: Member of Orissa 
Famine Commission, 1866 ; Secre- 
tary, Government of India, Home 
Department, 1872; Member of 
Bengal Legislative Council, 1874- 
79; Board of Revenue, 1877; Presi- 
dent of Rent Law Commission, 


1881: retired, 1884. Address : 
Gairholm3. Parkstoue, Dorset. 

Dane, Sir Louis William, K.C.I.E., 
(1905); C.S.I. (1904); Lieuten- 
ant-Governor, Punjab (Retd.) 
b. 1856 ; 5th s. of late Richard 
Martin Dane, M.D. C.B., Ins- 
pector-General of Hospitals, of 
Clarendon Lodge, Millbroolv ; m. 
1882, Edith, 3rd d. of late Lieute- 
nant-General Sir P.B. No-man, K. 
C.B.; Educ: Kingstown School, 
Ireland ; entered Indian Civil Ser- 
vice in the Punjab. 1876; Private 
Secretary to the Lieutenant-Go- 
vernor, " 1879-82 ; on special 
duty for the revision of the 
land revenue settlement of the 
District of Gurdaspur, 1887-92, 
Dy. Commissioner and Settlement 
Officer 1892-96 ; Chief Secretary 
to the Punjab Government, 1896- 
1900 ; served as Resident Magis- 
trate at Tralee, County Kerry, 
1900- 1; recalled to India as 
Resident in Kashmir, 1901 ; was 
in charge of the British mission 
to Kabul, 1904-5 ; concluded the 
treaty with Amir Habibullah 
Khan, 1905; Secretary to the 
Government of India in the 
Foreign Department, 1902-8; Jjieu. 
tenant-Governor of Punjab, 1908 
Retired, Publications: Gazetteers o' 
Gurdaspur and Peshawur 

Address: c/o India Office,- London- 

Dane, Sir Richard Morris, K.C.I. 
E., (1909); CLE., (1896); I.C.S., 
retd ; b. 1854 ; s. of late R. M. 
Dane,M.D., CB. Inspector genral 
of Hospitals ; Educ: Kingstown, 
Dublin. Entered service, 1872 ; 
Assistant Commissioner, Punjab, 
1874-78 ; served under Foreign 
Depart. Govt. of India, 

878-79 ; Secretary to Fin ancial 
Commissioner, Punjab; Assistant 
Commissioner and officiating 

, Under Sec. to Government. Punjab 



1880-1882 ; Boundary Settlement 
Oflficer, Central India, and Assis- 
tant Commissioner, Ajmere, 1883- 
85 ; Settlement Officer, Gurdaspur, 
and Deputy-Commissioner, Punjab, 
1885-90 ,■ Officiating Commissioner 
of Excise, and Inspector-General 
of Registration, 1890-91 ; on duty 
with the Royal Opium Commission , 
189;]-95 ; Deputy-Secretary to 
Government of India in the Fin- 
ance Department, 1895-98 ; Co:ii- 
missioner. North India Salt Re- 
venue, 1898-1907 ; Inspector- 
General of Excise and Salt, 1907-9; 
retired, 1909 ; Address: Co India. 
Office, London. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Darbhanga, Maharaja Bahadur ; 
His Highness Sir Rameswar 
Singh, K.C.I.E. (190-2), Member, 
I'iXecutive Council of Bihar and 
and Orissa ; one of the Ruling 
Chiefs of India, and 17th in 
succession from the founder of 
the Raj ; y.s. of the late Highness 
Maharaja Maheswar Singh; Z).1860; 
Educ. Queen's College, Benares, 
and afterwards privately under Mr. 

, Chester Macnaughten; appointed to 
the Bengal Statutory Civil Service, 
1878 ; served as Assistant Magis- 
trate at Darbhanga, and other pla- 
ces; resigned, 1885 ; created Raja 
Bahadur, 1886 ; exempted from 
attendance in civil courts ; re- 
presented the landowners of 
Bengal and Bihar in the Bengal 
Legislative Council, 1885 ; succeed- 

, ed to the Raj on the death of his 
elder brother, Maharaja Sir 

.Lachmeswar Singh, 1898 ; created 
Maharaja Bahadur, the same year; 
title of Maharaja Bahadur made 
hereditary, 1907 ; ilcmbcr, Im- 

cperial Legislative Council, 1899 
and . 1904 ; President of several 
Landowners' Associations ; Presi- 
dent, British Indian Association, 
Bihar ; President, Bharat Dharma 

Mahamandal : K.I.H. Gold Medal, 
1900; Member, Police Commission, 
190'2-03 ; Member, Executive 
Council, Bihar and Orissa, 1912 ; 
m. 1st, 1887, and 2nd, 1901 ; has 
restored and constucted a large 
number of Hindu temples in 
Assam, Sylhet and other places : 
constructed at a cost of £ 60,000,; 
the famous Rajnagar Palace, one 
of the finest specimens of Oriental 
architecture in his province ; 
Member, Indian Famine Trust ; 
President, Prince of Wales 
Reception Committee for Boigal, 
1906. Address : Bankipur, Bihar ; 
Darbhanga, Tirhoot, India. 

Darlington, Edwin, CLE. (1897) ; 
b. 1839 ; s. of late James Darling- 
ton of St. Austell ; m. 1881, Marj-, 
d. of late David Ring of Temple- 
more ; Assistant, and Junior Sec. 
to Chief Commissioner, 1868-72 
and 1875-77;, Collector of Customs, 
Rangoon, 1877-80 ; Chief Collector, 
Burma, 1880-96; Vice-Chairman, 
Rangoon Port Commissioners, 
1881-96 ; retired, 1896. Address : 
153, St. James's Court, Bucking- 
ham Gate, S. W. Club: East 
India United Service. 

Darawala, Sorabji Eduiji, Chief 
Translator and Interpreter 

High Court, Bombay (retired) ; b. 
1857 ; Educ. Elphinstone Institu- 
tion, Bombay ; joined service, and 
became Chief Translator and In- 
terpretor. High Court, Bombay, 
1909 ; retired, 1910. Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Das, Hon'ble Madhu Sudan M.A., 
B.L.,M.R.A.S., F.N.B.A., CLE. 
(1904), Cuttack ; b. 1848 ; Educ ; 
Jalcutta ; is the founder of the 
Utkal Union Conference; Proprie- 
tor of Orissa Art Bare and Utkal 
Tannery ; President, Indian Chris- 
tian Association, Cuttack Fellow, 
Calcutta University ; represented 




Orissa in the Bengal Legislative 
Council as many as four times. 
Address : Cuttack, Orissa, Bengal, 

Das, Sarat Chandra, CLE. (1886), 
Rai Bahadur, b. 1849 : Educ. at 
Chittagong and the Calcutta Presi- 
dency College, and in that Col- 
lege's Engineering Department ; 
was Head Master, Bhutia Boarding 
School, Darjeeling, 1874 ; studied 
Tibetan from Lama Ugyen Gyasto; 
visited Tashi Lhumpo (Teshu 
Lumbo ) in Tibet, in C^ompany 
with Lamo Ugyen Gyasto, 1878 ; 
started together to visit Lhassa 

1879 : returned after six mont , 
from Tashi Lhumpo to Darjeeling, 
1881; again went to Tashi Lhumpo, 
and on to Lhassa; wrote his Narra- 
tive of a Journey to Lhassa, and 
Narrative of a journey round Lake 
Palti (Yamdok) and in Lhokha, 
Yarlung and Sakya ; accompanied 
Colman Macaulay to the Lachen 
Valley in Sikhim, 1884; received a 
reward from the Royal Geographi- 
cal Society, 1887; founded the Bud- 
dhist Text-book Society, 1892; Rai 
Bahadur, 1896. Publications: Tibe- 
tan-English Dictionary, 1902 ; 
Travels in Tibet (Published by the 
Royal Geographical Society, 1899); 
Tibetan translator to Govt. 1881 ; 
retired, 1904;engaged incompiling- 
a SansKrit-English Dictionary. 
Address: Lhassa Ville, Darjeeling, 
Bengal, India. 

Das, Umesh Chendra, L.M.S., 
I.S.O., (1911), Palamau; b. 1855; 
ediic ; at Dacca and the Medical 
College, Calcutta; joined Service, 

1880 ; was District Medical Ofhcer 
for 9 years; Civil Surgeon, Palamau, 
1909. Address : Palamau, Bengal, 

Dastidar, Hon'ble Babu Nalini 
Kantha Rai, Member, Legislative 
Council, Assam, 1912, 


Dastar, Bahamanji Jamasji, C. I. 

E. (1879) ; ;ird s. of late Dastur 
Jamasji, High Priest of the 
Parsees in Daccan; b. 1825; studied 
under his father ; some time 
officiated as High Priest ; joined 
Berar administration and appoint- 
ed as Tahsildar, 1863 ; Offg. Dy. 
Commr. (1st time conferred on 
an Indian); quelled Mahom- 
medan riot in Berar duriiig 
Indian Mutiny, 1857; assisted the 
British Government during the 
threatened attack on them by 
Tantia Topi ; served during the 
famine of 1877; retired, 1882; 
established marts, constructed 
roads, erected rest-houses, improved 
old methods of cultivation, contri- 
buted largely to the commercial and 
agricultural prosperity of Berar; 
assisted advancement of cotton 
trade. Address : Dastur Hall, 
Dastur Front Road, Poona, India. 

Dastur. Fardunji Mancherji, M.A. 
J. P., Khan Bahadur, Professor of 
Mathematics, Elphinstone College, 
Bombay. Address : Bombay, 

Dastar, Meher Hosang, Khan 
Bahadur, 1898 ; Executive Officer, 
Poona Cantonment; b, 1868; ediic; 
at the Deccan College, Poona; s. 
of late Shamins-ul-Ulema Sardar 
Khan Bahadur Dr. Dastur Hosh- 
ang Jamasp CLE., who rendered 
valuable service to the British in 
the Mutiny of 1857 ; entered 
Government service in the Bombay 
Political Department ; Executive 
Officer, Poona Cantonment ; 
effected considerable improvement 
in the financial condition of the 
Cantonment Fund ; holds a Certi- 
ficate of Merit, 1903 ; Secretary, 
Sirdar Dastur Naushervan Girls' 
School, Poona ; (chairman, Albert 
Edward Institute ; President, Sir 
D. M. Petit Gymkhana. Address : 
Dastur Hall, Poona, India. 



Datia, Maharaja of; H.H. Maha- 
raja (lKS5j Loc;kciidra (1877) Sir 
Govinci Siiigli Bahadur Ju Dev ; 
■1. of late Maharaja Shawani 
Singh Bahadur ; b. 1886 ; succeed- 
ed, 1907 ; IxJongs to the great 
Cundela Rajput family claiming 
descent from Sir Singh, who took 
the clan name of H'wioUa and 
settled in Bundlekhand ; has intro- 
duced salutary reforms in the ad- 
ministration of the State ; made 
excellent arrangements for the re- 
lief of distress in the famine 
of 1907-OS; well versed in Sanskrit, 
Persian, and English ; enjoys full 
civil and criminal powers in his 
State ; motto of the family is 'Wir 
dalap Sharandah ' (Lord of the 
Crave Army, Giver of Refuge). 
Area of the State, H'iO square miles; 
population, over 150,000; revenue, 
nearly 4 lakhs ; maintains a mili- 
tary force of 945 cavalry, 5203 
infantry, and 124 guns : entitled 
to a salute of 15 guns. Recrea- 
tions : shooting and riding. Ad- 
dress : Datia, Cundelkhand, 
Central India. 

tatta, Dina Nath Prithia, ]\I. D., 
CM., K. I. H. (1909), Civil Surgeon, 
Rohtak : b, 1861 : ediic.; Batala 
High School, King's College, Lon- 
don, and Edinburgh University ; 
is a Punjabi brahmin converted to 
Cristianity ; joined service, 1886; 
served in Higsar, Delhi, Kamal, 
and Hoshiarpur ; was in charge of 
the Jail at Rohtak ; is a Member, 
Royal Society of Arts, and Royal 
Society of Public Health. Publi- 
cation : Pamphlets on Cubonic 
Plague. Address : Rohtak, Pun- 
jab, India. 

atta, Krishna Lai. ^1. A., Account- 
ant-General, and Commissioner of 
Pap-T Currency, Madras ; 6. 1859 ; 
joined service, 1881 : on special 
duty in the Financial Secretariat, 
1891 ; Chief Suprintendent, attach- 

ed to the office of Comptroller and 
Auditor-General, 1891 ; Assistant 
Comptroller, (enrolled list), 1894 ; 
Assistant Accountant-General and 
Examiner of Local Fund Accounts, 
1899 ; Transferred to i\Iadras, 

1902 ; on special duty in the 
Financial Secretariat, Government 
of India, from 16th January, 

1903 ; and again from 20th 
January to 31st March 1904 ; 
raised to class I, enrolled list, 
1909; Comptroller, Post Offices, 
1st July 1909; Deputy Auditor- 
General from 3rd March 1910; 
on special duty for an en- 
quiry into the causes of high 
prices, March 1910; Accountant 
General, class III, (temporary), 
April 1911; Confirmed, 1912; Relie- 
ved of special duty, 25th April, 
1913 ; Accountant-General and 
Commissioner of Paper Currency, 
Madras, 28th April, 1913. Public- 
ation : Report on the High Prices 
of food-tuffs, etc, in India, 1914. 
Address : Teynampet House, Tey- 
nampet, Madras. 

Datta, Kalika Prasad Das, Rai 

Bahadur (1891) CLE. 1900) ; 
Diwan of Cooch Behar for over half 
a century, whose services to the 
State was spoken of in very eulogis- 
tic terms by th^ Lieutenant-Gover- 
nor of Bengal on the occasion of the 
installation of the present Mah.a- 
raja, 1911. Address : Booch 
Behar, Bengal, India. 

Dattatraya, Hon'ble Yenkatesh 
Belair, B.A., LL.D., Member, 
Ijcgislative Council, Bombay ; 
elected, 1912. Address: Bombay, 

Daukes, Frederick Clendon, CLE., 

1892; b. 1848; s. late S. W. 
Daukes, of the Knoll, Ccckcnham, 
Kent ; m. 1st, Alice Bridge d, of 
late Clendon Turbervile Daukes, 




1870; 2nd, 1909, Violet Lavinia, 
d. of Rev. R. Andrews, 1909; 
educ : Uppingham ; Downing Coll, 
■ Cambridge ; joined I.CS , 1869 ; 
served N.W. Prov. as Assistant 
Magistrate and Collector ; Assist- 
ant Settlement OflRcer Banda, 
1873; Officiating Asstst. Sec. to 
Govt. 1876-77 ; Under Sec. Home 
Dept. 1877 to 1886; Sec, Public 
Services Coinmission, 1886-88: Sec. 
to Chief Comm. Assam, 1890; 
retired, 1894. Publication : Trans- 
lation of Russia and England in 
Central Asia. Address : cindia 
•Office, J jondon. Club: East India 
United Service. 

European baristfers ; appointed 
Judge of the High Court of Bom- 
bay, 190S. Offg. Chief Justice, 
1914. Address : Bombay, India. 

Davar Sivaksh Cowasji, Khan 
Bahadur, Government Pleader and 
Public Pro-secutor, Poona ; b. 1809; 
ediic ; in the Decca College, Poona ,• 
rendered valuable services in con- 
nection with plague and famine; 
for some time Government Pleader 
and Public Prosecutor. Ahme- 
dnagar ; Special Crown Pro.sccutor 
in the Nasik Conspiracy case, 1909- 
10. Address: 16, Civil Lines, Poona, 

Daulatsinhji Jasvatsinhiji, Thakur 
Sahib ; h. 1868 : Succeeded, 1908 ; 
at one time Commandant of the 
Imperial Service Troops, Navv- 
anagar State ; represented India 
at the opening of the Common- 
wealth Parliament of Australia by 
H.R.H. the Duke of York (Now 
King-Emperor) ; made education 
entirely free in his estate ; restored 
the large trade in cotton which 
had fallen into decay in his estate; 
•• inaugurated a number of indus- 
trial concerns in it. Address : 
Limbdi Town, Kathiawar, Bombay 

Davar, Hon'ble Sir D i n s h a w 
Dhanjibhai, K. T. (1912) Judge, 
High Court, Bombay ; b. 1886; 
Educ; Proprietory High School, 
andtheElphinstone College, Bom- 
bay; proceeded to England and 
joined the .Middle Temple, 1877 ; 
called to Bar at the Trinity Term, 
1880 : admitted as Advocate, Bom- 
hay High Court, the same year; was 
a particularly clever Cross-exami'- 
n-er in Criminal cases ,• Junior 
Coiiusel to Sir G . Evans in the 
great partition case known as the 
'■jMoolji Jehta Case" ; fought for 
the equality of Indian and 

Davar, S.R., Bar-at-Law, Principal, i 
Davar's College of Commerce, 
Law, Banking and Econo-mics 
of Bombay : qualified himself 
for Commercial Examinations in 
Europe ; returned to India and 
started his College in Bombay,- 
Member of the Text-Book Commit- 
tee of the Government of India ; 
called to the English Bar, i909. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

David. Sir Sassoon Jacob, Kt. 

(1905), founder and head of th» 
firm of Sassoon J. David & Co. 
Bombay ; s. of J. David, a pro- 
minent" INIember of the Jewish 
Community of Bombay ; b. 1849 ,- 
edicc, at Bombay ; m. Hannah, d^ 
of the late E. David Sassoon; 
joined the firm of E. D. Sassoon 
& Co., doing business in China; 
became partner and eventually the 
head of the firm ; started another 
firm of his own and became agent 
of the David and Standard INIills ;; 
Chairman, Mill owners' Associa- 
tion, 1904-5; Sheriff of Bombay, 
1905 ; Addl. Member, Imperial 
Legislative Council, 1910 ; togk 
prominent part in founding , tlie- 
Bombay Museum; Honorary 



Magistrate ; Member, Bombay 

Corporation, and of its Standing 

Committee ; ilember, Bombay 

Improvement Trust. Address : 
7, Elphinstone Road, Fort, Bom- 
■ bay, India. 

David, Mr. W. 0., Government 
Solicitor, iind Notary Public, 
Madras ; Partner, Messrs. David, 
Brightwell and Moresby, Madras; 
Government Solicitor, 1908. Ad- 
dress : Madras. Club, Madras. 

Davids, Mrs. Rhys ]M. A. (Carolin 
Augusta); fZ. of Rev. J. Foley: wi. 
Professor Rhys Davids of the 
University College, London, 1894 , 
Fellow of University College; 
London; Lecturer in Indian Phi- 
lofjophy, Manchester UjiiVer- 
sity. Publications: "A Manual 
of Buddhist Phychological Ethics," 
"Buddhism, a study in the Bud- 
dhist North", "Psalms of the Early 
Buddhists." Address: Harboro 
Grange, Ashton-on-Mersery, Che- 

Javids. J. W. Rhys, L.L.D., P.H. 
D., Professor of Pali and Buddhist 
Literature, University College, 
London sincelSS'2; b. at Colchester, 
1843; s. of Rev I. \V. Davids; educ; 
at Brighton School and Breslau 
University ; entered Civil Service, 
Ceylon, 1866 ; Called to Bar 
(Middle Temple), 1877 ; delivered 
Hibbert Lectures, 1881 ; Professor 
of Comparative Religion, IManches- 
ter, since 1904 ; President, Pali 
Text Society; Fellow of the British 
Academy ; Secretary and Librarian 
of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1885- 
1902 ; Was one of the founders of 
the British Academy, 1902 ; ui. 
Caroline Augusta, d. of Rev. J. 
Foley, 1894, ; Publications: 
Buddhism, 1878 (18th edition, 
1899); Buddhist Birth Stories, vol. 
I, 1880; Ancient Coins and 
Measures of Ceylon, 1877; Buddhist 
Suttas from the Pali, 1.S81 ; Ques- 
tions of King Milinda, 1890-94 ; 
American Lectures, 1896 ; Joint 
author of Vinaya Texts, 1881-85; 
Disha Nikaya, 1890 and 1902 ; 
Sumangala Vilasani, 1886 ; Sacred 
Books of the Buddhists ; Dialogue 
of the Buddha, 1899 ; Buddhist 
India, 1902; Early Buddhism, 
1908 ; Recreations : Golf. Clubs. 
Manchester, and Timperlcy. 
Address: Harboro Grange, Ashton- 
'"11 j\rersey, Cheshire. 

Davidson, Colonel Sir Arthur, K. C. 

B. (1910) K. C. V. U. (1906) C. B. 
(1912), p]querry in waiting to the 
king ; ,v. of W. Davidson : educ : 
privately at Petersham : joined 
the 60t]a Rifles, 1876 : served in 
Afghan war, 1878-80, at Kandahar 
and Ahmad Kheyl; A. D. C. to Sir 
Donald Stewart at Kabul ; A. D. 

C. to Sir .John Ross in Lord 
Roberts' march from Kabul to 
Kandahar and the battle there ; 
served in Marri expedition under 
General Macgregor; in Boer war 
with Natal Field Force, 1881 , and 
in Egyptian war, 1882 ; present at 
Tel-el-Kebir : served under Sir 
Charles Warren in Bechuanaland, 
1884: A.D. C. to H. R. H. The 
Duke of Cambridge, 1890-5; Groom- 
in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, 1896 
-96 ;accompaniedGartor Mission to, 
Tokio, 1906; hashadmany foreign 
honours conferred on him. Ad- 
dress, Red House, Warnham, .Stis- 
se.x. Marlborough House, Pall Mall, 
Bachelor's, S. W. Clubs: Miurl- 
borough. Naval and Military, and 
United Service. 

Davidson, ColonelJohn, C.B. (190'2); 
s. of Alexander Davidson, M.D.; 
b. 1845 ; ed^ic; at Winchester ; 
entered the 21st Rcgt, 1863 ; trans- 
ferred to I.S.C., (now Indian Army) 
1866 ; Capt., i875; Brevet Major, 
1870; Lieut.-Col., 1889; Brevet Col, 




189G ; joined the Panjab Cavalry, 
7860; A.A.G. Punjab Frontier 
Porce, 1875 ; served in the Jowaki- 
Afridi Expedition, 1877-8 ; D. A. Q. 
M.G. Afghan Campaign, 1878-9 ; 
A.Q.M.G., Waziri expedition, 1880; 
Military Secretary, Punjab, Go- 
vernment, 1885-6; Colonel on Staff. 
Chitral, 189G-8 ; Publication: 
Notes on Bashg; -Kafir Langu- 
1902. Address. 3, age, Talbet- 
Houses, Blackheath, S.E. 

Davidson, Lionel, B.A., C.S.I. . 
Secretary to the Govern:nent, Local 
and Municipal, Educational and 
Legislative Departments, Madras ; 
cdAic, Balliol College, Oxford ; 
joined Service, 1888 ; permitted 
to remain in England for another 
year for the Honors Degree. 
Oxford University ; arrived in 
India, 1889 and was posted as 
Assistant Collector and Magistrate; 
in charge of the Collectorate, 
July 1890; on special duty for 
preparing Annual Administration 
Report of the Madras Presidencv 
for 1890-91, from 16 September to 
15th December 1891 ; attached to 
Rev. Survey Party at Anantapur, 
1892 ; on special duty from IGth 
September 1893 ; on special duty 
in the Chief Secretariat, from 16th 
December 1893 ; Ag. Assistant 
Secretary to Government in the 
Departments under the Chief 
Secretariat, 1894; Special Assistant 
Collector, Magistrate, and Govern- 
ment Agent, Godavari, 1895; 
Under Secretary to Government, 
1896 ; acting Secretary to 
Commissioners of Land Rev. 
Madras, 1898 to 1902 ; Commis- 
: sinner of Coorg, 1902: District and 
Sesisions Judge, 1905 ; Collector 
and District Magistrate, 1906 ; 
special duty in the Chief Secre- 
tariat, till 23rd May 1908 ; acting 
Resident, Travancore and Cochin, 
1&08 ; District and Sessions Judge, 

1909 ; Secretary to Government 
L. & M, E &"L. Departments, 
July 1913. on furlough from 
October, 1913. Madras Club. 

Davidson, Robert, C.S.I. (1878), 
Madras Civil Service, retd. : b. 
1831 ; .s. of R. Davidson, H.E.I.C. 
S.; cdiic. atHailevburv; m, 1st, H.I. 
R. Smith [d. 1860) ; 2nd (1862) J.S. 
Cotton ; served in M. C. S. 1852-84; 
formerly Chief Secretary to Go- 
vernment of Madras; M. L. C. 
and First Member, Board of 
Revenue, Madras ; is a J. P. for 
Fife; Address: Clayton, Cupar, 
Fife. Chibs : Constitutional, and 
New, Edinburgh. 

Davie, Ferguson Major Arthur 
Francis C. 1. E. (1906) ; b. 
1K67 ; s. of Sir William Augner- 
tus Ferguson Davie ; Editc, : 
Marlborough and at Royal Rift. 
Coll, Sandhurst ; entered army, 
1888: Captain, 1899; .served 
Waniristan Delimitation Escort ; 
present at action at Wana, 1894; 
Waziristan Expedition, 1894-95 
(medal with clasp) ; Chitral Relief 
Expedition, 1895 (medal andclasp); 
Tirah Campaign, 1897-98 (despat- 
chess, D.S.O., two claps) : Mahsud 
Waziri P^xpedition, 1901-2 (despatai 
ches, clasp) ; operations against 
Darwesh Khel Waziris. 1902; 
Bayar Valley Field Force, 1908 
(medal and clasp) ; Major, 23rd Sikh 
(Frontier force), 1906. Club: Naval 
and Military. 

Davies, Arthur, M,A., Bar-at-Law, 
Madras ; s. of the late Sir JameS 
H. Davies, formerly Puisne 
Judge, Madras High Coui't ; 6. 
1873 ; finished education in Eng- 
land and joined service as Deputy 
Registrar, Madras High Court, 
1902 ; Secretary, Madras Students 
Advisory Committee, 1909 ; Ad- 
ministrator-General, Madras, sub 
protem, 7th April to 9th Oct. 1911; 




Deputy Registrar, Madras High 
Court, and Secy. Madras students 
Advisory Committee, 1902 ; Princi- 
pal, Law College, Madras, since 
1903; K. I.H. Medal 1st class, 
1914. Addrfsfi : Kalsmeath, 
Nungambaukam, Madras, India. 

1895; Lt. Col., 1901 ; Col. 
1908 ; D.A.A.Q.. Bengal, 1891-96; 
served with Waziristan ICxpedition, 
1894-95 (despatches, medal with 
clasp); was D.A.A.G. Bengal, 1891- 
6 ; Address : Nasirabad, Rajpu- 
tana, India. 

Davies, A. S., B. A., (Lond) and 
Schoolmaster's diploma (PMin); b. 
1869 ; Director of Public Instruc- 
tion, Cochin State. Address: Erna- 
culam, Cochin, S. India. 

Davies, Colonel Thomas Arthur 
Harkness, C.B. Milt (1909)D.S.O. 
(1893) ; b. Calcutta, 1857; 
s. of late Major-General Horatio 
Davies, B.S.C; educ. : Wellington; 
entered Army, 1876; Capt. Devan- 
shire Regt, 1884 ; Adjutant, 'Jnd 
Battalion, 1889-9'i ; Major, 1897 : 
Brevet Lieut. Col, 1900 ; Lieut, col 
1902 ; Brevt-Col. 1904 ; Col. 1907 ; 
S.S.O. Madras command, 1892-94* 
D.A.A.G. Burma, 1894-97 ; Afghan 
War, 1880 (medal) ; Wuntho 
Expe dition, Burma, 1892 ; corn- 
man ded N.E. Column in Kachen 
HillS, Burma, 1892 (medal and 
clasp. D. S. O.) ; commanded a 
Column in Kachen Hills, Burma, 
1893; Tirah Expedition, 1897 
(medal and 2 clasps) ; South 
Africa, 1899-1902, including 
operations Tugela Heights, Relief 
of Lady smith, and Belfast 
(despatches, Brevet Lt.-Col., medal 
and 3 clasps). Clubs : Junior Naval 
and Military. 

Davison. Major-General Kenneth 
Stewart; C. B. (1908) ; com- 
manding Nasirabad Brigade, 
since 1909; b. 1856; s. of 
late Maj.-General G. Davison ; 
Td. 1882, Nina Theophila, g.d. of 
Sir T.T. Metcalfe, 4th Bt. ; educ ; 
R.M..\. Woolwich; entered R.A., 
1875 ; Lieut. Bengal Staff 
Corps, 1882 ; Capt, 1886 ; Major, 

Dawson, General Francis, C.B. 

(:MiIt. 1881), Jladras Staff Corps; 
b. 1827; s. of Lieut. Dawson, R.A.; 
entered 60th Eoot. 1844; Capt, 
1855; transferred toM. S. C (now 
Indian Army) 1861; Major, 1864; 
Lieut. Col., 1870: Col.: 1875; 
Major-General, 1886; Lieut. 
General, 1887 : General, 1894: 
served in Afghan War, 1879-80 (C. 
B,, medal). Address: Auberire, 
PittviUo, Cheltenham. 

Dawson, Col. Harry Leonard. C.V. 

O., (1902), C.B. (1900), I.S.C. 
Indian Army, (Retired); b, 1854; 
s. of late Major General John 
Dawson, I.S.C; educ; Cheltenham 
College, Oxford ; 2nd Q u e e n's 
Regiment, 1873: Lieut. Col, 1899; 
Col, 1906; served in Soudan, 1885; 
present at actions of Hasheen and 
Tamai (medal with clasp, Khedi- 
ve's star): Chialh Relief Force, 
1895, (medal with clasp) ; Tirrah 
Expedition, 1897-98 (two clasps); 
South Africa, 1899-90 (despatches 
C,B. Medal with six clasps); 
commanded Indian Coronation 
Contingent, 1902 (C. V. O, 
Coronation Medal); retired. 1907, 
III. Adamarison, d. of the late H. 
Binacy Webster. B.C.S. Address; 
Rosemead, Horley, Surrey. Club; 

Daya Kishin Kaul, Diwan ; C. I. E. 
(1908) Rai Sahib (1911) Senior, 
Minister, .'\lwar State ; s. of Raja 
Suraj Kaul ; sometime Private 
Secretary to H. H. the Maharaja 
of Kashmir and Jammu. 
Address : Alwar, Rajputana, India. 




Deadman, Henry Edward, C.B. 
(1904) ; b. London, 1843 ; .s. of late 
John Deadman, of Brockley, S.E.; 
educ: private schools ; Royal 
Dockyard Technical Schools ; 
Roval School of Naval Architec- 
ture, S. Kensington. (F. R.S.N. A); 
Assistant and Principal Over.seer of 
war-ships building in private 
yards, H.M. Dockyard, Devonport 
1867-80 ; Constructor, Indian 
Government Dockyard, Bomba}', 
1880-83 ; very highly conaiiended 
in Government of India despatches 
for work in connection with the 
■transport of the Indian contingent 
of the Egypt Jlxpcditionary Force 
of 1882 ;" Constructor, H. M. 
Dockyard, Chatham, 1883-86; 
Constructor, H. M. Dockyard, 
Portsmouth, 1886-92 ; at the 
Admiralty, 1892-1902 ; Assistant 
Director of Naval Construction, 
Admiralty, 1902-6 ; has served on 
various Admiralty Departmental 
Committees; gave evidence before 
..other Departmental and House of 
, Commons Committees on subjects 
connected with naval architecture 
and dockyard management ; 
several times thanked by the 
Board of Admiralty; is a member 
of the Council of Institution of 
Naval Architects. Address : 10, 
Bolingbroke Grove, S.W. 

Dekne, Col. George Williams. C. B. 

(1905); Indian army (Retd)s. of late 
■Rev. Henry Deane, Chaplain H. 
' E. I. C. S. ; b. 1850; cduc\ 

at Ipswich Grammar School ; 

entered 101st Rcgt. 1869 ; Capt 

1881; Major, 1889; Lieut. -Col. 

1895; Col. 1901; retd. 1907; 

served Afghanistan, 1878-1879 

(medal) : Egypt, 1882, present at 
" battle of Tel-el-Koboi, (despatches, 

medal .with clasp, bronze star) ; 

■Burmah, 1887-88 (medal with 
" 'clasp) ; North- West Frontier, 
" India, 1897-98 (despatches, medal 


with clasp) : ;;;■. 1S76. Jessie, 3rd 
d. of Commander Lorimer, 
Inspector-General of Hospitals, 
Madras. Address : 5, Waverley 
Grove, Southsea. 

Deasy, Henry Hugh Peter ; /;. 1866; 
,s. of Right Hon. Richard Deasy 
P.O., Lord Justice of Appeal (Ire- 
land); educ ; at Bournemouth and 
Dublin ; joined the 16th Lancers, 
5888; resigned Commission, 1897; 
explored Western Tibet, 1896 ; 
received the Founders' Gold Medal 
from the Royal Geographical So- 
ciety for exploring and survey 
work in Central Asia for nearly 
three years ; created a record in 
motoring (in 1903) by driving 450 
miles in 21 hours. Publication : In 
Tibet and Chinese Turkestan, 1901 
Address : 24, Evelyn Gardens S. 
W. Cavalry and Royal Automobile 
. Clubs. 

Deb, Abhaya Narayan. Raja of 

Sioli (sec. Sioli, Raja of ;) 

Deb, Binaya Krishna Raja ; belongs 
to the Sovabazar Raj family 
(Kayastha) ; great-grandson of 
.'Maharaj Naba Krishna Bahadur 
(of the time of Clive and Warren 
Hastings), and s. of Maharaja 
Komul Krishna Deb, landowuei- 
in the Tippera district ; b. 1866 ; 
educ; priv;ttely ; holds various 
honorary appointments in Cal- 
cutta ; Member of the District 
Board, 24 Parganas ; Governor of 
the Mayo Ho.spital ; Raja, 1895 ; 
Kaisar-i-Hind (silver) medal, 1902; 
has founded a number of schools, 
dispensaries and other charitable 
institutions; promoted phiLmthro- 
pic objects and sporting clubs; 
has initiated the Hindu sea- 
voyage movement, founded the 
Sovabazar Benevolent Society, 
and encouraged literary institu- 



tions and journalistic enterprises. 
Publications : Agra Beflecfions ; 
Early History and Growth of 
Cnlmtta, and a memoir of ]\Iaha- 
raja Naba Krishna. Address : 

Deb. Hon'ble Rai Bahadur Dulal 
Chandra, Senior Crovernment 
Pleader, Sylhet; b. 184-2 ,• cdtcc; 
at the S3'lhet INIission School, the 
Dacca College, and the Presidency 
College, Calcutta ; enrolled as a 
Vakil ; 1870; formerly ]\Iember 
of the Legislative Council of E.B. 
and Assam ; Secretary Murari 
Chand College and the Raja Giris 
Chandra High School, Svlhet; Rai 
Bahadur, 1898. Address : Lenta, 
Svlhet, India. 

Aden Brigade, 190G-1910: Col 
32 Sikh Pioneers; m. Edith 
Anna Beahsice O'Mara, 188G. 
Address: Bendochry, Way bridge. 

De Mello, Sir Cabanis, L.P.P.S.G., 
L.R.C.P.E. and L.R.C.S.E., etc; 
b. 18.57 at Condolin in Goa ; ednc ; 
St. Xavier's High School, Bombay, 
Grant Medical Collge, Bombay ; 
visited Rome, Londoi], Glasgow, 
etc ; returned to India in 1889 
and set up private practice at Goa; 
removed to Poena aud enjoy- 
ed a large practice; was the first to 
advocate the introduction of Hafiki- 
ne's syrum for plague ; received 
Knighthood from the Portuguese 
Government, 1905. Address: Poena, 

Debi. Abhayeswari, Rani of Bijni; 
widow of Raja Kumud Narayan 
Bhup : claims descent from Vijita 
Narayan. one of the former rulers 
of Ceoch Behar. At the conclusion 
of the Bhutan war, the family to 
which the Rani belongs was given 
a large extent of land in the Eas- 
tern Duars. Area of the estate, 
950 square miles ; revenue, two 
lakhs ; title of Rani is hereditary. 
Address : Bijni, Goalpara, Assam, 

De Brath, Lt. Genl. Sir Ernest . Kt. 

• (1914) C.B.C.l.E. (1903); b. 1858; s. 
of Felix de Brath ; ediic, privately; 

.joined the Buffs, 1876 ; the 
Indian staff Corps, 1879; served in 

. the Afghan war, 1879-80 : Mahsud- 
Wazir expedition, 1881; Hazara 
expedition, 1891 ; Dongola expedi- 
tion, 1896, as Brig-Major at Suak- 

. in; BrGvet-Lt. Colonel; Colonel, 
1899 ; in the Military Secretariat 
since 1892 ; Secretary, Military 
Department, (tovernmcntof India, 
since 1902 : Secretary; 1903 ; 
Political Resident commanding 

D'Monte, Honble Dominic Anthonv, 

M.I),, L. R. C. P., Nominated 
Official Member, Legislative Coun- 
cil, Bombay ; took his seat, 28th 
December 1912. 

Dempster, Francis Erskine : CLE. 

(189G) ; b, 1858 ; ,s. (,f Capt. H.L. 
Dempster, ]\Iadras Artillery; ednc; 
at Edinburgh Academy, and at 
Cooper's Hill College ;"7h. 1883, 
Susan, d. of late George Stuart:; 
Joined the Indian Telegraph 
Department, 1878 : served in 
Afghan war, 1879-80; Chin-Lushai 
Expedition, 1889; Chitral Expedi 
tion, 1895; Superintendent, Indian 
Government Telegraphs ; Deputy 
Director of Telegraphs, India and 
Member, Imperial Legislative 
Council,! 8900 ; Address : Calcutta. 

Denham, Thomas; M. A. (Oxon), b. 
1K56; ViccvPrincipal, /feacher's 
College, l\[adrns IHUO ; edited the 
Madras journal of Education foi' 
some years: joined filysore Educa- 
tional service as Professor of 




History, Maharajah's College, 
Mysore, 1894 ; Principal, Maha- 
raja's College, Mysore, 1910- 
Address: Mysore, India. 

Dennehy, Major General Sir Tho- 
mas, C. I. K. (1877), K.C . I. E. 
(1896); e. s. of late J. Dennehy 
of Brooke Lodge, Cork ; 6, 1829 ; 
m. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas 
Mariarty of Dingle; joined 
Indian Army and served in the 
Sonthal Campaign, 1855-9; Indian 
Mutiny, ] 857-58: Political Agent, 
Dholpur, Rajputana. 1879-85; ex- 
tra Groom-in-waiting to Queen 
Victoria, 1888, and to H. M. the 
King, 1901-10. Address: Brooke 
Lodge, Fennoy, Cork. 

Dennys, Col. W. P. ,1. M.S., Inspector- 
General of Civil Hospitals, Nag- 
pur ; Joined service, 1879 ; trans- 
ferred to Civil Department, 1882 ; 
Civil Surgeon, Peshawar, 1882 ; 
Inspector General, Civil Hospitals, 
1910. Publication : Work on 
Litholo Pani. Address : Nagpur, 
Central Provinces, India. 

ediic : at Trinity College, Dub- 
lin ; entered Bengal Medica- 
service, 1850 ; present at the capl 
ture of Rangoon, 1850 : served in 
the Mutiny, 1857-8, Naga cam- 
paign and capture of Khonoma, 
1879; First Sanitary Commission- 
er of the Punjab, 1882 : retired, 
1882. Address : 20, Park Hill, 

De Rozario, V.P., Retired Judge, 

Court of Small Causes, Madras ; 
b. at Calicut, 1840; educ : provin- 
cial School, Calicut ; joined ser- 
vice as Ferry fund writer, Malabar 
Collectorate, 18.58 ; appointed 
District Munsifi of Wynaad, 
18G4; sub- Judge, 1875; ofUciated 
as District and Sessions Judge, 
1878-9 ; Judge, Court of small 
Causes, Madras, 1884 ; Acting Chief 
Judge. Court of small Causes for 
some time. During the whole period 
of his service extending over 47 
years, he had as many as ten 
extensions and had availed himself 
of only eighteen day? privilege 
leave. Address: Vepery, Madras, 

Deor, Raja of; (Raghoji Rao) ; b. 

1872 ; claims descent from the 
" Solar Race " of the Maharanas 
of I'daipur ; this family played a 
very important part in the history 
of the Mahrattas almost from the 
time of Sivaji down to the time 
of the decline of Mahratta power ; 
title of Raja, hereditary ; repres- 
ents the line of the old Bhonsle 
family of Mahrattas. Address : 
Deor," Nagpur, C.P., India. 

ife-Oyleg, Deputy Superintendent, 
•Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 
"Address : Port Blair. 

De Renzy. Sir Annesley Charles 
Castriot, B.A., C.B., K.C.B.; 6. 
1829 ; s. of Thomas De Renzy ; 


Desai, Govindbhai, Hathaibhai, B. 

A., L.L.B, Rao Bahadur, Baroda; 
b, 1864 ; educ ; at the High School, 
Nadiad and Elphinstone College, 
Bombay; Joined service in Baroda 
and served as Collector, District 
Judge, Legal Remembrancer, and 
Inspector-General of Police. Publi- 
cations: Life of Benjiman Franklin; 
Historv of Guzrat. Address : Ba- 
roda, India. Club: Ofhcers', 

Desaraj Urs, J ; Lieut-Col ; M.V.O. 
(1906), CLE. (1191) Chief Cam- 
mandant, Mysore State Troops; 
b. 1862 ; attached to the Military 
Department doing duty, Mysore, 
1884 : Jamedar, 3rd Madras Light 



Cavalry, 1885 ; Subedar, 1887 ,■ 
saw active Service in Burma, 
IRSfi ; services lent to Mysore 
State, 1887 ; Assistant to Mil'itarv 
Secretary and A.D.C. to H.H. The 
Maharaja ; resigned British Ser- 
vice, 1890 ; Commandant, Impe- 
rial Service Regiment. Mysore 
Lancers. 1894 ; Lieut-Col. Mysore 
Army, 1894 ;Milty Sec. to INIysore 
Government, 1896 ; Chief Comman- 
dant, IMysore State Troops, 1897. 
111. a sister {d. 1904) of the 
present Maharajah, leaving 
many children. Becreations : 
Polo, and Horse-racing. Ad- 
dress: Cangalore, Mysore Province, 

De Saram. John Henricus, C.M.G. 
(1901) : b. 1844; .s. of Frederick 
John de Saram of Colombo. Ceylon; 
m. 1867. Amelia Caroline (fi. 1891), 
'2nd d. of Sir Richard P. Mornan, 
Kt., Queen's Advocate of Ceylon; 
cduc: Cblombo Acadomv (now the 
Royal College); St. Thomas's Col- 
lege Colombo; King's College Sc- 
hool, London ; entered Ceylon Civil 
Service ,• District Judge, Badulla, 
1867, Commissioner of Requests, 
Colombo, 1868 ; District Judge, 
1875 to 1883; Fiscal and Registrar- 
Genciral, Colombo, 1886; District 
Judge, Jaffna, Galle, and Kandy 
respectively; Acting Treasurer of 
the Colony, 1902; again District 
Judge. Kandy, 1902; retired, 1906 ; 
acting Commissioner of Assize's 
Colombo, 1908. Address: Hill- 
side. Kandy, Ceylon. 

Deshon, Lieut. -General Frederick 
George Thomas, C.B. (1904) ; Col. 
King's Own Yorkshire Light In- 
fantry ; b. 1818 ; s. of Major Peter 
Deshon, 43rd and 75th Regiments,- 
VI. 1st, 1851, Mary (d. 1853), d. 
of William Hootou Dcverill ,• 2nd. 
1875, Julia {d. 1904), d. of Alex- 
ander Tower ; entered Army as 

Ensign, 56th Regfc. 1837.- served 
with 22nd Regt. in Scinde. 1843 ; 
present at the l)attle of Hyderabad 
(medal) ; in the Soutliern Mahratta 
Campaign, 1844-45; landed with 
the 48th Regt. in bJie Crimea, and 
was present at the siege and fall of 
Sebastopol (medal with clasp. 
Turkish medal, 5tb class of the 
IMedjidic, and CrevetlMajor); Assist. 
Inspector of Yolunteers, 1865-70; 
Col. Kingstown Y'orkshire, L.J.J 
retired, 1881. Address: Chorin 
House, Bathampton, Bath. 

Deshon. Col. Charles John, D.S.O., 
1889; b. 1840; ?/. s. of late Lieut. Col. 
C.J. Deshon; w. 1864, c.cZ. of late- 
Major LoftusCassidy ; educ; King's 
School, Canterbury; entered R.A., 
18.59 ;Capt, 1872 ; Major, 1880; 
Lt. Col, 1886; Col, 1891 ; Served 
Burmah, 1886-87 (despatches); 
Hazara Expedition, 1888 (despat- 
ches. D.S.O.) ; retired, 1892. Ad- 
dress : c/o India office, London. 

Desika Chariar, Sir Yembakam C. 

Kt. (1906), B.A., B.L., -ladge. 
Court of Small Causes, Madras ; s.. 
of late Mr. Rajagopala Chariar ; b, 
1S()1 ; educ ; Presidenev College, 
Madras; B.A., 1882; B'.L., 1886; 
enrolled as Vakil, 1887 ; Commenc- 
ed i^ractice in the Madras High 
Court ; Member, Madras Corpora- 
tion, 1896-1908; I^ecturer, Madras 
Law College, 1896-1900; Addl, 
Member, Madras T;egislative Coun- 
cil, 1904-08; Fellow, Madras Uni- 
versity, since 1903 ; Member of 
the Faculty of Law, Madras Uni- 
versity ; Trustee, Victoria Memo- 
ral Fund, and Mem!)er, Council of 
th(i Victoria Technical Institute. 
IMadras ; Secretary, Madras Central 
Url)an B.xnk Ld., Mylapore; Presi- 
dent, Conference of Co-operative 
credit Socii^ties, Uttoramorur 
Chingleput Dt., 1912. Addrens : 
Padma Vilas, Iaiz, Mylapore ^_ 




]\Iadras, India. Clubs; Cosmo- 
politan, Madras, and Bangalore. 

De Souza. Hon : Mr. Alfred Joseph 
Richard, second Low Country Sim- 
halese Member, Legislative Council, 
Ceylon; elected, 1912. Address: 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

DesYoeus, Lt. Col. H, Indian Army ; 
Inspector-Ceneral- of Police, Burma; 
appointed, 19l;-5. Address:Rnngnon, 

Deussen, Paul ; 6. 1845, at Obcr- 
dreis near Coblenz ; .s. of Adam 
D&ussen, pastor; educ; at Schulp; 
forta near Naumburg ; studied at 
Bonn, Tubingen and Berlin ; 
Sansla-it under Lassen and (lild- 
emister : Phil. Dr. at Marburg, 
1869 ; teacher at the Cymnasiums 
at Minden and Marburg, 1869-7'2, 
.and tutor in Russian families at 
Geneva, Aixla-Chapelle, and Terny 
in Russia, 1872-80 ; taught philo- 
sophy, the subject to which he was 
chiefly devoted and Sanskrit, as 
Private-docent at the University of 
Geneva; and philosophy at the 
Polvtechnical school at Aix-la- 
Chapelle, 1875-9. While at Geneva, 
his resolution was made to devote 
his life to the study of Indian 
philosophy, (1873). Since his 
return from Russia and residence 
in Berlin, from 1881 to 1889, this 
has been his main work. Taught 
philosophy at Berlin University, 
first as Private-docent, then as 
profeseor ; since 1889, Ordinary 
Professor of Philosophy at the 
University of Keil ; has travelled 
much ill various parts of the 
world, including the greater part 
of India, 1892-3. In 1904, the 
order of the Red Eagle, ^th class, 
was conferred upon him. Among 
his chief works mav be mentioned: 
—Das System does Vedanta, 1883; 
Die sutras des Vedanta 1887 ; On 


the Philosophy of the Vedanta in 
its relations to Occidental Meta- 
physics, Bombay 1893; Sechzig 
Upnnishads des Veda, 1897 ; 
Geschichte der Philosophic (I and 
II on the Vedic Hymns and 
Upanishads : III-VI, 1894 1899 ; 
" Outlines of Indian Philosophy," 
in the Indian Antiquary, 1902 ; 
Erinnerungen an Indian 1904 ; 
My Indian Experiences (translated 
i)ito English l)y A. King.) Address: 
Universit)' of Kiel. 

Devarakota, Zamindar of; 
Mallikarjuna Prasada Naidu, 

Zubdatul Agran, Challapalli ; 
descended from one of the most 
ancient Zamindar families in the 
Northern Circars ; s. of Rajah 
Ankinedi Bahadur Garu; b. 1847 ; 
educ : in Telugu and English ; has 
experimented largely in Ayurvedic 
medicine, to dispense which he 
maintains a hospital at Challapalli; 
assumed charge of Estate, 1875 ; 
. estate declared impartible, 1890;has 
opened irrigation canals; has en- 
dowed a bed in the Gosha Hospital, 
Madras ; has built a Boys school 
at Chellapalli ; was present 
at the reception of T.R.H. the 
Prince and I'rincess of Wales at 
:Madras, 1906. Recreations : Music, 
Indian gymanastics, and study of 
Hindu medicine. Address : Challa- 
palli. Kistna Dt. Madras Presy, 

Devarakota, Heir-Apparent of; 
Yerla Gadda Ankinedi Prasada 
Naidu Garu,, Challapalli ; b. 
1877 ; educ, at the Hindu High 
School, and Noble College, Masuli- 
patam ; and at the Pachaippah's 
and Presidency Colleges, Madras ; 
B.A.. (Botany and Sanskrit), 
1904 ; vt. to a sister of the 
Zamindar of Muklyala, 1904 ; 
presided over the Peddakallepalli 
Agricultural and Cattle show, 



1905 ; Member, Madras Ceutrai 
Agricultural Association, and 
Agriculturul Society, IMadras ; 
contributes on agricultural matters 
to the ' Kishna Patrica,' a Telugu 
Journal ; has experimented in plan- 
tain fibre industry and has en- 
couraged Cattle breeding. Recrea- 
tion^'. Sports and Riding. Ad- 
dress: Challapalli, Kistna Dist. 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Dewsbury, Francis. B.A., (London), 
L.L.B., Registrar, University of 
^ladras ; 1908. Address : Senate 
House, Cnepauk, Madras, India. 

Dhani, Rana of .- (Hira Singh): b. 

187.M ; succeeded to gaddi, 1894; 
edjic ; privately : The State was 
once a feudatory of Bilaspur, but 
became independent in 1815 ; 
remained loyal at the time of the 
Mutiny of 1857; owing to con- 
tinued good administration of the 
State the British Government by 
an order issued in 1902, remitted 
half of its tribute ; area of the 
State, 30 square miles; population, 
4484; revenue, Rs. 25000. Address: 
Dhani, Simla Hill States, Punjab, 

Dhar, Pandit Bishan Narayan, 

{See Bishan Narayan Dliar.) 

Dhar, Raja of; His Highness Raja 
Sir Udaji Rao Puar Sahib Baha- 
dur, K. C.S.I. (1911) ; IS a Mahra- 
tta of the Ponwar Rajput clan ; 

a. s. of the late Raja Ananda Rao ; 

b. 1886 ; succeeded to gaddi, 1898 ; 
ediic ; Daly College, Indorc ; vi. 
eldest princess of the Sar Desai of 
Samwantwadi State. At the time 
of the Mutiny of 1857, the Chief 
of the State was one Ananda Rao 
II. He was a minor, and his 
Chief Ministers were suspected of 
Complicity in the M^tiny, with 
the result t\iat the State was con- 

fiscated by the British Govern- 
ment. In 18G0 however, the 
Government restored a greater 
portion of the State to Ananda 
Rao III, granted him title of 
Maharaja, and Created him a K.C. 
S.I. Area of the State, 1,775 square 
miles ; population, about 142,000; 
revenue, about 9 lakhs ; the Raja 
is entitled to a salute of 15 guns. 
Address : Dhar, Bhopawar, Cen- 
tral India. 

Dharakota, Zamindar of; Sri Mada- 
na Mohana Simha Deva Garu- 

claims descent from Nala of Pura- 
nic fame; b. 1875; s. of Brijo Sun: 
der Simha Deva Garu; educ ; 
first under Mr Taylor at Parla- 
kimedi, and then at Madras; 
assumed charge of the Estate, 
189G; maintains a free school for 
his ryots, in which English and 
L^riya are taught ; helps poor stu- 
dents ; presided over Utkala Con- 
ference, Cuttack, 1904 ; Member 
District Board, Ganjam ; Member, 
Land-holder's Association, Madras; 
owns a Press mainly for encourag- 
ing Uriya literature ; present on 
invitation at Delhi Durbar, 1903 ; 
. present at reception of T. R. H. 
the Prince and Princess of Wales 
at IMadras, 1906. Address: Damo- 
darapalli, Dharakota, Ganjam 
Dist., Madras Presy,, India. 

Dharampur, (originally known as 
Ramnagar), Maharana of; H.H. 
Maharana Shri Mohandevji 
Narandevji ; Claims to belong to 
the Solar race of Udaipur; b. 1863; 
succeeded to gaddi, 1891. Under 
the terms of the treaty of Cassein 
entered into l)etween the Mahrattas 
and the British Gcvcrnment, the 
Claims of the Mahrattas on the 
revenues of the State were conced- 
ed to the British and the'.' State 
now pays a tribute of Rs. 9000 to 
the Government. Area of theStatSj 
704 .square miles; population, 




about 100,000. The Raja is entitl- 
ed to a salute of 'J guns. Address : 
Dharampur, Bombay Fiesy, [ndia. 

Dhiraj, Raja Sir Nahar Singh, K. 

C.I.K. (I'.lOy) ; b. 185.5 : o.s. of late 
Dhirat Singh Thakur of Dhanop : 
succeeded to the gaddi 1870. Ad- 
dress : Shahpuia, Rajputana, 

Dholpur, Rana of ; His Highness 
captain Raisud-Daulah Sipandar- 
ul-MuIk Saramud Ragha-i-Hind 
Maharaj Adhiraj Sir Sawai Maha- 
rflj Rana Ra.m Singh Lokindra 
Bahadur, Diler Jang Jai Deo, i\. 
CLE. ; is a Jat of the Camranlia 
Clan ; c.s. of late chief Nihel Singh 
C.B. ; b. 1883 ; succeeded as a 
minor, 1901; educ; Mayo College, 
Ajmere ; m.d. of H.H. the Maha- 
raja of Nabha ; invested with full 
powers, 1905 ; area of the State, 
1200 square miles : pohilatiou, 
about280,000 ; revenue, nearly 
10 lakhs. Family colour was azure, 
subsequently changed into a 
golden yellow liag with the figure 
of Hanuman in the centre Ad- 
dress. Dholpin', Rajputana, India, 

Dhondy, Dr. Ardeshir Cowasje, 

L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.M.R.C.P., 
Bombay; educ, New High School, 
and at the Elphinstone College, 
Grant Medical College, Bombay ; 
passed L.M., 190'i; proceeded to 
England, where he took the degree 
of L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S., Edin- 
burgh Univeisity, and L.F.P.S., 
Glasgow University; joined the 
Rotunda College of the Dublin 
University for practice in Midwi- 
fery and diseases peculiar to 
women and took the degree of L. 
M.R.C.P.; returned to India 
and set up practice at Bombay. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Dholu, Munchnji Rustomji, Khan 
Bahadur CLE. (1887), Bombay; 


b. 1845 ; educ; Bombay ; rii.. Miss 
Narozbal Darabji, d. of Mr. Edulji 
Darabji of Bombay; joined 
service, 1866; served in the Politi- 
cal Department, 1869; was Sub- 
Registrar of Assurances ; Registrar, 
Resident's Court, 1st Class Magis- 
trate, Judge, Small Causes Court; 
was Assistant Political Resident, 
Aden; retired, 1904 ; was a trustee 
of the Port of Aden, 1889-1894 ; 
Justice of the Peace, Bombay, 1905. 
Address ; Dhobo Tola, Bombay, 

Dhrangadra, Raja of; His Highness 
Shri Ghanshyam Sinhji ; s. of 

Maharana Shri Ajit Sinhji ; b. 
1889 ; succeeded to gaddi, 1911 ; 
ediic; at the Rajkumar College, 
Rajkot ; proceeded to P]ngland to 
complete his study, 1 904 ; returned 
to India and was appointed General 
' f the State Military Force, 1909 ; 
installed to the gaddi, 1911 : has 
proved an able administrator, and 
has thoroughly reorganised the 
administration in all its branches, 
more particularly, the financial 
branch ; has opened an orphanage 
and founded scholarships for the 
encouragement of Science and 
agriculture; has added an operating 
theatre to the Prince of Wales' 
Hospital in his capital, in com- 
memoration of the visit of Their 
Majesties the King-Emperor and 
Queen-Empress, to India, 1911; 
is the head of the ghala tribe of 
Rajputs ; area of the State. 1167 
sq- miles: population, 100,000; 
revenue, nearly 5 lakhs; is entitled 
to a salute of 11 guns. Address : 
Dhangadra, Bombay Presy, India. 

Dhrol, Thakur Saheb of; H. H. 
Harsingji 8Jaisingji|; b. 1846 ; 
succeeded to the gaddi, 1886; one 
of the Jadeja Rajput Chiefs of 
Kathiawar ; area of the State, 282 
square miles ; population, 27,007 ; 



salute, 'J guDs. Address : Dhrol, 
]\;itbiii\var, India. 

J)iack, Alexander Henderson, C. V.O. 

(I'JOG), Settlement Commis- 
• .'^ioner, Punjali ; s. of late John 
Diack ; b. 18G2 ; educ. : 
Aberdeen University ; King's 
College, Cambridge; entered I.C.S. 
188'2 ; Secretary to Financial Com- 
missioner, Punjab, 181)1 ; Duputy 
Commissioner and Settlement Offi- 
cer, 1894 ; Revenue and Financial 
Secretary to Government, Punjab, 
1899- 19d2 ; and Chief Secreatary 
till 1906; Settlement Commissioner, 
Rev. Dept. Punjab, 1908 ; Second 
Financial Commr, 1910. Address : 
c/o H.S. King and So., G5 Cornhil, 

Dickie, Col. John Elford, C.B. 
(1909); b. 185G; *. of late John 
Dickie, J. P., Kilmarnock ; to. 
Marry, d. of IMajor-Gen. J.W. 
Welcaman, C.B., I88'2 ; educ: 
R.M.A. Woolwhich; Lieutenant, 
R.E. 1874 ; became Col. 19U5 ; 
served Afghan War, 1878-80 (des- 
patches, medal with clasp) ; 
Egypt, 1882 (despatches, medal 
with clasp, bronze star, 5th class 
Medjidie); Burma, 1885-8G (medal 
with clasp); China, 1901-1 despat- 
ches, medal); Mohmand Expedi- 
tion, 1908 (medal) commanded R. 
E. 1st (Peshawar) Div. India and 
Secretary, P. W. Department, 
N. W. Provinces, 1910-11 since 
when he has been Director-General 
of Military Works in India with 
rank of Major General. Address : 
Simla, India. Club: Junior United 

jMcken, Col. William Popham, 

D S.O. (1887), C.B. (1891) ; 6. 

1834 ; e. s. of late Stephens Dicken 
1 M.D., Deputy Inspector-General 

of Hospitals, Bengal ; educ; 
I Blundell's School, Tiverton; 

Barter-Couse ; Addiscombe ; cn- 
terd Madras Army, 1853; Captain, 
1865 ; ]Major, Madras Staff Corps 
(now Indian Army). 1873; Lieut. 
Col. 1879; Brevet Col. 1883; 
Col. commandant 3rd Madras 
Light Infantry, (63rd Palamcottah 
Light Infantry), 1885; served 
Burmese Expedition in command 
of Toungoo and Ningyan 
(Pyinmana) column, 1885-87 
(despatches twice, medal). Clubs: 
United Service Oriental. 

Dickinson, Lieut. -Col. William, 

C.S.I. (1869) ; retired ; b. 1831 ; w. 
Laura {d. 1905) ; entered armv, 
1848 ; served Punjab, 1848-49 
(medal with two clasps) ; Sind 
Irregular Horse, 1857 (medal with 
clasp) ; Rajputana, 1859 (thanked 
by Crov.-Gcn.) ; Abyssinia, 1867-G8 
(medal) ; Lt.-Col., 1876. Address: 
The Old Bear House, Bisley, 

Dickins, Yen. William Arthur; 

Archdeacon of Bombay since 1907 ; 
educ: Lcinoln College, Oxford; 
Lichfield College; Deacon, 1886; 
Priest 1888 ; Curate of Penn. Staff, 
1886-91 ; Chaplain, Bombay 1891 ; 
Ahmedabad, 1891 ; Nasirabad, 
1891-94 ; Aden, 1894 ; Kirkee, 
1895 ; Nasirabad, 1896 ; Malabar 
Hill, 1896; Domestic Chaplain to 
Bishop, 1897 and 1900 ; Senior 
Chaplain, 1901 ; acting Archdea- 
con, 1905; Bombay Cathedral, 
1905 ; Hon. Chaplain to Bombay 
Rifle Vols, 1906. Address : Bom- 
bay. CZm6 ; Westminster. 

Digambar Chatterji, M. A., B. L., 

Judge, High Court, Calcutta since 
1909. Address : Calcutta. 

Digby, Everard, B. Sc. (London) 
1900 ; Late Editior of the Indian 
Daily News, Calcutta ; Editor, As- 
sociated Press of India, Calcutta ; 




b. Plymouth, 1882 ; s. of William 
Digby, C. I. E.; ediic, Quernmore, 
Kent; Birkbeck Institute, London; 
joined Western Daily Mercury, 
Plymouth ; Assistant Editor, 
, Indian Daily-News, Calcutta. 1904; 
acting Manager, 1905 ; Clcutta 
Correspondent of the Daily Chroni- 
cle, London ; represented Calcutta 
at the Imperial Press Conference, 
London, 1909. Publications: many, 
phamplets and articles. Addj-ess, 
191 British Indian St., Calcutta, 
Club ; National Liberal. 

Digby. Samuel, CLE. 1907 ; b. 
1853 ; s. of late William Digby of 
New Walsoken, Norfolk ; formerly 
Assist. Editor, Times of India ; 
Secretary of Indian section of 
Royal Society of Arts since 1890, 
and of same Society's Colonial 
section since 1898 ; Member of 
Organising Conamittee and Hon. 
Secretary for India of Seventh 
International Congress of Hygiene 
and Demography (London, 1891), 
and Hon. Secretary for India of 
Eighth Congress (Budapest,, 1894); 
Member of Council of National 
Indian Association in Aid of Social 
'Progress and Education in India ; 
assisted in movement which led to 
appointment of a Select Committee 
of House of Commons to consider 
the griavances of the Uncovenant- 
ed Services of India (1890). Be- 
creations : walking and music. 
Address : 1, Whitehall Court, 
S. W.l Royal Society of Arts, 
John Street, Adelphi, W.C. 

Dillon, Gen Sir Martin (Andrew) 

:G. C. C. (19;5-2), K. C. B., (1887), 
S.I. (1872) Indian Army (retired) ; 
b. 1826; entered army, 1843; 
General, 1892; served in 
Punjab, . 1848-49 ; Kohat Pass, 
1850; Crimea, 1856 ; Indian Mu- 
tiny, 1857-59 : China. I860 ; 
Alpyssinia, , .1867-68; Brigade.- 


Major, Nepal Frontier ; Assistant, 
Adjutant-General, China ; ^lili- 
tary Secretary, Bombay ; Military 
Secretary, Abyssinia. (A. D. C. to 
the Queen) ; Military Sec. Indi;i ; 
Adj-Gen. Gibraltar; commanded 
the Lucknow and the Rawalpindi 
Divisions, India, 1884-88 ; Col, 
West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of 
Wales Own), 1897, Commissioner, 
Duke of York's Royal Military 
School : Commandant. Rifle 
Brigade, 1935. Address : 80, St. 
Canres Square, S. W. Clubs: Uni- 
ted Service. 

Dixon, col Sir Henry Grey. K. C 

(1902), C.B. (1896) ; 8rd s. of late. 
Col John Dixon of Royal Scots. 
Astle Hall, Cheshire ; b. 1853 ; edtic 
Bridgemans ; Woolwich ; m, 1 sec. 
Helen Mary (d. 1893), 1885 ; and 
2nd., Constance Ethel, 4th d. of 
late captain Willian Mitchell-In- 
nes, Cerwick shire, 1900 ; Joined 
25th Regiment, 1868 ; command- 
ant, School of Instruction for Au- 
xiliary Forces, Aldershot, 1886-88; 
Commanded 25th Regimental 
District, 1899 ; A.D.C. to Queen, 
1898 ; served Afghan War (despat- 
ches, medal,) 1878-80 ; Soudan, 
(despatches, medal clasp, bronze 
star, 4th class Medjidie), 1888 ; 
operations on Nile, 1819. Re- 
creations : hunting, shooting and 
fishing. Address : Chandler's 
Ford, Hants. Club : Caledonian. 

Dobbie, William Herbert, CLE. 
(1908) ; Accountant-General, 

Madras, (Retd.) ; educ; Merchant 
Taylors Cchool ; joined service in 
India in the Fiancial Department, 
1172 ; Assistant Accountant-Ge- 
neral, Bengal, 1884; Punjab, , 
1815 ; Dep. Accountant-General, 
N.W, Grov. 1116 ; Controller, 
Assam, 1117: Dep. Accountant- 
General, N.-W. Grov. and Oudh, 
1190; Officiating Controller, Hy- 



derabad, 1891; Deputy Controller- 
General, 1896, Accountant-Gene- 
ral, Madras, 1901-1907 ; retired, 
1907. Address: c/o India Office, 

Dobbs, Henry Robert Conway, 

C.I.E.,F.R,G.S.I.C.S.;6. 1871;.s.of 
Robert Conway Dobbs of Camphire, 
Ireland; ed^ic: Winchester College, 
Brasenose College, Oxford ; 
entered I.C.S., 1892; Private 
Secretary to Lieutenant-Gover- 
nor, N.W. P., 1896; Joint Magis- 
trate, 1897 ; in Mysore and 
Baluchistan, 1899-1903; investi- 
gated navigation of Euphrates 
from latitude of Aleppo to 
Baghdad, and travelled across 
Persia from Baghdad to Seistan, 
1902-2 ; Consul for Seistan and 
Kain, 1903; British Commissioner, 
Russo-Afghan Boundary; traversed 
unexplored tract of Hazai-ajat 
between Herat and Kabul, 1904 ; 
Secretary to Kabul Mission, 1904 ; 
Famine Commissioner, Rajputana, 
1905; Deputy Secretary, Foreign 
Dcpt. 1906 ; on special duty in 
connection with visit of Amir of 
Afghanistan to India, 1906. 
Publications : Monograph on 
Pottery and Glass-work of N.W. 
P. and Oudh. Address : Simla. 
India. Club : East India United 

Dodson, Rev. Canon Thomas 
Hatheway, M.A.; Principal, St. 
Paul's ]\Iissionary College, Burgh, 
since 1906 ; b. Rotherham, Yorks, 
1862 ; s. of George Dodson of the 
Inland Revenue Depart , educ. : 
Merchant Taylors' School, London, 
Exeter College, Oxford ; Classical 
Honours in I\Ioderations, and afirst 
class in the Final Honour School 
of Theology; B.A, 1885; M.A. 1888; 
Deacon, 1885, Priest, 1880; Curate 
to the Rector of Exeter College, at 
Kidlington, Oxford, 1885-87; 
Lecturer (for the Final Honour 

School of Theology) for combined 
Colleges at Oxford, 1886-87; Fellow 
and Tutor of St. Augustine's 
Missionary College, Canterbury, 
1887-88 ; went to South India 
as Principal of the S.P.G. 
College, Trichinopoly, 1889 ; 
Fellow, Madras University, 1892- 
1896; proceeded Home under 
Medical advice; Hon. Fellow of St. 
Augustine's College. Canterbury, 
1897; Prebendary of Langford 
Manor in Ijincoln ' Cathedral, 
1904 ; joint-editor of English 
Church Expansion Series, 1906; 
also author of several pamphlets 
on missionary work ; Addrc&s : 
Principal's Lodge, Sb. Paul's Col- 
lege, Burgh, Lincolnshire. 

Donald. Hon'ble James ; Member, 
Legislative Council, Bengal, 1913. 

Donald, John Stuart, CLE. 1894; 
on special duty with British- 
Afghan Boundary Commissisn, 
1903-4 ; b. 1861 :'s. of late A.J.S. 
Donald ; m. 1905, Henrietta 
Mary, 2nd, d. of Col. E. L. 
Ommanney, C.S.I.; educ : Bishop 
Cotton School, Simla ; entered 
I.C.S, 1882 ; Extra Assistant Com- 
missioner, Punjab, 1892 ; Assis- 
tant Commissioner, 1890 ; Deputy 
Commissioner, 1900 ; saw service 
in Gomal Pass and with Shirani 
Expedition (despatches) : in charge 
of Gomal Pass, 1890-93 ; accom- 
panied Kabul Mission undef Sir 
H. Durand, 1893 ; on special duty, 
N. W. Frontier. 1894 ; British 
Commission en for demarcation of 
Kurram-Afghan boundary, 1894 
(thanked by Government of India,); 
Political Agent of the Tochi,. and 
Deputy Commissioner of Baum ; 
operations against Mahsud- 
Waziris (medal with clasp) ; 
Chief Political Officer with the 
Force against Khel Waziris and 
Gumati, 1902 (despatches); British 




Representative on Indo-Afghan 
Commission, 1903 ; Deputy Com- 
missioner, D.I. Khan. Recreations: 
big game shooting, golf. club. 
East India United Service. 

Donavan, Major Charles, B.A., 
M.I)., B.C.H. B.A.O. R.U.I. ; 6. 
1803 ; Joined Burma Medical 
service, 1891; transferred to 
Madras, 1892 ; Civil Surgeon, 
Cochin, 1896 ; Personal Assistant 
to Surgeon-General., Madras, 1899; 
Surgeon, 4th District, Rayapetta 
and Professor of Physiology, 
Madras Medical College, 1905. 
Address: Rayapetta, Madras, 

Donnan, James,- C.M.G. (1902) ; 
Inspector of Pearl Banks, Cevlon, 
(Retd.) ; b. Belfast, 18.37 ; 
e. s. of James Donnan, 
merchant, formerly of Belfast : 
m. 1858, Rebecca Gillespie, d. of 
Wm. Skinner, of East India Com- 
pany's Service, 1858 ; apprentice in 
the INIercantile Marine service; com- 
manded the Ceylon Government 
steamers "Manchester" and 
" Pearl " 1859-68; promoted to be 
Master Attendant, Colombo ; Joint 
Police Magistrate, Colombo ; and 
Inspector of Pearl Banks ; retired, 
1902 ; decorated for long and 
valual)le services in connection 
with Colombo harbour and the 
pearl fisheries. Adchess : Doric, 
" 38, Newbridge Bill, Nath. 

Donald. Douglas, C.I. E. (1903), 
Kohat, India ; s. of the late J.I. 
Donald, I. C.S., Punjab ; 6. 1865; 
educ. Cishop Cottons School, Simla; 
m. Miss Johnson ; joined the Pun- 
jab Police; 1888; Commandant, B. 
M. Police, Kohat, 1890 ; District 
Superintendent, 1906 ; Assistant 
Political Officer, Jliranzai exped- 
tion. 1891 ; Political Officer, 36th 
Sikhs, in the attacks on Samana 


forts, and then in lirah Expediti- 
onary Force ; Political Officer, 
Khyber Brigade, assisting in 
settlement with Afridis (Congra- 
tulated by Government of India) ; 
present at operations against Kabul 
and Khel Waziris, 1902; on Speci- 
al duty regarding a military road 
through Kohat Pass, 1889 (thanked 
by Government). Address: ^Mili- 
tary Police, Kohat. India. 

Doran. Edward Anthony. CLE. 

(1907) ; joined I.C.S. 1880 ; served 
in Postal Dept. as Suprintendant. 
and Assistant Director-General of 
Post Offices ; Postmaster-General, 
]\radras, 1904 ; Bengal, 1904 ; 
Postmaster-General , Bombay , 

since 1906 ; Address : Bombay, 

Doraswami, Aiyer.C.S., B.A.,B.L., 

Government Advocate, Banga- 
lore, 1874; Additional Mem- 
ber, Mysore Legislative Council, 
1913. Address ; Chamarajpe*, 
Bangalore, IMysore Province, 

Doraisami Iyer, Komarapuram 
Seshadri, Excise Commissioner, 
INIysore ; b. 1867 ; .';. of the late Sir 
K. Seshadri Iyer, Dewan of Mysore 
to whom he became Private Secre- 
tary, 1888; Assistant Commis- 
sioner. Kolar, 1891; served in other 
districts up-to 1898 ; Deputy Com- 
missioner, 1904-1911 ; Commis- 
sioner, 1912; Additional Member, 
Mysore Legislative Council, 1912. 
Addresfi : Bangalore, Mysore 
Province, India. 

Douglas. Lt Col. Montague William, 

CLE. (1903), Deputy Commission- 
er, Andamans and Nicobars, and 
Supdt., Port Blair; 6. 1863; s. of 
late Edward Douglas, Mauritius; 
m. Helen Mary Isable, d. of 
Ven. Archdeacon Downer of King- 



ston, Jamaica, 1891; entered 
North Staffordshire Regiment, 
1884: Captain; I. A., 1895; Major, 
1902; Lient-Col, 1910; Assistant 
Commissiouor, 1899; Deputy Com- 
missioner, Delhi, 1898—1903 ; 
Member, Executive Committee, 
Coronation Durbar, Delhi, 1903: 
Deputy Commissioner, Lyallpnr, 
Punjab, 1910, Address : Simla, 
India; 52, The Drive Hove, 
Sussex, Club: United Service. 

Douie, Sir James M'Crone, K. C.S.I. 

C.S.I. (190GJ Offg. Lieut-Governor, 
Punjab (Retd.); b. Largs, Ayrshire, 
1854 ; s. of the Rev. David Buchan 
Douie ; vi. Frances ^Mary Eliza- 
beth, d. of Sir Charles Roe, 1885 ; 
educ.: High School and Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh ; Balliol College, 
Oxford; entered Indian Civil 
Service, 1876 ; Settlement Officer, 
1882 ; served in several secretariat 
and executive posts till 1889 ; offi- 
ciated as Commissioner of Lahore, 
1898-1900 ; Chief Secretary to the 
Government, Punjab, 1900 ; 
Settlement Commissioner, 1908 ; 
Commissioner of Rawalpindi, 1907; 
Financial Commissioner, Punjab; 
M.L.C. Punjab, 1909; Offg. Lieut. - 
Governor, Punja/b, 1911. Publica- 
tions : A Text-book and Grammar 
of Bilochi; The Punjab Settlement 
Manual ; The Punjab Land Ad- 
ministration Manual. Address : 
Lahore, Simla, Club : United 
Service, Simla. 

Doyle, Major Ignatius Purcell, 

D.S.C, I. M.S. (retd.); b. 18(53; 
s. of Surg-Gcn. William Doyle, 
I. M.S. ; Surgeon, Madras Medical 
Service, 1886; Major, 1898; retired, 
1903; served in Upper I3urmah, 
during Yaw rebellion (twice 
wounded, specially raenkionod in 
despatches, D, S. O., medal and 
clasp); 1888-89; Lushai Expedition, 
1889-90 (clasp) ; Chin Field Force, 
1889-90; in operation in Chin hills. 

1892-3 ; Lushai Expedition, 189'2 
(clasp).; Somaliland Field Force, 
1903. Address : c/o India Office, 
London.' club: East India United 

Dracup, John Wright Sanford, 

Presy. Magistrate, JJonibay ; b, at 
Surat, 1857 ; educ : Bombay ; 
appointed clerk of the Commis- 
sioner's office, Northern Division, 
1875; City Magistrate, Surat, 
1895 ; Brd Presy. Magistrate, 
Bombay, 1899. Address: Byculla, 
Bombay, India. 

Drangadra, Raja of; H. H. Maha- 
rana Shri Ghansham Singhji ; b. 

1889 ; succeeded to gaddi, 1911 ; 
educ : Rajkumar College, Rajkot, 
and in England ; returned from 
England and was appointed Gene- 
ral, State Forces ; has opened an 
orphango, and founded scholar- 
ships for encouragement of agricul- 
tural Science ; commemorated the 
visit, to his Capital, of Their Majes- 
ties the King-Emperor and the 
Queen-Empress, by adding aii 
operating theatre to the State Hos 
pital ; is the head of the Jhela 
Rajput clan ; area of the State, 
1167 square miles: population, 
about 10,000 ; revenue, 5 lakhs; 
is entitled to a salute of 11 guns. 
Address : Dhrangadra, Bombay 
Presy. India. 

Dring, Sir William Arthur, K. CLE. 

(1911), CLE. (1909), V.D., Agcn*, 
East Indian Railway, Calcutta ; s. 
of late Colonel William Dring, 
Chief Paymaster of the Army Pay 
Department ; b. 1859 ; educ; at 
Taunton College ; m. Jane Reid 
Greenshilds, widow of W.L. 
Alston, 1899 ; joined service of 
the Flast Indian Railway Com- 
pany, 1879: is Lieutenant 
Colonel Commandant, East Indian 
Railway Volunteer Rifles, and 



Honorary A.D.C. to H.E. the 
Commander-in-Chief, India. Ad- 
dress: Calcutta, India; Hursley, 
near Winchester. Clubs : Oriental ; 
Bengal, Calcutta. 

Druinmond, Maj. -General Sir Fran- 
cis Henry Rutherford. CLE. 
1897; K.C,LK. (1912), Inspector- 
General, Imperial Service Troops ; 
b. 1857 ; e. surviving s. of late Maj. - 
Gen. Henry Drummond ; in. Violet 
Eraser, o. d. oi Col. E. J. Home 
C,S.l.; ednc: Wellington College ; 
entered Army, 1875, twice, medal 
with clasp) ; served with Afghan 
Boundary Commission, 1884-86 ; 
(Bt. Majority) ; holds an Afghan 
Order of Honour ; is an Esquire 
of the 9th Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem in England ; Brevet 
Major, 1887; Major, 1895 ; Lieut. 
Col. 1901 ; Brevet Col. 1904 ; 
Colonel and Brig. -General, 1907 ; 
served Afghan War, 1878-80 
(despatches). Address: Pitcairns, 
Dunning, Perthshire. Club : 

Du Boulay, Sir James Houssmayne, 

CLE. (1900). K.CI.E. (1911) ; 
s. of Rev. J.T.H, Du Boulay, late 
House Master, Winchester ; b. 
1868 ; educ: Winchester ; Balliol 
College, Oxford ; m. Freda Elais, 
d. of Alfred Howell, 1901 ; 
Joined I. C S. as Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, Bombay; 
Deputy Municipal Commissioner 
on plague duty, Bombay, 1897- 
1900 ; Private Secretary to Lords 
Northcote, and Lamington, Gover- 
nors of Bombay, 1901 and 190-3-7 
respectively ; Secretary to Govt, of 
Bombay, 1909 ; Private Secretary 
to Lord Hardinge, Viceroy and 
Governor-General of India, since 
1910. Address : The Viceregal 
Lodge, Calcutta, India. Club : 
East India United Service. 

Ducat, Brevet Col. Charles Mere- 
wether, P.S.C, F.R.G.S, ; Com- 


mandant 34tli Indian Cavalry, 
Poona Horse, 1908 ; b. 1860 ; e. s. 
of late Colonel W.M. Ducat, R.E. ; 
educ : IMarlborough College ; 
entered Sandhurst, 1880 ; 2nd 
Lieut. 1881 ; became Brevet Col. 
1908 ; MiUtary Attache, Peking, 
1902-5 ; served Burma Campaign, 
*l887-89 (medal, and two clasps) ; 
China Field Force, 1900-1 (medal. 
Brevet Lieut. -Col.) Address : 
Ai;rungabad, India. Club ; 


Duff, General Sir Beauchamp, 

CLE. (1897), K.C.V.O. (1906), 
K.C.B. (1907), K. C.S.I. (1910), 
G.CB. (1911), Commander-in- 
Chief, India ; 2nd s. of late Gar- 
den William Duff of Hatton Cas- 
tle, Aberdeenshire: b. 1855; edxic; 
Trinity College, Grenalmond ; 
Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich ; 7(j. Grace, d. of late Oswald 
Wood, 1877 ; Joined the Army 
as Lieutenant. R. H. 1874 ; 
Afghan War, 1878-80; transferr- 
ed to Indian Staff Corps, 1881 ; 
Captain, 1886; passed through. 
Staff College, 1888-89; D.A. A.G. 
Indian Army Head-quarters, 
1891-95 ; Bregadier Major, Isazai 
Expedition, 1892 ; Major, 1894 ; 
D.A. A.G. Waziristan Expedition, 
1894-95 (despatches twice. Brevet 
of Lt-Col.) ; IMilitary Secretary to 
C in C India, 1895-99 ; Substan- 
tive Colonel, 1898 ; Assistant Mili- 
tary Secretary, War Office (for 
Indian affairs), 1899; South Africa, 
1899-1901 (despatches twice, medal 
with five clasps, CB.) ; D.A.G. 
Indian Army Head-quarters, 1901- 
02 ; Bgr. General Commanding 
Allahabad District; Major General, 
1903 ; Adjutant General, India, 
1903-06 ; Secretary, Military 
Department, India Office; 1909-13; 
Chief of the Staff in India, 1906- 
09 ; Commander-in-Chief, India, 
since 1914. Recreations : Shoot- 
ing, fishing. Address : Delhi, and 



Simla, India. Club : United Ser- 

Dufferin and Ava, Hariot, 

Dowager Marchioness of ; e. d. of 
Archibald Rowan Hamilton, Killy 
leagh, and widow of 1st Marquess 
of Dufferin and Ava [d. 1902) ; 
accompanied Lord Dufferin to 
Canada and India ; Ambassadress 
in Russia, Turkey, Italy, and 
France ; established the National 
Association in India for supplying 
female medical aid to the women 
of India ; DistiyicLions : Victoria 
and Albert ; the Chefakat (Turkish 
Order) ; the Order of the Sun 
(Persian) ; Publications : Our 
Viceregal Life in India, 1889 ; My 
Canadian Journal, 1891 ; A Record 
of Three Year's Work of the 
National Association for supplying 
Female Medical^Aid to the women 
of India. Address: Clandeboye, 

Duke, Sir Frederick William, K.C. 
I.E. (1911), CLE. (1900), Mem- 
ber, India Council, London ; b, 
1868; .s. of late Rev William 
Duke, D. D.; educ; Arbroath High 
School, and University College, 
London ; entered service, 1882 ; 
worked in the various lower grades 
and was Magistrate and Collector, 
1895-08 ; was engaged on special 
duty on two different occasions, 
once for the preparation of a 
Manual for Feudatory States, and 
again for arranging for the elec- 
tions to the Provincial Legislative 
Councils in accordance with the 
' Reformed Scheme ' of Lord 
Morley ; Chief Secretary to the 
Government of Bengal, 1908 ; 
Member, Executive Council, Ben- 
gal, 1910 ; Offg Lieutenant-Gover- 
nor, Bengal, 1911-1'2 ; reverted 
■as Member, Executive Council, 
Bengal, 1912; was President of the 
Committee appointed for the in- 
vestigation of the facilities of the 

Port of Calcutta ; Member, India 
Council, London, 191-1. Address: 

Duleep Singh, Prince Victor Albert 

Jay, Captain Royal, Dragoons ; 
b. London, ISGG ; e. s. of late 
JNIaharajah Duleep Singh, of 
Lahore, and Bamba, d. of 
L. iluller, of Alexandria, Egypt; iu. 
Anne, y,d. of 9th Earl of Coventry, 
educ; Eton ; Trinity and 
Downing Colleges, Cambridge; 
joined Army in the 1st Royal 
Dragoons, 1888 ; was Honorary 
A. D. C. to Lieut. -Gen. Ross, K. 
C. B., General commanding at 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1888-90. 
Recreations : shooting, music. 
Address : 20, King Street, Portman 
Square, W. 

Dumayne, Sir Frederick George, 

Kt., (1909) Vice-chairman to the 
Commissioners for the Port of 
Calcutta, since 1901 ; b. 1852: s, of 
late Thomas Dumayne of Milford, 
S. Wales; m. Mary {d. 1896); 
3rd d. of John ]\Iacadam of 
Blairoer, Brymen, N.B, 189G; 
educ; King James Gra]umar School, 
Paislev, N.B ; formci-ly Assistant 
Secretary and afterwards for many 
years Secretary to the Trustees of 
the Port of Bombay ; member, 
Bengal Legislative Council, 1910 ; 
Director, Bank of Bengal. Address: 
Port Commissioners House, Kolia 
Ghat Street, Calcutta. Club : 
Oriental, Bengal, and Calcutta. 

Duncan, David, M..\., I). Sc. L.L.D. 
(Edin), Director of Public Instruc- 
tion, Madras (Retd) ; s. of David 
Duncan ; /;. 18.39; educ; at Edin- 
burgh, Aberdeen, and Berlin 
Universities ; joined service as 
I'rofessor of Logic and floral 
Philosophy, Presidency College, 
IMadrasi 1870-84 ; Principal, 
Madras Presidency College, 1884- 
92 ; Registrar, J lad ras University, 




1875-1870 ; Director of Public 
Instruction, Madras, 1892-9; 
Member, Legislative Council, 
Madras, 1894 ; Vice-Chancellor, 
Madras University, 1899 ; retired, 
1899. Publications : Life of 
Herbert Spencer ; Herbert Spen- 
cer's Descriptive Sociology. Ad- 
dress : c/o India Office, London. 

Dunca-n, Herbert Spencer, M. A., 

Principal, Teacher's College, 
Saidapet : b, 1871 ; s. of David 
Duncan, M.A,, D. Sc, L.L.D., 
formerly Director of Public In- 
struction, Madras ; joined service 
as Vice-Principal, Teachers' 
College, Saidapet, 1894 ; Acting 
Principal. Government College, 
Rajahmundrv, 1899 ; Acting 
Professor of English, Madras Presi- 
dency College, 1904 ; confirmed, 
1906 ; Inspector of European and 
Training Schools, Madras, 1907 ; 
Deputy Director of Public Instruc- 
tion, Madras, 1910 ; Acting Prin- 
cipal, Teacher's, College, Saidapet, 
1911; confirmed, I91'2. Address: 
Saidapet, Chingleput Dt., Madras 
Presidency, India 

Dundee, Colonel William John 
Daniell, CLE. (190G) ; R.E. ; b. 
1862 ; s. of Lieut-Col. W. F. Dun- 
dee ; m. Agnes Rebecca Prestagc ; 
educ. ; Collegiate School, Gree- 
nock ; Bedford Grammar School ; 
joined armv, 1882 ; Captain, 
1890; served N.W. Frontier, 
India, 1897-98 (despatches, medal 
with three clasps) ; Major, 1899; 
Lt-Col, 1906; Bazar Valley 
Field Force, 1908 (despatches) ; 
Mohmand Field Force, 1908 (pro- 
moted Bt.-Col.) ; designed and 
built Khyber Defences, and has 
been in charge of Engineering 
Works, Khyber Jurisdiction, since 
1899,- Mohmand Expedition, 1908; 
Address: Peshawar, India, Chib : 
United Service 


Dingarpur. Maharawal of., H.H. 
Rai Rayan Maharawal Sri Bijaya 
Singhji Bahadur, K.C.I.E. (1912); 
.s. of late Maharaj Kuuwar Khum- 
an Singh; b. 1887; educ; Mayo 
Chief's College, Ajmere ; succeeded 
his grand-father to the gaddi, 
1898 ; invested with full powers, 
1909. The State came under 
British protection by the treaty of 
1818 concluded with the Mahrattas. 
Area of the State, 1450 sq miles ; 
population, about 160,000; pays 
a tribute of Rs. 17,500; is entitled 
to a salute of 15 guns. Address : 
DungariJur, Rajputana, India. 

Dunlop, AIexa,nder Johnstone C.I. 

E, (1901), Inspector- General of 
Revenue and Settlement Commis- 
sioner, Hyderabad (D) : 8th s. of 
late Henry Dunlop of Creigton 
House, Lanark ; b. 1848 ; joined 
service as Assistant to the Cotton 
Commissioner in the Central 
Provinces; became Assistant 
Commissioner ; services lent to the 
Government of Hyderabad ; Re- 
venue Secretary, Hyderabad (D) ; 
Member, Legislative Council, 
Hyderabad (D) ; 7^;. Constance 
Susan Mary, d. of late W.R. 
Myers of Jamaica ; Address : 
Hyderabad (D), India. 

Dunlop, Robert William Layard, 

CLE., s. of late Robert Vetch 
Dunlop ; cd^tc; Repton ; Colonel of 
the Bombay Volunteer Rifles ; 
Additional Member, Bombay 
Legislative Council, Bombay, 1869;- 
Recrention : Hunting. Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Dunlop-Smith, Sir James Robert, 

(See Smith). 

Durand, Colonel Algernon George 
Arnold, C. B. 1892, C. I.E. 1897; 
Gentleman-at-Arms; b. 1854; s. 
of late. Maj-Gen. Sir Henry 
Marion Durand, R. E.; 



m. Elizabeth ilarjorie, d. of late 
Hou. T.C. Bruce, M.P. 1S95; 
A. D. C. to Lord Ripon, Viceroy 
of India, 1881-82 ; British Agent 
at Gilgit, 1889-93 : commanded 
troops in Hunza Nagar Expedition. 
1891 ; Militar\ Secretary to 
Viceroy of India, (Lord Elgin), 
1894-99. Publicaiion : The Mak- 
ing of a Frontier, 1899. Address : 
3 ; Park Line, W. Clubs: Tra- 
vellers', Naval and Militar}-. 

Durand, Sir Edward Law, 1st Baro- 
net (1892), C. B. (civil, 1887) ; s. 
of Sir H. H. Durand, R. E. (Q.V.); 
b. 1845 ; educ; at Bath, Repton 
and Guildford ; ni. Maude Ellen, 
d. of the late Algernon Charles 
Heber-Pcrcv ; joined 96th Regi- 
ment, 1865; B.S.C. (now LA.) 
1868; Assi.stant Commissioner, 
Afghan Boundary, 1884-86 ; Politi 
cal Officer in charge of H.H, Ya- 
coob Khan, ex- Amir of Afghanis- 
tan, 1882-87; Resident, Nepal, 
1888; retired as Lt. Col, 1893. Ad- 
dress : 33, Ennis more Gardens, 
S. W. Clubs: United Service, and 

Durand, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry 

Mortimer, PCS. (Rctd.) G.C.M. 
G., (1900) K.C-S.L, (1894) K,C.I. 
E:, (1889) P.C. (1901): b. 
1850, s, of late Major-General Sir 
H, Durand, R.E., m. Ella, d. of 
T. Sandys, 1875. Educ. : Black- 
heath School; Eton House, Ton- 
bridge ; called to Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn, 1872; entered Bengal Civil 
Service, 1873; Political Secretary 
to Sir P., now Earl, Roberts dur- 
ing Kabul Campaign, 1879; 
Foreign Secretary in India, 1884- 
94; conducted Mission to Ameer of 
Afghanistan, 1893; Minister at 
Teheran, 1894-1900; Ambassador 
and Consul-Gen. at Madrid, 1900- 
3; Ambassador at Washington, 
1903-6; contested Plymouth (C); 

1910. Publications : edited Sir 
Henry Durand 's History of the 
first Afghan War ; Life of Sir 
Henry Dm-and ; Helen Treveryan; 
Nadir Shah. Chibs : Athenaeum, 

Durjan Singh,Thakur; Rao Bahadur; 

Judicial ]^.Iinister, Alwar State.; 
b. 1SG6; educ; at INIayo College, 
Ajmere ; Hony Captain in the 
Alwar Imperial Service Cavalry ; 
subsequently made Stafi Officer; in 
charge of the Alwar State troops ; 
Member of Council, 1903, K.I.H 
and Delhi Durbar Medal, 1904, 
Address : Jash, Alwar State. 

DurioiseIl,C,, Offg. Superintendent, 
Archaeological, Survey, Rangoon , 
1912. AddvQss : Rangoon, Burma. 

Dutt, Aswini Kumar, M.A., Pleader, 
Barisal ; s. of Babu Brojo Mohan 
Dutt ; b. Karnar, 1856 ; passed 
B.A., 1876; M.A., 1877; joined 
service as Headmaster, Serampore 
High School ; is an ardent sup- 
porter of education, and has spent 
much money in erecting educa- 
tional buildings ; passed the Law 
Examination and commenced 
practice at Barisal ; was one of the 
Bengalis who were deported by 
Government, 1908 ; liberated, 
1909. Address : Barisal, Bengal, 

Dutt, Calica Dass. B.A., B.L., Rai 
Bahadur (1891), CLE. (1900), 
Dewan, Cooch Behar ; s. of Rai 
Goloke Nath Dutt of M'>.ral ; b. 
1841 ; educ; Krishnaghur Colle- 
giate School, and Presidencv Col- 
lege, Calcutta; B.A., 1860;'B.L., 
1861 ; joined service as District 
Munsiff; appointed Deputy Col- 
lector and Magistrate, 1861 ; 
services lent to the State of Cooch 
Behar as Dewan. 1869; formally 
invested with the insignia of 




Office, 1870; became Member of 
the State Council, 1883. Address: 
Dewaukhana, Coocb Bebar ; 4, 
Gangadbar Eabu's Lane, Bow- 
bazar, Calcutta ; Castleton Col- 
lege, Darjeeling. 

Dutt Kripa Nath, Rai Babadur 
(I'JIO), Registrar of Assurances, 
Calcutta; s. of late Babu Paran 
Nath Dutt ; b. 1861 ; cduc, at the 
Oriental Seminary ; Joined 

Government Service, andgradually 
rose to present position ; was 
Chairman of the Cossipur-Cbitpur 
Municipality. Address : Cossipur, 
24 Parganas, Bengal, India. 

Dunbury, Captain, C,D. ; Trans- 
port Registration Officer, DeJhi, 

Eardley-Wilmot, Major-General 
Eeveil, C.B., (1896), Indian Army 
(retired) ; 2nd s. of late Sir John 
Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, 2nd 
Baronet of Berkswellball; b. 1842; 
editc, Winchestor College ; joined 
the Indian Army, 1860 ; Brevet 
Lt-Col, 1881 ; Major-General, 
1895; Bhutan Expedition, 1864-66 
(wounded; despatches, medal with 
clasp) ; A.D.C, in the Jowaki Ex- 
pedition (despatches, clasp) ; Af- 
ghan War of 1878-79, and 80 (des- 
patches, medal, three clasps, Bre- 
vet Lt.-Col); A. A. G. Meerut 
Division ; is in receipt of disting- 
ished service pension. Address: 
Colchester. Chib: Cavalry. 

Eardley-Wilmot, SirSainthill. K.C. 
I.E. (1911), C.I.E.. (retired) ; 4th 
s. of late Augustus Hillier Eardley- 
Wilmot ; b. 1852 ; Married twice ; 
joined Indian Forest Department, 
1873 ; Conservator of Forests, 
1890 ; Inspector-General of For- 
ests, India," 1903-09 ; retired, 1910. 


Publications : Forest Life and 
Sport in India ; The Life of 
a Tiger. Address : c/o India 
Office, Ijondon. Club: East India 
United Service. 

Earle. Sir Archdaie, CLE. (1909), 
K.C.I, E. (1911), LC.S., Chief Com, 
missioner, Assam ; s. of late H. E. 
Earle ; b. 186i ; educ; Uppingham 
School, and Oxford University ; 
Joined I. C. S. as Asstt. Collector 
and Magistrate, 1882; served in 
various subordinate ranks till he 
became Collector and Magistrate ; 
Private Secretary to Lieutenant 
Governor of Bengal, 1886 ; Excise 
Commissioner, Bengal, 1901 ; Se- 
cretary to Board of Revenue, 1902; 
Secretary to the Government of 
Bengal, 1903-05 ; Director of P.I., 
1906-08 ; Commissioner, Patna 
Division, 1908-09; Chairman, Cor- 
poration of Calcutta, 1909-10 ; 
Secretarj' to Government 

of India, Home Department, 1910- 
12 ; Chief Commissioner, Assam, 
1912. Address : c/o H. S. King 
& Co., 9, Pall Mall, London, S-W. 
Clubs: East India United Service; 
United Service, Simla ; United 
Service, Bengal and Calcutta. 

Ebrahim. Sir Currimbhoy, Bart., 

(U.K.); y. .s. of late ]\Ir. Ebrahim 
Pabaney ; 6., 1839 : began life by 
opening a firm at Hong Kong ; 
opened branches at Shanghai, 
Kobe. Singapore, and Calcutta, 
and agencies in many important 
business centres in the East ; esta- 
blished his reputation as a trader 
in Cotton, silk, tea, opium, yarn, 
etc.; founded Currimbhoy, Ebra- 
him Pabaney. Crescent and Fazil- 
bhai Mills, where about 220,000 
spindles and3, 500 looms are at work 
every day giving employment to 
about 80,00 men; established ginn- 
ing factories at Yeotmal, Katol, the 



Berars, IncTore, and other places ; 
is the owner of the Indian black- 
ing, dyeing and printing works ; 
Presdt, the Anjuman-i-Islam and 
of the Mahommedan Educational 
Conference, Bombay ; Trustee of 
the Port of Bombay; has establish- 
ed a girls' school, a ]\Iadrassa at 
]Mandvi, the Currimbhoy Ebrahim 
Khoja Orphonage in Bombay, a 
Dharmsala at Mandvi and Bhuj, ; 
has given a liberal donation to the 
New Museum Fund, Bombay. 
Address : 13, Esplanade Road, 
Bomba}', India. 

Edge, Right Hon : Sir John. Kt. 

(IfiSG), B.A., L.L.B., P.C. (1908), 
^Member, Judicial Committee of 
the Privy Council, London ; s. of 
Benjamin Cooker Edge, J. P. 
of Clonbrook; b, 1841 ; educ, 
Trinity College, Dublin ; joined 
the Bar in Ireland, 1864 ; 
Called to Bar (Middle Temple), 
18C6; Chief Justice, High Court 
of N.W.P., 1886-98; Bencher 
of Middle Temple, 1889 ; Member 
of the Council of India, 1908 ; 
Hony. A.D.C. to Viceroy of India, 
1895; (Jommissioner to enquire into 
preparations for War in South 
Africa, 1902 ; Member, Judicial 
Committee of the Privy Council, 
1909. Address: The Banks, Mount- 
field, Ro'ocrts bridge, Sussex. 
Club: Junior Ca)lton 

Edwards. General Sir Stanley De 

Burg, K.C,B. (1K98) ; s. of Captain 
George Harris Edwards of the 
Bengal Army; b. 1840; cduc : 
Mount Radford School; entered 
Army in Bombay, 1857 ; be- 
came Colonel, 1875 ; Lieutenant- 
General, 1886; Major-General, 
1896; served in Mahi Kanta Field 
Force, 1858 ; served Indian Mutiny 
as D.A.Q.M.G. ; Ahyssinnian 
Expedition, 1868; Chief' Director 
of Transport in the Afghan War, 

1879-80 ; Commanded Quetta 
District, 1881-4; Northern Division, 
Bomba}' Army, 1880-89. Address : 
Sponden, Sandhurst, Hawkhurst, 
Kent. Club : East India United 

Edwards, Stephen Meredyth, 

C.V.O., I.C.S., Commissioner of 
Police, Bombay; s. of late Rev 
Stephen Edwards, Oxford ; edtic ; 
at Eton and at Christ Church, 
Oxford; b. 1873; entered I.C.S. 
as Assistant Collector and Magis- 
trate, 1895; was Assistant Secy to 
Government ; Assistant Collector 
of Customs ; Municipal Commis- 
sioner, Bombay ; Deputy Secy 
to Government; Compiler and 
editor, Bombay City Gazetteer: 
became Commissioner of Police, 
Bombay; is an Ex-President of the 
Bombay Anthropological Society, 
and Fellow of the Bombay 
University. PubUccJions: The Rise 
of Bombay, a Retrospect, ; 
the Ruling Princes of India ; 
Gazetteer of Bombay City and 
island ; By-wa}s of Boml)ay. 
Recreation : riding. Address. Tlae 
Ridge, Malabar Hill, Bombay. 
Clubs : Byculla, and the Royal 
Yacht, Bombay. 

Edwards, Lt-Genl Sir James Beven 

Iv.C.M.G. (1891) ; C. B. (1877); 
/;J834; s. of late S. Price Edwards; 
cduc; at R.M.A. Woolwich ; en- 
tered the Royal Engineers, 1852; 
became General, 1891 ; served in 
Crimean war, and Indian Mutiny; 
China, 1864 ; Suakim expedition, 
1885 ; Commandant of School of 
Military Engineering, 1885-8 ; 
commanded the troops in China, 
1889-90; retired, 1893; M.P. for 
Hytho, 1895-9 ; Chairman, Royal 
Colonial Institute, 1909. Address : 
9, \Vilbraham Place, S.W. Clubs : 
United Service and Travellers. 




Edwards, Col John Burnard. D.S.O. 
(1895) ; b. Saharanpur, 1857 ; s. of 
R.M. Edwards, r..C.S.; edw, at 
Hailey bury and Sandhurst ; entered 
the Armv, 1878 ; became IMajor, 
1898 ; served in Afghan war, 1878- 
80; Chitral Relief Force, 1895 ; in 
charge of Gwalior Imperial Service 
Transport Corps ;InspectingOfficer, 
Imperial Service Cavalry in Central 
India, 1891-6; second in command 
of 1st Regt.. Central India 9th 
Divn. Horse; A.Q.M.G. of the 
Indian Army, 1908 ; Address : 
]\Ihow, India. Chcb : East India 
United Service. 

Edwards, Lt. Col. William Rice, 

M.D., M. R. C. S,. C. B. (1914), ; 
C.M.G. (1900), Chief Medical 
Officer, N. \V. Frontier Province ; 
s. of late Rev. Canon H. P. 
Edwards of LlandafE ; b, 1862 ; 
cduc, at Clifton ; M.B. (Durham) 
and M. R. C. S, (England), 1884; 
M. D. (Durham), 1886; joined 
I. M.S., the same year; Surgeon 
Major (now Major), 1898 ; Lieu- 
tenant-Col, 1906 ; Surgeon, Eden 
Hospital, Calcutta, 1889 ; Surgeon 
to H.E. the Commander in Chief 
in India, 1900 ; Civil Surgeon, 
Quetta, 1891-1900 ; served in 
South Africa on the Stall of Lord 
Roberts (despatches, C.M.G,), 1900 
-01 ; returned to India and was 
appointed as Superintending 
Surgeon, Kashmir State Hospitals, 
1901. Address: Peshawar, India, 
Club : United Service (Simla). 

Egerton, Sir Brian, Kt. (1914) C.I. 
E. 1906 ; b. 1857 ; s. of late Major- 
General C.R. Egerton. educ ; 
Cheltenham College ; entered Pun- 
jab Police, 1879 ; served Afghan 
War, 1880-81 (medal) ; Guardian 
of H.H. aiaharajah of Bikanir, 
1894 ; Tutor to H.H. the Nizam 
until his accession to the throne in 


1911. Address : Hyderabad^ 
(D), India. Club: East India 
United Service. 

Egerton, General Sir Charles 
Comyn, G. C. B. (1904), K. C. B. 
(1903), A. D. C. to King-Emperor; 
6. 1848; educ; Rcssall ; Royal 
Military College; joined the Army, 
1867 ; VI. Anna Wellwood (d. 1890), 
d. of late J. L. Hill, W. S., Edin- 
burgh, 1877 ; served in Afghan 
war, 1879-80 (despatches, niedal 
with clasp, bronze decoration) j 
Murre Expedition, 1880; Black 
Mountain Expedition, 1888 (des- 
patches, medal) ; 1st and 2nd 
IMiranzai Expeditions (severely 
wounded, despatches, Bt.-Lt-CoL, 
D.S.O. , Clasp); Waziristan Field 
Force, 1894-95 (despatches, C.B., 
clasp); became Colonel, 1895 ; Com 
manded the Indian Contingent in 
the Dongola Expedition, 1896 (des- 
patches, British and Khedives me- 
dals) ; A. D. C. to Queen Victoria; 
Commanded the 1st Brigade in 
the Tochi Force, 1897-98 (despa- 
tches, medal with clasp) ; Lieute- 
nant-General on Staff, 1900-01 ; 
Commanded Somaliland Field 
Force, 1903-4; Commanding troops, 
Madras, 1904-7 ; General, 1906 ; 
retired, 1907. Address : 40, Eccles- 
ton. Square, S. W. Club: United 

Eggar, Sir Henry Cooper, Kt. Bart 
(1910), M. V. O. (1906) ; s. of Fre- 
derick Eggar of Alclershot ; b. 
Bramshaw, New Forest, 1851 ; 
educ, King's College, London; 
joined the Legal profession as Soli- 
citor to Government of India, 1900; 
Member of the Firm of Thomas 
Eggar and Co., of Winchester 
House, and Brighton. Address: 
The Cedars, Strawberry Hill, IMid- 
dlesex. Clubs : Oriental; Bengal 
and Calcutta. 

Elgin, 9th Earl of Great, 1633 ; 
Earl of Kincardine and Baron 



Bruce of Torrv. 1(547 ; Baron 
Bruce of Kiuless, 1603 (Scot) ; 
Baron Elgin, 1849 (Utd. Kgdm), 
by virtue of which title he has a 
seat in the House of Lords ; P.O. 
1886 ; K.G. 1889 ; G.C.S.I., G.C. 
I.E. 1894; Victor Alexander Bruce; 
e.s. of the 8th Earl by his 2nd 
wife ; b. at Montreal, Lower 
(Canada, 1849 ; in. Lady Constance 
]\rary, C,L, 187G ; wife died, 1909; 
cdiic; at Eton and Balliol College, 
Oxford ; B.A., fS73 ; M.A., 1877 ; 
D.C.L., 1899; Hony. L. L. D. 
(Glasgow), 1903 ; succeeded his 
father, 1863 : Treasurer, Royal 
Household, and FirstCommissioner 
of worlis, 1886 ; Viceroy and 
Governor-CTeneral, India, 1894-99 ; 
Secretary of State for the Colonies, 
1905-08 ; Chairman, Royal Com- 
inission on war in South Africa, 
190-2 ; Chairman, Royal Commis- 
sion on Free Churches Controversy 
in Scotland, 1904 ; Chairman, 
Royal Commission to administer 
Scotland Churches Act, 1905 ; 
IMember, Committee of Council on 
Education in Scothmd; Lord-Lieut- 
nant of Fife : President, Fife 
territory Force Association ; Lieut- 
enant, Royal Company of Archers; 
heir: s. Edward James, Lord 
Bruce; b. 1881 ; Address : Broom- 
hall, Dunfernline, Fife. Ckibs: Tra- 
vellers' Brooks's and New (Edin). 

Elles, Lt-General Sir Edmond Ro- 
che, G.C.I.l'L (1906), K.C.B. 
(1898), K.C.l.E. (1904), Indian 
Army (retired) ; s. of IMolcolm J. 
Elles; b. 1848; editc ; R.M.A., 
Woolwich ; entered Royal Artillery 
1867 , served in the Lushai, Haza- 
ra and other expeditions and gain- 
ed distinctions; c^aptain, 1878; 
Major, 1884 ; D.A.Q.M.G. Bengal, 
1883-85; A.Q.]\r.G. for Intelligence, 
Bengal, 1886-89; D.G.IM.G. India, 
1893-5 ; Military Delegate to Hague 
Peace conference. 1907 , Lieu- 
tcnant-General. 1907, retired, 

1903 ; is D.L., and J. P. for Surrey. 

Address : Paroora, Guildford. 
Chib : United Service. 

Ellis, Francis Robert. CM. G. (1901), 
Auditor-General. Controller of 
Revenue, and Accountant-General, 
Cevlon (retired) ; s. of late Colonel 
F.' Ellis; b. 1849; vi. Lucy, d. of 
late D. B. Thornton of St. Peters- 
burg, 18g8 ; Joined service in 
Ceylon as a writer, 1871 ; became 
Judge of Ratnapura, 1883 ; Police 
Magistrate, Colombo, 1885; Direc- 
tor and Inspector-General of 
Prisons, Ceylon, 1891 ; Govern- 
ment Agent, Southern Province, 
1897 ; Western Province, the 
same year ; Auditor-General, and 
Controller of Revenue, 1902 ; 
retired, 1906 ; Governor, British 
North Borneo, 1911. Address: 
Government House, Sandaban, 
British North Borneo ; Kilmore, 
Drumquin, Tyrone. 

Elliot, Lt. General Sir Edward 
Locke; K.C.B. (1902), C.B. (1896) 
D.S.O. (1887);6. 1850; s. of Colonel 
Edward King Elliot ; m. Eva 
Syble, c. d. of Col. Percy Smith, 
1893 ; entered the Army, 
1868 ; Colonel, 1898 ; served in the 
Afghan war, 1878-9; Burmese 
Expeditionary Force, 1896 ; Ins- 
pector-General of Cavalry in India, 
1898 ; in South Africa ; 1901-2 : 
retired, 1911 ; Address: Sackville 
Street, Dublin. Club; Naval and 

Elliot, Maj.-Gen. Henry Riversdale; 

b. 1836; s. of William Elliot, 
IMadras Civil Service ; m. 1866, 
Carmina Macintire ; cdnc. ; Chel- 
tenham College; Military Academy, 
Edinburgh ; Joined Madras 42nd 
Infantry, 1855; served with l\Iadras 
Sappers and ]\Iincrs, in the .\byssi- 
nian Campaign, and was present at 
assault and capture of IMagdala, 
1867-68 ; Brigade-Major ; Assistant 




Quarter-Master-Gen, Madras Presi- 
dency and Burinah ; commanded 
11th M.N.I; returned to England on 
Colonel'sallowances, 1886. Address: 
1, Fauconcerg Villa, Cheltenham. 
Clubs : New, Cheltenham. 

Elliott, Algernon, CLE. (1903) ; b. 
s. of William Henry Elliot, H.E. 
I. C. S.; b. 1848; educ: Rep- 
ton School ; entered Uncoven- 
anted Service, 1869 ; Assist. 
Superintendent of Police, Cen- 
tral Provinces, 1869 ; Assistant 
Commissioner, Berar, 1869 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1869 ; 
Civil and Sessions Judge, 1895 ; 
Judicial Commissioner, 1898 ; 
Commissioner, Hyderabad Assign- 
ed Districts, 1901; retired, 1903. 

Elliots, Lt Col P. H., I. A., Com- 
missioner, Meiktilla Divn, since 
1910; h. 1862 ; entered the army, 
1881 ; transferred to Indian Army, 
1885. kddress : Meikitta, Burma. 

Elwes, Major Frederick Fenii, M. 

D., C.I,E. (1911), Burgeon,' 3rd 
District, Madras ; b, 1875 : joined 
service as assistant to the Princi- 
pal Medical officer, Madras, 190u ; 
Mobilizing 66th Native Field 
Hospital, China Expeditionary 
Force at Bangalore from 30tli June 
to 5th July 1900 ; attached to 7th 
M.I. Burma, 1901; doing duty at 
the GeneralHospital, Madras, 1902; 
DistlMedical and Saintary Officer 
with medical charge of Central 
Jail, Vellore, ]903; acted in the 
•same capacity in the various dis- 
tricts of the Presidency ; Diirbar 
Physician to H. H. the Maharaja 
of Travancore, from August 191'2. 
Address : Trivandram, Travancore 
State, S. India. 

Emerson, Sir Y/illiam, Kt., (1902) ; 
President R.I.B.A. 1890-1902; b. 
1844 ; s. of William Emerson of 
Whetstone, Middlesex; educ. -.Kmg' 


Coll; Came out to India 1865; erec- 
ted the Bombay markets, several 
churches, and other buildings ; 
designed for the Government of 
India the Allahabad University, the 
Cathedral for the Lucknow 
Diocese and the Bhounuggur 
Hospital ; architect of St. Mary's 
Church, Brighton ; the Clarence 
]\Iemorial Wing, St. Mary's 
Hospital; is carrying out the 
Victoria ilemorial for India 
in Calcutta ; designed a large 
palace for the late Maharajah of 
Bhounuggur. Publications ; many 
papers read before the Royal 
institute of Architects. Address : 
2. Grosvenor ]\Iansions, 76 Victoria 
Street, S.W. Clubs : Arts, St. 

English. Alenander Emanuel, C.I. 

E., I.C.S., Registrar of Co-opera- 
tive Credit Societies, Burma, since 
1906 , educ; at Rugby and St. 
John's College, Cambridge; Assist. 
Commissioner, 1892; Dj-. Commis- 
sioner, 1905. Address ; Rangoon, 

Ennis, Hon: Mr. Justice G. P.M. ; 

acting second Puisne Judge, Sup- 
reme Court, Ceylon. Address : Co- 
lombo, Ceylon. 

Enthoven, Reginald Edward, CLE. 
(1910), Sccry. Govt, of India, Dept. 
of Commerce and Industry since 
1911 ; .s'. of James Enthoven ; b. 
1869; educ at Wellington Coll, and 
New Coll, Oxford ; joined service, 
1889; Under Secy, to Govt, and 
Superintondant of Census, 1902 ; 
Superintendant for Revision ' of 
Imperial Gazeetter, 1902; Superin- 
tendent of Ethnography, 1903 ; 
Secretary to Government, General 
etc, Deptts, 1908 ; Senior Collr- 
1910. Public at ions : Cotton fabrics 
of the Bombay Presidency. Ad- 
dress: Delhi, India. Chib : East 
India United Service. 



Erskine, Lt-Col, Keith David, C.I/R 
(1909), Indian Army: e. s. of 
Major-Geueral G.E. Erskine; b. 
1863; educ; Charterhouse; Sand- 
hurst; joined Army, 18S4; trans- 
fered to Indian Army, 1886; en- 
terred the Political Department 
in India, 1887; served in Ajmere, 
Mount Abu, Mewar, Deoli, Jodh- 
pur, Bikanir, and Mysore ,■ Politi- 
cal Agent in Haraoti and Tonk, 
1900; Superintendent of Gazetteer, 
Rajputana, 1903: Bikanir, 1907; 
Political Agent, Pi^astern Rajputana 
States, since 1913. Address ; 
Jodhpur, Rajputana, India. Clubs: 
Naval and Military; Queen's. 

Etaiyapuram. Zamindar of; Sir 
Raja Jagavira Rama Venkates- 
wara Ettappa Navakai' Bahadur ; 

s. of Sri Jagavira Rama Ivumara 
Ettappa Nayakar, who helped the 
Government in the great famine 
of 1877-8; b. 1868; claims descent 
from an ancient family originally 
resident near Chandragiri, North 
Arcot (now Chittoor district); 
edzic: Newington, Madras; has 
made extensive tours in India, 
maintains a High School for boys, 
and a girl's school at his head- 
quatters. Address ; Etaiyapuram; 
Tinnevelly Dt., Madras Presidency, 

lEthe, C. Hermann; Ph. I), M.A, 
Oxford ; 6. 1844 ; g. s. of Karl 
Laphe ; educ; at Greifswald and 
Leipzi Universities ; came to Ox- 
ford in 1872 to complete the 
Catalogue of Persian, Turkish, 
Hindustani and Pushtu MSS., in 
Bodleian Library, Oxford ; 
compiled Persian MSS. in the India 
Office Library ; Public Examiner 
for Honours, School of Oriental 
Languages, Oxford, 1887-9 ; Pro- 
fessor of German and Oriental 
Languages, University College, 
Aberywyth, since 1893. Address : 
Schlorn-Hans, Aberystwyth. 

Evans, Col. A.O., I.M.S., Inspector- 
Genl. of Civil Hospitals, Burma, 
since 1913 ; b. 1859 ; entered Army, 
1883. Address : Rangoon, Burma. 

Evans, Lt-Col. George Henry, CLE 

(1911), F.L.S., M.R.C.V.S., I.C. 
V.D., Superintendent, Civil Veteri- 
nary Department, Burma ; s. of 
late Major-General Evans; b, 1863; 
educ ; Rathmines School, Dublin, 
and the Royal Veterinary College, 
London ; Joined service in the 
Army Veterinary Department, 
1884 ; served in the Lushai Expe- 
dition, 1889-90; Superintendent, 
Civil Veterinary Department, 
Burma, since 1911. Address : 
3, Fytche Road, Rangoon, Burma. 
Club : East India United Ser- 

Evans, Henry Farrington, B.A., 
C.S.I. , (1899), I.C.S. retired; s. 
of Rev. G.H. Evans; b, 1845; 
educ ; Marlborough College and 
Corpus Christi College, Oxford ; 
joined I.C.S. and arrived in India, 
1867 ; served in the N.W. Provin- 
ces where he began career as Assis- 
tant Magistrate and Collector ; 
rose to the position of District 
Judge, 1887 ; on special duty in 
Madras and Bombay, 1890-1 ; 
Member, Deccan Agriculturists' 
Relief Commission, 1891-2 ; Offg. 
Judicial Commissioner, Oudh, May 
to July, 1893 ; Commissioner and 
Agent, Benares, 1893; Commis- 
sioner, Agra, 1895 ; Secretary to 
Government, N.W.P, 1896 ; Mem- 
ber, Board of Revenue, 1898-1902; 
Member, Legislative Council of 
the N.W. Provinces and Oudh, 
1900 ; retired, 1902. Publications: 
Farukhabad and Agra Settlement 
Reports, etc. Address: Abedfoylc, 
Workingham. Cluh : Public 




Fagan, Lt. Co!. Christopher George 
Forbes, Iiidiim Army (retired); 
s. of late Major C.S. Fagan; b ; 
1856; cvZztc; at Harrow ; in. Florence 
Evelvu Jes.^ie, d. of late Surgeon- 
Major J.W.R. Amesbury, I.M.S.; 
joined Armv, 1875; served 
in the Afghan War. 1879-80 
(medal); served in various capaci- 
ties till 1880; transferred to the 
Police department as Assistant 
Superintendent, Punjali, 1S85 ; 
Assistant Resident, Hyderabad, 
1891 ; Assistant Political Agent 
and Consul, Bussorah, 1897 ; 
at Muscat, Kotah, and Alwar, 
1898, 1900, and 19U1 respectively ; 
Eastern States, Rajputana, 1904 ; 
retired, 1907. Address: Feltrim 
Lodge, Gerrards Cross, Bucks. 
Club : United Service. 

Fagan, Honble Patrick James, 

I.C.S., Punjab; educ ; at Blundell 
School, Tiverton and St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; joined service 
in the Punjab as Assistant Commis- 
sioner, 1887 ; Settlement Officer, 
Bikanir State, 189'2-3 ; Deputy 
Commissioner, Punjab, 189G ; 
Commissioner, 1910. Address: 
Lahore, Punjab, India. 

Faiyaz Ali Khan, Nawab Sir 
Mumtaz-ud-Dowlah Muhammed. 

{Sec Pahasu, Nawab of.) 

Fakr-ud-din Syed, Khan Bahadur ; 
:\Icmber, Legislative Council, 
Bihar and Orissa, Since 1913. 

Fanshawe, Sir Arthur Upton, K.C. 
I.E. (1903), C.S.I. (1896), C.V.O. 
(1906), I.C.S. (retired) ; s. of late 
Rev. J. F. Fanshawe ; b. 1848 ; 
educ ; at Repton ; joined the 
I.C.S. , Bengal, 1871 ; served in the 
Central Provinces up to 1881 in 
the capacity of acting Secretary to 
the Chief Commissioner Post 


master-General, Bombay, 1881 ; 
Offg. Secretary, Government of 
India, Finance and Commerce 
Department, 1888 ; Director- 
General of the Post Offices, India, 
1889-1906 ; Member, Royal Com- 
mission on Opium, 1.^9.3-95 ; re- 
tired, 1907. Address : 19, Hans 
jNIansions, Basil Street, S. W. 
Club : East India United Service. 

Fanshawe, Herbert Charles, C.S.I, 
(1900), F. R. A. S., F. R. H. S.. 
P.R.G.S., I.C.S. (retired); s. of 
Rev. John Faithfull Fanshawe ; b. 
1852 ; educ ; at Bedford, Tonbridge, 
and Repton ; joinei service, 1873 
as Assistant Commissioner in the 
Punjab ; Settlement Officer, Roh- 
tak ; special duty in Kashmir, 
1879 ; Junior Secretary to Punjab 
Government, 1888 ; Revenue 
Secretary, 1890 ; OSg Chief Secre- 
tary, 1895 ; Member, Legislative 
Council, Punjab, 1898-1901; Mem- 
ber, Supreme Legislative Council, 
1900 ; retired, 1901. Publications : 
Rohtak Settlement Report ; Pun- 
jab Famine Code ; Delhi, Past and 
Present ; Murray's Handbook of 
India; Memoirs of Lady Fanshavre. 
Address : 72, Phibeach Gardens, 
Earl's Court. Clubs : East India 
United Service, Savile. 

Faridkot, Raja of ; H.H. Farzand-i- 
Saadat-i-Nishan-i- Hazrat-i-Kai- 
ser-i-Hind Barar Bans Raja Brij 
Indar Singh ; b. 1896 ; succeeded 
to gaddi as a minor, 1906; claims 
descent from a family which help- 
ed the British in the Sikh wars as 
well as at the time of the Mutiny 
of 1857. For these and other 
services, the State was exempted 
from the services of ten horsemen 
which it had to provide. The 
Raja has been allowed the right of 
adoption. Is entitled to a salute 
of 11 guns. Address : Faridkot, 
Punjab, India. 



Faridoonji Jamshedji, (Nawab 
Faraidoon Jang Bahadur), C.I. 
E., (1903), Political Secretary, 
Hyderabad (D) ; e.s. of the late 
Dr. Jamsheciji ; 6. 1849 ; gained 
the esteem of the late Sir Salar 
Jang by the energy and ability 
■with which he conducted the Bom- 
baj' System of Survey in the State 
of Hyderabad ; appointed First 
Taluk'dar of Aurangabad, 1883 ; 
Survey Settlement Commis.=;ioner, 
1884 ; was Private Secretary to 
the late Sir Salar Jang, and his 
succesors ; was one of the two that 
represented the State of Hyderabad 
at the Parliamentary enquiry in 
connection with the Deccan Min- 
ing Scandal ; appointed Political 
Secretary to the Government of 
Hyderabad. Recreations : riding, 
and shooting. Address: Saifabad, 
Hyderabad (D), India. 

Pateh All Khan, Hon'ble Hajee Na- 
wab Kizilbash, CLE. (190-3); 
head of the clan of Kizilbash 
Muha.mmadans ; b, 1862 ; succeed- 
ed to headship of the clan, 
1896. During the time of the 
Chitral Expedition, he placed 
himself and his clan at the dis- 
posal of the Govt, of India and 
succeeded in inducing a large 
number of border tribes to be fri- 
endly to the British Government. 
For this service he was granted 
■2000 acres of land in the Chenab 
Canal Colony for settlement of 
his followers ; was a Member of 
the Legislative Council, Punjab; 
reperesentcd Punjab in the f^amine 
Conference, 1897 ; Life-President, 
Anjuman-i-Islamia , Lahore, and 
Imamia Association of the Punjab ; 
Counsellor, Aitchison Chief's 
College, Lahore; Fellow of the 
University of Punjab; Trustee, 
M.A.O , College, \ligarh; proceeded 
to England for the Coronation of 
late Emperor Edward VII. Ad- 
■dress : Lahore, India. 

Fateh Lai, Mehta, Udaipur ; b, 
1868 ; ed2(c ; at the Ajmere College ; 
joined service in Udaipur State ; 
officiated as Revenue Officer, etc, ; 
was instrumental in establishing 
a ^Memorial School to the Poet 
Babu Harish Chandra of Benares ; 

has written a book known as 'Guide 
to Udaipur' a copy of which was 
presented to King-Emperor while 
visiting Udaipur as Prince of 
Wales ; is Secretary of the 
Udaipur Sarvatara Dharma Sabha; 
Life-Member, Nagari Prachami 
Sabha of Benai'es. Address : 
Udaipur, Rajputana, India. 

Fatehpur, Nav/ab of, [see Ali 
Hiisain Klinn.) 

Fateh Singh, Raja of Pawayan, 

[see Pawayan, Raja, of.) 

Fatehsinhji Motisinhji. Shri Maha- 
rawal. Raja of Chpta Udaipur, 

{See CJiota Udaipur, Raja of.) in 
the appendix. 

Fatehsingh Shahji Raja Bhonsle, 

also known as Srimant Bapu Sahib 
Meherban. Raja of Akalkot (See 

Akalkot,Roja of; in the appendix.) 

FausboU, Michael Yiggo; s. of Rev. 

Christian NissenFausboll; b. 1821, 
in Jutland; ediic ; at ' a Latin 
Grammar School, Aarhus ; and at 
Copenhagen University ; studied 
Oriental languages under N. L. 
Westergaard (q.v.) ; University 
Gold Medallist, 1843 ; Assistant 
Librarian at the University 
Library, Copenhagen, 1871-78; 
Professor of Indian Philology and 
Sanskrit at that University, 1878- 
1902 ; IMembcr of Royal Danish 
Society of Sciences, 1876 ; Bopps 
Prizeman, 1888 ; Hon. M. R. A. S., 
1890; Commander of the Order of 
Dannebrog, and possessor of the 




Silver Cross of that Order ; found- 
ed the study df Pali in Europe, 
and is Kumaras the ''Father of Pali 
study". Publications: Dham- 
mapadani, 1855; the Suttanipata, 
1-2, 1885-94; the Jataka, 1-7, 1877- 
97 ; and An Indian Mythology 
according ' to the Mahabharata, 

Fazubhoy, Yisram ; See Visram 

Fawcett , Frederlck,DeputyInspector- 
Generalof Police, Madras (retired); 
b. 1853 ; joined service as Inspector 
of Police, 1878; Assistant Supdfc, 
of Police, 1879 ; Special Assistant 
Supdt. 188U ; on special duty 
for prosecuting an Inspector in 
Rajahmundry, from 28th October 
to '22nd December 1880 ; in charge 
of the Offiice of Superintendent, 
Kistna, 1883 ; Assistant Superin- 
tendent 1st grade (re-organisation), 
1892 ; Superintendent of Police 1893; 
Superintendent of Police, and 
Assistant with the Government of 
Madras, 1899 ; Superintendent, 
Railway Police, Madras, 1899 ; on 
special duty as ]\Iember of Police 
Commission, from 1st August 
1902 ; Acting Deputy Inspector- 
General of Police, 1903 ; again on 
special duty under the General 
Superintendent, Thagiand Dacoity, 
1908-05' confirmed as Deputy Ins- 
pector-General of Police, 1905 ; 
retired, 1912. Piiblicafions: articles 
in the journal of the Anthropologi- 
cal Institute ; Man ; Notes on some 
of the people of Malabar; Nayars of 
Malabar (included in Madras Govt. 
Museum Bulletins, vol. IIINos. 1 
and 3). Address: c/o India Ofhco, 

Fell, Godfrey Butler Hunter, C. I. 

E. (1909), Secretary to Govern- 
ment of Bi;rma ; b. 1872 ; educ : 
Eton ; and Magdalen College, Ox- 


ford ; joined service in Burma 
1894 ; Assistant Commissioner, 
1895 ; Personal Assistant to Chief 
Commissioner, 1897; Private Secre- 
tary to Lieutenant Governor, the 
same year; Under Secretary to 
Government, 1899 ; again Private 
Secretary to Lieutenant-Governor, 
1903; Deputy Secretary, Govern- 
ment of India (Home Deptt), 
190G-09 ; m. Janet Comilla, o. d. 
of General Sir D. Mc Leod ; 
Secretary to Government of 
Burma, since 1910. Address : 
Pegu, Rangoon, Burma, duds: 
East India United Service, 

Fenn, Col Ernest Harrold. C. I.E. 

(1894), Royal Army Medical Corps, 
(retired), s. of T. H. Fenn of Nay- 
land, Colchester ; b. 1850 ; educ ; 
Sherborne School ; Joined Army 
Medical Corps, 1875; served in 
Afghan War, 1879-80; accompani- 
ed Lord Roberts to Kandahar ; 
present at battle of Kandahar 
(despatches, medal and clasp, 
bronze star) ; joined Granadier 
Guards, 1881 ; Soudan Compaign, 
1885; accompanied Sir Mortimer 
Darand to Cabul, 1893 ; \Vas on th& 
Staff of Lord Lansdowne, Viceroy 
and Governor-General, India, 1881 
94 ; was on the Staff of Lord 
Curzon, India, 1898-1903 (Dur- 
bar medal) ; retired, 1907. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. Club : 
Naval and Military. 

Fenton, Honble Mr. Michael Wil- 
liam, C.S.I. K. C.S.I. (1914), B.A., 
I.C.S. ; Financial Commissioner, 
Punjab, since 1901: educ : Royal 
School, Armagh and Trinity 
College, Dublin ; joined Service, 
1883 as Assistant Commissioner ; 
Under Secretary to Government, 
1887 ; Senior Sec. to Financial 
Commissioner. 1892 ; Rev. Sec, 
189G; Deputy Commissioner, 1899 ; 



Chief Secretary to Government, 
1910 ; Financial Commissioner, 
1912. Publication: Punjab Muni- 
cipal Manual. Address : Lahore, 

Ferard, Henry Cecil, B.A. ; CLE. 
1898 ; Commissioner, Jhansi, U. 
P. ; b. Ascot, 18G4 • 3rd s. of late 
Chas. C. Ferard of Ascot Place, 
Winkfield, Berkshire ; educ : 
Eton ; University College, Oxford; 
entered I.e. S. 1885, and served in 
U.P. as Assistant Mag; and Collec- 
tor., and Assistant Commissioner ; 
Joint Mag, 1893 ; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, 1896 ; worked in the Indian 
Famine, 1897-98 ; Collector and 
Mag., Allahabad, 1898. Address: 
Muttra, U.P., India. Cdiib : East 
India United Service. 

Ferguson, Ian S. Manager and Co- 
Proprietor, Partner " Ceylon Obser- 
ver;" Editor, Ceylon Hand-book 
and Directory. Address; ' Bray- 
brooke Lodge", Slave Island 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

Ferguson, Ronald H., B.A. (Lon- 
don), M.C.B., B.A.S., F. R.C.I. , 
Proprietor and Editor, " Ceylovi 
Observer"; s. of late Mr. John Fer- 
guson, the great authority on Cey- 
lon matters. Honorary Corres- 
pondence Secretary, Royal Colo- 
nial Institute. Address : Turret 
Road, Colombo, Ceylon. 

before the Royal Public Services 
Commission, 1912; confirmed as 
District and Sessions .Judge, 1912. 
Address : Guntur, Madras Presy., 

Filgate, Thornly Richard, CLE., 

INIember of the Legislative Council, 
Behar and Orissa, since 1913. 

Filose, Lt. Col. Sir Michael, K. CLE. 

(1911), CLE. (1908), Chief Secre- 
tary, Gwalior since 1894 ; 
s. of Major Julien Filose ; 6. 
1836 ; educ ; London University 
College ; passed in Civil Engineer- 
ing and Architecture; made Captain 
when only 21 years of age by 
Junkarao Scindhia for distinguish- 
ed services rendered to the State of 
Gwalior by his fore-fathers ; accom- 
panied Jiageerao Maharaja Scindhia 
on retreat to Agra during the 
Mutiny of 1857 when his troops 
mutinied; Director of Public 
Instruction, Gwalior, 1863 ; desig- 
ned and built Jai Vilas Palace, 
Gwalior, 1872-74 ; constructed 
many other works, and dams for 
supply of water to Palace gardens; 
constructed Jai Mahal, Moti 
Mahal, Law Courts, Central Jail, 
carried out the first revenue survey 
of Malwa, 1879-81 ; was Governor 
of Malwa and was awarded 
Rs. 2,46,000, 1882; Lt.-CoL, 1891; 
is a Knight of the Order of St. 
Sylvester ; Address : Gwalior; 
Central India. Clubs: Alighar, 
Elgin, Gwalior. 

Fernandez, Joseph Custodius, B.A., 

M.L., District and Sessions Judge, 
Guntur; 6. 1864; passed B,A., 
1884; B.L., 1886; M.L„ 1891; 
entered service as District 
Munsiff, 1892; Ag. Sub-Judge, 
1901; confirmod,1904; District and 
Sessions Judge (subprotem) , 1912; 
selected to give evidence on behalf 
of the Provincial Judicial Service, 

Findlay, C. S., M. A., Legal Re- 
membrancer, Central Provinces, 
India ; educ ; Aberdeen and Edin- 
burgh Universities, and the 
University College, London ; joined 
service, 1898; Legal Remembr. 
ancer, and Secretary to Govern, 
ment (Legislative Department.)^ 
Central Provinces, since 1913' 
Address: Nagpur, C P., India. 




Findlay, Surg.-Maj. John, M. B. 

C. M., C. I. E. (1889) ; b. 1851; 
educ. ; Edinburgh University; 
joined Army Medical Staff, 1875 ; 
served in Afghan War and Burma 
Campaign; was on the staff of 
Governor of Bombay, 1881-85; 
on'the Staff of the Viceroy of India, 
1885-89, retired, 1890"! Recren- 
tions : shooting, golf. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. Club : 
Junior United Service. 

Finlay, James Fairbairn, ^Nf.A., 
C.S.I. (1896) ; I.C S. (Retd.) Snice 
1903; IMember of Council of India ; 
b. 185'2; m. 1885, d. of Col. Perroau,- 
educ. : Edinburgh Academy and 
University; entered I..C.S, 1875 ; 
came out to India, 1875 ; served 
chiefly in the Finance Depart- 
ment as Under Secretary to the 
Government of India; Accountant- 
General, Bengal and in the 
N.W.P. ; Deputy Secretary to the 
Government of India, 1889 ; 
Secretary, 1891-1906; Officiating 
Member of the Supreme Council, 
1902 ; Retd. May 1903. Address: 
Alverstoke, Guildford. 

Finn, Frank, B. A., Hon. F.Z.S.; 
b. Maidstone, 1868 ; e. s. of late 
F. Finn ; educ ; Maidstone 
Grammar School ; Braseuose 
College, Oxford; served in the 
Collecting Expedition to East 
Africa, 1892 ; First Assistant 
Superintendent, Indian Museum, 
Calcutta, 1894 ; Deputy-Superin- 
tendent, 1895-1903; " Editor, 
Avicultural Magazine. 1909. 
Publications : Fancy Waterfcwl; 
Birds of Calcutta; Indian Ducks ; 
Indian Waders ; Ornithological 
and Other Oddities; and many 
scientific papers, chiefly in the 
Journal of Asiatic Society. 
Address: Grindlay and Co., 54, 
Parliament Street, S. W. 

Finney, Stephen, CLE. ; Member, 
Indian Railway Board; s. of 


J. D. Finney of Old Charlton, 
Kent; b. 1852 ; educ; Clifton ; 
Cooper's Hill; joined service in 
P.W.D., 1874; Assisstant Engi- 
neer, 1874 ; Assisstant Manager, 
North Bengal State Ry., 1881; 
Dy. Manager, E. Bengal State 
Ry., 1889, Manager, 1892-99; 
North- Western Railway, India, 
1899-1907. Publications: a series 
of lectures on Railway Construc- 
tion and Working in Bengal. 
Club : United Service, Simla. 

Finnimore, Hon'ble Benjamin King- 
ton, A. M. I. C. E., Chairman, 
Improvement Trust, Calcutta ; 
joined service as Assistant Engi- 
neer, 1881; Under Secretary to 
Government (Railway Branch), 
1902 ; Superintending Engineer, 
1905; Chief Engineer, 1911; Chair- 
man, Calcutta Improvement Trust 
Board, in addition to his duties 
1918; has obtained Tibet War 
Medal. 1904. Address: Calcutta, 

Firminger, Yen'ble the Arch- 
deacon, Walter KM. A., F.R. 

G.S. ; Chaplain, H. M's Indian 
Establishment, Bengal ; 6. 1870,; 
y. s. of late Rev. T. A. C. 
Firminger; educ: Lancing and 
Bury St. Edmunds ; Merton 
Coll, Oxford ; Ordained deacon 
at Hereford, 1893 ; Priest in 
Mombasa, 1895 ; Subdean of 
Zanzibar, 1896; Editor, Indian 
Churchman, 1900-5; Publications: 
The Attitude of the Church of 
England to Non-Episcopal Ordina- 
tions ; various essays on Zanzibar 
and Kashmir in British Empire 
Series; Guide to Calcutta ; History 
of Free Masonry in Bengal ; 
Editor of Bengal, Past and 
Present ; Original Letters of 
Mrs. Pay from India ; Genuine 
Letters of Asiaticus; Diaries 
of the Three Surgeons of 
Patna; Narratives of a Gentle 



man long resident in India. 
Address: Calcutta; c/o Grindlay & 
Co., 5-1, Parliament Street, S.'W. 
Clubs : Roj'al Societies ; Bengal 
United Service. 

Fischer. Francis Norton, B.A. 

L.L.B. I.C.S., Member Legis- 
lative Council, Bihar and Orissa. 
since 1913 ; ediic ; at Fettes Coll; 
Edinbrugh, and Clare Coll., Cam- 
bridge ; joined the I.C.S. 1S8'J 
served in Bengal as Assistant Magis- 
trate and Collector, etc., until 
transferred to Bihar and Orissa. 
1912. Address: Psitna.. 

Fisher, Frederic Henry, B.A. I.C.S. 
(Retd.;; b. London, 1849; e. G,. 
of late Rev. F.W. Fisher ; educ.; 
Boston CTrammar School; and 
London University; entered 
I.C.S., 1868; served in N. W. 
Provs.; Small Cause Court Judge 
of Dehra Dun, 1874 ; Officiating 
Sessions Judge, Caharanpur, 1881; 
editor of North-Western Provinces 
Gazetteer, 1881-83 ; editor. 

Literary world ; retired, 1885. 
called to Bar. Middle Temple, 
1885. Piibliations : yprus. Cour 
New Colony and What we know 
about it; Afghanistan and the 
Central Asian Question. Address : 
Westover Cobhan Road, Westcliff- 
on-Sea, Essex. Clubs : National 

'Pi'sher, Thomas, Superintendent, 
Government Press, iNIadras : b. 
1803 ; joined service as Deputy 
Superintendent, Govt. Press; 1889; 
became Superindcndent, 1904. 
Address ; ' Mint Buildings,' 
Madras, India. 

Fitzpatrick, Sir Dennis, K.C.S.I., 
1890; late Lient.-Gov. of 
Punjab ; and afterwards IMember 
of Council of India, 1897 ; b. 1837; 
m. 1862, Mary, d. of Col. H. Bullcr; 
edxic: Trinity College, DuV)lin; 
Barr. Inner Temple, 1872; 

was Resident at Hyderabad, and 
Secretary to the Government of 
India; Judge of the Chief Court of 
the Punjab, and Chief Commis- 
sioner of Assam and of the Central 
Provinces ; Member, Public 
Services Commission; Acting Resi- 
dent at Mysore, 1877; Lieutenant 
Governor of the Punjab 1892-7 ; 
Member, of the Council of India, 
1897. Address : 2, Queen's 
Gate Gardens, S.W. 

Fitzgerald, Percy Sevmour Yesey, 

C.S.I. 190G ; Bombay Pol. Dept. 
(Retd.); joined Service in 
Rev. Survey, 1871 ; Assistant 
Political Agent, Kathiawar, 1874; 
Kolhapur; 1884; Mahi Kantha, 
1875 ; Kathiawar, 1877 ; Baroda, 
1878 ; Kathiawar, 1879 ; Adminis- 
trator, Gondal State, 1881 : Ad- 
ministrator, Sangli State, 1883; 
Assistant Political Agent, Kolha- 
pur, 1884 ; Kathiawar, 1885 ; 
Aden, 1890 ; Political Agent, 
Sawantwadi, 1893 ; INIahi Kantha, 
1894 ; Cutch, 1895 ; Palanpur, 
1898 : Mahi Kantha. 1901 ; 
Kathiawar, 1906 ; retired, 1910. 
Address : c/o India Office, Lnodon. 
Clubs : Carlton, East India United 

Fleet, John Faithful, CLE. (1884), 
Ph., D., late I.C.S.; s. of John 
George Fleet ; b. 1847 ; educ : 
^lerchant Taylor's School, and 
University College, London ; 
joined I.C.S., 1867; served in 
various capacities including that 
of Epigraph ist to Government 
of India till 1883; Senior Collector, 
Magistrate, and Political Agent, 
Sholapur, 1886-1889; Ag. Commis- 
sioner, 1891 ; Commissioner of 
Customs, Bombay, 1893; Commis- 
sioner, Southern Division, Bombay, 
1894-97 ; retired, 1897. Publica- 
tions : Inscriptions of the Early 
Gupta Kings ; contributions to Vol. 
III. Corpus Inscriptionum Indica- 




rum ; Dynasties of the Kanavese 
Districts ; Indian Epigraijhy 
(Imperial Gazetteer of India, 
new Edition) ; numerous contri- 
Initions on ancient history 
and antiquities of India in the 
Indian Antiquary, the Epigraphica 
Indica, the Journal of the Royal 
Asiatic Society, Archselogical 
Reports of W. India, and other 
Journals. Address : 8, Leopold 
Road, Ealing Common, 'V. Clul) : 
East India United Service. 

Fletcher, Hon'ble Mr. Justice 
Ernest Edward, B.A., Judge, 
High Court, Calcutta since 1907 ; 
e. surviving s. of late Horatio 
Fletcher ; b. 1869 i educ ; Queen's 
College. Oxford ; Called to Bar 
(Lincolin's Inn), 1892; m. Mil- 
licent Valentine e. d. of Horace 
Waddington of Gadalming, 1899. 
Address : Calcutta, India. Clubs : 
United University ; Bengal, 

Forbes, Sir George Stuart, M.A., 
F.R.A.S., K.C.S.I, (1909), C.S.I. 
(1904), I.C.S. (retired); b. 1851; 
cd^ic; Aberdeen University ; entered 
I.C.S. Madras, as Assistant Collec- 
tor and Magistrate, 1872; Under 
Secretary to Government, 1880; 
services placed at the disposal of 
the Government of India (Home 
Deptt.), 1883-4; Offg. Undersecre- 
tary (Foreign Deptt.) Govt, of 
India, 1884-88; on special duty; 
First Political Assistant to Resi- 
dent at Hyderabad, and Secretary 
for Berar, 1898; reverted to 
i\ladras Service and posted as 
Collector and IMagistrate, 1891; 
Ag. Secretary, Government of 
Madras, 1895; Addl. Member, 
Madras Legislative Council, 1897; 
Chief Secretary, Madras Govt., 
1902; Temporary TMeinber of 
Council, Madras, 1903, and 190G; 
confirmed, 1906; retired, 1909; 


Coronation Durbar medal, 1903 ; 
Address : Hurmere, Gray Shott. 
Clubs : Welligton, Ranelagh. 

Forbes, Arthur, C.S.L (1895), I.C. 
S. (Retd.); b. 1843; s. of Rev. E. 
Forbes, D.D.; educ; at Sedburgh 
and St. Johns College, Cambridge; 
steered the Cambridge Eighth 
against Oxford, 1866 and 1867; 
joined I.C.S. in Bengal, 1867 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, Assam, 
1875; Commissioner of Excise, 
Bengal, 1890 : Oflficiating Commis- 
sioner of Decca, 1891 ; of Patna, 
1892-6; of Chota Nagpur, 1896- 
1902 : retired, 1902. Address : 
Yaldhurst, Lymington, Hants. 

Forbes, Arthur Trevor, I.C.S., 
Madras ; Resident for Travancore 
and Cochin since 1910. 

educ : Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge ; joined service as Assis- 
tant Collector, Jlagistrate, and 
Agent to Governor, 1887; Collector 
and INIagistrate, 1895 ; Postmaster- 
General. Bengal, 1897-1901 ; Dis- 
trict and Sessions Judge, 1904 ; 
Address : Trivandram, Travancore 
State, S. India. 

Forrest, George William, CLE., 
(1899), F.R.G.S; F.R.M.S.; b. 
1846; s. of Capt. George Forrest, 
V. C. ; edvc : at St. John's College, 
Cambridge ; apj)ointed to Bombay 
. Educational Department, 1872 i 
Census Commissioner, Bombay, 
1882 ; on special duty in connection 
with Bombay Records, 1884-8; 
Professor of English History, 
Elphinstone College, 1887 ; Direc- 
tor, Bombay Records, 1888; Assist- 
ant Secretary, Government of India; 
Director, Government of India 
Records, 1894-1900. Publications: 
"The Deforestation of India" in 
the "Bombay Gazette;" Selections 
from State Papers preserved in the 
Bombay Secretariat; The adminis- 
tration of Warren Hastings ; Th& 



Administration of Jjord Lans- 
downe; Seapoy Generals ; Cities of 
India ; History of the Indian 
Mutiny ; Life of Sir Neville Cham- 
berlain ; Life of Lord Roberts. 
Address : Iffley Turn, Oxford. 

Foster, William, B. A. ; Registrar 
and Superintendent of Records, 
India Office, since 1907 ; b. 1863 ; 
s. of William Foster, retired 
I. C. S. ; educ ; Cooper's 
Grammar School ; London Univer- 
sity ; joined service in India 
Office, i8S-2 ; editor, India Office 
List, 1891-95 ; Hon. Secretary, 
Hakluyt Society, 1893-1902. Pub- 
lications : The Founding of Fort 
St. George, Madras ; A Catalogue 
of the India Office Pictures ; The 
English Factories in India, 1618- 
33 (5 vols, now published); The 
Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to 
the Court of the great Mogul; 
The Journal of John Jourdain ; 
Letters received by the East India 
Company ; (4 vols.) The first 
Letterbook of the East India 
Company; Relics of the East 
India Company. Address : India 
Office, London. Club: Royal 

Poulkes, Lieutenant — Colonel T.H.. 

F.R.C.S., L.M.S., M.R.C.P., Dur- 
bar Physician and Surgeon, My- 
sore ; b. 1870 ; joined Mysore 
service, 1912. Address : I\rysorG, 

Fox, Sir Charles Edmund, Kt (1907), 
Chief Judge, Chief Court, Burma ; 
.s. of late John Fox, merchant, 
St John's, Newfoundland ; educ; 
Prior Park College, Bath ; called 
to Bar (INIiddle Temple), 1877; m. 
Ethel Mary, e. d. of Sir Chai'les 
Parry Hobhouse, 3rd Bart ; Go- 
vernment Advocate, Burma, 1884- 
1900 ; Judge, Chief Court, 1900 ; 
Chief Judge, 1906. Address: 

Rangoon, Burma; Bigsweir House, 
St. Briavels, Glowcestershire. 
Club : East India United Service. 

Framji Jahanghir Dasabhai, Bar- 

at-Law, I.S.C. (1911), Customs De- 
partment, Bombay ; was Special 
Collector under the Land Acquisi- 
tion Act; Collector of Customs, 
Sind ; Shipping Master, Karachi, 
1900 ; was on deputation in 
Bombay ; is a Justice of the Peace ; 
IMember, City Improvement Trust, 
Bombay. Address: Bombay, India. 

Francis, Walter, I.C.S., Secretary 
to Government of Madras, (Revenue 
Department.); joined service, as 
Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 
1890 ; acted in various capacities 
including that of the Superinten- 
dant of Census Operations, 1900; 
Superintendent of Gazetteer Revi- 
sion, 1902 ; became Collector and 
Magistrate, 2nd class, and served 
in Anantapur, Tinnevelly and 
Malabar districts. Publications: 
Gazetteers of Bellary, Anantapur, 
South Arcot, ]\Iadura, Vizaga- 
pata,m, and Nilgiris. Address: 
Sladras Club, IMadras, India. 

Eraser, Sir Andrew Henderson 
Leith, U.A., L.I-.D., K.CS.L, 
(1893), C.S.I. (1897); b. 1848; 
e. s. of Rev. A. G. Eraser, D. D ; 
m. 1st, Agnes (d. 1877); 2nd, 1883, 
Henrietta, d. of Col. H. I. Lugard, 
I.S.C; educ; Edinburgh Academy 
Institution, and University; joined 
I.C.S.; Member, Hemp Drugs 
Commission, 1893-94; Officiating 
Secretary to Government of India 
(HomeDeparment), 1898-99; Chief 
Commissioner, Central Provinces, 
1899 ; Lt.-Gov. of Bengal, 1903-8; 
President, Police Commission, 
1902; Recreation : golf. Address : 
Auchenleish, Glenisla, Alvth, 
N.B., 22, Heriot Row, Edinburgh. 
Club : University, Edinburgh. 




Fraser, Hon'ble Sir Hugh, Kt. 

(1911), Partner. ^Messrs Gordon, 
Woodrofie & Co., Madras ; Chair- 
man, Chamber of Commerce. 
Madras; Director, Bank of Madras; 
Additional Member, Legislative 
Council, ^ladras, since 1911 ; 
appointed Sheriff of Madras for the 
year 1915, December 1914; has 
been actively connected with the 
trade of Madras for many years. 
Address : Napier's Gardens, 
Chetput, Madras, India. 

Fraser, J. D., I. C. S., Burma; 
educ; Christ's Hospital School, and 
Queen's College, Oxford ; joined 
service, 1889 ; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, 1903 ; Commissioner, 
Magwe Division since 1913. Ad- 
dress: Magwe, Burma. 

Frazer, R.W., L.L.B., C.S., I.C.S. 

(retired) ; b. Dublin, 1854 ; cdiic : 
Royal College of Science, Dublin 
University : joined service and 
was in charge of the disturbed 
tracts in the time of the 
Rumpa rebellion ; invalided owing 
to fever contracted there: Lecturer, 
University Extention on Indian 
Architecture ; Telugu and Tamil 
Lecturer, University College, 
London ; Principle Librarian and 
Secretary, London Institution. 
Publications : Siren Gods and Sun- 
steeped lands ; British India, Story 
of Nations Series ; A Literary 
History of India ; Text-Book of 
Indian History (League of the 
Empire.) Address : London In- 
stitution, Finsbury Circus. 

Frazer, Robert Watson, B.A., 

L.L.D., M.R.I. A,, Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, Madras; 
educ. ; Trinity College, Dublin, 
(Associate in Engr. R.C.S.I.) ; 
entered service, 1877 ; Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, Ganjam, 
1877 ; Justice of the Peace, 1879 ; 
employed in the Parlakimidi Es- 


tate, 1881; Engineer and Manager, 
Parlakimidi, lUth January to 21st 
February, 1882; Acting" Deputy 
Director of Revenue Settlement 
in charge of No. II Partv, N. Arcot, 
from 20th June 1884 ; Special 
Assistant to the Collector, N. Arcot, 
for Settlement purposes, 20th June 
1884 ; retired, 1886. Address : 
c/o India Ofifice, London, 

Fraser, Stuart Milford, C.S.I. , 

(J.l.E., I.C.S. Resident, Hydera- 
bad ; ,s. of late Denholm Fraser 
of Tiverton; b. at Devon, 1804 ; 
ediic. ; Clundell's Cchool and at 
Balliol College, Oxford ; m. Con- 
stance, d. of Col. Edwin 
Maude, 1888; entered I.C.S. as 
Asisstant Collector of Bombay, 
1882 ; Tutor and Guardian to 
the Raja of Kolhapur, 1889- 
1894 ,- Tutor and Guardian to 
the Maharaja of Mysore, 1896- 
02 ; Deputy Secretarv to Govt, of 
India, Foreign Deptt., 1904-05 ; 
British Commr. to negotiate with 
China re Anglo-Tibetan Agree- 
ment ; Resident, Mysore , 1906 ; 
Resident, Kashmir ; Address : 
Secundrabad, (D.), India. 

Freyer, Lt. Col. P. Johnston, IM.A., 
M.D., M.Ch., and L.M., I. M.S., 
(retired) ; educ ; Erasmus Smith's 
College, Galway ; Royal Univer- 
sity, Ireland ; Steeven's Hospital, 
Dublin ; and Paris ; obtained 1st 
place in the open competition for 
I. M.S.. 1875; served in the Military 
for some time; transferred to India 
in N. W. Provinces ; was Civil 
Surgeon, at Moradabad, Bareilly, 
and other places ; Surgeon, Prince 
of Wales' Hospital, Benares ; was 
Medical Officer to Lieutenant 
Governor of N. W. Provinces ; 
also Medical Officer to H. H. the 
late Nawab of Rampur, who pre- 
sented him with a honorarium of 
£ 10,000 ; selected by the Govt, of 
India as their Delegate at the 



Tntcrnational ^ledical and Surgical 
Congress, Rome, 1894 ; won Arnott 
^^emorial Medal, 1904 ; retired 
from service and is now practising 
as Consulting Surgeon. Publica- 
tinns : The IModern Treatment of 
Stone in the Bladder ; Clinical 
Lectures on stricture of the 
Urethra and Hypertrophy of the 
Prostrate ; Total Extirpation of 
the Prostrate for Enlargement of 
that organ. Becrentions : shooting 
and fishing. Address . 27, Harley 
street. Cavendish Square, W. 
Cliib.s : E^ast India United Service, 
Junior*Naval and Military. 

Frizelle. Sir Joseph, Kt., 1899; b. 
1841 ; educ : IHmgannow ; Trinity 
College, Dublin ; entered I.C.S. 
(Punjab), 186-3 ; Assistant Magis- 
trate and Collector, N.W.P., 1864; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1877 * 
Divisional Judge, 1884 ; Judge, 
Chief Court, Punjab, 1889-98 ; 
Chief Judge, 1898; retired, same 
year. Address : St. Helier, Jersey. 

Fryer, Sir Frederick William 

Richards, I.C.S., K.C.2.1. (1895) ; 
b. 1845 s. of F.W. Fryer ; entered 
I.C.S. in Bengal, 1864; called to the 
Car (IMiddle Temple), 1880 ; Com- 
missioner, Central Division, Upper 
Burma, 188G ; Financial Commis- 
sioner, Burma, 1888 ; Acting Chief 
Commissioner, Burma, 1892-4 ; 
Officiating I'inancial Commis- 
sioner, Punjab ; Additional ]\Iem- 
l)er. Imperial I^egislative Council, 
1894-5 ; Lieutenant Governoi-, 
Burma-, 1897-1903. Address: 23, 
I'Uvaston Place, S. W. 

Fuller, Sir Joseph Bampfylde, 

K.C-S.I. (1906), C.K.I. (li)02), 
CLE. (1892), I.C.S. (retired); s. of 
Rev. J. Fuller, late Vicar, Rams- 
dale, Hants; 6, 1854; edtic; Marlbo- 
rongli College ; m. 1st, Maria 
Caldwell {d. 1880), and 2nd, Sarat 
Augusta, d. of Arthur W. Crit- 
chlcy, 1883 ; Commissioner of 

Settlement and Agriculture, C.P. 
1885 ; Additional Member, Imperi- 
al Legislative Council, 1889; Secre- 
tarv to the Government of India, 
Rev and Agri Deptts, 1901-02; Chief 
Coiaimissioner, Assam, 1902-05 ; 
selected as the Lieutenant-Gover- 
nor. E.B. & A,, 1905; retired, 
1906 ; is a frequent contributor to 
the ' 19th Century and After' and 
other periodicals. Address : The 
Hermitage, Winchester. Clubs : 
East India United Service, Savile. 

Fulton, Sir Edmund McGilidowny 
Hope, Kl. (1907), C.S.I. (1904), 
IMemlier of Council, Bombaj^ ; s. 
of J.W. Fulton, Lisburn ; b, 1848; 
educ; at Rugby ; joined I.C.S. in 
Boml)ay, 1869; held various subor- 
dinate posts in various parts 
of the presidency ; 7h., Cornelia 
Emily (d. 1900), o. d. of Sir 
M. R. Westropp, former Chief 
Justice, Bombay; became Judge, 
High Court, Bombay, 1897; retir- 
ed, 1907. Address : Elmhurst, 
Cheltenham. Club : East India 
United Service. 


Gabriel, Edmund Vivian, B. A., 

(Camb), C.V.O., (1906), C.S.I. , 
(1911), Nagpur; b. 1875; edtic; 
Emmanual College, Cambridge ; 
joined I.C.S.. 1897; Assistant 
Secretary, Foreign Department, 
1903 ; Under-Secretary, 1905 ; Re- 
sident, Western Rajputana, 1908 ; 
Secretary, N.W-F. Administra- 
tion, 1909 ; First Assistant to 
Agent to Governor-General in Cen- 
tral India, 1911 : is a Justice of 
the Peace, and Fellow of C.S.; 
Knight of the Grace of the Order 
of St. John of Jerusalem ; IMajor, 
R. M. R., Volunteers. Address : 
Nagpur, Central India. 

Gage, Andrew Thomas, 1\I.A., B. Sc, 
]\1.B., F.Ii.S.; I,M.S,; Direc- 
tor, Botanical Survey of India; 
h. 1871; ,s. of Robert Gage; vi. Jean 




Sturt Bruce, Kildrummy ; ednc ; 
Grammer School, Old Aberdeen ; 
joined service as Assistant to Pro- 
fessor of Botany, University 
of Aberdeen. 1894-96 ; transferred 
to Indian Medical Service, 1897 ; 
Curator of the Herbarium, Cal- 
cutta Botanic Gardens, 1898 ; 
Superintendent, Royal Botanic 
Gardens, Calcutta, 1906 ; is now 
Director of Botanical Survey, 
India, Publications : various tech- 
nical papers on botanical subjects. 
Recreation : motoring. Address : 
Royal Botanic Gardens, Calcutta, 
India. Club : Bengal United 

Gait, Edward Albert, C, I.E., (1907), 
I. C. S., Census Commissioner for 
India ; s. of late John James 
Gait ; b. 1863 ; cdiic; Univer- 
sity College, London ; entered 
service, 1882 ; acted in various 
places and in various capacities, 
and became Superintendent of 
Census Operations, As^am, 1892 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1892; 
Director, Land Records and 
Agriculture, 1893; Secretary, 
1896 ; Collector and IMagistrate, 
1897; Provincial Supttd of Census, 
Bengal, 1900 ; Census Commis- 
sioner for India, 1902 ; Deputy 
Commissioner, 1904 ; Financial 
Secretary to Govt, of Bengal, and 
Member of Council of Liet. -Gover- 
nor, 1905 ; Commissioner, Chota 
Nagpur, 1906 ; Chief Secretary to 
Cover, iment, Bengal, 1907 ; Census 
Commissioner for India, 1909 ; 
Address : Yates Place, Simla, 
India ; Club : East India Unted 

Gaitskull, A; I. C. S, Ccmmissicner, 
Tennaserim Division ; appointed 
1918. ednc ; at Cheltenham 
and New College, Oxford ; appoint- 
ed to Burma service, 1889 ; 
Director, Land Records and Agri- 
culture, 1899 ; Address, Tenna- 
serim, Burma. 


Gajjar, T. M. A., B. Sc. C. F. 

C. S., &c., b. at Surat, 1862; 
first class honours in Science; first 
came to public notice by suc- 
cessfully removing pitch from the 
Victoria statue at Bombay, and 
v/on a prize of Rs. 2oOO, 1897 ; 
joined Baroda service and started 
Kalabhavan (Technical school) 
there, on the Zurich Charlotten- 
burg model ; put the dyeing 
industry in India on a scientific 
basis ; supplied trained students 
for working dyeing factories in 
Bombay and i\Iadura ; has experi- 
mented largely in oils and has 
been instrumental in opening oil 
mills at Ahmedabad, Broach, 
Surat, and other places ; joined 
Wilson College, Bombay, as 
Professor of Chemistry; is a pioneer 
of Chemical and Technical indus- 
tries in Western India ; Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Gajja Ma!, Rai Sahib, I. S. 0. 
(1910) Headclerk and Superinten- 
dent, Khyber Agency; b, 1857; 
educ ; Church Mission School, 
Peshawar ; belongs to a Kapur 
Khatri family of Peshawar ; joined 
Khyber Agency asHead clerk, 1880; 
accompanied the Khyber Force in 
the 2nd Afghan Campaign ; active 
service in Tirrah Expedition, 
1897—1898; present at Khyber 
during the disturbance of 1908 ; 
for the Tirrah Expedition received 
apensionof Es.50 permensum, two 
clasps, a khilat and a medal ; 
Rai Saheb, 1910 ; owns property 
in Peshawar city. Address : Pesha- 
war, India. 

Galbraith. A. N.. I. C. S., Pri- 
vate Secretary to H. E. the Gover- 
nor of Ceylon; Address: Govern- 
ment House, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Gallctti di Cadilhac. Arthur Mario 
Agricola Collier, I. C. S., Under 
Secretarv to Government, Madras ; 



educ ; Emmanuel College, Cam- 
bridge : joined Service, 1900 ; 
Assistant Collector, District Magis- 
trate and Government Agent, 
Godavari, 1901 ; in charge of 
Depty Collector's office. Agency 
Division, May to August 1902; 
Head Assistant Collector and 
IMagistrate, from June 1902 ; 
Ag. Assistant Secretary to 
Government, 1903; Ag. Under 
Secretar}^ to Government, Revenue 
■Department 1905; confirmed, 1906; 
French Translator to Government 
from 15 April 1909; services placed 
at the disposal of the Government 
of India, Home, for 
Legislative training, from 4th 
April to Cth November 1903; 
Publications : Translation of 
K.Vircsalingam's"yinodya Tarin- 
gini" ; The Madras Lunacy 
Manual for Jlagistrates ; The 
Madras Ecclesiastical Manual ; 
The Government Dutch. Record 
Series ; the Dutch in ]\Iala- 

Gallwey. Surgeon- General Sir 
Thomas Joseph, M.lJ., M. Ch., 
K.C. M.G. (1900) C.B. (1896) 
Army Medical Staff ; 4th s. of late 
Henry Gallwey J, P., Tramore, 
Waterford ; b. 1852 ; cudc; Stony- 
hurst, and Royal University, 
Ireland; joined Army ]Medical 
Deptt, 1874 ; specially made 
Surgcon-lMajor, 1S85 ; became 
Colonel, 189S ; Afghan War, Ali 
Musjid (medal with clasp), etc ; 
Egyptian Expedition induing 
Kassnssin and Tcl-el-Kebir (medal 
with clasp, Khedive's Star) ; Sou- 
dan Expedition, 1884-85; P.M. 
O., India, 1902-00; P. M. O., 
Aldershot 1900-11 ; retired, 
1911 ; holds 3rd class Medjedie, 
1895. Recrentio7is : racquets, 
billiards, Ci'icket, polo, shooting, 
racing. Club : junior United 

Galtrey, Albert Sidney; b. Scar- 
borough 1878 ; Commenced life as 
a journalist and was successively 
on the Staff of the Leeds Daily 
News and Leeds Mercury ; editor 
of the Indian Sporting Times. 
Bombay, 1901 ; was connected 
with the Times of India ;becanie 
intimately associated with racing 
and polo in India ; was a member 
of the Bombay Light Horse Corps; 
left for England where he became 
assist, editor and dramatic critic 
of The Sportsman, 1905; now 
special sporting correspondent of 
the Daily Telegraph ; contributor 
to Fry's Magazine, The Tatler, etc. 
is a well-known authority on polo. 
Address: Daily Telegraph, Fleet 
Street, E.C. 

Gamble, James, Sykes,C.I.E. (1899), 
F.R.S., F.L.S., Indian Forest 
Service (retired); b. 1847; s. of 
Harpur Gamble, M.D.; educ : at 
Royal Naval School, New Cross ; 
Magdalen College, Oxford; and at 
Nancy, France; m. Girtrude, d. of 
late Rev. A.S. Slater, Norfolk, 
1911; entered Indian Forest Depart- 
ment, 1871 ; rose to be Conserva- 
tor of Forests, N.W.P. ; Director 
of Imperial Forest Schools, Dehra 
Dun, 1890-1899; Publications: 
A Iilanual of Indian Timbers; 
The Bamboos of British 
India, 1885 ; Address : High- 
field, East Lyss, Hants. Club : 

Gamble, R.A., I.C.S. Delhi ; 
joined Service, 1883 ; Assistant 
and Deputy Accountant-General 
for a few years ; Under Secretary 
to the Government of India, Fin- 
ance Department, 1890 to 1895 ; 
acted as Deputy Secretary to 
Government for a short period ; 
Accountant-General, United Pro- 
vinces, 189G-05 ; Commissioner, 




North India Salt Revenue, 1905- 
1914 ; Controller and Auditor- 
General, India, Octr. 1914. Ad- 
dress : Delhi, India. 

Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand. 

Bar-at-Law; belongs to an ancient 
Bania family of Kathiawar; b. 
1869; his father was Diwan of 
I'orbandor andhi.s ancestors were 
holding responsible positions in 
Rajkot and other States of Kathia- 
war; educ ; in Kathiawar; pro- 
ceeded to England, and joined the 
Inner Temple and was called to 
the Bar ; returned to India and 
enrolled himself as Advocate of the 
Bombay High Court; went over to 
South Africa in connection with 
an Indian case of some difficulty, 
and has since remained there 
making common cause with the 
rest of his countrymen in South 
Africa; returned to India as repre- 
sentative of Indian settlers in South 
Africa, to represent their grievances 
to the people of India, 1895; formed 
an Indian Ambulance Corps and 
did splendid service to the British 
in the Boer War; in company with 
some other friends, he started the 
Transvaal British Indian Assn. of 
which he is the Hony Secretary 
and Legal adviser; has started (in 
conjunction with his friends) the 
"Indian Opinion "under the editor- 
' ship of the late Mr. M. H. Nazar; 
applied himself to the work of 
l)ringing Hindus and IMuhamma- 
dans to work in unison, and has 
made them realise their duty to 
their comman country. Address: 
Johanesburgh, South Africa. 

Ganga Prasad, F.J.S., Rai Sahib, 
Pleader, ]\lainpuri ; s. of Rai 
Durga Prasad Sahai of Etawah; b, 
1857 ; ednc ; Etawah High School, 
and Agra College ; Honorary 
ManagingDirector, District Co- 
operative Bank, Mainpuri ; Rai 
Sahib, !!911. Publication: A few 


Thcosophical works. 
Mainjniri, U.P, India. 


Gangadhar Sastri, CLE. (1903), 
]\Iahaniahopadhyaya(1887), Bena- 
res; b, 1853; cdwc; Sanskrit College, 
Benares ; was for thirty years- 
Professor of Literature in that 
(,'ollege. Publication; '' Shaswal 
D li a m a Dipika". Address : 
Ghasi Tola, Benares, U.P., India. 

Ganpat Rai, Divan, CLE. (1892); 
b. 1855 : edicc ; at the Dera ImaiL 
Khan High School, and Lahore 
Collegiate School ; belongs to a 
Kshatriya family of Dera Ghazi 
Khan ; entered Government ser- 
vice, 1874: was Native Assistant tO' 
Captain (afterwards Sir Robert) 
Sandeman when he was Deputy 
Commissioner ; accompanied him 
on his mission to Kalat. etc. ; 
title of Diwan is personal. Ad- 
dress : Sibi. Baluchistan. 

Ganpat SadashivRao, ■M.A., L.L.B. 
Public Prosecutor and Govt. 
Pleader, Bombay ; acted as 
Additional Judge, High Court, 
Bomljay. Address: 'Boraha.y, India. 

Ganpat Singh. Rai Bahadur; belongs 
to the Khichi Chanhan clan ; s. 
of Dhanpat Singh; b. 1804.; estate 
covei's an area of 400 square miles; 
and is situated in the districts of 
Bhagalpur, Purneah, Malda, 
Sonthal Parganas, Birbhum and 
Murshidabad; population, 130, 000; 
Rai Bahadur, 1898. Address : 
Harawat, Bhagalpur; Aziniganj, 
Murshidabad ; 37, Canning St., 
Calcutta, India. 

Gaselee, General Sir Alfred, 

(;. CLE (1900), G.C.B. (1909); 
b, 1844 : s. of late Rev. John 
( iaselee ; entered Indian Army, 
1863 ; served in Abyssinian 
expedition, 1868 ; Bizoti expedi- 
tion, 1869 ; Jowaki Afrid expedi- 
tion, 1877-8 ; Afghan war, 1878- 



80; Zhob Valley, 1884; 

Tliizara, 1891 ; Isaza, 1892 ; 
became Colonel, 1893; Wazi- 
ristan, 1894-5 ; Tirah expedi- 
tion, commanding 2nd Brigade, 
1897-8; Officiating Q. M. G., 
India, 1898 ; Brig-General, N.W. 
Frontier. 1898 ; commanding 2nd 
class District, 1898-1901 ; com- 
manded British Forces iv China, 
1900; ]Maj-Genl, 1901; General 
Officer, commanding N. Army, 
1907-08; retired, 1908. Address: 24, 
^loore Street, Leunon Gardens, 
S.W. Chih : Army and Navy. 

Gatacre, Major-General Sir John, 

C. P. (1887), K. C. C. (1907), 
Colonel, 12:-5rd. Outram's Rifles ; 
2nd s. of late Edward Lloyd 
Gatacre of Gatacre, Shrop- 
shire ; b. Shropshire, 1841; 
joined service as Ensign, Bom- • 
bay Army, 1857 ; appointed to 
Bombay S. C, 18G6 ; posted to 
23rd Regiment, Bombay N. L. I. 
(now rilles), 1857 ; command of 
Nagpur District with rank of 

Brigadier-General, 1891-96 ; Major 
General, 1897 ; Indian Mutinv. 

1858; China war (medal), 1860; 

operations in Okhamundel, 18G."/- 

68 ; Afghan War, 1879-80 (medal); 

IJurmese Expedition ; 1886-88 

(despatches twice, medal with 2 

clasps). Recreation : shooting. 

Address : 83. Bury Street, St. 

James, S. W. Club : Naval and 


Gates, Sir Frank Campbell, KC. 

I.E., C.S.I. (1906), I.C.S.;Bar-at- 
Ij-.wv ; Chief Collector of Customs : 
ediic ; at Cheltenham and 
Balliol College, Oxford ; is a 
native of Groydox ; was almost 
exclusively employed in Burma 
and filled several posts of 
importance including that of 
Financial Commissioner and Chief 
Customs Authority ; was also in 

the Burma Legislative Council '- 
and was an Addl member of the 
Supreme legislature, 1910. 

Geddes, Lt. Col. Robert James 

M.B., D.S.O. (1900), R.A.M.C. ; 
b. 1858 ; 1/;. 907. Christina Go- 
wans, d of late J. Whyte, Helens- 
burgh ; edtic ; (xlasgow University; 
joined service in the Army, 1884 ; 
served in Burmah. 1885-88 (medal, 
2 clasps) ; Chin-Lushai (clasp.), 
1889-90; Mekran Expedition, 1898; 
Maj. 1896; South Africa, 1899-1902 
(despatches. Queen's medal, four 
clasps. King's medal, two clasps, 
D.S.O), 1892—02 ; Medical Officer, 
Jubbulpore. Address: Jubbalpur,, 

George, Edward Claudius Scotney- 

C. I.E. (1894) Deputy Commission- 
er, Ruby Mines, Burma ; 6, 1865; 
e. s. of late E.C. George of West 
Norwood. London ; educ : Dul- 
wich College, and LTniversity Coll, 
London ; entered I.C.S. 1887 ; 
served in Burma as Assist. Com- 
missioner. Bhamo. 1887-90 ; 
Deput\' Commissioner, Bhamo, 
1890-97 ; on special duty with the 
Burma China Boundary Commis- 
sion, 1897-99. Address: Rangoon, 
Burma. Chib ■ East India 
United Service. 

Ghose, Arabinda. B.A. ; s. of Babu 
KrishnaniMilhan Ghose; b., Cal- 
catta. 1872 ; educ ; St. Paul's 
School, Darjeeling ; proceeded to 
England to qualify himself for the 
I.C.S., ISOO; faili-d in riding-test; 
])asse(l i'...\. from the King's 
College, 1892 ; joined service in 
Baroda ; interested himself in the 
Swadeshi movement in India; 
resigned service and identified 
himself with the new movement ; 
was generally regarded as the 
editor of tlie now defunct news- 
paper r.andcniatarani ; prosecuted 




by Government for alleged political 
offences, was tried and was 
acquitted. Believed to be living 
in Pondicherry, South India. 

Ghose, Sir Chunder Madhub, Kt. 

(1906), Senior Puisne judge, 
Calcutta (retired) ; s. of late Rai 
Durga Prasad Ghose Bahadur ; b. 
1838; edtic; the Hindu, and the 
Presidency Colleges, Calcutta; 
passed the Law Examination, 
1860; Commenced to practice as a 
pleader in Burdwau ; appointed 
Government Pleader ; appointed 
Deputy Collector which he resigned 
after a short time ; joined the 
Sadar Court. Calcutta, as a lawyer; 
Member, Legislative Council, 
Bengal, 1884 ; appointed Judge of 
the High Court, Calcutta, 1885; 
Fellow, Calcutta University, 1885; 
was President of the Faculty of 
Law, Calcutta University fcr 
-3 years ; Offg Chief Justice, High 
Court, Calcutta, 1906 ; retired, 
1907 ; presided at the Indian 
Social Conference, 1906; President, 
Kayastha Sabha, 1905. Address : 
Bhawanipore, Calcutta, India. 

Crhose, Debsndra Chandra, B.A,, 

B.L.. Rai Bahadur; Retired 
Government Pleader ; b. 1845 ; 
£dti.c- Govt. School, Jo.ssore, and 
the Presidency College, Calcutta ; 
B.A. ,1865; B.L., 1867; enrolled 
as Vakil, same year ; appointed 
Senior Government Pleader, 24 
Parganas, 1888—1909 ; an earnest 
social reformer particularly in- 
terested in the Cause of Hindu 
widow marriage and the intellec- 
tual amelioration of the masses; 
Member, Calcutta Corporation ; 
1909; Rai Bahadur, I'JIO. Ad- 
dress : Bhawanipur, Calcutta, 

Clhose, Debendra Nath, B.A., Rai 
Sahib, Deputy Superintendent, 
.Commercial Intelligence Depart- 


ment, Calcutta; b. 1869: educ ; 
Govt. ]\Iodel School, and the 
Presidency College, Calcutta ; was 
awarded the Buresman gold medal 
of the Calcutta University, 1910 ; 
joined the Finance and Commerce 
Deptt., 1911 ; became Deputy 
Superintendent 1906; Rai Sahib, 
1911; is a Member of the 
Theosophical Society, and a Fellow 
of the Royal Statistical and 
Economic Societies. Address, 
Calcutta, India. 

Ghose, Jogendra Chandra, M. A., 

B.L., Rai Bahadur, High Court 
Vakil, Calcutta; b. 1860; educ ; at 
the Hindu School and Presy. Col- 
lege, Calcutta; e. s. of Sir Chandar 
Madhab Ghose, Kt. ; commands a 
lucrative practice ; Tagore Law 
Lecturer, 1904 ; Founder of the 
Association for the advancement 
of Scientifiic and Literary educat- 
ion for Indians. Publications: 
"Principles of Hindu Law," The 
Hindu Law of Impartible Property 
and Endowments; etc. ; editor of 
the English edition of the works 
of Raja Ram IMohan Roy. Ad- 
dress : 25, Harris Chandra 
Mukharji's street, Bhowanipur, 
Calcutta, India. 

Ghose, Mahiniohan, I. C, S. Bar-at- 
Law ; educ; at Calcutta and at 
Balliol College; Oxford ; s. of late 
Mr. Jlano IMohan Ghose, the 
famous lawyer of Calcutta: joined 
service as Assistant Collector,, 
1893; served in various capacities 
and rose to the position of I)istrict 
and Sessions Judge, 1908; retired, 
1910 ; enrolled as an Advocate of 
the Calcutta and IMadras High 
Courts, 1911. Address : Calcutta ; 
and ]\Iadras. 

Ghose, Dr. Rash Behari, M.A., B. L. 
C.S.I., (1909), CLE., (1896), 
Vakil, Calcutta ; b, in Jorekona in 
the district of Burdwan, 1845 



ediic ; in the town of Bankura & 
the Presidency College, Calcutta ; 
B.A., 1865; M.A. with first class 
honors, 1866; B.L., 1867; same 
vear enrolled as a Vakil of the 
High Court ; passed the final 
examination in Law with honors, 
1871 ; Tagore Law Lecturer, 1875; 
chose for his subject the Law of 
Martgages in India which was 
published in a book form and has 
Ijecome a recognised text-book and 
authority on the subject ; Fellow, 
Calcutta University, 1879 ; receiv- 
ed the Degree of Doctor of Laws, 
1884; elected a Member of the Uni- 
versity Syndicate, 1887 ; President, 
Faculty of Law in the Univer- 
sity for two years ; Chairman, 
Reception Comnittee of the Indian 
National Congress, 1906 ; Presid- 
ent, Indian National Congress, 
1908; has visited England, 
France, Italy and other 
important centres in the West; 
nominated to the Bengal Legs- 
lative Council, 1899 ; nominated 
to the Supreme Legislative Coun- 
cil, 1891 ; founded a medal in 
the name of his mother and made 
over to the Calcutta University 
Government Pro-notes of the value 
of Rs. 2500 towards the medal; 
made a princely gift of ten lakhs 
to the Calcutta University for the 
promotion of Scientific learning in 
India; lives in a purely Indian 
style wearing the Gliajjknna d- 
Clioga. Publications : "Law of 
Mortgages in India". Address : 46, 
Theatre Road, Calcutta, India. 

Ghulam Mohammed Khan, Hon'ble 
Yaladkhan Bahadur Vali Maho- 
med Bhurgi, Bar-at-Law; elected 
Memljcr, Legislative Council, 

Gulam Muhammad All Khan 
Bahadur Sir Umdat-uI-Umara, 

Amir-ul-Umara, Siraj-ul-Umara, 
Madar-ul-Mulk, Azim-ud-Doula, 

Doul, Asar-Daul-Inglaz, Nawab- 
Azim Jah, Amir-i-Arcot, K.C.I.E. 
(1909); Prince of Arcot, Madras ; s. 
of the late Sir iluhammad Munawar 
Ali Khan Bahadur: b. 1862 ; ediic ; 
Newington Court of Wards Institu- 
tion, Madras ; is the premier Mu- 
hammudan nobleman of Southern 
India ; was a Member, IMadras 
Legislative Council, 1904-06 ; is 
now a Member, Imperial Legisla- 
tive Council ; is a patron of the 
Madras Cosmopolitan Club ; Life 
Member, South Indian Athletic 
Association, Madras ; President, 
Madras branch of the All-India 
Moslem League ; Claims descent 
from Anwarud-Din, who was made 
Nawab of the Carnatic by the 
Nizam of Hyderabad (Deccan); is 
the great grandson of Azim Jah; is 
the 4th in succession to the title 
of ' Prince of Arcot ' granted to 
Azim Jah, 1870. Address: Amir 
Mahal, Pycroft's Road, Triplicane, 
Madras, India. 

Ghulam Muhammad Mahjir, 

Khan Bahadur, Madras ; 6. 1850 ; 
was for long JManagcr, Office of the 
Surgeon-Creneral with the Govern- 
ment of jMadras from which he 
retired, 1905 ; takes keen interest 
in all public movements ; was 
Secretary of the Cosmopolitan 
Club, Mount Road, Madras ; is 
a Member of the Anjuman-i-lslam, 
Madras ; INIember, Muslim League,, 
Madras; Khan Bahadur, 1901. 
Address ; Triplicane, Madras, 

Ghulam Salmani, Shams-ul-Ulama, 
Assistant Superintendent, Hooghly 
Madrassa; b. 1858 ; educ; Hoogh- 
ly Madarassa ; s, of Moulvi 
Ghulam Rahman ; appointed to- 
Hooghly Madrassa, 1878 ; Head 
Moulvi, 1887 ; transferred to 
Calcutta, 1910 ; appointed Assis- 
tant Superintendent of the 
Madrassa; Chams-ul-Ulama, 1911. 
Address : Hooghly, Bengal. India. 




ifiibson, Raymand Evelyn, I.C.S, 

P)-ivate Secretary to H. K. the 
Governor of Bombay; ediic; at 
Winchester and New College, 
Oxford ; entered I.C.S. 1902 ; 
Assistant Collector and Magte., 
Bombay. Address : Government 
House ; Bombay, India. 

•Gidumal, Dayaram, B.A. L.L.B., 

C.S., retired Dist and Sessions 
Judge, Bombay ; joined service as 
Probationer ; appointed Assistant 
Collector, 1885; special duty for 
compiling a Jaghir record for Sind, 
TMay 1885-April 188G ; First Assis- 
tant, 1896 ; Acting Assistant 
Judge, Ahmedabad ; and Sessions 
Judge, 1897. Publications: "A 
Jaghir Record for Sind"; "The 
Life and Life-Work of Behramji 
M. Malabari." 

'Gidhour, Maharaja of ; His High- 
ness Sir Ravaneshwar Prasad 
Singh Bahadur, K.C. I. E. (1895); 
is a Rajput of the Chandrabansi 
■clan ; b. 1860 ; ]Member, 
Legislative Council, Bengal, 1893- 
95 ; again elected thrice. 1895- 
97, 1901-08, and 1903 respec- 
tively ; has been a Member of the 
District Board ; is an Honorary 
Magistrate ; Member, B. I. 

Association ; title of Maharaja 
Bahadur made hereditary, 1877 ; 
Heir , Kunwar C. M. P. Singh ; 
Address : Gidhour, Monghyr, 
Behar, India. 

<Jifford, Major G.G. M. R. C. S., 

L. R. C. P., Madras ; b, 1867 ; ap- 
pointed to Indian Medical Service as 
Surgeon, Station Hospital, 
Secunderabad, 1890 ; has been 
Professor of ]\Iid-\vifery in the 
Madras Medical College and also 
Superintendent of the Government 
Maternity Hospital, Madras, since 
1906 ; appointed Medical Officer 
in charge of the ' Hospital ship ' 
from Madras in connection with 


the War in Europe ; proceeded 
to the front, November 1914. 
Address: Pantheon Road, Egmoi-c, 

Giles, Edward, M. A. CLE. 190i ; 
b. 1849 ; 4th s. of late Ven. Arch- 
decon Giles, Cannon and Precen- 
tor, Lincoln Cathedral ; in. 
Rose Ethel Louise, o. d. of late 
Gen. Sir J. W. Sehneidet, K.C.B.; 
1878 ; educ. : Westminister 
School; Christ Church, Oxford; 
rowed against Cambridge, 1871 ; 
entered Indian Education Depart- 
ment, as Professor of History 
and Political Economy, Elphin- 
stone Coll., Bombay, 1873; 
Inspector of Schools, 1875 ; Mem- 
ber, Bombay Legislative Council, 
1897-1102, 1904, 1906-7 ; Director 
of Public Instruction, Bombay, 
1897-1907 ; Officiating Director- 
General of Education, India, 1907- 
8 ; retired, 1908 ; Address : c/o H. 
S. King and Co., 9, Pall Mall, S.W. 
Club : United Service (Simla), By- 
culla (Bombay) and Western India, 
(Poona) . 

Giles, Robert. M. A. (Cantab), C I. 
E. (1899) ; b. 1846; .s. of late Arch- 
deacon Giles, Precentor of Lincoln; 
educ 1 at St, John's College, 
Cambridge; B.A, 1861; M.A. 
1879 ; VI. Isabel, d. of General 
Thom, I. M. S., 1885; joined 
service in Sind; Collector of Ka- 
rachi, 1895; acted repeatedly as. 
Commissioner in Sind, 1896-1900 ; 
confirmed in that appointment ; 
retired, 1902. Address : Ash, Sted- 
ham, Midhurst, Sussex. Club: 
East India United Service. 

Gillman, Hon'ble Hebert Francis 
Webb I.C.S., Madras; Ag Mem- 
ber, Board of Rev, Madras, since 
1914. ediu: ; at the Emmanuel 
College, Cambridge ; entered ser- 
vice as Assistant Collector and 
Magte, 1888 ; acted in various 
mofussil stations in various capa- 



cities, including that of (JoUectoi-, 
of Vizianagarain Saniasthanam, 
and was posted as Collector and 
Magistrate, 1912 ; Ag Inspoctor- 
Generalof Police, Madras, 1912; 
Address: Searle's (iardens, Adyar, 
^Madras, India. 

Gir Raj Singh, Rao of Kuclieser ; 
b. 1873 ; educ ; Meerut College ; 
succeeded to hereditary title, 1898; 
is a descendant of a family who 
<5ame f rom ]Maiidhwi, Rohtak dis- 
trict, about 300 years ago, and 
-settled in Bulaudshalu' and ]Mora- 
dabad ; the first to bear the title 
of ' ' Rao ' ' was Magui Ram who 
obtained it from Najib-ud-Doula. 
Rao Magni Ram died in 1786 
leaving seven sons. But his bro- 
ther, Ramdhan Singh, managed to 
obtain possession of the estate and 
died in 1816 leaving the property 
to his son, Fateh Singh. Even- 
tually the property was taken pos- 
session of by Gulab Singh who 
reendred excellent service to the 
British in the Mutiny of 1857 and 
received as his reward, land assess' 
ed at Rs. 7083. The estate com- 
prises 46 villages, and shares in 14 
others in Bulandshahr and Meerut 
districts. Title recognised, 1903. 
Address : Kuchesar, Bulandshahr, 
U. P., India. 

Glen, Hon'ble Mr. Robert; Nomi- 
nated non-official ]\Iember, Legis- 
lative Council, Bengal ; appointed, 
1913. Address : Calcutta, India. 

Glyn, Major Geoffrey Carr, D.S.O. 
(1900) Rhodesia Regt. : h. 18G4 ; 
e.s. of late Hon. Pascoe f liyn ; vi. 
Winifred Harbord, d. of 5th 
Baron Sufficld, 1889; served S. 
Africa, (dcspachcs. Queen's medal, 
four clasps) 1900-02; Private Secre- 
tary to Lieutenant-Governor, 
Transvaal, 1903-05; Military Secre- 
tary to H. E. Governor of Madras, 

1905-07; retired. Address : 

Howberry Hall, Cedford. Clubs : 
Marlborough, Arthur's, White's. 

Goad, Col. Howard, C.S.I. 1907 ; 
b, 1857 ; s. of late C. W. Goad, 
formerly 5th Dragoon Guards ; in, 
Ethel May, y. d. of late .John 
Groome Howes of Kingscliffe, Nor- 
thants, 1908; educ: Marlborough ; 
entered Armv, 1875; served Afghan 
War, 1879-80 (medal). Capt. I.S.O. 
1886; became Col. 1904; Director of 
Army Remount Dept. 1898-1903 ; 
Director-General, Army Remount 
Department, India, 1903-7908 ; 
Hon. A.D.C. to Viceroy of India, 
1899 ; Address : Cerswell House, 
Chudleigh, S. Devon. Club : Naval 
and iMilitary. 

Godley, Hon'ble John Cornwallis, 

M.A., C. I. E., (1914), Under 
Seceretary (Education Depart- 
ment), to the Government of the 
Punjab ; Official Member, Legis- 
lative Counc'l, Punjab, since 1913: 
Director, Public Instruction, Pun- 
jab since 1913. Address : Lahore, 
Punjab, India. 

Godsell, Sir William, Kt., 1903 : b. 
1838 ; e. s. of late Thomas Godsell 
of King's Caple ; 7n. 1st 
1864. Georgina Mary (d. 1900) ; 
2nd, Emily Helen, d, of lato 
George Grimmctte, 1908; joined 
service, 1860; Auditor of Accounts, 
Office of Secretarv of State for 
India, 1895-1903. Address: i, Tring 
Avenue, Ealing Common. (Jliib ; 

Gokhale, Hon'ble Gopal Krishna, 

B.A.. CLE. (1904), Poona ; b. 
Kolhapur, 1866 ; edtic ; first in the 
Local College and then in the El- 
phinstone College, Bombay ; B..-\., 
1884 ; joined Ferguson College as 
Profr of History and Political 




Economy Became Principal of the 
College, and retired on pension 
after serving for 20 years ; was 
Editor of the Quarterly Journal, 
1887 ; was Hony Secretary, the 
Deccan Sabha ; started the Ser- 
vants of India Society at Poona, of 
which he is still the President; was 
invited to give evidence before the 
Welby Commission, 1897 ; Mem- 
ber, Legislative Council, Bombay, 
1902 ; Member, Imperial Legisla- 
tive Council, since, 1904 ; Presi- 
dent, Indian National Congress, 
1905 ; proceeded to England, 
where he delivered 45 lectures on 
Indian subjects in the course of 50 
days, 1907 : served on the Royal 
Public Services Commission, 1912; 
declined to accept remuneration 
for his services in the Com- 
mission, lest he should lose 
his seat in the Imperial Legislative 
Council, and refunded the amount 
already received by him ; declined 
the honour of Knighthood 
graciously offered by the Govern- 
ment of India ; visited South 
Africa for the purpose of obtaining 
first-hand information with refer- 
ence to the question of British 
Indian settlers there, 1912. Ad- 
dress: Poona, Bombay Presedency, 

Gokhale, Trimbuck Chintaman, 

Rao Sahib: b. 1849 : educ ; Poona, 
entered Government service and 
served in various capacities, as 
Insjjector of Sanitation and Vaccin- 
ation in the Bombay Presidency; 
Superintendant of Vaccine Institute 
Telgaon ; and Plague Superinten- 
dent, Belgaum District, from 
which he retired ; Rao Sahib, 
1910; was also presented with a 
laced turban by the Government. 
Address : Belgaum. Bombay Presi- 
dency. India. 

Gokul ChandBahadur, B. A.L. L. C. 
(Cantab) I. C. S., Bar-at-Law, 


Assistant Sessions Judge; b, 1875 J 
educ ; at the Lahore Government 
College and Christ's College Cam- 
bridge: Celongs to a leading family 
inFerozpur. Recreations: Tennis, 
hockey, shooting, badminton: 
billiards, aiid bridge. Address , 
Sitapur, Oudh, U. P., India, 

Goldingham. John Dalrymple, 

Retired District and Sessions 
Judge ; entered service, 27th July 
1853 : student at the College, 8th 
September 185-3; Passed in Telugu 
13 September 1853 ; Passed in 
Tamil 14th February 1855; Assis- 
tant Collector and ]Magistrate 
Salem, 25th April 1855 to 27th 
January 1856 ; acted in various 
places and in various capacities in- 
cluding that of Sub-Judge, Madura 
till 8th December 1862; Judge 
of the Court of Small Causes, 
Madura, 1st July 1862; Justice of 
the Peace, 6th January 1864 ; Ag. 
Civil Sessions Judge, Madura, 16th 
February to 20th March 1864 ; 
Furlough to Europe, 14th August 
1865 to 13th August 1868; Ag Civil 
and Sessions Judge, Madura, l-3th 
October 1868 ; Acted in other 
places till 1873 and again proceed- 
ed to Europe on furlough till 25th 
March 1876 ; Returned and was 
posted to Nellore, 20th December 
1880 ; Transferred to Bellary as 
Ag. District and Sessions Judge- 
7881 ; confirmed in Bellary, April 
1882. Address : c/o India Office, 

Gollaprolu, Zamindarniof: 
Ramayammagaru ; Widow of 
Venkata IMahipati, 3rd brother of 
the late Raja of Pithapuram, 
adopted her sister's son, 1886 ; 
adoption set aside by Court at the 
instance of the Raja; is a highly 
religious and charitable lady ; 
maintains a choultry at her head- 
quarters, supports the Veda School 



atCocanada, and affords pecuniary 
help to indigent students, 
Address: Gollaprolu, Godavari 
District, IMadras Presidency. 

Gondall. Thakur Sahib of; H. H. 
Sir Bhagvat Singhji Sagramji, G 
C.S.I. (1897), L. L. D. (Edin). 
D. C. L. (Oxon), M. D. (Edin); s, 
of late Chief Sagramji II ; b. 1865 . 
succeeded, 1869 ; cdiic; at the 
Rajkumar College ; proceeded to 
Europe where he devoted himself 
to a study of administrative work; 
oined Edinburgh University, 
distinguished himself in Science. 
and devoted special attention to 
surgery and medicine ; accompani- 
ed the Rani Sahiba to Europe for 
medical treatment; joined the 
Edinburgh University and passed 
the M. B., C. M., and M. D. 
examinations ; also passed the 
examination for the Membership 
and Fellowship of the Royal 
College of Physicians, Edinburgh; 
returned to India with the Rani 
Sahiba, via, the United States, 
Japan, China, Australia, and 
Ceylon, 1893 ; appointed delegate 
to the Indian Medical Congress, 
Calcutta, by the Royal College of 
Edinburgh, 1894 ; elected Hono- 
rary Vice-President, 8th Interna- 
tional Congress of Hygiene, Buda- 
pesth, 1894; Vice-President, 
Indian ^ledical Association ; 
Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society of 
Edinburgh ; attended the Corona- 
tion of Tsar Nicholas at jMascow, 
1896 ; the Diamond Jubilee of late 
Empress Victoria, 1897 ; is an able 
administrator, and has introduc- 
ed many salutary reforms in the 
administration of his State ; has 
constructed the Bhavanagar-Gon- 
dal, the Gondal-Porbandar, the 
JaUesar-Rajkot Railways; rcmitt- 
pd a sum of 13 lakhs to his ryots 
on the occasion of the Coronation 
Durbar ; maintains 108 schools 

at a cost of Rs. 75,000 ; and a 
travelling dispensary in his State; 
claims desceiat from Kumbaji 
I, founder of the State; family 
crest, is a belt and sword 
with ' Gondal ' engraven thereon; 
family naotto, is Sajijmicha 
Satiyan, meaning, "Ready and 
True"; area of the State, 1024 
square miles ; population, 170,000; 
revenue, one lakh. Publications: 
" journal of a visit to England," 
and " A short history of Aryan 
IVIedical Science". Address: Gon- 
dal, Kathiawar, Bombay Presy, 

Goodall, H.C,A., A.I.E.E,, Post- 
master-General and Director of 
Telegraph Engneering, Rangoon; 
appointed, 1886. Address : Ran- 
goon, Burma. 

Gopala Chariar, Sarukhai, B.A. 
B.L. Dewan Bahadur, (Retired; 
Dewaii of Travancote; b, at 
Kumbakonam, 1852 ; edtic ; at 
the Mission School, Negapatam, 
and Kumbaconam College ; B. A., 
1870; entered Government service 
as Sub-Registrar, 1870 ; passed 
B.L. 1876; resigned and enrolled as 
Vakil, High Court. Madras, 1878 ; 
again joined service as Sub-Judge, 
1885; Assistant Sessions Judge, 
1895, Ag. District and Sessions 
Judge, 1897; Dewan Bahadur, 
1898; confirmed as Judge, 1908 ; 
Dewan of Travancore, 1906 ;gavo 
evidence before the Police Commis- 
sion, and was one of the select 
officers consulted twice on the 
revision of the old Civil Procedure 
Code, 1907; retired, 1908. Address: 
Kumbakonam, Madras Presidency , 

Gopalacharlu. Pandit D., A.V. S., 
Ayurveda Marthanda Bhishang- 
mani, Madras ; is a Vaishnava 




hrahmiii of an ancient and highly 
successful family of physicians 
both on the maternal and paternal 
sides; completed a five years' couusc 
in the Maharaja's Sanskrit College, 
Mysoie ; underwent practical 
training in Medicine, etc., at the 
Government Hospital and secured 
Certificates; visited centres of 
Ayurvedic learning, such as, 
Benares, Calcutta, Cashmere, 
Lahore, Hardwar, Jeypore, etc ; 
was in charge of a Dispensary at 
Bangalore, and made successful 
experiments in the Indian Pharma- 
copcea: is Senior Ayurvedic Physi- 
cian, S.K.P.D. Free Ayurvedic 
Dispensary, Madras; Principal, 
S. K. P. D. Ayurvedic College, 
Madras ; has established an 
"Ayurvedic Laboratory" in 
Madras, where medicines according 
to Ayurvedic principles are pre 
pared ; has won gold Medals and 
first class Certificates at the exhibi- 
tions held in Bombay, Calcutta, 
Madras and several other places ; 
the title of "Bhishangmani " was 
conferred on him by an Assembly 
• of Ayurvedic physicians of Cal- 
cutta, 1907; the title of "Ayurveda 
Marthanda" , by the Skhila Bharata 
Varshiva Sri Savaji Ayurvedic 
Vidya Bitta of Nasik, 1907 ; is a 
Fellow of the Ayurvedic University 
of Nasik ; Examiner of Mysore 
Ayurvedic Vidwat Examinations, 
Commentator of Susrutha Samliita 
and Madhana Nihana. Address: 
No. 44, Acharappan Street, George- 
town, Madras, India. 

Gopal Menon, C, Dubash, Messrs 
Wilson and Co., Madras ; b. 
Calicut, 1873 : educ; Municipal 
Primary School, and the Zamorin's 
College, Calicut; held a Govern- 
ment of Madras Scholarship of 
Rs. 12 a month for 2 years, and 
received commercial training ui 
the Teacher's College, Saidapet ; 
was the only one that was placed 


in the first class in the Inter- 
mediate grade exa:nination of 
Shortland ; passed first in the 
highest grade of Government exa- 
mination in Business Correspon- 
dence and won the Government 
Gold Medal ; passed first in the 
examination in Banking, Econo- 
mics, Book-keeping and Commer- 
cial Geography ; won a first class 
Teacher's certificate in Commer- 
cial subjects ; started his career as 
a teacher for the commercial 
classes (evenings) in the Madras 
Y.IM.C.A.; was for sometime 
Superintendent, Pachiappa's 

Commercial School, IMadras; 
joined the late firm of Arbuthnot 
and Co., 1894 ; became Dubash 
of that firm, 1891 ; obtained the 
Preliminary and Final certifi- 
cates of the Institutes of 
Bankers, London, and was 
admitted as a Life-Associate, 1903- 
i ; obtained the Fellowship certifi- 
cate of the Incorporated Phono- 
graphic Society, London ; the 
certificate of the Institute of 
Commerce, Birmingham ; was a 
Member of the British Economic 
Association ; was a Correspondence 
Student, Ruskin Hall, Oxford, 
1904—5 ; is a Member of the Edu- 
cational League, Oxford ; worked 
in conjunction with Mr. C. A. 
Paterson, for the founding of the 
Shorthand Writer's Association, 
of which he was for sometime 
Honorary Secretary and now Vice- 
President; is an Honorary Secre- 
tary, Madras Mahajana Sabha, 
and the National Fund and Indus- 
trial Association ; Member, Exe- 
cutive Committee of the South 
Indian Chamber of Commerce, 
and the South Indian Association, 
Madras ; is an Honorary Magis- 
trate; was Hony. Treasurer, 
Indian National Congress held iu 
Madras, 1914, and Hony Secretary, 
Indian Industrial Conference, 
also held in Madras, 1914 ; 


GopAl Menon. 

contributes occasionally to News- 
papers on Industrial and commer- 
cial subjects ; is a IMember of the 
Victoria Technical Institute, and 
the Agri-Horticultural Gardens, 
Madras ; a Member, Board of 
Examiners in Commerce and 
other allied subjects ; Director, 
United India Life Assurance Com- 
pany, and of the Hanuman Weav- 
ing Company ; Superintendent, 
Educational classes of the 
Young Men's Indian Association, 
Madras. Fuhlicntions: a pamphlet 
on the life of John Ruskin, and Mr. 
C.A. Paterson, President-founder 
of the Madras Shorthand Writers' 
Association. Address: Gangureddy 
Road, Egmore, Madras, India. 
Club: Cosmopolitan, ]\Iount 
' Road, IMadras. 

Gopala Rao, Pakala, n.A., Rao 
Bahadur, Berhampore ; h, 1854; 
educ; Perhampore Zilla School and 
the Presidency College, Madras ; 
Passed B.A., 1877; owns eutensivc 
landed property in the district of 
Ganjam ; qualified himself for law 
and commenced practice as a first 
grade pleader in the District Court 
of Ganjam at Berhampore ; render 
ed excellent service to the 
Govfernment in times of famine ; 
Rao Bahadur, 1889. Address : 
Berhampore, Ganjam Dt., Madras 
Presy, India. 

:Gopal Singh, Sardar; b. 18G8; Lam- 
bardar of Bhagowalaand Ressaldar 
in the 11th K.E C. Lancers ; 
claims descent from the Pawar 
Rajputs of Ujjain; succeeded to the 
estate, 1963 ; owns 8.50 acres of 
land in Gurdaspur, a small tea 
garden at Gajjar in Kangra, and 
200 acres miiaji in Bhagowala; 
annual revenue, Rs. 3,07C3. 
Address: Bhagowala, Gurdaspur, 
Punjab, India. 

Gopendra Krishna Deb, M.A., Raja, 

Retired District and Sessions 
Judge; s. of late I\Iaharaja 
Bahadur Sir Narendra Krishna 
Deb. K.C,I.E.; b. 1850; educ; at 
the Presidency College, Calcutta; 
entered Govrument Service as 
Dy. Collector and Magistrate, 1876; 
served in various other capacities 
and rose to the position of 
District and Sessions Judge; re- 
tired, 1905; has ever since been de- 
voting his attention to Social re- 
form; title of Raja, 1906. Address : 
Sova Bazar, Rajbari, Calcutta, 

Gordiner, Edward Rawson, CLE., 
I.C.S., ilember Legislative 

Council, Bihar and Orissa; took 
seat, 1913. Address : Patna, 

Gordon, Lt Col. Sir Benjamin 
Lumsden, K.C.B,, (1899) : h, 
Breack, Invernessshire, 1833; s. 
of late Cipt. James Gordon; 
educ; at Edinburgh Academy and 
Adiscombe ; joined the Madras 
Artillery, 1852 ; served in the Horse 
Artillery in the Indian Mutiny ; 
Lt-Colonel, 1875 ; commanded 
R. A. in Sir P. Robert's advance 
on Kabul ; at Charasia and Kabul 
C. S. commanded a Brigade in 
Madras, 1894-6 ; iNIaj-General iw 
. command Lower Burma ; com- 
manded Burma District, 1819-91; 
retired, 1891. Address: Moustoms 
Manor, Henfield, Sussex. 

Gordon, Francis Frederick, Bombay; 
/;. 1860; joined the staff of the 
Gazette, 1890 ; purchased the 
Advocate of India, 1894; commenc- 
ed agitating for tlie introduction 
of the anna niclcle coin in the 
Indian currency ; took an active 
part in preaching and putting in 
force measures calculated to pre- 




vent the spread of plague ; succes- 
fully induced the authorities to 
abolish the quarantine imposed on 
Indian Moslem pilgrims to Mecca ; 
owns and edits the Advocate of 
India, Bombay, and also the 
Mahratti Journal known as Jagad 
Vritta. Address : Bombay, India. 

Gordon, General Sir Thomas, 
Edward, C.S.I. (1874), C.B. (1881), 
Iv.C.I.P^. (1893), K.C.B. (1900), 
Indian Army (retired) ; h. 1832 ; 
educ : Scottish Naval and IMilitary 
Academy ; married twice ; 

entered service in the 
Army, 1849 ; transferred to India 
and served in N.W.F. Campaign, 
1851 ; Indian Mutiny, 1857-59 ; 
became Captain, 1859 ; Major, 
1869; Lieutenant Colonel, 1875 ; 
Colonel, 1877; Afghan War, 1879-80; 
IMajor-General, 1886; Oriental and 
Military Secretary, Teheran, 1889; 
Lieutenant General, 1890; Military 
Attache, 1891-93; became General, 
1894; has won the Jubilee and 
Coronation Medals. Fiihlications : 
The Roof of the World; Persia 
revisited; A Varied Life. Address : 
3, Prince of Wales Terrace, W. 
Club : United Service. 

Gordon, Lt. Col. William Eagleson.- 

V.C., Indian Army ; b. 1866 ; s. of 
W. E. Gordon, M.D. ; cdtic : at 
Edinburgh University ; joined the 
Gordon Highlanders, 1888 ; served 
inChitral Relief Expedition, 1895; 
Tirah expedition, 1897-8; Adjutant, 
1st Battalian Gordon Highlanders 
throughout the S. African cam- 
paign, 1899-1902 (dangerously 
wounded at Magersfontein : V.C.); 
promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, 
1907. Address: C/o India Office, 

Gordon, Webster Boyle CLE. 

(1904) Secretary to Government of 
India, P.W. Department; s. of late 
William Gordon of Mallingar ; b. 
1859; edtcc : Coopers Hill ; vi. Rose 
Ethel, d. of Col. D.G. Fitcher, 
I.S.O. 1894 ; Sanitary Engineer to 
the Government of U.'P. 1899-1901, 
Secretary to Indian Irrigation 
Commission, 1901-03 ; Director^ 
Irrigation Works, Cape Colony, 
1903-07 ; Chief Engineer for 
Irrigation and Secretary to the- 
Government of the Punjab, 1908- 
11 ; Secretary, P.W.D. Govern- 
ment of India, 1912. Address : 
Calcutta, India. 

Gorden, General V.M!liam, CLE. 

(1878) ; b. 1824 ; s. of late Adam 
Gordon of Cairnfield; ediic: Addis- 
combe College ; joined Army, 1841 ; 
arrived in India, same year; joined 
49th Bengal N.I.' 1842; was 
present at siege ofMooltan, 1848- 
49 ; was Ensign throughout 
the Mutiny as Brigade-Major 
(medal) ; District Inspector 
of Musketry, 1860-62; Chief Ins- 
pector of Musketry, Army Head- 
quarters, 1862-63 ; re-appointed, 
1868 and 1873; Brig-Gen. 1878; 
commanded Rawalpindi, Gwalior, 
and Peshawar districts; Maj-Gen, 
1882 ; retired, 1883. Address : 
9, Tavistock Road, Croydon, Surrey. 


Gorst, Rt. Hon'ble Sir John 
Eldon, Kt. (1885), M.A., A.L. P. 
F.R.C., K. C, S. I. (1890), s. of 
E.J. Lovondes (formerly Gorst); 
b, Preston, 1835; cd;(c ; Preston 
Grammar School, and St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; 3rd Wrangler, 
1857; M. A., 1860; Called to 
Bar (Inner Temple), 1865 ; Civil 
Commissioner, Waikats, New 
Zealand, 1861-62 ; Solicitor. Gene- 
ral, 1885-86 ; Under Secretary 
for India, 1886-1891 ; Financial 
Secretary to Treasury, 1891-92 ; 
M. P. for Cambridge, 1866-68 ; for 
Chatham, 1875-1892; Deputy Chair- 
man of Committee, House of 
Commons, 1888-91; Lord Rector, 



' Glasgow University, 1893-94; Vice- 
- President, Committee of Council 
on Education, 1895-1902 ; British 
Plenepotentiary, Berlin Labour 
Conference, 1880; J\I.P. (c) Camb- 
ridge University, 1892-96. Publica- 
tions: The Children of the nation; 
New Zealand Revisited, Adchess : 
Campdon Hill Court, Kensington, 
W ' Costle Combe'. Chipenharm. 
Club; Royal societies. 

Croswami, Kisor Lai, M.A., B.L., 
Rai Baliadur, ^Member, Executive 
Council. Bengal ; b. at Sirampore, 
1856 ; cduc '■ Presidencv College, 
Calcutta; M.A., 1879; B'.L., 1881; 
practiced as a Vakil for 12 
years ; inherited a vast zemindari, 
and gave up practice ; was Chair- 
man of Sirampore Municipality 
for 9 years ; Member, District 
Board, 24 Parganas ; Vice-Presid- 
■ent, British Indian .\ssociation, 
Calcutta, 1907 ; was twice elected 
to Bengal Legislative Council ; 
Director, Bengal Provincial Rail- 
way and Banga Lakslimi Cotton 
Mills; Rai Bahadur, 1907; Member, 
Malaria Commission, Simla, 1909 ; 
Member, Bengal l^lxecutive Coun- 
cil, 1910. Address : Sirampore ; 
No. 12, Theatre Road, Calcutta, 

Crough, Archibald Edward, :\I.A., 
Indian I'Mucational Service (Rtd.): 
b. 1845 ; s. of Alexander Dick 
Gough, Architect, London ; educ: 
Lincoln College ; Boden Sans- 
krit Scholar; Kennicott Hebrew 
Scholar; Donycr, and Johnson 
Theological Scholar of the 
University of Oxford; joiniid 
. service as Anglo-SanskritProfessor, 
i Benares College, 1868; OlHciating 
Principal, Benares College ; Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy, Presidency 
College, Calcutta, 1877 ; also 
Principal, Calcutta Madrassa ; 
TMember, Board of Examiners and 

Hindi Examiner, Bengal ; Princi- 
pal and Professor of Philosophy, 
Muir Central College, Allahabad, 
1886; Registrar. University of 
Allahabad, 1887-94 ; Offg Director of 
Public Instruction, North-Western 
Provinces and Oudh, 1894 ; in- 
valided on furlough, 1894; retired, 
1895 ; Public Examiner, Honour 
School of Oriental Studies. Oxford, 
1900-1902. Publications : Philoso- 
phy of the Upanishadsand Ancient 
Indian Sletaphysics ; Vedanta in 
the Ency. Brit- ; Papers relating 
to the Collection and Preser- 
vation of Records of Ancient 
Sanskrit Literature in India ; 
Translator (with E.B. Powell. L, 
L.D.,) of the ]Madhavas Sarvadar- 
sangraha ; Address : c/o India 
Office, London. 

Gour, Hari Singh M.A., L.L.D., 
(Dublin), D.C.L., b, at Sagar, 
C.P., 1868; educ; at the High 
School, Sagar; Jabbalpur College, 
and Hislop College, Nagpur ; pro- 
ceeded to England, 1889 ; gradua- 
ted at Cambridge in Moral Sci- 
ences and Law, 1891 ; called to 
Bar (Inner Temple), 1892; 
returned to India and entered the 
Central Provinces Commission ; 
resigned it and joined the bar , 
Secretary of the District Council: 
Rajpur, '1897-1905 ; Publication; 
Transfer of property in Britsh India 
(3 Vols.) ; is a social reformer and 
political speaker. Address Sagar, 
Nagpur, C.P.. India. 

Gourlay, William Robert, ISl.A., 

I.C.S., Private Secretary to H.E. 
the Governor of Bengal ; educ ; 
at Glasgow University, and Josns 
Coll., Cambridge ; joined I.C.S., 
1877 : served in Bengal as ]\[agte. 
iind Collector ; Registrar, Co-oper- 
ative Credit Socictes, 
1904; Private Secretary to Lieut- 
enant Governor, Bengal, 1905 ; 




Address : Government 
Calcutta, India. 


Govindas, Chathurbhujdas Kusal- 

das, Dewaii Bahadur, Madras ; b. 
1878; ediic: at the Hindu Theologi- 
cal High School, Madras ; joined 
the family business, 1895 ; is a 
leader of Gujaratis in Madras; 
contributed Rs. 10,000 to the 
King Edward INIcmorial Fuiid at 
Madras ; Dewan Bahadur, 1907, 
was Sheriff of Madras; 1914. Ad- 
dress : Sowcarpet, Georgetown, 
Madras, India. 

GovindaPillai, Athukal, B.A., B.L. 
Dewan Bahadur, retired judge, 
Travancore; b, 1849 ; educ : at the 
Maharaja of Travancore's Free 
School, and at the Presidency 
College, ]\Iadras, as a State scholar; 
passed B.A. 1869; joined service as 
a teacher; passedB.L., 1873; joined 
Travancore service and served as 
Munsiff, and Judge; became Judge 
of the Travancore High Court ; 
was a Member of the State Council 
for 9 years, retired, 1909 ; Presi- 
dent of the Committee to enquire 
into the marriage customs of the 
people of Malaliar; has founded a 
school at Trivandram, for the 
benefit of the Depressed Classes ; 
Diwan Bahadur, 1911. Publica- 
tions: Translations of the Bhagvat 
Gita; Kural, King Lear, and Mev- 
chant of Venice into ^lalayalam. 
and Dussue's "Metaphysics" 
into Sansla-it verse. Address : 
Trivandram, Travancore State, 
S. India. 

Govinda Raghava Alyer, Lalpet 
Arunachela Aiyer. B.A., B.L., 
Dewan Bahadur, High Court, Vakil, 

• Madras; b, 1867; pas.sed B.A., 
1887 ; B.L., 1889 ; enrolled as High 
Court Vakil, 1895 ; commenced 
practice in the District Court of 
North Arcot at Chittoor ; for many 


years a member of the District 
Board ; a staunch friend of the pro- 
gressive movement, and is actively 
connected with public movements 
of the country ; one of the first 
Indians to be returned to Madras 
Legislative Council when the con- 
cession of election was granted for 
the first time, 1893 ; commenced 
practice in the Madras High Court, 
1893 ; twice nominated to 

the I\Iadras L e g i s 1 a t i ve 
Council ; for sometime acting 
Public Prosecutor, Madras; Fellow, 
Madras University, 1909 ; Member 
of the Faculty of Law ; Vice-Pre- 
sident. INIadras IMahajana Sabha ; 
President, IMadras Provincial 
Congress Committee ; jMember, 
National Fund & Industrial 
Association, IMadras. Dewan 
Bahadur, 1906. Address : High 
Road, Rayapcta, IMadras, India. 

Govindarajulu, Miss R., M. I)., 
(Crux),L.R.C.P. and S, Bangalore; 
b, 1865; joined IMysore IMcdical 
Service as Assistant Surgeon (doing 
dutv at Maternity Hospital, Banga- 
lore), 1887; H." H. Maharani's 
Female Hospital, 1888; Civil Sur- 
geon, Maharani's Hospital, Ban- 
galore, 1901. Address : Bangalore 
Cit}', Mysore Province, India. 

Govindarao, General Gangaram 

Matkar, Rao Bahadur, Commander- 
in-Chief, State Army, Indore, and 
IMembcr of the Council, of Regency. 
Address : Indore, Central India. 

Govind Singh, Raja of Seona ; s. of 
late Raja Parichhat Singh ; b. 
187'2 ; succeeded to title as a minor, 
1878 ; belongs to the Bandela clan 
of Rajputs representing the senior 
branch of the line ; is the only 
Chief of that race in the district ; 
the estate comprises one village 
and five pattis in Jalam with a 


coviND Singh. 

revenue oi Rs. 628., The title of 
Ivaja has been recognised by the 
( Wivernment. Address : Seona, 
Julam, U. P., India. 

Gracey, Col. Thomas, C.S.I. (1897), 
P. W. D., India (retired) ; s. of 
I'liomas Grace V of Ballj-hosseth. 
Down ; b, 1843; educ: Enniskillen 
ivoyal School ; entered R. E., 
1S62 ; Assistant Engineer, 1867; 
I'jxecutive Engineer. 1870 ; Engi- 
iieer-in-Chief, Punjab Rail- 

way, 1879 ; N. W. Provinces 
and Oudh, 188-2 ; Secretary 
to Chief Commissioner, P. W. 
D., Burma, 1887; Superintending 
■ Engineer, 1888; Consulting Engi- 
neer to Govt, of India, 1891 ; Chief 
Engineer, 1892 ; Director-General 
of Railways, 1895 ; Secretary to 
Govt, of India (Railway Deptt). 
1897 ; retired, 1898. Address : 
Kidbrooke Grove, Blac^heath, S.E. 

Graham, Hon. Mr. J. F., MemlDcr, 
Assam Council ; cdiic : Rutland 
CoUegeand Trinity College, Dublin; 
joined service as Asstt. Collector 
and Magistrate, Madras, 1902; Asstt 
Accountant-General, Punjab, 1901; 
Offg Accountant-General, 1912 ; 
transferred to Assam where he is 
an Addl Member of the Legislative 
Council. Address: Gauhati, Assam, 

Graham, Walter Armstrong, F.R.G. 
C. M.R.S.R., Adviser to the 
i\Iinister of Lands and Agriculture; 
e. s. of John Graham, J. P,, 
Grasmere, Westmorland ; m. 
.Maude, d. of l;ite Henry Barver of 
Wilmslow, Cheshire, 1898 ; ediic : 
Trinity College, Oxford ; entered 
Burma Civil Service, 1889; Assistant 
Political Officer, Northern Shan 
States, 1898 ; services lent to Siam, 
1897 , Director, Bangkok Revenue 
Department, 1891; Director Land 
Records Department, Siam, 1901; 

resigned Burma Civil Service, 1903; 
Commander, Order of the White 
Elephant, 1908 ; Resident Commis- 
sioner, Kelantan, 1905. Piihlica- 
tions : The French Roman Catholic 
Mission in Siam ; Kelantan a 
Handbook. Recreation: riding, 
tennis. Address : The Residency, 
Kelantan, via Singapore. Club : 
British, United, Bangkok. 

Graham. Hon'ble W.L.; elected 
non-official Jilember, Legislative 
Council, Bombay ; took his seat, 
6th May 1913. Address : Bombay, 

Grahame, W. F., M.A. (Dublin); 
I.C.S. (retired) ; Editor, "Madras 
Times" ; s. of late George Grahame, 
ediic : Dublin University ; joined 
service, 1863; Collector and Magis- 
trate, Tanjore, 1878 ; District and 
Sessions Judge, Tinnevelly ; later 
at Cuddalore, where he is still 
remembered; retired, 1899; joined 
the staff of the "Madras Times " 
as Editor, 190C for many years 
Examiner in English for the 
Madras University. Address : 
" Woodlands", Rayapeta. Madras, 

Grant, Alfred Hamilton, CLE., 
1908 ; b. 1872 ; 2nd surv. s. of late 
Sir Alexander Grant, 10th Bart, 
of Dalvev ; educ : Fettes College, 
Edinburgh ; Balliol Coll., Oxford ; 
joined 1.(3. S., 1895; served as 
Assistant Commissioner, Junior 
and Senior Secretary to the Finan- 
cial Commissioner in the Punjab ; 
Deputy Commissioner of various 
Frontier districts ; Assistant Secre- 
tary to Government of India, 
Foreign Department ; Secretary to 
•Frontier Administration ; accom- 
panied Dane IMission to Kabul, 
1904-5 Address : Peshawar, 

India. Clubs : East India United 




Service; Royal and Ancient Golf, post, 1902. 

St Andrews. India. 

Address : Bombay, 

Grant, Lieut-Col. Edward Long, 

R. A. 1887 ; b. 1823 ; s. of late 
Edward Grant; m. 1859, Helena 
Beatrice, d, of late Maj.-Gen. Sir 
. J. M. Moftin ;ediic: at Addiscombe; 
entered Madras Army, 1841: served 
Burmah, 1852-53 (wounded,med;il); 
Indian mutiny, 1857. Addreas: 
Forestdalo, Wellington, Madras, 

Grant, Colonel Hugh Cough, C.B. 

(1900); Indian Army (retired); .s. of 
late Field Marshal Sir Patrick 
Grant, G.C.M.G. ; b. 1845 ; m. 
Isabel, d. of Eneas Mackintosh of 
Balnespick, Inverness-shire, 1885 ; 
educ : Eton ; R.M.S. Sandhurst ; 
served with Seaforth Highlanders, 
18G3-95 ; thanked by Government 
for special services during IMadras 
Famine, 1877-1878 ; Brigade- 
Major, 1879-80; served in Black 
Mountain Expedition, 1891 
(medal) ; was Assistant Adjutant- 
General, Punjab Command, 1895- 
97 ; in command of 72nd Regi 
ment, 1900-1902; Address: Lin- 
ton, Aberdeenshire, Club: United 

Gray, Evelyn, I.C.S., Senior Collec- 
tor of Boniljay; educ : Cheltan- 
ham College; joined the I.C.S. and 
arrived in Bombay as Assistant 
Collector, 1878 ; on Special Com- 
mittee for the revision of the Tariff 
values of articles liable to duty, 
1903; Senior Collector, since 1904. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Greany, John Phillip, M.D., LM.S. 
Surgeon-General ; b. 1851; educ; 
Queen's College, Pork, Ireland'; 
M.D. 1874; joined Service, 1876 as 
Civil Surgeon and Supdtt of Jail 
at Kaladgi ; appointed to present 


Greenstreet, Reginald Hawkins, 

CLE. (1899), Superintendent of 
Police, Burma ; b. 1S58 ; s of H.J. 
Greenstreet ; m. 1898, Kathlein 
^lildred Seymour, d. of Sir Aarey 
Knyvett, K.C.B. ; educ: King's 
College School ; joined Punjab 
Police as Assitant Superintendent, 
1883 ; transferred to Burma as 
District Superintendent of Police. 
1887 ; earned the Burmese medal 
and 2 clasps ; served as District 
Magistrate and Political Officer ; 
Commanded ]\Iilitarv Police in the 
Arrakan Hill Tracts, 1891-97 ; 
returned to Police duty, 1898 ; 
Officiating Private Secretary to 
Lieut.-Governor, 1900-i901 ; re- 
tired, 1906. Address : The Wood- 
lands, Burgh, field Common, near 
Mortimer, Breuks. 

Greer, Richard Townsend, C.S.I. ■ 

1904 ; b. 1854 ; s. of Rev. Geo. S. 
Greer, Kirkcubbin, Down; m. 
Alice Marv Sugh, e. d. of Sir Grifth 
Sugh Evaiis, 1901 ; entered LM.S. 
1877 ; Asst. Sec. to Chief Com- 
missioner of Assam, 1883; Com- 
missioner, Chittagong, 1893 ; 
Inspector-Gen. of Police, Bengal, 
1899; Chairman. Calcutta Corpora- 
tion, 1901 ; Member, Jjegislative 
Council, Bengal, 1901; Commis- 
sioner of Orissa, and Patna, 
190G and 1907 respectively ; 
Member, Board of Revenue, Bengal, 
1908. Address : Bankipur, Bengal, 

Greig, Major Edward David 
Wilson, M.D., D.Sc, I. M. C, 
CLE. (1914), Assistant Director, 
Central Research Institute, 
Kasauli Address: Kasauli, India. 

Grey, Col. Leopold John Herbert, 

C.S.I. (1877), LA. (retired); b., 
1840 ; s. of L.J.H. Grey ; educ; at 



Cheltenham ; in, Josephne Cathe- 
rine, 18G4 ; joined Bengal Army, 
1857 ; served with Panjab Frontier 
Force on the N.W. Frontier, 1857- 
62 ; Political Officer, Bhutan 
Campaign, 1865-6; Superintendent, 
Bahawalpur State, 1871-73, 1877- 
79 ; Commissioner, Hissar Divi- 
sion, 189-2; retired, 1894: re- 
■ employed as Superintendent, 
Bahawalpur State, 1899-1902 ; 
Puhlicntionfi : A manual of the 
Construction and ]Management of 
Canals ; The India of the Future : 
Address: Kasauli, Punjab, India. 

Grice, Hon'ble Walter Thomas ; 

elected non-offlcial Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Bengal ; appointed, 
19J3; Address: Calcutta, India. 

Grierson, Sir George Abraham, 

B.A., Ph.D. Litt., CLE. (1894), 
K.C.I.E. (1912), I.C.S. (retired) ; 
e. s. of late George Abraham Grier- 
son, L.L.I). ; b. Glenageary, 
Dublin, 1851 ; educ ; St. Bees and 
Shrewsbury ; Trinity College, 
Dublin ; m. Lucy Elizabeth Sean, 
d. late M.H. Collins, M,D,, 1880 ; 
joined I.C.S., as Assistant Collector 
and Magistrate, 1873 ; Inspector 
of Schools, Bihar Circle, 1880; 
Offg. Collector and Magistrate, 
1887 ; ]\Iagistrate, Howrah, 1892 ; 
Additional Commissioner, Patna, 
1896 ; Opium Agent, Bihar, 189G ; 
on special duty in charge of 
Linguistic Survev of India, 1898- 
1902; retired, 1903; holds certi- 
ficates of high proficiency in 
Bengali and Sanskrit; Hon : 
Fellow of the .Asiatic Society of 
Bengal; Hony: ^lember, American 
Oriental Socit^ty; is connected with 
a groat many other societies ; was 
a Fellow of the Calcutta Univer- 
sity. Fiihlicnfions : Grammar and 
Chrestomathy of the Maithili 
Language ; Seven Grammars of 
the Bihar Dialects ; Bihar Peasent 

Life ; The Modern Vernaculai" 
Literature of Hindustan ; Essays 
on Cashmiri Grammar ; The 
Languages of India ; Report on 
Linguistic Survey of India ; and 
many pajDers in the Journals of 
Oriental Societies. Becrcations : 
Study and music. Address : Rath- 
farnham. Samberly. Clubs: Junior 
Conservative ; West Burre}'. 

Griffin. Hon : Sir Henry Daly, B.A., 

Kt. (1911). Puisne Judge, High 
Court, Allahabad since 1901 ; s. of 
Emma Glory ; b, 1864 ; educ; 
French College, Blackrock, Dublin; 
joined I.S.C, 1885; District 
Judge, 1896 ; Additional Judicial 
Commissioner, Oudh, 1907 ; 
Judge, High Court. Allahabad, 
1901; on special duty as Arbitrator 
in the Kanniambody Water Project 
between the Governments of 
Madras and Mysore, 1913. Ad- 
dress : Hastings Row. Allahabad, 
U.P., India. 

Grimston, Lt. Col. Rollo Estoute- 
ville. CLE. J906, K.C.V.O. 1911, 
Inspector-General, Imperial Ser- 
vice Cavalry, India ; b. 1861 ; .s. 
of Col. O.J. A, Grimston of Itchen, 
Hants ; educ ; United Service 
College : entered Army, 1881 ; 
Captain, Indian Cavalry, 1892 ; 
Lieutenant-Colonel. 1907 ; A.D.C. 
to Viceroy, 1893-91 ; A.D.C. to 
Prince of Wales during Indian 
Tour , 1905-06 ; extra Equerry-in- 
Waiting to H.R.H. the Prince of 
Wales. 1906 ; extra P^querry-in- 
Waiting to Emperor George V., 
1910 ; served in N.W. Frontier, 
India, (despatches, medal with 
clasp), 1897-8; Tirali Expedition 
(despatches clasp), 1897-8; Mili- 
tary Secretary to H. M. The 
Emperor during his visit to India, 
1911. r7«/;.s: Cavalry, liurlingham. 




Grover, Majrien Sir Malcolm 
Henry Stanley, C. B. (liJOG), K. 
CLE. (1911), Secretary, Avmy 
Department, India, since 1911 ; b. 
1858 ; 6th s. of late Charles Ehret 
Grover of Herts; vi. 1891, Helen 
Grace, y. d. of Alexander .John 
Lawrence, CLE., ediic. \ 
Charterhouse; Roy. Mil. College, 
Sandhurt ; entered arm3% 1876; 
Captain 1887 ; became Maj- 
General, 1907 ; D.A.A.G. Punjab 
Frontier Force, 1894-95 ; D.A.Q. 
M. G. Punjab Command Head- 
quarters, 1895-94 ; C.CG. Punjab 
Frontier Force, 1891-1900: A. Q. 
M. G. Eastern Command Head- 
quarters, 190:2-5 ; Offg. D. A. G. 
Eastern Command Headquarters, 
1905 ; commanded Cavalry 
Brigade. Punjab, 1906-1 ; served 
Afghan Campaign, 1879-10 (medal) 
Sudan campaign, 1885; Wazi- 
ristan, as D.A.A.G. Headquarters 
Staff, 1894-5 ; D. A. Q. M. G. 
2nd Brigade South African War. 
1908-'J, special service (medal 
with three clasps). Club : United 

Gunga Ram, CLE. (1903), M.A'.O. 
(1911). M.I.M.E., M,I.G.E. Rai 
Bahadur, Lahore ; s. of late 
Dauhit Ram ; b. 1851 ; ed^ic ; 
Thomason College ; joined service 
in the P.W. Department, India, 
1873 ; Executive Engineer, 1883 ; 
Superintendent, Coronation Dur- 
bar Works. Delhi, 1903 ; retired 
from British Service, 1903; 
appointed Superintending Engi- 
neer, Patiala State ; retired, 
1911 ; patentee of slide rule, bricks 
for wells. Publication : Pocket 
Book of Engineering. Address : 
Lahore, Punjab, India. 

Gunn, Major W.D. :\r.R.C.Y.S ; />. 
1854 ; joined Service as 
Veterinary Surgeon, St. Thomas 
Mount, 1878; Lecturer Caidapet 


Agricultural College, 1881 ; .\ssis- 
tant to the Inspector-General, Civil 
Veterinary Department, Meerut- 
1896; Superintendent, Civil Veteri- 
nary Department, Madras, 1902 ; 
retired, 1908; Publications ; "Prize 
Essay. " Cattle diseases in Central 
Provinces "Instruction of Veteri- 
nary class for Military Police." 
Address : c/o India Office, London. 

Gutala Muttah. Zemindarni of ; Sri 
Manyam Maha Lakshmamma 
Garu ; b. 1856 ; widow of Chinna 
Kanakayya ; is the only represen- 
tative of the family ; came in 
possession of the estate, 1873 ; is 
greatly interested in the welfare 
of her ryots and is known to 
administer the afiairs of the estate 
remarkably well ; undertakes tours 
in her estate and hears com- 
plaints and grievances of ryots 
in person ; is charitably disposed 
and is widely known for her virtues 
both as a woman and as a 
zemindarni. Address: Gutala, 
Godavari District, Madras 

Presidency, India. 

Gupta, Sir Krishna Govinda, C.S.L, 
(1909), K. C.S.L (1911). Bar-at- 
Law, Member, India Council, 
London ; b. Bhatpara, Dacca, 
1851 ; e. s. of Kali Narayan Gupta; 
m. 1866, Prasannatara, d. of Nabin 
Chandra Das {d. 1908; ; educ. : 
Mymensing Government School ; 
Dacca College ; London University 
College; joined I.C.S., 1873; 
Secretary, Board of Revenue, 
1887 ; Commissioner of Excise, 
1893 ; Divisional Commissioner, 
1901; Member, Board of Revenue, 
1904, (the first Indian to hold that 
appointment in all India); Member, 
Indian Excise Committee, 1905 ; 
on special duty in connection with 
the Fisheries of Bengal, 1906 ; de- 
j)uted to Europe and America to 



carry on fishery investigation, 
1907 ; nominated to the India Coun- 
cil, 1907 ; is one of the two Indians 
who were for the first time appoint- 
ed to that office ; called to Bar 
(Middle Temple). Address : India 
Office, Whitehall, S. W. Clubs: 
National Liberal ; Calcutta. 

Gupta, Balkrishna Atmaram, Rai 

Bahadur, F.Z.S., Govt. Anthro- 
pologist., b, 1851 ; ediic: at Thana, 
Bombay, and London ; Has 
been Deputy ]\Iinister and IMember 
of Council, Indore State ; was 
Official Delegate of the Bombay 
Govt, at the Indian and Colonial 
Exhibition, London; was Assistant 
Director of Ethnography and 
Assistant Secretary, Victoria 
Memorial Trustees ; travelled the 
whole of India including Burma 
and Baluchistan ; visited Great 
Britain ; Honorary Member. 
Bombay Fine Arts Society ; Mem- 
ber, Royal Agricultural Society, 
London. Publications: "Indus- 
trial Arts of Poona, Nasik and 
Thana, " Agricultural Chemistry 
and Geology" "Deshi Sunnar," 
"Position of Women in India," 
"Modi Script," etc. Address: 
Thana, near Bombay ; also Indian 
Museum Calcutta, India. 

IGurbaksh Singh. Medi, C. I. E. 

(1911), Rawalpindi, Punjab ; b, 
1862 ; ediic ; privately : Houar- 
ary Assistant Commissioner,- 
Honorary Assistant Magisti-ate ; 
Meml)er, Legislative Coiincil, Pun- 
jab ; Fellow, Punjab University ; 
President, Hindu University 
Deputation Committee, Punjab ; 
Address : Kallar, Rawalpindi Dt, 
Punjab, India. 

Gurdon, Maj.-Gen. Evelyn Pul- 
teney, Indian Army -,6. l.S'88 ; e. s. 
of late Rev. Philip Gurdon, M. A., 
J. P., of Cran worth, Norfolk ,• vi, 
Mary '2nd d. of late Maj.- 

"Gen. R. T. Candeman, 18.58; 
joined service in the Army, 1852; 

served Indian Mutiny, 1857 
(despatches, medal); Maj-General, 

1892 ; served in the Punjab Com- 
mission till 1890 ; was Commis- 
sioner and Divisional Judge. 
Address: 12, Norton Road, Hove* 
Brighton. Clubs : East India Uni- 
ted Service ; Hove. 

Gurdon, Lt. Col. Phillip Richard 

Thornhagh, G.S.I. (1911). Com- 
missioner, E.B, and Assam b. 1863; 
entered Army, 1882 ; Major, 1901,' 
Assistant Commissioner, 188G ,- 
Deputy Commissioner, 1889 ; 
Commissioner 1909. Address : 
Shillong, Assam, India. 

Gursarai, (sec Bal Kishen Rao). 

Gwalior, Maharaja of; Major- 
General H. H. Sushtar-ul-mulk, 
Azim ul-Iktidar Rafl ush-Khan 
Wala Shikoh Sustashaini i 
Dauran Umdat-ul-Umara Maha- 
raj Adhiraj Alijah Hisam-us 
Caltanat Maharaja Sir Madho 
Rao Mindhia Bahadur Mrinath 
Mansula-izaman Fidwi-i-Hazrat 
Darja-i-I n g 1 i s t a n, G. C. 
S.I., (1895), G.C.Y.O. (190-2). 
L.L.D. (Cantab), 6, ^S7(; ; 
succeeded to title as a minor, 
188C ; invested with full powers, 
1894 ; an enlightened ruler, 
keenly interested in, and having a 
comprehensive grasp of, the work 
done in every branch of the 
administration ; established an 
Irrigation Department, by the 
cIToris of which thousands 
f)f acres of land formerly lying 
harren, have been brouglit 
under ciiltivation ; organised Cus- 
toms Department and improved 
the Marnmat or Public Works 
Department; Constructed the 
Victoria College and Memorial 
Hospital at Laslikar, the IMadhava 




College and Maharaja's Palace* at 
Ujjain, the Gwalior Light Railway 
and the Ujjain Water Works ; 
maintains Arts College at Lashkar, 
a Training School for officials, 
two Sardar's schools (one for boys, 
and one for girls), a Military 
school, and an Engineering school; 
opened a large number of 
hospitals and dispensaries all over 
the State ; opened relief works in 
the famine of 1899-00 costing over 
38 lakhs and distributed over 14 
lajvhs in gratutious relief ; area 
of the State, 2504 square miles; 
population, about 8 millions ; 
revenue, 150 lakhs ; Hony 
Colonel and Extra A.D. 
C. to H.M. the Emperor; 
Hony Colonel, British Army, 1891 ; 
Avent to China as Orderly Officer 
to General Sir C Gaselee, 1901 ; 
provided the expedition with a 
hospital ship at his cost ; Hon- 
Colonel, 1st Duke of York's Own- 
Lancers, 190G: visited England on 
the occasion of the Coronation of 
Emperor Edward VII, 1902 ; main- 
tains 3 regiments of Imperial 
Service Cavalry, 2 Battalions of 
Imperial Service Intantry, and a 
Transport Corps which served in the 
Chitral and Tirah Campaigns ; 2 
batteries of horse artillery, 3 bul- 
lock batteries, one elephant battery 
and 5 battalio)is of Intantry. The 
real capital of the State is 
Lashkar, 2 miles south of the 
ancient city of Gwalior and con- 
tains the palace of the Maharaja, 
who also has palaces built at 
Sipri and Ujjain ; entitled to a 
Salute of 19 guns. Address : 
Gwalior, Central India . 


Habib-ul-Rahman Khan, M. D ,M. 

V. (Lep/ig), Deputy Superinten- 
dent of Telegraphs, "U. P.; the 1st 
Indian to be admitted a Member 
of the Royal Institue, London ; 


rccepient of congratulations from 
such distinguished personages as 
H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught. 
Earl Roberts, Earl Curzon, Lord 
and Lady Reay, Lord Lamington 
and others; IMember, 

Royal Asiatic Society of London, 
and Bengal; Member of the Royal 
Institution of Great Britain. 
Address: Allahabad, U. P., Lidia. 

Habib-ur-Rahman Khan, Khan 
Sahib ; sub-editor, Fonzi Akhbai-, 
Delhi; s. of late Moulvi Haji Abdnr 
Rahim Khan Sahib, Imam of th.j 
first Bengal Cavalry, and who 
founded the Jumma Mosque and a 
School at Ghajjar ; served in 
the Indian Army for 22 years ; re- 
signed and became a journalist ; 
Khan Sahib, 1911. Address: 
Kalam Mahal, Delhi, India. 

Hackett. Very Rev Henry Monck 
Mason, M.A., B.D., Hony D.C.L. 
Hon. L.L.D, Incumbent of Holy 
Trinity, Waterford ; educ ; Trinity 
College, Dublin; Ordained, 1875; 
Curate of Cambridge, 1875-77 : 
sentout as S. M. S. Missionary to 
Benares, 1877-1881 ; Allahabad, 
1881-86 ; Minister of Christ Church 
Richmond, Surrey, 1886-11 : 
Christ Church, Hampstead, 1892- 
94 ; Principal St. Paul's Divinity 
school, Allahabad, 1892-96; Princi- 
pal, Montreal Theological Diocesan 
1891-1903; Canon, Waterford, 
1903 ; Dean, Waterford. 1904. 
Address: Cathedral, Waterford. 

Hadaway, William Snelling, 

Superintendent, School of Arts, 
j\Iadras ; b. 1872; joined service| as 
Supt, School of Arts, ]\Iadras, 1907. 
Address: Egmore, ^Madras, India. 

Hadi, SyedMahammed, Khan Baha- 
dur, M.R.A.S. Dy Commissioner; 
/;. 1864; ednc; "Sultanpur High 
School, and the Royal College, 



Oirancestor, where he took the 
highest honors including Holl- 
and Gold niadal ; travelled in 
America, being deputed by the 
Talukdars of Oudh to enquire 
into the possibilities of Indian 
students receiving technicel educa- 
tion there, 1882-89 ; deputed by 
the Secretary of Scate to undergo 
a course of training in Paris under 
Profcssoer Pasteur ; admitted to 
Statutary Service and transferred 
to Agricultural Deptt, U. P. as 
Assistant Director; Deputy Com- 
missioner, Partabgarh, 1911; 
invented a new process of sugar 
manufacture, now being adopted 
by others. Publicat'ums : Dyes and 
Dyeing in the United Provinces" 
" Notes on breed of cattle in the 
United Provinces" etc. Address'- 
Partabgarh, U.P., India. 

Hadow, Col Reginald Cambpell,D. 

8.0.1890; 6,1 851: s of late Patrick 
Douglas Hadow; educ; at Chelten- 
ham; entered the Army, 1870, and 
the Bengal staff Corps, 1876 ; 
became Brevet-Colonel, 1892 ; serv- 
ed in the Afghan war, 1878- 
80; present at the Ahmad Kheyl 
and in the march from Kabul 
to Kandahar, and battle of 
Kandahar ; Soudan expedition 
present at Tofrek and Tamai; 1885; 
second ^liranzai expedition, 1891 ; 
Chitral relief, 1895 ; Tirah expedi- 
tion, 1897 ; present at Dargari ; 
severely wounded at Khangarpur ; 
commanded 15th Sikhs ; retired. 
Address : The Ferns, Spencer 
Road. Eastbourne, Cktbs : United 
Service, and Sussex. 

aaffkine, Waldemar Mordecal 
Wolff, C.I.K. (1897), Bactriologist 
to Government of India, Calcutta; 
s. of late Aaron Haf^kine of 
Odessa; b. Odessa, 1800; edtic : 
Classical College, Cerdiansk 
(south Russia), and Odessa Uni- 

versity ; for sometime engaged 
in research work at the Odessa 
Zoological Museum, 1883-88; 
Assistant Professor of Physiology, 
General IMedical School, Switzer- 
land, 1888-89 ; Assistant to 
Pasteur, Paris, 1889-93 ; l^actrio- 
logieal research duty, India, 
since 1893 ; member, . Society 
of Naturalists of Nova Rossia, 
Odessa ; Societe de Zoologie de 
Prance, Paris ; Honorary Member, 
Microscopic Society, Calcutta : 
Member of Council, Society of 
Tropical IMedicine and Hygiene, 
Ijondon ; Honorary Member, Cal- 
cutta Medical Club. Fuhlicntions: 
Articles on General IMicrobiology, 
on plague, and on Cholera. Re- 
creations : Riding; Address : Bio- 
logical Laborator}' Calcutta. 
India. Clubs : Byculla, Bombay ;. 
United Service, Calcutta. 

Halley, Hon. William Maisbun, C.I. 

K., (1911),V.A.,I.C.S., Chief Com- 
missioner and President, Imperial 
Delhi Committe ; educ ; at Mer- 
chant Taylor School and Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford ; joined 
service as Assistant Commissioner, 
Punjab, 1894 ; Settlement Officer, 
1899; Colonisation Officer, J helum 
Canal, 1901 ; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, I90p; Secretary to Govern; 
ment, 1907 ; Deputy Secretary to- 
Government of India, 1901- 
Chief Commissioner, 1912; Presi- 
dent, Imperial Delhi Committee, 
1913. Address : Delhi, India. 

Haji Ismail Sait, Khan Bahadur, 
INIadras ; Proprietor of Messrs, 
Haji Ismail Sait & Co. IMadras ; 
has opened branches in Bombay,, 
Bellary and Bangalore ; nominat- 
ed to the Madras Legislative 
Council, 1913. Chairman, South 
India Industrials, Madras. Ad- 
dress: Harrington Road, Chot- 
pet, near Madras, India. 




Haldi, Raja of;Narain Deo Thakur 
Pi'asad; b. 1859 ; succeeded, LSGO; 
Head of the Hayoban clan of 
Rajputs who had established 
themselves at Ratanpur in the 
Central Provinces. In recognition 
of the valuable services rendered 
by Sarab Narayan Deo, the last 
ancestor of this family, to th^ 
British in the ^Mutiny of 1857. he 
was given 2 villages in Ballia, with 
the title of Raja. Address : 
Haldi, Ballia, U. P., India. 

Hakim-ud-DanIa, Nawab Musbh- 
ud-din Khan Huzur Nawaz Jang 
M.A., (cantab), Bar-at-Law; b. 
1861 ; educ ; at Trinity Hall ; 
Cambridge ; called to Bar 
(Middle Temple), 1891; presented 
to Her late ]\[ajesty Empress 
Victoria, the same year ; appoint- 
ed Judge, 190-2 ; !\Iember of 
the Hyderabad Legislative Coun- 
•cil for a number of years ; had 
the privilege of being presented to 
H.M. Sultan Mohammad V, 1910; 
Honorary Secretary, Nizam's 
Club. Eecreation : Tennis, and 
Bridge. Address : Hvderabad 
(D.), India. 

Halliday, Sir Frederick Loch, Kt, 

(191-2). CLE. (1919), M.V.O. 
(1906), Commissionef of Police, 
Calcutta; s. of Frederick M. 
Halliday I.C.S. ; b. 1864 ; educ ; 
The Abbey School, Beckenham ; 
Brackenbury's, Wimbledon ; 

joined service in the Police 
department. Bengal, as Assistant 
Superintendent, 1885; Superinten- 
dent, 1890 ; m. Ellen Mary 
Charlotte, d. of Pari von Cibra, 
of Dresdon, 1890; Deputy 
Commissioner of Police, Cal- 
cutta, 190-2 ; was in charge of 
Central Prisons at Bhagulpore, 
Midnapore, & Calcutta ; Com- 
missioner of Police, Calcutta 
since 1905. Address: 2, Kyd street, 


Calcutta. Clubs : United Service 
Bengal, Calcutta. 

Halliday. Lt. General George 

Thomas, Bengal Cavalry ; y. .s. 
of late Sir Frederick James 
Halliday, K,C.S.I.; b, 1840; joined 
the Army, 1851 ; Brg. Major & 
Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General 
India, 1874 ; Commanding 16th 
Bengal ('avalry, 1889 ;vi. j\Iinnie, 
d. of late General G.W. Bishop of 
the Indian Army, 1900 ; Colonel 
on the StaS, 1894 ; Offg Comman- 
dant, Oudh, 1895 ; Colonel of the 
16th Cavalry, Indian Army ; 
Lieutenant-General, 1900 ; Hazra 
Expedition, 1888 (medal with 
clasp). Address: 75, Redcliffe 
Gardens, S. W. Club: United 

Halliday, General John Gustavus ; 

unemployed supernumerary list ; 
b. 1822 ; 3rd s. of Thomas 
Halliday of Ewell, Surrey ; educ : 
Switzerland ; joined the Indian 
Army, in Madras, 1838; ap- 
pointed to the Mysore Commis- 
sion under SirMarkCubbon K.C.B. 
served many years in Mysore ; 
Vice-President, Victoria Institute. 
Address: 5, Church Terrace. Black- 
heath, S.E. 

HoUword, Norman Leltie, M.A. 
(Contab) member of the Legisla. 
Council, Behar and Orissa ; 
Joined as Professor, Dacca 
College, 1890 ; Professor. Presi- 
dency College, Calcutta, 1897 ; 
' Officer in Charge of Government 
Records and Ex-officio Asistant 
Secrctarv to Government of India, 
Home Deptt., 1904 ; Professor, 
Presidency College, 1904; Inspector 
of European Schools, 1907 ; trans- 
ferred to Bihar and Orissa as 
Director of Public Instruction, 
1912. Address : Patna, India. 



ameed Ullah Khan.M,, Al-Haj 
ul-Ulma Nawab Sarbuland Jang 
Bahadur, M.A, Chief Justice, 
Hyderabad(D) ; b. 1864 ; is the 
first student to join the M.A.O. 
College, Ahgarh, on the day of its 
opening; was presented to late Sir 
W. Muir, 1875, and the Earl of 
Lytton, 1877 ; proceeded to Eng- 
land, was coached by the famous 
house of Wren and Gurney ; 
joined Christ's College, Cambridge, 
and Lincoln's Inn, London ; called 
to Bar, 1881 ; Attache to late Earl 
of Northbrook, 1884 ; represented 
the India Office in the Congress of 
Orientalists held at Vienna, 1886 ; 
returned to India and began 
practice at Allahabad; took a pro- 
minent part in founding a hostel 
for the IMuhammadan students of 
the Muir Central College; owned 
and edited the Allahabad Review ; 
appointed Judge of the High Court. 
Hyderabad, 1894; became Chief 
Justice of the same Court; elected 
as a member of the Aligarh M.A.O. 
College Fund Committee, 1819; re- 
elected, 1911; proceeded to Eng- 
land and had the rare honor of an 
■ audience with the Emperor. Ad- 
dress : Hyderabad (D), India. 

Hamilton, Sir Daniel Mackinnon, 

Kt. (1900), Partner, Messrs. 
Mackinnon, ^Mackenzie, and Co. 
. Calcutta ; s. of late John 
.Hamilton of Hellowsburgh; b. 
'I860; vi. ]\Iargaret, d. of late 
Rev. W. E. W. Brown of 
Rothesay ; member, Imperial 
• Jjegislative Council, 1904. Ad- 
dress: The Warren Hill, Loughton, 

Hamilton, Major General Edward 
Owen Fisher K. C.S.I. 1911 ; C.S. 
190'J; .s. William James Hamilton; 
b. 1854; joined the Army, 1873 ; 
served in the Afghan war, 1879-80; 
Burma war, 1886-7 ; Hazra expe- 

dition, 1891 ; Tochi vallev, 1896 ; 
Malakand Field Force, 1897 ; D.A. 
A.G., Tirah expedition, 1891-98; 
Africa, 1899-1900 ; commanding 
2nd class District in India, since 
1902; Present at the siege and relief 
of Lady smith, 1902 ; Secundrabad 
Infantry Brigade, 1904 ; General 
Officer commanding Troops in 
Gournsey and Alderney, 1911 ; 
Address : Government House, 

Hamilton, Right Honorable Lord 
George Francis, C.S., D.S.Tj., 
L.L.D. (Glasgow), K.C.S.L (1903) 
Captain, Deal Castle ; 3rd s. of 1st 
Duke of Abersom ; b 1845 ; ediic ; 
at Harrow ; to. Maud y. d. of 3rd 
Earl of Harewood, 1881; represent- 
ed the counties of Middlesex and 
Ealing (c) in the House of Com- 
mons, 1808-85, and 1885-1900 res- 
pectively; Under Secretary of State 
for India, 1884-88 ; Vice President, 
India Council, 1888-80; First Lord 
of the Admiralty, 1885-1892; 
Chairman, London School Board, 
1894-95 ; Secretary of State for 
India, 1895-1903 ; Chairman, 
Royal Commission upon Poor Law 
and Unemployment, 1905-9 ; was 
Chairman of the Governors of 
Harrow School ; Provincial Grand 
Master, Middlesex since 1892 • 
Captain of Deal Castle since 1899. 
Recreations : Cycling, golf, and 
shooting. Address : 11, Montague 
street, Portman square ; Deal 
Castle. Clubs: Carlton, Sthenaeum, 

Hamilton, Sir Ian Standish Mont- 

eith, K. C. B., D. C. (). (1902), 
Inspector-General, Oversea Forces; 
s. (]o\. Christian Monteith Hamil- 
ton ; b. 1853 ; ednc ; at Cheam and 
Wellington ; joined Army, 1873 ; 
served in Afghan War, 1878-80 ; 
Boer War, 1881 ; at Sajuba Hill ; 
Nile expedition. 1884-5 ; Burma 
Expedition, 1886-7: Brovet-Lt-Co. 




1891 ; Military Secretary toC in C, 
India, 1893-95 ; Chitral Relief. 
1895 ; Tirah Campaign, 1897-8 ; 
South Africa, 1899-1901 ; Chief of 
the Stag of Lord Kitchener, 1901-2; 
Quarter Master General, 1903 ; 
attached to the Japanese Army, 
1904-5; General Officer, Command- 
ing Southern Army, 1905-9 ; Mili- 
tary ]\Iember of the Army Council, 
19013-10; on Special duty to Foreign 
Courts to announce the accession of 
Emperor George V ; General Com- 
manding Mediterranean! Forces ; 
Inspector-General of Oversea 
Forces. Address: 6, Beamore 
Place', Mayfair, W. Club: Athen- 

Hammond, Col (1890) Sir Arthur 

George, K. C. B. (1908), V. C. 
(1879), D.S. O. (1891) s. of Major 
T. G. Hammond ; b, 1843 ; educ : 
at Sherborne and Addiscombe ; 
joined the Indian Staff Corps, 1861; 
served in the Jowaki-Afridi expedi- 
tion, 1877-8; Afghan war. 1878-80; 
Hazra expedition, 1888 ; C. B. 
Chitral Relief, 1895 ; Tirah expedi- 
tion, 1897-8 ; A.D.C. toQueen Vic- 
toria. AdfZress: Sherborn House, 
Comberly, Surrey. Club: Prim- 

Hammond. Egert Lawrie Lukas. 

V.A. I.C.S., Member, Legislative 
Council, Bihar and Orissa ; educ ; 
at Newton College, and Keble 
College, Oxford ; joined service 
in Bei\gal, 189G : Superintendent, 
Cooch Bihar, 1903 ; transferred to 
Bihar as Registrar, Co-operative 
Credit Societies, 1912 ; Secretary to 
Government of Bihar and Member, 
Iiegislative Council since 1913. 
Address: Patna, Bengal, India. 

Hampson, Sir George Francis, B.A. 

(1880), 10th Baronet; .s. of late 
Rev. William S. Hampson ; i. 
1860 ; cdue ; at Charterhouse and 
Exter uoUege, Oxford ; vi. Islifinie, 


Francis, d. of late Colonel John 
Clerk-Kennedy, C.3 , 1893. Pttbli- 
cation : Various scientific works- 
including the Moths of India 
jjublished by the India Office 
between 1892-6. Address . 62, 
Atanhope Gardens, S.W. 

Hanchinalkar, Ganesh Bala- 
krishna, Azam; b., 1813; entered 
Government service in the Educa- 
tional department ; served in it for 
nearly 40 years and retired a& 
Head-master ; was first a Member 
and afterwards Chairman, Haliyal 
Municipality ; was Supervisor' 
Census Operations in Dharwar, 
Gajendragad, and Gadog in 
1872, 1891 and 1901 respec- 
tively ; was Copyist to the Bombay 
Archaological Society and Numis- 
matic Pandit to the Royal Asiatic 
Society in England and India; 
title of Azam conferred, 1913. 
Publications: History of North 
Canara and several numismatic 
works. Address: Samdatti, Bel- 
gaum, India. 

Hankin, Arthur Grommelin, C.S.I. 
CLE. 1895 ; Inspector-Gen. of 
Police, H}"derabad (Deccan) ; b. 
1859 ; s. of the late Mordant Powell 
Hankin; w. 1st, 1884, Eva Marv(<i. 
1891); 2nd, 1899, Mary, d. of Maj 
Gen. E. L. Hankin ; has 
been awarded Police Medal ; 
Address : Hyderabad, (Deccan), 

Hankin, Ernest Hanbury,^ 

Chemical Examiner and 
Bacteriologist, United Provinces 
and Central Provinces, India, since 
1891; fo. Ware Hertfordshire 1865; 
s. of Rev. C.S, Hankin. m. Ethel 
Marry, e.d, of Willam .Tonathen 
Goodwin of Canterbury, 1907 educ; 
Merchant Taylors School ; Univ- 
Coll, London ; St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, London ; St John's 



atory, Berlin ; Institute Pasteur, 
Paris; late Fellow of St. Johns 
College, Cambridge; Fellow of Alla- 
habad University ; joined St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hospital, 1884, where 
be obtained the Harvey Prize for 
practical physiology ; obtained an 
entrance exhibition, St. John's 
College, Cambridge, 1886 ; rowed 
in Lady Margaret second Lent 
Boat, 1887 ; elected Scholar and 
took B. Sc. degree, 1889 ; 
has developed a large research 
laboratory in Agra, India. Publica- 
tions : On Immunity produced by 
an Albumose islolatedfrom Anthrax 
Cultures (Brit. Med. Journal, Oct. 
1889); A Bacteria-killing Globulin; 
Ueber den Unspriing und Vorkom- 
men von Alexinen im Organismus 
(Centralblatt f . Bacteriologie,1892); 
Cholera in Indian Cantonments ; 
Bhawani, the (.'holera Goddess ; 
La propagation de la paste ; The 
Cause and Prevention of Cholera 
(published in thirteen languages) ; 
A Simple ^lethod of checking 
Cholera in Indian Villages ; &c. Re- 
CJ cations: yachting, and Indian 
antiquities. Address : Agra, India. 
Clubs: New Oxford and Cambridge; 
Royal Bombay Yacht, Naini Tal. 

Hannay, Hon'ble Mr. Justice, Alex- 
ander Lidderdale, Bar-at-Law, 

Puisne Judge, High Court, 
Madras ; educ. King's College, 
Cambridge ; joined service as 
Assistant Col lector and 
Magistrate, 1891 ; attached 

to Rev Survey party, 1912 ; Assis- 
tant Secretary to Government in 
the Departments under the Chief 
Secretary, 1890; Undersecretary 
to Government, Rev. Department, 
1898; same year was appointed 
Registrar, Madras High Court ; 
Special duty under the orders of 
the Hon. the Chief Justice, 
1905 ; District and Sessions Judge, 
1908 ; Ag Judge, Madras High 
Court, 1914 ; Address: Madras. 


Hannyngton, Frank, MA. I.C.S. 

Commissioner, Coorg ; ed2ic : at the 
Trinity College, Dublin ; joined 
service as Assistant Collector and 
Magistrate, 1891; Assis- 
tant Secretary to Government, 
1903 ; Private Secy, to Governor, 
1904 ; services placed at the dispo- 
sal of the Govt, of India (Deptt. of 
Commerce and Industry), 1906 ; 
Ag. Postmaster-General, same year; 
Confirmed, 1907; On specialduty 
in the Madras Collector's Office on 
4th and 5th April 1912 ; Temporary 
Deputy Secretary to Govern- 
ment, 6th to 17th April 
1912 ; Ag Collector, Madras, 19th, 
April 1912 ; Commissioner, Coorg, 
15th November 1912. Address : 
Mercara, Coorg, India. 

Hannyngton, Patrick, Commisioner 
of Police, IMadras ; b. 1871 ; enter- 
ed service as Probationer and 2nd 
class Police Inspector, 1891 ; act- 
ing Assistant Superintendent of 
Police, 1892 ; confirmed, 
1895 ; promoted to 1st grade 
Assistant Superintendent, 1900 ; 
Acting Superintendent, 1902 ; 
Confirmed as S u p e r i n t e n- 
dent, 1903 ; transferred to 
Mysore Service and posted as 
Superintendent of Police, Civil and 
Military Station, Bangalore, 1906; 
Collector, Civil and Tililitary Sta- 
tion, Bangalore, 1907-09; reverted 
to British Service and appointed 
as Deputy Inspector-General of 
Police, Central Range, 1911 ; 
Ag Commissioner of Police, 
Madras, 1913 ; on furlough out of 

Hansraj, Lalla, Ijahore; one of the 
loading Arya Samajists of Lahore; 
Principal, Dayanand A. V. College, 
Lahore, Rtd., b. 1864; educ : Mis- 
sion High School, and Government 
College, Laliorc ; joined the Arya 
Samaj and became joint editor of 
(Regenerator of Arya Varta) ; 




offered to serve the Dayanand 
Anglo-Vedic College without 
remuneration ; became its Head- 
master, and eventually its 
Principal ; Fellow^ of the 
Punjab University ; Member, Text 
Book Committee; President, 
Young Men's Arya Samaj ; and 
Member, Sewak Mandali. Address: 
Lahore, Punjab, India. 

Hanuman Prasad Pandai, Rai 

Bahadur ; Zemindar ; belongs to 
a sect of the Sarjupari Brahmins ; 
b. 1859 ; rendered valuable 
service in connection with Famine 
Reliefs ; gave evidence before the 
Famine Commission, 1901 ; Owns 
extensive landed property ; 
Rai Bahadur, 1891. Address: 
Bijeraghogarh, ]Murwara Tahsil, 
Jubbulpur C. P. India. 

HanumanthaGowd,C. RaoBahadur 

Hospet ; b. 1858 ; edtic : at the 
Provincial College, Bellary, and 
the Madras Presidency College ; 
interested in agriculture and his- 
torical reasarches ; started many 
Agricultural Banks and introduc- 
ted in his district over 300 improv- 
ed sugar mills which he sold 
on easy terms to ryots ; Vice- 
President, Hospet Taluk Board ; 
Honorary Magistrate ; Member, 
Bellary District Board ; Honorary 
Visitor, Bellary Jail. Address: 
Hospet, Bellary District, 

Hanumantha Rao, Bhimanakunte, 

B.A., I.S.O., Professor of Mathe- 
matics (retired) College of Flngi- 
neering, Madras; b. 1855; B.A., 
1874 ; joined service as 4th Assis- 
tant jMaster, Kumbakonam 
College, 1877 ; Ag. Headmaster, 
Prasticing Department, Govt. 
Normal School, ]Madras, 188-2-84 ; 
Ag. Principal, Government Normal 
School, 1885 ; served in various 
. .'. lower grades till he was taken in 

•■ 178 

the Upper Subordinate Educational 
Service, School Branch, 1891 ; Ag. 
Professor of Mathematics, College 
of Engineering, Madras, 1893-4 ; 
Provincial Educational Service, 
1897 ;_, continued as Professor of 
Mathematics, College of Engineer- 
ing, Madras ; retired, 1912 ; 
Fellow of the Madras University ; 
Member, Faculty of Engineer- 
ing, M a d r a s University ; 
Address: ' Kamalalaya', High 
Road, Rayapeta, Madras, India. 

Hanumantha Rao, Dinavahi Yen- 

kata ; Merchant ; Chairman, 
Municipal Council, Bezwada ,■ 
one of the founders of the National 
Fund and Industrial Association, . 
Madras, of which he was one of 
the Joint Honorary Secretaries 
for some years ; one of the four 
Joint Secretaries of the i Industrial 
and Arts Exhibition held at 
Madras, 1903; worked energatically 
for the successful termination of 
the All-India Weaving Competition 
held at Madras in December 1907 ; 
Sir Arthur Lawley then Governor 
of Madras, highly complimented 
him for his work in connection 
with the Weaving Exhibition. 
Address: Bezwada, Kistna District, 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Hardinge, Charles of Penshurt; 

1st Baron (1900); C.B. fl895); C, 
V.O. (1903); K.C.M.G. and K.C. 
V.O; G. C.S.I, and G.M.E. (1904); 
G.C.M.G, and G.C.V.O. (1905); 
LS.O. (90G); P.C. ; G.C.B. (1910), 
Ch. V.O; (1912); Viceroy and 
Governor-General of India since 
1910; brother of 3rd. Viscount 
Hardinge; b. 1858; educ. Harrow; 
Trinity College, Cambridge ; 
7;z. Hon. Winifred Sturt C. I., d. 
of 1st Baron Alington, 1890; (d 
1914); entered service, 1880 ; 3rd 
Secretary, 1882 ; 2nd. Secretary, 



1885; Secy, of Legation, Teheran, 
1896; Secy, of Embassy, St. Peteis- 
burgh (Petrograde) 1898-03; Assist 
tant Under Secy, for Foreign 
Affairs, 1903-04; British Ambassa- 
dor at Petrograde; 1904-06; Per- 
manent Under Secy, of State for 
Foreign Affairs, 1906-10; Grand 
Officer, Legation of Honor, and 
Grand Cross of the Crown of Italy; 
Grand Cross of Our Lady of Portu- 
gal, 1903; Grand Cross of the Greek 
Order of St. Saviour, 1906 ; Grand 
Cross of Spanish Order of Charles 
HI; Grand Cross of Austrian Order 
of Leopold, 1907; Grand Cross of 

. Danish Order Dannebrog ; Grand 
Cross of Swedish Order Vasa, 

. Grand Cross of Norwegian Order 
St. Olaf ; Grand Cross of Russian 
Order Alexander Nevski, 1908; 
Grrand Cross of German Order of 
Red Eagle, 1909. Address : Vice- 
regal Lodge, Delhi; Viceregal 
Lodge, Simla, India. 

Hare, Sir Lancelot, CLE. 11900), 
C.S.I. (1906), K. C.S.I. (1907) LC. 
S. (retired) ; y. s. of late Thomas 
Hare of Hook, Surrey; 6, in London, 
1851. educ; Hurstpierpoint, Sussex; 
City of Loudon School; joined 
I.C.S. and served in Bengal and 
Assam; IMember of the 

Board of Revenue ; Member 
oftheSupreme Legislative Council, 
1905-06 ; Lieutenant-Governor, 
East Bengal and Assam, 1906-8; 
retired, 1911; Address: c/o India 
Office, London. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Hare, Robert Douglas, C. I. E, 

(1904), b. 1848 : s. of late Robert 
Hare;eiZMc; at Blackhcath Proprie- 
tory School ; entered Service, °1809 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1889 ; 
DiVector of Land Records and 
Agricultvu'e, 1890-91 ; Judicial 
Commissioner, Berar, ■ 1903 ; 
■ Commissioiiei-, Berar, 1903-4 : 

retired, 1904, 
India Office, 

Address : c/o 
London. Cluh : 

Hari Nath Rai, Jiidge, High Court, 
Calcutta. Address : Calcutta, 

Harisinhji Jaisinhji, Thakur Sahib ; 
s. of late Thakur Sahib Jaisinhji; 
b., 1845 ; is of the same fainily 
as that of the Rao of Cutch ; area 
of the State, 283 sq miles ; po- 
pulation, '22,000; revenue, 11 
lakhs; a 2nd class Chief in the 
Agency of Kathiawar and 
is entitled to a salute of 9 guns ; 
many public buildings have been 
erected by him, the most im- 
portant of them being the Victoria 
Dispensary, the Prichard Girls' 
School, a clock tower and a few 
temples ; P'lys tribute 

not only to the British Govern- 
ment but to the Geakwar of Baroda 
as well; Heir: Kumar Shri Daulat- 
sinhji. b. 1865. Address : Dhrol, 
Kathiawar, Bombay Presidency, 

Harischandra, Hon'ble Vishandas, 

B.A. , L.L.B., I'jlected jNIembcr, 
Legislative Council, Bombay, 

Harkar, Lt. Col. Kailas Narayan, 

CLE., (1911), Gwalior Army; 
Private Secretary to H. H. the 
j^Iabaraja Scindhia. Address : 
(iwaiior. Central India. 

Harnam Das, Rao Bahadur, Judicial 
]\Icmber, Council of Regency, 
Jodhpur; b. 1864; s. of Munshi 
Nihal Chand ; joined service as 
Octroi Superintendant . of the 
Jampur Municipality, 1884 ; 
Superintendaut, Court of Wards, 
Boards office, 1886 ; Clerk, Legis- 

. lativc Council, U.P.-, 1887 to 1890; 
Registrar, Small Cause 



Harnam Das. 

Court, Ajmere, 1890 to 1892 ; 
District Magistrate, Kheri, 189-2 
to 1896 : Extra Assistant Commis- 
sioner, 2nd grade, and Judge, 
Small Cause Court, 1896-; 
1st grade Extra Assistant Commis- 
sioner, 1902 ; services lent to 
Marwar Durbar ; junior Member, 
IMahakme khas, (1904—1907). 
again on foreign service, 1911 ; 
Rai Bahadur, 1910. Address : 
Jodhpur, India. 

Har Narain Shastri, Mahamaho- 
padhyaya, Professor of Sansjjrit 
Litrature and Theology, Hindu 
College, Delhi; b. 1870 ; educ; at 
Delhi, Bareilly and Benares ; pass- 
ed the Highest Sanskrit Examn, 
1890 ; passed the Diploma in 
English, 1897 ; Mahapadeshak and 
Sahitya Bushan conferred on him 
by Bharat Dharma Mahamandal ; 
Examiner, Punjab University, 
1901 ; Member. Asiatic Society of 
Bengal, and the Bharat Maha- 
mandal. Address : Delhi, India. 

Harris, 4th Baron (of Seringapatam 
andMysore.and of Belmont, Kent, 
1815), George Robert Canning, 

Ct.C.S.L, G.C.I. E.. D.L., 

J.P. ; A.D.C. to the King ; b. 
1851 ; s. of 3rd Baron ; S. father, 
1872 ; educ : Eton ; Christ 
Church, Oxford ; Under-Secretary 
for India, 1885-1886 ; Under- 
Secretary for War, 1886-89; 
Governor of Bombay, 1890-95; A. 
A.G. for Imperial Yeomanry in 
England, 1900; in S.Africa. 1901; 
a well-known cricketer ; Hon 
Col. 4th Batt. The Buffs ; Lord- 
in-Waiting to Queen Victoria, 
1895-1900; owns about 4,700 
acres ; to. Lucy Ada Jervis, 
C.I. ,d. of 3rd Viscount St. Vincent, 
1874 ; Heir d son ; Hon ; George 
St. Vincent Harris, q.v. Address: 
Belmont, Eaversham, Kent. Clubs: 
Carlton, Cavalry, 


Harrison, Francis Capel, C.S.I. 
(1909), Comptroller, Audi- 

tor-General, and Head Commis- 
sioner of Paper Currency, Cal- 
cutta ; b 1863 ; ediic ; Rugby ; 
Balliol College, Oxford ; joined 
I.C.S. 1884 ; served in the execu- 
tive department in Bengal for five 
j-ears and then entered the financial 
department ; Deputy Accountant- 
Gen. Madras, 1897 : N.W. Pro- 
vinces and Oudh, 1899 ; Bombay. 
1904; Head Commr of Paper 
Currency, 1908 ; Indian Corres- 
pondent of the Economic Journel. 
Publications : numerous papers on 
currency matters. Recreations : 
shooting, fishing, golf. Address: 6, 
Charles Street, Mayfair, W. Cbtbs: 
Wellington, Savile. 

Hart-Davies, Thomas, F.R.G.S. : 
I.C.S., (retired); s. of late Ven. 
Archdeacon Hart-Davies ; cdnc : 
Marlborough; Pembroke College. 
Oxford; Joined I.C.S., 1869; served 
in all the various lower grades and 
was transferred to Sind, where 
he was Educational Inspector, 
Assistant Commissioner, and 
IManager of Estates ; became 
Judge of Karachi, and Acting 
Judicial Commissioner ; retired, 
1897 ; contested Rotherhithe, 
1900 ; travelled eight times 
round the world; M. P. (L.) 
North Hackney, 1906-1910. Pub- 
lications : translations from 
Russian works, and short stories 
for magazines. Clubs : Reform, 
East India United Sevice, Savile. 

Hartnell, Sir Henry Sullivan, 

Kt.,(1914); I.C.S., Bar-at Law; 
Judge, Chief Court, Lower Burma ; 
educ ; at Extra Grammar School 
and Trinity College, Oxford; called 
to the Bar, 1898; joined service, as 
Assistant Commissioner. Burma, 
1883; Dy. Commissioner, 1890: 
Commissioner, 1902; Judge, Chief 



Court, Lower Burma, 1906 ; Offg 
Chief Judge, 1911. Addi-ess : 
Rangoon, Burma. 

Harvey, William Leathern. I.C.S., 

C.I.E., 1904, Secretary to Govern- 
ment of India, Deptt. of Commerce 
and Industry; since, 1905. educ : 
at the Royal Academical Institute, 
Belfast, and Trinity College, Dub- 
lin; joined service in India; Assist- 
ant Collector, 1883; Under-Secre- 
tary to Government, Revenue, Fin- 
ancial and General Deptts, 1891 ; 
Dy. Accountant-General, 1895 ; 
Municipal Commissioner, Bombay, 
1898 ; introduced for the first time 
in Bombay, the system of electric 
lighting : Member, Bombay Port 
Trust, and the Victoria Jubilee 
Technical Institute. Address : 
Simla, India. 

Hastings, Maj. -Gen. Francis Eddo- 
wes, C. B. (1894) ; 6. India, '1843; 
e.s.of lateSurg.-Gen. T. Hastings; 
m. Isabella Barbara, d. of late 
John Hastings, 1874 ; edtic; at 
home ; entered Indian Army, 
Bengal, 1859 ; served in Afgha- 
nistan, 1879-80; in Marri Ex- 
pedition ; 1880 ; in Hazara Ex-. 
pedition, 1888 and with the Zhob 
Valley P^xpedition, 1890 ; retired, 
1895. Address : c/o India Office, 

Hatchell, David George ; Director, 
Madras Survey, IMadras ; b. 1865 ; 
joined service as probationery 
Asst Superintendent of Survey, 
1885 ; became Superintendent, 
1901 ; posted to' present appoint- 
ment, 1907. Address : Madras, 

Hasankhan Mahdhub, Khan Baha- 
dur ; ^lembcr of the Bihar and 
Orissa Legislative Council ; took 
his seat, 1913. 

Hasanpur. Raja of ; Mahommed 
Mehdi Ali Khan; A certain Jai 
('hand (of the clan of Bachkoti 
llajputs) enil)raced the IMoslem 
liith under the name of Tatar 
Khan and it is from him the 
picsent Raja is descended. At the 
lime of the Mutiny of' 1857, 
I Iiisain Ali Khan, the then holder 
"I tlie estate was in command of 
:l n.'l^el army at Sultanpur against 
I lie British Imt after the mutiny, 
li ■ was pardoned and restored to 
his estate and the family has since 
then remained faithful to the 
I'.iitish. The present Raja is an 
Honorary Magistrate for the Police 
(irelos of Sultanpur, Jaisingpur 
il Kurebhar. The estate com- 
isos 102 villages and G patties 
II Sultanpur, ;ind 2 villages and 
i)ie patti in Fyzabad ; Raja, 1864. 
A'IdresH : Hasanpur, Sultanpur, 
I . P., India. 

Hatwa, Maharaja of; Maharaj 
Guru Mahadev Asram Prasad 
Sahi; s. of ]\Iaharaja Bahadur Sir 
Kisheii Pratap Sahi, K. C. I. E ; 
b. 1893; succeeded as a minor, 
1896 ; head of the Bagochia 
brahmin family that claims to 
have been settled in the Sarain 
district for 102 generations ; 
holds large estate in Saram, 
Shahabad, Champaran Mozzur- 
pore and Durbhangah districts. 
Address : Hathwa l',0., Saran 
District, Beliar and Orissa, India. 

Hatwa, Maharani of ; Maharani 
Gyan Manjari Kuori, K.II.G. ;\1. ; 
widow of Maliaraja Jiahadur Sir 
Kishen Pratap Sahi, K. C. I. E., 
and mother of Maharaj Guru 
IMahadev Asram Prasad Sahi, 
the present !^Taharaja of Hatwa ; 
Addrccs : Pfathwa P.O. Saran 
District, Behar and Orissa, 




Hawkes. Major-General Henry 
Montague Packington,C.B.(1904), 
C.S. I. (1909), Indian Army ; h. 
1855 ; s. of Ool. R. Hawkes, "80th 
Regt; Joined armv, 1872 ; Captain 
1884 ; Major, 1892 : Lieut-Col. 
1898 ; Col. 1901 ; Maj-Cen. 1905 , 
served Afghan War 1879-80 ; Isazai 

. Expedition, 1892; Tirah, 1897-98. 
m. Mary Isabel Jessie, d. of late 
Charles Woodgate, 1889. Clnb: 
East IndiaUnited Service. 

Heaton. Joseph John, I. C. S., 

Judge High Court, Bombay ; 
educ : at Bradford G rammer 
School, and King's College, 
Cambridge ; joined service, 1881 ; 
Joint Judge, the same year ; 
Private Secretary to Governor, 
1895-98 ; District and Sessions 
Judge, Bombay, 1898 ; Judl 
Commissioner, Sind, 1907 ; Judge, 
High Court, Bombay since 1908. 
Address : Bombay. India. 

Hellings. Robert Bailey, Govern- 
ment Agent, Southern Province, 
Ceylon, 1912. Address : Colombo, 

Henderson, John Robert, M.B.,F,L. 

S., Superintandent, Government 
Museum and Connemara Library, 
Madras; 6. 1863; joined Educa- 
tional Department as Professor 
■rf Biology, Madras Christian 
College, about 1892 ; appointed to 
present post 1908. Address : 
Government Museum, Egmore, 
Madras, India. 

Henderson, Maj.-Gen. Philip Dur- 
ham, C.S.I. (1876) . Indian Armv ; 
b. 18 to ; 2nd s. of late Maj.-Gen. R. 
Henderson, R.E. ; vi. Rose, 2nd 
d. of late Lt.-Gcn. P. Cherry of the 
I^Iadras Cavalry. 1864 ; educ : at 
Home ; joined Army in the 2nd 
Madras Cavali-y, 1857 ; Attache, 


1870 ; Under-Secretary, Foreign 
Dept., Govt, of India, 1872 ; 
special duty in Cashmere, 1874 ; 
Superintendent of operations for 
the suppression of Thuggee and 
Dacoity, 1878; Resident in Mysore, 
1892 ; retired, 1895 ; was on Staff 
of H.M. the King, then Prince of 
Wales, during his visit to India. 
Address : 47, Warwick Road, S.W. 

Hendley, Col. Thomas Holbein, C.I. 

E.. (1891), V.D., I.M.S., (retired) ; 
b. 1847 ; e. s. of T. Hendley ; educ : 
at St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; 
joined the Indian Medical Ser- 
vice ; was employed for 27 years 
under the Foreign Department in 
India, as Residency Surgeon in 
the Jaipur State ; Inspector- 
General of Hospitals, Bengal, 
1898-1903 ; retired, 1903 ; Chair- 
man. Executive Committee, Jaipur 
Exhibition, 1883 ; Vice President, 
Bengal Asiatic Society, 1899-1903. 
Publications : several works on 
Indian Art. Rulers of India and 
Chiefs of Rajputana ; Medico-To- 
pographical Histories of Jaipur 
and Rajputana, etc.. Address: 
London Road, N.W. 

Henniker. Hon. Mr. F. C. Member, 
Legislative Council, Assam; edtic: 
at St. Paul's School and Balliol 
College, Oxford ; Joined service, 
1°87 ; Deputy Commissioner, 1897; 
Director of Land Records and 
Agriculture. 1898; Chief Secretary 
to Government of Assam, 1902 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, Assam, 
1912. Address: Gauhati, Assam, 

Henry, Sir Edward Richard, K.C.B. 

(1910), K.C.V.O., (1906), G.V.O. 
(1905), C.S I. (1898), Commis- 
sioner of Police, Calcutta ; b. 1850 : 
joined I.C.S. as Assistant Collector 
and Magistrate, 1873; Collector 
and Magistrate, 1888 ; Inspector- 



General of Police, Bengal, 1891 ; 
Divisional Commissioner, 1900 ; 
resigned, 1901 ; Assistant Commis- 
sioner, Metropolitan Police. 1901- 
03 ; Commander Legion of Honor ; 
vt. Loui'sa Lanqrishe, d. of late 
Rev. John L. Moore, D.D., 1890. 
Address : 29, Campden House 
Court, W ; New Scotland Yard, S. 
W. Clubs : Ranelagh, East- India 
United Service. 

Herbert, Lt.-Col. Charles, C.S.I. 
1909, Resident Jaipur, 1905-9; 
Joined Service in the Army, 1874; 
served in the ^lilitary Dept. till 
1882, including* Afghan War of 
1879-80 ; extra A. B.C. to Viceroy, 
1878-82 ; Magistrate of Abu, 1882 ; 
Assistant Commissioner. Ajmer, 
1889 ; officiating Political Agent, 
Eastern States, Rajputana, 1891- 
92 ; Political Agent, Kotah, 1894 ; 
Eastern States of Rajputana, 1900; 
Resident, Gwalior, 1901 ; in charge 
of ex-Ameer of Afghanistan, 1904. 
Address : Jaipur, Rajputana, India. 

Herschel, Sir William James, M. A. 

2nd Bt. (1838), I.C.S. 1833; educ: 
Haileybury College ; S. his 
father, 1871 ; m. Anne Emma, d. 
of A. Hardcastle, of Surrey, 1864; 
(wife d. 1873) ; discovered the use 
of finger prints, 1859 ; proved 
their individuality and their per- 
sistence ; initiated the modern 
system of identification for civil 
purposes, 1878 ; heir and s. Rev. 
John Charles William LR.A.S ; b. 
1869 : Address : Rectory House, 
Warfield, RerKS. 

Hertz, Henry Felix, C. I. E. 

(1900), P. R. G. S., Superinten- 
dent of Police, Burma; b. 1863; 
s. of A. W. T. Hertz, of Ribo, 
Denmark ; ediic : St. Xavier's 
College, Calcutta ; passed Higher 

standard examination in Burmese, 
Shan, and Kachin languages ; took 
active part in operations round 
Mandalay , 1886-87 ; and in the 
Shan States, 1887-90 ; in opera- 
tions, in the Kachin Hills and 
Chinese Frontier (thanks of Gov- 
ernment of India and Home 
Government, Frontier medal and 
four clasps. C,I.E.), 1883 ; is 
Corresponding Member, Kongelige 
danske geografiske selskab. Publi- 
cation : A Practical Handbook of 
the Kachin Language. Address : 
Rangoon, Burma. 

Hewett, Sir John Prescott, CLE. 

(1891), K. C.S.I. 1907; G.S.CL 
(1911). Lieutenent-Governor, U.P. 
India ; e. s. of Rev. John He- 
wett ; 6. at Barham, 1854 ; 
educ : at Winchester, Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford ; joined I.C.S. in 
Bengal, 1877 ; vi. Ethel Charlotte, 
2ndfZ. of H.B. West; was employed 
in the N.W. Provinces till 1889; 
Under Secretary, Government of 
India (Home Deptt), 1886; Pri- 
vate Secretary to Governor- 
General, 1880 and 1890 ; Deputy 
Secretarv, Government of India 
(Home beptt) , 1890; Collector and 
Magistrate, N.W. Provinces, 1893; 
Secretary, Royal Commission on 
Opium, 1891; Member, Indian 
Plague Commission, 1898 ; Secre- 
tary, to Government of India 
(Home Deptt.), 1894-1902 ; Chief 
Commissioner, C. P., 1902; Mem- 
lier in charge of (Commerce and 
Industry Deptt, 1904 ; Lieutenent- 
Governor, U.P. since 1904 ; Presi- 
dent, Coronation Durbar Com- 
mittee, 1911; Retd, 1913. Address : 
c/o India OiTico, London. Club: 

Higgs, Charles Jamee, Partner, 
Messrs, Higginbotliam & Co., 
IMadras ; b. Stroud, Glocester- 




shire, 1863 ; apprenticed to Print- 
ing and Journalism, 1883 ; pro- 
ceeded to Ceylon as Chief Reporter; 
Manager, " Ceylon Observer" 
Colombo; Sub-Editor, " Cey- 
lon Independent, " 1886 ; 
came over to India and joined 
Messrs Addison & Co., as partner, 
1891; joinedMessrs Higginbotham, 
1899 ; elected to the Committee of 
the Madras Trades Association, 
1900 ; elected a Member of the 
JIadras Corporation, 1904 ; Sheriff 
of Madras, 1905. Address : Har- 
rington Road, Chetput, Madras. 

Hill, Claude Hamilton Archer, C. 

S. I. (1910), CLE. (1903), I.C.S., 
]Member of Council, Bombay; s. of 
Capt Edward N. Hill ; b., 1867; 
edtcc : at St. Mark's School, Wind- 
sor and at Emmanuel's College, 
Cambridge ; entered Service, 1889 
as Assistant Collector, Bombay ; 
Under Secretarv to Government, 
Political Department, 1892-1895 ; 
Under Secretary to Government 
of India, Home Department, 1897 — 
99 ; First Assistant to the Resi- 
dent of Hyderabad, 1900-03 ; 
Private Secretary to Governor of 
Bombay, 1904; Political Secretary, 
Government of Bombay, 1906; 
Political Agent, Udaipur, 1908; 
Agent to Government of Bombay 
in Kathiawar. Address : Rajkot, 

Hill Tippera, Raja of; H. H. 
Raja Birendra Kishore Deb 
Barman Manikya; b, 1883 ; S. his 
father late Raja Radha Kishore, 
1909 ; claims descent from the 
family of Chandra, once the sole 
rulers of Hill Tippera. The chro- 
nicle of the family, llajmnla, says 
that one Raja Dharma IManikya, 
14th in descent from Chandra, 
occupied the gaddi in 1407; in 
the 17th century, the family is 
said to have ruled over an extent 
of territory extending from the 


Hooghly on the West to Burma on 
the East and to Kamrup on the 
North; during the reign of Jehan- 
gir. Hill Tippera was invaded and 
captured and the then King Raja 
Jasa Manikya, talcen'to Delhi; 
but Jehangir was soon forced to 
evacuate the country and leave it 
under the control of the old Rajas; 
in the Muting of 1857, Raja 
Ishan Chandra Manikya was on 
the side of the British; area of 
the State, 4086 square miles ; 
population, about 180,000 ; reve- 
nue, r early 9 lakhs ; 
owns the estates of Chakla 
Roshnabad, covering 570 square 
miles; entitled* to a salute of 13 
guns. Address : Hill Tippera, 

Himayat-ud-Din-Ahmad, Hon'ble 

Khan Bahadur, B. A., B.L.; Mem- 
ber of Dt. and Municipal Boards, 
Barisal ; b, at Kushla, 1860 ; cduc: 
Barisal Zillah School and Dacca 
Medrassah and College ; 

organized an Association 

for female education among Mo- 
hammadans and took a leading 
part in founding the DuiJerin Hos- 
tel at Dacca ; first served as a tea- 
cher and then as a lawyer 
at Barisal ; repr-?sented 

his community in the Legisla- 
tive Council, Bengal ; Member, 
Brojomohan College, and the Text- 
book Committee. ^(7(Zr(?ss: Barisal, 
Bengal, India. 

Hira Lai, B. A., M.R.A.S.,Rai Baha- 
dur, Extra Assistant Commission- 
er ; b. 1867 ; ednc : at Jubbulpur 
College 'where he commenced his 
service ; appointed Deputy Inspec- 
tor of Schools; rose to the position 
of Extra- Assistant Commissioner; 
an authority on Ethnography, 
languages, Archselogy and epigra- 
phy of the Central Provinces ; 
contril)utes largely to the 



" Epigraphia Indica" ; Rai Baha- 
dur, 1910. Address : Jubbulpur, 
C.P., India. 

Hiriyanna, M., M.A. Headmaster, 
Government Normal School, 
IMysore; s. of Mr. M. Nunjun- 
diah; b. 1871; educ: at the Maha- 
raja's College Mysore, and the 
Madras Christian College; joined 
the Educational Department 
of Mysore, and rose to 

present position, 1906. Address : 
^lysore City, India. 

Hirst, W. A. Principal, Gujerat 
College, Ahmedabad; b. Hudders- 
field, 1870; s. of Alfred Hirst, late 
of I)alton Lodge, Huddersfield; 
educ : Clifton Coll ; Worcester 
College, Oxford ; joined service as 
Professor of History, Govt. 
College, Lahore, 1895-96; First 
Professor, Meerut College, 1896- 
1902; joined the Gujerat College 
as Pi'incipal, 1902. 7ii. Catherine, 
d. of George Thompson Hanogate, 
1898. PvMications : Survey of 
Ethics ; edited Rokeby, with 
notes, 1904. Address : Gujerat 
College, Ahmedabad, Bombay 
Presy., India. Clubs : Junior Con- 
.servative; Wheler, Meerut; Hima- 
laya, Mussoorie. 

Hobhouse, Sir Charles Parry ; 3rd 

P.t. (1812); b. Calcutta, 1825; 3rd s. 
Mf H. W. Hobhouse ; S. U. 1869 ; 
edicc : P]ast Sheen, Rugby 
(Dr. Arnold) E. I. C. Hailebury; 
.•ntered I. C. S. Bengal, 1844 ; 
I\Iember, Bengal and Imperial 
Legislative Councils; Judge, 
Ifigh Court, Calcutta; 

< )wns 1600 acres ; in. 1st, I^idith 
Lucy, d. of Sir T. E. M. 
Turton, Bt. 1855 {d. 1867); 
2nd, Anna INIaria, d. of Alexander 
Sawers, merchant, Calcutta, 1868. 
Address: Manor House, 

Monkton Parleigh, Bradford- on- 
Avon, Wilts. 

Hodges, Rt. Rev. Edward Noel, 

D.D. ; Rector, St. Cuthbcrt's 
since 1907 ; b. 1849 ; 

ediic : Queen's College, Oxford; 
Ordained, 1873 ; Tuta Mission 
College, Islington, 1873-77 ; 
joined Service in India as 
Principal, Noble College, Masuli- 
patani, 1877-86 ; Trinity College, 
Candy, 1886-89 ; Bishop of 
Travancore and Cochin, 1890- 
1904 ; Assistant Bishop to Bishop 
of Durham, 1904-6; Assistant 
Bishop of Ely, 1907; ?«. Alice, d. 
of Captain Shirrefi, 1877. Address: 
Cuthbcrt's Rectory, Bedford. 

Hodding, Colonel John, CLE. 

(1903), V.D. ; Chief Manager of 
the Estates of the Hon'ble Sir 
Khajeh Salimoolah, K. C.S.I, of 
Dacca, India ; b. 1854 ; m. Mary, 
d. of Thomas M-icgrcgor of In- 
verness, 1880 ; formerly command- 
ing Behar I^ight Hoise. Address : 
Dacca, Eastern Bengal, India . 
Chib : Sports. 

Hodgson, L.C., IM.A., Principal, 
Maharaja's College, Trivandram, 
since 191 2 ; succeeded Dr. A.W. 
Bishop, in the post : since his ap- 
pointment, the strength of the Col- 
lege as well as the fee income have 
both shown a considerable in- 
crease, and the number of volumes 
in the library attached to the 
College has risen to over 10,000. 
The High School department of 
the College has been located in a 
separate building. The students' 
hostel has been enlarged affording 
accommodation tc- more students 
and the work of liinlding a new 
wing to the Chen)ical laboratory 
was coniHienced. The salaries of 
the Indian and P'uropoan profes- 
sors of the Colleger have been 
equalised, and Honors Courses in 
English, Hi.-itory and Economics, 
opened. Address: Trivan- 

dram, Travancore State, S. India. 




Hoernle, Augustus Frederic 

Rudolf, M.A, (Oxford). Ph. D. 
(Tubingen), CLE. (1897); b, Agra, 
1841 ; 2nd s. of late Rev. 
T.C. Hoernle, C.M.S.; m. 
Sophie, d. of R. Romig of Bonn 
(Germany), 1877; ed7ic:in Esslingen 
and Stuttgart ; Universities of 
Basel, Tubingen, and London ; 
Church Missionary in Meerut, 
181.5; Professor, Jay Narain's Coil- 
Benares, 1870 ; Principal, 
Cathedral Mission College, Cal- 
cutta, 1877 ; joined Indian Educa- 
tional Service, 1881 ; Principal, 
Calcutta Madrasah, 1881 ; retired, 
1899 ; specially interested in 
archseology, epigraghy, palaeo- 
graphy, etc. Publications : Com- 
parative Grammar of the North 
Indian Languages ; Comparative 
Dictionary of theBehari Ijanguage; 
Edition of the Bower Manuscript, 
of Chanda's Prakrit Grammer of 
the Seventh Anga of the Jains ; 
Report on the British Collection 
of Central Asain Antiquities ; 
Studies in the Medicine of Ancient 
India, Part I. Osteology ; History 
of India : numerous contributions 
to the Journal of the Asiatic 
Society of Bengal, and the Indian 
Antiquary, etc. Address : 8, 
Northmoor Road, Oxford. 

Hogg, Sir Frederick Russell, I.C.S., 
C.S.I. . (1S87), K.C.I.E., (1888), 
Director-General of the Post 
Offices, India (retired) ; 5th s. of 
the Right Hon. Sir James Weir 
Hogg, 1st Baronet ; b, Paris, 
1836; educ: Eton, and Haileybury 
College ; in. 1st, Emily, 3rd d. of 
General Eckford, "l857 ; 2nd, 
Harriett Venn, d, of the late 
William S. Dicken ; entered 
service, 1857 ; Postmaster- 

General, Punjab, 1863; Bombay, 
1867; Bengal, 1868; Deputy 
Dir-General of Post Offices, India, 
1869 ; Dir-General, 1880; retired, 

1889 ; was a partner in the firm 
of Messrs. Hogg, Curtis, Campbell 
and Co., London; Prizeman in 
swimming at Eton and Hailey- 
bury ; Captain of term four-oar 
boat while at College. Recreations: 
Cricket, football, rackets, tennis, 
shooting, and swimming. Address : 
6. Bickenhall Mansions. W. Clubs: 
Traveller's, Oriental. 

Hogg, Maj-Gen. George Crawford, 

C. B. (1896) ; b. 1842 ; cdnc : 
Cheltenham College; Joined Indian 
Army in Bombay, 1858 ; served 
Afghan War, 1878-80 (despatches 
several times, medal) ; Q. INI. G. 
Bombay Army, 1891-95 ; com- 
manding Dacca District, 1895-1900; 
Major-Gcneral, 1897 ; Colonel 
.34th Prince Albert Victor's Own 
Poona Horse, 1904 ; transferred 
to unemployed supernumerary 
list, 1904 ; m. Henrietta Isabella, 
d. of C. N. Minchin, 1878. 
Address : Dorset Villa, Chelten- 
ham. Club : East India United 

Hogg, Sir Stuart Saunders, Kt., 
1875), Director, Provincial BanK 
of Ireland and General Steam 
Navigation (company ; b. Calcutta, 
1833 ; 4th s. of Rt. Hon. Sir James 
W. Hogg, 1st Bt., M. P. ; m. 
Selina Catherine, e. d. of Sir T. 
E. Perry, 1860; ed2ic : Eton; 
entered Indian Civil Service, 
1853 ; served in Political Depart- 
ment. iST. W. Provinces ; trans- 
ferred to Punjab ; Assistant 
Commissioner in the Mutiny 
of 1857 ; Civil Officer atta- 
ched to flying column under 
General John Nicholson (des 
patches) ; transferred to Oudh and 
then to Bengal; Collector and 
]\Iagistrate, Burdwan; Chief 
Commissioner of Police and 
Chairman of the Munici- 
pality, Calcutta; succeeded to 





Baronetcy, 1903 as Durlley 
Stuart Mc. Garel-Hogg, 3rd 

Baron. Address : Villa Celine. 
Beaulieu-Ser-Mer, France. Cbib : 

Holden. Colonel Henry Capel Lofft. 

M.I.E. E.F.R.S.; C.B. (1911), 
R.A. (retired); b. Cheltenham, 
1856; e.s. of Rev. Dr. H.A. Holden; 
m. Bessie, d. of late R. Farrant, 
1889 ; edjic : Ipswich School ; 
R. M. A. Woolwich; joined service 
in R. A. 1875 ; retired, 1881 ; 
since been employed in technical 
work connected with science 
of electricity and artillery ; 
inventor of many instruments and 
apparatus connected with these 
two sciences ; at present the head 
of the Royal Gun and Carriage 
Factories, Woolwich. Recreations: 
cricket, cycling, motoring. Ad- 
dress : Gifford House, Blackheath, 
Kent. Clubs : Army and Navy, 

Holderness, Sir Thomas William, 
B.A., K.C.S.I., (1907), C.S.I. 
(1898), Under-Sccy. of State for 
India ; b, 1849 ; .'-•. of late John 
W. Holderness. of Liverpool ; 
educ : Cheltenham College, and 
University College, Oxford ; 
Joined service. 1873 ; Under 
Secretary to Government of India, 
Rev. andAgri. Departments, 1881 ; 
Joint Magistrate N. W. Prvinces, 
1886 ; acted in various other 
capacities until he joined the 
India Office, London, as Secre- 
tary in the Revenue, Statistics 
and Commerce Departments, 1901 ; 
Kaiser-i-Hind Medal, 1901. 
Address. No. 11, Orme, Court, 
London, W. Club: Althenaeum. 

Holdich, Col. Sir Thomas Hunger- 
ford K.C.M.G., (190:2), K.C.I.K., 
(1897), C. B. and 0. I. E. (1894), 
Hon. D. Sc, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.A.; 

b, Dingley, Northunts, 1843 ; s- 
of Rev. Thomas Peach Holdich ; 
educ: Godolphin Grammar School 
and Woolwich ; joined the Royal 
Engineers, 186'2 ; became Brevet 
Colonel, 1891 ; served in the 
Bhutan expedition, 1865; Abys- 
sinian war, 1867 ; Afghan war, 
1878-80 ; and Tirah expedition, 
1897-8 ; on special dut}' with the 
Afghan Boundary of Frontier 
Surveys, India, 1892-8; Pamir 
Commission, 1895 ; Perso-Beluch 
Commission, 1896 ; Argentine- 
Chili Boundary, 190'2-8 ; Gold 
Medalist of the Royal Geographi- 
cal Society, 1887. Publications ; 
Indian Borderland, and'!; vari- 
ous papers on military survey- 
ing and geographical subjects. 
Recrenlion : Golf, tennis nnd^lrid- 
iiig. Address : 41, Courtfield Road, 
S.W. Clubs : Athenseum, 'Army 
and Navy. 

Holdsworth, Lieut. -Col. John 
Joseph. CLE. (1899) ; b. 1844 ; s. 
of late John Hall Holdsworth. 
IM.D. ; Commandant, Gorakhpur 
Light Horse ; late Lt.-Col. com- 
manding United Provinces Light 
Horse ; a landed proprietor in 
India: Hon. A.D.C. to" jViccroy 
of India (Lord Curzon) 1899; vi. 
1st. Lucv id. ]8fO) ; 2nd, 1883, 
Maria Theresa (d. 1898). Addnfs 
Lehra, Gorakpur, U. P. India. 
Chib : East India United Service. 

Holiday, Sir Frederick Charles, 

Kt. (1909), Andiior, India 
Office, IjOikIoii ; joined service as 
'i'cmporary Clerk, India [Office, 
London, 1861; filled some subordi- 
nate positions, & became Assistant 
Auditor, 1895; Auditor, 1903; 
IMomber on the Eastern ]\Iair 
Service, 1903 ; Indian Army Trans- 
port Service, 1904 ; Member of the 
Committee for the adjustment 
of charges for Indian native rogi. 




ment? serving in the Colonies, 
1904; 2nd Indian Army Transport, 
1905 ; Member of the House 
of Laymen ; has spoken and 
written extensively on matters 
relating to the Church and 
education. Address: Walden Abbott 
Whitwell, Herts. 

Holland, Com. Gerald Edward, 

CLE., (1900), D.S.O. (1890), 
retired Marine Superintendent, L. 
and N. W. Railway, Holyhead : b. 
Dublin, 1860 ; 2nd .s. of late Denis 
Holland of Dublin ; ni. Mary, e. d. 
of late Edmund Dwyer Gray, 
1896; ed2ic: Ratcliffe College, 
Leicestershire; joined Royal 
Indian Marine, 1880 ; Lieutenant, 
1882 ; served with Burma Expedi- 
tionary Force, 1887-89 (medal, 2 
•clasps) ; Commander, 189.S ; Chin- 
Lushai Expedition, 1889-90 (claps, 
despatches, D.S.O.) ; commanded 
Royal Indian Marine troopship 
" Warren Hastings " when that 
vessel was lost on Reunion Islands 
1897 ; tried by Court Martial, 
was reprimanded ; Viceroy's 
Commendatory order containing 
warm praise published simultane- 
ously with Court-INIartial finding ; 
served on Naval Transport Staff, 
Durban, 1899-1900; Divisional 
Officer, Naval Transport Staff, 
(despatches thrice, medal, clasp, 
CLE.), 1900; Principal Port- 
Officer, Rangoon, 1901-4. Becrea- 
tions : cricket, golf, yachting, 
motoring. Address . Bryn-y-Mor 
Holyhead. Club : Oriental. 

Holland. Major-General Henry 
William, C. B. (18G9), Indian 
Army, (retired); e. .s. of late Major 
Henry Colson Holland ; h. at 
Bombay, 1825 ; educ: Cheltenham, 
and Woolwich ; m. twice ; joined 
the Army in 13th Bombay Native 
Infantry, 1841; S. A. Commissary- 
General, 1847 ; became Captain, 


1856 ; Major, 1891 ; Lieutenant 
Colonel, 1867 ; Controller of 
Supply and Transport in Abyssin- 
ion War, 1867-68 (despatches. 
Brevet of Colonel, medal, and 
C B. ; Commissiory, General, 
Bombay Army, 1870-77 ; Major- 
General, 1877 ; retired, 1877. 
Address : 21, Havelock Road, 

Holland, Robert Erskine, B. A., 

I. C S. Political Agent and 
Consul at Muscat since 1908 ; 

b. London, 1873 ; .s. of Prof. Holl- 
and, K. C ; 111. Gwendoline, 

c. d. of Francis E. Crow, 1910 ; 
educ : Winchester, and Oriel Coll. 
Oxford; joined I. CS, 1895; served 
as Assistant Collector and Magis- 
trate; transferred to Bombay, 1900; 
served there for a short period, and 
was retransf erred to Madras, 1902; 
Secretary, Board of Revenue, 
Madras, 1903 ; Foreign Depart- 
ment. Government of India Secre- 
tariat, 1904-8. Recreaions : riding, 
shooting, tennis, photography. 
Address: Muscat, Arabia. Clubs : 
East India United Service, Ben- 
gal, Calcutta. 

Holland, Sir Thomas Henry, K. C 

I. E., (1908) D.Sc. F.R.S., (1904), 
F.G.S. Professor of Geology, Man- 
Chester University, since 1909; s. of 
late John Holland Springfield, 
Canada; b. 1868; m. FrancisMaud, 
<Z. of late Chas Chapman; National 
Scholar, 1885; ]\rurchison IMedalist 
and Prizeman, 1887; Assoc. Royal 
Coll. Science 1888; Berkely Fellow 
<5f the Owens College, 1889; joined 
I. C S., 1890; Deputy Super- 
intendent, Geological Survey, 1894; 
President, Asiatic Society of Bengal, 
1909 ; President, Mining and Geo- 
logical Institute of India, 1906 ; 
Director of Geological Survey, 
India, 1903-1909; Chairman of 
Trustees, Indian Museum, 1905-09 



Fellow and Reader, Calcutta 
University ; Dean of Faculty of 
Science, ly09; President of Board 
of Studies in Geology and Minera- 
logy 1905-09 ; President, Indian 
Mining and Geological Club and 
of Royal College of Students' 
Association, 1910 ; Hon. Member, 
Royal Cornwall Polytechnic 
Society, and of the Mining and 
Geological Inst, of India. Publica- 
tions : numerous memoirs of 
Petrology, Geology, and Anthro 
pology. Address : Manchater. 
Club : Savage. 

Home, Sir Anthony Dickson, V.C, 

K.C.B. (1874), Surgeon-General 
(retired) ; b. 18-23 ; entered 
Army Medical Department, 184-8; 
served in the Crimea, 1854-5 ; 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-8; served 
in China, 1860; New Zea- 
land, 1863-5; Ashanti, 1873-4; P. 
M.O. Cyprus, 1878-9; P.O. M. to 
the Forces in India, 1881-5. Pub- 
lications : Service Memoirs, 191-i. 
Address : 7, Palen Gardens, Tenan, 
Kensington, W. 

Home.FredericJervis, C.S.I. (1892); 

R.E. (retired) ; b. Calcutta, 1839 ; 
<>. surviving s. of late Maj-General 
Richard Home, of theBengal Army; 
educ : Kensington Proprietory 
Grammar School, and at H.I'^.T.C. 
Military Seminary, Addiscombc ; 
joined the Bengal Engineers, 1858, 
and landed in India, 1860 ; emp- 
liived in the Irrigation Branch, 
"f theP.W.D., 1861-94 ; Inspector- 
General of Irrigation and Deputy 
Secretary to Government of India, 
P.W.D,, 1890-4 ; retired 1895. 
Address: Pitcarins Dunning, 

Holmwood Mr. Justice H, I.C.S., 
Judge, lligli Court Calcutta; edtic: 
Uppingham ; joined service, 1879 ; 
Inspector-General of Registration, 

1890; District and Sessions Judge,. 
1894 ; raised to present position, 
1906. Address : Calcutta, India. 

Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton,G. C.S.I. 
C.B. O.M. M.D., D.C.L., LL. 
D, F.R.S; b, 1877; s of late Sir 
William Jackson Hooker ; educ: 
Glasgow; married tvv'ice ; joined, 
R.N. Medical Department, 1839 f 
served as Surgeon and Natu- 
ralist in H.M.S., ^'Erebus'' in 
the Antarctic expedition under Sir 
James Ross, 1839-43; brought out 
a series of volumes on the botany 
of the Antarctic regions. ; visited 
the Himalayas on the North of 
Sikhim, was badly treated, and 
kept a prisoner, by the Sikhim 
authorities; visited the Khasia hills 
as naturalist, and made botanical 
coUectionsof great value;, 1847-51 : 
visited Syria and Palestine, I860; 
Morocco, 1871; the Rocky Mount 
tains, 1877; served as Assistant- 
Director and Director of Kew 
Gardens, 1865-85. Publications : 
Himalayan journals ; The 
Rhododendrons of the Sikhim 
Himalaya ; The Flora of British 
India, and other scientific works. 
Address: Sunningdali. club ; 

Hooper, D. F.L.S., F.C.S., Econo- 
mic Botanist to the Botannical 
Survey of India ; is a Hanbury 
Medalist; retired from service, 
1914; Address: c/o India Office, 

Hope, Sir Theodore Cracraft, CLE. 

(1882), C.S.I. (1887), K.C.S. 1(1890), 
b, 1831 ; s. of late James Hope, 
M.D. ; educ : Rugby, and Hailey- 
bury ; entered I.C.S., Bombaj', 
1858 ; called to bar (Lincoln'sinn), 
1806 ; Educational Inspector, 
1855-8 ; Member. Imperial Legisla- 
tive Council, ls7.'j-80; Member, 




Legislative Council, Bombay, 1880; 
Secretary to Govermnent of India, 
Finance and Commerce Depart- 
ment, 1881-2 ; Officiating Finance 
Minister, 1882 ; Member in 
charge of Public Works, 1882-7; 
Member of the Canterbury House 
of Laymen. Publications: Church 
and State in India, and various 
eductional and architectural works. 
Address: No. 21- Elveston Clan, 
S.W. Club: Athenaeum. 

Hopkins, Edward Washburn, Ph.D. 

(Leipzig), L.L.D., b, 1857 ; s; 
of, Lewis S. Hopkins, M.D. ; 
ediic; Columbia, New York, and 
Leipzig and Berlin engaged 
in tuition in Columbia, 1881-5 ; 
Professor of Sanskrit, first at Byrn 
Mawr College, 1885-95 and next at 
Yale, 1895, in succession to Profes- 

• sor Whitney A.B., 1878; 
Member, German OrientalSociety; 
Secretary, American Oriental 
Society, since 1897; engaged in 
University teaching since 1881 ; 
spent a year in India, 1896-7. 
Publications : The Four Castes, 
Manu in Trubners Oriental 
Series ; Religions of India, The 
Great Epic of India; Old and 

Hormasji, Dr. Cowasji, G.G.M.C., 
Bombay ; b. 1837 at Billmora ; 
was Sheriff of Bombay, 1894 ; 
elected President of the Bombay 
Corporation. 1896 ; "Vice-President 
of the Grant IMedical College and 
Fellow of the Bombay University 
from 1878; is a Dean of the Faculty 
of Medicine. Address : Dadar, 
Bombay, India. 

Horn, David Bayne, CLE. (1905), 

• F.C.H. ; M.I.C.E. ; Public Works 
Department Bengal (retired) ; b. 
1851; s. of late David Horn of Mid 
Douglie, Perthshire; educ: 'R.l.'E. 
College; joined service as Assistant 


Engineer, 1874 ; Executive Engi- 
neer, 1882 ; Under-Secretary, 
Public Works Department, 1885- 
1886 ; Superintending Engineer, 
1896 ; ]\Iember,LegislativeCouncil, 
Bengal, 1902 ; Chief Engineer and 
Secretary to Government, 1902-G ; 
retired, 1906. Clnb : Oriental. 

HorncWilliamOgilive, CLE. (1912) 
C.S.L, I.C.S,.;ediic : at the Trinity 
College, O.Kford ; joined service in 
Madras, 1883; Dy; Registrar, 
appellate side. High Court, 1886 ; 
Deputy Commissioner of Salt and 
Abkari, 1890 ; Secretary to Com- 
missioner Salt and Abkari, 1892 ; 
Inspector-General of Police, 1904 ; 
Member, Board of Revenue, 1912 ; 
Acting Chief Secretary to Govern- 
ment, 1913 ; retired, October 1914. 
Address : c/o India office, London. 

Hornel, Hon'ble William Wood 
word, ]i.A. Indian Educational 
Service ; educ : at Radley and 
Trinity College, Oxford ; Joined 
service, 1902 ; Professor of 
Presidency College Calcutta : Ins- 
pector of Schools, Bengal, 1903 ; 
Assistant Director of CI. Bengal, 
1906; Junior Examiner, Board of 
Education, England, 1908 : 
Present position, 1913. Address : 
Calcutta, India. 

Horniman, H.G., Editor, The 
■'Bombay Chronicle" Bombay; 
7th s. of Tilr. William Horniman, 
Paymaster-in-Chief, Royal Navy, 
Dover Court, Essex; entered a 
merchantile house at the instance 
of his father ; soon gave it up and 
took to Journalism ; started as 
editor of an evening paper in South 
England and was then on the staff 
of the "Daily Chroincle," the 
"Morning Leader," the "Daily 
Express" and " ^Manchester Guar- 
dian;" a frequent contributor to 
" The Times"; joined the staft of 



the Calcutta " Statesman " 1906, 
and distinguished himself as a 
Journalist; special Correspon- 
dent of the "Statesman" in East 
Bengal in 1907 and his article 
"The Lesson in Comilla" is yet 
fresh in the memory of all. He 
was an eyewitness of the Jamalpur 
riots and his evidence in the case 
was very helpful to the Court ; on 
the occasion of the arrival of the 
Grand Lama at Darjeeling he 
was again sent as represen- 
tative of his paper and 
sent vivid description of all that 
took place ; proceeding to 
England on short leave, he 
came back and resumed his work 
in the "Statesman " office and was 
the Delhi Correspondent of that 
paper during the time of the Delhi 
Durbar, 1911 ; is now Editor of 
the newly started paper the 
Bombay Chronicle. Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Houghton, Bernard, B. A. I. C. S. 

(retd) ; edac: the Trinitj' College, 
Dublin ; joined service, in Madras, 
1885 ; transferred to Burma as 
Assistant Commissioner, 1886 ; 
became Deputy Commissioner, 
1894 ; Commissioner ; 1905 ; re- 
tired, 1912. Publications: ''Indian 
BeatLracractf', "Essay on the 
language of the Southern Chins and 
its affinities", " The Kudos of 
Katha and their Vopabiilary ,' ' 
" Vocabulary of Arrakanese,'" 
Short Vocabulary of lied Karens," 
"folklore oi Sgaa Karens," 
" Sanskrit words in the Burmese 
Language" *'Kanii Vocabularies," 
"Outlines of Tibet," " Burvian 
JAnguistic Palasantology." Ad- 
dress: Co. India Office, London. 

Howell, Mortimer Sloper, L. L. D. 

(Edin), C. 1. E. (1886). 1. C. S. 

(retired) ; o.s. of late John Warren 

. Howell, M. R. C. S. ; b. Bath, 

1941;;t'd?<c : Christ's Hospital, anri 

Corpus Christi College, Oxford :. 
7)1. Lawra Sabina (d.l909); passed 
I. C. S. Examination, 1861 ; joined 
service, 186^; was Assistant Magis- 
trate and Collector ; oiig, lns> 
pector of Public Instruction, N. 
W. Provinces, 1867 ; Assistant 
Superintendent, and Judge, Small 
Causes Court, Dehra Dun, 1868 ; 
Joint Magistrate and Deputy 
Collector, 1871 ; Magistrate and 
Collector, 1879-80; Additional 
Judicial Commissioner, Oudh, 
1891 ; Judical Commissioner, 1892; 
retired, 1896. Publications: Gram- 
mar of the Classical Arabic Lan- 
guages after the method of the 
Native Grammarians. Recreations: 
Golf, cycling, boating. Address: 
Woodbury Clevedon; Somerset. 
Club ; East India Unit ed 

Howey, Maj.-Gen William, Bengal 
Infantry ; b. 1838 ; in. Annie 
Isabella, d, of Major Henry Chris- 
tian Talbot of Stone. Keiit, 1860; 
Joined service in the Army, 1858 ; 
Maj-Gen, 1894 ; served Indian 
Mutiny, 1858-59 (medal). Address: 
c/o Gnndlay and Co., 54 Parlia- 
ment Street, S. W. Chcb : East 
India United Service. 

Hudson, Major Corrie, D.S.O. 
(1904), I. M.S.; Stafi Surgeon, 
Bangalore ; 6. 1874 ; s. of late 
Charles Thomas Hudson, M. A. 
LL.D. F. R. S. ; vi. Frances 
Edith, d. of late Alfred Farratt 
1904; House Surgeon and House 
Physician at Charing Cross Hospi- 
tal, London, 1897-98 ; entered 
I. M. S., 1899 ; Medical Officer, 
2nd Queen's Own Rajput L. I. 
1899-1907; Captain, 1902: served 
China, 18oO (medal) ; East Africa 
190:5-4, present at action of Jid- 
balli (despatches, D. S. O. 
medal and clasp). Address: The 
Priory, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore. 
Club : Junior IS aval and Military. 




Hudson, Brig-General Havelock, 

O.I. E.1903;O.B. (1914), 19th Bengal 
Lancers ; b. 1862 s. of late Lieut 
Gen. Sir J jhn Hudson, K.C.B.; 
* entered ann^-, 1881 ; Captain, 
1892; Major, 1901; Lt. Col. 
1907 ; served Second Miranzai 
Expedition, 1901 (medal with 
clasp); N.W. Frontier, 1897 (medal 
and clasp) China, 1900 (despat- 
ches, medal, brevet of Major); 
late Assistant Q.INI.G. and Mem- 
ber of Executive Committee, Coro- 
nation Durbar, Delhi, 1903; 
A.A.G. 2nd Div. N. Command, 
India, 1907-09; General Staff 
Officer at Head Quarters, 1910. 
Address: Simla, India. 

Hudson, Sir William Brereton; K. 

CLE. (1898); 1843 ; s. of William 
Brereton Hudson.'An Indigo planter 
Bihar; commanded the Bihar 
Light Horse, 1881; :Member of the 
Indian Public-Service Commission, 
188G-7; Hon. A.D.C. to Viceroy of 
India (Lord Lansdown) 1891-1894 ; 
Address : Seraha House, Champa- 
ran, Bengal ; Belmont House, 
MuUingar, Ireland. 

Huddleston, George, CLE. (1903), 
Director, N.G.S.R. Co. ; 6. 1862; 
m. Agnes, d of William O'Reilly ; 
Joined Service as General Traffic 
Manager, East Indian Railway and 
Lieutenant Colonel (V.D.) of the 
same Railway Volunteer Corps ; 
retired, 1911. Publications : a 
history of the East Indian Rail- 
way. Address : Kismet, Letch- 
worth, Herts. 

Huggins, Lt.-Col. Ponsonby Glenn, 

C.B., (1909), D.S.O. (1887), Indian 
Army, (retired); 6. 1857; 4th s. 
of late H. J. Huggins, Chief - 
Justice, Sierra Leone ; m. 1883; 
Elizabeth Sophia {d. 1898) ; 
educ: Wurtemberg and Switzer- 
land ; Royal Naval School, New 


Cross; R.M.C Standhurst ; Joined 
service in the Army, 1876: served 
Afghan War, 1878-79 (medal) ; 
1885-89 (despatches, D.S.O., medal 
with two clasps); Chin Hills, 1892- 
93 (clasp) : Tirah, 1897-98 (des- 
patches, medal with two clasps); 
Lt.-Col;, 1902; Address: c/o 
Messrs Parry & Co;, 70, Grace- 
church Street, E.G. 

Hughes, Maj-Gen. Ghas Frederick, 

C B. (mil) 1897; Indian Staff 
Corps ; b. 1844 ; s. of late W. S. 
P. Hughes of Worcester ; m. 
Elizabeth Forbes, d. of Maj; 
General George Elliot Ashburner, 
Sillwood, 1875 ; edicc: Cheltenham 
Coll.; Addiscombe; joined 

service in the Bombay Army, 
1861 ; Captain, 1873 ; Brevet- 
Major and Major, 1881 ; Lieuti- 
Colonel, 1887; Brevet- Colonel, 
1889; served against Foodlee Arabs, 
1865-66 (despatches) ; Afghan War 
1878-80, present at battle of Ahmed 
Kheyl (despatches, medal with 
clasp, and Brevet. Major); Burmese 
War, 1886-1887 (despatches, medal, 
two clasps. Brevet. Col.) ; Commis- 
sary General of the armies of 
Bonrbay, Madras, and Bengal in. 
succession, 1890-95 ; retired, 
1897. Address : Aston House, 
Newport, near Salop. 

Hughes, Col. George Arthur, B.A. 

M. B., C M., D. S. O. (1891), 
Royal Army Medical Corps 
(retired) ; b. 1851 5th s. of 
late James Hughes, Burragh 
Priven, Rathcormac, Co. Cork ; 
ediic. Trin. Coll. Dublin; joined 
service in army 1877 ; served 
Afghan War, 1878 ; Bechuanaland 
Expedition, South Africa, 1884; 
Ashanti Expedition, 1896 ; Soudan 
Expedition, 1898 (despatches, D. 
S. O.) ; retired, 1905. Address : o/o 
India Office, London. Club : 
Army and Navy. 



Hughes, Sir Water Charleton, KL 

(IL'0G),G.I.E., (1900), M. Inst, C.E., 
Chairman, Bombay Port Trust ; b, 
1850; educ: pi'ivately and at King's 
College, London ; vi, Evelyn Isabel 
Rosc,e.d. of late Col H. S.Hutchin- 
son, I.C,S.; joined service in the 
Indian Public Works Department, 
1868 ; Secretary to C5^overnmcnt, P. 
W.D.Bombay, 1887-92 ; Chairman, 
Board of Trustees for the Port 
of Bombay, 189-2-98 ; Additionnal 
Member, Legislative Council, Bom- 
bay, till 1908; Chairman, Bom- 
bay Improvement Trust, 1898-1900; 
Fellow of the King's College, Lon- 
don, and Fellow (by appoint- 
ment) of the Bombay University, 
Address: ' Darmauth House, 
No. 2, Queen Anne's Gate, S. W. 
Clubs: Byculla, Bombay, India. 

Hughes-Buller, Ralph Buller, C.I. 

E. (190S), Inspector-General of 
Police, Bengal ; s. of General Sir 
W. T. Hughes, K.C..B. ; b. 1871 ; 
educ : IMarlborough, and Balliol 
College, Oxford; assumed the name 
of Buller as being the heir of the 
late James Buller of Dunley. 
Bovey Traccy; vi. Elizabeth, y. d. 
of late Very Rev Dr Norman 
Maclcod, D. D. of Thistle ; joined 
service, 1800 ; became Assistant to 
Agent to Governor-General, 1899 ; 
special duty in connection with 
Census and Gazetteer, 1901-G ; 
acted in various other capacities ; 
became .Inspoctor-Crencral of 
Police, Bengal, 1912. Publication: 
Census Report, Balvichistan. Ad- 
dress : V/ritcrs' Buildings, Cal- 
cutta, Iiidia. CZi/./k Isthmian. 

Hugo, Major James Hi2nry,D, S. O. 
(1898), ]M.R.('.S. (England), L.R. 
C.P. (London), M.B.,B.Sc., (Lon- 
don), D.Ph.,, I.M.S., Agency 
Surgeon, Bundelklmnd; b. 1870; 
cdiir: Foyle College, Iiondondcrry, 
St. Bai'tholomcw's Hospital ; in- 
terim House physician ; Clinical, 

AsssitantjOrthopredic Department 
House Surgeon, General Hospital, 
Nottingham ; Assist. Medical Su- 
perintendent, Dulwich Infirmary; 
Joined the I, M.S. 1896 ; attached 
to 31st Punjab Infantry, 1897; ser- 
ved in the Expedition into Up- 
per Swat ; also in the Expedition 
against Mahmuds (D.S.O. modal, 
two claps). Recrcatons : football, 
hockey, rowing. Address : Now- 
gong,I3undelkhund. Central India. 

Hultzsch, Eugen, P.H.D, Dresden; 
studied classical and oriental 
philology, especiall}' Sans, 

krit, at Bonn and Leipzig; 
Privat-docent for Orieiital studies 
at the University of Vienna ; 
studied Indian Epigraphy ; 
travelled for six months in N. 
India and Kashmir, 1884-5 ; 
collected valuable Mss. and 
inscriptions ; Epigraphist of the 
ArchcGological Survey, Madras, 
1887; Sanskrit examiner Madras 
University, 1903; resigned, and 
has been Professor of Sanskrit, 
University of Hallce ; Secretary 
to the Deutsche Morgenlandische 
Gesellschaft ; Corresponding 

Member, Batavian Society of 
Arts and Sciences; ]\Icniber, Royal 
Society of Science, Gottingen, 
etc; has written Prolegon^icna 
zu Vasantaraja Sakuna, and 
edition of Bandhajanas Law 
book; South Indian Inscriptions 
(Tamil and Sanskrit); Reports of 
Sanskrit ]\Iss in South India; 
many of his treatises on Indian 
epigraphy have appeared in the 
Indian Antiquary 

Hume, Colonel Charles Vernon, 

D.S.O. (1900), M.V.O. (1905), 
Indian Army (retired); b, 1860; 
educ: at Mralborough; joined the 
Army, 1879; served in Burwick, 
J8S(;-7 (despatches, medal and 
clasp); captain, 1887; A.A.G. 
South African field force, 1900 




(despatches, medal and five clasps 
D.S.O.); Major, 1897; Liet-Gol, 
1904; Attache with the Japanese 
Army in Manchuria, 1904-5; 
• Colonel, 1906; A.D.G. to C. in 
C. in India , 1885-92; Military 
Governor to the Crown Prince of 
Siam, 1890-99; IMilitarv Attache 
to H,B.]\I.S, Embassy, Tokio, 
1903-7. Club : Army and Navy. 

Hume, Sir Robert, K.C. B, (1887), 
G.C.B. (190:^); 5, 1828; entered the 
Army, 1847 ; served in the Crimea, 
1854-5; twice severely wounded; 
served in the Bhutan expedition, 
18(15; commanded Sagar District, 
1874-7; Allahabad Division, 1879- 
80; Afghanistan Field Force, 
1880-1; Quetta Division, 1881 ; 
Lahore Division, 1881-4; became 
Lieutenant-General, 1913. Ad- 
dress : c/o India Office, London. 

Hume. Rev. Robert A, M.A. ,D D, 
veteren Aiiicrica.n Missionary of 
Ahmednagar; b, Bombay, 1847; 
proud of being called an Indian; 
edac: Yale Universib}-; received 
his B.A., M.A.' and D.D, degress; 
returned to India, 1874; develop- 
ed the Ahmedhnagar Theological 
Seminary; Editor, "Dhyano- 
daya," an Anglo-marathi weekly 
of Bombay. J^ublicnmodern View." 
Address: Ahmednagar, Bombay, 

Hunt, Frederick John Robert Yere, 

Offg. Cliief Juilgc, Travanconre 
(Retired) ; called to Bar (King's 
Inn, Dublin), 1897; enrolled as 
Advocate, Madras High Court, 
1899; Judge, Travancorc High 
Court, and cx-ofFicio Principal, 
Travancorc Law College, 1900; 
Of'fg Chief Justice, Travancorc High 
Court, 1913 ; retired, 1914. 

Hunt, Maj.-Gen. Robert Augustus 
Carew; Un(>nipioycd Supernumer- 
ary List ; b. Hamburg, 1838 ; s, of 


late Henry Carew Hunt of Stoke 
(hibriel, Devon; vi. 1878, 
Annie, d, of Richard Agar of 
Bngnalstown , Carlow ; served with 
5th Bombay Light Infantry 
against the Taipings near Shan- 
giiai; present at the storming 
and capture of the entrenched 
camp at Wang-Kaza, 18G2; 
accompanied his regiment to 
Abyssinia, 1867 ; served in 
Afghan War, 1879-83, and com- 
manded the 5th Bombay Light 
Infa,ntry in the march to Kanda- 
har (medal) : Income and Land 
Tax Commissioner forDevon, 190G; 
Hon, Colonel. 105th Mahratta 
Light Infantry, 1909; J, P, forDe- 
von. Address: Sid Abbey, Salcombo 
Regis, near Sidmouth, Devon. 

Hunter, Lieut-Gen Sir Archibald, 

K.C.B., (1898), D.S.O. (188G), 
Governor and Comnrander-in- 
Chief , Gibralter ; b. 1856 ; educ : 
Glasgow Academy; Sandhurst ; 
Joined the Army in the 4th King's 
Own Royal Lancaster, 1874 ; 
eventually became Major-General, 
1896; served in Egypt under Sir 
Francis Grcnfell ; wounded 
severely, in the battle of Giniss, 
1885 ; also wounded slightly in 
the battle of Toski, 1889 ; on 
special service in Egypt; Governor 
of Dongola and Coitimandant of 
Frontier Field Force, 1895-99; 
Governor of Omdurman, 1899 ; 
won Egyptian medal and other 
orders ; commanded 1st Class 
Districtin India, 1899; command- 
ed lO(,h Division, in South Africa, 
1900-1901 (despatches, twice 
promoted Lieut.- General); 
commanded in Scotland, 1901- 
1903 ; Western Army Corps, 
India, 1904-7 ; commanded South- 
ern Army, India, 1907-9. Chibs . 
Naval and ]\Iilitary, United 



Hunter, John Mark Somers, M A. 

(Oxford), Ag. Pr i lie ipjil and Profes- 
sor of English, Presidency College, 
Madras ; b, 1365; joined service as 
Principal, Govt. College, Manga- 
lore, 1899; Ag. Professor of Eng- 
lish, Prcsy. College, Madras, 1901; 
Acting Principal, Governments 
(Jolloge, Rajahmundry, 190'2 ; con- 
ilrmed, 1903 ; Additional Professor 
of English, Presidency College, 
Madras, 1912; Principal and Pro- 
fessor of English, Presy. College, 
Madras, 1913. .1 dJ/vss : Madras, 

Huntop, Lieut-Col. John Muir, C.S. 
1. (1899), Indian Army (retired) ; 
/;. IMauritius, 1844 ; s. of Captain 
Hugh Hunter, R. N. ; m. Einily 
Jean, cl. of J. Patison Thoni, Assis- 
tant Secretary, India Office, Lon- 
don, 1870 ; cdiic. : Royal Naval 
School, Newcross ; King's Coll. 
School, London; Ro3'al M. Acade- 
my, Woolwich ; Political Agent in 
Kathiawar, India, till 1901. Ad- 
dress : c/o Bank of England, Bur- 
lington Gardens, W. 

Huskisson, Co!. Samuel George, C.B. 

(1907) lndi:in Army (retired); b. 
1837 ; entered Armv, 1855; served 
Indian Mutiny, 1858-59 (medal) ; 
Bhootan Expedition, 1874-75 
(medal with clasp) ; Pcrak, 1875-7G 
(despatches. Brevet-major); S. 
.\frica, 1879 (medal.) ; Colonel, 
IS88; Address: 9, Worthing 
Road, Southsea. 

Hutchins, Sir Philip Percival, 

C. S. I. (1880) ; K. C. 
S. I., (1891); &. London, 18-38; 
5th s. of William Plutchins ; iii. 
1800, Fanny Annie, d. of B. T. 
Norfor ; edue. : Mc chant Tavlors 
School; E.I.C. C '"lege, Hailey- 
hnry ; joined I.C*^^ in Madras, 
1857 ; District Judge, 1872-82 ; 
called to the Bar, (Inner 

Temple), 1875; Judge, Madras 
High Court, 1883 ; member of 
Council, Madras, 188G; member of 
the Governor-General's Council, 
1888-93; joined India Office, as 
Judicial and Public Secretary, 1893; 
Member of Council of India, 1898, 
1908, Recreations: Cricket, tennis- 
badminton, Cyling. Address : 
Danesfort. Cambcrley. Chibs : 
East India United Service. 

Hutchinson, Lieut. -Gen. Henry 

DoYeton,C.S.I. (1903), Indian Army 
(retired) ; b. 1817 ; e. s, of late Dr, 
T. Caylcy Hutchinson, D.I.G. of 
Hospitals; m. 1874, Alice A., d, 
of late Col. Stuart-Monteth ; 
served Sikkim Campaign, 1887-88; 
Relief of r,hitral, 1895 (medal and 
clasp) ; Tirah Campaign, 1897-98 
(2 clasps) ; raised the 2nd battalion, 
3rd Gurkha Rifles, 1891; com- 
manded troops in Chitral, 189G ; 
Director, IMilitary Education, 
India, 1896-1901 ; Special duty, 
India Office, 1901-2 ; Assist. 
Military Secretary (for Indian 
Affairs), 1902-4; Director of Staff 
Duties, War OtHce, 1904-8. 
I'liblicntions ; Military Sketching 
made easy. (5th edit,) ; Field 
Fortification (5th edit.) ; The 
Story of Waterloo ; The Storv of 
1812 ; The Story of Corunna; The 
Campaign in Tirah, 1897-98. 
Recreations: shooting, bicycling, 
chess. CAiibs : United Service, 

Hutchinson, Colonel James Bird, 

C.S. I. (1904) Indian Army ; 
unemployed supernumerary list, 
1902-5; Mcmljcr of Council, 
Punjab; b. 1844; in. Annie 
Charlotte, d. of Major-Gcn j-al 
Hugh Rose, 1869; educ.: BlackluMlli 
Proprietary School ; Cheltenham 
College; Joined South Lancashire 
Rcgt., 186.3; served witli 5th 
Ghoorka Riiles, 18G5-G8 ; Comniis. 




sioncr and Superintendent, 1894-99; 
Governor, Aitchison College, 
Lahore, 1900-5. Address : Wavcrley 
Drive, Cambcrlcy. 

Hutchinson, Hon. Sir Joseph 

Turner, Kt. (1S05), M. A., 
Bar-at-Law, Chief Justice, 

Supreme Court, Ceylon ; s. of 
Isaac Hutchinson of Braystones, 
Cumberland ; b. 1SG9 ; vi. Cons- 
tance Mary, d. of J. Lucas of Staple- 
ton House, Upper Tooting, 1897 ; 
educ : St. Bees School ; Christ's 
Coll. Cambridge; Called to Bar 
Middle Temple, 1879 ; Chief 
Justice, Gold Coast Colony, 1882; 
chief Justice of Grenada, 1895-97; 
Chief Justice of Cyprus, 1897-1906; 
Chief Justice, Ceylon, since 1906. 
Address : Colombo, Ceylon ; 
Lorton Hall, Cumberland. Club : 

Hutchinson, Sir Sydney Hutton 
Cooper, Kt., (1906) M.I. C. E., 
Director-General of Telegraphs. 
India, 1903-7 ; h. 1852 ; 3rd s. of 
late Dr. T. Cyaley-Hutchinson, of 
Indin Army ; ed^ic : St. James's 
Collegiate School, St. Helicrs, 
Jersey ; the Hartley Institute, 
Southampton ; Assistant-Superin- 
tendent, Indian Telegraph Dept., 
1871 ; Superintendent, 1892; Chief 
Superintendent, 1901 ; Director, 
1903; retired, 1907; Kaiser-i-Hind, 
first class, 1901. Address: 22, 
I^dith Road, West Kensington, W. 
Club : Oriental. 

Hutton, Charles Kerbct, A.M. I. C.S,, 

IMumber, Legislative Council, U. P.; 
educ: R.I.E. College, Cooper's Hill; 
Joined service as Assistant Engi- 
neer, N. W. Provinces, 1881 ; 
Executive Engineer, 1893 ; Super- 
intending Engineer, 1905 ; Chief 
Engineer & Secretary to Govt, 
1912. Address; AllahciUid, U. P., 


Hyde, Yen. Henry Barry, M.\.. 
A.K.G. Archdeacon of Madras an;! 
Commissary of Diocesan Court, 
1905-10; b. 1854 ; e. s. of late Hcnr> 
Barry Hyde ; 7ii. Hilda Dixon, 

' d. of William Sheppard of 
Ealing ; educ : Royal Institution 
School, Liverpool ; King's College, 
London ; University College, Dur- 
ham; Ordained, 1878 ; Curate of 
Ashford, Kent ; Private Secretary 
to Dr. Lightfoot, Bishop of Dur- 
ham ; Curate of St. Oswald's, 
Durham, then of Nemington, 
Surrey ; Chp.plain, Bengal Ec- 
clessastical Establishment, 1887 ; 
Chaplain, St. John's, Calcutta; Hon 
Chaplain, Indian Vol. Forces, 
1899, transferred to Madras, 1899 ; 
Domestic Chaplain to Bishop ; 
Acting Archdeacon, 1904-5 ; Ciom- 
missary in charge of Diocese, 
Madras, 190G-7. Hon. Fellow, 
University of Madras ; Commis- 
sary in England of the Bishop 
of Madras, 1907; Vicar of Bovey 
Tracey Devon. Publication : 
Parish of Bengal ; Parochial 
Annals of Bengal. Address. The 
Vicarage, Bovey Tracey, Devon. 

Hyderabad, (Dcccan) Nizam of; His 
Highness Asaf jait, Muzaffar-ul- 
Markwal- Mamalik, Nizam-ul- 
Muik, Nizam-ud-Daula, Nawab 
Mir Sir Osman Ali-Khan Bahadur 
Fatteh Jung, G. C.S.I. : b. 188G ; 
ascended the J\Iasnad, 29th August 
1911 ; an enlightened and wise 
ruler; contributed a magnificent 
sum of 60 lakhs of rupees to 
the present continental v/ar of 
Europe. Address : H\ derabad 
(Deccan), India. 

Hji ndman- Jones, Sir William Henry , 

Kt, (1906) ; Chief -Justice, Straits 
Settlements since 1906 ; . b. 1847 ; 
educ : Marlborough ; Trinity 
College, Cambridge ; called to Bar, 
Ijincolu's Inn, 1879; acting Senior 



Police ]\Iagistratc, and Commis- 
sioner to inquire into administra- 
tion and working of Police Force, 
Barbadoes, 1880; acting Judge, 
Court of Appeal, 1881; Magistrate, 
1st District, St. Lucia, 1881; Mem- 
ber, Executive and Legislative 
Councils, 1881; Delegate to West 
Indian Telegraph Conference, 1882; 
acting Chief Justice, St. Lucia 
and Tobaco, 1883 ; acting 
Attorney-General 1888 ; Mem- 
ber, Windword Court of appeal, 
188G ; INIagistratc and Member, 
Executive and Legislative Council, 
Granada, 1887 ; Resident Magis- 
trate, Westmoreland, Jamaica, 
1888 ; St. Thomas-Ye-East, 1890 ; 
St. aothcrine, 18'Jl ; City and par- 
ish of Kingston, ISU'i ; acting 
Puisne Judge, 1895 ; acting Attor- 
ney-General and ]\Iember of Exe- 
cutive Council, 1396 ; Resident 
Magistrate for Jamaica 189G : 
Puisne Judge, Straits Settlements, 
189G ; acting Judicial Commis- 
sioner, Federated Malay States, 
1908 ; Judicial Commissioner, 
Federated IMalay states, 1904 ; 
Chief Judicial Commissioner. 
1900. Address: Good-wood, Sin- 
gapore. Club : Albemarle. 

Ibbctsoia, Lady ; « . i.i ,,!■ Denzil 
Charles Jelf Ibbetson, I. C. S., 
sometime Lieut-Governor of the 
Punjab, and d. of Samuel Coulden, 
lof Cambridge; ■;«, 1870. A(/<i!rfi's ; 
58, Nevern Square, S. W. 

Ibrahim Rahiintuola, Ilon'ble Sir, 
Kt, C. ]. E., J. P, Bombay ; b, 
1602 ; s. Rahinitoola Kadcrl)hoy ; 
joined his brother in business ; 
started the firm of Rahimtoola 
Ivhaderbhoy and Co ; Member, 
Standing Committee ot the Bom- 
bay Corporation, 1895 : President- 

Bombay Corporation, 1899; Mem- 
ber, Legislative Council, Bombay, 
1899; Sheriff of Bombay, 196-1, 
an ardent supporter of Primary 
Education ; introduced the read- 
ing of Koran in schools ; Member, 
Blanaging Committee , Anju- 
man-i-Islam, Bombay ; President, 
Khoja Reading Room and 
Library; Member, Improvement 
Trust and Plague Committee, 
Bombay ; represented Bombay on 
the Museum Conference held at 
Calcutta, 1907; Director, Bank of 
India Limited. Aa dress: Bombay, 
India, Cliths : Islam Gymkhana 
and Orient. 

Idar, Maharaja of ; Major-Gencral 
H. H. Maharaja Sir Pratab 
Singhji, L, L. D, (Camb) 
G. C. S. I., K. C. B., A. D. C; b. 
1845 ; succeeded to gaddi, 1903; 
belongs to the great Rathor Rajput 
clan, believed to have sprung from 
Kuchlia, the 2nd son of Divine 
Rama ; pays tribute to the Gaik- 
war and receives tribute from 
some other minor States; appoint- 
ed (2nd time) as Regent of the 
State of Jodhpur during the 
minority of the Chief of that 
State, 1891 ; his own State is 
administered by his son, Maharaja ' 
Dhiraj IMaharajaji Shri Dowlat 
Sinhji Sahib Bahadur; Member 
of the India Government's Mission 
to Kabul ; appointed A D. C. to 
11. R, H the Prince of Wales (King 
Emperor Edward VII.) ; Honorary 
Lt.-Col, in the British Army; 
helped in founding the Imperial 
Service Troops, 1889; formed the 
Jodhpur Lancers, 1897 ; attended 
Empress Victoria's D. J. and was 
created G.C.S.I.; joined the Moh- 
amand expedition with an escort 
of Jodhpur Lancers ; joined the 
Tirah expd as A. D. C. to ticneral 
Sir W. Lockba:t ; area of the 
State, 10G9 sciiiare miles ; i)opula- 
tion, about 170.000; revenue, 



lakhs ; the Maharaja is entitled to 
a Salute of 15 guns. Address : 
Idar, Ahmadnagar, Bombay, 
Presidency, India. 

Idar. Ruling Chief of; Maharaja 
Dhiraj Mahai'ajaji Shri Dov/lat 
Sinhji Sahib Bahadiu' ; o . at 
Jodhpur, 1878; educ: Mayo College, 
Ajmerc; received miltary training 
in the Imperial Service Cavalry, 
Jodhpur and was Sqadrou Com- 
maiidant and Adjutaxit in the same 
Corps for some j-ears ; was Military 
Pecretary and Member of 

Jodhpur State Council; was adopt- 
ed by Maharaja Sir Pratap Singhji 
Bahadur of Idar; iiistalled on the 
gadi, consequent on the Meharaja's 
appointment as Regent of the 
slate of Jodhpur, 1911; ac- 
companied his father to England 
for the Coronation of late 
King-Emperor when he was 
made A.I),C. to Prince of 
Wales (nov/ Emperor George V.); 
again visited England for the 
Coronation of Emperor George V ; 
served in the Mohamad E.xpedi- 
tion with an escort of Jodhpur 

. Lancers ; joined the Tirah expedi- 
tion as A. D. C. to General Sir W. 
Lockhart ; area of the State, 1GG9 
square miles ; population, about 
170,000 ; revenue, 6 lakhs ; 
entitled to a salute of 15 guns- 
Address : Idar, Bombay Presi- 
dency, India. 

Iftikhar-ud-Din, Fakii' Saiyad, 
CLE (1911), Settlement Collector; 
entered Government Service, 
18SG; appointed Extra-Assistant 
Commissionr, 1901; Revenue Mem- 
ber of Council, Tonk State, 190-3; on 
special duty with the Amir of Afg- 
hanistan; British Agent at Kabul, 
1907; Settlement Collector, 1910. 
Address : Tonk, Rajputana, India. 

Ilaiyarasanandal, Zamindav of; 
Sri Rr-villa Yenkataranga Appa- 


Swami Nayudu Gam; claims 
descent from an ancient family saic 
to have emigrated from modern 
Vellore, Chittoor District in the 
iMadras Presidency, during the 
time of Krishna Raya, the greatest 
of the Vijayanagar Kings (1509- 
1580 A.D.); s. of Kasturi Ranga 
Appasawmi Nayudu; b. 1847; educ: 
Hindu College, Tinnevelly ; knows 
English, Tamil and Sanskrit ; 
assumed management, 1900;Mcm- 
ber. District and Taluk BoarJ.s, 
Tinnevelly ; maintains a choultry 
at Koilpatti. Recreation: Music. 
Address: Ilaiyarasanandal, via, 
Koilpatti, Tinnevelly District, 
Madras Presy., India. 

Ilbert, Sir Courtenay Peregrine, C. 
I.E (188-2), C.S.I (1885), K.C.S. 
I. (1899), G.C.B. (1911) ; b, 1811; 
s. of Rev. Peregrine Arthur Ilbert; 
educ : Marlborough and Balliol 
College, Oxford; Hertford, Ireland, 
Craven and Edin Scholar 
called to Bar (Lincolns Inn), 
18G9 ; Ijegal Member, Surepmo 
Council, India, 1882-6 : introduced 
what has come to be known as the 
"Ilbert Bill," which raised consid- 
erable opposition from Anglo- 
Indians; Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta 
University, 1885-6; Parliamentary 
Assistant Counsel and Counsel of 
tlie Treasury, 1886-1901 ; Clerk to 
the House of Commons, 1901. 
I'uhlicalions : 'the Governinent of 
India,' 1898 ; 'Legislative Methods 
and Forms,' 1901, Address : 
Speaker's Court, Palace of West- 
minister, S.W. Chib : Athenffium. 

Imam Ali, Maulvi, B.A., Khan 
Bahadur, Lahore ; entered Servic 
as Assistant Professor, Government 
College, Lahore, 1887 ; Proba- 
tioner, Provincial Civil Service, 
1838; Assistant Commissioner, 
Punjab, 1891 ; District Judge, 
1895; Divisional Judge, 1903. 
Publications ; An Urdu translation 


[NA^[ ALI 

of an Epitomo of Hamilton's 
Lectures on Psj'chology. Address : 
Lahore, India. 

Imam, Hon. Syed Ali, Legal Mem- 
ber, Viceroy's Council, Calcutta; 
s. of Syed Imdad Imamkhan, a 
reputed scholar and physician of 
Patna ; b. at Neora near Patna, 
1869 ; cdiic : Zilla school, Arrah, 
and the Patna College ; proceed- 
ed to England, joined the Middle 
Temple and was called to the Bar, 
1S90; returned to India and began 
practice at Calcutta and then re- 
moved to Bihar ; was retained by 
the Crown in the famous Dumraon 
Raj adoption case at Arrah ; was a 
INIember of the District Board, and 
the Municipality of Patna for six 
years ; Trustee of the A. M. 0. 
College, Aligarh, 1903 ; President, 
Bihar Provincial Conference, 1908; 
Fellow, Calcutta University, 1909; 
President, All-India Muslim Lea- 
gue Conference, Aniritsar, 1909; 
suggested a system of mixed Eelec- 
torates as a result of the compro- 
mise arrived at with the Hon. Mr. 
G. K. Gokhale; an ardent 
supporter of the Indian National 
Congress and was of great help to 
the Indian delegctes who had 
proceeded to England in 1S90 ; 
succeeded Sir. S. P. Sinha as 
Legal ]\Icmbcr of the Viceroy's 
Council, 1910. Address: Delhi; 
Calcutta ; and Patna, India. 

[mdad Imam Khan, Syed, Shama-ul- 

Uioma, ; father of the Hon : Syod 
Ali Imam, and Syed ITasan 
Imam ; b, 1849 ; educated in 
I'crsian, Arabic, and English ; 
a reputed medical practitioner 
at I'iitna ; known to supply food 
and medicine to needy and poor 
patients ; a poet, scholar, and 
a good writer on literary, scientific 
and agricultural subjects ; one 
of his treatises on philosophy, 
' ]\rirat-ul-llnkama, ' has received 

the npprohation of the late 
King Oscar of Sweden ; Sham- 
sul Ulcma, 1889, Address : 
Patna, Bengal. India 

Impey, Lt Col. Lawrence, C. I, E. 

(1911), Ollg. Resident, Baroda 
State ; b, 1862; s. of Col, E. C, 
Impey, C. I. E. ; educ : I\Iarlbo- 
rough, and Sandhurst ; joined 
British Army in Derbyshire as 
Lieutenant, 1SS3 ; transferred to 
Indian Army, 1885 ; employed in 
the Political Department of the 
Government of India, 1887 ; was 
Political Agent in Alwar, Bhopal, 
etc. Recreations : riding ; golf, and 
bridge. Address: Jjitvodn, India. 
Club : East India United Service. 

Inchcape, James Lyle Mackay, 1st 

Baron (1911) ; G. C. M. G. (1902), 
K. C.S.I. (1910;, K.C.I.E. (1894) 
CLE. (1891) ; s. of James Mackay 
of Arbroath; b. 1852 ; Partner in 
the firm of IMackennon Mackenzie 
and Co., merchants of Calcutta and 
Bombay ; President Bengal 
Chamber of Commerce; Mem b c r, 
Port Commission ; M e m b e r, 
Governor-General's Legislative 
Council, 1891-1893 ; Sheriff of Cal- 
cutta, 1892; member of the Coun- 
cil of India, 1897-1911 ; Special 
Commisionor to negotiate a new 
Commcrial treaty with China, 1901 ; 
member of tlic Committee to in- 
quircintoConsularService of Great 
Britain, and a member of the 
Committcto inquire into the work- 
ing of the Board of Trade and Local 
Government Boards, 190-3 ; 
IMcmber, Committee on National 
Insurance of Shipping during War, 
190G ; represented Secretary of 
State for India during Colonial 
Conference, 1907 ; Director of Suez 
Canal Co. ; British India Steam 
Navigation Co ; and National 
Provincial Bank; vi. the daughter 
oi Jamcsshanks, of Roscry, 1883; 
Jfeir and s. Ifon'ble Kenneth. 



Adderss ; 7'2, Scamoro Placn, 
Mayfair, London, W. Clubs : 
Athcnieam, and Oriental. 

Indrasinhji, Raja Shri Maharawal; 

s, of lato Raja Si'i Pratapsinliji; 
b, 1838 ; succ3cdcdto gaddi, 1911; 
tiont to the Rajkumar Collego, but 
was called av»'ay from it owing to 
tliG serious illness of his father, 
to look after the administration 
and has since been sharing the 
responsibility of the State admi- 
nistration, the Education Depart- 
ment being specially placed in 
his charge. The Chiefs of this 
State are Rajputs, and claiin des- 
cent from the Solanki race ; 
area of the State, 215 sq miles; 
population, 40,000 ; the Chief is 
entitled to a salute of 9 guns. 
Address : Bansda, Bombay Prcsy., 

Inglis, William Arbuthnot, C.S.I. 

(1908) I. G.S. (retired) ; 6. 1853 ; 
s. of Colonel Hugh Inglis Inver- 
ness; educ: Wellington College; 
R. I.E. College: joined service in 
the Indian P, W. D- ; Exocntive 
Engineer, 1883; Officiating Under- 
Secretary, P.W. Department, Ben- 
gal, 1891-92; Superintending Engi- 
neer, 1896; Chief Secretary, Go- 
vernment of Bengal (Irrigation, 
Branch), 1907; retired, 1908. 
Addrccs: C/o India Office, London- 

Irwin, Sir Alfred Macdonald Bultael 
Kt. (1910), C.S.I. (1904), I.C.S, 
(retired) ; /;. 1853; s. of Von- Henry 
Irwin, B. D., Elphin ; m. 1884, 
Alice Kathleen {d, 1899), d. of 
Christopher French, J. P., 
D. L.; educ-; Kingstown School, 
Dublin ; joined service in the 
Punjal), 1870 ; Deputy Com- 
missioner, 1886 ; Commissioner, 
1898 ; Acting Judge, Chief Court, 
Burma, 1902; IMember, Legislative 
Council, 1903 ; Acting Judicial 


Commissioner, Upper Burma, 1903, 
Judge, Chief Court, Lower Burma; 
1905-09; Acting Chief Judge, 1908. 
retired, 1909. I'ablicatinns : The 
Burmese Calendar ; The Burmese 
and Arakanosc Calendars. Address: 
49, Ailesbury Road, Dublin. Club. 
Hibernsian United Service, Dublin. 

Irwin, George Robert, B.A., C.S.I. 
(1901) I.C.S. (rctired);s. late Henry 
Irwin of Mount Irwin, Tynan ; b. 
1855 ; educ : Uppingham : Christ 
Church, Oxford ; joined Service, 
1S7S; transferred to Political Dept, 
1886 ; served in the Indian Foreign 
Office and various Native States ; 
retired, 1903. Address : c/o India 
Office, London. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Irwin, Henry, C. I. E. (1888), 

M.I.C.E.: b. 1841, s. of Yen Henry 
Irwin ; joined Public Works 
Department, 18GS ; Agent to the 
Governor-General, Rajaputana, 
1888; Consulting Architect to 
Government, 1889; retired, 1896. 
Address : Adyar House, Adyar, 

Irwin, Henry Crossly, B.A., I.C.S ; 

(retired); educ: Balckheath Pro- 
prietary School : St Edmund's 
Hall, and Queen's College, Exford; 
entered L C. S. 1869; Asst Com- 
missiner, N. W. P; Deputy 
Collector; Collector and Magistrate, 
1889; District and Sessions Judge; 
1895; retired, 1896. Publication ; 
The Grardcn of India. Address : 
c/o India office, London. 

Islington, Lord, (Dickson-Poynder) 
John Povnder Dickson-Poynder, 

P.C.,K.,"C.M.G., (1911), D.S.O., 
(l)y fust marriage) of the late Rear 
Admiral john Bourmasfcos Dickson, 
C. B.;6ths. of 2nd Baronet: h. 
1866; succeeded to Baronetcy, 1884. 
educ : at Harraw, and at Christ; 
Church, Oxford ; assumed tin 



additional surname and arms of 
Poynder, 1888 ; ratron of two 
livings; Chairman, Board of 
Trade Arbtiration Court ; lion : 
Lieutenant in the Army, and a 
Knight of justice of Ord^r 
of St. John of Jerusalam in 
England ; Lieutenant, 8rd Batta- 
lion Royal Scots (Lothion Regi- 
ment), and ?>Iajor and Hony L. 
Col, Royal Ciltshiro Yeamonry ; 
served in South Africa with his 
Battalion, 1909 (despetchos D. S. 
(),); Member, Royal Commission 
on London Traffic, 1904 ; Member, 
Royal Commission on Trade 
Relations between Canada and 
West Indies, 1909-10; elected M.P. 
for Wilts N.W., or Chippenham 
(c),, 1892 ; re-elected, October 
1900 Jiaron Islington, of Islington 
Co. London (peerage of United 
Kingdom), 1910; President, Royal 
Public Services Commission, 
India, 1912. Address : Govern- 
ment House, Auckland and Wel- 
lington, New Zealand. Seats, 
Hartham. Corshom. Clubs : Turf, 
Marlborough, Brookes. 

Iyengar, Duraiswami, Wubhaya- 
vedantapuram; ^Manager, Messrs 
Longmans, Green & Co., j\Iadras ; 
s. of W. Srinivasa Iyengar ; b. 
1872 ; joiQed service in the Educa- 
tional Di^partment, as clerk, oflicc 
of the Inspector of Schools, Central 
Circle, JMadras, 1893 ; joined 
Christ Church European School, 
JMadras, as 1st Assistant, 189G ; 
head clerk attached to Pachaiyap- 
pa's College, Madras, 1908; Mana- 
ger, Tilessrs Thompson & Co., 
Madras, 1905 ; joined Messrs. 
Longman, (jreen i^ (Jo., as Madras 
representative, 1905 ; acted as 
Manager, B.iml)ay Branch of 
that firm ; Secrtitary, Srce 
K'rislina (lana Sabha, Madras ; 
Memljer, Snguna Vilasa Sabha ; 
Member and latterly Secretary, 

Oriental Dramatic Company of 
Southern India ; Captain of the 
Pachaiyappa's College Cricket 
Club. I'ublications ; joint author 
of several Telugu and Tamil books 
for schools. Recreation : Music. 
Address : Car Street, Triplicane, 
Madras. club : Suguna Yilasa 
Sabha, Madras. 

Iyengar, A. Narasimha.Rai Baha- 
dur (18S7), retired Durbar Bakshi, 
Mysore ; b. 1845 ; Honorary Secre- 
tary, Maharani's College since 
1888 ; took a prominent part in 
the founding of that College, 1880; 
has founded a Brahmin Widow's 
Home in Mysore of which he has 
been Honorary Secretary since its 
foundation ; deeply interested in 
the amelioration of the position of 
women in India. Address ; 
Mysore, India. 

Iyengar, Asur Rangaswmai, I$.A., 

H.L. Rao Bahadur, Revenue Com- 
missioner (retired), IMysore State; 
b. 1851 ; B. A., 18G9 ; B. L, 1874; 
joined Mysore Service, 1870; Pui- 
sne Judge, Chief Court, I\Iysore, 
1874 ; rose to the position of Re- 
venue Commissioner ; Rao 
Bahadur, 1911, retired, 1912. 
Address : Bangalore city, ^Mysore 
Province, India. 

Iyengar, Dr, Ramaswami S. Y., 

M.D. L. R. C. P, andS. (Ed.), L, 
R. P. and S. (Cilasgow), Personal 
Assistant to Senior Surgeon and 
Government Oculist, ]\fysore State; 
b, 18G3 ; educ : at the Central Col- 
lego, Bangalore; Maharajas t;olleg(i, 
Mysore, and the Medical Colliige, 
ISladras; M. D. 1888 ; Edinburgh 
and Glasgow degrees, 1890; joined 
Service as Assistant Surgcnin, i'an- 
galore, 1899 ; Science TeacluT, 
H. H, ]\Iaharani's Girl's School, 
1K93 ; revcrttid to l^iangalore and 
was in charge of the Lc^ptir and 




Lunatic Asylums, and ]\laternit\' 
and Medical Stores, 1S94 ; Oflig 
Civil Surgeon, Chickmaglur,iS'.)G; 
Assistant Surgoen, Eyelnlirnuiry, 
1897 ; travelled through India for 
collecting statsticson the eyesight 
of school children, 1901 ; Person- 
al Assistant to Senior Surgoen and 
Government Oculist, 1906. Ad- 
dress: Bangalore city, ]\Iysore Pro- 
vince, India. 

lyenger, Hon : K. Rama, B. A., 

B. L., Valdl, Madura; B. A., 1S92 ; 
B. L., 1890 ; began his practice at 
Madura ; enrolled himself as a 
Vakil of the High Court, 1901 ; is 
a ]\Iember, Madras Legislative 
Council, representing the districts 
of Trichinopoly, Madura and 
Tinnevelly. Address: IM a d u r a, 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Iyengar, K. R. Srinivas, M. A., 

Mysore ; b, 1871 ; Passed B.A., 
1890 ; M.A., 1S93; entered Mysore 
Service, 1892 ; Is now Secretary to 
the Government of IMysore, Gene- 
ral and Rev. Departments ; has 
the power of a District ]\Iagistrate. 
Address : Bangalore, ]\l3'sore Pro- 
vince, India. 

Izat, Alexander, M.I.C.E., I.C.E., 
(ISUiS), Director of Bengal and 
North Western Railway Comp- 
any ; b. 184:4 ; s. of A. Izat, of 
Dollar, Scotland ; vi, Margaret 
Deward, d. of James Reiinie, 
1873 ; joined service in the Indian 
P. W. D. as Assistant-Engineer, 
Hyderabad, 1863; transferred to 
Railway Branch, 1870 ; served in 
various parts of India and was 
instrumental in initiating a n d 
carrying out many metre-gauge 
extensions ; services lent to Bengal 
and North- Western Railway as 
Agent and CAnel Engineer, 1883 ; 
Director, Roliilkand andlvumayun 
Railway, 1883-1904; also Deloi, 
Umballa, Kalka and Simla Rail- 


ways ; joined Board of Directors, 
190-2, retired, 1904. Address : 
Springfield, Dollar, N.B. 

lyyan Pillai, K., B.A., DewanPiesh- 

k;ir, Kotfcayam, Travancore State. 
Address : Kotiayani, Travancore, 
S. India. 

Jackson, Abraham Valentine Wil- 
liams ; L.H.D., LIj.D: b, in New 
York City, U. S. A, 1862°; s, of 
David S. Jackson, merchant; ediic: 
at Columbia University, N. Y., 
iind at Halle in Germany ; 
Professor of Indo-Iranian langua- 
ges, Columbia University ; his 
special field of research as a scho- 
lar is the sacred literature of the 
Zoroastriau religion ; visited India 
and Ceylon, 1901 ; travelled in 
Persia and Central Asia for purpo- 
ses of archfeological research 
especially of Zoroastrianism, 1903; 
collated part of the Persian 
inscription of King Darius on the 
Behistun rock .-Director, American 
Oriental Society ; Hon. member of 
Society for making researches 
into Zoroastrian Religion, Bom- 
bay, (1899) ; twice delegated by the 
U.S. Government to International 
Congresses of Orientalists. Publi- 
cations : A hymn of Zoroaster, 
Avcsta Grammar in comparison 
with Sanskrit; Avesta Reader ; 
Persia, Past and Present ; Trans- 
caspian and Turkistan; & a num- 
ber of articles contributed to 
journals and Encyclopiedias. 
Address : New York, U.S.A. 

Jacob, Edward Fountaine. C. I. E, 

(IM'.)S), A. M. I. C. E., Manager 
(retired), Oudh and Rohilkhand 
Railway ; s. of late Richard D. 
Jacob of Stoke, Ncwington ; b, 
1852; edjic: Cooper's Hill College, 
London ; joined service in the P 
W. D. 1870 ; transferred to Rail- 



way Deptfc. as District Tfaftlc 
Supt. 1880 ; transferred to N. 
W. P. Ry. 1887 ; transferred as 
IManager, Oudh and Rohilkhand 
Railway, 1905; retired, 1907. 
Address : Carlton House, Kxniouth. 
Club : East India United Service. 

Jackscn, M.W.H. Controller-Gene- 
ral of Revenue, Ceylon, 1910. Add- 
7'css : Colombo, Cevlon. 

Jacob, Honble Sir Lionel Montague. 

C. S. I. (190:^), K. C.S.I. (1911), M. 
1. C. E., Secretary, (P. W. D.) 
Government of India ; s. of General 
H. Jacob ; b. 1853 ; educ ; 
Bath ; R. 1. E. College ; m. Minnie 
Wiustanley Rughton, 1890 ; joined 
service as Assistant Engineer, 1875; 
]<>xecutive I'jnginecr, 1883 ; Under 
Secretary (EniigrationBranch, 1894; 
Superintending Engineer, 1899 ; 
Member, Legistative, Council, 
Burma, 1903 ; Chief ICngineer and 
Secretary to Government, Burma, 
1908-05 ; Secretary to Government 
of India (P. W. D.) since 1905 ; 
Additional Mem l)er, Imperial Legis- 
lative Council, 1910. Address: 
37, Queen's TMansions, Victoria 
street, S. \V, Club: United Service. 

Jacob, Sir (Samuel) Swinton, 

CLE. (1893), K.C.l.K., (190-2). 
A.I.C.E., I\LR. I.B:A.; late Chief 
Engineer, Jaipur State, India ; b, 
1841; .s. of Colonel W. Jacob, Bom- 
bay Artillery; ('d/fc; Cheam School; 
Addiscombe College; gained Com- 
mission in Bombay Artillery ; 
Lieut, 1858; joined Indian Stall 
Corps, 1862; Capt, 1870; Major, 
1878; Liout-Col. 1884; Colonel, 
1888; served in P. W.D. 18G2-9(J; 
Superintending Engineer, 1893; 
officiated as Suptg. I'higineer 
and Secretary to the A. G. G. 
for Rajputana, and C. I. on 
several occasions; services lent to 

the IM-iharajah of Jaipin% 1867; 
served at Aden, 1861-66 (thanked 
by Secretary of State); received 
thanks of the Cxovt, of India for 
exertions during famine in 
Rajputana. 1868-69; commended 
bv Govt, of India for services in 
the P. W.D. of the Jaipur State, 
1872; again thanked, 1873 and 
1890 ; Assist. Field Engi- 
neer with the Aden Force, 
1865-6G; blown up in the destruc- 
tion of an Arab fort, 1866 ; atten- 
ded Coronation of late Emperor 
Edward VII as Political Officer 
with H.H. the Maharajah' of 
Jaipur, 1902; on special duty as 
Consulting Engineer for Irrigation 
in Rajaputana, 1902-5 ;the follow- 
ing are among his many archi- 
tectural designs : — the Sandeman 
Memorial Hall at Quetta; Secre- 
tariat Ofiices for the Crovt. of India 
at Simla; the Victoria Memorial 
Hall at Peshawar ; the .Bank of 
Jladras ; the Albert Hall at 
Jaipur; the Jubilee Clock Tower 
at Jaeodabad; St. Stephen's College 
at Delhi ; the PuUic offices at 
Jodhpnr and at Dholpur; the 
Hospital at Bhaiatpur; College for 
the Begum of Bhopal; a Palace for 
the I\Iaharajah of Kotah ; a Palace 
and other buildings for the IMaha- 
rajah of Bikaner; the Church at 
-laipur; the R. C. Church at 
Ajmere; the iicsv Daly C!ollege 
at Indore and subsidiary buildings; 
the Miirblo Canopies over the 
Statues of late Empress Victoria 
at Lahore, Lucknow, and 
Ajiulhya; Fountains at Calcutta 
and Bombay ; IMarble Altars, 
Founts, Pulpits, etc., in different 
]iarts of India; received the title of 
Oflicei* del' kcndemicdes Benu.r 
Arts by French-Government; owns 
Kaiser-Hind gold medal ; holds 
Coronation medals for ]''jngland 
and India. I'ltblicnlioiL-, : Ja.i)in r 
Portfolios t)f .Architectural Details; 
a work on Jaipur Enamels; letter 




press by Sargcon-Col.T.H. Hencllcy 
C.I.E. Address: Jaipur, Rajputana, 

Jacob,Herman George; 6. at Cologne, 
1850 ; educ : at GologQC, Berlin 
and Bonn ; visited India, 1873-4 ; 
Professor of Sanskrit at the Uni- 
versities of Munster, 1876 ; Kiel ; 
1885 : Bonn, 1889. Publications : 
Kalpasutra ; Ayaranga Sutra ; 
188-2 : Jaina Sutras, "Sacred Books 
of the East", Vols. XXII, XIV, 
Ausgewahlte Erzahlungon inMaha- 
rastri ; Das Ramayana ; Mahabha- 
rate (statement of contents) : The 
computation of Hindu Dates ; 
Dhyanyalaka (translation) ;Upami- 
tibhava prapandra Katha; Samarai- 
chcha Kaha, and Samaraditya 
Samksepa ; contributed to the 
exitschrift dor Deutschen Morgou- 
landischen Ge- sellschaft, Indian 
Antiquary, etc. 

Jadoa, Nawab of, H. H. Nawab Sir 
Muhammad Iftikhan AH Khan 
Bahadur ; b. 1883 : Succeeded, 
1895 ; entitled to a salute of 13 
guns. Address : Jadoa, Malvva, 
Central India. 

Jagdamba Devi.Srimati, Maharani; 
Widow of I\lahaaiahopodliyaya 
Maharaja Sri Partab Narayan 
Singh, K. C. I. E., of Ajodhya. 
adopted Kunwar jagadauibilca 
Pratab Sing, to succeed after 
her death to the estate. Address : 
Ajodhya, Fyzabad, U.P., India. 

Jagannayakulu Raju,R., Rao sahib, 
P. T, S. Honorary Assistant Sur- 
geon (retired); 6. 1845 ; educ : 
London Mission School, Baiigalore, 
the Anderson School (Now the 
Madras Christian College), and the 
Madras Medical College ; joined 
Service in the Medical Department, 
1866 ; served the department for 
32 years : retired with theHonorary 


rank of Assistant Surgeon, and the 
title of Rao Sahih, 1898; is a mem- 
ber of the Sangeeta Samajam ; i« 
a social reformer ;President, Hindu 
Balika Patasala, Egmore. Publi- 
cation: Tamil trantlation of 
Falconer's Manual of Midwfery, 
and Telugu Ballads. Address: 
Gangureddi Street, Egmore, 
Madras, India. 

Jagaveera Rama Yenketeswara 
Ettappa Nayakar Bahadur, 

(See Etnyapurain.) 

Jagat Narain Bhargava, Rai 

Sahib, Muntazimmal ; b. Ajmere, 
1865; educ: at Ajmere Government 
College; s. Pundit Ramjiven Bhar- 
gava; entered Shafrurs state service 
as Tutor to H.H. the Maharaja ; 
acted as Civil and Criminal Court 
officer ;served in Ajmere Commis- 
sion for 10 years; was Superinten- 
dent, Baoni State inBundelkhand ; 
retired, 1907 ; entered service of 
the Maharaja of Datia as Legal 
Adviser ; Assistant Political Agent, 
Bundlekhand, 1907 ; joined Gwa- 
lior Service as member. Board 
of Revenue ; Present Post, 1908 ; 
Rai Sahib, 1907. Address: Morar, 
Gwalior, India. 

Jhangirabad, Taluqdar of; Hon'ble 
Raja Sir Tasadduk Rasul Khan, 

K.C.l.E. (1908) ; is an Hony. 
INIagistrate ; President of the 
Hockey Club ; elected Chairman 
of the Bara Bauki i\Iuniciimlity, 
1910 ; title of Raja conferred, 1819; 
made hereditary, 1897 ; Vice, 
Predident of the Taluqdars Bri- 
tish Indian Association, Oudh ; 
was a Member of the Legislative 
Council, U.P, ; in. Rani Zeb-un- 
risa, 1873. Address : Jahangirabad, 
Bara Banki, U.P., India. Club: 
United Service, Lucknow, 



aipur, Maharaja of ; Col. H. H., 
Siramad-i-Rajhai-Hindustan Raj 
Rajendra ShreeMaharajadhiraj, 
Sir Sawai Madho Singh Bahadur, 

K.G.C.S.I, (1888), G.G,I.K., (1901) 
G.G.V.O., (1903), LL. D. Edin. 
(1908), Hon. Col. of 13th Rajputs 
(Shdhawati) Regiment, (1901); b. 
1861; S. 1880; headof Kuchhwaha 
clan of Rajputs who trace their des- 
cent froniRama, the celebrated king 
of Ayodhya (niorden Oudh) ; the 
modern capital, Jaipur, was built 
in 17'28 A.D. by Maharaja Jai Singh 
the ancient capital being Amber, 
founded in. 1150 A.D.; the admi- 
nistration is carried on by a Council 
consisting of ten members, the 
Maharaja exercising the supreme 
civil and criminal authority 
wit\iin his territories; area of 
the State, 15579, square miles ; 
population, '2,G58,G6(i ; maintains 
an Imperial Transport Corps, 
of 695 non-commissioned ofhcers 
and men; takes a deep interest in 
all matters afEccting the welfare of 
the British • Empire ; among his 
many princely liberalities may 
bo mentioned his subscription of 
Rs. 1,600,000 for founding a 
permanent Famine fund for India, 
Rs, 100,000 for the Transval 
War Fund, Rs. 400,000 to the 
Famine fund in memory oj 
the Queen-Empress Victoria, Rs. 
'250,000 for the All-India Vic- 
toria Memorial, Rs,300,000 for the 
promotion of the Imperial Institu- 
tute, London and Rs. 76,000 
for King Edward's Hospital 
Fund in commemoration of the 
Princ'i of Wales visit to Jaipur. 
1905; an additional sum Rs. 300,000 
to the Famine Fund on the 
occa.sion of the Delhi Durbar 
of 1903 ; his Senior Mahranee, subs- 
cribed Rs, 100,000 to the Famine 
Fund, and another Rs. 100,000 
in honour of the visit of thePrincess 
of Wales, 1905 ; engaged a whole 
ship for proceeding ^to England to 

attend the Coronation of late Em- 
peror Edward VII ; is entitled 
to a salute of '21 Guns. Address : 
Jaipur, Rajputana, India. 

Jaisalmer, Maharaja of ; His 
Highness Maharaj-Adhiraj Maha 
rawal Shri Salivahan Bahadur ; is 

a Rajput of the jadu Bhathi clan- 
claiming decent from the divine 
Krishna ; b, 1887; cdnc. Mayo Col- 
lege, Ajmere ; succeeded to gaddi as 
a minor, 1891 ; m, 2nd daughter of 
H. H. Maharao Kaishri Singhij 
Bahadur of of Sirohi ; invested with 
full powers, 1998 : area of the State 
16,062 square miles; population, 
73,500; revenue, abont one lakh; 
The State came under British pro- 
tection and control for the first 
time in 1818 ; The INIaharaja main- 
tains a military force of 39 cavalry, 
168 infantry, "l3 artillery, and i7 
serviceable guns ; is entitled to a 
salute of 15 guns. Address : Jaisal- 
mer, Rajputana, India. 

Jam Jah Ail Bahadur, Prince Oara 
Ahmad Mirza ; 3rd s. of Sultan 
Alani IMohaniniad Wajid All Shah, 
the late king of Oudk ; The title of 
l.^rince, (personal) 1888; Address: 
73, Ciicular Garden Beach Road, 
Calcutta, India. 

James, Sir Henry EvanMurchison, 

I.C.S., C. S. I., 1898: K. CLE. 
1901 : b. 1846 .■ s. of William 
Edward James ; ('tZ«c. at Durham 
school ; entered the Bombay Civil 
Service, 1865; Postmaster-General, 
Bomljay, 1875, and Bengal, 1880 ; 
Director-General of the Pest Oflicca 
of India, 1886; Commssioncr in 
Sind, 1891-1900 : Gffg. ]Mcml)er of 
Council, Bombay, 1898-1899; Addl 
Member of Gov. Gcnl's Council 
lH'Jb-lU'JQ ; I'libikation the Long 




White Mountain ; or Travels in 
Manchuria, retired, 1900. Address: 
Cambridge Park, Clubs. Carlson. 

James Henry William, Chief 
Engineer and Secretary to the 
Government of Burma ; Trained 
at Thompson College and appoin- 
ted apprentice Engr, 1881 ; 
to Chief Engineer and Under 
Secretary toGos'crnmcnt of Burma, 
1889; Chief Engineer andSecretary, 
1913. Address: Rangoon, Burma. 

James, Lional, F. R.G.S., War 
Correspondent of the ' Times ' of 
London : s. of late Lt. Col L.H.S. 
James; b. 1871 ; cdiic; atCranleigh; 
joined the staff of Reuter as 
special War Correspandent, Chitral 
''Ompaign, 1894-95; Mohmund 
Tirah, and Soudan Campaigns, 
1897-99 ; joined the staff of the 
'Times,' Jjondon, 1899; was the 
Special Correspondent of that paper 
in S. Africa, America, IMaccdonia 
and IManchuria till 190-1 ; Times 
Special Corespondent in India, 
1907-08 ; Persia and Turkev, 
1908; Balkans. 1909; in IMorocco 
with the Spanish Army, 1909 ; in 
Albania with the Turkish Arnay, 
1910; with the French on the 
March to Fez, 1911; with the Itali- 
ans in Tripoli, 1911. Puhlictions : 
With the Chitral Relief Force; 
Indian Frontier War; A study of the 
Russo-Japanese War, etc. Address: 
London. Clubs : Cavalry. Junior 
Naval and Military ; United 
Service, Simla. 

James, William Henry, B. Sc. A 
M. I. C. E. Principal, College of 
Engineering, IMadras ; b. 187"2 ; 
Joined service as Professor, 
1901 ; became Princjpal, 1910, 
Address : Chcpauk, Madras, India. 


Jamiyat Khan Manwar Khan 

Babi, Nawab, s. of Nawab; IMuna 
war Khanji ; b- 1891 ; succeeded, 
1899 ; editc : at Rajkot Raj- 
Kumar College; Claims descent 
from one Sher Khan Babi, a dis- 
tinguished Officer in the service of 
the Moghuls ; area of Estate, 189 
.sq. miles; population, ,33,000; re- 
venue, 11 lakhs ; pays tribute 
also to the Gaekwar of Ba,roda ; 
is entitled to a salute of 9 guns, 
Address Balasinor, Rewa Kantha 
Agency, Bombay Presidency, 

Jamm and Kashmir, Maharaja 
of ; HH. Maharaja Major-Gene- 
ral Sir Pratap Singh Bahadur, 
Indra Mahruda Bahadur Sipar- 
i-Saltanat, G. C.S.I. {189-.^) G.C.I. 
E. (1911) ; c.s. of ^laharaja 
Ranvir Singh, and g. s. of late 
IMaharaja Ghulab Singh, founder 
of the dynasty ; b, 1850 ; suc- 
ceeded to gaddi, 1885; ednc : 
privately in Sanskrit; has acquired 
knowledge of law, science, and 
medicine ; received practical 
training in the administration by 
working in the Revenue, Judicial 
and Military departments of the 
State; relinquished his share in 
the administration, 1887 ; became 
President of the State Council, 
1901 ; invested with full powers 
1905 ; introduced reforms in all 
branches of the administration ; 
carried out railway extensions and 
works of public utility such as, 
waterw-orks in the towns of 
Jammu and Srinagar, provision 
of electrical installation for light- 
ing Srinagar, construction of 
canals, opening of roads, etc. ; 
maintains a first grade College, a 
High, Primary and Middle 
Schools ; sent troops to help the 
British Govcriiment for the Bhick 
^Maintain and the Tirah Expedi- 



fions; Major-General, ISOfi ; 
maintains a forco of about 8,000 
Infantry and Cavalry and 288 
■;iins ; is entitled to a salute of 21 
■_uns within his own territories 
;iii(l I'J guns outside ; is an ortho- 
•\"\ Hindu and is greatly intorest- 
I in the cause of education 
M^iong the Rajputs ; area of the 
S!:ito, 88,000 square miles ; papu- 
lition, over 2,000,000. Recreations: 
Cricket, swimming, wrestling, 
horsemanship, and religious dis- 
cussion. Address : Kashmir, 
Punjab, India. 

amkhandi, Chief of; Parashram 
Rao Ramachandra Rao, butter 
i;nnwn as Khan Sahib Meherban; 

Ijoloiigs to a respectable lorahmin 
family ; is a 1st class Sardar in 
the Southern IMahratta Country ; 
has power to try his subjects for 
capital offences ; area of the estate, 
ryl'i square mile^ ; population, 
ai)out 105, 375 ; revenue, about 5^ 
lakhs. Address: Jamkhandi, Bom- 
bay Presidency, India. 

eejeebhai, Sir Carsetji,Bart, Bom- 
bay ; h. 1852 ; educ ; Elphinstone 
College, Bombay; joined service as 
Assistant Collectoi', Salt Revenue 
Department, 187iJ ; resigned after 
succeeding to Baronetcy, 1898; 
became iMtJinbcr of Bombay Cor- 
poration; appointed SherifT of 
Bombay ; represented Bombay at 
the Coronation of late Emperor Ed- 
ward VII; founded the Sir Jamsot- 
jee Jcejeei)hai's Institution inBom- 
bay with branches in other parts of 
India for free education of child- 
ren; Honorary Presidency Magis- 
trate, Justice of the Peace, and 
Fellow of the Bombay University; 
again appointed Sheriff of Bombay 
for the year 1915. Address : Bom- 
bay, India. 

Janakiramayya Pantulu, Yella- 
peddi, Djwan Bahadur, retired 
District Judge ; b. 1854 ; joined 
service as District Munsiff, 1883 ; 
became Sub Judge; Disrtrict 
Judge, 190G; retired, 1908. 
Address. Bezwada, IMadras Presy. 

Janaki Prasad, M. A., L. L. B., Rai 

Bahadur, Secretary to H. H. the 
Maharaja of Rewa ; Rai Bahadur, 
1911 Address: Rewa, Central 

Janjira, Nawab of; H. H. Sir Sidi 
Ahmad Khan Sidi Ibrahim Khan 

G. C. I. E. ; b. 1862 ; succeeded to 
gaddi, 1879 ; belongs to an Abys — 
sinian family of Sunni Muham- 
madans and claims descent from- 
Sidi Sarul Khan ; regarding the 
foundation of the State, it is said 
that an Abyssinian in the service 
of one of the kings of Ahmednagar, 
obtained permission to land some 
300 boxes of merchandise, while in 
reality, t?ach box contained a 
warrior within. After the boxes 
were duly landed, the Captain, 
discovered the fraud, but it 
was too late. The Abyssinian 
possessed himself of Janjira 
and it became part of the 
Bijapur Kingdom. One very note- 
worthy fc'aturo in the early history 
of this State after its sui)jugation 
by the Abyssinians, was its succes- 
ful resistance offered totlic repeat- 
ed attacks of the Maljrattas under 
Sambhaji. The British refrained 
from interfering in the internal 
administration of this State. Area 
of the State, 324 S(|uare miles ; 
Population, 89,000; Revenue, fi 
lakhs; Address: Janjira, Kathia- 
war, Bombay Presidency, India. 

Jardine, Sir John, K.C.I. E. (1897). 
Hon. L. ]j. D. (Aber), U. P. (!,) 




Eoxburghshire since 1906, retired 
Chief Justice. BomSay ; 3rd s. of 
William Jardine, of Dumstablo ; 
b, in England, 1844; educ: Christ's 
Coll, Cambridge; won Chanceller's 
Gold Medal for English 
verse, 1864; entered I. C. S. 
in Bombay, 1864 ; served in vari- 
ous subordinate ranks and was 
Political Officer in Kathiavvar,1871; 
Fellow, Bombay University, 187"2 ; 
for sometime Dean of Arts and 
Dean of Law ; Secretary of the 
Commission for the trial 
of the Gaikwar of Baroda, :i875 ; 
Secretary for Treaty with Portugal, 
and Law Officer to the Government 
of India, 1874; Judicial Commis- 
sioner, Burma, 1878 ; President, 
Burma School Board, 1881 ; Chief 
Secretary to Government of Bom- 
boy, 1885 ; Vico-Chancellor, Bom- 
bay, University, and Chief justice. 
High Court, Bombay, 1895; retired, 
1897 ; contested the seat for Rox- 
burghshire (Lj, 1900; m, Minnie, 
d of Dr. Hogg, 1880. Fublications : 
Notes on Buddhist Law with 
translations of the Burmese Law ; 
Preface to Dr. F. F. Hammer's 
King Wagarn's Code ; edited the 
Customary Law of the Chin Tribe 
and of father Sanger Mano's Bur- 
mese Empire one hundred years 
ago. Address, Applegarth, Godal- 
ming. Clubs ; Reform ; Scottish 
Liberal Edinburgh : BycuUa, 

Jardine, William Ellis, CLE. (1909), 
y. R. G. 8., :\[. R. A. S.: b. 18G7 ; 
s. late William Jardine; educFuttcs 
College, Edinburgh; Wren's; 
Trinitv College, Camliridge; joined 
I.e. S. 1886; transferred to Political 
Department, Government of 
India ; 1893 ; became Assistant 
Resident, Hyderabad, First Assis- 
tant Agent to Governer-General , 
Central India, and First Assistant 
Resident, Hyderabad : Political 

Agent, Bundelkhand, 1904-9 ; 
Address Co India Office London. 
Madras ; Clubs : East India United 

Jarrett, Col Henry Jullivan, CLE. 

(1895) Supernumerary List ; b. 
1839 ; 2nd s. of late Thomas 
Jarrett, Speldhurst, Kent; )yt. Agnes 
Delacour, d. of late Francis Beau- 
fort, 1874 ; educ : Prior Park, 
Bath; joined the Army, 1856 ; 
served in India during the Mutiny; 
j\Iahsud-Waziri Expedition, 1860; 
the '2nd Yusufzai Expedition as 
A.D.C.; Member, Board of Exa, 
miners, Culcutta; .\sst. Secretary, 
Legislative Department, Govern- 
ment of India, 1870-94. Public- 
ations ; History of the Caliphs ; 
Institutes of the Emperor Akbar; 
Heine's Book of Songs into 
English verse; Address: Imber- 
horne. East Grinstoad. Ciib ;, 
United Service. 

Jashpur, Raja of ; Bishen Prasad^ 

Singh Deo; succeeded Raja Partap 
Narain Singh Deo Bahadur. 
CLE.; area of the State, 19ls 
square miles ; population, 200,000; 
pays tribute to British Govern- 
ment through the State of Sarguja 
to which he is bound to rendci' 
feudal service ; holds :i 
sanad which regulates his relation'^ 
with the British Government; is 
under the political control of thi' 
Commissioner of Chhatisgarh. 
Address : Jashpur, C.P,, India. 

Jath Jagirdar of ; Srimant Rama 
Rao Amritrao, also known as Aba- 
sahib Dafle ; a. s. of late Chief 
Bhimarao Amritrato ; educ: at the 
Raj Kumar College, Rajkot; invest' 
ed with full powers, 1907 ; area of 
the State together with its Integra- 




part of Dat1apur,.S84 square miles; 
population, about 70,000. Addruss: 
Jath Town, Bija])ur Agency, Bom- 
liav Presideiicx . India. 

Jehangir, Sir Cowasjee, Bail ; 
descendant of Heerje Jehangir, 
t^ie pioneer of the trade between 
India and China, and banker to the 
Rast India Co ; 6. 1853 ; edttc: at 
I'llphinstone ('ulicgj, Bombay ; one 
of the largest landed proprietors ; 
(Chairman of tho Joorla Jubilee and 
Hope ^lills; founded the Jehangir 
Hall of the Imperial Institute ; 
contributed 3 lakhs, for the 
erection of tho examination 
liall and four lakhs for Sci- 
ence laboratories for the Bom- 
i)ay Presidency : Fellow of the 
Boml)ay University ; Justice of the 
Peace ; Delegate for the Parsi 
Matrimonial (!ourt ; ^Member, 
Committee of the Bombay 
j^Iill Owners Assam ; Chairman, 
Cowasjee Jehangir Girls School, 
Bombay, and the High School for 
Boys at Cundvi. Address: Bom- 
iiay, India. 

Jenkins, Sir Lawrence Hugh, Kt. 

(18'.)!)). K.C.l.l';., (1908), Chief 
Justice, High Court, Calcutta; '2nd 
s. of Richard David Jenkins, Cli- 
lirounan, Cardiz;in; b. 185H; cduc: 
Cheltenham College, Oxford; 
called to Bai- (Lincoln's Inn) 
1883; Bencher. Lincoln's Inn, liiOt); 
Judge, Calcutta High Court, 189()- 
09,- Chief Ju-^tice, High Court, 
Bombay, 1898-1908; IMembor of 
the Co'imcil of India, 1908-09; 
Chief Justice. Calcutta High Court, 
since! 1910; is District (irand 
IMaster of I'^reonnisons for Bengal; 
takes an active part in all important 
public movements; as a speaker, 
especially on social questions, ho 
is perhaps unmatched. Address. 
No. 8, Outram Street, ('alcutta, 
Clibroniian, near Cardigan. 

JENKINSON. Sir Edward George, 

K. C.B.; (1888) .v. of late Pkhvard 
Jenkinson; 6. 1880; m. Annabella, 
d. of Monk Mason, 1865; eihic : 
Harrow; Haileybury Coll ; joined 
Indian Civil Service, 1856; Dy. 
Collector and Joint Magistrate of 
Benares, and Parukhabad; served 
Indian Mutiny; went to Ireland 
with Karl Spencer as Private Secrc- 
tarv and was Asst. Under Seey 
Police (Ireland), li^82. . 
Thurlow, Holloway Hill, Ciodalm- 

Jennings Colonel Robert Henry, 

C.S.I. (1904), R.L. ; b. 1852 ; c. v. 
of late R. Jennings, Woodlawn, 
Cork; 7(1. 1892, Bessie, d. of 
late Archibald Gray ; e^tiic : 
Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich ; travelled extensively ip' 
Europe and the Last ; joined R.K. 
1872 ; served Afghan War, 1879- 
80 ; Chief Political Officer, Sir C. 
l^Iacgregor's Force Mari Expedi- 
tion (despatches, medal) ; Chief 
Political Officer. Toba Column, 
188-2 ; made exploration in Persia, 
Baluchistan. Hehnund, 1884-85; 
thanked by Commander-in-Chief ; 
Army Staff till 1890 : Consul at 
Basra; Turkish .\rabia, 1892; 
Resident, at Jeypore, 1898 ; 
Indore, and W. Rnjputana States; 
on special duty representing H. E. 
the Viceroy in company with the 
eldest son of the Amir of Afghanis- 
tan during latter's tour in 
India, 1904-5. Publications : num- 
erous articles in the Gazetters of 
Baluchistan, Persia ; description 
of cotnitry routes between Bagdad, 
Nejf, and Karbcla, in Mesopotamia 
and Baluchistan and Persia. 
Recreations : shooting, fishing. 
Address: 20, Roland Gardens, S. 
W. Club: Junior United Service. 

Jeypore, Maharaja of; Sri Vikrania. 
Deo Garu ; belongs to an ancient 
family owning a ziunindari of 




11,520 square miles in extent 
impartible and iualienble, 

under Act II of 1904 ; b. 1875 ; 
edtic : under Dr. J. Marsh of Tan- 
jore ; m. e. d. of the Raja of Udai- 
pur, in Chota Nagpur, 18C;3 ; has 
a son and heir, Sri Ramachandra 
Deo ; b. 1893 ; took charge of Es- 
tate, 1895 ; made Maharajah, 
1896 : maintains beds in the Mad- 
ras Gosha Hospital and has contri- 
buted largely to charitable 
purposes ; offered a seat on the 
Madras Legislative Council by Sir 
Arthur Lawley as representative 
of the Northern Zamindars of 
Madras, which he declined, 1910. 
Address : Jeypore, Yizagapatam 
District, Madras Presidency, 

Jha, Ganga Nath, M. A., D. Litt., 
Mahaniahopadhyaya, Allahabad ; 
b. 1872 ; educ : Durbhanga Rai 
School, and Queen's College, Bena- 
res; related to the Maharaja of 
Durbhanga through his mother; has 
been Professor of Sanskrit, Muir 
Central College. Allahabad, since 
1902 ; Fellow , Allahabad University , 
1905 ; Member of the Syndicate, 
Allahabad University ; joint edi- 
tor, "Indian Thought." Pub- 
lications : "Bhava B h a d i n i" ; 
Translation of Chhandogyopani- 
shad with Sankara Bhashya ; 
Translation of Vyasa's Yogasutra 
with Vachaspati Tika ; Indian 
Rhetoric, Eastern Philosophy and 
and Western Science. Address : 
Allahabad, U. P., India. 

Jhalawar, Maharaja of ; H. H. 
Maharaja Rama Sir Bhawani 
Singh Bahadur, K.C.S.I.;s. of 
Thakur Chattarsal of Fatehpur, 
and a descendant of Madho Singh, 
the 1st Jhala Foujdar of Kotah ; b. 
1874 ; elected by Government of 
India to be Chief of the State, 1898; 
installed as ruler with the title 
of Raj Rana and invested with 


full powers, 1899 ; educ ; Mayo 
College, Ajmere ; introduced 
useful reforms in the ad- 
ministration ; built Kemball 
Public Library ; founded the Raj- 
endra Sondhia School, and Patan 
Girls' School ; established Rajendra 
Literary Institute, an Orphan- 
age, and the Rajendra Amateur 
Dramatic Company ; improved 
and expanded the carpet industry 
and the industry of Shikari-Cloth ; 
encouraged agriculture and 
gardening in the State ; area of 
the State, 808 sq. miles ; popula- 
tion, about 100,000; entitled to 
a salute of 11 guns ; travelled exten- 
sively in Europe ; possesses a fine 
library; has a son and heir, b. 1900 ; 
Recreations : Tennis, Cricket, i 
music. Address: Jhalrapatan, Raj- 
putana, India. 

Jhaveri. Krishnalal Mohanlal,M.A. 

L.L.B. ; b. at Broach, 18G8; s. of 
late Mv. Mohan lal Ranchodas ; 
ediic: at Surat, Broach and Bhaw- 
nagar; B.A. with Persian as second ! 
language, 1888; M.A., 1892; 
L.L.B. , 1892; commenced practice; 
appointed 3rd Judge of the Court 
of Small Causes, Bombay ; Mem- 
ber, Government Book Committee; 
Member, Bombay Presidency 
Social Reform Association, and 
Joint Secretary, Pleaders' Associa- 
tion. Publications: " Hafs — sadi", 
etc. Address : Cowasjee Patel Tank 
Road, Bombay, India. 

Johnstone, Sir Donald Campbell, 

Kt. (1915), I.C.S.; educ: Edin- 
burgh Academy ; passed I.C.S. 
examination, 1877 ; Joined I.C.S. 
and arrived in India, 1879; served 
in the Punjab and in Bombay 
as Assistant Commissioner; Junior 
Secretary to Financial Com- 
missioner, Punjab, 1888 ; District 
Judge, 1891 ; Divisional Judge, 
1895 ; Temporary Additional 
Judge, Chief Court, Punjab, 1905; 



Confirmed, 1907. Address: Lahore, 
Punjab, India. 

Jhind (jind), Raja of; H. H. 
Farzand-i-Dilband Rasikh-ul- 
Itikad-i-Danlat-i-Inglisha Raja- 
i-Rajagan Raja Ranbhir Singh 
Bahadur, K. C.S.I. (l'.)09) ; s. of 
Raja Ragbhir Singh, K.C.S.I.; 6, 
1878; succeeded to gaddi as a minor, 
1887 ; descended from the com- 
mon ancestor of the ruling families 
of Patiala, Nibha and other Pun- 
jab States ; the administration of 
the State during the minority of 
the Raja had been vested in a 
Council of Regency ; vested with 
full powers in a Durbar held at 
Sangrur, 1899 ; ranks 8rd in the 
order of precedence and is entitled 
to a salute of 11 guns ; invited to 
meet H.R.H. the Prince of Wales 
(now Emperor George V) at 
. Lahore, 1905 ; area of the State. 
1259 square miles; population, 
282,000; revenue, Rs. 13.00,000; 
maintains a military force of 220 
Cavalry, lOfiO infantry. 80 artil- 
lery, and IG guns. Address: 
Jhind, Punjab, India. 

Jiva Nand Padha, Rai Bahadur, 
retired Chief S(!cretary to H. H. 
of Mandi; b 1852 ; had private edu- 
cation ; entered the service of H. 
H. the Raja of Tehri as Private 
Secretary ; was in military 
command of the Raja ; Collector 
and Financial I\Iinister. I\Iandi, 
1876; his next appointment 
was in Jodhpur where he was 
awarded a pension of Rs. 200 a 
month ; returned to Jlandi, 
worked as Chief Secretary till the 
, time of retirement; Rai Bahadur, 
1908. Address: Haijnath, Palam- 
pur, Kaiigra, India. 

Jodhpur, Maharaja of; H. H. Raj 
Rajeshwar Maharaj Adhiraj 
Soramad Rajaha i-Hindustan 

Maharaja Sri Sumer Singh 
Bahadur ; succecided to gaddi as 
minor, 1911 ; head of the 
Rathor clan of Rajputs and claims 
descent from Sri Rama, King tf 
.\jodhya. The founder of the city 
of Jodhpur was Rao Jodha, who is 
said to have had 14 sons and to 
have been succeeded by his eldest 
son, Satal, about the year 1488. 
The first chief who commenced 
negotiations with the British was 
Man Singh. A treaty was 
concluded in 1818 by which the 
State was taken under British pro- 
tection. In 1839 the British 
Government found itself compelled 
to interfere with the State owing to 
the misgovernmont and the conse- 
quent disaffection and insurrection 
in the State. Man Singh however, 
executed an agreement to ensure 
future good Government, .\ftcr 
his death his widows and 
the nobles of the State chose Takht 
Singh, Chief of Ahmadnagar, as 
their Ruler and the selection was 
approved and confirmed by the 
British Government. The present 
Maharaja is a dctscendoit of Takht 
Singh. The State is the largest in 
Rajputana and has an area of 34, 
963 square miles or more than one 
fourth of the total area of the 
Agency. The family cognizance 
is the falcon, the sacred 6'ai;/r of 
the solar Rajputs. The State has a 
population of about 2 millions. It 
rjia.intains two regi:nents of 
Imperial Service Lancers, and a 
local force consisting of about (500 
cavalry and 2,400 infantry, with 
an artillery numbering 254 of all 
ranks and 11 guns of various 
kinds. The ^Maharaja was made 
Lieutenant, 1!M4. Address: Judh- 
pur, Rajputana, India. 

Johns, William Arthur, c;. I. L., 

ClOlOj A. M. T. C. K., P.W.I). 
India; .s. of Alexandar Johns; 6. 
1858; cdne: R.I. K. College; joined 




, service in F.W. Dept. 1880 ; Exe- 
cutive Engineer, 1891; Junior 
Consulting Engineer. 1903 ; 
Superintending Engineer, 1903 ; 
Manager, Oudh and Rohilkand 
Railway, 1910; employed with 
Scistan Boundary Commission, 
1902-3; Junior Consulting Engineer 
for Railways, Dharwar, 1903. Ad- 
dress : Lucknow, India. 

Johnstone, Frederick John, C. I. E. 

(1896), P. W. D. India ; b. 1841 ; 
s. of late William Johnstone 
of Castle Blaney; m. Fannv Rat 
clifie, d. of late Dr. G. P. H. Mil- 
son of Collumpton, Devon, 1897; 
joined service in the P.W.D. India, 
18G1 ,• Secretary to Government 
and Chief Engineer, Bengal, 1891- 
90; retired, 189G. Address: Kamp- 
tee. Highland Road, Norwood, S.E. 

John stone, James William Douglas. 

C.l' E. (1911)1. C S.(rotired):6. 1855; 
s. o f Maj-Geneial Henry Campbell 
Johnstone; educ: at Edinburgh 
Acadamy and University ; joined 
Punjab Education Department 
as Professor, Government College, 
Lahore, 1877; transferred as Head- 
master, Mayo, College, Ajmir, 
1881 ; Principal, Daly College, 
Indore, 1885 ; Tutor to IVIaharaja 
Sindia, 1890-1895 ; Inspr-General 
of Education, Gwalior State, 1894; 
Fellow, Allahabad University; Cen- 
sus Commissioner, Gwalior State, 
1910-1911 ; Member of State Coun- 
cil ,(rwaliar.P«6/icrtYio?i: ' 'Gwaliar' ' 
(1918) Address .- Queen Anne's 
Mansion S. \V. 

Johnston, Rev. Samuel Henry, 

Chaplain, Hyderabad (D); b, Brix- 
ton, England, 1827 ; educ : at the 
Grammar School, Brixton; joined 
service in the Bank of Australia, 
where he rose to bo Head Accoun- 
tant ; resigned, and left for New 
York, 1858 ; refused an offer of 
Accountantshij) in the then New 


Bank of New York ; be- 
came partner with George 
Stannard of the Brooklyn INIills ; 
served in the war of 1861 by join- 
ing the 14th Brooklyn (afterwards 
the 88th New YorK Regiment) ; 
was sent on Detached Service to 
protect emigrants to California, 
18G3-65 ; Superintendent, Moii- 
taria Silver ]\Iines Company, 
1865-70 ; Accountant, Cincinati 
and Ohio Railway, New York City, 
1870-72; for Holy Orders at 
Knoxville, Tennesee, 1872; Lay 
Reader assigned to district out- 
side Knoxville ; commenced a 
Sunday School and gradually 
built up a congregation, and 
the Church of St. Luke ; studied 
Divinity under Doctors Huine and 
Duncan at the University of Ten- 
nesee, 1876-80 ; ordained Deacon, 
1880; was for sometime Incumbent 
of St. John's, Knoxville ; ordained 
priest and was in charge of 4 
churches ; returned to England, 
and was authorised by the Ar-. 
chbishop of Canterbury to minis- 
ter in all Churches in England ; 
appointed Chaplain of Cochin, 
1883 ; went on furlough and acted 
as Curate of St. Lukes, Norwood, 
1889 ; returned to India as Chap- 
lain of St. George's, Church Madura, 
1891-93 ; Incumbent, All Saints 
Church, Bangalore, 1891-93; trans- 
ferred to Hyderabad as Chaplain, 
1895. Address : Hydera))ad {D), 

JolyDeLotblniere. Lt. Colonel Alain 
Chartier, R. E., C. I. E., (1906), 
Chief Engineer, Bengal, formerly 
Chief Engineer, Jammu and 
Kashmir State ; 6. Quebec, 
Canada, 1862 ; s. of late 
Sir Henry Jolv de Ijotbiniere; 
VI. Marion Helen Campbell . 1887; 
educ : R. M. College, Kingston, 
Canada; joined R.p:.1886; Captain, 
1895 : Major, 1903 ; proposed and 
carried out the first large Hvdro- 



Electric Transmission Power 
Scheme i.e. the Cauvery Falls 
Transmission of Power to the 
Kolar Crold Fields, Mysore, India; 
constructed a large Hydro-Electric 
Power Installation on the river 
Jhelum to be used for 
the Ahbotabad-Srinagar Railway 
and for industrial purposes in 
Kashmirandthe Punjab; Chief En- 
gineer, Bengal ; reverted to Military- 
duty, 1914. Address : Srinagar, 
Kashmir, India. 

Jolly, Juliuse E. Ph. D.. 6. at 

Heidelberg, 1849 ; .9. of Philip von 
Joily, Professor of Physics at the 
University of Munich; edtic; at 
Munich, Berlin and Leipzig in com- 
parative Philology, Oriental Lan- 
guages and Jurisprudence; became 
private descent at the University of 
Wiirzburg, Bavaria, 1872; Professor 
Extraordinary, 1877 ; Professor 
Ordinary (Sanskrit Comparative 
Philology,) 1836; visited En- 
gland frequently to study Sanskrit 
Mss. in London ; to India, 1882-3; 
wasTagore LawProfessor, Calcuta; 
studied the ancient legal litera- 
ture of India and is now 
recognized as the leading auth- 
ority on native Indian Law. Publi- 
cations. The Institutes of Narada 
(translated from the Sanskrit), 
The Institutes of Vishnu (in 
the " Sacred Books of the East") 
Vishnusmriti ; History of the 
Hindu Law, (Tagore Law Le- 
ctures) ; Naradasmriti Manuti- 
kasaingraha; Manava Dharmas- 
astra ; Mitior Tjaw-Books ; Rechun 
Sitte (in Buhler's Encyclopaedia 
of Indo Aryan Research) 1890; 
Medicine ' (ibid), 1901, 

numerous articles on Indian Philo- 
logy in English and (lerman perio- 
dicals, besides other philological 
works ; assisted Sir R. West in 
the pro])aration of a new edition of 
West and Buhler's Digest of the 
Hindu Law; belongs to several lear- 

ned-Societies; Corresponding Mem- 
ber ; Bavarian Academy of Science, 
1886, and of the R." Society of 
Science at Gott'ngen, 1904 : Hono- 
rary Member of the R. Asiatic 
Society, 1904. etc. 

Jones, Lt. Col. Richard Godfrey, 

I.S.O. (1886); b. 1855; joined Army 
as Sub-Lieutenant, 8th Foot, 1874'; 
arrived in Madras, 1876 ; services 
lent to the Mysore Government, 
1883, served " with 2nd L.C., 
Southern Afghanistan, 1879-1880 ; 
with 1st M.L. in Upper Burma, 
1886-1889 ; commanded Flying 
column of cavalry and Mounted 
Infantry in the Mon and ]Mon 
River \';illeys ; received thanks of 
Sir G. White. Commanding Bur- 
ma Field Force; Chin Expedi- 
tion, 1888-1890, wounded near 
Minbu, 1886; owns Medals for 
service in Afghanistan, Burma and 
Chin Lushi ; is considered as an 
expert in ^Military Law, and field 
fortification ; Inspecting Ofificer, 
Mysore Impocial Service Troops, 
1890 ; Military Assistant to IMysore 
Government, 1897. Address '.'■ 
Mysore, India. 

Jones, Richard Llewelyn, M.A., 
F. R. A. S., Deputy Director, 
frovernment Observatory, Madras; 
b. 1865 ; joined service as Pro- 
f ess or of Physics, Presidency 
College, Madras, 1889 ; acting 
Government .Astronomer, in addi- 
tion to his duties, 1895; (iovern- 
nicnit Meteorologist, Madras, 1899 ; 
ag. Deputy Director of Oljser- 
vatory, Madras, 1902 ; reverted to 
T'residoncy College, 1908; Professor 
of Physics, Pcsidency College, and 
Deputy Director, Madras Oliserva- 
tory, snice 1910. Address: "The 
Observatory," Golleg o Road, 
Nungambakam, ISIadras, India. 

Jones, T, Editor, "Times of Ceylon."" 
Address: Colonilxi, Ceylon. 



Jones- VaughAn. 

Jones-Yaughan, Major-General 
Hugh Thomas, C. B, (18'J4), I.A. 
(retired); b. Glanywern, 1841; e, of 
Jones; editc, at Sandhurst: i^assed 
Staff College, 1871 ; served in the 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-8 ; Afghan 
war, as Brig- Major of ]st 
Division • Brig-Major in the 
Zaimuht expedition ; Brevet- 
Lt-Colonel ; A. A. G. Western 
District, 1887-92 ; ]Major-General, 
1899; General Officer commanding 
troops, Straits Settlements, 1894- 
1899 ; J. P. for Carvenshire : Col: 
Loj'al, N. Lancashire. Address . 
Tydoyallivydyu, Rhydyclarfey 

Carnarvonshire. Club. United 

Jones, William Brittain, B. A 

(Loud), C.S.I. (1883), I.C. S. (re- 
tired) ; b. 18:34 ; .s. of Rev. W. 
London /entered to the Bar (Inne 
Temple): entered I. C. S, (Bengal), 
served in various lower grades till 
188-2 .• Resident, Hyderabad 1882. 
Chief Commissioner. Central Pro- 
vinces, 1883-4 ; retired, 1885. Add- 
ress: West Hill Lodge; West Hill, 
St. Leonards-on-Sea, Cluh : East 
India United service. 

Joosat Karamally Khan, Khan 
Sahib. Managing Director, Baroda 
Tramway Co, Ld.; C, 1863 ; estab- 
lished various concerns ; founded 
the Baroda Tramway Co, Ld. and 
the All-India United Insurance Co, 
Ld., floated the Audit Bank of 
India Ld; holds large contracts in 
Bombay, Poona Kirku and Baroda, 
endowed a building for Reading 
Room and Library in the Baroda 
Cantonment in commemoration of 
the Coronation of late Emperor 
Edward VII : Krprban Sahib, 
1909, Address. Baroda India. 


Joubert, Col. Charles Henry C. B., joined service, 1878, in 
Military employ until 1874; served 
as Civil Surgeon, and Resident Sur- 
geon Presidency Hos.; Offg. Sub. of 
emigration ; Offg. Sauitrary Com- 
missioner, for Bengal ; Profe.ssor, 
Medical College, Calcutta, 1890 ; 
Fellow of Calcutta University, 
1893; Principal Medical officer 
Lahore, 1900; Inspector-General of 
Civil Hospitals. United Provinces, 
1902; retired, 1905.; Address cjo 
India Office, London. 

Joshi, Purshotham Baiakrishna, J. 

P., F.R.C.S., Rao Sahib; fo. 1850; 
educ: at the Elphinstone and 
Wilson Colleges, Bombay; a dis- 
tinguished antiquarin and Mah- 
rathi schollar and poet his research 
work in connection with Campbells 
"Gazetteer"' has procured for him 
a certificate of ]Merit at the Delhi 
Durbar of 1913; examiner for the 
^I.A., degree of the Bombay Uni- 
versity, 1910. Publications : 
"Early History of Bombay" 
English "Victoria ]\Iahotswa" 
IMarathi ; a number of pamphlets 
and poems in Sanscrit, Marathi 
and English, Address: Benham 
Hall Girgaum, Bombay, India. 

Joyner Roberts Batson C. I. E. 

(1808) M. Ins. C.E.. F. R. G. S. ; 
b. 1884 ; 3rd. s. of late H, St. 
John (Joyner ; vi, ]Margaret Vye 
e.d. of late N. Milne, 1879; joined 
service in the P. W. D. Bombay, 
1868 ; constructed j\Iutha Canal 
Irrigation Work and Poona Water 
Supply ; twice thanked by Govern- 
ment for work done in the Famine, 
1876-77 ; designed and constructed 
Gokak Canal Works and other 
large schemes ; designed and cons- 
tructed works for utilising the 
Falls of Gokak. 1886-88; was 
specially deputed to report on 
irrigation matters 1829; appoin- 
ted Superintending P^ngineer, 



Sind, 1891 ; 1st Class Superin- 
tending Engineer, 1894 ; in charge 
of Famine Relief Works, 1896-98. 
Publications : Report on Utili- 
sation of the Indus and Irri- 
gation Management of Sindh ; 
Proper Management of 
Indian Famines ; Bombay Hydro- 
Electric Works design. Recreation: 
photography, rowing, polo, and 
pig-sticking, sketching and cycling. 
Address : Lake View, Pittville 
Park, Cheltenham ; Woody Bay, 
N. Devon. 

Junagarh, Nawab of; H. H. Sir 
Rasul Khanji Muhabat, G. C. 
S. I. (1899). 2d., s. of late 
Nawab Sir Muhabat Khanji, K. C, 
S. I ;6, 1858; succeeded his brother 
the late Nawab Sir Bahadur Kan ji, 
1892 ; belongs to a Babi Pattan 
family, and is 10th in succession 
from Shcr Khan Babi, the founder 
of the State who had assumed 
independent power after expelling 
the Moghul governor about the year 
1735. The State is a first class one 
in the Kathiawar Agency, the Na- 
wab enjoying the power of life and 
death over his subjects. H. H. 
pays tribute to the Gaekwar 
of Baroda and to the British Go- 
vernment and receives contribu- 
tions called zotalbi from a large 
number of Kathiawar Chiefs. These 
contributions are collected by Bri- 
tish agency. The State owns a mint 
which issues coins current 
only in the State. Junagarh 
to one of the most picturesque 
towns in India, while in antiquity 
and historical interest, it is 
probably second to none in 
India. Its old citadel, known as 
the Uparkot, contains Buddist 
caves, and the whole neighbour- 
hood is honey-combed cither 
with caves or their remains. 
Among the fine buildings of this 
city may be mentioned the Baha- 
nd-din Arts College, the Rcay Gate 

with clock tower, the hospital and 
the High School buildings. Area 
of the State, .3,284 square miles : 
population, 400,000 ; revenue, 27 
lakhs ; has a small force of 
Imperial Service Troops ; H. 
H. enjoys the honor of a 
personal salute of 15 guns ; besides 
the usual salute of 11 guns ; holds- 
a sanad guaranting any succession 
according to Muhammadan law 
which here follows the rule of pri- 
mogenture. Address : Junagarh, 
Kathiawar Agency, India. 

Justice, Captain William Adolphus, 

M.B., Sanitary Commissioner, 
Madras; b. 1870"; entered service, 
1898 ; on temporary pla- 
gue duty at various places from 
February 1898 to 27th February 
1902 ; Commissioned, 29th January 
1902 ; proceeded to England to 
undergo a course of study at Net- 
ley, 28th Februarv 1902 ; returned, 
24th October 1902: posted to Sta- 
tion Hospital, Secundrabad, 2Gth 
October 1902 : 22nd Madras Infan- 
try, Belgaum, 19th February 1903: 
G3rd Palamacotta Light Infantry, 
Vizianagram, 16th June 1903 ; 
posted to General Hospital', 
M a d r a s, December 1905 ; 
Special duty in connection 
with Plague preventive meas- 
ures, from 12th Feb, to 14th April 
1906 ; Deputy Sanitary Commis- 
sioner & Inspector of Vaccination 
and Professor of Hvgienc & Bac- 
teriology, Madras IMedical College, 
April 1906; relieved of the duties 
at the Medical College, July 1906 ; 
confirmed as Inspector of Vacci- 
nation and Deputy Sanitary 
Commissioner, INIadras, January 
1912; Sanitarv Commi.ssioner, 
Madras, 18th Feb. 1912. Address, 
The "Baobab," Cathedral Post, 
Tcynampet, Madras, India. 

Julens Barbier, Chief De Cabinet, 
Pondichcry, South India. 




Kaisar Khan, Nawab, Sir, K.C.I.E. 
(1911), Chief of the Magarri Tribe, 
Beluchistan ; receives a monthly 
allowance of Rs. 300 from the 
Khan of Kelat. Address: Kachhi 
Kalet, Beluchistan. 

Kalahasti, Raja of ; Raja Damara 
Kuniara Timmanayanim Baha- 
dur Garu ; a. s. of late Raja 
AkkappuNayanim Bahadur Garu; 
cduc ; privately. The estate, which 
is one of the ancient Zeniindaries 
in the Presidency of IMadras. lies 
scattered in the three districts of 
Nellore, Chittoor, and Chingleput; 
has an annual revenue of about 
G lakhs, but is greatly encum- 
bered. It was for some 
time under the management of 
the Court of Wards. The town 
of Kalahasti which is the residence 
of the Raja, contains a temple 
dedicated to Siva known here as 
Vayii Lingn. In point of sanct- 
titv, Kalahivsti ranks next to 
Benares, and the annual festival 
in the temple commencing from 
Sivarathri is attended by hun- 
dreds from far and near. Address: 
Kalahasti Town, Chittoor District, 
Madras Presy, India. 

Kalat, Wall of H. H. Beglar Begi 
Mir Sir Mohammad Khan (l. C. 

I. E. (1894); 6, 18G4 ; succeeded to 
title, 1893 ; belong to an Arab 
family which under ]Mir Wari took 
possession of the state about the 
middle of the 15th century ; the 
state came under British protection 
for the first time in 1854 when an 
agreement was entered into between 
the Khan and the British Govern- 
ment by which the Walis of Kalat 
acknowledged British suzerainty ; 
area of the State, 90,000 square 
miles ; Population, 000,000. The 
Khan is entitled to a salute of 1'2 


guns. Address : Kalat, Baluchis- 

Kallikote, Raja of : Sir Hari Hara 
Madra Raja Deo Bahadur Garu ; 

A', of Narayaiia ^larda Raja Deo, 
who greatly distinguished himself 
by his kindness towards the famine 
stricken in 186C>, and won the ap- 
probation of Lord Napicrs' Govern- 
ment at ^Madras ; b. 1872 ; educ : 
under ]\Ir. R. W. Potts, a well 
known cducationlist ; married 
twice, 1894 and 1895, two sisters in 
succession, being daughters of 
Chotta Sahib of !Mourbhang, the 
uncle of the present IMaharaja of 
Mourbhunj, Balasore, Orissa 
District, Bengal Presidency; owner 
of the well known Rambha estate ; 
contributed a lakh f^f rupees to the 
Kallikot College, Berhampore, 
1898; built the Diamond Jubliee 
Hall. Berhampore, 1897 ; main- 
tains a free Dispensary at Kallikot, 
travelled widely in India, Burma 
and Ceylon ; Recreations: Riding. 
Address: Kallikot Ganjam District, 
Madras Presidency. India. 

Kalyan Singh, Rai Bahadur, retired 
Police Superintendent, Indorc ; b. 
1839 ; educ: privately ; joined 
Police Service as Sub-Inspector, 
18G7 ; retired as Superintendent, 
1898 ; Distinguished himself by 
capturing dacoits and recovering 
property on many occasions ; Did 
excellent service at the Kumbha 
Mela, 1894 ; Rai Bahadur, 1894. 
Address Dhanipur, Aligarh Dt. 
U. P. India. 

Kalyanvala. N. K., Khan Bahadur, 
L. M. S., G.B., V. C, F. B. U. 
Nawanagar ; 6. 18G3 ; educ: at 
the Grant jMedical College, Bom 
bay ; passed L. M.S. as 1st in the 
1st class with honors ; was Assis 
taut Surgeon and Teacher, Medical 
School, Ahmedabad ; Examiner. 



Bombay University on five occa- 
sions ; services lent to the State 
of Nawanagar, 190S ; Khan Baha- 
dur, 1903. Xddrcss: Nawanagar 
State, Punjab, India. 

Kamakhya Nath, Paiidit, Maha- 
niahepadhyaya ; fe, in an old and 
respected family of Pandits, 1847; 
joined the 7'andit Shiam Padmiyar 
Bhushan Patashala while he was 
only 15 years old and completed 
his education at Nadia at about 
the age of twenty-four ; started a 
Patashala at Sham Bazar, Calcutta, 
for free education of students ; 
entered service as Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Hindu Philosophy in the 
Calcutta Sanskrit College where 
he subsequent'y became Professor ; 
President of the Sahat Sabha ; 
Mahamahopadhyaya, 1900. Ad- 
dress: Calcutta, India. 

Camal-ud-Din Ahmad, M. A. (Cal), 
Shams-ul-Ulema ; s. of late Shans- 
ul-Ulamat, a well-known Persian 
and Arabic scholar of his time ; 
educ : at the Chittagong School, 
and the Presidency College, Cal- 
cutta ; Teacher, Rangoon Islamia 
School, and afterwards Sub Deputy 
Collector ; appointed as Superin- 
tendent of the Chittagong 
Madrassa, 1905 ; invited by the 
Government of India to the Con- 
ference of Orientalists at Simla, 
1911 ; Fellow of the Calcutta 
University ; Member, R oy a 1 
Asiatic Society ; is a scholar and 
a linquist ; title conferred, 1910; 
Address : Chittagong, Bengal, 

amar Qadai' ^lirza IMahammad 
' Abid Ali, Prince ; c. siirv s. of His 
late Majesty Wajid .Mi Shah, King 
of Oudh;fo. 185-2;his mother Nawab 
Fakhr-i Mahal Sahaba, at the 
risk of her own life saved two 
English women from the hands of 


the mutineers in 1857 ; after the 
suppression of the Mutiny the 
British Government in recognition 
of this courageous act of the Royal 
Lady, treated the Prince with 
special favor ; after the death of 
the ex-king of Oudh, Lord 
Dufferin the then Viceroy of India, 
recognised the Prince as head of 
the Oudh family and sanctioned 
him a pension of Rs. 3000 (after- 
wards raised to Rs. 4000.) a month; 
at the Viceregal Durbar of Luck- 
now held some years ago, he was 
given honors due to a Royal 
Prince; he received a salute of 
twenty one guns and was given a 
seat of honour in the Durbar; the 
Prince is a man of gentle and 
generous disposition ; his interest 
over the followers of his father is 
so great that he takes particular 
care to give no room to complaints 
of neglect on his part ; owns exten- 
sive house and land property in 
Calcutta ; married his cousin and 
has two sons and two daughters. 
Address: LhusroManziL, Calcutta, 

Kaker, Chief of ; Maharaja Dhiraj 
Kamal Deo ; belongs to an old 
Rajput family whose ancestors, it 
is said, were enthroned by a vote 
of the people ; under the Mahratta 
supremacy, the State had to 
provide a military contingent when 
called on to do so ; in 1818 the 
British Government restored the 
Chief who had been deprived of his 
possession, on payment of an 
annual tribute of Rs. 500. But 
the British Government having 
resumed certain manorial dues, 
excused the Chief from payment of 
the tribute since 1823 ; area of the 
State, 1429 Square miles: 
papulation, about 100,000. The 
ralations of tlio State with the 
British Government is looked after 
by a Political Agent under the 
supervision of the Commissioner 




of Chhatisgarh Division. Address : 
Kaker, Central Provinces, India. 

Kanagasabhi, Hon'ble Ambalava- 

nar ; 1st Tamil Member, Ceylon 
Legislative Council ; elected 191'2. 
Address: Colombo, Ceylon. 

Kanhaiya Lai, Rai Bahadur, Ban- 
ker, Cawnpore ; b. 1871 ; educ : at 
the Cawnpore High School ; Joined 
service in the Treasury Department, 
and became Government Trea- 
surer; Head of the Banking firm 
of Lala Ram Ratam, Ram Gopal ; 
is a Durbarri and holds lands which 
yield a revenue of Rs. 14,000, a 
year ; Rai Bahadur, 1907. AfZ- 
dress; Civil Lines, Cawnpur, India. 

Kanjilal Upendra Nath, R a i 

Bahadur ; Extra Deputy Con- 
servator of Forests ; claims descent 
from Chhandar, one of the five 
Brahmiiis invited by King Adisor 
of Gaur from Kanouj ; 6, 1859; 
ediic. : in the Mahratta School, 
Jessore ; Hetrampur School Bir- 
bhum; Presidency College, Cal- 
cutta; and Imperial Forest School. 
Dehra Dun ; entered Government 
service, and rose to the position of 
Extra Deputy Conservator of 
Forests; elected Fellow of the Lin- 
naean Society of London, 1902; 
Rai Bahadur, 1911. Publicntions. 
" Forest Flora of the School." 
Address : Gadktai Jessore, India. 

Kantaraj Urs, c.S.l. (1914), c.i.E. 
(1914), 2nd Councillor, Mysore; 
b. 1870 ; educ : at the IMadras 
Christian College, from which he 
graduated, 1894 ; Prob. Assistant 
Commissioner, 1884; Assistant Pri- 
vate Secretary to H. H. theMaha- 
rani Regent (now Dowager), 1895-9; 
;Special Assistant Commissioner, 
1899-1900; Special S.D.O, 1901-4; 

Deputy Commissioner, 1904 ; m. 
a sister of H. H. The Maharajah 
of Mysore, by whom he has a 
daughter: Address : jMysore City, 

Kapadia, Dr. Shapurji Aspaniarji. 

M.D., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Bar- 
at-Law; b. in Bombay, ] 857; cdtic : 
Flphinstone High School, and 
Grant IMedical College, Bombay ; 
proceeded to England, 1881; 
called to Bar flnner Temple), 
1893 ; was Senior Clinicial Assis- 
tant, Royal Ophthalmic Hospital, 
Westminister, and Lecturer on 
Meteria Medica and Pharma- 
cology, Zenana Medical College ; 
Oriental editor, and founder of 
the Oriental Library and Wisdom 
of the East Series ; Member, 
Faculty of Arts, London Univer- 
sity ; Life-Member, St. Thomas's 
Hospital, London; Lecturer 
on Gujarati Language, Univer- 
sity College, London ; Oriental 
Secretary, Northbrook Society, 
London. Reereations : walking 
and reading. Address : 49, Low- 
bride Road, Kensington, S. W. 

Kapileswar, Zamindar of ; Sir 
Yenkata Rangiah Appa Rao 

Gam ; s. of Venkatadri Appa Rao 
Garu ; educ : at Masulipatam and 
Pachaippah's College, IMadras ; 
travelled in India and Ceylon ; 
subscribed Rs. 10,000/- to the 
Victoria Caste and Gosha Hospital, 
IMadras, 1913 ; has two sons, the 
elder of whom has been adopted 
by his paternal vmcle, the Zamin- 
dar of Vuyyur Estate. Address : 
Kapileswaram, Kistna Dt., Madras 
Presy., India. 

Kapurthala, Raja of ; H,H. Farz- 
and-i-Dilband Rasikhul Itikad 
Daulet-i-Inglishia Raja-i-Rajag- 
an Raja Sir Jagatijit Singh 




Bahadur, K. C.S.I. (1897) ; b. 1872 ; 
.s. of Raja Kharak Singh ; a. to 
(raddi, as a minor, 1SS7; admini- 
stration of the State was carried 
on by an Officer of the Punjab 
Commission assisted by a Council 
of State officials ; invested with 
full powers, 1890 ; invested with 
powers of life and death over 
his subjects, 1902 ; belongs to a 
Jat Kalal family ; has travelled 
much, visiting England, America, 
Japan, China, Java, etc. ; is the 
5th in order of precedence among 
the ruling Chiefs of the Punjab ; 
was invited to and was present 
at Ijahore at the time oi the visit 
of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales 
{Emperor George v.) 1905 ; main- 
tains a force of 600 Imperial ser- 
vice infantry, 394 local infantary 
and 8 guns; is entitled to a salute 
of 11 guns : area of the State, 630 
square miles ; population, over 
300,000; revenue, 25 lakhs includ- 
ing 13 lakhs from Oudh Plstates. 
Address: Kapurthala City, Punjab, 

Karauli, Maharaja of. H. H. Maha- 
raja Dh'raj Sir Bhanwar Pal Deo 
Bahadur Yadukul Chandra Bhal 

Iv.C.I.E. (1894), G.C.I.E. (1897) h, 
18G4; cduc : Mayo College, Ajmere; 
succeeded to gaddi, 1886: w. Six 
wives ; is the acknowledged head 
of Jadon Rajputs (Lunar race) ; 
claims lineal descent from the 
divine Krishna ; is a patron of 
learning, particularly of Sanskrit; 
the State came under British pro- 
tection by the treaty of 1817 con- 
cluded with the Mahrattas, it 
rendered valuable service to the 
British Government in the Mutiny 
of 1857 in returu for which the 
Raja was created a G.C. S.I., and 
was excused form payment of 
large debt was granted a dress 
of honor and his salute was perma; 
ncntly raised to 17 One remarkable 

feature in connection with the 
succession of this State is, the last 
seven chiefs have all succeeded by 
adoption; area of the State, 1242 
square miles ; population, about 
160,000; ^Maharaja maintains a 
military force of 125 Cavalry, 25 
field artillery, 1041 infantry, aud 
56 guns ; is entifled to a salute of 
17 guns, Recreations : Hunting 
and shooting. Address : Karauli, 
Rajaputana, India. 

K ARK ARIA, Rustonji Pestonij , 

B. A., M. R. A. ; S. b. Bombav. 
1869 : cdiic : St. Xavier's School 
and College ; Follow and Pro- 
fessor St. Xavier's College. Bom- 
bay, 1891 ; Principal and Profes- 
sor of English Language and 
iterature, Collegiate Institutions, 
1898 ; Examiner in History and 
Philosophy, Bombay University : 
]\Iember of various Commissions 
appointed by the Parsi Community 
on Religious Education, on Pro- 
selystism, on Religious Trusts, etc; 
membrr of ^lanaging Committee 
of Parsi Authors' Society, of the 
Zcroastrain Association, and socie- 
ties. I'uhlicafions: Edited Carlyle's 
I^iciuves on European Literature, 
and Parnell's Poems, and Golden 
Treasury, Bk. IV.; Forty Years of 
T'rogress and Reform; India since 
the Mutiny; Historical Sketch of 
the Parsis ; edited iMacaulay's Life 
of Goldsmith ; translated Parsi 
sacred Book, tlie Pahalavi Din- 
kard : Purim and Farwardigan 
"—In the Hoshang Memorial 
Volume, 1909; The French Revolu- 
tionary and the Prsi Calenders : 
a study in Ohrohology — In the 
Cama Memorial Volume ; Death 
of Shivaji ; edited Lord Cur- 
zon'^s Fare well Speechesin India, 
with Esssays on his Vice-ryalty. 
1906 ; Lord Courzon's Indian 
Vice-royalty, 1908; The Scientific 
Study of Mahratha History, 1907; 




Introduction to the Golden Trea- 
sury, 1908; Essays in English 
History; Essays in the History of 
the Native Press; Begininngs of the 
Indian Press, etc. Becreations; book 
and coin-collecting, kddress: Go- 
walia Tank, Grant Road, Bombay, 

Karunakara Menon, G, B.A., Dewan 
Bahadur, Proprietor & Editor, The 
Indian Patriot, INIadras ; b, 1863 ; 
completed his education in the 
Presidency Collge, Madras ; B.A., 
1889; joined the staff of the 'Hindu' 
of IMadras ; became its editor 
and conducted it in a spirit of 
remarkable moderation ; severed 
connection with the 'Hindu' and 
founded the Indian Patriot', 1905; 
owned and edited the now defunct 
quartely journal, the Madras 
Review ; Dewan Bahadur, 1910; 
gave evidence before the Royal 
Public Services Commission when 
that body held its sittings in 
Madras, 1912. Address : Tripli- 
cane, Madras, India. 

Kurivikulam, Zamindar Of ; Sri 
Permasani Nandasawmi Durai 
Kondai Royaswami Nayudu 
Garu ; belongs to a family 
which assisted the British in their 
operations against the rebel Palia- 
yagar of Panjatankuruchi, Tinne- 
vellyDistrict;s. of Timma Nandaya- 
swami Nayudi;; b, 1878; ediic: at 
the Hindu College, TJnnevelly; 
assumed charge of Estate, 1897; 
Member of District and Taluk 
Boards, Tinnevelly; Union Chair- 
man, Kurivikulam; maintains a 
free night school for the benefiit of 
the working classes. Address : 
Kurivikulam, Tinnevelly Dt. 
^ladras Presidency., India. 

Kashi Nand, Risa'oldar, Rai Baha- 
dur, .s. of late Shiv Lai; b, 1858; 

220 . 

cdtic ; at Peshawar and Lahore; 
belogss to a family whose ancestors 
were Dewans of Durani and were in 
charge of the Record ofhce of 
IMaharaja Ranjit Singh; entered 
the 10th. Bengal Lancers, 1880 ; 
transferrad to Political department, 
1908 ; Asstt. Political Agent till 
1908 ; Tresaury officer, Hazra 
since 1908 ; is a 1st grade Extra 
Commissioner; Rai Bahadur, 1900; 
recived the Punjab Frontier Medal, 
the Royal Victoian medal, and 
medals for the Durbars of 1903 and 
1911; Owns land property in Pesha- 
war. Address: Hazara, N. W. F. 
Province, India. 

Kashinath KeshaY,M. A., B.L.,Rai 
Bahadur; 1861 ; educ: b. in Sangar» 
Jabbulpur; graduated iu Arts 
and Law from the Muir Central 
College, Allahabad passing the M. 
A. Examination from the same 
.College ; started life as a member 
of the legal profession ; joined 
Government Service as Extra 
Assistant Commissioner and rose 
to the position of Senior Divisional 
and Sessions Judge ; invited to 
the Durbar of 1911, received the 
Durbar Silver Medal. Recreations : 
Tennis and Bridge. Address : 
Nagpur, C. P., India. 

Kashi Nath KishoreThakur, M. A. 

B.L., Rai Bahadur; b. 1860; educ: 
at the Jabbulpur Collegiate School, 
and Muir Central ColJege, Allaha- 
bad; after a short practice at the 
Bar, entered Government service, 
1885 ; rose to the position of 
Senior Divisional and Sessions 
Judge ; invited to attend the 
Durbars of 1908 and 1911 ; 
in the former (1903) he was 
awarded a IMedal ; is a Karbada 
Brahmin ; Rai Bahadur, 1901 ; 
Address: Nagpur, C. P. India. 



KashipuF, Raja of ; Udai Raj 
Singh ; b. 1S83 ; succeeded, 1898 ; 
cliiims descent from Pahar Singh, 
younger son of Raja Baz Bahadur 
Chand ; Estate comprises of 46 
villages in Naini Tal, and 156 in 
Bijnor ; Title of Raja recognized 
as hereditary, since 1828. Address : 
Kashipur, Naini Tal, India. 

Kashmir and Jummu, Major-Gene- 
ral H, H, Sir Partab Singh Indar 
Mahindar Bahadur Sipar-i-Salt- 
ant. G. C.S.I. Maharaja of; (See 
Jamvm and KasJimir) 

Kasimbazar, Maharaja of; ]Manin- 
dra Chandra Nandi; 1860; succeed- 
ed Rani Saronmay, 1897; is an able 
administrator taking a keen inter- 
est in all public movements ; is a 
liberal contributor to all Charita- 
ble and philathropic works ; title 
of Maharaja conferred as personal 
distinction, 1898; same 'title has 
been conferred on his heir and 
successor, subject to the confirma- 
tion of the local Govenment; re- 
presented the landowners in the 
Bengal Legislative Council ; owns 
estate in the Ballia district of the 
United Provinces ; enjoys a gross 
annual income of about 16 Lakhs. 
Address ; Kasimbazar, Bengal 
Presy., India. 

Kasinath, Ramachandra Godboie, 

Dewan Bahadur, Poena; elected 
Member, Legislative Council Bom- 
bay; formulated a scheme of tram- 
way traction to suit the increased 
requirements of traffic in Poona. 
Address: Poona, India. 

Katrak, Dr. Nanabhai Navroji, 
Bombay ; /;, 1H58 ; cdiic : Klphin- 
stone High School, and the Grant 
Medical College, Bombay; is a well 
known medical practitioner; Mem- 

ber of the Bombay Corporation ; 
an ardent Member of the Indian 
IMedical Congress, Calcutta. Puhli- 
crttioxis : '' IMetera ^Medica of India 
and their Therapeutics ." Address '■ 
462, Grant Road, Bombay' India. 

Keary, Major-General Henry 

D'ubran,D.S.O. (1900), C.B. (1911), 
commanding Garhwal Brigade, 
Lansdowne; b, Holkham, Norfolk, 
1857 ; 4th s, of late Hall William 
Keary; m, Mabel Louisa, d, of late 
Col, I\Ialcolm Lloyd, 1906 ; educ: 
IMarlborough ; Joined the Army as 
Sub-Lieut. Sandhurst, 1875- 
1876 ; 2nd Batt, Suffolk Regiment. 
1876 ; appointed to Indian Staff 
Corps, 1876; Lieutenant, 1877 ; ser 
ved with 1st Madras Infantry, 
1876-83, and with it took part in 
Afghan War, 1879-.S0 (medal) ; 
with ]Madras Pioneers, 1883-85 ; 
through Burmese Campaign to end 
of operations including annexation 
(despatches, medal); Captain, 1888; 
raised and commanded a military 
Police BaLtalion, 1887-92 (clasp) 
commanded a company of mounted 
infantry in the rebellion of the 
Wuntho State, 1891 clasp, 
and D.S.O.; Nortnern Chin 
Hills, 1892-93 (despatches. Brevet 
majority) ; Major, 1897 ; China, 
1901 (despatches); become Colonel, 
1900 .• A. D. C. to H.M. the 
King, 1907. Recreations: shoot- 
ing, fishing. Address : Rurki, 
India. Clnb : East India United 

Keeling, High Trowbridge, A.M.I. 
C.E. Chief Paigineer, Delhi; b. 
1865 ; joined service, 1887; ar'-ived 
in India, 1888: First appointed us 
Assistant Engineer, Madras ; 
Executive Engineer, Kishna, 
1894 ; services transferred to Edu- 
cational Depaitment as Principal, 
College of Engineering, Madras, 
1904 ; Superintending Engineer, 
Madras, 1910 ; on special duty 




in England and in the United 
States. 1911; triansferredas Chief 
Engineer, Delhi, 1912. Address : 
Delhi, India. 

Keene, Henry George, M. A. (Oxford), 
C. I. E. (1882), I. C. S. (retired); b. 
■ 1825; e:s. of Rev. Keene, M.A.; 
ediic: Rugby; Oxford; and 
E. I. Coll, Hailevburv; joined 
I. G. S. 1847; served 'in N. W. 
P. for 35 years; retired, 1882; 
Follow, Calcutta University. 
Piihlictions: Fall of the Mughal 
Empire ; Madhava Rao Sind- 
hia (Rulers of India) ; History 
of India, 2nd ed ; A Servant 
of John Company; Hindu- 
stan under Free Lances ; and 
articles contributed to Dictionary 
of National Biography and Cham- 
b e r 3 ' s Encyclopaedia; edited 
Oriental Biographical Dictionary. 
Recreation: reading. Address; 
Buckleigh, Westward Ho, N. 

Keir, Major-General John Linde- 
say, C.B. (1908), Commanding 
South Midland Territorial Force ; 
s. of J.L. Keir, Fordlands, Bide- 
ford ; b. 185G; cduc; Wimbledon 
School, Woolwich; joined service 
in the Army, 1876; become 
Colonel. 1901; passed Staff Collga; 
special Service, South Africa, 
1901-2; A.A.G.. India, 1905; 
service in South Africa, 1899-1902 
(despatches, Brt. of Col, Queen's 
IMedal, 5 Clasps) : Commanding 
Allahabad Brigado, 1907-11 ; Won 
R. A. Gold Medal for Prize 
Essay, 1903 ; m. Alice Mary, 
d. of late F.I. Simpson of Baldock 
Herts. Rccrentums : Golf, polo, 
hunting. Club : United Service. 

Keir Hardi, M. P.; b. ; 1857. Was a 
miner till he was twenty four; 


entered Parliament as Member for 
Westham and now represents Mer- 
ther Tydvile ; Chairman of the 
Labour party in the House till 
1907 ; Is greatly interested in 
Ind;an political progress and is a 
Member of the London Indian 
Congress Party. Address. 

14, Neville's Court, Fetter Lane, 
London, E. C. 

Keith, Arthur BerriedaJe, M. A. D. 

Litt. (Edin), D. C. L. (Oxon),, 
Regius Professor of Sanskrit and 
Comparative Philology, Edinburgh 
University : cduc. Edinburgh and 
Oxford Universities ; was Exami- 
ner for the Honors Oriental School 
at Oxford, for the Civil Service 
Commissioners ; Examiner in 
Sanskrit to the Edinburgh Uni^ 
versity ; was Assistant Secretary to 
the Imperial Conference, and 
Secretary to the Managing Com- 
mittee of the Tropical Diseases 
Bureait ; His book on "Responsi- 
ble Government in theDominions" 
has been made a text-book in the 
University of Australia and has^ 
has been cited in Austratian Par- 
liaments and Courts of Law- 
Address : Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Keith, Hon'ble, W. J. M. A., I. C. 

S. ; Joined service, 1896 ; Ag. 
Chief Secretary to Government of 
Burma ; Member, Burma Legisla- 
tive Council, ex Officio ; Address : 
Rangoon, Burma. 

Kelsall, John, retired District and 
Sessions Judge ; educ ; University 
College, London ; Entered service, 
1863; Student at the College, 
1868; Passed in Telugu, 1864 ; 
Passed in Tamil, 1895 ; Probation- 
ary Assistant Superintendent of 
Police, 1865 ; Ag Proby Assistant 
Superintendent till 1867 ; Passed 


Kesall, John. 

lower Standard, 1SG6 ; Jus- 
tice of the Peace, 1867 ; Passed 
Higher Standard, 1868 : Sub Col- 
lector, Bellary, 1869 ; On special 
duty in Madras, exammining the 
Mookerjee Mss for 10 days in Sep- 
tember 1870 ; Awarded Rs 2500 for 
compiling the Bellary Distreet 
^lanual, 1873 ; Acted in various 
other places and was posted as Dis- 
trict and Sessions Judge, 
continuing to act as Collector 
till 19th February 1881 ; Fur- 
lough till 30the October 188-2; 
returned and posted to South Mala 
bar and then as Judge of Godavari 
from 4th April 1882. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. 

KELLY, Major-Gen. FrancisHenry, 

C. B. (1908), Commander. Ahmed- 
nagar Brigade since 1907 ; b. 1859 ; 
s, of late James Kelly ; vi, 1882, 
Elizabeth Hedwig, d. of lateF. E. 
Jencken, M.D. ; eudc : Bristol 
Grammar School ; R. M. A. Wool 
which ; joined R.E. 1879 ; A.A.G, 
India, 1901 ; served Burma, 1885- 
86 (despatches, medal with clasps ; 
Captain, 1899; N. W. Frontier, 
1897 (despatch, medal with clasp); 
Major, 1897; Tirah, 1897-98 
(despatches, brevet Lt. Col. clasp ; 
Wazirtan, 1910 2 (clasp) Colonel, 
1903 ; A. A. G. Quetta 1910 5 ; 
member Indian Survey Com- 
mittee. 1904-5) thanks of Govern- 
ment of India ; commanding 
Karachi Brigade, 1905-7. Recrea- 
tions : riding shooting, rocqucts, 
tennis. Address : Ahmednagar, 
India. Club : Junior United 

Kemball. Lt-Oolonel Charles 
Arnold, I.C.E. (1903), Resident, 
Gwalior ; b. 1800 ; 2nd s. of late 
Charles Gurdon Kemball, J. P. of 
Mcetingham. Suffolk ; e d ii c : 
Charterhouse ; Sandhurst ; Joined 
Armv as 2nd Lieut. 15th Regis. 
(East Yorkshire Regt.) 1881 ; 

Bombay Staff Corps, 1882. Ad- 
dress: Gwaliar Residency. Club: 
United Service. 

Kennedy, Hcn'ble Majof W. N. 

Member of Council, Assam : b. 
1868; First appointment to the 
Indian Army, 1890; created Major, 
1908 ; Transferred to the Civil 
Deptt, Assam. 1904, Address : 
Gauhati, Assam, India, 

Kennedy, Frederick Charles, CLE. 

(1880) ; 6. 1849; s. of P. C. Ken- 
nedy, Merchant. Edinburgh ; m. 
May, d. of John Cuddie of 
Falkirk, Late manager of Irawady 
Flotilla Co., Ltd. and Director. 
Burma Expedition, 1887. Club : 

Kennedy, Hartley, C. S. I. (1902), 
Indian Police, (retired) ; joined the 
Indian Police Force, 1871 ; Assis- 
tant Superintendent, 1874 ; Super- 
intendent, 1876 ; Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Police, 1896 ; Commissioner 
of Police, Bombay, 1899-1904 ; 
retired. Address : Co, Messrs King 
& Co., Pall Mall, S. W. 

Kennedy, James, I. C. S. (retd); 
b. 1843 ; s. of Rev. J. Kennedy, JI. 
A., Missionary in Benares and 
Kumaon, and minister of Porto- 
bello, Scotland ; ed^ic : at Edin- 
burgh High School and University; 
joined service, 1860 ; Magistrate 
and Collector of several districts 
in the United Provinces retired, 
1890; Honorary Treasurer, Royal 
Asiatic Society; Member, Bishop 
of Ijondon's Diocesan Confer 
ence. Publications: Early Com- 
merce of Babylon and India, " 
'* BudhisC Gnosticism." The 
system of Aasilides" and other ar- 
ticles in the J. R. A. S. ; the- 
Mediaeval History of India " in 
the Imperial Gazetteer ; History 
of the N. W. P. in the British 
Empire series (India)' Anglo India 



Kennedy, James. 

Novelties and Plinduism", the 
"Tendencies of Hinduism', and 
other articles on Indian regligions 
and Education in the East and the 
West, the Asiatic Quarterly 
Review, etc, lectures on India 
at University College, Londan. 
Address : c/o Indi'i Office, London. 

Kennedy, Robert Gregg, C. I. E. 

(1907) ; b. 1351 ; m. 1889, Mabel 
Sarah, d. of G-Wysc ; edtic : R. 
I. E. College ; joined service, 1873; 
Executive Engineer, 1881 ; Super- 
intending €iingineer, 1898 ; Chief 
Engineer and Secretary to Com- 
missioner, Central Provinces; 1903; 
Secretary to Punjab Irrigation, 1904 
Irrigation Secretary to Chief Com- 
missioner, N. W. F. Province, 
1905) retired, 1906, Puhlications : 
Report on irrigation in the U. P. 
Address : Largo, Upper Fife, N.B. 

Kenrick, George Harry Blair, L.C. 
L,L,D,' Advocate-General, Bengal 
s. of late George Kenrick, educ: 
Cheltenham College: holds two 
first class scholarships of the 
Middle Temple • 1st class Honors- 
man of Council of Legal Education 
and Prizeman of jMiddle Temple, 
1893 ; Member, South Eastern 
Circuit ; IMember, Board of Ex- 
miners for Final Bar Examination; 
Law Examiner, University of 
London for 4 years : Assistant 
Legal Advisor to Secretary of 
State for Foreign Affairs during 
Hague Conference, 1907, Advocate- 
General, Bengal and Principal Law 
Officer, Government of India. 1909; 
Fellow of the Calcutta University, 
and Member of the Syndicate; 1910; 
Fublications : Strahan and (Kin 
rick's Digest of Equity joint- 
Assistant editor of the 18th edi 
tion of Rogers on Edecution;many 
articles in the Encylopoedia of 

the Laws of England ; articles 
Habeas Corpus in Lord Halsbu- 
ry's Laws of England. Address. 
Calcutta, India, 2, Plowden Build- 
ings, Temple, E. C. Club: Bengal 

Kensington, SirAlftred, B. A., I. C.S., 

Judge, Chief Court. Punjab; educ; at 
Marlborough, and University Col- 
lege, Oxford; joined service as Assis- 
tant Commissioner, 1878 ; acted as 
Assistant Settlement officer, and 
Offg Under Secretary, till 1883; on 
special duty in Ambala, 1880 ; 
Under Secretary, Govt of India, 
i'lnance and Commerce Branch, 
1890; reverted to Punjab as Deputy 
Commissioner, 1894 ; Divisional 
Judge, 1896; transferred to N. W. 
Provinces as Accountant-General, 
1896; again Divisional Judge, 
Punjab, 1897 ; Tempovary Addi- 
tional Judge, Chief Court, Punjab, 
till April 1905 ; judge, Chief Court 
Punjab, 1905 ; Chjef Judge, 1914 ; 
Address: Lahore, Punjab, India. 

Kenyon-slaney, Maj-Gen. Watler 
Rupert, C.B. (1907); commanding 
troops, Secundorabad; b. 1861 ; 3rd 
s. of late William Kenyon-Slaney 
of Hatton Grange, Salop ; educ : 
Eton ; joined Armv; in the Rifle 
Brigade,, 1809; Captain, 1910; 
Major, 1885 : Col. 1901 ; Brig-Gen. 
1908 : Mag. Gen. 1908; Served S. 
Africa, 1902 (despatches). Address: 
Secundrabad, Hydrabad (D), India. 
Club: United Service. 

Keonthal, Rajaof; BijeSain; b. 1880; 
succeeded to gaddi, 1901 ; title 
of Rana borne by the head of this 
family from ancient times ; the 
British Government conferred the 
title of Raja in recognition of the 
valuable services rendered at the 
time of the Mutiny of 1857 ; Five 



petty States of Koti, Theog, 
IMadhan, Ghun Ratesh, arc 
subordinate to this State; area of 
the State 116 square miles; 
propulatiou. 22,499 : revenue, 
Rs. 1,00,000. Address : Keonehal, 
Simla Hill States, Punjab, India. 

Keppel, Lt-Col Sir George Roos. 

CLE. (1900), K. C. I. E. 
(1908) J. P., F. R. G. S., Chief 
Commissioner and Agent to 
Governor-General, in the N.W.F. 
Provinces, India, since 1908 ; e. s. 
of G.G. Roos; b. 1866; joined the 
Army (Roval Scots Fusiliers), 18S6; 
Captain, 1895; Brevet Major, 1899; 
Brevet Lt-Col, 1907; transferred to 
Indian Staff Corps, 1897 ; served 
in Burmese Expedition, 1887-89 
(medal with two clasps) ; Tirah 
Expedition, 1897-98 (medal with 
3 clasps),' Commanded operations 
against the Para Chamkhannis, 
1899(C.LE. and Brevet of Major) ; 
Bazar Valley Field Force as Chief 
Political Officer, and in Command 
of a Column, 1908 (despatches, 
medal with clasp K.C.I.E.); holds 
Swedish ]\Iilitary order of the 
Sword. AdtZ)-es5: Peshawar ; Nattia 
Gali, N.W.F. Province, India. 
Clubs: Naval and Military, V\'e]]- 
ington, United Service, Arts. 

!Ker, Hon'ble Arthur Milford, Kt. 

(1910), C. I, E. (1908) M. V. O.- 
(1911), Member of Council, Pun 
jab ; s. of late General T.D. Ker; 
b. 1853; is a Director of xMliancc 
Bank, India; Hony Treasurer, War 
Fund Committee. Simla. Addirss: 
Chapslee, Simla. India. 

Kerr, Col. Frederick Walter, D.S.O. 
(1896), Indian Aimy (retired) ; 3rd 
s, of late Admiral LordFrederick H. 
Kerr; b. ]867; educ; at Charter 
house; m, Lady Helen Keer, d, 
of 9th Marquess of Lothian; joined 
service as Pago-of-Honor to Her 
Majesty the Queen, 1879-33 ; 


Joined Armv in the Gordon High- 
landers, 1886; Adjutant, Chitral 
Relief Force, including the storm 
ing of ]\Ialakand Pass (despatches. 
Medal with Clasp, D.S.O. ), and 
Tirah Expeditionarv Force (two 
claps); Brigade Major, 1S99-1901 
(despatches, Brevet Major. Queen's 
Medal, 5 clasps). Becrcations : 
Polo, Cricket, Shooting. Address : 
c/o India Office, London. Cbibs : 
Naval and Military; New, Edin- 
burgh . 

Kershaw, Lewis James, CLE. 
(1912), I.e. S. Member of the Legis- 
lative Council, Bihar & Orisia; 
Educ: at Belfast Methodist College 
& Trinity College, Dublin; Joined 
service, 1890 ; transferred to Assam 
as Dy. Commr, 1892; reverted to 
Bihar and Orissia as Secretary to 
Government, 1912; :Member, Legis- 
lative Councils 1913. Address: 
Patna, India. 

Kesava Pillai, Hon'ble Rao Buhadur 
Pattu, First Cirade Pleader, Gooty; 
^Member, jMadras Legislativp Coun- 
cil representing the Municipalities, 
and District Boards of Anantapur, 
Kurnool, and Bellary ; Vice Presi- 
dent, Gooty Taluk Board, and 
Moml)er, District Board , Ananta- 
pur ; Member of the IMadras Forest 
Commission ; submitted a 

separate dissenting Report, 1911- 
12; gave evidence before the Royal 
Public Services Commission. 

Address: Gooty, Anantapur District, 

Madras Presidency., India. 

Kesava Pillai, K; B. A., B. L., 

Vakil and Tirembor of the State 
Legislative Council, Travancorc. 
Address: Trivandran, Travancorc 
State, S. India. 

Kesava Sastri, ■\rahamahopadliyaya, 
Professor of Sanskrit, Queen's 
College, Benares ; b. 1847 ; ediic. 
at Government Sanskrit College. 




Benares ; served the Educational 
Department for 30 years ; acted as 
Professor, Muir Central College, 
Allahabad; Government Sanskrit 
College, Benares ; ^lahamahopadh- 
yaya, 1911. PuhUcations : Trans- 
lations into Sanskrit of Berkley's 
Principles of Human understand- 
ing. AfZdress: Hathigalli, Benares 
City, India. 

Khairgarh, Raja of; Lai Singh 
Bahadur ; b, 1880 : ediic: Rajkumar 
College, Raipur ; succeeded to 
title, 1908 ; the name of the estate 
is derived from its founder, Khoy 
Ro}' ; the family circle of the chief 
consists of 300 members, all resi- 
ding in the town of Khairagarh; 
the Chief is greatly interested in 
the social welfare of his subjects ; 
has married the daughter of Rana 
Padam Jang Bahadur. Recreations: 
Cricket, Tennis, touring and hunt- 
ing. Address : Khairagarh, Central 
Provnces, India. 

Khairpur, Mir of ; H. H. Mir Imam 
Bakhsh Khan Talpur ; b. 1860 ; 
succeeded, 1909 ; belongs to the 
Baluch family of Talpur ; area of 
the State, 60.50 square miles; popu- 
lation. 200,000 ; revenue, o lakhs ; 
maintains a force of 377 men, of 
whom 168 are mounted ; is entitled 
to a salute of 15 guns. Address : 
Khairpur, Sind, India. 

Khattan, Gordhan Das, Bombay; s, 
of Khattan ]\Iakai,]i; 6. Bombay, 
1865 ; educ : IMumbadevi Govern- 
ment School, and the Fort High 
School ; joined the Khattan 'Mill 
and assumed sole management of 
the Bombay United Tllills ,• was 
agent of the Britannia ]\Iills ; elect- 
ted to represent the ^landvi Ward, 
Bombay Corporation, 1890; nomi- 
nated bv Government, 1898 ; J. P., 
1891 ; Chairman, Bombay Tele- 
phone Companj- ; the Bombay 
Cotton Manufacturing Company ; 


the Khattan Makanji Spinning and 
Weaving Co, and the Presidency 
Mills Co. ; is engaged in pearl 
business ; has set apart, in con- 
junction with his brother, IMulraj 
Khattan, one lakh of rupees in the 
cause of education, the interest 
from which is being devoted 
towards the maintenance of 
Scholars at the Goculdas Tejpal 
Boarding School ; has built many 
temples for the benefit of the mem- 
bers of the Bhatia community to 
which he belongs. Address :. 
Bombay, India. 

Khaksis, Raja of ; Raghunath 
Singh ; b, 1856 ; succeeded to title, 
1896 ; The estate is composed of 
7 whole villages and a three quarter 
share in 11 others in Jalaun, paying: 
a revenue of Rs. 8,902; Local name 
of the estate is Sikri; Title of Raja, 
held for centuries, has been recog- 
nised bj' the Government. 
Addi-ess: Sikri, Jalaun, U. P., India.. 

Khahil-ud-din Ahmed. Khazi, Khan 

Bahadur, Diwan of Panna State ; 
b. 18G9; educ: Privately and in the 
Mirzapur Mission School ; s. of 
Kazi Syed-ud-din ; worked in the 
Census operations ; services lent 
to Panna State, 1905. Address : 
PannaState, Central India Agency, 

Khandekar, Govind Ramchandra. 

Diwan Bahadur, Judicial Member 
of Council, Bharatpur State. 
Address : Bharatpur, Rajaputana, 

Khilkani, Kauramal Chandamall, 

Rao Bahadur, Bhiria ; b. 1844, 
educ: Government A. V. School, 
Karachi, and Elphinstone Institu 
tion, Bombay ; joined service in 
the education department, 1863 ; 
was Principal, Training College, 
Hydrabad, Sind ; Translator and 
Referee to Educational Depart- 



ment ; was a Councillor, Hydrabad 
IMunicipality : has been granted 
100 acres of land besides pension ; 
Rao Bahadur, 1897. Address: 
Bhiria, Hydrabad (Sind), India. 

Khimsipur, Rao of ; Udit Narayan 
Singh ; b. 1907 ; succeeded to title 
the same year ; claims descent from 
the old Rajas of Khor ; the head 
of this family is the Raja of 
Rampur (in Etah) and this branch 
was founded by Udai Chand, who 
settled in Modha in the ]Moham- 
raadahad iMrgana, 1583; Title of 
' Rao' always borne by the head of 
the family was recognised, 1801. 
Add7-ess: Khimsipur, Farrukhabad, 
U.P., India- 

Khwaja Ghulam-us-Sag Lain , B. A . , 
L.L.B. ; b, at Panipat early in the 
seventies ; ediic. at Delhi ; secur- 
ed Lord Lansdowne prize for an 
eassy on the influence of European 
Civilization in India and its method 
of work ; Took his degree, 1883 ; 
Helped the late Sir Syed Ahmed 
Khan in tranlating English books 
into Urdu ; Protested Mr. Glad- 
stone on the American question 
and the Indian Mussalnians: 
L.L.B. degree of the Allahabad 
University, 1895 ; joined Hydera- 
bad service as Inspector of Schools 
which he subsequently resigned ; 
was Editor of " Asa,r-i-Jadid " (the 
New Era ; was appointed Chief 
Judge of the Marlakatia State in 
the Punjab. Address : MarlnhSitin, 
Punjab, India. 

ihwaja Sir Salimulla, K.C.S.I., 

Nawab of Decca. [See Decca.) 

(hwaja Yusuf Shah, the Hon'ble 

Mr; Elected 3Ienibcr, Punjab 
Legislative Council; Took his .seat, 
1st January 1913. 

[ider Nath, Rai Sahib ; b. ISfiO; 
educ : at the Lucknow Canning 

College ; a. s. of late Rai Bahadur 
ilurli Manohar; entered Govern- 
ment service as 'Commissariat 
Agent at Lucknow, 1882 ; ac- 
companied the Chitral Expedition 
and the Nowshera Field Force. 
1895 ; the Kohat Field Force, 
1897 ; posted to the Punjab 
Commissariat Department, 1897; 
Provincial Durbarri; Govern- 
ment Treasurer of the Lucknow 
Treasury, and proprietor of the 
firm of Rai Murli Manchur, Rai 
Kidar Nath, Bankers, Contractors, 
etc. Address : Lalb&gh, Lii£- 
knoir. U. P. India. 

Kikelly, Surgeon Lt.-Ccl. Charles- 
landolph, C.M.G. (1900), M.Y. 
O.. J. P., M.B., B.Ch. (Dublin), 
D.P.H. (London), retired; s. of 
late Surgeon-General C.E.Kelkelly 
of Drimcong, Galway ; b, 1861 ; 
edvc ; Downside College ; Trinity 
College, Dublin ; "was a Surgical 
Travelling Prizeman ; Gold Meda- 
list Nat. Sci. Dublin University; 
was on the Personal Staff of Field- 
Marshall H.R.H. the Duke of Con- 
naught in India ; was present with 
the Egyptian Campaign, 1898 
(despatches, 2 medals and clasp): 
South African War despatches, 2 
medals and 3 clasps, C.M.G. 8 
1899-02; Principal Medical Officer 
Portland and Imperial Yeomanry 
Hospitals, Transvaal. Publica- 
tions. Trans. Antiseptic system in 
Bilroths' Clinic; Report I. Y. 
Hospitals, South-Africa. Address : 
Drimcong, Galway. Clubs: Guards, 
Royal Automobile. 

King, INIajor Hon. Lt-Col. Alexander 

James, D.S.O. (1900), The Kings 
Own Pegt (retired) ; Asst. Comdt. 
jVlounted Infantry, Salisbury 
Plain ; b. 18G3; o. s. of late Rev. 
Edward King B..\. ; cdiic : Radlcy 
College joined .Yrmy in the King's 
Own Regt, 1884 ; Ca'pt, 1892; served 




with Eg\'ptian Army in Camel Corps 
in Dongola Expedition, 1896 ; 
expedition', IS'JT ; Khartoun 
expedition, 1898 ; (despat- 

ches three times, order of 4th class 
IMedjidieh, Brevet-Major): ap- 
pointed A.D.C. to Lieut-Gen. Sir 
Archibald Hunter K.C.B,, D.S.O., 
in India, and in South African 
Campaign in 1899 ; was present 
during the siegeof Ladysmith, and 
commanded the Kimberely j\Iount 
Corps in the relief of Mafekingf^de- 
spatches three times; Dongola Ex- 
pedition, 1896 f4th class IMedjidieh) 
South African Campaign, 1899- 
1900 ('despatches thrice, Queen's 
medal, 5 clasps, D.S.O.j. Major 
1902. Address : Tertowise House, 
Aberdeenshire. Clubs: Navaland 
Military, Hurlingham. 

King, SirGeorge, M.B.,L.L.D.,F.R. 
S.. K.C.I.E., (1898), CLE. (1890), 
I.M.iS. (retired) ; joined service, 
1865 ; House Surgeon, Medical 
College Hospital, Calcutta, 1866 ; 
Superintendent, Royal Botanical 
Gardens, Professor of Botany, 
Medical College, Calcutta, and 
Superintendent, Cinchona planta- 
tions in Sikkim, 1871 : was quino- 
logist. 1879 ; retired, 1898. Publica- 
tions: 'Manual of Cinchona culti- 
vation in India', editor of 'Annals 
of the Royal Botanical Gardens, 
Calcutta'. Address : c/o of India 
Office, London. 

KING, Sir Henry Clark, Kt, (1906), 
Solicitor and Notary Public and 
Commissioner, High Court, I\Iadras; 
b. 1857; s. of Rev. C. W. King; m. 
Ethel, e. d. of J. Alderson Smith 
of Wheatcroft, Scarborough; educ : 
Durham ; IMarlborough ; Articled 
to A. S. Field of Leamington, 1875; 
-arrived in India, 1880 as Assistant 
to Tasker and Wilson ; now senior 
partner in the firm of King and 
Josselyn, Madras ; was one of the 


three secretaries of Madras in con 
nection with the reception of T. R 
H. the Prince and Princess of 
Wales, 1906. Out of India. 
Clubs : Purham County ; ]\Iadras. 

King, Sir Henry Seymour, M.A., 
F.R.G.S., K.C.I.E., (1892), M.P. 
(c) Central Hull, 1885-1911; s. of 
Henry Samuel King, J. P., Chiq- 
well, Essex; 6. 1852; edztc: Charter- 
house; Balliol College, Oxford ; 
Lieutenant for the City of London; 
a Governor of Charterhouse; ^ilayor 
of Kensington, 1901-02; head of 
the firm of Henry S. King & Co., 
London; King, King, & Co., Bom- 
ba)-; and King, Hamilton, & Co., 
Calcutta. Recreations; Golfing, 
Yaching, and Alpine Climbing. 
Address: 25, Cornwall Gardens, 
South Kensington, clubs: Athen- 
aenun, Carlton, Roval Automobile. 

King, Lucas White, B.A. L.L.B., 
L.L.D., F.S.A.; C.S.I. (1898); e.s, 
of late Deputy Surg-Gen-Henry 
King. Principal, Medical School 
Madras; b, 1856; vi. Geraldine, 
e. d. of late Alfred Harml-worth 
Temple ; Educ: Ennis Coll. an- 
Dublin University ; Exhibitioner, 
and Honour man. Trinity Coll, 
Dublin 1878 ; Assist. Resident, 
Mvsore (1887); First Assistant to 
the A.G.G., Central India (1888); 
Deputy Comr. Derah Ismail Khan 
1890-95 ; Political officer, Zhob 
Valley Field Force 1890 ; Politi- 
cal officer, Waziristan Field Force 
1894 (despatches, medal and clasp) 
Boundary officer Indo-Afghan De 
marcation Commission 1895 
Deputy Comr. Peshawar 1895 
Deputy Comr. Kohat 1897-1900 - 
Political officer Kohat. Kurram 
Field Force, and of the Tirah 
Expeditionary Force, 1897-98 (des- 
patches, medal with three clasps, 



C.S.I. ; Deputy Comr. Kangra ; 
Comr. Lahore ; Comr. Salt Rev- 
nue, Northern India ; Comr. Mul- 
tan ; Comr. Rawalpindi ; Corona- 
tion medal, 1902 ; resigned I.C.S.; 
Professor of Oriental Languages, 
Dublin University, 1905; J. P. 
Dublin, 1905. Member, Society 
of Antiquaries of London, and Ire- 
land ; Member of Royal Asiatic 
Society, London and Dublin. 
liecr:atio7is ; shooting, archaeology 
and philolof^y. Publications: 
Brochures on Oriental Numisma- 
tics, and Monograph on the Orak- 
zai Country and Clans. Address : 
RcBbuck Hall, Dublin; Clubs: 
Junior Carlton ; Kildare Street 

King. Colonel Walter Gawen, M. B. 

C. ]\r., D. Ph., C. I. E., (1899), 
1. ]M. S. (retired) ; s. of late 
J. H. King ; b. 1851 : m. Laura, 
0. d. of late William Marret ; join- 
ed I. l\r. S. 1874 ; became Colonel, 
1906 ; served with 31st Regt. M. I. 
and 5th Eurmah Regt. Civil Ser- 
geon, 1877 Supt. of Jail, 1878 on 
Several occasions surgeon toH. E. 
the Governor of Madras, Professor 
of Physics, Presidency College, 
Madras Professor of Hygrene, 
Madras Medical College Special 
Sanitary Officer, Madras City Supt. 
Central Jail, Mandalay Supt. 
Government Lunatic Asylum. 
^Madras Inspector of Vaccination, 
and Deputy Sanitary Conimission- 
er, Madriis ; on special duty in 
charge of the Animal Vaccine 
Dept. Madras. 1891-1892 Sanitary 
Commissioner for Madras, 1894 
Sanitary Commissioner and Ins- 
pector-General, Civil Hospitals, 
Burma, 1906-8 received special 
thanks of Madras Government for 
services in the famines of 1876-77 
and the famine of 1896-97, "'The 
King Institute of Prventive T.Iedi- 

cihe" was named after him by the 
Government of Madras, 1903 
Fellow of the Sanitary Institutes. 
Fellow of the Royal Institute of 
Public Health, Fellow of the 
Madra University member. Educa- 
tional Syndicate, Burma ; mem- 
ber of Court of Visitors, India, 
Institute of Science ; awarded 
Mary Kingsley medal by School 
of tropica 1 Medicine, Liverpool, 
1909. I'uhlications : Simple Sani- 
tary Rules during Cholera Epide- 
mics ; the Plague Inspector ; 
official reports of sanitary subjects. 
Address : Yondercott. Uiiculme, 
North Devon - 

King-King, Lt-Colonel James 
Garwood, D.S.O. (1900), The 
Queen's ; General Staff Officer ; b. 
1363; s. of Capt. Francis J. King- 
King, late 13th Hussars; m. 1st, 
1887. Annie {d. 1889); 2nd. 1892, 
Diana May, o. d. of Frederick 
Sillem of The Grejn, Esher; enter- 
ed army, 1883; Captain, 1891; serv- 
ed North-West Frontier, India, 
1897-98 (desiiatches); Tirah E.xpe- 
ditionary Force (despatches, brevet 
of Majorv, medal with two clasps); 
South Africa, 1899-1902 (despat- 
ches twice. Queen's medal, 3 clasps, 
King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.) ; 
J. P., Hereford. Address: Nordon 
Hall, Leominster. Clicb: Array 
and Navy. 

Kingsale, 33rd Baron (1189), Michael 
Constantine de Cowrey; s. of 32nd 
Baron; h. 185fj; succeeded, LS'95; m. 
Emily, d. of William Sinclair do 
Courcy, 1880; Primer Baron of Ire- 
land; Managing Director of IMorad 
Tea Co., Ld., London; owns proper- 
tv in India. Heir: i-.IIon'ble Mic- 
hael W.R. do Courcy, Lieutenant. 
32nd Sikh Pioneers. Recreations: 
^Mechanical work, and Shooting. 
Address: The Grange, Marie Hill, 
near Cheltenham. 




KINLOGH, Major-General Alexnder 
Angus Airlie, C. B. (1893), D. L., 
(retired); 5, Sidmouth, 1838 ; e. s. 
of late ColonclJohn Grant Kenloch 
of Logie and Kilrie ; m. Con- 
stance Emma Mary , d, of late Fred 
Beckford Long, 1867; educ; Royal 
Military Acdemy , Woolwich ; joined 
Army in Rifle Brigade, 1855 ; to 
King Royal Rllle Crops. 1871 ; D 
A.A.G. for musketry, India, 1870- 
77; D.A.Q.M.G. throughout Afghan 
war, and afterwards in India ; 
mentioned in despatches; Brevets 
■of ]Major and Lieutenant-Colonel ; 
medal and 'i claps ; commanded 2nd 
and 4th Batt, lv,R,R. and after- 
wards three 2nd class districts in 
India,' and 1st Brigade Chitral Re- 
lief Force (medal and clasp); retired 
with honorary rank of Major-Gene- 
ral, 1895 ; Ovvns about 2000 acres 
Publications : Large Game Shooting 
in Thibet, the Himalayas Northern 
and Central India, Recreations : 
shoooting, fishing, and hawking. 
Address : Logie, Kirriemuir, N.B. 
Club : Army and Navy. 

KIPLING, John Lookwood, CLE., 

(1880^ .Indian Educational Service 
etired ; b. Pickering, 1837 ; e. s. 
of 'late Rev Joseph Kipiing ; m. 
Alice, d, of late Rev. G. B. Macdo- 
nald, 1865; educ. Woodhouse Grove; 
Architectural Sculptor Bombay 
School of Art, 1865-75; Principal, 
Mayo School of Art, Curator Central 
Musom, Lahore, 1875-93. Pulica- 
tion : Beast and Man in India- 
Address : The Gables, Tisbury, 

Kipling Rudyyrd; L. L. D., Hon: D. 

Litt, another , awarded Noble, 
Prize for Literature, 1907 ; b. 
Bombay, 1865 ; .s. of J. Lookwood 
Kipling, CLE ; to. Caroline Starr 
Balcstier, 1892, ediic; 1892; United 
Services Coll., Westward Ho. 
.N. Devon ; Assist, editor, Civil 


and Military Gazette and Pioneer, 
1882-89; travelled in China, Japan, 
America, .Africa, and Australasia. 
Publications: Departmental Dittes; 
Plain Tales from the Hills; 
Soldiers Three. In Black and 
White, The Story of the Gads- 
bys, Under the Deodars, Phantom 
'Rickshaw. Wee Willie Winkie ; 
Life's Handicap, The Light that 
Failed,; Barrack-Room Ballads, 
Many Inventions. The Jungle ; 
Book; Second Jungle Book. The 
Seven Seas. Captains Caurageous. 
The Day's WorK, Stalky and Co. 
From Sea to Sea (reprint of news- 
paper articles), The Five Nations 
Traffics and Discoveries Puck cf 
Pook's Hill, Actions and Reaction. 
Rewards and Fairies. Address : 
Bateman's Bur wash, Sussex, 
Club : Athenxum. 

Kipk, Sir Henry Alexander, K.C 

L E., (1912), C I. E, (1909), 
Director-in-Chief, Indo-European 
Telegraph Department, India Office 
since 1902 ; b. 1847; s. of late K. 
W. Kirk, M.D., H.E.I.CS.; educ ; 
Edinburgh Academ}- andUniversity; 
joined service as Assistant Superin- 
tendent, Indian Telegraph 
1870; on telegraph operation 
during Bengal Famine, 1874 ; on 
special duty constructing telegraph 
lines in Rohilkhand for Prince of 
Wales, 1876 ; on Northern Afgani- 
stan Field Force telegraphs includ- 
ing Investment Sherpur, 1879, 
returned to India, 1880 (despat- 
ches, medal with clasp, special 
acknowledgment services by Vic- 
eory) ; on special duty Viceregal 
Assemblage, Rawalpindi, 1885 ; in 
charge of Telegraph Workshops, 
Calcutta, 1885 : thanks of Govt, 
of India in connection with provi- 
sion of ^Military Telegraph Equip- 
ment, 1895; Director, 1900; retired, 
1902 ; Senior Delegate from India 


for the International Telegraph 
Conferences, London, 1905 and 
Lisbon, 1908. Recreations: shooting 
and fishing. Address : The Old 
Farm, Hotspur Park, Maiden, 
Surrey. Chib : Oriental. 

Kirpa Ram Misra, Rai Sahib, Diwan 
of Raigarh : b. 18G8; edtic: High 
School, Sambalpur ; Owns five 
villages : has been Diwan of 
Raigarh since 1901: has effected 
considerable improvement in the 
administration ; Rai Sahib, 1911. 
Address: Raigarh, C.P. India. 

Kirtikar, L.t Colonel K.R., I.M.S.; 
b. at Bombay, 1849; educ: at Grant 
^Medical College; Bombay; Proceed- 
ed to England, 1874 ; Passed as a 
^Member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, Royal College of Physi- 
cians ; London, 187G ; returned to 
India, 1877 and was posted to 
Sholapur for medical charge of 
the 19th Native Infantry ,• in 
active service in the Afghan War, 
1878-1880 ; Fellow of the Bom- 
bay University, 1897 ; same year 
he was Health Officer of the Bom- 
bay Corporation. Retired, 1904. 
Chairman of Pathee Prabhu 
Relief Fund; Tusntee of the Aryan 
Education Institute .■ Director of 
the Deccan Education Society. 
Puhlicntions: I n d i ra k a v j a" 
" Bhakti Sudha," "Vilaplahiri," 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Kisch, Hermann M., Bar-at-laW, 
C.S.I. (1905), I.C.S. (retired) ; s. of 
late Joseph Kisch; b. 1850; educ : 
City of JiOndon Scliool, and Tri- 
nity College, Cambridge; Joined 
I.C.S. in Bengal, 1873 .• was for 
sometime Under Secretary to Ben- 
gal Government ; was Deputy 
Secretary to Government of India; 
in charge of Famine Relief works 

in Bengal' and Madras, 1874 and 

1877 respectively ; Postmaster- 
General. Bengal, 1884; organised 
posts for Sikldm Campaign for 
which he was awarded medal and 
clasp, 1888 ; represented India at 
the International Postal Congress 
at Vienna and Washington, and at 
the Imperial Penny Postage Con- 
ference, London, in the vears 1891. 
1897, and 1898 respectively ; also 
represented India at the Interna- 
tional Postal Congresses held at 
Borne and Rome in the years 1900 
and 1906 respectively; was Director- 
General of Post Offices, India ; 
Member of Council, Bengal ; Fin- 
ancial Secretary, Bengal, 1901-02 : 
Divisional Commissioner, 1902 ; 
retired, 190^. Address : 56, Lexham 
Gardens, Kensington, W. Cluh: 
East India United Service. 

Kishen Pershad. Sir Maharaja 
Bahadur, Raja-i-Rajayan, Raja, 

K. v. I. E. (1903), G .C. 1. E. 
(1910), Prime Minister (retired), 
Hyderabad (D); b. 1864; educ: 
first privately, and then at the 
Madrassa-i-.\lia (school for Nobles), 
Hyderabad ; is fond of poetry and 
constanly composed verses even 
when he was a boy. In token 
of appreciation of his proficiency 
in composing, he was granted the 
title of " Shagird-i-Khas Asaf" Jah 
(special pupil of His Highness) 
a title rarely bestowed on a subject, 
received his hereditary post of 
Peishkar, 1892; was made Military 
Minister; appointed Ofnciating 
Prime ^linister, 1901 ; confirmed, 
1902 ; claims descent from Raja 
Todar IMal. the great Finance 
Minister of Emperor .Xkljar, has 
become the owner of all the .7agirs 
of his maternal grandfather ; enjoys 
full civil and criminal powers 
within his Jaghir. Address : 
Hvderabad (u), India. 




Kishangarh, Maharja of; H. H. 
Maharaja Dhiaj Jtlaharaja 
Madan Singh Bahadur, G.C.I.E. 
(I'JOO); .s of lato Maharaja Sir 
Sardul Singh Bahadur, G.C.I.E ; 
b. 1884 ; succeeded to gaddi, 1900 ; 
invested with full powers, 1905 ; 
married the 2nd daughter of the 
present Maharaja of Udaipur ; 
belongs to Rathor clan of Rajputs, 
and is descended from Raja Udai 
Singh of Jodhpur ; area of the 
State, 858 square miles ; popula- 
tion. 9,973 ; revenue, over 4 lakhs; 
maintains a military force of 220 
regulars, 84 Cavalry, 1.3G infantry, 
1,739 irregular, (836 Cavaly and 
903 infantry), 35 artillery men, 
and 65 guns ; entitled to a 
salute of 15 guns. Address : 
Kishangarh, Rajputana, India. 

Kishan Sah, Rai Bahadur, Sir, K.C. 
I.E. (1911); Honorary Magistrate, 
Naini Tal, India. 

Kitchener of Khartum, 1st Viscount 
(1902) Horatio Herbert Kitchner, 

Baron (1898), G.C.I.E. (1908), G. 
C.S.I. 1909), G.O.B. (1898), O.M.; 
G.C.M.G. (1902). K.P. (1911), 
Commanding H.M's Forces ; s. of 
late St. Col. H.H. Kitchener, Cos- 
sington, Leicestershire; b in Crot- 
ter House, Ballylongford, 1850; 
edicc-.R.lSl. Academy, Woolwich; 
joined Royal Engineers, 1871 ; 
Palestine Survey, 1874-78; Cyprus 
Survey, 1878-82 ; Commanded" Egy- 
ptian Cavalry, 1882-84; Nile Ex- 
pedition, 1884-85 (despatches, brevet 
Lt. Col. Medal with clasp, 2nd class 
Medjidie, Khedives star); Governor 
of Sankim, 1886-88 (despatches. 
Clasp) ; Soudan Frontier including 
engagement at Toski (despatches, 
C.B., and claspj, 1889 ; Adjutant 
General, Egyptian army, 1888-92- 
Sirdar, 1890 ; Commanded Dongila 
Expeditionary Force, 1896 (pro- 
moted Major-General K.C.B. 1st. 

elass Oswanieh British medal, 
Khedives medal with 2 clasps), 
Commanded Khartum Expedition, 
J898 (thank's of Parliament, raised 
to Peerage, grant of £ 30,000, G.C. 
B., 2 clasps to Khedives medal). 
Chief of staff of Forces in South 
Africa, 1899-1900 ; Commander-in 
Chief, 1900-02 ; despatches, promot- 
ed Lt. General and General, recei- 
ved Viscounty grant of £50,000, 
thanks of Parliament) ; Comman- 
der-in-chief, India, 1902-9 ; ]\Iem- 
ber of Committee of Imperial 
Defence, 1910; Colonel comman- 
dant Corps R.E., 1906, Field-Mar- 
shall, 1909) Agent and Consul- 
General, Egypt, 1911) in cemmand 
of H.M'S. Force since the com- 
mencement of the War. Heir 
Lt. Col HE.C. Kitchener, Q.V. 
Address : Broome Park, Canter- 
bury Clubs : United service. Junior 
United Service. 

Kitchin Yen. Arthur, M. A. Rec- 
to rof Rushden, and Rural Dean 
of Higham Ferrers ; b. 1855 ; 3rd 
s. of late Joseph Kitchin of Duns- 
dale, Westerham, Kent; in. Edith 
Ann, y. d. of late Thomas Everard 
of Thurlaston ; educ : Westminis- 
ter ; Christ Chruch, Oxford ; Dea- 
con, 1878 ; Priest, 1879 ; Curate of 
Bexlev Heath, 1878-82 ; Gulval, 
Cornwall, 1882-83 ; Chaplain, Ben- 
gal Ecclesiastical Establishment, 
St. James, Calcutta, 1883 ; St. 
Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, 1884- 
89 ; St. Thomas, Calcutta, 1894- 
]905 ; ofificiating Archdeacon of Cal- 
cutta, 1887, 1900, and 1902 ; Ex- 
amining Chaplain to the Bishop 
of Calcutta, 1902-5; Archdesacon of 
Calcutta, 1903-7. Address: Rushden 
Rectory, Northamtonshire. 

Kitson, Major-General Sir Gerald 
Charles, C. M. (1901), C V. 0. 
(1905), K. C. V. 0. (1912) Indian 
Army ; s. of Rev. J. B. Kitson ; 6> 




KiFwar, Raja of ; Pratab Baha- 
dur Singh ; h. 1876 ; succeeded 
to title, 1SS5 ; educ : first at the 
Wards Institution, Agra, and 
afterwards at home under Euro- 
pean tutors ; title of Raja re- 
cognised and confirmed as here- 
ditary, 1877; the estate compris- 
es 64 villages in Sultanpur and 
37 in Fyzabad. Address : Kur- 
war, Sultanpur, India. 

Kitson, Major-General Sir Garald 
Charles, C.M.G. (1901), C.V.O. 
(1905), K.C.V.O. (191-2) Indian 
Army; s. of Rev. J. B. Kitson; 
b. 1856 ; educ : at Winchester ; 
joined service in the Army, 
1875 ; attached to Staft Col- 
lege, 18S5-S6 ; was Command- 
ant of Royal Military College, 
Kingston ; Military Attache to 
British Embassy, Washington; 
served in Manipur Expelition, 
1891 (medal, despatches) ; D.A. 
A.G., Meerut, 1S90-92 ; A.A.G. 
at Umballa, 1892-4 ; m. Gwendo- 
len, d. of H. D'O. Moule, q. v. 
1894; promoted to rank of Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel, 1896 ; Command- 
ant, Royal Military College, 
Sandhurst, 1902-7; commanding 
Jubbalpore Brigade, 1907 ; Jul- 
landar Brigade, 1908 ; Command- 
ing 2nd Division, India, 1909 ; 
Quartermaster-General, India, 
1909-12. Address : Rawalpindi, 
India. Club : Naval and Military. 

Knowles, Rev. J. Agent, London 
Missionary Society in Southern 
India; lived and v/orked in many 
parts of South India for nearly 
20 years ; advocated the adop- 
tion of a system of phono typic 
letters to the Indian vernaculars 
with certain Romanic letters for 
special Indian sounds; suggested 
the appointment of a commis- 
sion to enquire into the practi- 


cability of a national alphabet 
for all Indian languages ; deli- 
vered an interesting lecture at 
the Carton Hall on the subje ct 
of " The Battle of the Charac- 
ters, or an Imperial Script for 

Knollya, Major Louis Frederic, C. 

M.G. (1877), Indian Army (re- 
tired) ; 6. 18 47 ; 3rd .s. of late Can- 
non W. F. E. Knollys ; educ : at 
Radley, and at Marlborough; 
Joined ser\^ice in the 2nd Light 
Infantry, 1866 ; Major in the 
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 
1881 ; A.D. C. to Governor of 
Mauritius, 1872; A .D. C, Fiji, 
1875 ; Commandant. Armed Na- 
tive Constabulary, Fiji, 1877 ; A. 
D.C. to Governor of New Zea- 
land, 1880 ; A.D.C. to Governor 
of Ceylon, 1883 ; Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Police and Prisons, 
Jamaica, 1886 ; Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Police and Prisons. Ceylon' 
1891 ; Member, Legislative Coun- 
cil, Ceylon, 1899; suppressed a 
rising in Fiji, and restored order, 
1876; retired, 1902. Address: 
The Wilderness, Dartmouth, 
De^'on. Club : Army and Navy. 

Knox, Hoa'ble Sir G. E., A7., (1906) 
LL.D., Judge, High Court, Unit- 
ed Provinces, India ; e. s. of late 
Rev. George Knox ; b. 1846; educ : 
Merchant Taylor's School; joined 
I.C.S., 1865 ; formerly Legal Re- 
membrancer to Govt, of United 
Provinces, and Member of 
Lieutenant-Governor's Council ; 
Judge, High Court, ,\llah ibad, 
from 1890. Publicitliuns : " Trea- 
tise on the Indian Stamp Law ", 
"Digest of the Criminal Law of 
the Bengal Presidency." Address: 
Nainital, Simla, and ' River 
View,' Allahabad, U. P., India. 




Knox, Major General Sir Wiliiam 
George, K C.B. (1900); s. of Gene- 
ral T. E. Knox; b. 1847; ediic: 
Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich ; joined the Royal Artillery, 
1867 ; served in the Abyssinian 
Campaign and won a medal, 1867- 
68 ; Ashanti Campaign (medal 
and clasp), 1874 ; Afghan Cam- 
paign, (despatches, medal and 
claspl, 1878-79 ; Zulu and Trans- 
val Campaign (despatches, me- 
dal and clasp, Brevet of Major), 
1879 ; defence of Ladysmith and 
operations in O.R.C. (despatches 
5 times, Queen's medal, 4 clasps. 
King's medal 2 clasps K.C.B.) ; 
Commanding 23rd Brigade, South 
Africa ; G.O.C. Irish Command, 
8th Division ; Major-General, 
R.A. 3rd Army Corps, since 1902. 
Recreations : shooting, fishing and 
hunting. Address ■ Sherborne 
Street, John, Hants. Clubs 
Naval and Military, Travellers 

Kolhapur, Maharaja of ; His High 
ness Maharaja Sir Shaghn Cha 

trapatlMaharaj, G.C.S.I. (1895) 
G.C.V.O. (1903), LL.D., M 
R.A.S. ; b. 1874 ; succeeded to 
the gaddi as aminor, 1884 ; educ 
first privately under the guar- 
dianship of Mr. Stuart Mitford 
Fraser, C.I E., I.C.S., and at 
Rajkumar College, Rajkot; In- 
stalled, 1894 ; s. of Jayasingarao 
Ghatge SarjarraoVazarat Maab ; 
adopted by the Kolhapur family ; 
the Maharaja is an agriculturist 
and has projected a large tank to 
irrigate 20,000 acres of land at 
a cost of 75 lakhs of rupees ; Has 
patronized the Kolhapur Cotton 
Spinning and Weaving Mill to sti- 
mulate local industry; hereditary 
title of Maharaja conferred, 1900; 
maintains a force of 710 men; 
is entitled to a salute of 19 guns. 
Recreations : Polo and Shikar. 
Address : Kolhapur, Bombay 
Presidency, India. 


KoUfngode, Z&mindar of; Yenga- 
nad Raja Yasadeva Raja Yaliya. 
Narabidi ; an enlightened and 
respected landholder of the 
Malabar Coast ; represented his 
class in the Madras Legislative 
Council a few years ago ; is 
greatly interested in the social 
and educational progress of his 
contrymen. Address : KoUen- 
gode, and Madras, India. 

Kotab, Maharao of; His Highness 
Major Sir Umed Singh Bahadar, 

K.C.S.I., (1900), G.C.I.E. 1907, 
G.C.S.I. 1911; b. 1873; suc- 
ceeded to gaddi, 1889 ; is an 
Honorary Major of the Brit- 
ish Army ; is entitled to a salute 
of 17 guns ; remitted all arrears 
of Land Revenue (59 lakhs of 
rupees) in his State, at the time 
of the Coronation of Emperor 
Edward VII ; is an able admin- 
istrator, much interested in the 
welfare of his peasantry; area of 
the State, 5,684 square miles; 
population, nearly 699,000. 
Address: Kotah, Rajputana, 

Kothandarama Naidu, T., Dewan 
Bahadur, 1907, Dewan of San- 
dur ; b. 1848 ; was Tahsildar of 
Royadrug, Bellary District ; ser- 
vices lent to Sandur, where he 
is now the Dewan; Address: 
Sandur, Bellary District, Madras 
Presidency, India. 

Kotharl, Jehanglr Horronsjl, Land- 
ed Proprietor, Karachi ; b 1857 ; 
educ : at home and at the 
Karachi High School ; has tra- 
velled extensively and has visit- 
ed almost every part of the 
world ; is President of many 
charitable institutions ; is a 
member of the Royal Society 
of Arts, and the North British 



Academy of Arts ; Life-Governor, 
Royal Masonic Institution for 
boys and girls, London ; Honor- 
ary Magistrate, Member of the 
Cantonment and Municipal Com- 
mittees, Karachi ; is a Lieuten- 
ant in the Sindh Volunteer 
Rifles. Recreation : Sailing. Ad- 
dress: Karachi, India. Clubs: 
Ripon, Zarastrian and Parsi In- 
stitute, Kcirachi. 

Kratser, Edward d% J. P, I.S.O. ; 

Assistant Controller of Revenue? 
b. 1S54; s. of Peter Cornelienus 
de Kretser ; ?w Alice Grace 
Anjou, 1877 ; ediic : Colombo 
Academy, now Royal College ; 
joined service as clerk. Colonial 
Office, 1872 ; became Chief Clerk, 
1892 ; Director, Widow and Or- 
phans Pension Fund, 18 9 7; 
Manager, Public Service Mutual 
Guarantee Association, 1901 ; 
Secretary, Ceylon Savings Bank, 
1908 ; ex-offioio Secretary, Public 
Service Mutual Provident Asso- 
ciation, 1893-1900, and President, 
since 1901 ; Auditor, Department- 
al Funds of the Police and the 
Registrar-General's Depart- 
ments ; Assistant Auditor-Gene- 
ral, Ceylon Civil Service, 1801-7. 
Address : Gracelyn, Bambalapi- 
tija, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Krishna, Sip Balachandra, Bom- 
bay; b. 1852; edur: at the El- 
phinstone High School, and Grant 
Medical College, Bombay; pass- 
ed the L.M. examination, 1883; 
joined service first as Assistant 
Surgeon in the Jamsetjee Jeejee- 
bhai Hospital, and then as Assist- 
ant Surgeon, Palanpur Hospital; 
Principal, Vernacular College of 
Science; became Chief Medical 
Officer, and Durbar Physician, 
Palanpur State; set up private 
practice in Bombay; 1885; Fel- 
low, Bombay University; Mem- 

ber of the Syndicate for the 
Faculty of Medicine, Bombay ; 
Member, Bombay Corporation, 
and Member, Legislative Council, 
Bombay; was President of the 
Bombay Corporation, 1898-99 ; is 
now President of the Hindu 
Calendar Reform Committee. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Krishnamacliari, Gopalaswamf, 

B.A., B.L., Rao Bahadur (1911), 
Hyderabad (Deccan); passed 
B.L. 1889; commenced practice 
in Hyderabad (Deccan) ; became 
Advocate General, Hj^derabad; 
Secretary ta the Legislative 
Council, Hyderabad. Address : 
Hyderabad (Deccan), India. 

KrUhnamacharlar, S , Rao Sahib 
(19001, B.C.E., retired Executive 
Engineer ; b. 1855 ; ediic : Kumba- 
konam College, and the Madras 
Civil Engineeruig College; pass- 
ed B.C.E., 1877 ; entered service 
in the P.W.D., rose to the posi- 
tion of Executive Engineer; his 
splendid work in the famine of 
1877 secured for him extra ser- 
vice towards pension. Address : 
Madras, India. 

Krishnan, Cheruvari, M.A., Dewan 
Bahaduri 1913), Bar at-law, acting 
Chief J udge. High Court of Small 
Causes, Madras ; b. 18(J8 ; passed 
B.A., 1887 ; called to Bar (Middle 
Temple), 1890; enrolled as an 
Advocate, Madras High Court, 
1891; joined service as 3rd Judge, 
Madras High Court of Small 
C luses, 1906 ;acting Chief Judge, 
1909-10: ag. Chief Prosidoncy 
Magistrate, from 23r(l May to 
24th Novoini)er 11*10 ; re /ertod as 
2nd Judge of tiio Court of Small 
(Causes and was made acting 
Chief Judge, 1912. Address: 
" Shenstone Park ", Harrington's 



Krishna N. 

Road, Chetpet, near Madras, 
India. Club : Cosmopolitan. 

Krlshnon, E. K.. B.L., Dewan 
Bahadur (1898 \ Tellicherry ; b. 
1841 ; educ : Provincial School, 
Calicut; entered Government Ser- 
vice, as English Writer of the 
Civil Court of Tellichery, 1861 ; 
Malayalam Translator, Madras 
High Court, 1864; passed B L. 
degree 1865; Sub- Judge, 1883; 
retired, 1896; re appointed as De- 
puty Collector of Malabar, 1899 ; 
again retired, 1901; has since 
been the Chairman, Tellicherry 
Municipality. Publication : "Life 
of Churia Cannan", first Mala- 
yalam Deputy Collector; " Birds 
of Malabar" and "Birds of Telli- 
chery." Address : Edathil House, 
Tellicherry, Madras Presidency, 

Krisbna Bao, Hon'ble Araancharia 
Scbba Rao, B.A., B.L., Vakil, 
Nellore ; s. of Mr. Amancharla 
Subba Rao Pantulu ; B.A., 1895 ; 
B.L , 1901 ; is a non-official 
representative in the Madras 
Legislative Council of the Muni- 
cipalities and Taluk Boards of 
Nellore, Cuddapah and Chittoor 
Districts, since 1913; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Nellore District Board ; 
Councillor, Nellore Municipality ; 
Member, Venkatagiri Raja's 
High School Committee, Nellore ; 
presided at the Guntur District 
Conference held atBapatla, 1913, 
Address: Nellore Town, Madras 
Presidency, India. 

Krishna Rao, Jangamkote, B.A. 

Bar-at-Law, Madras; belongs to 
an ancient Madhawa Karnataka 
brahmin family whose members 
had distinguished themselves in 
the service of the Mysore State 
as well as of the British 


Government ; b. at Jangamkote, 
Kolar District, Mysore State, 
1869 ; educ : at the Madras Chris- 
tian College, 1899 ; was tutor in 
history in the same College till 
1894 ; passed the 1st grade Plea- 
dership examination, Madras, 
1894 ; removed to Bangalore and 
began practice as an Advocate ; 
proceeded to England, 1899; call- 
ed to Bar (Gray's Inn), 1902 ; 
returned to India and set up prac- 
tice in the Madras High Court; 
has visited the United States of 
America, and the Dominion of 
Canada ; a social reformer and 
has set an example of inter-caste 
marriages. Address : 36, " Edin- 
burgh House," Singanna Chetty 
Street, Chintadripet, Madras^ 

Krishna Rao, Kochcharlaliota 
Ramaohandra Yenlcata, B.A., 

Zamindar, Polavaram ; Member, 
Madras Legislative Council re- 
presenting the Zamindars of the 
Northern Circars ; b. at Pola- 
varam, 1871 ; educ : at the Raja- 
mundry College ; passed B.A., 
1897 ; succeeded to the Estate, 
1900 ; travelled all over India ; 
started the Andrabhashojeevani 
Society for the resuscitation of 
Telugu Literature, 1895 ; started 
a Telugu Magazine, "Jaraswati," 
1898 ; established a Hospital at 
Polavaram and a Choultry at 
Kothapalli ; contributed liberally 
to the Widow's Home at Raja- 
mundry. Address: Cocanada, 
Godaveri District, Madras Presi- 
dency, India. Club: Cosmopoli- 
tan, Mount Road, Madras. 

Krishna Rao, Palle, B.A., B.L., 

Deputy Collector^ Chingleput 
District; 6'. of late Mr. P.Chentsal 
Rao, Sheristadar, Board of 
Revenue, Madras; b. 1865; educ : 
in the Presidency College, 


Krishna Rao. 

Madras; passed B.A., 18S6; enter- 
ed service as Sub-protem Deputy 
Collector, 6th class, 1890 ; passed 
B L., 1890; in charge of the offise 
of the Collector, Chittoor Dis- 
trict, for a short period in 1911 ; 
Deputy Collector, 1st class, Octo- 
ber 1911 ; General Duty Deputy 
Collector, Saidapet, since June 
1913. Address: Saidapet. near 
Madras, India. 

Krishna Rao Vinayak Sharanga- 
panl, B.A., L.L.B., Rao Bahadur, 
Baroda ; b. 1854 ; educ: at Broach, 
Guzarat, and" Dhulia High 
Schools ; passed B.A., from the 
Elphinstone Coll ege, Bombay, 
and the LL.B., 1879 ; entered 
serv^ice as Assistant Judge and 
gradually rose to the present 
position of Naib Dewan ; was a 
member of the Committee ap- 
pointed for codifying Hindu Law; 
was also Private Secretary to H. 
H. the Maharaja of Baroda. 
Address : Baroda, India. 

Krishna Rao, Wasadeo Vlulye, 

B.A., CLE. (1911), Rao Bahadur 
(1S95); Member, Council of Re- 
gency, Indore State, since 1902. 
Address : Indore, Central India. 

Krishna Sastri, Hoskote, B.A . Rao 

Sahib 1911, Assistant Archseolo- • 
gical Superintendent for Epigra- 
phy, S. Circle; b. 1870; passed 
B.A., 1899 ; joined service as 
Assistant Archaeological Superin- 
tendent for Epigraphy, S. Circle, 
1908 ; Officiating Government 
Epigraphist for India for a short 
period; reverted to his place, 
1911. Address: Ootacamund. 
Nilgiris. Madras Presidency, 

Kriahnaswamy Ayyar, Appathural 
Ayyar, B A., Rao Bahadur (1895); 
b. 1856; passed B A., 1879 ; 

joined service as 5th class clerk, 
Accountant-General's Office, 
1887 ; Superintendent, Account- 
ant-General's Office, 1887; Mana- 
ger, Office of the Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Police, Madras, 1888 ; As- 
sistant Commissioner of Police, 
Madras, 1900 ; in charge of the 
office of Deputy Commissioner of 
Police, Madras, from 14th May 
to 17th June 1904; Deputy Com- 
missioner of Police, 3rd grade: 
1906 ; Retired, 1910. Address : 
Mylapore, Madras, India. 

Krishnaswaray Ayyar, Dr. E. 8., 

B A., MB. & CM , District Medi- 
cal and Sanitary Officer, Mysore, 
b. at Erode, in the Madras Pre- 
sidency, 1863 ; educ : Native High 
School. Madura, Government 
College, Kurabakonam, and the 
Madras Medical College ; passed 
BA , 1887 ; M B. & CM. same 
year ; joined the Mysore Medi- 
cal Service as Sub-Assistant Sur- 
geon, 1889; St. Martha's Hospital, 
Bangalore, 1888 ; promoted to 
the grade of Assistant Surgeon, 
1889 ; in medical charge of Kadur 
District, 1890; ex-officio Vice- 
President, Hassan Municipality, 
from June 1890 ; Civil Surgeon, 
Shimoga, 1893-94; reverted to 
Bangalore, 1894; accompanied 
the Dewan on a tour in Northern 
India, October 1894 ; Health Offi- 
cer, Bangalore, 1898 ; Special 
Plague Officer, Kolar Gold Fields, 
1899 ; worked in the Bacteriolo- 
gical Laboratory, Bangalore, 
October 1899 ; Health and Chief 
Plague Officer, Bangalore, 1900 ; 
Civil Surgeon, Kolar Gold Fields, 
1901-06; District Medical and 
Sanitary Officer, Bangalore, 1907 ; 
Civil Surgeon and District Me- 
dical and Sanitary Officer, and 
Superintendent of Jails, Mysore. 
1907; visited Ceylon, Burma, and 
a great part of Northern India; 
is invested with the powers of a 



Krishnaswmi Ayyar. 

2nd class Magistrate. Address: 
Mysore, India. 

KrishnaBwam! Aiyar, P S., Diwan 
Bahadur (1894) ; b. 1S95 ; descen- 
dant of a brahmin family who 
have furnished a long list of 
subordinate officials in the Tan- 
jore District ", educ : Government 
College, Kumbakonam ; entered 
the service of Pudukkotah State, 
1878', rose to the position of Joint 
Magistrate and Deputy Diwan, 
Peshkar; conducted the enfran- 
chisement of the Inams in the 
State ; h:s chief distinction lay in 
the methods he adopted for 
bringing to justice those concern- 
ed in the famous train dacoity 
case of 1893 ; retired, 1902. Ad- 
dress : Kodimangalam, Tanjore, 
Southern India. 

Krlshnaswanii lyergar, A., ISO., 
1912 ; retired Deputy Commis- 
sioner, Salt and Abkari Depart- 
ment, Madras ; joined service as 
an Accountant, P. W. Examiner's 
Office, Madras, 1876; became 
Deputy Collector, 1891 ; Assist- 
ant Commissioner of Salt, etc., 
1892; retired, 1912. Address: 
Mylapore, Madras, India. 

Krisbnaswami Iyengar, N., B A , 

B.L , Rao Bahadur. (1909); Ex- 
member, Madras Legislative 
Council ; connected with various 
Associations of the District and 
is a prominent citizen of Kumba- 
konam ; b. 1863 ; educ : Govern- 
ment College, Kumbakonam, 
and the Madras Presidency 
College; passed B A.,18S2; B L., 
1885 ; apprenticed to the late 
Sir V. Bhashyam Aiyangar ; 
appointed District Munsift of 
Kumbakonam which he subse- 
quently gave up. Address: 
Kumbakonam, Madras Presi- 
dency, India. 


KFishnaswarni Rao, Conjeevaram, 

B.A., B.L., Rao Bahadur, (1911) ; 
3rd Judge, Court of Small Caus- 
es ; Madras, b. 1867 ; educ : Gov- 
ernment High School and the 
Presidency College, Madras ; 
passed B.A., 1886; B L., 1888; 
enrolled as Vakil of the High 
Court, 1889 ; commenced practice 
in Madras ; joined service as act- 
ing District Munsift, 1894 ; con- 
firmed, 1895; became Subordinate 
Judgfl, 1907; gave evidence before 
the Royal Public Services Com- 
mission in their sitting at Madras, 
1912 ; appointed 3rd Judge, Court 
of Small Causes. Madras, 1914. 
Address: Triplicane, Madras, 

Krishnaswanii Rao, Kanchf, Dewan 
Bahadur, (1895), CLE , (1898), 
Dewan of Travancore (retired); 
belongs to a respectable Madhwa 
Desastha brahmin family ; s. of 
late Mr. Kanchi Venkat Rao; 
b. 1845; educ: Madras Govern- 
ment High School (now the 
Madras Presidency College) ; 
joined Government service as 
Record-keeper, Collector's office, 
Nellore, 1864; became Huzur 
Sheristadar ; transferred to Judi- 
cial department as District Mun- 
sift, 1870; became Sub- Judge, 
1878 ; services lent to H. H. the 
Maharaja of Travancore ; was 
Judge of the High Court of that 
State: became Chief Justice, 
1884; became Dewan of the State, 
1898; retired, 1904; was a iiiem- 
ber of the Travancore Legislative 
Council for 15 years, and was its 
President for 6 years ; is now one 
of the leading citizens of Mad- 
ras, and is prominently associat- 
ed with all public movements ; 
President, Madras National 
Fund and Industrial Associa- 
tion; President, Triplicane Hindu 
High School Committee; Presi- 
dent, Madhwa SidhantaOnnahini 



Nidi, Ld., Triplicane ; President, 
United India Life Insurance Co., 
Madras ; was Chairman of the 
Reception Committee of the In- 
dian National Congress held at 
Madras, 190S. Address : ' An- 
antha Vilas, Tholasingaperumal 
Covil Street, Triplicane, Madras, 

Krishnaswami Rao, M. , B.A., 

Vice-President. City Municipa- 
lity, Mysore ; s. of Muhatub 
Ganghadhara Rao of the Mysore 
Palace service', belongs to a 
family which has been closely 
identified with the State service 
for the past two centuries ; one 
of the ancestors of the family, 
Bacha Rao, held an appointment 
next only to that of the Dewan 
in the time of Maharaja Sri 
Krishna Rajendra Wadiyar III ; 
the faithful services rendered to 
the State by members of this fam- 
ily are referred to by Messrs. 
Buchanan and Wilks! b. at 
Mysore. 1870 ; eluc : Maharaja's 
College, Mysore, and the Madras 
Christian College ; passed B. A., 
1890 ; studied in the Madras Law- 
College for some time ; joined 
the Mysore service as Revenue 
Probationer, 1896 ; became De- 
puty Amildar, 1898 ; worked as 
Amildar in various places ; As- 
sistant Commissioner and Vice- 
President, City Municipality, 
Bangalore, 1906 ; was ex-offi:;io 
Secretary to the Extension Com- 
mittee ; transferred to Mysore 
as Vice-President of the Munici- 
pality, and ex-offi:;"o member. 
Board of Trustees for the Im- 
provement of the City of My- 
sore, 1908. Address : Mysore, 
India. • 

KristoDas Law, Raja, Calcutta; es. 
of late Maharaja Durga Charan 
Law, CLE.; h. at Chinsurah, 

1849; head of the firm of Messrs. 
Kissen Law and Co., Calcutta ; 
owns extensive house and land- 
ed property in Calcutta, and 
Zemindaries in the Zi Purgun- 
nas, Cuttack, Midnapur, Jessore, 
Khulian and Tipperah ; Hono- 
rary Presidency Magistrate, and 
Governor of Mayo Hospital, 
Calcutta ; Trustee of the Victoria 
Memorial Fund ; Member,Bengal 
Chamber of Commerce ; V i c e - 
President, British Indian Asso- 
ciation; Member, Imperial 
League ; President, Subarvarnick 
Charitable Association ; was 
Sheriff of Calcutta. Address : 
No. 3, Cornwallis Street, Cal- 
cutta, India. 

Krlsnavarnia, Shiamji, B. A., (Ox- 
ford), now in Paris, France ; 6. in 
a Native State in India ; educ : 
fi r s t in India ; proceeded to 
England and joined the Oxford 
University, where he graduated ; 
lived for many years in England, 
and was of considerable help to 
Indian students in England; 
founded the " India House " in 
London, to serve as home and 
headquarters to Indians visiting 
England ; started a monthly 
journal styled the "Indian 
Socialogist," which has been de- 
barred from circulation in India; 
is a lawyer by profession and was 
called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple; was for some time in 
Government service, w hich lie re- 
signed ; founded the Herbert 
Spencer Scholarship of O.cford 
for the purpose of advancing the 
cause of India ; one of the con- 
ditions of the Scholarship is that 
the holders shall not receive or 
accept Government service in 
India; has been living out of 
British Dominions since 190>J. 
Address: Paris, France. 




Krombiegel, Oustav Herman, 

Superintendent, Govern ment 
Gardens and Museum, Mysore 
State ; h. at Lohmen near Dres- 
den, 1865 ; educ: at Wilsdraft and 
Dresden, Germany ; was horti- 
cultural apprentice at Pillnity ; 
appointed in the Agricultural and 
Fruit Department, Schaverin 
(Maclenburgh), Royal Garden, 
1884 ; connected with the work 
of landscape gardening at Ham- 
burgh, 1885-87 ; proceeded to 
England, 1888 ; worked in Hyde 
Park, London, propagating, de- 
signing and laying out flower 
beds; joined the Royal Botanical 
Gardens at Kew, attended lec- 
tures and passed in all the sub- 
jects ; appointed on the staft of 
the Royal Botanical Gardens, 
Kew, where he remained from 
1890-93 ; attended the South 
Kensington University Lectures 
and won prizes and certificates 
in Geometry and p e r s p e c tive 
drawing; came out to India to 
bein charge of the State Gardens, 
Baroda, 1893; carried out elabo- 
rate architectural work, such as 
fountains, bridges, pavilions, etc., 
in the Gaekwar's estate at Oota- 
camund; appointed to be in charge 
of State Gardens, Mysore, 1908 ; 
has greatly improved the State 
Gardens, as pleasure resorts, etc. 
Address : Mysore, India. 

Kamana.Edu'i' Blkaji, Khan Baha- 
dur (1911); Treasurer, Paper Cur- 
rency and Government Reserve 
Treasury, Bombay ; 6. at Surat, 
1853 ; educ : Elphinstone Col- 
lege, Bombay ; entered Salt De- 
partment, 1875 ; appointed to 
present post, 1903. Address : 347, 
China Bazaar, Kalbadevi Road, 
Bombay, India. 

Kumar Laxrnan Rao Bhonsle, Raja, 

Nagpur. Central Provinces ; 2nd 


s. of late Raja Bahadur Janoji 
Sahib Bhonsle ; claims descent 
from the Maharanas of- Udai- 
pur ; the estate was under the 
management of the Court of 
Wards, and was partitioned be- 
tween himself and his brother, 
Raghoji Rao. Recreations •.'R\d- 
ing. Address : Nagpur, C.P., 

Kamaraswaini Naik, B. J , B.A., 

Deputy Commissioner, Banga- 
lore, and President of the Banga- 
lore City Municipal Council; 6. 
1863; educ-.Central College; pass- 
ed B.A., 1885; entered the service 
of Mysore Government as a 
Revenue Probationer, 1885; serv- 
ed at Malakani and other cen- 
tres till 1889 ; appointed Assist- 
ant Commissioner, 1893; Super- 
intendent of Police, 1898 ; trans- 
ferred to Revenue Department, 
1907 ; became Deputy Commis- 
sioner since 1908. Address: 
Bangalore, Mysore Province, 

Kumaraawami Sastrl.ralaraup Ylr- 
aYallJ, B.A., B L., Diwan Baha- 
dur (1911) ; Judge, High Court, 
iVLadras ; belongs to a respectable 
brahmin family whose members 
have been occupying the posi- 
tion of Judges and Lawyers ; s. 
of late Mr C. V. Sundaram Sas- 
tri, a leading lawyer of Madras ; 
6. at Madras, 1870; erfi/c : Presi- 
dency College, Madras; passed 
B.A., 1890; B.L., 1893; enrolled 
as Vakil, 1894 ; commenced and 
enjoyed a lucrative practice, es- 
pecially on the original side of 
the High Court ; joined service as 
3rd Judge of the Court of Small 
Causes, Madras, 1905 ; Judge 
of the City Civil Court, Madras, 
1906—10; acting District and 
Sessions Judge, August 1910 ; 
confirmed, 19 12 ; Additional 



Judge, High Court, Madras, 
1913. Publication : Rules of the 
High Court in its original 
jurisdiction. Address : Tanda- 
yarpet, Madras, India. Club : 

KamharBain, Raja of; Hira Singh; 

b. 1851 ; Succeeded to the gaddi, 
1874 ; Claims descent from Kirat 
Singh, the founder of the estate, 
who acquired the property by 
conquest . after the Gurkha war 
of 1815, it was given over to Rana 
Kahar Singh, on condition of 
rendering feudal service to the 
paramount power : area of the 
State, 90 square miles ; poplation, 
11,735. Address : Kumharsair, 
Simla Hill States, Punjab, India. 

Kanihar, Thakur of; Hardeo Singh; 

b. 1893 ; succeeded to the gaddi, 
1905; enjoys the usual adminis- 
trative powers and claims descent 
from the family of Gargh Rag- 
hansi Thakurs; area of the estate, 
80 square miles ; population, 
about 3,000; revenue, Rs. 5,000. 
Address : Kanihar, Simla Hill 
State, Punjab, India. 

Kanhi Raman Nayanar, Hon. Mp. 

Y,B.A.,B.L., Vakil and Member 
of the Madras Legislative Coun- 
cil, representing the landholders 
of Malabar, Anjengo and Tanges- 
sari, and South Canara; passed 
B.A., 1900; B.L., 1903. Address : 
Calicut, Madras Presidency, 

Kunjan PlllaJ, Dr. N . M.A., B Sc, 
Ph.D., Director of Agriculture, 
Travancore State ; read a paper 
on " Agricultural Education " l)e- 
fore the South Indian Associa- 
tion, Madras, 1911. Address : 
Trivandrum, S. India. 

Kurrl Sldauli, Raja of; Hon Mr. 
Rampal Singh, CLE. (1894); h. 
1867 ; ednc : Rae Bareli High 
School and at the M. A. O. 
College, Aligarh; succeeded to 
the Estate, 1875 ; younger grand- 
son of Raja Har Har Deo ; found- 
ed Co-operative Credit Societies 
in his estate; founded and endow- 
ed hospitals ; contributed liber- 
ally to the Hindu University 
Fund, and the Hindu Boarding 
House, Allahabad ; started the 
Kshatriya Educational Society at 
Rae Bareli for the education of 
the poor of the Kshatriya com- 
munity; connected with many 
public institutions in various 
capacities ; Fellow of the Alla- 
habad University; Director of 
the Allahabad Bank; and Mem- 
ber, Legislative Council. Unit- 
ed Provinces. Address : Sidauli, 
Maharajganj, Rae Bareli, U. P., 

Kurupam, Raja of; Sri Raja Yee- 
rabhadra R»j8, Mahr-i-Doalan; 

,s. of Sir Suryanarayana Raja ; />. 
1877; educ : privately under Mr. 
F. J. Moss, M. A., (Oxen); suc- 
ceeded to the estate, 1898; t». 
Lakshminarasayamma Garu de- 
ceased), d. of late Sri Raja G.N. 
Gajapati Rao, K.C.I E., of 
Vizagapatam; became a member, 
Newington Advisory Board, 
Madras, 1905 ; invited to Madras 
on the occasion of the visit of 
H. R. H. the Prince and Princess 
of Wales, 1905 ; nominated as an 
Additional Member, Madras 
Legislative Council, 190C ; Mem- 
ber of the Committee for the 
management of the I'asteur In- 
stitute of South India, Coonoor. 
1907 ; Member, Victoria Techni- 
cal Institute and Central 
Agricultural Committee, 
Madras; keenly interested in 
the work of the National Indian 
Association ; President, Vizaga- 





patam District Social Conference, 
1907 ; re-nominated a Member of 
the Madras Legislative Council, 
1908; has opened a dispsnsarj'' 
and a choultry at Kurupam, after 
the name of his wife ', founded a 
public market at Vizagapatam, 
1905. Addres.'i : " Laplands," 
■^altair, Vizagapatam District, 
Madras Presidency, India. Clubs: 
Cosmopolitan, Madras and Wal- 

Katch, Maharaja of; HiB Highness 
Maharaja Dhlraj Mlrzan Sri 
Khengarjl S a w a i Bahadur, 

G.C.S.I. (1SS7); b. 1867; suc- 
ceeded to the gaddi, 1875; area of 
the State, 6.500 square miles; 
population, nearly 500,000. 
Address : ' The Palace,' Bhuj, 
Kutch, Western India. 

KnthaF, Bana of, Jagjit Sing; b. 

1887; educ: Aitchison College, 
Lahore ; succeeded to the gaddi, 
1896 ; greatly intarested in im- 
proving the administration ; area 
of the State, 19 square miles ; 
population, 4,0 17; revenue, Rs. 
18,000 ; maintains a force of 40 
infantry. Recr-eation : Garden- 
ing, Address : Kuthar, Simla Hill 
States, Punjab, India. 

Kntlehr, Chief of; Raja Ram PaI, 

C.S.I. (1904) ; b. 1849 ; s. of Raja 
Narain Pal ; claims to be the 
head o f an ancient Rajput 
family whose members are 
said to have ruled for over 200 
generations ; m. 1st, sister of 
Raja Shamser Sing of Rampur, 
Bushahr State ; 2nd, d. of Raja 
Mahendra Sein of Keontal State ; 
one A-; educ : Shastri (nagari); join- 
ed service as Sub-Registrar, Kut- 
lehr, 1867; Judicial powers grant- 
ed, 1875 ; First class powers to- 
gether with a Sanad for good 


conduct and morality granted, 
1877; offered military service 
in Afghan war, 1879 ; won gold 
and silver medal, 1903. Address : 
Kutlehr, Kangra, Punjab, India. 

KuY/tit (Koweit), Ruler of; Bhaikah 
SlrMubarafeSBin Subah, K.CS.L, 
(1914) ; Koweit is a port of 
Arabia at the north-west angle 
of the Persian Gulf; is a British 
Protectorate and is to be con- 
nected with the Bagdad Railway- 

Lachmandas, Rai Sahib. (1911), 
Head Assistant to Inspector- 
General of Prisons, U, P.; 
brother of Pandit Basant Ram 
Vaidya, an eminent Ayurvedic 
Medical Practitioner and Astro- 
nomer; b. 1852; educ: Bareilly 
College; an expert swimmer 
recognised by the Royal Hu- 
mane Society ; owns house 
property in Bareilly and Luck- 
now. Address: Lucknow, U.P., 

Lacba Shah, also known as Bba- 
rat Shah, Raja of Makrai (see 


Lahej, Sultan of; Sir Ahmed Bin 
PadthJ, K.C.S.I., 1901 ; entitled 
to a salute of 9 guns. Address : 

Lahiri, Radhil<a Mohan, B.A., Rai 
Bahadur ; b. 1863 ; educ : Queen's 
College, Benares, and the Metro- 
politan Institution, Calcutta; 
joined service in the Postal De- 
partment, 1887; became Super- 
intendent of Post Offices, 1897; 
reorganised the Dacca Postal 
divisions; appointed Assistant 
Director-General of Post Offices, 
1911; a staunch social reformer. 
Address : Calcutta, India. 


Lajput Rai. 

Lajput Rai, Lala, Lahore; s. of 
Lala Radha Kishen, formerly 
Urdu Teacher in a Government 
School ; b. Jagraon in the district 
of Ludhiana, Punjab, 1865; is a 
Vaisya of the Agarvala sect ; 
educ : Government College, La- 
hore ! holder of a University 
scholarship; passed the Firirt 
Examination in Law, 18S3; Li- 
centiate in Law. 1885 ; commenc- 
ed practice in the Court of 
Hissar; identified himself com- 
pletely with the Arya Samaj ; 
took an active part in the found- 
ation of the Dayanand Anglo- 
Vedic College ; proceeded to 
America, 1905 ; organised a Hin- 
du Orphan Relief Movement ; 
keenly interested in the political 
welfare of his countrymen; took 
a leading part in the political 
discussions of the time ; deported 
for his political views, 1907 ; re- 
leased about the beginning of 
1908. Publications : Life of Maz- 
aine. Garibaldi (Urdu), Sri Krish- 
na ; also ' the story of my deport- 
ation'. Address : Lahore, Punjab, 

Latdlaw, Sir Robert Kt.,(1909),F.R. 
G.S., Partner, Messrs. White- 
away, Laidlaw & Co. ; s. of late 
William Laidlaw ; b. Bonchester, 
Ronburgshire, 1856 ; educ : 
Parish Schools of Kirkton and 
Denholm ; m. Mary Eliza, widow 
of W. L. Francis; British Com- 
missioner to International Opi- 
um Commission, Shanghai, 1909 ; 
Chairman, Whiteawav, Laidlaw 
& Co., Ltd., M. P. (L) for the 
Eastern division of Renfrew- 
shire, 1906-10 ; made a gift of 
Rs. 75,000 to the authorities of 
the Y.M.C.A., Calcutta, to be 
utilised for the construction of 
the buildings of the association 
one at Wellington and the other 
at the Bow Bazaar Street, Cal- 
cutta, 1913; made a gift of 

£50,000 towards a scheme of 
European education in India, 
1913; also made liberal gifts to 
many a religious and educational 
institution at Calcutta. Recrea- 
tion : Golf. Address : Warren 
House, Hayes, Kent. Clubs : 
Reform, National. Liberal. 

Lalbhai Dalpatbbai. Sardar; b. 
1864; eUic: St. Mary's College, 
and Elphinstone College, Bom- 
bay ; President of the Committee 
of Management of the Shetrunja 
temples in Kathiawar ; General 
Secretary of the Jain Confer- 
ence for many years ; Direc- 
tor of many Railway, Naviga- 
tion, Spinning and Weaving Com- 
panies ; has built a Dharmasala 
at Ahmedabad and a girls' 
school ; floated the Saraspur 
Manufacturing Company, 1897, 
the Raipur Manufacturing Com- 
pany, 1905; Member, Ahmeda- 
bad District Board; State Guest 
at Delhi Durbar, 1911. Address : 
Ahmedabad, Bombay Presi- 
dency, India. 

Lai Chand, M.A., Rai Bahadur, 
(1904), Advocate, Punjab Chief 
Court ; Fellow of the Punjab 
University. Address: Lahore, 
Punjab, India. 

Lalji Walji Salt Sahib. Khan 
Bahadur, (1S98I, M e r c h a n t, 
Madras; 6. 1858; General Mer- 
chant ; Commission Agent, and 
Miner; exports Indian carpets. 
Mica and Madras'embroidery ; 
imports English and continental 
sundries ; owns considerable 
landed property in and around 
Madras; partner of a well- 
known and leadinR firm of mer- 
chants, Madras ; is closely con- 
nected with public movements, 
particularly those relating to 
the welfare of the Moslem 



Lalji Walji Sait. 

community ; Honorary Secre- 
tary, Madras Anjuman-i-Islai- 
ma", Member, Madras Branch of 
the Moslem League! Mem'jer, 
Southern India Chamber of Com- 
merce, Madras. Proprietor of 
the Self-guarding Safe Factory. 
Address : No. 37/3S, Ungappa 
Naick Street, Georgetown, Mad- 
ras, India. 

Lal'ubhal Asbram Shah, M.A., 
LL.B., Judge, High Court, Bom- 
bay ; was Government Pleader 
and Public Prosecutor! also 
Member of the Legislative Coun- 
cil, Bombay, till 1912 ; Judge, 
High Court, iSombay, since 1912. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Lallabhai Hathe Singh. Rao Sa- 
hib (1904); b. 1846; educ : 
Sanand and Ahmedabad ; joined 
Police Department, 1869 ; rose to 
the position of Superintendent 
of Police from which he retired ; 
owns landed property ; was a 
Member of the Sanand Munici- 
pality for a few years. Address : 
Sanand, Ahmedabad, Bombaj^ 
Presidency, India. 

Lamb, Richard Amphlelt, C.S.I., 
(1909) ;K.C.S.I. (1911); s. of late 
William Lamb; ni. Kathleen, 
2nd d. of Lieutenant-Colonel J. P. 
Barry, 1901 ; educ : Highgate 
Grammar School ; joined I.C.S. 
as Assistant Collector and Ma- 
gistrate, 1879 ; was Forest Settle- 
ment Officer, Khandesh; Deputy 
Commissio*, Burmah, 1887-90 
(medal with clasp) ; Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate. Bom- 
bay; Chairman, Poona Plague 
Committee, 1897 ; acting Chief 
Secretary to Government of 
Bombay, 1904 ; K. I. H. (1st 
-class), 1909 ; Commissioner, 
Central Division, 1905; Member, 
Indian Excise Committee, 1905- 


6 ; Chief Secretary to Gevern- 
ment. Bombay, 1907, Member, 
Executive Council, Bombay, 1910, 
Recreations : motoring, bicycling. 
Address: c/o Grindlay and Co., 
54, Parliament Street, S. W. 
Clubs : East India United Service, 
BycuUa ; Yacht, Bombay ; Club 
of Western India, Poona. 

Lambert, Sir Johr, K.C.I.E.,(1893), 
I.C.S., (retired); s. of Rev. A. L. 
Lambert; b. 1838; in. Annie, d. 
of Lieutenant-General F. D. At- 
kinson, 1869; joined service in 
the Bengal Police as Assistant 
Superintendent, 1863 ; became 
District Superintendent; official 
visitor of Jail and Lunatic Asy- 
lums, 1872 ; Deputy Commission- 
er of Police, Calcutta, 1874 ; 
transferred to Foreign Depart- 
ment, 1882-84 ; acting Commis- 
sioner of Police, Calcutta, 1885- 
86; confirmed, 1889; Member, 
Legislative Council, Bengal, 1892- 
95; retired, 1897. Address : HI, 
Harcourt Terrace, S.W. Club : 

Lamlngton, 2nd Baron, (1880), 
Charles Wallace Alexander Napi- 
er Cochrane Balilie, B.A., G.C. 
M.G., (1900),G.C.I.E. (1903),D.L., 
J.P., B.A., F.R.G.S. ; b. I860; 
s. of 1st Baron ; s. father, 1890 ; 
m. Hon. Mary Houghton Hozi- 
er; y. d. of 1st Baron Newlands, 
1895 ; educ : Eton and Christ 
Church, Oxford ; Assistant Pri- 
vate Secretary to Lord Salisbury 
(Prime Minister), 1885-86 ; M.P. 
(C) for North St. Pancras, 1886- 
90 ; travelled from Siam to Ton- 
quin, 1890-91 ; Governor of 
Queensland, 1895-1901; Gover- 
nor of Bombay, 1903-07 ; owns 
about 12,000 acres of land. Re- 
creations : Shooting, fishing. Ad- 
dress : Lanarkshire, Clubs : Turf, 
Carlton, Wellington ; New Edin- 



Landon, Perceval, B.A., Bar.-at- 
law, Journalist and Author I /;. 
1869; s. of late Rev. Edward 
Henry Landon ; educ : Hertford 
College, Oxford ; called to Bar 
(Inner Temple) , 1895 ; Secretary, 
Oxford Union Society, 1891 ; 
Special Correspondent for the 
Times, S. A. W&r, 1889-1900 ; 
joint editor o f the ' Friend ', 
Bloemfontein ; Private Secretary 
to Governor of New South 
Wales, 1900; Special Correspon- 
dent of the ' Daily Mail,' during 
Delhi Durbar, 1903 ; Special Cor- 
respondent of ' The Times,' in 
the expedition to Lhasa, 1903-04 ; 
Special Correspondent to the 
Daily Telegraph during Prince 
of Wales' visit to India, 1905-06 ; 
Persia, India and Nepal, 1908 ; 
Russian Turkestan, 1909 ; and 
Egypt and Soudan, 1910; is on 
the staft of Daily Telegraph ; 
has travelled in several parts of 
the world. Publications ; Helio- 
tropes, 1903; Lhasa, 1905; Under 
the Sun, 1906 ; The story of the 
Indian Mutiny, 1907; Rev. Edges, 
1908 ; The House Opposite ; For 
the Soul of the King (translated 
from the French), 1909; Ad- 
dress : 83, Charlwood Street, S.W. 
Club : Beefsteak. 

Landor, A. Henry Savege, F.R.I., 
F.R.G.S., Artist, and Explorer ; 
2nd s. of Charles Savege Landor; 
b. in Florence; educ : Licco 
Danfe, Institute Tecnico, Flor- 
ence; also in Paris; travelled 
extensively in the East visiting 
Japan, China, Corea, South 
Mangolia, Tibet, India, Nepal, 
Yezzo, the Kurile Islands, Phil- 
lippine Islands, Sulu Archi- 
p e 1 a g o , Persia, Beluchistan, 
America, Australia, Egypt, 
Panama, etc.; is the first Euro- 
pean to find both sources of the 
Brahmaputra and locate their 
exact position ; set at rest the 

problem that no range higher 
than the Himalayas existed ; 
explored the Central Mindanayo 
Island ; is unmatched in moun- 
taineering, having reached 23490 
feet on Mount Lumpa in Nepal, 
1889 ; is the first to discover the 
" White Tribe " (mansakas; ; ac- 
companied the allied troops on 
the march to Pekin ; is the first 
Anglo-Saxon to enter the For- 
bidden City on the day of Allies' 
entry ; travelled from Russia to 
Calcutta, 190i ; was cruising in 
the Sulu Archippellagoes and in 
the Phillippines for nearly a 
year, and visited many miner 
Islands ; crossed Africa in its 
widest part travelling a distance 
of 8.500 miles and ending his 
journey at the most westerly 
point of that continent, 1906, 
Publications : Alone with the 
hairy Ainu, or 3,800 miles on a 
Pack-saddle ; Corea or the land 
of the morning calm ; In the 
Forbidden Land ; the Gems of the 
East ; An Explorer's Adventures 
in Tibet, etc. Address ; c o Grind- 
ly and Co., 54, Parliament Street; 
Calappaino Empoliper, Vinci, 
Italy, Clubs : Grosvenor, Aero. 

Lane, Major-Qeneral Charles 
Stuart. C. B., (1907), Lato of the 
Indian Army ; s. of late Richard 
Lane ; b. 1831 ; educ : privately ; 
ni. Anne Josephene, d. of Rev. 
R. B. Boys, 1852 ; joined the 
Indian Army and served in the 
Indian Mutiny, 1H57 (Medal witli 
two clasps) ; served in Bhutan 
Expedition, 1863 ; Afghan War, 
1858-79 (Despatches, Medal); 
retired, 1882. Address : 24, Crom- 
well House, Nightingale Road, 

Lane, Colonel Cla>ton Turner 

C.l.M (1895), .1. P., Indian Army 
(retired) ; 3rd .■<. of late .lames 
Lane of Knockeevan, Camber- 




ley; h. 1842; educ: privately; 
joined Indian Army as Ensign 
in Bengal, 1858 ; m. Nicholas 
Arbuthnot, d. of late William 
AUardyce of Aberdeen; transfer- 
red to the Punjab Police as As- 
sistant Superintendent ; became 
Superintendent, 1863 ; transfer- 
red to Berar, 1865 ; Inspector- 
General of Police, Hyderabad 
Assigned Districts ; 1877 ; Depu- 
ty Commissioner, 1895 ; retired, 
1896. Address : D o w n f o 1 d, 

Lane, Lieutenant-Colonel William 
Byam. I.M.3., Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Prisons, Nagpur, C.P., 
India ; b. at Antigua, West In- 
dies, 1866 ; e'^itc : Christ's Hos- 
pital, London ; proceeded to Ger- 
many and joined the Nuenheim 
College, Heidelberg; returned to 
England and was attached to 
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 
London, as a student ; joined the 
I.M.S., 18S8 ; served for some 
time at the Royal Victoria Hos- 
pital, Netley; arrived in India and 
was posted to Station Hospital, 
Allahabad, ^889; transferred to 
the Military and was placed in 
Medical charge of XI P.W.O., 
Bengal Lancers, now XI (King 
Edward's Old) Bengal Lancers ; 
transferred to the 45th Sikhs, 
1890; served with the Hazra Field 
Force, 1891 ; served with other 
regiments and was in charge 
of A. 20 Native Field Hospitals ; 
served with the Chitral Relief 
Force, 1895 ; attached to the 
base Hospital (No. 4 Native 
General Hospital), Nowshera, 
during the whole of the Frontier 
Expedition; Civil Surgeon and 
Superintendent, Central Jail, 
Montgomery, 1899; services pla- 
ced temporarily at the disposal 
of the Punjab Government, 
1902; transferred to C. P., and 
posted as Officiating Superinten- 


dent. Central Jail, Jubbalpore, 
1903; appointed as Inspector- 
General of Prisons, 1905 ; holds 
the Hazra medal and clasp, and 
the Waziristan clasp, and the 
Chitral medal and clasp. Ad- 
dress : Nagpur, C.P., India. 

Lang, Colonel Arthar Moffat, C.B., 

1908, R.E. (retired); e. s. of 
Arthur Lang, I.C.S., of West 
Hill ; b. 1832 ; edtic : Rugby ; 
Cheltenham ; and the Military 
College at Addiscombe ; joined 
Army, 1852 ; was thrice mar- 
ried ; served in Indian Mutiny, 
1857-58 (despatches 4 times 
medal, 3 clasps); became Colo- 
nel, 1881 ; held appointments in 
both Military and Civil branches 
of the P.W.D. ; was Principal, 
Engineering College, Roorki; 
Deputy Inspector-General for 
Fortifications ; was Chief Engi- 
neer in Beluchistan, Burma, and 
the N. W. Provinces ; retired, 
1889. Address : Box Grove 
Lpdge, Guildford, Surrey. 

Lannian, Charles Rockwell ; b. at 

Norwich, Connecticut ; s, of 
Peter Lanman ; educ : at the 
Norwich Free Academy, 1867 ; 
at Yale, 1871 ; studied Sanskrit 
and linguistic science under 
Whitney till 1873 ; proceeded 
to Germany and studied at 
Berlin, Tubingan, and Leipzig : 
called to the John Hopkins* 
University at Baltimore, 1876 ; 
called to the Harvard Univer- 
sity, Cambridge ; Professor of 
Sanskrit; Massadhusetts, 1880; 
Secretary, American Philologi- 
cal Association, 1879-84 ; Presi- 
dent of the same Association, 
1882-90; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, American Oriental Societv, 
1884-94 ; Vice-President and 
Joint-Editor of its Journal, 1894- 
1905 ; travelled in India for col- 
lecting Sanskrit and Prakrit 



books, etc., for Harbard Univer- 
sity, 1888-89 ; Honorary Member 
of the A. S. B., 1898 ; Member, 
Royal Asiatic Society, 1902 ; 
Foreign Member, Royal Bohe- 
mien Society of Sciences, 1897 ; 
lectured at the J. Hopkin's 
Universitj"" on the poetry of 
India, 1897 ; lectured at 
Boston, on Indian Literature, 
1898 ; LL. D, at Yale. 1902 ; is 
editing, with the help of other 
scholars, the " Harvard Oriental 
Series " published by Harvard 
University, which has raised iO 
volumes of important Sanskrit 
works such as the Jatakaraala, 
Buddhism, Karpura Manjani, 
Bhrad-Devata, Atharva Yeda, a 
vedic concordance, Visudi-Maga, 
Panchatantra. Sakuntala, Brah- 
mins, and othur works. Recre- 
tion : Walking, Swimming, Div- 
ing and Rowizig. Adiress : 9 
Farrar Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Lansdowne, 5th Marquiss of Great 
Britain, (1784), flenry Ctias 
Keath Petty Fitz M a u r i c p, 

K.G., P.C, G.C. S.I., G.C.I.E., 
G.G.M.G., D.C.L., LL.D. ; e. s. 

of 4th Marquiss ; b. 1845 ; suc- 
ceeded father, 1866 ; /«. Lady 
Maud Evelyn Hamilton, C.I., d. 
of 1st Duke of Abercorn, 1869 ; 
Lord of Treasury, 1869-72 ; 
Under Secretary for War, 1872- 
74 ; Under-Secretary for India, 
1880; Governor-General, Canada, 
1883-88 ; Governor-General, In- 
dia, 1838-93; Secretary for War, 
1S95-1900 ; Foreign Secretary, 
1900-05; succeeded mother, 1895; 
Trustee, National Gallery, since 
1894 ; Lord Lieutenant of Wilts, 
since 1896; owns 143,000 acres of 
land ; heir and .s. of Earl of Herry. 
Address : Lansden House, Berk- 
ley Square. W ; Bowood Park, 
Calne, Wiltshire ; Meikleour, 
Perthshire ; Derreen, Kenmare, 

Kerry. Clubs : Athenfpum, Re- 
form, Brooke's. 

Lascelles, Hon Sir Alfred George, 

B.A., Retired Chief Justice, 
Supreme Court, Ceylon ; 2nd s. 
of 3rd Earl Harwood ; b. 1857 ; 
educ : Universitv College, Ox- 
ford ; B. A., 1881 ; called to 
the Bar (Inner Temple), 1885; 
K.C. Ceylon, 1902-1911; Chief 
Justice, Supreme Court, Cevlon, 
1911-1914 ; m. Isabel Carteret. 
d. of late Franci« John Thyme 
(M. Bath Covs) 1911. Address : 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

La Toaohe, BIr James John 
Dlgges, K.C.S.T., 1901; /;. 1S44 ; 
s. of William Digges La Touche; 
educ : Trinitv College, Dublin ; 
joined I.C.S. in the N.W.P., 
1S67 ; was Settlement Officer, 
Ajniir, and at Gorakhpur ; Com- 
missioner in Burma, 1886 ; Alla- 
habad, 1901 ; Member Legisla- 
tive Council, N.W.P., 1891 ; Chief 
Secretary, 1S93 ; Additional Mem- 
ber, Imperial Legislative Council: 
Officiating L.euteijant Governor, 
U.P. 1898 ; cunfirmed, 1901 ; re- 
tired, 1906 ; proceeded to England 
and was anpjinted IVlember of the 
India Council, 1907. Address : 
Killore Street, Dublin. Club: East 
India United Service. 

Laughton, Ool. Arthur Frederick, 

C.B. (1886) ; Indian Army (retir- 
ed) ; b. at Simla ; s. of llichard 
Laughton, H.E., I.C.S. ; in. 
Georgiana Emily, di. of General 
H. Man, 1869 ; e hic : St. Paul's 
school; ioined I.C.S.. 1857; In- 
terpreter, Maaras IBth Infantry; 
Interpreter, 3rd Palamcottali 
Liglit Infantry; Interpreter. 66th 
Foot; transferred to Police De- 
partment ; served in tl\o Madras 
Police, 1883 ■ in Commissariat 
Department, 1863-88; served in 
the Afghan Campaign, 1879-80 ; 




Principal Commissariat Officer, 
3rd Burmese War, 1885-88 ; won 
medal, two clasps, twice men- 
tioned in despatches. Publica- 
tion : Treatise on bread making 
for the use of the Array in 
India, published by order of 
Government. Recreations: shoot- 
ing, boating, photography. Ad- 
dress : 11, Aberdeen Court, 
Maida Vale. W". Club : Junior 

Laurie, M., M.V.O., I.C.S., Com- 
missioner, Irrawadi Division, 
since 1912 ; educ : Watson's 
College, Edinburgh, etc. ; joined 
service, 18S9 ; Deputy Commis- 
sioner, 1901 ; President, Rangoon 
Municipality, 1904 ; Commis- 
sioner, Irrawadi Division, 1912. 
Address : Bassein, Burma. 

Law, James Macdonald, CLE., 
(1910) ; Deputy Inspector-Gener- 
al of Police, Railways and Cri- 
minal Investigation Department, 
Burma; s. of William Trevor 
Law ; educ : Lycee, Bordeaux ; 
came out to Burma, 1874 ; joined 
Burma Police, 1877 ; served in 
Burma War, 1S85-86 (medal, bwo 
clasps); District Superintendent 
of Police; 1886; Deputy In- 
spector-General of Police, 1906, 
(received thanks of Local Gov- 
ernment seven times, and special- 
ly mentioned and commended 
nineteen times in their annual re- 
ports). Aress . Rangoon, Bur- 

Lawley, Hon'ble Sir Arthur, K.C. 
M.G., (1901), G.C.I.E., (190G), 
formerly Governor of Madras ; 
4th s. of 3nd Baron Wenlock ; h. 
I860; Captam, 10th Hussars,1882; 
served at Saukkim, 1884 ; Pri- 
vate Secretary to Duke of West- 
minster ; accompanied Earl Grey 
to Rhodesia, 1896 ; was Admin- 
istrator of Matabeleland, 1893 ; 


Governor, Western Australia, 
1901-02 ; Lieutenant-Governor, 
Transvaal, 1902 ; advocated the 
importation of Chinese labour 
into South Africa ; appointed 
Governor of Madras, November 
1905 ; arrived in Madras, March 
1906; assumed charge of adminis- 
tration from Mr. Gabriel Stokes ; 
his administration of the Presi- 
dency is marked by two fea- 
tures :— (1) the large number of 
tours which he undertook to 
make hmiself personally ac- 
quainted with every detail of the 
administration, and (2) the pass- 
ing of the Madras Estates Land 
Bill ; an oil-painting of Sir Ar- 
thur and Lady Lawley was 
placed in Council Chamber, Mad- 
ras, 1915; ?«. Annie Allan, d. Sir 
Edward Cunard, 2nd Baronet 
1885. Address: 26, Portland 
Place, London, W. Clubs : Turf, 
Naval and Military. 

Lawrence, Lady Hariet Catherine ; 

d. of late Rev. Richard Hamilton, 
and widow of Lord Lawrence, 
[d. 1879), formerly Viceroy and 
Governor-General of India, 1864- 
68. Address : 5, Egerton Place, 
London, S.W. 

Lawrence, Sir Walter Roper, 1st 

Bart. (1906), G.C.I.E. (1906), 
K.C.I.E. (1903), CLE. (1891), 
Member, India Council, 
London; 6th s. of George Law- 
rence, J. P. of Monmouthshire; 
b. in Morton Court, near Here- 
ford, 1857 ; educ : Cheltenham 
College, and Balliol College, 
Oxford; was first in the Compe- 
titive Examination, 1877 ; enter- 
ed service in Bombay, 1879 ; As- 
sistant Commissioner in various 
places till 1880 ; Political Agent, 
1881-84; Under-Secretary, Punjab 
Government, 1884-86; Under Sec- 
retary Government of India, 
1887-89 ; officiating Secretary to 



Government of India, 1889 ; 
Settlement Commissioner, Kash- 
mir, 1889-95; Private Secretary to 
Lord Curzon when Viceroy of 
India. 1898-1903 ; Chief of the 
Stafl of Prince of WaJes when 
on tour in India, 1905 ; Hono- 
rary Secretary to the Coun- 
tess of Dufterin's Fund; has a 
son, Rowland, b. 1886 ; 3rd Bart, 
Coldstream Guards. Publications: 
" The Valley of Kashmir." A'^- 
dress : 22, Sloane Garlands, S. W. 
Clubs : Bath, Beefsteek, Garrick. 

Lawson, A B.. CLE. (1911), Editor, 
" Madras Mail ; " b. 1863 ; o. sur- 
viving .s. of Sir Charles Lawson ; 
ediic : Deadham Grammar School, 
and Dover College ; joined the 
staft of the " Madras Mail ;" as 
Manager, 1S83 ; was sub-editor, 
Assistant Editor and Co-Editor ; 
became Chief Editor, 1907; has 
been Secretary, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Madras, since 1893 ; was 
Sheriff of Madras. 1891-93. Ad- 
dress : ' Shortlands,' Nungumba- 
kum, Madras, India. 

Lawson, SIp Charles Allan, Kt., 
(1877) ; ,s. of late Jonathan Wise 
Lawson ; 6. in London, 1838 ; in. 
1st, Mary, d. of A. Webber ; 
2nd, Catherine Jane, d. of 
William Shaw, 1893 ; arrived in 
Madras, 1863 ; Editor of the 
•' Daily News," 1863 ; Editor, 
"Madras Times," 1864-68; found- 
ed and edited the " Madras Mail," 
1868 — 93; presented an Address to 
Her late Majesty Empress Vic- 
toria on the occasion of Her Dia- 
mond Jubilee, on behalf of the 
people of Madras, 1887 ; retired, 
1893. Publications : British and 
Native Cochin. ; ' At Home on 
Furlough' ; ' The Private Life of 
Warren Hastings'; ' Memoirs of 
Madras', Club : Constitutional. 


Lawson, Eric 8t. John, Commis- 
sioner of Police, Bangkok. Siam, 
since 1903; b. 1889; 5th .s'. of 
late George Lawson, F.R.C.S., 
Surgeon and Oculist to Empress 
Victoria ; educ : Westminster 
School ; joined service as In- 
spector of Police, Burmah, 1891 ; 
transferred to India, 1893 ; ser- 
vices lent to Siamese Government 
to assist in reorganisation of 
Police ; received decoration of 3rd 
class of White Elephant, 1894. 
Recreations ; shooting. Aidress : 
Bangkok, Siam ; The Hut, Saint's 
Bay, Guernsey. Clubs : East India 
United Service, British Bangkok. 

Laxmilal, Dowlat Rai Uetha, Rai 

Sahib (1893), Durbar Vakil, 
Baroda ; b. 1856; educ: Baro- 
da ; awarded a silver medal by 
H. H. the Gaikwar of Baroda. 
Address : Baroda, Central India. 

Laynard, Hon'ble Sip Chaples 
Peter. Kt., (1903), M.A., Chief 
Justice, Ceylon, (retired) ; o. .s. of 
late Sir C. Peter Laynard, K.C.M. 
G. ; educ : Cheltenham College, 
and St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge ; called to Bar (I n n e r 
Temple), 1873; ///. Ada Alexan- 
drina, 2nd d. of A.A.J. Mortlake; 
enrolled as an Advocate, Su- 
preme Court, Ceylon, 1873; i)e- 
came Solicitor-General, 1888 ; 
acting Attorney-Goneral, 1891- 
93 ; Judge, Supreme Court, 1893; 
represented Ceylon at the in- 
auguration of the Common- 
wealth of Australia ; became 
Cliief Justice, Supremo Court, 
Ceylon, 1903. AdJress; The 
Grey House, Longton Green, 
Kent. Club : O.'cford, Cambridge. 

Leach, IJrIgdr. Qenl. Harold Pem- 
b e r t o D, D.S.O. (IH9I), IMv 
Indian Army (retired) ; b. i8")li 




4tli s. of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir 
G. A. Leach, K.C.B./i.v ; joined 
service in the Army, 1871 ; served 
in Afghan War, 1878 (despatches 
medal with clasp) ; became Cap- 
tain 1883 ; served in S o u d a n 
Expedition, 1881-85; (Brevet of 
Major, medal with two clasps, 
Khedive's Star) ; Lushai Expedi- 
tion, 1888-89, (despatches, medal 
with clasp) ; Chin Lushai Expe- 
dition, 1889-90 (despatches, Bre- 
vet Lieutenant-Colonel, clasp) ; 
Chitral Relief Force (despatches 
C.B. medal with clasp);Comman- 
dant of Bombay Sappers and 
Minors, 1890-91 ; Military Secre- 
tary to Commander-in-Chief, 
Bombay, 1891-93 ; Commandant 
of Bengal Sappers and Minors, 
1893-1900 ; became Colonel, 1894 ; 
m Command of Peshawar Dis- 
trict, 1896; D.Q.M.G. Head 
Quarters, India, 1896 ; Brig.-Ge- 
neral Commanding 2nd class 
District, 1900-05. Address : 6, 
Wetherby Gardens, S.W. Club : 
United Service. 

Leather, John Walter, Ph. D., F.I. 
C. F.C.S. Agricultural Chemist 
to' Government of India; s. of 
John K. Leather, formerly of St. 
Helens ; h. I860 ; c^uc : Bonn; 
m. Annie, d of Job Henry Lyon 
of St. Helans ; was Senior 
Assistant to Dr. Voelciier of the 
Royal Agricultural Society o f 
England for 6 years ; joined ser- 
vice in India as Agricultural 
Chemist to the Government of 
India, 1892 ; appointment ceased 
after 5 years ; re-appointed as 
Assistant Agricultural Chemist, 
1898 ; promoted to the place of 
Agricultural Chemist, 1902. 
Publication : Investigation i n 
the Chemistry of Indian Agri- 
culture. Address : Pusa, Bengal, 
• India. 

Lee, Captain Renard, Monssieur; 
Commandant, Lord Gendar- 
merie Indiginer, Pondjcherry. 
Adclreis : Pondicherry, S. India. 

LePanu, William Joseph Henry, 

B. A., Bar-at-law, I.C.S., (re- 
tired); ediic : Kingstown 
School, and Trinity College, 
Dublin ; joined service, 1865 ; 
acted in lower grades of t h e 
service in various parts of the 
presidency of Madras ; became 
District and Sessions Judge, 
1885 ; acting Member, Madras 
Board of Revenue, 1890 ; Collec- 
tor of Customs, Madras. 1895 ; 
Member, Board o f Revenue, 
1888 ; F a m i n e Commissioner, 
1897 ; Additional Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Madras ; retired, 
1900 ; proceeded to Hyderabad 
(Deccan) and has been practising 
there ever since. Publications : 
Salem District Manual. Ad- 
dress : Saifabad, Hyderabad 
(Deccan), India. 

LefSwitch, Charles Gerrans, B.A., 

I.C.S., Nagpur; eluc: Christ 
Hospital, and St. John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge ; also University 
College, London; passed I.C.S. 
Examination, 1895; joined ser- 
vice in the Central Provinces as 
Assistant Commissioner, 1896; 
Under Secretary to Chief Com- 
missioner, 1903-05; 3rd Secre- 
tary to the Legislative Council ; 
has been Member of Council, 
Central Provinces. Address: 
Nagpur, C.P. India. 

Le Geyt. Major-Genl Philip Harri- 
son, Indian Army ; b. 1834 ; en- 
tered the Army, 1851 ; served in 
Persian Expedition, 1856-57 ; 
(medal with clasp) ; Indian 
Mutiny, 1858-59 ; became Major- 
General, 1892 ; retired, the same 



Le Geyt. 

year. Address : 17, Nightingale 
Road, Calcutta, India. 

Lehna Singli, Rana of Manasawal. 

{See Manasaual.) 

Leigh, Lieut-Colonel H nrv Percy 

Poingdestpa, C.I.E., (1833); U.S. 
L., (1907); Indian Army (retired); 
/;. Jamaica. 1851 ; «. of late Col. 
Henry Leigh of the OSth Regt. ; 
m. Annie, d. of late W.R. Max- 
well of 95th Regt., 1879 ; educ : 
privately and at R.M.C. Wool- 
wich ; joined Royal Artillery, 
1871 ; Indian Staft Corps, 1877 ; 
served in 2nd and Ifith Bengal 
Cavalry ; entered the Punjab 
Commission, 1879; special duty 
in Eurru.n Valley, 1880 ; Politi- 
cal Officer, 1st and 2nd Miranzai 
Expeditions, 18i)l ; was a Com- 
missioner in the Punjab. Clnbs : 
Junior United Service, Bath. 
Arldress: c;o India Office, London. 

LeJy. 8ir> Frederic Styles Philpin, 
K.C.I.E., (1905); C.3.I., (1901) ; 
b. 1846 ; s. of late Rev. M. Phil- 
pin of Alcester ; m. Helen ; d. of 
Rev. Dr. James Mitchell of Poo- 
na ; educ : Regent's Park Col- 
lege and Pembroke College, 
Oxford ; joined I.C.3., 1869 ; was 
Assistant Collector and Magis- 
trate, Talukdari Settlement Offi- 
cer and Administrator of Sachia 
State, successively; Administra- 
tor of Porbunder State, 1886 ; 
Member of Commission to en- 
quire into the working of the 
Agriculturists' Relief Act, 1891 ; 
•Collector and Magistrate, Surat, 
1892 ; Additional Member of the 
Council of Bombay, since 1839 ; 
Me'.iber, Imperial Legislative 
Council, 1903 ; Chief Commis- 
sioner, Central Provinces, 1904 ; 
retired, 1905 ; Member of Royal 
Commission on Decentralisation, 

1907-8 ; contested (L.) Sevenoaks 
Division, Kent, 1910. Pubiica- 
tioii: Suggestions for the better 
governing of India. Address : 
Sevenoaks, Kent. Club : Albe- 

LeMesupier, HavlUand, C I E 

(1903); C.S.I., (1910); educ\ 
Rugby ; Balliol College, Oxford : 
entered I.C.5., 1884; Assistant 
Commissioner, Assam ; Assist- 
ant Magistrate and Collector, 
Bengal, 1832 ; Joint Magistrate 
and Deputy Collector, 1833 ; 
Magistrate and Collector, Ben- 
gal, 1837; Commissioner, Dacca, 
1906 ; Chief Secretary to Gov- 
ernment of Bengal, 1903 ; Chief 
Secretary to the Government of 
Bihar and Orisa, 1912. Address: 
Rangoon, Patna, Bengal. India. 

Leutalgne, Captain E C, Private 
Secretary to the Lieutenant- 
Governor, Burma ; b. 1881 ; join- 
ed service, 190+ ; promoted to 
present rank, 1913. Address : 

La RossJgnai, Walter Aubin, I.C.S., 

Judge, Ambala, Punjab ; educ : 
Victoria College, Jersey, and 
Exter College, Oxford ; passed 
I.C.S. Exanunation, 1831 ; joined 
I.C.S. in the Punjab as Assistant 
Commissioner, 1833 ; b e c a ni o 
District and Sessions J u d g e, 
1903 ; Temporary Additional 
Judge, Chief Court, i'unjab, since 
October 1914. Adiiress : Lahore, 
Punjab, India. 

Leslie, 8lP Bradford. K.C.I. K.. 
(1887), designer and builder of 
bridges in Bengal ; b. 1831 ; s. of 
late Charles R. Leslie, B.A. ; iii. 
Mary Jane Eliza (d. 18S6) ; 
Fellow of Calcutta University ; 
Offi:;er de 'I instruction pui>li(iuo, 




France. Addj-css : 5, Chester 
Gate, Regent's Park, N.W. 

LInsaraj, Drs, H. (see Urs, 

Low, Charles Kothbon^. F.R.G.S., 

Indian Navy ; .'^. of Major F. H. 
Low of the 39th Bengal N.I. : b. 
Dublin, 1837 ; great g. s. of the 
45th Viscount Boyne, and 17th in 
direct lineal descent from King 
Edward I. of England, and 11th 
from King James II. of Scot- 
land ■) joined the Navy, 1853 : 
was engaged in suppressing 
piracy and slave trade in Indian 
and China Seas, Persian Gulf, 
Red sea, and the East Coast of 
Africa ; was the first Librarian 
and Assistant Secretary. Royal 
United Service Institution, 1865- 
68 ; represented the Indian Navy 
at the Thanksgiving Ceremony 
in St. Paul's for the recovery 
from illness of the Prince of 
Wales (late Emperor Edward 
VII), 1872 ; at the Jubilee Ser- 
vice of Empress Victoria, 1887 ; 
in the Funeral Procession of 
Her late Majesty Empress 
Victoria ; at the Coronation of 
late Emperor Edward VII ; and 
also in the Funeral Procession 
of late Emperor Edward VII ; 
is a Referee to Royal Geo- 
graphical Society. Puhlica- 
tions : Tales of Old Ocean ; 
Land of the Sun ; H'story of the 
British Navy ; Life and Voyages 
of Captain James Cook ; His- 
tory of the Indian Navy ; Life 
of Field-Marshall Sir G. Pol- 
lock ; Life of Lord Roberts • 
History of the British Army ; 
Great African Travellers ; Her 
Majesty's Navy ; Britannia's 
Bulworks ; and a large number 
of articles contributed to vari- 
ous magazines. Add>-ess : Low- 
navla,Lansdowne Road, Bourne- 


mouth ; 36, Buckingham Gate, 
S.W. riitb : East India United 

Lucknow, 2nd Bishop of; Right 
Rev. George Herbert Wetscott, 

M.A. ; 4th s. of late Right Rev. 
Brook F. Westcott, D.D., D.C. 
L., Lord Bishop of Durham : 
b. 1864 ; educ ', Marlborough 
and St. Peter's College, Ca'^i- 
bridge ; passed B.A., 18S5 ; 
M.A., 1889 ; Ordained, 1886 ; 
Priest, 1887 ? came out to 
India as S.P.G. Missionary at 
Cawnpore, 1889 ; Honorary 
Canon, Lucknow, 1906 ; Bi- 
shop of Lucknow from 6th 
November 1910. Address ; 
Lucknow, India. 

Lakis, Surgeon-General Sip Char- 
les Pardey, M.B., C.S.I., (1910) ; 
K.C.S.I., (1911); F.R.C.3. (Ei g.), 
Director-General, I. M.S. India ; 
educ : St. Bartholomew's Hos- 
pital ; was Principal of the 
Medical College, Calcutta ; 
First Physician, College Hos- 
pital, Calcutta ; Director- 
General, Indian Medical Stores, 
since 1910 ; is an Additional 
Member, Imperial Legislative 
Council, India. Address : Delhi 
and Simla, India. 

Lamsden, General Sir Peter Stark, 

K.C.B., (1879) ; G.C.B., (1885) ; 
C.S.I. (1870) ; b. 1829 ; s. of Col. 
T. Lumsden, C.B., educ : Ad- 
discombe ; joined Indian Army^ 
1847 ; served in N.-W. Frontier 
Campaign, 1851-4 ; on special 
mission to Kandahar, 1857-8, 
served in the Central India 
Campaign, 1858 ; China War, 
1860 ; with Bhutan Field Force, 
1865; D.Q.M.G., 1S64-8 ; Q.M.G., 
1868-73 ; acting Resident at 
Hvderabad, 1873; Adjutant-Ge- 
neral, 1874-9 ; Chief of the Staft 



in India, 1879 ; A.D.C. to late 
Empress Victoria, 1870-81; Mem- 
ber of the Council of India, 1883- 
93; British Commissioner for the 
demarcation of the N.-W. Boun- 
dary of Afganistan, 1884-5 ; D.L. 
J.P. for the Counties of Aber- 
deen and Bauft. Publication : 
Lumsden of the Guides, 1889. 
Adrlress : Buckromb-Dufttown, 
Bauftshir. Club : United Service. 

Lunawada, Rajah of ; Maharana 
8ri Sir WaVhat Singhji ; K.C.I.E. 
<1889) ; b. 1860 ; succeeded to 
gaddi, as a minor, 1867 ; educ : at 
the Rajkuraar College, Rajkot ; 
formally installed, 1880 ; has 
power to try his subjects for 
capital offences ; is entitled to a 
salute of 9 guns ; claims descent 
from a Rajput dynasty whose 
ancestors are believed to have 
established themselves at Virpur 
long ago ; the State came under 
British control in 1886 ; area of 
the State, 388 square miles ; 
population, 60,000 ; revenue, 
nearly 2 lakhs; pays a tribute of 
Rs. 14,232 jointly to the British 
and the Gaekwar of Baroada. 
A d d 1- e ■'' s : Lunavada, Rewa 
K a n t h a Agency, Kathiawar, 

LyalJ, Sir Charles Jamee, M.A., 
L.L.D., K.C.S.I., (1897) CLE., 
(1880), I.C.S., (retired) ; b. 1845 ; 
s. of late Charles Lyall of Sussex 
Gardens, W ; m. Lawrence Lyall, 
d. of Henry Eraser, 1870 ; editc : 
Kings College School, and 
Balliol College, Oxford ; joined 
service, 1867 ; became Under 
Secretary to Government, N. W. 
Provinces, 1871-72 ; Under Sec- 
retary to Government of India 
in Revenue, Agriculture, and 
Commerce Department, 1876-80 ; 
Secretary to Chief Commissioner, 

Assam, 1880-83 ; Judge and 
Commissioner, Assam Valley 
Districts, 1883-84 ; Secretary to 
Government of India, 1886 ; 
again Secretary to Chief Com- 
missioner, Assam, 1887 ; Judge 
and Commissioner of Assani 
Valley Districts, 1888-89 ; Secre- 
tary to Government of India, 
1889-94; Chief Commissioner, 
Assam, 1894; Chief Commission- 
er, Central Provinces, 1895-98 ; 
Secretary, India Offi-e, 1898- 
1910. Publicntions : Translations 
of Ancient Arabic Poetry ; edi- 
tion of 10 Ancient Arabic Poems; 
articles in Encyclopoedia Brita- 
nica. Addre s : S.S. Cornwall 
Gardens, S.W. Club : Athenaeum. 

Lyal), Lady Cora; widow of the 
Right Hon'ble Sir Alfred Comyn 
LyalL P.C, G.CLE., K.C.B., 

. etc., formerly Secretary to 
Government of India (Home 
Department). Address: 18, 
Queen's Gate, London, S. W. 

Lyall. David Robert. C.S.I.,(1891); b. 
Ouchterlony House, Forfarshire, 
N.B., 18 41;e. s. of late David 
Lyall ; lit. Laura Agnus, d. of 
late Major-General W. J. B. 
Knyvett, 1866 ; educ: Edinburgh 
Academy ; joined servic:; in Ben- 
gal, 1861; acted in various lower 
grades and became Inspector- 
General of Police, L. P., 1883-87 ; 
Commissioner of Chittagong, 
1887-91 ; Commissioner of Pat- 
na, 1891-92 ; Member, Board of 
Revenue and Legislative Council, 
1892-96 ; retired, 1896 ; Civil 
Political OlHcorwith Chin Lusiiai 
Expedition, 1888 (medal and 
clasp) ; President of Cominitteo 
toiniiuire into Military and Pub- 
lic Works expenditure, Simla, 
1894 ; Superintendent, Kooch 
Bihar State, 1896-99. Llecrealions. 




Cricket, Racqets, Shooting. 
Address : Metherclay House: 
Bishop's Hull, Taunton. Clubs : 
The East India United Service. 

Lyall Sir James Broadwood, K.C. 

S.I.. (1893), G.C.I.E., I.C.S., 
(retired) ; b. England, 1S3S ; 
s. of Rev. Alfred Lyall, Rector 
of Harbledown, Kent ; m. Kathe- 
rine, d. of Rev. J. Cantly, 1874 ; 
educ : Eton ; Haileybury College; 
joined service in Bengal, 1857 ; 
arrived in India, 1858 ; joined the 
Punjab Commission, 1859; Resi- 
dent in Mysore and Chief Com- 
missioner of Coorg, 1883-87 ; 
Lieut. -Governor, Punjab, 1887- 
92, visited China, Japan, Canada 
and the U.S.A. 1893 ; was ap- 
pointed Member,Royal Commis- 
sion on Opinion ; revisited India in 
that capacity, 1893 ; President, 
Indian Finance Commission, 
1898. Recreations : Golf, Cy- 
cling, Shooting. Address : Sta- 
tenborough House, Eastry, 
Dover. Chib : Athenaeum. 

Lylp, Hoti'ble Henry Ward,L.L.B., 

Judge, High Court, U.P., 
India ; educ : at Winchester, and 
Trinity Hall, Cambridge ; pass- 
ed I.C.S., examination, 1884 ; 
joined service, 1887 ; ser\^ed in 
the lower grades of the service ; 
was Deputy Superintendent of 
the family domains of H.H. 
the Maharajah of Benares, 
1892 ; District and Sessions 
Judge, 1897-02 ; Judge, High 
Court, U.P. Address : Allaha- 
bad, U.P., India. 

Lyon, Hon'b'o Mr Percy Comyn, 

C.S.I. (1908). I.C.S. ; s. ofWm. 
Lyon ; b. 186 i ; editc : King's 
School, Brunton, and Orial 
College, Oxford ; joined I.C.S. 
in Bengal ; was Private Secre- 


tary to Lieutenant-Governor of 
Bengal; served in various mofusil 
stations ; became the first Chief 
Secretary to the Govern. ,ient of 
Eastern Bengal and Assam. 
1905; Member, Board of Re- 
venue, E. Bengal and Assain. 
and Member, Imperial Legis- 
lative Council, 1909 ; Member, 
Executive Council, Bengal, 
since 1912. Recreations, golf, 
riding. Address : Calcutta, India. 

Macbean, Major-General Forbes, 

C.V.O. (1905) ; b. 1857 ; f. of 
Colonel Forbes Macbean ; educ : 
at Uppingham ; entered the 
Army, 1876; served in the Afghan 
War, 1879-80 ; in engagements at 
Kabul and the march to Kanda- 
har ; Transvaal Campaign: 1881 ; 
Tirah Expedition, 18^7-98 ; se- 
verely wounded ; South African 
AVar, 18D9-1902 ; became Cap- 
tain, 188i; Major, 1893; C.B„ 
and Brevet^Colonel, 1902 ; Colo- 
nel, 1905 ; Major-General, 1911 ; 
A.D.C. to H.M. the Emperor, j. 
1907-11 ; Club : Army and Navy. || 

Macct, Muhammcd Zahiruddln. 

B.A., Superintendent of Police, 
Mysore State ; belongs to the 
Kazi fajnily of Mysore whose 
members have successively been 
holding the post of Kazi of 
Bangalore and its suberbs, and 
whose claims for the office have 
been recognised by the succes- 
sive ruling dynasties ; b. at 
Bangalore, 1872 ; educ : Central 
College, Bangalore, the Madras 
Christian College, and the Mad- 
ras Law Colloge ; passed B.A., 
1893 ; studied for Law and pass- 
ed the F.L. Examination, 1895 ; 
was a scholarship holder from 
the State of Mysore ; also held 
a scholarship of Rs. 45 a month 
from the Government of Hy- 



derabad ; joined the M^'sore 
State service as Probationary 
Assistant Superintendent of 
Police, 1897 ; on plague duty on 
the frontiers of the Chitaldroog 
District, 1898 ; on plague duty 
in Mysore, 1899 ; was Assistant 
Superintendent of Police, French 
Rocks,etc.; became Superintend- 
ent of Police, 1904 '. on special 
duty in Mysore during the 
marriage of His Highness as also 
during the visit of Lord Curzon 
in connection with the installa- 
tion of His Highness ; again on 
special duty in Mvsore during 
the visit of T.R.H. the Prince 
and Princess of Wales, 1906 ; 
promoted as Assistant Commis- 
sioner and posted as Superin- 
tendent of Police, Mysore ; 
organised the " Sri Krishna 
Railway Police Gymnasium " 
for the cultivation of athletics 
by the police force ; started a 
co-operative society among the 
Muhammadans of Kola-Kalum- 
ru which has now developed 
into the " Zahir-ul-Islam Co- 
operative Society ". Publica- 
tions ; " Urdu pamphlet on 
Plague ", subsequently translat- 
ed into English at the cost of 
the State and distributed broad- 
cast. Becreations : Gymnasium. 
Address : Mysore, India. 

Macdonnel), Antony Palrick, Ist 

Baron, (1908), P.C., (190^) 
G.C.S.L, (1879); (KC.I.E., (1893); 
K.C.V.O., (1803) C.S.I. , (1888); .s-. 
of Mark Ganey Macdonnell of 
Shagh ; b. 1844 ; educ : Queen's 
College, Galway ; entered B.C.S., 
1865 ; Secretary to Government 
of Bengal, and Member, Bengal 
Legislative Council ; Secretary 
to Government of India (Home 
Department); acting Chief Com- 
missioner, Burmah, 1889 ; Chief 
Commissioner, Central Provin- 

ces, 1891 ; acting Lieutenant- 
Governor of Bengal, 1893 I 
Lieutenant-Governor of North 
West Provinces and Chief Com- 
missioner of Oudh, 1895-1901 ; for 
sometime Member of the Council 
of India ; Under Secretary for 
Ireland, 1902-08 ; Hon'ble D.C.L. 
Oxford, 1907; raised to Peerage 
as Baron Macdonnel of Swin- 
ford, 1908 ; m. Henrietta, d. of 
Ewen Macdonnel, 1875. Address : 
3, Buckingham Gate, S.W. Clubs: 
Reform, and St. Stephens. 

Macdonaldi Sir James Ronald 
Lesli", K.C.I.E. (1904), C. B. 
(1901) ; b. 1862 ; s. of Surgeon- 
Major K. James Macdonald ; 
edvc : at Aberdeen University 
and Woohvhich ; entered the 
Royal Engineers, 1882 ; served 
in the Hazra expedition, 1888 ; 
in the Uganda Railway Survey, 
1891-2 ; Commissioner, Uganda 
Protectorate, 1893 ; command- 
ed the operations there, 1897- 
8 ; in charge of British opera- 
tions at Fashoda, 1896 ; com- 
manded the Juba expedition, 
1898-9 ; Brevet-Lieutenant Colo- 
nel in the China expedition, 1903- 
4 ; Commandant of Presidency 
Brigade, Calcutta, 1905 ; Luck- 
now Infantrv, 1907 ; Troops in 
Mauritius, 1909. Addiiss : Head 
Quarter House, Mauritius ; 
Club : Junior United Service. 

Macdonald. Ran Bay ; Secretary, 
Labour Party ; Journalist ; an 
elltectivo writer on economic 
subjects ; a speaker of great 
force ; married a daugiitcr of 
Mr. Gladstone ; tal<('s active 
interest in Indian politics ; was 
a member of the Uoyal Public 
Services Commission in India, 
1912. I'vblvation-- : "Awakening 
of India." Adnii^s: No 3- Lin- 
colns Inn Fields, London. 




Macintosh. Henry James, I.C.S., 
Membei-, Legislative Council, 
Behar and Orissa;0'?MC:Edinburgh 
Academy and Christ Church 
College, Oxford ; joined service, 
1886 ; temporarily employed in 
the Government of India (Home 
Department), 1900 ; Financial 
Department, 1893; Deputy Secre- 
tary to Government of India 
(Home Department), 1900;3ecre- 
tary to Government (Municipal 
Department), 1906; became Com- 
missioner, 1909 ; transfered to 
Bihar and Orissa, 1912 ; Member, 
Legislative Council, Bihar and 
Orissa, since 191;3. - ddress : 
Fatna, India. 

Mackarness. Frederic Coleridge, 

M.A.,M.P.(L) Newbury Division, 
Berks, smce 1906 ; .«. of Right 
Rev. J. F. Mackerness, Bishop 
of Oxford ; b. 1854 ; ediic : Marl- 
borough ; Kribble College, Ox- 
ford ; called to Bar (Middle 
Temple), 1879 ; Advocate, Cape 
Supreme Court, 1882 ; Revis- 
ing Barrister, London, 1889 ; 
Recorder at Newbury, 1894 ; 
Professor of Roman-Dutch 
Law, University College. Lon- 
don, 1905-6 ; greatly interested 
himself in Indian aftairs and 
has put the largest number 
of questions in the British 
House of Commons, relating to 
Indian matters. Address : 21, 
Montpellier Square, S.W. ; 6, 
Crown Office Row, Temple, E.C. 
Club: Reform. 

Mackay, Charles Gordon, M.A., 
Registrar, High Court, Madras; 
educ : Christ-Church College, 
Oxford, and Edinburgh Univer- 
sity ; joined service, 1901 ; Assis- 
tant Collector and Magistrate, 
Madura, 1902 ; served in various 
subordinate ranks in various 


mofussil stations ; on special 
duty as Sub-Collector and Addi- 
tional District Magistrate, Madu- 
ra, April 1909 to November 1909 ; 
again on special duty at Madura, 
1910-1912; confirmed as Sub- 
Collector and Joint Magistrate, 
1912 ; appointed as Registrar, 
High Court, Madras, 1913. 
Address : Madras, India. 

Mackenzie, Sir Alfred Robert Da- 
vidson, K.C.S.I., (1907) ; b. 
1835 ; entered Bengal Army, 
1854 ; became Captain, 1862 ; 
Major, 1872 ; Lieutenant-Colonel, 
1878; Colonel 1882; served in the 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-58 ; Afghan 
war, 1879-80. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Mackenzie, Frederic D ; a talented 
painter who did painting work 
for the Government of India in 
connection with the Delhi State 
entry of 1903. 

Mackenzie, Sir John William Pitt I 
Minor, K.C.S.I. (1909); CLE. ■ 
(19^06) ;&. 1854; entered I.C.S., 
1874 ; formerly Under Secretary 
to Government of India in Re- 
venue and Agricultural depart- 
ments,: and Chief Secretary to 
Gevernment and Commissioner 
in Sind ; Member of the Co'uncil 
of the Governor of Bombay. 
Address : Bombay, India. 

Mackichan, The Rev.D, M.A.,D.D., 
L.L.B., Principal,Wilson College, 
Bombay; b. in Glasgow, Scot- 
land,1851; in. the rf.of Rev.Macri- 
tehie ; joined the French Church 
Theological College ; proceeded 
to Germany for further study in 
German languages and to get an 
insight into the system of edu- 
cation in that country ; ordained 



a Missionary, 1874; arrived in 
Bombay the same year ; joined 
the Wilson College as Professor 
of Mathematics and Science ; 
became Principal of the same 
College, 18S4; Member of the 
University Commission, 1902 ; 
Vice-Chancellor, Bombay Uni- 
versity, 1888-90 and again, 1902- 
1904; Lecturer on Evangelistic 
Theology, United Free Church 
Colleges, Edinburgh, Glasgow 
and Aberdeen, 1900-1902. Ad- 
dress : Bombay, India. 

Maclagan. Edward Douglas, M.A., 
C.S.I. (1909), Secretary to Gov- 
ernment of India (Revenue and 
Agricultural department), since 
1910; s. of late General Maclagan, 
R.E. ; b. 1864 ; educ : Winchester ; 
New College, Oxford ; joined ser- 
vice, 1885 ; served in various 
lower grades of the service ; Un- 
der Secretary to Government of 
India (Revenue and Agricultural 
departments), 1902 ; Chief Sec- 
retary to Government of the 
Punjab, 1906 ; Secretary to 
Government of India (Revenue 
and Agricultural Departments), 
since 1910 ; Member and ex- 
officio President, Board of 
Scientific Advice, India ; m. Janet 
Inches, d. of late Peter Fergu- 
son, jute manufacturer; 7 s. and 
2 (J.; Address: Simla and Delhi, 
India ; Club : East India United 

Maoleane. Cliatles Donald. MA., 
Mus. Doc, I.C.S. (retired) ; 
educ : Exter College, Oxford ; 
entered service, 1865 ; Assistant 
Collector, Madras, 1867; on 
special duty for enquiring after 
the relief of the poorer classes 
in the Madras District, 1868 ; 
acting Contonment Magistrate, 
Saint Thomas ' Mount, till Nov- 

ember 1868 ; Justice of the 
Peace, .January 1869; acting 
Under Secretary to Govern- 
ment (Public, etc.. Departments) 
till June 1870; proceeded to 
Europe on furlough, June 1875 ; 
returned and was posted as 
acting Under Secretary to 
Government, (Public Depart- 
ment), and acting Canarese 
Translator to Government, till 
10th November 1876 ; on special 
duty in preparing the Annual 
Administration Report of the 
Madras Presidency for 1875-76 
till 20th February 1877 ; Tem- 
porary Additional Sub-Secre- 
tary, Board of Revenue, 21st 
February 1877 ; on special duty 
for revising the Standing Orders 
of the Board of Revenue, 1st 
October 1877 ; on special duty in 
preparing the Annual Adminis- 
tration Report for 1877-78 till 
15th September 1878; acting 
Under Secretary to Goverment, 
(Re/enue Department), till April 
1879; acting : Sub-Secretary, 
Board of Revenue, till 15th Sep- 
tember 1879; furlough to Europe 
till 12th December 1880 ; Under 
Secretary to Government, till 
16th December 1880; Fellow of 
the University of Madras, 1881 ; 
Canarese Translator to Gov- 
ernment till April 1881; Member, 
Board of p]xaminors, 1882; acted 
in the mofussil in various capa- 
cities till October 1883; on special 
duty at Madras in connection 
with the preparation of the 
Madras " Manual of Adminis- 
tration ", 1883 ; acting C'ollector 
of Sea Customs, etc., Madras, 
1st February to 4th May 1884; 
on special duty in connection 
with the preparation of tlio 
"Manual of the Administration 
of the Madras Presidency ", 
1881; reti'.-od, 1895. Address: c/o 
India Office, London. 





Maclean, Frederick Garr. CLE. 

(1903); M.LE.E. ; b. 1848 ;s. of 
Moora ; >u. Robina Charlotte, d. 
of J. P. Godby ; entered Tele- 
graph Department, 1868 ; Direc- 
tor-General of Telegraphs in 
India, l'JOO-03 ; Superintendent 
of Field Telegraph in Afghan 
War ; became Deputy Director- 
General, and Director-General ; 
retired, 1903. Address: Abbots- 
ford, Maybury Common, Wok- 
ing, Surrey. 

Macmiilan. Michatl. B.A., D. Litt., 
English Lecturer, Birmingham 
University; b. Newton- Stuvvart, 
N.B., 18)3; educ: Rugby and 
Marlborough, is a B.N.C., Ox- 
ford (scholar) in 1st class classi- 
cal moderations , 2nd class final 
classical schools ; B.A., 1876 ; 
joined Indian Educational Ser- 
vice as Professor of Logic and 
Moral Philosophy, Elphinstone 
College, Bombay, 1878 ; Princi- 
pal and Professor of English 
Literature, 1891-1907 ; Fellow, 
Bombay University ; Delegate 
of Bombay Asiatic Society to 
Hanoi Congress, 1902 i retired 
from Indian service, 1904; was 
Wilson Philological Lecturer, 
1891, 1892, 1895, 1901 and 1905 ; 
English Lecturer, Bermingham 
University since 1905. Publica- 
tions : Essays for the young ; 
Questions and Answers on Ele- 
mentary Logic ; Annotated edi- 
tions of Mamiion, Robeby, Para- 
dise Lost I to IV, Vicar of 
Wakefield, Suthy's Nelson, Ivan- 
hoe, Pope's Homer's lUiod, Pride 
and Prejudice, Othallo, Julius 
Caesar ; School history of India ; 
Promotion of general happiness ; 
Globe Trotter in India ; Two 
hundred years ago Tales of 
Indian Chivalry ; Princess of 
Balkh; In wield Mahratta 
battle ; The last of the Peshwas ; 


Notes on the seige of Corinth. 
Recreations : Rugby, Cycling and 
Walking. Adilress : Edmund 
Street, Birmingham. 

Macnabb, Sir Dona'd Campbell, 

I.e.-., C.S.I. , (1881), R.C.I.E. 
(1881); s. of J.M. Macnabb, 
I.C.S. ; educ : at Haileybury ; en- 
tered the Indian Civil Service in 
the Punjab, 1853 ; served in the 
Indian Mutiny, 1857-58; was 
helpful in raising a considerable 
body of irregular horse, to be 
sent to Delhi ; Commissioner of 
Rawalpindi and of Peshawar, 
1875-1881 : retired, 1881. Address-. 
Forlly Copse ; Brackmuin , 
Birks. Club : East India United 

Macnarrara, N Charles, F.R.C.S., 

I. M.S. (retired) ; Late Professor, 
Opthalmic Medicine, Calcutta ; 
Vice-President, Royal College 
of Surgeons; Surgeon and Found- 
er of Mayo Hospital, Calcutta ; 
Fellow of the Calcutta Univer- . . 
sity ; Consulting Surgeon, West- || 
minster Hospital, and of the *l 
Royal Opthalmic Hospital, 
Westminster ; Vice-President, 
Briti:-h Medical Association ; 
Member, War Office Committee 
of the Army Medical Service, and 
Government Committee on Le- 
prosy ; Chairman, Committee of 
British Medical Associations on 
Medical education and of Teach- 
ing University for London; Sur- 
geon-Major, Bengal M.S. and of 
the Staft in Sonthal rebellion ; 
also of Tirhout Volunteers in the 
Indian Mutiny. Publications : 
Origin and Character of the 
British people ; Story of an Irish 
Sept ; Human speech ; the evo- 
lution of Purposive living mat- 
ter ; volumes 95 and 97 of Inter- 
national Scientific series ; Hun- 
terian Oration; Diseases of the 



Eyes, 5th edition ; History of 
Asiatic Cholera, 3rd edition ; 
Diiseases of bones and joints, 3rd 
edition. Address : The Lodge, 
Chorleywood, Herts. CbiO : 
Athenseuin . 

Maconochip, Evan, I. C. S ; b. 1868 ; 
edtw : Sherborne School and 
New College, Oxford ; joined 
ser^'ice as Assistant Collector, 
Ahmedabad, 1889 ; served in 
Surat and the Panchmahals ; on 
special duty to write Guzerat 
Settlement Reports, 18M; on 
special duty in the Deccan Re- 
venue Survey, 1895 ; Deputy Su- 
perintendent, Revenue Survey, 
1896 ; Under Secretary, Govern- 
ment of India (Revenue and 
Agricultural departments), 1897- 
1900; deputed to inquire into 
the Revenue Collections of 
Guzerat ; acting Collector, Ah- 
medabad, 1901, Private Secretary 
toH.H. the Maharaja of Mysore, 
1908 ; reverted to Bombay,"l909 ; 
Governor's Agent in Guzerat. 

Maopherson, Sir Arthur George, 

K.C.I.E., (1889); b. 1828; s. of 
Hugh Macpherson, M.D. : ed2,c : 
Aberdeen and Edinburgh ; called 
to the Bar (Inner Tem- 
ple), 1852 ; practised before the 
Supreme Court, Calcutta, 1882 ; 
became Legislative Secretary 
to Government of Bengal, 1862- 
64, and to the Government of 
India, 1864 ; Puisne Judge, 
Calcutta High Court, 1864-77 ; 
Officiating Chief Justice, 1875; 
Legal Adviser to the Secretarv 
of State for India, 1879-82 
Judicial Secretary, India Office, 
1882-93. Address : 54, Cleve- 
land Square, Hyde Park, W. 

MacphtrBOP, Duncan James, M.A., 
CLE. (1898) ;s. of late Rev. 
Wm. Macpherson of Kilminir, 

Rosshire ; /'. 1855; educ : Edin- 
burgh High School and Univer- 
sity ; passed M.A., 1875 ; joined 
service as Assistant Magistrate, 
1878 ; made District Magistrate, 
1887 ; acting Secretary to Go- 
vernment of Bengal, 1898 ; Chief 
Collector of Customs, Calcutta, 
1899 ; Divisional Commissioner 
of Bengal, 1903 ; acting Member, 
Board of Revenue, Calcutta, 
1911; M.L.C. of Bengal, the 
same year. Address : Calcutta, 
India. Clubs : United Service. 

Macpherson, Hugh, I.CS. ; educ: 
Paisley Grammar School, Glas- 
gow, and Balliol College, 
Oxford; joined service, 1891; 
Director of Land Records, 
1907 ; transferred to Behar and 
Orissa, 1912 ; Member, Legisla- 
tive Council, Behar and Orissa, 
since 1913. Address : Patna, 

Macpherson, Sir John Molesv.'orth, 

Kt., (1911): C.S.I. , (18J7), b. at 
Westminster, 1853 ; s. of John 
Macpherson ; educ : W e s t- 
minster; called to the Bar (Inner 
Temple), 1876; Advocate, Cal- 
cutta H.'gh Court ; Deputy 
Secretary to Government of 
India (Legislative department), 
1877; Secretary since 1896; 
Member, Imperial Legislative 
Council, 1910. ftiblicaltuns: hint 
of British Enactments in force in 
Native States, 6 Vols; Law of 
mortgages in Britisli India. 
Address: Calcutta and Simla, 

Mactaggart. Lt -Col. Charles, M.A., 
M.B. and C.M., Cl.I':. (1911). 
Inspcctor-CJeneral of Prisons, 
United Provinces: .<•-. of lato 
Cliarlcs Mactaggart of Camp- 
beltown ; b. 1880 ; educ: Campltel- 
town CJrammar School ; passed 




M.A., ISSl ; M.B. and CM., 1885; 
joined I. M.S., 1886 ; in military- 
department till 1889 ; transferred 
to Civil department where he 
rose to be Inspector-General of 
Prisons ; Member, Indian Fac- 
tory Labour Commission, 1907- 
08 ; Member, Legislative Coun- 
cil, U. P., 1909. Recreations : 
Shooting. Address : Lucknow, 
U. P., India ; Dalintober House, 
Campbeltown, Argylshire. 

Mad-^on. Han'ble Mp. Stoart Cock- 
wood. M.A., C.5.I., (191i); s. 
of late Rev. R. H. Maddon ; b. 
1866 ; ehic : Fetts College, Wor- 
chester College, Oxford ; m. Vio- 
let, rf. of late Brig-Surgeon 
Colonel Meadows, I.M.S ; jomed 
I.e. 3., 1887; Settlement Officer, 
Orissa, 1892-99 ; Director, Land 
Records and Agriculture, Ben- 
gal, 1903-09, Secretary, Board of 
Revenue, Bengal, 1905-09; Chair- 
man, Calcutta Corporation, since 
1909. Address : 25, Caraac Street, 
Calcutta. Giub : East India 
United Service. 

Midhan, Thakur of ; Randhir 
Chand ; b. 1887 ; succeeded to the 
estate, 1905 ; enjoys full powers, 
but sentence of death requires 
confirmation of the Superin- 
tendent, Simla Hill States ; area 
of the estate, 9 square miles ; 
population, 3,704; revenue, 
Rs. 6,000; pays a tribute of 
Rs. 250 to Keonthal State. 
Address : Madhan, Simla Hill 
States, Punjab, India. 

Madana Monana Binha, Zemindar 
of Dharakota. [See DJvtrakota.) 

Madnavan Nair, Dr. T. {Sec Ndir, 
Dr. T. M.) 

Madhava Rao Baj^e, Colonel D^odl- 

wala, Rao Bahadur, (1838); 

Commander, Infantry Brigade, 
Baroda State Army ; b. 1857 ; 
ei^-nc : Indore ; Lieutenant, 1st 
Battery of Artillery, 1877; at- 
tached to 17th Lancers, Mhow ; 
passed the necessary tests at 
the Army Veterinary Schoal, 
Poona ; promoted to the rank 
of Major and given command of 
the Battery ; officiated as Gene- 
ral Commanding the Indian 
Army ; deputed to represent 
Indore State at the Viceregal 
Durbar at Rawalpindi on the 
occasion of the visit of H. M. 
the Amir of Afghanistan, 1885 ; 
joined Baroda State Service, 
1886 ; was Remount Agent, 
Colonel of the Cavalry and 
Military Brigades, etc. ; was 
attached to the Stafl of General 
Sir William Lockhart in the 
Frontier Expedition, 1897 (medal 
with two clasps). Address: 
Baroda, India. 

Madhava Rao, Harihar, also 
known as Sbrlmant Baba 

Sahib :(Junior); b. 1889; educ : 
Rajkumar College, Rajkot ; area 
of the State, 218 square miles ; 
pupulation, 40,000 ; revenue, 4 
lakhs ; first class Sirdar with 
powers to try his subjects for 
capital offences. Address : Miraj, 
Bombay Presidency, India. 

Madhava Rao, Ylsvanath Patan- 
kar, B.A., C.S.I (1908), Diwan of 
Baroda ; belongs to an ancient 
Mahratta brahmin family of 
Satara, who are believed to 
have emigrated and settled in 
the district of Tanjore long ago ; 
b. Mysore, 1850 ; educ : Govern- 
ment College, Kumbakonam ; 
passed B.A., 1869 ; joined the 
staft of a newspaper at Trichi- 
nopoly ; resigned and joined 
Mysore Service as deputy clerk ; 
occupied successively the post 


Madhava Rao. 

of Palace Manager, Head- 
master of the Royal School, 
Public Prosecutor, Ashtagrani 
Division; became Munsitt of 
Kotager. and Head Seristadar, 
Judicial Commissioner's office ; 
transferred to Revenue depart- 
ment where he rose to the posi- 
tion of Deputy Commissioner, 
1898; Member,Maharaja's Coun- 
cil, 1898 ; on deputation to Bom- 
bay to study the British system 
of Revenue administration, 1902; 
returned to Mysore and was 
posted as Re venue Commissioner 
and First Councillor ; accepted 
the Dewanship of Travancore 
State, 1904 ; became Dewan of 
Mysore, 1906 ; some of the most 
important administrative mea- 
sures with which his name is 
associated are the institution 
of a Legislative Council for the 
State, the abolition of tax on 
the Supari industry, and the 
passing of severe press laws ; 
is a staunch social reformer ; 
retired from Mysore service, 
1909; appointed Dewan of Baro- 
da, 1913. Address : Baroda, India. 

Madho La), Munshi, Raja, (1910), 
C. S. I. (1909), Benares ; belongs 
to a respectable Barnagre Sephai 
brahmin family of Nagpur ; 
s. of Munshi Beni Lai, of Chow- 
khamba, Benares City; b. 1840 ; 
e'uc : privately, and at Queen's 
College, Benares ; formerly a 
Subordinate Judge, Sudder 
Court, Agra; is now a lawyer, 
landholder and banker; acted 
as Judge, Small Cause Court, 
Allahabad ; was elected as 
Member of the Legislative 
Council, U.P., 1900. Address: 
' ChowkbhamLa," Benares City ; 
Lahuraber Gardens ' Chait- 
ganj, Benares City, U.P., India. 
Clubs: United Service (Luck- 
now), India and New Calcutta 
(Calcutta), and Orient (Bombay). 

Madlah, C, Rao Bahadur, Second 
Councillor, Mysore ; s. of Appa- 
choo ; b. in Coorg, 1853 ; received 
early education in Coorg, and 
then joined the Central College, 
Bangalore ; entered Mysore' 
service as an Attache to Sir 
Richard Mead in the Famine 
of 1877-78; was Special Relief 
Officer; Deputy Commissioner 
1890 ; Member of the Council of 
Regency, 1901 ; Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Police, 1902 ; succeed- 
ed Mr. V. P. Madhava Rao as 
Second Councillor of the State. 
Address : Mercara, Coorg, India. 

Madras, Bishop of ; The Right Rev. 
Henry Whitehead, D.D. : b. 1853 ; 
ediic : Trinity College, Oxford • 
gained a Fellowship; came out 
to India as Principal, Bishop's 
College, Calcutta, 1884 ; became 
Provisional Superior of the Ox- 
ford Mission Society lor the pro- 
pagation of the Go pel in ad- 
dition to his college work, 1890 ; 
installed as Superior, 1891 ; a 
strong supporter of the hostel 
system and was chiefly instru- 
mental in opening the first hostel 
in connection with the Brother- 
hood, 1894 ; appointed as Bishop 
of Madras, 1899; carried on hi.-i 
work with energy and created a 
jest in the NativeChristian popu- 
lation ; identified himself witli 
Indians in their struggle in the 
Transvaal and was President of 
the Madras Branch of the South 
African League Committee. Ad- 
dress : ' Bishop's House, Madras, 

Mahadev Pande, Rai Bahadur, 
(190G); retired Subadar-Major ; 
b. 1856 ; educ : Benares Queen's 
College; enlisted in tlio Army 
(9th Bengal Infantry) as Hrst 
class Sciioolnuister ; bocumo 
tirst grade Jamudar, Burma 



Mahadev Pande. 

Military Police ; posted to 
Kyanltse Battalion; took part 
in many of the operations 
against dacoits ; appointed Suba- 
dar, 1887 ; Subadar-Major the 
following year ; owns 436 acres 
of land in Ghazipur ; awarded 
sword of honour, 1905. Address : 
Suhawal, Tarighat, Ghazipur ; 
U.P., India. 

Mahadev:a Alyer (Sastry) Alladi. 
B. A„ Curator, Government 
Oriental Library, Mysore; b. 
1861 : ediic : Presidency College, 
Madras ; passed B. A., 188i ; 
joined Education Department 
as First Assistant, Venkatagiri 
Raja's High School, Nellore, 
1885-90 ; resigned and joined 
Mysore service as Curator, Ori- 
ental Library, 1831 ; Ex-Officio 
Secretary of the Managing Com- 
mittee of H. H. the Maharaja's 
College, Mysore, 1893 ; Ex-officio 
officer in charge of Mysore 
Art Ware, 1837 ; Examiner in 
Sanskrit, Madras University, 
1897-1902. Pubiications : Several 
old Sanskrit works, including 
those of Sri Sankaracharya. 
Address : Mysore, India. 

Mahadeva Ayyar, R., DewanPeish- 
kar, Trivandrum, Travancore 
State, S. India. 

Mahdi Hasan Saiyid, M.A., Baris- 
ter-at-Law, I.S.O. (1911), Deputy 
Commissioner ; b. 1859 ; educ : 
Haithkani Sabha High School, 
Jubbulpur College, Muir 

Central College, Allahabad, and 
Downing College, Cambridge ". 
called to Bar (Inner Temple), 
1892 ; passed the Law examina- 
tion of the Allahabad High 
Court ; entered service as Extra 
Assistant Coznmissioner, 1883; 
proceeded to England to qualify 
himself to the Bar, 1889 ; gazet- 


ted Extra Assistant and Deputy 
Commissioner at Drug, 1910 ; 
rendered good service during the 
famines of 1896-1897, 1898-1899, 
and also during the time of 
plague epidemic at Hoshagebad ; 
1903 ; Trustee, Aligarh College ; 
Member, Anjuman-i-Islamah, 
Jubbalpur ; attended Delhi 
Durbars of 1903 and 1911 ; 
possesses enormous property in 
Cawnpore. Address : Drug, C. P., 

Mahapatra, Srikrishna, Rai Saheb 
(1911), Deputy Superintendent of 
Police, Bengal ; belongs to a very 
old family of Orissa whose mem- 
bers rendered great assistance to 
the British in the early periods ; 
the site of the British factory 
built at Hariharpur in 1633 is 
still possessed by this family ; 
entered Bengal Police, 1893 ; be- 
came Deputy Superintendent, 
1908 ; de\roted part of his income 
to works of public utility. Ad- 
dress: Calcutta, India. 

Maharaj Dhlraj Madan Singh 
Bahadur, G.C.S.I., Maharaja of 
Kishangarh. {See Kishawjarh). 

Maharao, Maior Sir U<med Singh 
Bihadur, G.C.S.I., {See Kotah, 
Maharao of) 

Maharbhanj, Rijar of ; Sriram 
Chandra Bhanj Dec; b. 1872 ; suc- 
ceeded to the gaddi as a minor, 
1882; area of the State, 4,243 
sq. miles ; population, 400,000 ; 
the eldest son and heir-apparent 
of the family, is entitled to the 
courtesy title of " Tikit Babu "; 
the family cognisance is the pea- 
cock with its tail spread ; the 
Raja maintains a force of 512 
Infantry and 11 guns. Address : 
Maharbhanj, Orissa, Bengal 
Presidency, India. 


Mahendra Singh. 

Mahendra Singh, Rai Bah.idur 
(1908); b. 1874; educ : Colvin 
Taluqdar's School, Lucknow ; 
claims descent from Sipah Salar, 
an oflicer in the army of Emperor 
Akbar, who had received the 
reward of a Swordof Honour and 
the title of Chaudri of Bangar- 
nian;isa Durbarri of the U.P., 
and owns 19 villages and 4 
patties in the district of Unas. 
Address : Mahmudabad, Unai, 
U.P., India. 

Uahrudra Tadavendra Singh, 

Maharaja of Panna. {See Panna). 

Malgandadeva Mudaliar, krcot, 

Rao Bahadur, (1901), Bangalore ; 
2nd s. of Munisamy Mudaliar and 
nephew of late Rai Bahadur 
Dharmaratnakara Arcot Naraya- 
naswami Mudaliar ; b. 1862 ; educ: 
privately ; joined the business of 
his uncle and showed much 
skill and became Manager of 
the whole business; m. Siva- 
gagai Ammal, 18S1 ; wife died. 
1893 ; built a Gosha Hospital on 
the occasion of the Diamond 
Jubilee and in memory of his 
wife ; was instrumental in esta- 
hlishlng the Bangalore Social 
Club and in locating the Theoso- 
phical Society there; was a 
Municipal Commissioner, Banga- 
lore, for many years and has been 
a special Magistrate ; is Director 
and Chairman, Mysore Fruit 
Syndicate ; Chairman, Mysore 
Tannery Co., Ltd. ; Director, Ban- 
galore Woollen and Silk Mills 
Co., Ltd. ; Director, Bangalore 
Bank, Ltd. ; President, Hindu 
Widows' Pension Fund. Address : 
Bangalore, Mysore Province, 

Hakbul Hnssain, Sheikh, B. A., 
M.R.A.C, Bar-at-Law ; b. 1896 ; 
educ: Canning College, Lucknow, 

and Royal Agricultural College, 
Cirenustor; proceeded toEngland, 
18S9 ; returned to India, 1903 ; 
entered Government Service as 
Deputy Collector ; twice officiat- 
ed as Assistant Director of Land 
Records ; served in the C.I.D. for 
a sliort time, 1909 ; services lent 
to Kashmir State. Address : 
Kashmir, India. 

Ma^ral, Chief of Raja Lacbu Shah, 

also known as Bharat Shah ; 

/). 1846 ; succeeded to the estate, 
1866 ; belongs to an ancient 
Gond family on whom the 
Emperors of Delhi had conferred 
the title of " Raja Hatiya Rai " ; 
is allowed the use of drum 
(dhanka) and a rod coloured 
flag as a banner ; area of the 
State, 155 sqviare miles; popula- 
tion, about 11,000. Address : 
Malcrai, Hasshgabad, Central 
Provinces, India. 

Malavya, Hon'ble Pandit Madan 
Mohan B.A., ll.b., V^akil, 
Allahabad ; /;. 1861 ; s. of late 
Pandit Braj Nath, whose ances- 
tors belonged to Malwa ; educ : 
Muir Central College, Allaha- 
bad ; joined service as Teacher, 
Government High School, Alla- 
habad, 1887; Editor, "Hindu- 
stan", and 'Indian Union"; 
started a weekly paper " Abby- 
udaya " and was one of those 
who worked for the establish- 
ment of the " Leader ", Allaha- 
bad ; Secretary, N.W. P., Asso- 
ciation and of the Standing 
Congress Committee, Allahabad, 
1887 ; presided over the Luck- 
now Conference. 1908; presided 
over the I.N.C., 1909 ; Member, 
Nainital Industrial Conference, 
1907; gave evidence before the 
Royal Public Ser'i'ices Commis- 
sion, 191'J ; a prominent member 
of the Hindu University Com- 




mittee ; Member, Imperial Legis- 
lative Council, India. Address : 
Allahabad, U.P., India. 

Malcolm, Hon'ble Brigadier Gen- 
eral H. U. L., C. B., D. S. O., 

Officer Commanding the troops, 
and Member of the Executive 
Council, Ceylon; b. I860; .«. of 
late William Malcolm ; ediic '■ 
Lamington College, and Royal 
Military College, Sandhurst ; en- 
tered 42nd Roval Highlanders, 
1879 ; Captain, 1885 ; Ma,ior,1897 ; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, 1902 ; Bre- 
vet Colonel, 1905; Colonel, 
1910 ; served with Egyptian 
Expedition, 1882; present at the 
battle of Tel-el-kebur. Address : 
Colombo, Ceylon ; 19, Brunswick 
Terrace, Hove, Sussex, Club : 
United Service. 

Malerkotia, Nawab of; H. H. 
Mahomed Ahmad All. Khan 
Bahadur ; belongs to a Sherwani 
Afghan family, some of whose 
ancestors were in the service of 
the Emperors of Delhi ; b. 1881 ; 
succeeded to gaddi, 1908 ; invest- 
ed with full powers, 1909 ; in the 
time of the Mahratta wars, the 
Chiefs of this State helped Lord 
Lake in his campaigns against 
the Mahrattas, and as a result 
they were taken under the pro- 
tection of the British and were 
guaranteed egainst the encroach- 
ments of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ; 
maintains aforce of 600 infantry, 
54 cavalry, and 2 guns ; is en- 
titled to a salute of 11 guns ; 
contributed Rs. 40,000 towards 
the expenses of the Indian Ex- 
peditionary Forces to the Euro- 
pean War; area of the State, 
167 square miles ; population, 
over 77,000; revenue, Rs. 7,28,560. 
Address : Malerkotia, Punjab, 


Malfah, Rameswar Kiizar ; s. of 

Maharani Harasundari Debi ; b. 
1849 ; o. surviving member of 
Searsole Raj ; holds a number 
of collieries in Burdwan ; the 
Leper Hospital at Puri, and the 
Howrah Town Hall are among 
his many benefactions ; Member, 
British Indian Association ; Vice- 
President, National Chamber of 
Commerce ; Member, Executive 
Committee of the Bengal Asiatic 
Society ; Honorary Magistrate 
for Howrah ; received the title 
of Kumar and also a Certificate 
of Merit. 1902. Address : CuUen 
Place, Howrah ; also, Searsole, 
Burdwan District, Bengal Presi- 
dency, India. 

Malik Ahmed Amln^han, Hon'ble, 

elected non-official Member, 
Legislative Council, Bihar and 
Orissa. Address : Patna, India. 

Malik Talib Mahdl Khan, British 
Agent at Kabul. Address : Ka- 
bul, Afghanistan. 

Maik, Honble Captain Umar Hyat 
Khan, CLE., M.V.O.; b. 1873; 
educ : Lahore Aitchisoii College; 
received instruction in riding, 
drill, farming, veterinary work, 
farming and horse-breeding; 
various members of this family 
are enjoying political pensions; 
has established a free school ; 
maintains hospitals, Hindu tem- 
ples, and Moslem mosques; was 
engaged in Somaliland with the 
53rd Camel Corps ; was A.D.C. 
to General Officer commanding ; 
sent with the Younghusband 
Expedition to Tibet as Transport 
Officer; attached to H. M. the 
Amir of Afghanistan, 1906 ; pre- 
sented to H. E. Lord Kitchener 
after return from Tibet Expedi- 
tion ; twice sat in the Punjab 
Legislative Council, and was one 



of those Avho opposed the 
Punjab Colonisatior Bill ; ap- 
pointed Deputy Herald to His 
Majesty the late Emperor 
Edward VII, during the Delhi 
Durbar of 1903 '. Honorary Lieu- 
tenant, 1901; Captain, 1911. 
Address : Karla, Shahpur Dis- 
trict, Punjab, India. 

Mallm, Herbert, M.A., Principal, 
Government College, Mangalore; 
b. 1857; joined service as Prin- 
cipal, Mangalore College, 1904 ; 
acted as Professor of Mathe- 
matics, Presidency College, 
Madras, 1907 ; reverted to 
Mangalore, 190S ; Fellow, Mad- 
ras University, 1908. Addresn : 
Mangalore, Madras Presidency, 

Mallawan Raja of; Muneshwae 
Baksh Singh; b. 1850; edtic : at 
Benares and LucJvnow ? is a 
Raikwar Rajput claiming des- 
cent from Rao Ratan Singh 
of Bandi ; the estate was 
under the Court of Wards 
and was released in 1870 ; 
it: comprises of 51 villages and 
4 matals in Kheri, 46 villages and 
6 pattis in Sitapur together with 
31 villages in Ambapur; title of 
Raja recognised as hereditary, 
1864; the Rajah is an Honorary 
Magistrate of the 3nd class for 
the police circles of Tambour, 
Sitapur, and Isanagar in Kheri. 
Address : Mallanpur, Sitapur, 
U.P., India. 

Mallik, Satyendra Chandra, M.A., 
(Calcutta), I.C.S.; b. 1874 ; emic : 
at St, Zavier's and Presidency 
Colleges, Calcutta, and St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; lost his 
father when he was a 1)oy of 12 
years and was left helpless ; 
slowly persevered, and won a 
scholarship of £300 per annum 

18 («) 

which enabled him to prosecute 
his studies in England ; joined 
service, 1897 ; rose to the rank 
of Joint Magistrate and Deputy 
Collector, 1st grade, and was an 
officiating District Judge of 
Nadia, 1910; has the reputation 
of being a benevolent and popular 
officer ; has established a charit- 
able dispensary in his village. 
Recreation : Golf. Address ; Krieh- 
nagar, Nadia, Bengal Presidency, 

Malojl Rao, also known as Nana 
Sar)lb Chorpade Srimant, Raja 
Sahib; b. 1881; succeeded as a 
minor, 1900 ; invested with full 
powers, 1904 ; belongs to the 
Bhonsle family of Mahrattas and 
claims descent from one of the 
Ranas of Udaipur ; during the 
time of Venkatarao, the great 
grandfather of the present Chief, 
Mudhol became feudatory to the 
British in accordance with the 
terms of the treaty entered into 
between him and the British. The 
State is in the political agency 
of Kolhapur and the Chief is a 
first class Sardar ; area of the 
State, 368 square miles ; popula- 
tion, 70,000; revenue, nearly 4 

Manickam Nalcker, Professor of 
Civil Engineering, College of 
Engineering, Madras ; scholar in 
Philosophy, Literature, and the 
fine arts ; the first Indian to oc- 
cupy the Chair of Civil Engi- 
neering in Madras; visited foreign 
countries; was given a farewell 
entertainment by the students 
and the Indian Meml)crs of the 
Staff of the Engineering College, 
1914. Address: Engineering Col- 
lege, Chepauk, Madras, India. 

Maoickshaw, Mhs Ghalabhai, 

Bombay ; joined the Grunt Medi- 




cal College, Bombay; obtained Sir 
Dinshaw Petit scholarship, and 
Reid scholarship and completed 
the course, 1903 '. won the Queen 
Empress Silver Medal, Lady 
Reary Gold Medal, Sandhurst 
Gold Medal, etc. Address : Bom- 
bay, India. 

Manifold, Colonel fourtenay 

Clarke M.B., I.M.S., C.B. (1914), 
Inspector-General, Civil Hospi- 
tals, since 1913 ; Member, Legis- 
lative Council, U.P. Address : 
Allahabad, U.P., India. 

Manipur, Raja of ; H. H. Chura 
Chand Singh ; l>. 1885 ; educ : at 
the Chief's College, Ajmere ; 
succeeded to gaddi, 1891 5 for- 
mally installed, 1907 ; area of the 
State, 3,456 square miles ; popu- 
lation, 285,000; revenue, about 
4 lakhs ; the Raja is entitled to a 
salute of 11 guns. Address : 
Manipur, Assam, India. 

Mann, Major G.F , D.S.O., (1893), 
R.F.A., Commanding the 80th 
Battery at Saugor ; served with 
the Burmese Expedition, 1892 ; 
present at the defence of Sadon, 
where he was slightly wounded ; 
present at the subsequent opera- 
tions of the Irrawaddy Column; 
mentioned in despatches ; served 
with the Sima Column in Upper 
Burma ; was in the Campaign on 
the North-West Frontier of India 
under the late Sir William Locic- 
hart, including the operations 
on the Saniana range and in 
the Kurram valley, as staft 
officer to the Jeypore Transport 
Corps, 1797 98; served with 
the Tirrah Expeditionary Force 
in command of a mountain 
battery; obtained the Brevet of 
Major, 1900 ; returned to India, 
and was posted to command 


the 80th Battery ; General Staft 
Officer, 1910. Address: Simla, 

Mann, Harold Hart, D.Sc, F.I.C., 
F.I.S., Principal, College of Agri- 
culture, Poona ; s. of late W.E. 
Mann of York ; b. 1872 ; educ : 
Elmfield School, York, and 
Pasteur Institute, Paris ; joined 
service as Chemical Assistant 
for Research, Royal Agricul- 
tural Society, 1898-00 ; Scientific 
Officer, India Tea Association, 
1900-7; Principal, College of 
Agriculture, and Agricultural 
Chemist to the Government 
of Bombay, since 1907 ; attended 
the 2nd Session of the Indian 
Science Congress held at Madras 
where he delivered an Address 
on " The Lines of Development 
of Indian Agriculture, January 
1915." Publications: 'The Pests 
and Blights of the Tea Plant, ' 
and a number of minor ones 
dealing on questions relating to 
culture and manufacture of tea 
(in conjunction with Sir G. 
Watt). Recreation: Social study. 
Address : College of Agriculture, 
Poona. India. Club : Calcutta. 

Mannaru Krishna Rao, Kamaraja, 

B.A., Rao Sahib, Government 
Pleader, Guntur ; b. Ongole, 
1872; educ: Baptist Mission 
High School, Ongole, and the 
Christian College, Madras ; 
passed B.A., 1893; commenced 
practice at Ongole, 1894; remov- 
ed to Guntur after the forma- 
tion of District Court in that 
place, 1905; appointed Govern- 
ment Pleader the same year ; 
was Chairman, Municipal Coun- 
cil, Ongole, 1901-05; took a 
leading part in organising the 
Ongole Cattle Show ; organised 
the Guntur District Agricultural 


Mannaru Krishna Rao. 

Association; connected with all 
public movements of the day 
in one capacity or other ; owns 
48 acres of land in the Guntur 
and Nellore districts. Address: 
Guntur town, Madras Presy., 
India. Club: Indian Club, Guntur. 

Manohar Lai Bhargava, Rai Baha- 
dur, Honorary Magistrate and 
proprietor of Thapal ; belongs to 
a Bhargava brahmin family whose 
ancestors had settled in Re- 
wari ; offered his services once 
for the Frontier Expedition 
and again for the Boer W^r ; 
lirst among the rulers of the 
Southern Mahratta Country to 
sanction free primary education 
in his State ; enjoys a salute of 9 
^uns. Address : Mudhol, Bom- 
bay, India. 

Manavedan Raja, Kellakka Covil- 
agam, B A., retired District 
and Sessions .Judge ; b. 1855 ; 
passed B.A., 187S ; joined ser- 
vice as Probationer, 1880 ; 
Assistant Collector, 1883 ; Head 
Assistant Collector, 1883; Sub- 
Collector and Joint Magistrate, 
1887 ; acting District Judge, 
1893 ; Collector of Anantapur, 
the same year ; acted in the same 
capacity in Nellore and was 
posted as District and Sessions 
Judge, N. Arcot, 1897 ; retired, 
1909 ; was a Member, Madras 
Legislative Council. Address: 
■Calicut, Madras Presidency, 

Manasarawal, Rana of ; Lehna 
Singh ; /*. 1836 ; t'laims descent 
from the divine Sri Krishna; suc- 
ceeded his brother, Sahib Singh, 
1881 ; is a Provincial Durbari ; 
the Jaghir spreads over 7 vil- 
lages in Garbshankar and 1 in 
Una ; has a revenue of Rs. 

3,169. Ad^Jress : Manasaraval, 
Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. 

Manda, Raja of; Ram Pratab 

SJngh ; h. 1860 ; succeeded to 
title, 1864 ; the estate was under 
the Court of Wards and was 
handed over to the Raja, 1881 ; 
connected with various public 
institutions of the District in- 
cluding the MacDonnel Uni- 
versity Hindu Boarding House 
Fund, of which he is Vice- 
President. Address: Manda, 
Allahabad, U.P., India. 

Mand^isa, Zamindar of ; Sri Rajah 
Vdsudeo Kajinani R'^ja Deo 
Garu, Mehrban-i-dostan ; e. s. of 
Raja Sri Jagannada Rajamani 
Raja Deo Garu, CLE. ; volun- 
teered for service during the 
Boer War ; maintains two 
beds at the Ghosha Hospital, 
Madras ; has built a Hospital 
in memory of late Empress 
Victoria and maintains a Lower 
Secondary School for boys, a 
school for girls, and a Sanskrit 
school, at Mandasa ; Member, 
Ganjam District Board ; has 
taken great interest in vacci- 
nation for which Gos^ernment of 
India granted him a Certificate, 
1S97. Address : Mandasa, Gan- 
jam District, Madras Presi- 
dency, India. 

Mande, Hon'ble Mr. W., Nominatud 
'iion-otfijial Member, Legislative 
Council, Behar and Orissa. 
Address : Patna. Bengal, India. 

Handi, Raja ot ; H. H. R*ja 
Biawaiil Sain Bahadur : />. 1883; 
succeeded to gaddi, 190i ; the 
relations between tliis State and 
tiie British Government are 
defined in a SaiKut dated 24th 
October 1846; clue: AitcOiisoii 




College, Lahore ; installed on the 
gaddi, 1903 ; area of the State, 
1,300 square miles ; population, 
174,045; revenue, Rs. 1,00,000; 
entitled to a salute of 11 guns. 
Address : Mandi, Punjab, India. 

Mangesha Kao, Savor, B.A., Rao 
Bahadur (1909), Madras ; b. 1853; 
passed B.A., 1884 ; joined service 
as Assistant, Mangalore College, 
and was in charge of it for 
a few months, 1883 ; became 
1st Junior Assistant Professor, 
Presidency College, Madras, 
1885 ; 1st Assistant, Mangalore 
College, 1887 ; also Canarese 
Translator to Government till 
1889 ; 3rd Senior Assistant Pro- 
fessor, Presidency College, Mad- 
ras, 1889 ; listed in the Upper 
Subordinate Educational Service, 
189L; Provincial Educational 
Service, 1897 ; acting Vice-Prin- 
cipal, Teachers' College, Saida- 
pet, 1900: permanent First Assist- 
ant, Teachers' College ; and 
acting Professor of Logic and 
Moral Philosophy, Presidency 
College, Madras. 1904 ; acting 
Vice-Principal, Teachers' Col- 
lege, Saidapet, 1905 : again act- 
ing Professor of Logic, etc., 
Presidency College, Madras, 
1905; confirmed, 1906 ; retired, 
1906. Publication :" Lectures in 
Logic ". Address : 3 42, Poona- 
mallee Roiid, Egmore, Madras. 

MftEsa, Rawal of; Rawal Shrl 

Takbtslnbji ; b. 1877; ediir : at the 
Rajkot Rajkumar College ; suc- 
ceeded to the gaddi, 1889 ; form- 
allv installed with full powers, 
189^7 ; area of the State, 27 square 
miles; population, 15,000; reve- 
nue, Rs. 75,000 ; is 5th in descent 
from Sursinhji, the original 
founder of the family ; empower- 
ed to deal with Criminal cases 
not involving sums greater than 


Rs. 20 000 and to take cogniz- 
ance of and deal with criminal 
cases where the punishment 
does not exceed 7 years impri- 
sonment, or a line of over 
Rs. 10,000. Address: Mansa 
town, Mahi Kantha Agency^ 
Bombay Presy., India. 

Marathi, Kasinatb Balakrlshna, 

M.A., L.L.B., Sub-judge, Raj- 
pur, 1875 ; retired, 1901 ; became 
Honorary Professor of Sanskrit, 
Deccan College, Poona; Secre- 
tary, Widow Marriage Associa- 
tion, Poona. Address : Poona, 
Bombay, India. 

Marlappa Mudallar, Chuvaro,B.A., 

Rao Sahib (1907), District Regis- 
trar (retired), Madras ; b. 1850 ; 
educ: Pachaiyappa's College,and 
the Christian College, Madras ; 
B A., 1875 ; joined service in the 
Registration Dept., 1875 ; be- 
came District Registrar, 1905; 
retired, 1908 ; owns land and 
house property in Madras and 
Chingleput. Address : Vepery, 
Madras, India. 

Markhair, Sir Clements Robert, 

K.C.B., (1896), F.R.S., F.S.A. ; 
b. 1830; s. Rev. David F- 
Markham ; edtic : at Cheam and 
Westminster ; entered the Navy, 
1844 ; served in the Arctic Ex- 
pedition, 18-50-51 ; retired, 1852; 
travelled in Peru, 1852-4 ; intro- 
duced cinchona trees from Peru 
into India, 1859-62 ; Geographer 
to the Abyssinian Expedition ; 
Secretary, Royal Geographi- 
cal Society, 1863-68 ; Secre- 
tary, Hakluyt Society, 1858- 
87 : Assistant Secretary, India 
Office, 1867-77 ; President, Royal 
Geographical Society and of 
the Hakluyt Society, 1894-1900. 
Publicaiion : Memories of the 



Indian Surveys; History of 
Persia; History of the Abyssi- 
nian Expedition ; Missions to 
Tibet; Travels in Peru and India; 
Lord Fairfan ; The Fighting 
Vans. Address: 21, Eccleston 
Square, S. W. Club : Athenaeum. 

Marsh, Henry, M.D., C. I.E., (1900); 
b. 1850; 3rd s. of late Francis 
Marsh, J. P. of Spring Mount, 
Queen's Co ; ediic : at Kingstown 
School, Ireland; passed through 
Cooper's Hill, R. I. E. College, 
1871-74; obtained 1st class 
honours in Mathematics ; joined 
service as Assistant Engineer, 
Public Works Dept., India, 1874 ; 
Executive Engineer, 1881; Super- 
intending Engineer, 1897 ; Chief 
Engineer and Secretary, 190i ; 
Member, Legislative Council, 
U.P., 1903-5; Secretary to Gov- 
ernment (Irrigation Branch) ; 
thanked by the Government of 
U. P., and the Government of 
India for his work in connection 
with the develop.uent of Irriga- 
tion in the Ganges and Jumna 
Systems t re-employed by Gov- 
ernment of India as Consulting 
Engineer for Irrigation in Central 
India. Publicatiuns : Some Indi- 
rect Benefits of Irrigation not 
generally recognised; Protection 
of Irrigation; Investigations in 
Central India. Address : 10, 
Harrington Gardens, S. W. 
Clubs : East India United Ser- 
vice, Mid Surrey. 

Marshall, John Herbert, Kt. (1915), 
M.A.,Litt. D.F.S.A., Hon. A.R.I., 
CLE. (1910), Vice-President, 
India Society, London ; /y. .s. of 
late Frederick Marshall, K.C. \t). 
at Chester, 1876 ; cduc: Dilwich 
King's College, Cambridge ; 1st 
Class Classical Tripos in parts I 
and II ; Parson Prizeman, 1898 ; 
Prendergast, Greek Student, 

1900 ; Craven Travelling Student ; 
visited Greece for purposes of 
exploration ; Director-General 
of Archaeology in India, since 
1902 ; Member, Executive Com- 
mittee of India, and of the Royal 
Asiatic Society. Recreation : 
Shooting. Address : Benmore, 
Simla, India. Club : East India 
United Service. 

Mav'shall, Willoughby Samuel, 

Presidency Magistrate, Madras; 
b. 1866 ; joined service as Police 
Inspector, 1889 ; confirmed, 
1891; transferred to Revenue De- 
partment as Deputv Collector, 
1899 ; confirmed, 1900 ; raised to 
4th grade in the Reorganisation 
Scheme, and posted as 4th Pre- 
sidency Magistrate, Madras ; 
confirmed, 1911 ; transferred as 
Personal Assistant to the Col- 
lector of Chingleput, 1914 5 
handed over charge, 18th Octo- 
ber, 1914. Address : Saidapet, 
Chingleput District, Madras 
Presidency, India. 

Marsbhead. Lunard Frederiaki 

Member, Legislative Council, 
Bihar and Orissa ; took his seat, 
1913. Address : Patna, Bengal, 

MartiD, Lieutenant-Oeneral Sir 
Alfred Robert, C.B. (1902), 
K.C.B. (1910); b. 1853; e. s. of 
late Colonel D. W. Martin ; 
ediic : at Harrovkf ; entered the 
Army, 1874; transferred to the 
Indian Arjny, 1877; became Colo- 
nel, 1899 ; served against the 
Jowaki Afridis, 1877 ; in the 
Afghan War, 1878-80, Hazra 
Expedition, 1888 ; Miranzai Ex- 
pedition in command of 5th 
Ghurka ; Brevet-Major in 
Waziristan, 1894-95 ; Tirah, 1897- 
98; Assistant Military Secretary 




for Indian aftairs at the Horse 
Guards; D.A.G., Bengal, with 
ranic of Brigr-General ; in com- 
mand of Bareilly Brigade, 1904- 
06 ; A.G., India, 1906-08 ; Com- 
mandant, Northern Army, 1908. 
Address : Rawalpindi, Punjab, 
India. Club : United Service. 

Martin, Colonel Cunl.ffe, C.B. 

(1911;; b. 1834; 3. of Sir James 
Ronald Martin, C.B. ; ediic : at 
Cheltenham ; entered Indian 
Army, 1852 ; served in the sup- 
pression of the Sonthal rebellion, 
1855 ; in the Indian Mutiny, 
1857-58; severely wounded in 
Abyssinia ; A.D.C. to Sir Donald 
Stewart, 1868 ; served in Afghan 
War, 1880 ; commarded the 
Central India Horse ; in the 
march from Kabul to Kandahar 
and battle of Kandahar ; retired, 
1883. Address : Denman, Chel- 
tenham. Club: New Cheltenham. 

Martin Can, Monsier, Governor of 
the French Possessions in India. 
Address : Pondicherry, South 

Marlindale, Arthur Henry Temple, 

C.S.I., (1900), K.CS.L, (1904), 
(retired) ; entered service as 
Assistant Collector and Magis- 
trate, 1875 ; became Magistrate, 
1877 ; Justice of the Peace, 1877 ; 
services placed at the disposal of 
the Government of India for em- 
ployment in the Foreign Deptt., 
1877 ; Senior Attache, Foreign 
Dept., 1878-79; Oftg. Political 
Agent, and Assistant Secretary 
to Government of India (Foreign 
Dept.), 9th September to 8th 
October, 1879 ; reverted to 
Madras, October, 1879 ; Assist- 
ant Collector and Magistrate in 
charge of the office of the Col- 
lector of Tanjore, 1880; ser- 


vices again placed at the dispo- 
sal of the Government of India, 
(Foreign Deptt.), 1881; Oftg. As- 
sistant Secretary to Government 
of India, (Foreign Dept.), and 
Political Agent, July 1881 ? on 
special duty under the Fo- 
reign Dept., 1881 ; confirmed, 
1882 ; Under Secretary to 
Government of India, (Home 
Dept.), the same year ; Political 
Agent at Khotah, 5th August 
1882 ; Assistant Secretary to the 
Government of India (Foreign 
Dept.), and Oftg. Political Agent, 
1882 ; on special duty in the 
Foreign Dept., 20th February to 
15th March 1883; Assistant 
Secretary to Government of 
India, (Foreign Dept.), and Oftg. 
Political Agent, 1884; Junior 
Under Secretary to Government 
of India, (Foreign Dept.), 1884; 
retired, 1905. Address : c/o India 
Office, London. 

Marxian, Mancl arji Kavasjl, Khan 
Bahadur, CLE. ,P.W.D (retired); 
h. 1839 ; ednc : Elphinstone High 
School and College, and the 
Engineering College, Poona ; w. 
Miss Gulabi, d. of Mr. Danaji 
K. Mirza ; distinguished himself 
in the P W.D.; Fellow, Bombay 
University ; Associate Member, 
Institute of Civil Engineering; 
Fellow,Royal Institute of British 
Architects ; Justice of the Peace, 
Bombay. Address : Bombay, 

Mafcilamany Filial Yelu Pilial, 

B.A., B.L., Official Referee, 
Madras; passed B.A., 1885 ; B.L., 
1889; enrolled as Vakil of the 
High Court, 1890 ; appointed as 
Official Referee, an appointment 
created for two years by the 
Madras Government at the in- 
stance of the High Court, 1915. 
Address: Vellala Street, Pursa- 
wakum, Madras, India. 



Massy. Colonel Harry Stanley, C.B. 

(1903), Commandant of 19th Ben- 
gal Lancers and A.A.G., (retir- 
ed) ; 3rd .s'. of late Major H. W. 
Massy of Grantstown Hall, Tip- 
perary ; b. 1855 ; joined the Army 
and became Major, 1S94 ; Cap- 
tain, 1885 ; Lieut. -Colonel, 1900 ; 
m. Geraldine Elinor, d. of George 
Massy of Glanvillee, Limericiv ; 
one s. and one dA served against 
Jowaki Afridis, 1877-78 (medal 
with clasp) ; served in Afghan 
War, 1878-80 (wounded, medal 
with clasp, despatches) ; served 
in Burma Campaign, 1886-88 
(despatches, clasp) ; 2nd Miranzi 
P-:xpedition, 1891 (clasp) ; N.W. 
F., India, 1897-98 (despatches, 
medal with two clasps). 
Address : 63, Fitzgeorge Avenue, 
West Kensington, W. ; Grants- 
town Hall, Tippe'-ary. Clubs: 
United Service, Royal Automo- 
bile, Royal Areo, Hurlingham, 

Master, William Charles Chester, 

C.B. (1858) ; Lieut.-Colonel in 
command of 5th (Northumber- 
land) Fusiliers; (retired); b. 1821 ; 
s. of late Lieut.-Col. W. Chester 
Master; ednc: privately; enter- 
ed the Army as 2nd Lieutenant, 
1839; became Colonel, 1863; 
served in the Indian Mutiny, 
1857-58. Recreations : hunting, 
shooting, cricket and archery. 
Address : Hampton Park House, 
Leominster. Clvb : Junior Con- 

Masters. Colonel Alexande-, C. B. 

(1904); >-. of late William Masters 
of the Educational Department, 
Bengal; b. 1848; ediic : King's 
College, London ; entered Indian 
Army, 18S2 ; became Major, 
1892; Lieut.-Colonel, 1896; Brevet 
Colonel, 1901; retired, 1908; 

served Afghan War, 1879- 
18S0; Malakand Field Force, 
1897-1898, Commandant, Cen- 
tral India Horse, and Political 
Agent, Malwa, 1896-1897 ; A.Q. 
M.G., Punjab. 1901-1905. Addres^: 
Lahore, Punjab. Chib : East 
India United Service. 

Mathew, George Fellow, CLE. 

(188 J); b. 1846; formerly 
Manager, H. H the Nizam's 
Guaranteed State Railway, and 
General Manager, Burma State 
Railways, 1892-98. 

HathewB,Henry Montague Sagun- 
do, C.S.I. (1911), retired Commis- 
sioner of Settlement and Land 
Records, Burma ; s. of H. M. 
Mathews, CLE., formely Chief 
Engineer, Burma ; b. in Ordu- 
nia, Spain, I860; educ: Medical 
College, Epsom, and Cooper's 
Hill College; joined service as 
Assistant Superintendent of 
Telegraphs, 1879-86 ; in charge 
of Government Telegraphs in the 
3rd Burmese War, 18S5-86 (war 
medal); Assistant Commissioner, 
Burma, 1886 ; Assistant Com- 
missioner and Settlement Officer, 
1888 ; Deputy Commissioner, 
1898 ; Revenue Secretary to Gov- 
ernment of Burma. 1900-1902; 
acting Divisional Commission- 
er, 1906-1907. Recreations : 
Tennis and riding. Address : 
Fernside, Maymyo, Burma. 
Club : East India United Ser- 

Maung Mye, Hon'ble Mr., elected 
Mem'l)er, Imperial Legislative 
Council representing Burma. 
Address: Rangoon, Burma. 

Maung Pp, K.S.M., A.T.M. ; elected 
non-official Member, Legislative 
Council, Burma ; took his seat, 
1913. Addre.'is : Rangoon, Burma. 



Maung Ton Myat. 

Maung Ton Myat ; elected non- 
official Member, Legislative 
Council, Burma; took his seat, 
1912. Address : Rangoon, 

Maunsel', General Sir Frederick 
Richard, K. C. B. ( 1897) ; b. 182S ; 
s. of Rev. D. H. Maunsell ; e'luc : 
at King Edward School, Burm- 
ingham. GrosvenorCollege, South 
Bath, and Addiscombe ; joined 
the Royal Engineers, 1846 ; be- 
came General, 1887 ; was in the 
Punjab Campaign, 1848-49 ", at 
the seige of Multan and at 
Guzarat ; in the Indian Mutiny, 
1857- 58 ; at Delhi and Lucknow 
in the Oudh Campaign, 1858 ; 
served in the Afghan Campaign, 
1878; Colonel Commandant, R.E., 
1886 ; Honorary Colonel, 1st Sap- 
pers and Miners, 1904. Address : 
32, Astley Gardens, S.W ; La- 
ham, Middlesex. Clubs : United 
Service, and East India, 

Maunsun, Sargeon-General Tho- 

map, L.R.C.P I., L.R.C.S.I.C.B. 

(1826). (retired); s. of late John 
Maunsun , b. 1839 ; entered the 
Army Medical department, 1860 ; 
became Surgeon-General, 1895 ; 
retired, 18?9; served in Burma 
Expedition, 1886-87; Principal 
Medical Of&cer, Malta, 1896-99. 
Address: 39, Broughton Road, 
Thorntonheath, Surrey. Club : 

Mauth, Hon'ble Mr R. A., B.A., 

I.C.S., Financial Secretary to 
Government of Punjab; educ : 
Tirinity College, Oxford ; joined 
service, 1895; Under Secretary 
to Government of India, 1901 ; 
Deputy Commissioner, 1905 ; Fi- 
nancial Secretary, Punjab, 1910. 
Address : Lahore, Punjab, India. 


MaxwfU, William, C.I.E., (1909), 

M.V.O. (1911); s. of late William 
Maxwell ; b. 1870 ; educ : at 
Queen's College, Belfast, and 
Trinity College, Dublin; entered 
I.C.S., 1889 ; Assistant Commis- 
sioner, Bengal, 1891; Post-master 
General, Bombay, 1901-1903 ; 
Director-General of Post Offices, 
1903-1908 ; Financial Secretary to 
Government of India, 1908; Sec- 
retary to Government of India 
(Commerce and Industry Depart- 
ment), since 1910. Address : 
Calcutta, India. Club : United 

Mayts, H. E., I.C.S., Deputy 
Commissioner, Nagpur ; educ : 
at Dover College and Balliol 
College, Oxford ; joined service, 
1890; rose to the position of 
Commander, 1913. Address : 
Nagpur, C.P. India. 

Mayhew, Arthur Innes, M.A, 

Director of Public Instruction, 
Central Provinces, India ; b. 
1878 ; joined service as Inspector 
of Schools, Central Circle, 
Madras, 1903; Deputy Director 
of Public Instruction, Madras, 
1907 ; Inspector of European and 
Training Schools, 1909; services 
lent to the Nizam's Government 
for two years : Inspector of 
Schools, " 6th Circle, 1911-13 ; 
Principal, Teachers' College, 
Saidapet ; transferred to the 
Central Provinces as Director 
of P.I. Address: Nagpur, C.P. , 

Mayne, Lieut. Colonel Gsorge 
Nisbet, C.B. (1902); Commanding 
1st Battalion, K.O.S.B. (retired) ; 
.s. of Major Robert G. Mayne ; b. 
1854 ; educ : Wellington College ; 
joined the Army, 1874; became 
Lieut. -Colonel, 1902; served in 



Afghan War, 1879-80 ; yerved in 
Burma Campaign, 1886-88 (des- 
patches, medal and clasp ; Chit- 
ral Relief Force, 1885 (medal 
with clasp) ; N.W.F. India, 1897- 
98 including Dargai (despatches 
twice Brevet Lieut.-Col., two 
clasps); South Africa, 1900-02 
( despatches, twice Brevet Lieut.- 
Col., C.B. two medals, five 
clasps). Address : c/o India 
Office, London. Cliih : Caledo- 

Mayne, Colonel Richard Charles 
Graham. C.B. (1898), Colonel on 
the Staft, Commanding Southern 
Brigade, India, (retired); 2nd .s. 
of late Major R. G., Mayne; b. 
Simla, 1852 ; edxc : Wellington 
College ; joined the 83rd Regi- 
ment, 1872 ; passed through vari- 
ous grades and became A.D.C. to 
the Queen and Brevet-Col. 1900 ; 
served in Afghan War, 1878-80 
and won medal and clasp, 
bronze star ; served in Egypt, in 
the battle of Tel-el-Kabir (medal 
and clasp, bronze star), 1882 ; 
Zulu Expedition, 1890; in com- 
mand of Mekram Expedition, 
1898 ; China Expeditionary 
Force, 1900 (medal). Recrea- 
tions : Tennis, Golf, Riding and 
Shooting. A'^'dress : c/o Henry S. 
King and Co., 9, Pall Mall, S. 
W. Clubs : United Service, 

Mazhar-uI-Hag, Bar-af-Law Ban- 
kipur ; claims descent from 
Umar, the 2nd Khalif, and from 
his mother's side, is a pure 
Saiyed: ly. .s. of Maulvi Sakhawat 
Ali Khan, a well known and 
much esteemed Deputy Collec- 
tor, of his days ; /*. 1866 ; edac : 
Patna College, and the Canning 
College, Lucknow ; proceeded to 
England against the wish of his 
elders, 1888; known among his 


friends in England as the "Book- 
worm " ; started the Anjuman- 
Islamia, London (the present 
Punjab Islamia Society, Lon- 
don) ; interested himself in 
politics and became a. staunch 
supporter of the Indian National 
Congress ; called to Bar, 1891 ; 
enrolled as an Advocate, Cal- 
cutta High Court, and com- 
menced practice at Bankipur. 
the same year ; accepted the 
post of District Munsift, 1892; 
resigned and resumed practice 
at Chappra, 1896; Secretary, 
Charitable Famine Relief Fund, 
Saran, 1897 ; twice returned as 
Municipal Commissioner at the 
head of the Poll ; Vice-Chair- 
man, Chappra Municipality; 
founded (in conjunction with 
Mr. Syed Hussain Imaml the 
All-India Muslim League, 1906 ; 
removed to Bankipur, 1907 ; or- 
ganised a branch of the MusUm 
League in Behar, 1908 ; has been 
one of the Honorary Secretaries 
of the Behctr Provincial Asso- 
ciation ; Vice-President, Behar 
Provincial Congress Committee ; 
elected a Member of the Im- 
perial Legislative Council, 1909; 
President, 4th session of the 
Behar Provincial Conference, 
1911. J^ffdress : Bankipur, Ben- 
gal Presidency, India. 

Mazumdar, Bidhir Bhusham, B.A., 

Rai Sahil), (1911), Inspector of 
Students' Residences ; b. 1866 ; 
ediic : at Jagannath school, Dac- 
ca, and the Calcutta Presidency 
College ; worked in re-organizing 
the Eden High School for girls 
at Dacca and founded a scheme 
for the improvement of the 
Residences for College students 
in that city. Publicdtions : Sys- 
tems of Physical Exercises in 
schoola. AdU-ess : Dacca, Bengal 
Presidency, India. 




Mazumdar, Nanolal, Raneklal. 

B.A., B.Sc, (London), Bar-at- 
Law, Professor, Government 
College of Commerce, Bombay ; 
first Indian to graduate in the 
faculty of Economics and Poli- 
tical Science in the University 
of London ; first Indian to be 
elected as President of the 
Students' Union in that Univer- 
sity ; Fellow, Royal Economic 
Society and Professor of Ad- 
ministration and Economics ; 
first Indian pupil of Professor 
Lees, Smith, M.P., accompani- 
ed him to England, 1909 ; dis- 
tinguished himself at the 
London School of Economics 
and Political Science ; interested 
himself in the question of Indian 
emigration and was one of the 
deputation that waited on Lord 
Crew, to discuss the South Afri- 
can question, 1913. Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Mclnroy, Colonel Charles, C.B. 

(1894) ; s. of late J. P. Mclnroy ; 
b. 1838; ediic : Wimbledon school: 
entered the Army, 1855 ; passed 
through various lower grades 
and became Colonel, 1885 ; served 
in the Indian Mutiny ; at the 
surrender of Kirvi ; Commanded 
in the Cavalry actions at Maha- 
rajpur, Jokoli (thanked in des- 
patches) ; worked in Mhow 
Mahoul (medal and clasp for 
Central India); served in Abysi- 
nian Campaign, 1868 ; (despatch- 
es and medal); Egyptian War, 
1882; Burma Expedition, 1885-86; 
Principal Commissariat Officer^ 
Upper Burma, 1888-89 (medal 
with two clasps). Recreations : 
golf, shooting, and fishing. 
Address : The Burn, Edzell, 
Brechim. Club : Edinborough. 

Mclser, Sir Lewis, Bart., M.P., 
{Bar-at-Lcnr), Sub-Collector and 


Joint Magistrate, Madras; enter- 
ed service, 1868 ; Assistant Col- 
lector and Magistrate. Madras,. 
1868-70 ; Justice of the Peace^ 
1870 ; transferred to Burma 
where he acted in several capaci- 
ties including that of President 
of Rangoon Municipality till 
1876 ; reverted to Madras, Sep- 
tem";er 1876 ; on special duty for 
preparing part I of the Imperial 
Gazetteer, Madras, (Rs. 1,000), 
1876 ; Officiating Assistant 
Commissioner, Nilgiris, without 
prejudice to special duty, 
9th September to 8th November 
1877 ; on special duty up 
to 7th April 1878 ; acting Deputy 
Commissioner, Salt Revenue, 
Northern Division, November 
1879 to 20th April 1880; Member, 
Board of Examiners, 1882 ; 
Special Magistrate, Salem, for 
enquirii^g into the Salem riots 
(Department allowance of Rs. 
10 a day) 23rd August to 
26th November 1882 ; Deputy 
Superintendent, Census Opera- 
tions, Madras. November 1883 
to 13th April 1883; Sub-Collec- 
tor and Joint Magistrate, Chin- 
gleput, from October 1884 ; re- 
tired, 1885. Address : c/o India 
Office, London. 

McLcod, General Sir Donald James 

Sirr, K.C.I.E. (1906), C.B. (1898), 
D.S.O. (1887); b. 1845; s. of 
Lieutenant-General W. C. Mc- 
Leod ; ediic : Kensington School ; 
joined the Madras Army, 1861; 
became Captain, 1873 ; became 
General, 1906; A. D.C. to Major- 
General, Madras, 1864-67; 
D.A.Q.M.G., Madras, 1878-1S83 ; 
D.Q. M.G., 1883-89 ; served on the 
Army Staff, India, 1877-88; D.Q. 
M.G., Burma, 1^86-87; Com- 
manding 3rd Madras Lancers, 
1890-93; Lieutenant-General 
Co7iimanding Troops, Burma^ 



1903-06; retired, 1906. Address: 
Holy Mount, Inkpen, Berks. 
Club: United Service. 

McLeo'', Sir John Chatham, G C.B. 

(1891). ; b. 1831 ; s. of Lieutenant- 
Colonel Alexander McLeod; 
educ : at St. Andrew's and Perth 
Acadiinij ; served for over 30 
years in the 2nd Royal High- 
landers ; in Crimia, 1854-55 ; 
Indian Mutiny ; 1857-58 ; Brevet- 
Lieutenant-Colonel and C. B. 
Ashanti war, 1873-74; Command- 
ed troops in Cevlon, 1882-87 ; 
Colonel of the Black Watch 
Royal Highlanders, 1907: retir- 
ed, 1908. Address: Bellvin ; 
North Berwick. Cli,h : United 

McLecd, N.C, B.A., Bar-at-Lcm; 
Judge. High Court, Bombay ; 
s. of late R. B. McLeod of 
Cadball, Rosshire ; 6. 1866; 
educ : Wellington College, New 
College, Oxford ; called to Bar, 
1890 ; Official Assignee, Bombay, 
1900 : Memijer, Imperial Legisla- 
tive Council, 1908; appointed as 
Judge, High Couit, Bombay, 
1910. Address : Mount Pleasant 
Road, Bombay, India. 

McMIl an, A., M.A., Bar-at-Lair, 
I.C.S. (retired.); 2nd s. of late 
John McMillan, of Kirkcud, 
Bright; 7)1. Nellie, d. of James 
Fortescue Harrison ; 1888 ; educ : 
Aldenham School. Brasenose 
College, Oxford ; Exhibitioner, 
Merton College, 1864; 1st in 
classical Moderations, 1866 ; 
joined I.C.S., 1868 ; Under Secre- 
tary to Government, N.W.P., 
1874-77; District Judge inMcerut, 
Agra, Cawnpore and Lucknow, 
in the years 1884,1886, 1890 and 
1892, respectively; called to 
Bar (Inner Temple). 1883 ; Pro- 
fessor of Indian Jurispru- 

dence and Indian History^ 
King's College, London, 1899-02 ; 
Consul for the Alpes Maritimes 
and Manseo, 1902-10 ; was in- 
strumental for the erection of 
Victoria Memorial Hospital at 
Nice. Publicntions . Divers Dit- 
ties ; Portentous prophets pro- 
phetesses ; Mainly about Robert 
Bruce ; Essence of Ecclesiastic, 
in Metre of Omar Khayyam ; 
Clubs: Savile, Hurlirgham. 

McMahon, Sir Arthur Henry, K. 

(1894) ; F.S.A., F.L.S. ; b. 1862 ; 
s. of Lieutenant-General C. A. 
McMahon ; educ : at flaileybery 
and Sandhurst ; joined the Army, 
1883 ; transferred to Indian Staft 
Corps, 1885; entered the Punjab 
Commission, 1887 ; joined the 
Indian Political Department, 
1890; Political Agent at Zhob, 
1891, and 1893 ; accompanied the 
Durand Mission to Kabul, 1693, 
Commissioner for demarc<>ting 
boundary between Beluchistan 
and Afghanistan, 1894-96; Politi- 
cal Agent at Dir, Swet, and Chit- 
ral, 1899-1901; Revenue and 
Judicial Con missioner ; Belu- 
chistan, 1901 ; Commissioner to 
settle the Perso-Afghan bound- 
ary. ■ 1903; Agent to Governor- 
General in Beluchistan, 1905 ; 
Secretary to Government of 
India (P'oreign Department), 
and Member of Imperial Legisla- 
tive Council. Address : Calcutta, 
Club : United Service. 

Mcnalty. LIeut-Co!onel George Wil- 
liam, M.D.,L.R.C.S.I.,F.R.C.S.I., 
C.B. (1897) ; b. 1837 ; s. of G. W. 
Mcnalty ; educ : at Dublin,. 
Wiesbaden and London ; joined 
the Army Medical Staft, 1863; 
served in the British Anibuliuu-e 
in the Franco-Germai. War, 
1871; Ashanti War, 1873-74: 




Russo-Turkish War; Afghan War, 
187S 80 ; Egyptian War, 1882 ; 
Honorary Surgeon to the Vice- 
roy of India ; retired, 1892 ; 
contributor on medical and 
surgical subjects to various 
periodicals. Address : 19, Lands- 
down Road, Lee Blacksheath, 

McRae, Colonel Henry Napier, 

C.B. (1831); 6. 1851 ;.s. of Sur- 
geon-Major James McRae ; 
entered the Army, '837, and the 
Indian Staft Corps, 1874 ; ser- 
ved in Afghanistan, 1878-80 ; 
Bazar Vallj^ Expedition, etc., in 
the Zhob Vallv, 1881; Hazra 
Expedition, 18S8 ; N. W- Fron- 
tier, 1897-98 ; present at the 
relief of Malakand, Buner ; 
Waziristan Expedition, 1901-02 ; 
officiated in Command of the 
Assam District ; A D.C to 
H.M. the King, 1901 ; Colonel on 
the Staft in India, 1903 ; Com- 
mandant of Assam Brigade, 
1901-05; retired, 1909. Address: 
Corunna, Shornclifte Road, Folk 

Jil^hta, Sir Phlrozsha Maher- 
wanji, M.A., CLE., (1894), K.C. 
S.I. , (1904), Bar-at-Laii\ Bom- 
bay ; b. at Bombay, 1845 ; passed 
B.A., 1864 ; M.A., 1865; proceed- 
ed to England and was there 
called to the Bar, 1868; returned 
to India and set up practice in 
the Bombay High Court; distin- 
guished himself as a lawyer of 
great ability, in the Tower of 
Silence Riot case, 1871 ; read a 
paper before the East India 
Association on " the Educa- 
tional System of India ", and 
another on ' Municipal Re- 
form ', 1872 ; entered the Bom- 
bay Corporation as Commis- 
sioner, 1884; was thrice elected 
as Chairman of that body ; 


worked for the starting of the 
Bombay Presidency Asso- 
ciation, 18S6 ; Chairman of 
the Reception Committee of the 
Indian National Congress, 1890 ; 
elected to the Bombay Legis- 
lative Council, 1892 ; has had 
the rare privilege of signing in 
the autograph book of the 
Princess of Wales, 1906; was 
elected a Member of Imperial 
Legislative Council, 1900-02 ; 
is a Fellow of the University 
of Bomcay;gave evidence be- 
fore the Royal Public Ser- 
vices Commission, during the 
sitting of that body in Bom- 
bay, 19'.2; enjoyed the rare 
honor of welcoming Their 
Imperial Majesties the King- 
Emperor and Queen-Empress, 
on behalf of the citizens of 
Bombay, 1911 ; appointed as 
Vice-Chancellor, Bombay Uni- 
versity, 1915. Address ; Bombay, 

Mehta, Roostamjea Dhanjeebhoy, 

J. P., CLE. (1897), merchant; 
belongs to the Imperial class of 
the Parsi Community ; b. in 
Bombay, 1849 ; o. s. of Dhunjee- 
bhoy Byramjee Mehta; m. She- 
rene, d. of late Nussarwanjee 
Shapurjee Bhedwar, 1868 ; six s. 
and one d. educ : privately ; 
was a Port Commissioner) Cal- 
cutta ; 1889-91; Sheriff of Cal- 
cutta, 1893 ; Consul for Persia at 
Calcutta, 1899-1904 ; Presidency 
Magistrate since 1888; Chairman 
of Alipore Local Board, since its 
foundation in 1886 ; Chairman, 
ManiktuUa Municipality, 1900- 
07. Publication : The Exchange 
Imbrogilio ; many articles in 
the Press on Railway rates, 
Address : 55, Canning Street, 
Calcutta. C I ti b : National 



Merwanji, Hon'bh Mr. Cowasjie, 

elected Non-official Member, 
Legislative Council, Burma ; 
took his seat, 1912. Address : 
Rangoon, Burma. 

Meston, Lieut -General Sir James 
Scroggle, U.P., C.S.I., (190S), K. 
C.S.I. , (1911), India ; b. Old Aber- 
deen 1SS5; tn. Jennie, o. d. James 
M'Donald, 1S91 ; ed'uc : Grammar 
School and University, Aber- 
deen, Balliol College, Oxford? 
joined service,' 1SS5 ; Settle- 
ment Officer, 1891-97 ; Financial 
Secretary to Government, Unit- 
ed Provinces, 1899-1902; Ad- 
viser to Governments of Cape 
Colony and Transvaal on Civil 
Ser\rice Reform, 1904-06 ; tempo- 
rary Finance Member of Council, 
1908 ; Member of Imperial Legis- 
lative Council, 1909 ; Lieutenant- 
Governor of U.P, since 1913. 
Address : Allahabad, U.P., India. 
Club : East India United Service. 

Mengens. Hon'ble E.G., Nominated 
Non-Official Member, Imperial 
Legislative Council of India. 
Addreis : Calcutta, India. 

Mewaram, Seth, Rai Bahadur 
(1911), Banker and merchant, 
Honorary Magistrate and Mem- 
])er of the Municipal Board of 
Khurja; b. 1873! educ : at Khurja ; 
belongs to a well-known Jain 
Family; s. of Rai Bahadur Sith 
Amlok Ram ; has founded an Or- 
phanage for children. Address : 
Khurja, Bulandsahar, U.P., 

Meyer, Hon'ble Sir William Ste- 
venson. B.A., K.C.S.I., (1909), 
T.C.S. ; b. 1860 ; educ : Blackheath 
University College, London; 
joined service, 1881 ; attach- 
ed to Survey Party No. IV", 
1884 ; acted in various capacities 

in various places! on special duty 
at Madras for preparing Admin- 
istration Reports of the Madras 
Presidencj^ for 1885-86, from 
16th September to 15th December 
1886; Assistant Secretary to 
Madras Government, 1886-89 ; 
Secretarv, Board of Revenue, 
Madras,' 1890-94 ; Originator of 
the ' Meyer Scheme ' for the re- 
distribution of districts in the 
Madras Presidency ; services 
placed at the disposal of Govern- 
meiit of India as Deputy Secre- 
tary in the Financial Branch, 
1896-01 ; Editor, Imperial Gaze- 
teer of India, 1902-04 ; Secretary, 
1905-09 ; Member of the Decen- 
tralization Commission, India, 
1907-09; Chief Secretary, Gov- 
ernment of Madras, 1899; Mem- 
ber of the Council of the Gover- 
nor-General, India, 1913; ?/;. 
Mabel Henrietta, d. of late Major 
W.W. Jackson, I.A., 1895 ; (wife 
died). Address ; Delhi, and Simla , 
India. C'lubft : East India United 

Meyrick James Joseph, C.B., F.R. 
C.V.S. ; b. 1824; s. of Theo- 
bald Meyrick ; ediic : at the City 
of London School, and the Royal 
Veterinary College, London ; 
served in the R.A. in Canada 
and Egypt ; Superintendent of 
horse breeding operations in the 
Punjab; 1878-80 ; served in the 
Egyptian Campaign, 1882. 
Fuoliratiutis : Stable Manage- 
ment and prevention of disease 
among horses in India ; V^eteri- 
nary Manual for use of Native 
horse owners in India, trans- 
lated into Hindustani ; and 
Manual for use of Native Veteri- 
nary Surgeons. Address: Lily- 
brook, Budleigh Selburton, 
S. Devon. 

Mhatoi Oanpat Kasbinatli ; joined 
Sir J. J. School of Art, 1881 ; 




won Bombay Art Society medal 
for sculpture. 1895; Victoria 
Medal and Mays Medal res- 
pectively for sculpture and 
painting, 1S96", won a gold medal 
for a picture to the temple sent 
to the Delhi Durbar, 1903 ; ob- 
tained Diploma and Bronze 
Medal at the Paris Exhibition 
for a statue of Saraswati. Ad- 
dress : Bombay, India. 

Miidlemast, Edgar William, M.A., 
Principal, Presidency College, 
Madras", b. 1S64; joined service 
in the Educational department 
as Professor of Mathematics, 
College of Engineering, Madras, 
ISSS 'i Principal, Kumbakonam 
College, 1894 ", acting Professor 
of Mathematics, Presidency 
College, Madras, 1895 ; acting 
Principal, Rajahmundry College, 
1896 ; again acting in the Presi- 
dency College, Madras, 1889; 
acting superintendent and Officer 
incharge of the Aluminium De- 
partment, School of Arts, and 
Inspector of Technical Schools, 
1901 ; acting Principal, Presiden- 
cy College, Madras, 190i; De- 
puty Director of Public Instruc- 
tion, 1903 ; on special duty in 
England from 10th January to 
28th February 1905 ; on special 
duty for the preparation of 
report on Public Instruction 
for the quinquennium ending 
1906-07, from 15th August to 
21st October 1907; Inspector of 
European and Training schools, 
Madras, 1910 : on special duty 
in the Office of the Director of 
P.I. from April to 30th June 
1912; acting Principal, Presiden- 
cy College, Madras, July 1912 ; 
Now on furlough. 

Middleton, 9th Viscount; William 
St. Joha Fremjintle Srodrlok, 

P.C, JrP., D.L. ; b. 1856 ; e. s. of 


3rd Viscount Middleton ',educ : at 
Eton and Balliol College, Oxford; 
President of the Oxford Union 
Society; M.P. for West Surrey, 
1880-85 ; for Guilford Division of 
Surrey, since 1885 ; Financial 
Secretary, War ofSce, 1886-92 ; 
Under Secretary of State for 
War, 1895-98 ; Under Secretary 
of State for Foreign aftairs, 1898- 
1900; Secretary of State for War, 
1900-03; Secretary of State for 
India, 1903-08 ; Alderman, Lon- 
don Country Council, since 1907 ; 
owns about 9,600 acres. Address : 
Peper Harrow, Godalming ; 
34, Pentland, Place, W. ; The 
Grange, Midleton, Ireland ; 
Clubs : Garton, and Anthenseum. 

M'lier ; Sir John Ontario, C.S.I. , 
(1908), K.C.S.L, (1911) ; f.oi late 
Robert Seham Miller ; b. 1857 ; 
("^uc : at King's College, Aber- 
deen ; joined the I.C.S. in the 
N.W.P., 1879; Private Secretary 
to Lieutenant-Governor, 1885 ; 
Chief Secretary to Government, 
N.W.P., 1898-1902 ; Secretary to 
Government of India (Revenue 
Department), 1902-5 ; Private 
Secretary to Viceroy of India, 
1903-1904 ; Chief Commissioner, 
Central Provinces, 1905 ; Mem- 
ber, Executive Council, India 
1907-10; retired, 1911, Address: 
Rowley Lodbey, Arkley, Hunts. 
Club: East India United Service. 

Miller, Sip Leslie Creary, Kt. 

(1914), I. C. S. (retired) ; 
/). 1862; cduc: Trinity College, 
Dublin; joined service, 1884 ; act- 
ed in various places until he 
was posted as Manager of the 
Pithapuram Estate, 1891 ; Dis- 
trict and Sessions Judge, 1896 ; 
Local Member of the Police 
Committee, 1898 ; Judge, High 
Court, Madras, 1906 ; retired, 
1914 ; entered service of the 



Mysore State as Chief Judge of 
the Chief Court, Mysore. Ad- 
dress : Bangalore, Mysore Pro- 
vince, India. 

Miller, Rev. Winiam, M.A.,L.L.D., 
D.D., CLE. (1SS4), retired Prin- 
cipal, Christian College, Madras; 
b. 1838 ; educ: Bellevue Academy 
and Marischal College, Aber- 
deen; New College, Edinborough; 
came out to India in the early 
part of the 19th century as a 
Missionary; was Principal, Mad- 
ras Christian College till 1908 ; 
is an acknowledged authority 
on Indian educational matters ; 
Moderator, Free Chur jh of Scot- 
land, 1896-97 ; Member, Legisla- 
tive Council, Madras, 1893-97; 
Vice-Chancellor, Madras Uni- 
versity, 1901-04: Fellow, Madras 
University; retired from Prin- 
cipalship, and left India, 1908. 
Publications : Our Scandinavian 
Forefathers ; The Plan of His- 
tory ; The Ijreatest of the 
Judges ; The least of all Lands ; 
Criticisms on several Shakes- 
peare's Plays. Address: Burgo 
Park, Bridge of Scotland. 

Mlraj (Senior Branch), Chief of; 
Sir DangHdhar Rao Uanesh Ba'a 
Sahib Patwardan, K. C. I. E. 

(1903); b. 1866; succeeded to 
gaddi, 1875; belongs to Patwar- 
dan brahmin family, one of 
whose ancestor, Govinda Hari 
L'atwardan, was given the State 
of Miraj, witli the title of Sardar 
in 1764 by the Peshwa ; is a first 
class Sardar in the Southern 
Mahratta Country; has power 
to try his subjects for capital 
offences; holds a sanad autho- 
rising adoption, and follows the 
rule of primogeniture in matters 
of succession ; area of tlie State, 
339 s(j. miles; population, about 
90,000 ; revenue, nearly 4 lakhs. 

Addj-ess : Miraj, Southern Mah- 
ratta Country, Bombay Presi- 
dency, India. 

Mleza Suraya Jah, also knuwn as 
Kaiwar Shah Hajl Uafiz ; b. 

1853 ; .S-. of H.H. the late Nawab 
Mahamad Ali Khan of Tonk ; 
this family is connected to the 
Royal House of Delhi ; it has 
rendered important service to 
the British in the Mutiny of 
1857, for which the then head 
of the family was granted heri- 
ditary pension amounting to 
Rs. 22,830 per annum ; further 
concessions were also made to 
the family; Mirza Suraya Jah 
was recognised as the chief 
representative of the Mughals 
in 1890; he was exempted from 
personal appearance in Court. 
Address: Delhi, Punjab, India. 

Misra, Syani Behari, B.A.< Rai 

Sahib, (1911), Revenue Member, 
Jodhpur State ; belongs to an 
ancient Vaid family of Bareilly ; 
■s. of Rai Sahib Krishan Lai 
Misra, Advocate ; b. 1865 ; joined 
service as Tahsildar, 1892 ; be- 
came Duputy Collector, 1897 ; 
services lent to the State of 
Ajmir-Mirwara, 1907; joined 
.I(Klhpur State service, 1911 ; 
Member, Royal Asiatic Society 
of Bengal ; Member, Royal 
Society of Arts (London) ; Mem- 
ber, Bharat Dharma Mahaman- 
dal ; Member, Theosophical 
Society. Address : Jodhpur, 
Rajputana, India. 

Mitchell, Dr. A.C , D Sc, K.R.S.E. 

(Edin), retired Director of Pul)- 
lic instruction, Trivandram ; 
entered service as Professor of 
Mathematics Maharaja's Col- 
lege, Trivandaram ; appointed 
Principal of the College, 1892; 
during his tenure as Princi]ial, 




the Chairs of History and of 
Mathematics were re-establish- 
ed, and a Laboratory forthe Phy- 
sical Science was constructed ; 
the northern and the southern 
wirgs of the College, each hav- 
ing six rooms were added to the 
building and tbe Physical Science 
Laboratory was opened by H-H. 
the Maharaja in 1907 ; had a 
Hostel built and attached to the 
College, in accordance with the 
requirements of the Madras Uni- 
versity ; appointed Director of 
Public Instruction, 1909 ; retired, 

Mltter, B.C., B.A., B.L., Calcutta ; 
2nd «. of Sir Romesh Chender 
Mitter, the 1st Indian Vakil 
Judge who also officiated as 
Chief Justice of the Calcutta 
High Court ; b. 1872 ; educ : the 
Hare School, the Presidency 
College, and the Ripon College, 
Calcutta ; passed B.A., 1S91 ; 
B.L., 1893; worked as an arti- 
cled clerk in an Attorney's office 
for some time ; commenced prac- 
tice at Alipore , proceeded to 
England, 1895 ; called to Bar 
(Lincoln's Inn), 1897 ; enrolled as 
Advocate, High Court, Calcutta, 
1898 ; declined Judgeship of the 
Madras High Court, 1910; 
Standing Counsel of the Govern- 
ment of India, 1910; Officiating 
Advocate-General, Calcutta, 

1911. ^fWress : Calcutta, India. 

Mlttar, Main Nath, CLE. (1911), 
Calcutta ; a member of the 
Kulim Kayastha family; educ: 
at the Hindu School and the 
Presidency College, Calcutta ; 
enrolled as Attorney, 1868 ; 
admitted as Vakil of the High 
Court, Calcutta, 1872 ; practiced 
conjointly with Babu Deva 
Prasad Sarbadikary, 1893 ; 
Member of the Calcutta Corpo- 


ration for over twenty ji^ears ; a 
prominent Member of the Kayas- 
tha Subha ; Honorary Magis- 
trate and Vice-President of 
the British Indian Association ; 
Governor of the Bhagavan Dass 
Marwari Hospital. Address : 58, 
Beadon Street, Calcutta, India. 

Mittra, Hon'ble BenoiJe Chendra^ 

Bar-at-Law. (Calcutta) ; nomin- 
ated Member, Legislative Coun- 
cil, Bengal. Adaiess : Calcutta, 

Mittra, Hamecdra Nath, Rai 

Bahadur, (1911), Bar-at-Law, 
Public Prosecutor, Nimar; b. 
1866 ; s. of Babu Upendra Nath 
Mittra, founder of Khandwa 
High School ; educ : Haui School 
and Doveton College, Calcutta ; 
proceeded to London and was 
called to the Bar; owns lands and 
house property in Calcutta ; 
President, Bar Association, 
Nimar. Address ; Khandwa, 
Central Provinces, India. 

Mittra, Mahendra Chendra, M.A., 
B.L., Rai Bahadur, Government, 
Pleader, Hoogly ; 6. 1850 ; educ : 
Halisahur High School, and 
Hoogly College ; 3rd s. of Babu 
Guru Chendra Mittra ; enrolled 
as Vakil, 1871 ; commenced prac- 
tice in Hoogly; was Law Lec- 
turer, Hoogly College ; Govern- 
ment Pleader, Hoogly, 1900; 
Honorary Magistrate for over 
30 years ; Secretary, Dufterin 
Hospital, Chinsura, for five 
years ; contributed Rs. 10,000 (in 
conjunction with other members 
of the family) towards the water 
works of Hoogly Municipality ; 
was twice elected as Chairman 
of the Nainital Municipality; 
President of the Bar Associ- 
ation ; President of the Students' 
Association ; President of the 



Victoria Town Hall Committee ; 
Member of the District Board of 
Hoogly ; Member of the Emam- 
bara Hospital. Publications : 
Biography of Haji Mahammad 
Mohsin of Hoogly ; Commen- 
tary on the Specific Relief Act. 
Addresa'-, Hoogly, Bengal Presi- 
dency, India. Lluh : India Club, 

Mlttra, Rajeswara, B.A., A.M.I 
C.E.,K.I.H., (1902); Superintend- 
ing Engineer, 2nd Circle, Jub- 
bulpore ; b. at Benares, 1S90 ; 
<'duc : at Benares and Patna 
Colleges and the Thomson 
Engineering College, Roorki ; 
passed B.A., ISSO ; passed the 
Engineering Examination with 
high distinction and won the 
Thomson Prize ; joined serv^ice in 
the P. W. D. as Assistant En- 
gineer, 18S3 ; employed on Mili- 
tary Works and Roads in Raj- 
putana t.U 1S90 ; transferred to 
the Eastern Division of the Cen- 
tralProvinces ; appointed Execu- 
tive Engineer, 1895 ; served in the 
Hoshangabad Uniaria Colliery 
and the Jubbulpore Division ; 
special duty in the Secretariat 
in connection with famine, 1S97 ; 
Under Secretary to Chief Com- 
missioner, 1900 ; served in 
the Nagpur and Narsingpur 
Division ; Officiating Superin- 
tending Engineer, 1906 ; confirm- 
ed, 1908; thanked by Govern- 
ment for getting out designs for 
the Rajpur Rajkumar College ; 
thanked by Sir Charles Lyall for 
the rapid and the economical 
carrying out of the reconnais- 
sance for the Nagpur-Jubbulpore 
Railway ; his excellent and effici- 
ent organisation of famine relief 
works in the Hoshangabad 
district received the high appre- 
ciation of the Viceroy (Lord 
Curzon); specially thanked by Sir 

19 (") 

Andrew Frazer for his work in 
connection with the famine in 
C.P. ; invited to the Durbar of 
1903, and was granted the Dur- 
bar Medal. Address : Jubbulporej 
C. P., India. 

Mittra, Barada Charan, M.A., B.L. 
(Calcutta) ; b. Panisehola, Hoog- 
ly, 1818; educ : Colootola 
Branch School (the present 
Hare School), and the Presi- 
dency College, Calcutta ; obtain- 
ed the Premchand Roy Chand 
Scholarship, 1871 ; passed B.L., 
1873 ; m. Srimathi Krishna Mo- 
hini, d. of late Sreenath Ghose, 
andy. d. of Raja Sir Radhakanta 
Deb' Bahadur, K.C.I.E. ; three 
sons ; Officiating Judge. High 
Court, Calcutta, 1902 ; confirmed, 
190 1 ; retired, 1909. Publicatknis : 
Tagore Law Lectures on the 
Land Law of Bengal. Recreations; 
gardening, and agriculture. 
Adiref'S : 85, Gray Street, Cal- 
cutta ; Panisehola, Hoogly, 

Mittra, S.M., M.R.A.S., Journa- 
list ; b. 1856 ; belongs to the same 
family as that of the late Raja 
Digambar Mittra of Calcutta ; 
has been a journalist for over iO 
years; is a writer in Bengali, 
Urdu, and English ; was Pro- 
prietor and Editor of the Deccaii 
Post ; was selected by Sahitya 
Parishad, Calcutta, to re^'ive the 
transliteration of Arabic, and 
Persian words and phrases in 
vogue in Bengali language; op- 
posed anti-partition and boycott 
movements ; has been a frenuent 
contributor to the " Nineteenth 
Century, " the " Fortnightly, || 
the " Asiatic Quarterly Review," 
and the Pall Mall Gazette; 
corresponded with the Rigiit 
Hon'ble Mr. J. Chamberlain on 
the subject of " India and the 



Fiscal Question ; represented 
India at the International Free 
Trade Congress, London, 1908. 
Publications: Imperial preference 
and India; Hiudupur (an anglo- 
Indian romance), etc. Recrea- 
tions : reciting Persian poetry. 
Addre^^s : 47, Warrington Cres- 
cent, W. 

Mjttra, Surendranath, B.A., Rai 

Bahadur ( 1897), Under Secretary 
(Financial Department), Govern- 
ment of India ; b. 1848 ; ediic : at 
the Hare School, and the Presi- 
dency College, Calcutta ; joined 
service in the Financial Depart- 
ment ; became Under Secretary 
in the same department ; 
services acknowledged both by 
the Financial Member and by 
the Lieutenant Governor, on the 
occasion of the Budget debate 
in the Legislative Council of 
Bengal, 1910 ; nominated Mem- 
ber, Calcutta Corporation; 
Member, University Institute, 
Calcutta ; Member, the Sanget 
Samaj ; Member, the Kayastha 
Sabha ; owns landed property 
in and around Calcutta. Ad- 
dress : 6, Ramanath Mazamdar 
Street, Calcutta, India. 

Moberly, Hon'ble Mr. 4. N , nomi- 
nated Official Member, Bengal 
Legislative Council. Address ■ 
Calcutta, India. 

Modi, E. M. D , Proprietor, the 
Arther Road Chemical Works, 
Bombay ; b. 1860 ; ednc : at the 
Elphinstone and Grant Medical 
Colleges, Bombay; devoted his 
attention to a regular study of 
Chemistry and engaged himself 
in experiments with the indi- 
genous products ; started the 
Arther Road Chemical Works ; 
has manufactured and is manu- 


facturing Chemicals for the 
Societies of London, Berlin, 
America, etc. ; Fellow, Royal 
Society of Edinburgh ; secured 
gold medals for his inventions 
at various exhibitions. Address : 
Bombay, India. 

Moii, Jivanji Jamsedj', B.A. , 

Shams-ul-ulema ; s. of Jamsedji 
J. Modi, head priest of the Fire 
Temple at Colaba ; a scholar 
of considerable repute, and a 
well-known figure in the public 
life of Bombay. Publications : 
" Works on the Religious and the 
Social Customs of the Parsees, " 
Memoir of Zarir,' ' Early His- 
tory of the Parsees, ' ' King 
Solomon's Temple, ' ' Wine 
among the ancient Persians, ' 
etc. Address: Mithli Lodge,' 
Colaba, Bombay, India. i 

MoIeswoFth, Sir Grllford Lindsey, 

K.C.I.E., (188S), Consulting 
Engineer for Railways, India, 
(retired); b. 1SJ8 ; s. . of late 
Rev. J. E. N. Molesworth, D.D., 
Vicar of Rochdale ; educ : 
King's School, Canterbury, and 
the College of Civil Engi- 
neering, Putney; was apprentice 
to Sir William Fairburn and 
was under the pupilage of 
Mr. Dockray, Engineer-in-Chief, 
London, and North-Western 
Railways ; Chief Assistant Engi- 
neer on London, Brighton and 
S.C. Railway ; in charge of the 
Arsenal at Woolwich during the 
Crimean War ; Mechanical Engi- 
neer of the same Railway; Chief 
Resident Engineer of Railways,. 
Ceylon, 1862 ; Director-General 
of Railways and Director of 
Public Works, Ceylon, 1867; 
Consulting Engineer to Govern- 
ment of India. 1871 ; President, 
Institution of Civil Engineers, 
1904 ; served in the Afghan 



and Burma Campaigns and se- 
cured medals and the spacial 
thanks of the Indian Govern- 
ment for his splendid services; 
owns property near Dublin. 
PublicatiOHfi. ' Conversion of 
Wood by Machinery', 'Pocket 
Book of Engineering Formulae', 
' Metrical Tables ', ' Decimal 
Coinage, ' Light Railways', 
Gauge of Railways in India ', 
' Masonry Dams ', ' Reason 
and instinct in arts, etc. Recrea- 
tions : Tennis and Cycling. 
Address : Manor House, Bezley, 
Kent. Club : St. Stephen's, 
Royal Societies. 

Molony, John Chartres, I.C.S., 
President, Corporation of Mad- 
ras ; educ : University of Dublin ; 
joined service as Assistant 
Collector, 1901 ; on special duty 
as Assistant Political Agent, 
Banganapalli, 1908 ; Superinten- 
dent, Census Operations, Madras, 
1910 ; Collector and Magistrate, 
191-2; President, Madras Corpo- 
ration, 1914, Pubiications: Census 
Report of Madras, 1910. Address: 
Madras, India. 

Mootetth, Sir Jamfs, M.A., C.S.I., 
(190J), K.C.S.I., (1903), Chief 
Secretary to Government of 
Bombay, (retired) ; s. of late 
Thomas Monteith of Guileburn, 
Lockerbie ; 6. 1S47 ; educ : Royal 
Academical Institution, and 
Queen's College, Belfast ; passed 
B.A. with 2nd class Honors in 
classics, Logic, Metaphysics, 
and Political Economy ; passed 
M.A., with 2nd class honors; 
joined I.C S., 1S70 ; m. Amelia, 
2nd d. of late Thomas Hunter of 
Belfast, 1872 ; gained adminis- 
trative experience in the Collec- 
torates of Dharwar and Kanara ; 
was on special duty in connec- 
tion with land assessment in 

Kanara ; acted in various grades 
in the judicial, political, edu- 
cational and other branches of 
the ser^'ice ; Private Secretary to 
Lord Reay, Governor of Bombay, 
for three years ; Officiating Chief 
Secretary, Govern iient of Bom- 
bay, 1895 ; confirmed, 1897 , Ad- 
ditional Member, Legislative 
Council, Bombay ; Officiating 
Governor of Bombay for a short 
period, 1903. Recreations ; Cy- 
cling and Golf. Address -. The 
Chantoy, AvetonGifltard, Devon, 
Club. East India United Service. 

Moore, Lieutenant-General Sir 
Henry, CLE., (1878) ; K.C.B., 

(1897 >, Indian Army, (retired); 
b. 1829 ; joined the Indian Army 
in Bombay, 1850 ; served in 
Persia, 1857 (medal with clasp) ; 
served in Indian Mutiny, 1858 
(despatches, medal); Abyssinia, 
1867-68 (despatches, medal, Bre- 
vet-Major) ; Lushai Expedition, 
1871-72 (despatches, clasp, Bre- 
vet-Colonel) ; Afghanistan, 1878- 
79 (despatches, medal, C.B.) ; 
served in Egypt, 1882 (medal 
with clasp, bronr.e star, 3rd class 
Osmanich). Address ; Birksey 
Bow, Crook, Near Kendal. 
Clubs : United Service ; Royal 
St. George, Yacht. 

Morlson, Sir Theodorp, M.C., K.C. 
I.E. ,(1910), Member, India Coun- 
cil, London ; s. of James Cotter 
Morison ; h. 1863 ; educ : West- 
minster and Trinity College, 
Cambridge; appointed Tutor 
to H. H. the Maharaja of Chat- 
rapur and Chharkari, 1855 ; 
joined the staft of the M. A. O. 
College, Aligarh, 1889 ; Principal 
of the College, 1889-1905 ; Addi- 
tional Member, Imperial Legis- 
lative Council, 1903-1904; Presi- 
dent, Muhammadan Educational 
Conference, 1904 ; retired, 1905 ; 




Member, Royal Public Services 
Commission, India, 1912. Publi- 
cations; Imperial Rule in India ; 
Industrial Organisation of an 
Indian Province. Becreations : 
Tennis, Riding, and Cycling. Ad- 
dress : Old Avenue Lodge, Wey- 
bridge. Cmb : United University. 

Morison. Sir Willam Thomson, C. 

S. I., (1909), K. C. S. I., (191-3), 
I. C. S, (retired) ; s. of Patric 
Morison of Edinburgh ; b. 1860; 
educ. : Fettes CoUegei Edinburgh, 
and Balliol College, Oxford ; /». 
Mabel Elise, d. of Colonel, J. M. 
Hunter'; joined service as 
Assistant Collector and Magis- 
trate, Bombay, 18S1 ; transferred 
to Burma as Deputy Com- 
missioner (medal with clasp), 
1887-90; Administrator of Por- 
bandar State, 1894 ; Collector and 
Magistrate, Secretary to Govern- 
ment and then Commissioner of 
Customs, till 1907; Member of 
Council, Bombay, October 1907 ; 
President, Indian Factory La- 
bour Commission, 1908 ; Com- 
missioner, Poona, 1908 ; Mem- 
ber of Council, Bombay, 1910 ; 
retired, 1911. Address : c/o Grind- 
lay & Co., 54, Parliament Street, 

ftlorley cf BlacVburn, 1st Vis- 
count, (1908), Right Hon'ble 
John, P. C, O.M., M.A., F.R.S., 
LL.D., D.C.L., Secretary of 
State for India, (retired) ; Hon. 
Fellow, All Souls, Oxon ; b. 
Blackburn, 1838 ; s. of late Jona- 
than Morley ; eduo : Cheltenham 
College; and Lincoln College, 
Oxford ; called to Bar, (Lincoln's 
Inn), 1873; M.P. (L) New- 
Castle-on-Tyne, 1883-95; was 
twice Chief Secretarv to Ireland, 
1886, and 1892-95 ; liad a seat in 
the Cabinet on both the occa- 
isions ; Bencher, Lincoln's Inn, 


1891 : Trustee, British Museum, 
1894; MP. (L>. Montrose 
Burghs, 1896-1908 ; Member, 
Historical Manuscripts Commis- 
sion ; Secretary of State for 
India, 1905 10 ; during his time 
the now famous ' Minto-Morley 
Scheme' for the better adminis- 
tration of India was introduced. 
Publications: Edmund Burke; 
Critical Miscellanies; Voltirw ; 
Rouesseau ; The Struggle for 
National Education ; On Com- 
promise Diderot and the Ency- 
c!op:»disats ; Burke ; The Life 
of Richard Cobden ; Studies in 
Literature ; Oliver Cromwell : 
Life of Gladstone. Address -. 
Flowermead, Wimbledon Park, 
S'.W. Club : Athenaeum. 

Morris, Sir John Henry, K.C.S.I. 

(1883); I.C.S.;b. 1828; s. of Henry 
Morris, M.O.S. ; educ : at Hailey- 
bury ; entered I.C.S. in Bengal, 
1848 ; served in the Punjab, 
1849-59; N W.P., 1861-3; Cen- 
tral Provinces, 1863-8; Chief 
Commissioner, Central Provin- 
ces, 1867-83 ; retired, 1883. Ad- 
dress : 88, Queen's Gate, Ken- 
singston, S. W. Club : Welling- 

Morvi, Thakur Sahib of ; His High- 
ness Sri Was'oji Ravaji, (t. C. 

I. E.; 6. 1858; succeeded, 1870; 
cduG : at the Rajkumar College; 
travelled extensively in Europe ; 
holds the Jagir of Amerdin 
Cutch ; belongs to the same 
family as the rulers of Nawana- 
gar, etc., and claims descent 
from the Rao of Cutch ; the 
State is a second class one ; 
area, 8 J2 square miles; popula- 
tion, 88,000 ; revenue, 7^ lakhs ; 
the Chief is bound by the same 
engagements with the British as 
the other Kathiawar Chiefs ; en- 
titled to a salute of 11 guns ; 



owns and manages a metre 
gauge railway ; also owns a 
ginning factory. Ar^dress: Morvi, 
Kathiawar, Bombay Presidency, 

Moses, Sylas M., Managing Pro- 
prietor, Messrs. David Sassoon 
^: Co., Bombay ; 6. IS 15 ; educ : 
at the Elphinstone College,Bom- 
bay ; proceeded on a tour to 
Europe, 1880 ; w. Rachel, d. of 
Mr. E. S. Abraham of Bonbay ; 
was a Member, Finance Com- 
mittee, Bombay Port Trust; 
President, Bank of Bombay, 
1899-1900, and again in 190i ; 
and again in 1905-06 ; Director, 
Oriental Life Insurance Com- 
pany; Pell Tw, Bombay Univer- 
sity, 1899; elected Member, 
Bombay Legislative Council, 
1900; has a son, Mayer Moses, 
M.A. Address : Bombav, India. 

Moss, Charles Willlau), M.A., 

Headmaster, Madrassa-i-Azam, 
Madras; h. 1866; appointed to 
the ser/ice, 1889; joined Educa- 
tional department, 1902 ; ap- 
pointed to present post, August 
1903. Address : Madras, India. 

Motllal, Rai Bahadur,(1911); Reve- 
nue and Finance Member, Tonk 
State. Address : Tonk, Rajpu- 
tana, India. 

Mudallar, Cuppuswami Vijl^n^j?"- 
ram, Sardar, K.I.H. (1909), 
Poona ; ■*■. of late Rao Bahadur 
Sardar Vijianagaram Mudaliar 
who had distinguished himself 
on the side of the British in the 
Mutiny of 1857; Chairman, 
Poona Municipality for many 
years ; represented the Agri- 
Horticulturai Society of Western 

India in the Agricultural Confer- 
ences of Poona and Ahmedabad, 
1904; gave e/idence before the 
Indian Irrigation Commission ; 
Member, Agri-Horticultural So- 
ciety of Western India ; Presi- 
dent, Camp education Society ; 
title of Saradar confered, 1S97. 
Address : Poona, Bombay, India. 

Modholkar, Ranganath Narasingh 
Rao, B.A., L.L.B., Rao Bahadur, 
(1889), Amraoti, U.P. ; 6. 1857 ; s. 
of late iNarsingh Rao Krishna; 
ediic : at the £lIphinstone College, 
Bombay ; passed B.A., 1877 ; 
L.L.B., 1880 ; enrolled as a Vakil, 
1881 ; commenced practice at 
Akola the same year, but soon 
removed to Amraoti ; Secretary, 
Berar Servajanick Sabha, 
1888-98 ; joined the I.N.C., 1898 ; 
General Secretary, Indian Indus- 
trial Conference, Amraoti, from 
its very start ; has taken great 
interest in the question of the 
' Berar Amraoti " ; President, 
4th Indian Industrial Conference, 
Madras, 1908 ; gave e/idence be- 
fore the Royal Public SerN'ices 
Commission, India, 1912. Address; 
Amr.'ioti ; also Nagpur, Central 
Provinces, India. 

Mudugu'a, Zamindarinl of; Sri 
Rajendramani DjyI ; Claims 
descent from the rulers of 
' Matsyadesa ' who wear fish 
shaped-ornaments on their ears; 
(/. d. of Krislina Bupathi Devu, 
the last male holder ; recognised 
as the joint Zamind:irini, 1901; 
manages one half of the Estate. 
Address: Mudugula, Vizagapatani 
District, Madras Presidency, 

Muhammad Abdul A't, Kiian 
Baliadur, (1875); l>. 1856 : claims 
descent from Nawab Mahammad 
Ali of the Carnatic ; is a political 



Mahadev Abdul All 

stipendiary and gets an allow- 
ance of Rs. 511-9-4 a month. 
Address: Saidapet) Madrasi India. 

Muhammad Abdul A«iz Sahib, 

Khan Bahadur (1901), Madras; 
b. 1859 ; is a merchant carrying 
on business on a grand scale at 
Madras ; is a Consul for Turkey 
in Madras; owns extensive land- 
ed and house property. Address : 
High Road, Triplicane, Madras, 

Mahammad Abttulla Khan, Nawab 

Sir, Hafiz, Alizai, K.CI.E. 
(1909), Dera Ismail Khan; the 
title of Nawab borne by the head 
of this family is a hereditary 
one and has been recognised by 
Government, so long ago as 
1875 ; is an Honorary Command- 
ant of the 15th Lancers; suc- 
ceeded to title, 1881. Address : 
Dera Ismail Khan, Punjab, India. 

Muhammad Abdul Khudus Badsba 
Sahib, Senior Partner, Met^srs. 
Haji Mahammad Badsha Sahib 
and Co., Madras ; a leading Mu- 
hammadan gentleman of Mad- 
ras, who interests himself in all 
public movements ; was Sherift 
of the City of Madras and has 
been Turkish Consul in Madras 
for the last many years ; has 
made a liberal contribution to 
the funds of the Muhammadan 
University and is actively con- 
nected with the Madras branch 
of the Moslem League and the 
Anjumani of Madras. Address ; 
High Road, Triplicane, Madras, 

Mahammad Abdul Jalil Usraanl, 

Shams-ul-Ulema, Benares; claims 
descent from Miran Muhammad 
Zahir-ud-din Aftali who came 
from Persia and obtained posses- 
sion of the town of Neotin, 


near Lucknow ; b. 1861 ; ediic : 
Queen's College, Benares ; joined 
service in the Educational 
Department, 1883 ; appointed as 
Professor of Arabic and Per- 
sian, Queen's College, Benares, 
1888 ; has a share in the family 
village of Neotin, near Lucknow ; 
organised relief works and found 
work for 300 men for many 
months in 1893 ; title of Shams- 
ul-Ulema conferred, 1897. Publi- 
cations : A series of Urdu and 
Persian Readers. Recreation : 
Riding. Address : Benares Canton- 
ment, U.P., India. 

Muhammad Abdul Majid, Nawab, 

Bar-at-Law ; claims descent from 
an ancient family of Jaunpur 
which, owing to its loyalty to the 
British in the Mutiny of 1857. 
had lost a considerable portion 
of its property; educ : at Allaha- I 
bad and in England; was called 
to the Bar at the latter place ; 
owns estates in the districts of 
Gazipur, Ballia, Aramghara, and 
Jaunpur ; enjoys an annual 
revenue of Rs. 80,000 ; Fellow, 
Allahabad University ; Trustee, 
M.A.O. College, Aligarh ; Mem- 
ber, Moslem League, U.P. ; is a 
Persian and Arabic Scholar of 
repute ; Member, Legislative 
Council, U.P., 1910. Address: 
Allahabad, U.P. ; Jaunpur, U.P. ; 

Muhammad Ahmad All Khan Baha- 
dur, Nawab of Maler Kotla. {see 
Maler Kotla). 

Muhammad Aginak Khan, Hafiz, 
Hakim, Kazik-ul-Mulk ; h. 1884 
(Hijri) ; s. of late Hakim Muham- 
mad Khan, who, as a Medical 
man, is yet remembered as a mar- 
vel in his profession ; claims des- 
cent from Hakim Muhammad 
Sharif Khan, Asraf-ul-Hukina, 


Muhammad Aginak Khan. 

who accompanied Baberto India; 
has established a hospital where 
medicines are accurately-prepared 
according to the Unani and Ayur- 
vedic systems, visited Europe in 
1911 and made a careful study of 
the Hospital conditions and the 
preparations of drugs; founder of 
the All-India Tibbi Conference. 
Title granted, 1908. Address : 
Dehli, India. 

Muhammad Akbar Kban, Raja, 
Saidpur ; Raja Sahadi Khan, one 
of the ancestors of the present 
Raja, was a contemporary and 
Feudatory of Emperors Baber, 
Humayun and Akbar, and 
ruled over the Districts of Bhim- 
oar Nowshera, within the pre- 
sent limits of Jammu and 
Kashmir; b. 1875; succeeded to 
State. 1908 ; enjoys a pension of 
Rs. 10,000 per annum granted 
in perpetuity to the family by 
Raja Gulab Singh, the successor 
of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 
and which has been recognised 
by the British Government; 
was a Naib Thasildar for some 
time ; was also a Member of the 
Municipality of Jhelum. Ad- 
dress : Saidpur, Jhelum, Punjab, 

Muhammad A^ram Hussain Baha- 
dur, Prince Mirxa Afsar-ul- 
mulk, Calcutta ; s. of late King of 
Oudh ; b. 1881 ; educ : at the 
Calcutta Madrassa, and the 
Presidency College) Calcutta; 
is an Honorary Magistrate and 
Commissioner, Corporation of 
Calcutta ; Member. Executive 
Committee of the Bengal Pro- 
vincial Moslem League ; Mem- 
ber. Executive Committee of the 
Central National Association ; 
Member, Permanent Committee 
for the appointment of the Mar- 
riage Registrars in Bengal ; Vice- 

President of the Muhamma- 
dan Literary Society, Calcutta ; 
title of ' Prince ' recognised, 
188S. Address: Calcutta, India. 

Muhammad Ali Muhammad Khan 
Bahadur, K.C.I.E., Raja of 
Muhammadabad (see Muham- 
madabad. Raja of'. 

Muhammad Ali Rai-a Khan, Khan 
Bahadur ; Durbarri, Honorary 
Magistrate and Rais ; Member, 
District Council. Vice-President 
of the Municipality ; President 
Anjumani-i-Islamia ; and Vice- 
President of the Muslim League; 
invited to the Durbar of 1911; 
exempted from the restrictions 
of the Arms Act ; enjoys the 
privilege of Private interview 
with the Chief Commissioner of 
the Central Provinces. Address, 
Chindwada, Nagpur, P.C., 

Muhammad Ali Saijld,B. A. ,I.C.S.; 

connected with the family of the 
late Sir Syid Amed Khan of 
Aligarh, b. 1863 ; educ : at the 
M.A.O. College. Aligarh ; passed 
B.A.. 1886 ; appointed Proba- 
tionary Assistant Magistrate and 
Collector, 1887; Judge of Banda, 
1907; Trustee, Aligarh M.A.O. 
College, Address: Banda, U. P., 

Muhammad Aziz-ud din Hussain 
Sahib Bahadur, Khan Bahadur, 
(1903); I.S.O., (19l:i) ; Collector 
and Magistrate, South Arcot , b. 
186:J ; joined service as Proba- 
tionary Sub-Registrar, 1882; 
passed through various lower 
grades and was appointed Deputy 
Tahsildar, 1891 ; i)ecamc Deputy 
Collector, 1893; 2iid Presidency 
Magistrate, Madras, 1903 ; Col- 
lector and Magistrate, 1906 ; has 
been Collector and Magistrate, 



Muhammad Aziz-ud-din Hussatk 

South Arcot, since 1913. Address : 
Cuddalore, South Arcot District, 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Muhammad Babht, Mirza ; sixth 
in descent from Emperor Shah 
Alam ; b. 1872 ; Pohtical pension- 
er and Durbarri ; Municipal 
Commissioner ; exempted from 
the operations of the Arms Act. 
Address ; Kala Mahal, Shivala, 
Benares, U.P.i India. 

Muhammad Bakhtuar Shab, Prince 
Sahibzada. CLE. (1S98) ; .". of 
late Prince Anwar Shaw, grand- 
son of Tippu Sultan of Mysore ; 
takes great interest in Public 
movements of the day and is a 
liberal supporter of schemes for 
the good of the country ; nomi- 
nated Member of the Corpo- 
ration of Calcutta. Addriss:6, 
London Street, Calcutta, India. 

MuViammafl, Hon'b'e, HablbuHo, 

Khan Bahadur, Vellore : b- 1867 
owns extensive house and landed 
property in and around Vellore ; 
is an Additional Member, Legis- 
lative Council, Madras. Ad- 
drc s : Vellore, Madras Presi- 
dency, India. 

Muhamttiad H'Jmdam, Sferdar, 

Ludhiana ; g.s. of a former Amir 
of Afghanistan who was driven 
out of the country by Dost 
Muhammed ; the family has been 
enjoyirg a pension of Rs. 3,600 
per annum from the British 
Government together with a 
grant of 4,000 acres of land ; 
succeeded his father, Shahazada 
Nazir, 1895 ; receives an annual 
pension of Rs. 1,200 from the 
Government; is a Divisional 
Durbarri, and a Tahsildar in the 
Gujarat District. Address: 
Ludhiana, Punjab, India. 


Mahammad Ibedolla Akhbar, Trea- 
sury Officer, the Andaman Is- 
lands. Address : Port Blair. 

Muhammad Mun'r. B.A., Khan 
Sahib (1898) ; b. 1867 ; educ : at 
the Government Madrassa, and 
the Madras Presidency College; 
passed B.A., 1889 ; Claims des- 
cent from the Carnatic family ; 
Honorary Secretary of the 
Madras Anjuman-i-Islani for 
soiiie years ; joined service and 
rose to the position of Deputy 
Collector. Address ■-. ' Nawab 
House', Pudupet; Madras. India. 

Muhammad Nlvaz All Kazi Haphi; 

Diwan of Jaisalmer State ; b. 
1866 ; e'^iic : at the Durbar 
School Sirohi; Mordabad Is- 
lamia Madrassa, and the High 
School at Ajmere i joined ser- 
vice, 1883 ; held various posts 
and -was appointed Assistant 
Magistrate, Jaisalmer State, 
1892 ; Superintendent. Census 
Operations, 1901; Tahsildar, 
Mount Abu, 1905 ; Darbar Vakil 
in the Courts of the Resident, 
Western Rajputana, 1906 ; 

Diwan of the State, 1911. Ad- 
dress: Jaisalmer, Rajputana. 

Muliammad Ra^a Khan, Nawab 
(1904) Khan Bahadur (1901), 
Collector and Magistrate (re- 
tired) ; belongs to the Rabii sect 
of Muhammadans ; h. 1850 ; join- 
ed service as clerk, Revenue 
Department, in the Madras 
Secretariat, 1874 ; Probationary 
Deputy Inspector of Muham- 
madan Schools, 1877 ; conhrmed, 
1878, attached to the Resident, 
Hyderabad (D), 1881 ; Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, 1883 ; 
in charge of Sub-Collectorate, 
Nellore, 1886 ; Head Assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, 1890 ; 


Muhammad Raza Khan. 

Sub-Collector and Joint Magis- 
trate, 1895 ; Collector and Magis- 
trate, 1S96 ; District and 
Sessions Judge, 1905 ; Nominat- 
ed Member, Madras Legislative 
Council. 1906-08; Fellow, Madras 
University, 1904. Aadress : 
Saidapet, Chingleput District, 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Matiammad Ssfd^r KusEaIn Sahib, 

M.R.A.S., Khan Bahadur (1907), 
ITeputy Collector (retired) ; b. 
1838 ; joined service as clerk, 
Chingleput Collectorate, 1878 ; 
resigned, 188i ; again joined ser- 
vice as Examiner of Accounts. 
(Railway Branch) Madras, 1885 ; 
became Manager, Examiner's 
Office, 1886 ; Deputy Superinten- 
dent, Census Oper.itions. 1891 : 
Tahsildar, 1893 ; Deputy Collec- 
tor, 1896 ; Revenue Officer, 
Madras Corporation, 1897-1902 ; 
reverted as Deputy Collector, 
1903; retired, 1913. Aadrestf : 
Royapetta, Madras, India. 

Muhammad Taj-ud DIr, Khan 
Bahadur, Officiating Judge, 
Court of Small Causes. Luckuow ; 
b. 1858 ; .s. of Moulvi Wahid-ud- 
din ; e'luc : Government School, 
Holdoi ; acted as Famine Officer, 
Census ■juperintendent and Sara- 
barahkar in the Court of Wards 
Department. PuljUcutiovs : Per- 
sian and Hindustani Poems. 
Address : Kakori, Lucknow, U. 
P., Indi'a. 

Huhainmad Ta^i, Prince Suraya 
Qudr, Mirza, Lucknow ; one of 
the surviving men.ioers of the 
ancient Royal family of Oudh; 
b. Calcutta, 1858 ; iii. daughter of 
Wajid Ali Shah, 5th, King of 
Oudh ; invited to Viceroy's Dur- 
bar, 1881 ; Member, General 


Committee of Dispensaries and 
Poor Houses ', his birth was 
celebrated with great pomp 
and splendour, and the expen- 
ses of the marriage is said to 
have run up as high as Rs. 
45,000. Recreations : Caligraphy 
and Riding. Publications ■ a 
number of books yet unpublish- 
ed. Address: Lucknow, U.P., 

Muhamniadabad, Raja of ; Hon'ble 
Sir Muhammad Ali Muhammad 
Khan, K.C.I. E., (189:3); s. of 
Raja Sir Muhammad Amir 
Hasin Khan ; b. 1879 ; succeeded 
his father, 1903 ; belongs to a 
family known by the name of 
Kanzada ', claims descent from 
Kazi Nasr-ul-lah, a Siddiki Sheik 
of Bagdad who came to India in 
the time of Shahib-ub-din Ghori 
and settled at Amrota ; is great- 
ly interested in the spread of 
education and is a strong sup- 
porter of the Calvin Talukdar's 
school, Lucknow ; has contribut- 
ed Rs. 35,000 for the study of 
Science at the A.M.O. College, 
Aligarh, and Rs. 50.000 for the 
Lucknow Medical College ; is a 
leading Member of the Com- 
mittee of the Muhammadan 
University for which he has 
contributed a lakh ; has founded 
schools both in and outside his 
estates ; is an Honorary Magis- 
trate and Munsift ; Member, 
Legislative Council. U. P. ,(1904); 
Fellow, Allahabad University 
(1906); elected Member, Su- 
preme Legislative Council, 
(1909). Aid, -ess : Galloway 
House, Mahammadabad, Naini- 
tal ; Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow, U. 
P., India. 

Muir. Charles Wfmy8S,C.B. (1902); 
CLE. -1887); /). 1850; s. of Sir 




W. Muir (q.v.) ; educ : at Rugby 
and Sandhurst ; entered the 
Army, 1869 ; became Lieute- 
nant-Colonel, 1895; A.D.C. to 
the Viceroy for some years ; ser- 
ved in the Afghan War, 1880; 
Soudan, 18S5; Burma War, 
1885-87 ; Private Secretary to 
A.D.C, to Lieutenant-Governor 
of N.W.P. 1873-73. address: 
Lawbrook, Coxgrum, near 

Mulrhead, Hon'ble Mr. Alexander; 

Agent, South Indian Railway, 
Trichinopoly ; nominated Mem- 
ber, Madras Legislative Council; 
Fellow of the MadrasUniversity; 
represented the South Indian 
Railway at the opening of the 
Pamban Talamannar Railway 
Extension. Aildress : Trichino- 
poly, Madras Presidency, India. 

Mukunda Deb, Raja; a wealthy 
Zemindar of Kljurdah, and the 
present representative of the 
ancient Gangavasa Dynasty of 
Kings in Orissa ; personal title 
of Raja granted, 1884. Address : 
Puri, Orissa. India. 

Mukunda Ram Bastri Mahamaho- 
padhyaya, Archseological De- 
partments Jammu State ; title 
granted for Archaeological Re- 
search work. Aadress : Srinagar, 
Kashmir, India. 

Mukharjl, Araritba Laf, M.A., 
B.L., Rai Bahadur, Presidency 
Magistrate, Calcutta; joined 
service, 1889 ; Municipal Magis- 
trate, 1906 ; with the Deputation 
of the Tribeni Arbitration Case, 
1911 ; Presidency Magistrate, 
Calcutta, since 1912. Address : 
Calcutta, India. 

Mukharj', Sir Aehutosh Saraswatf, 

Kt. (1911), Sastravachaspati, 


M.A., D.L., D. Sc, C.S.I. (1909); 
Judge, High Court, Calcutta ; s. 
of Dr. Gangaprasad Mukharji, 
Calcutta ; h. 1864 ; edNc : at South 
Subarban School, Presidency 
College, and the City College, 
Calcutta; M.A., 1885; D.L., 
1894; D.Sc. (Honora'ry), 1908; 
enrolled as Vakil of the High 
Court, 1888 ; Lecturer in 
Mathematics, 1886 ; Examiner 
in Mathematics at the Cal- 
cutta University; Tagore Law 
Lecturer, 1898 ; Mem be r, 
Bengal Legislative Council, 1889- 
1904 ; Member of the University 
Commission, 1902 ; Member, 
Supreme Legislative Council, 
1903; strongly opposed to the 
Official Secrets Bill and support- 
ed the passing of the Univer- 
sities Bill ; Judge, High Court, 
Calcutta, 1904; President, Asiatic 
Society, Bengal, 1907 ; deputed 
in connection with the re-organi- 
sation of the University, 1908 ; 
President, Board of Sanskrit 
Examinations, 1908; President, 
Committee of thelndian Museum 
1909 ; President-Founder of the 
Mathematical Society, Calcutta; 
an ardent Social reformer. 
Publications : Law of Perpetui- 
ties, ' Comic Sections, ' and a 
large number of Contributions 
on Mathematics and kindred 
subjects. Address : Bhawanipur, 
Calcutta, India. 

Mukharjl, NUambara, M.A., B.L., 
CLE., (1909), Calcutta; 6. in a 
village near Calcutta, 1842 ; 
educ : Sanskrit College, and the 
Presidency College, Calcutta ; 
M.A., 1865; B.L., 1866; en- 
rolled as Vakil of the High 
Court, and practiced in Cal- 
cutta for some time ; removed to 
Lahore ; entered service of the 
Kashmir State, 1869 ; was 
Chief Judge, Kashmir State ; 



became Finance Minister of 
Kashmir State; retired, 18S6 ; 
settled in Calcutta, 1887; Vice- 
Chairman, Calcutta Corporation 
in charge of the Finance Depart- 
ment. Address: Calcutta, India. 

Mubharji, Rpja Plarl Mohan, M. A., 

B.L., C.S.I. , (1887), Uttrapara; 
•s. of late Babu Jai Krishna 
Mukharji, Zemindar of Uttra- 
para ; b. 1840 ; edvc : Calcutta ; 
M.A., 1864 ; B.L., 1865 ; one of 
the leading landowners of Ben- 
gal ; takes keen interest in and 
is closely associated with all 
public movements of the 
day; Member, Legislative 
Council, Bengal ; twice no- 
minated to the Imperial Legis- 
lative Council ; ii r s t the 
Honorary Secretary andthenthe 
President of the British Indian 
Association, Calcutta. Ad- 
dress; Uttrapara, Ben<?al Presi- 
dency, India. 

Mukharji, Sip Bajeiidra Nath, 

K.C.I.E. (1911); CLE. (1909); 

Engineer, Calcutta ; b. 1854 ; 
eihic : London Mission School, 
Basirhat, and the Presidency 
College, Calcutta ; also the 
Civil Engineering College; be- 
gan life as Contractor, Water 
Works Department, Calcutta 
Corporation ; joined the firm of 
Sir Acquin Martin and Company, 
Calcutta, as partner, 189;i ; is 
now the senior partner of that 
firm; sheriff, Calcutta; Mem- 
ber, Governing Body of Sibpur 
Engineering College; Joint 
Secretary, Calcutta Club ; one 
of the founders, and Honorary 
Secretary of the Calcutta Or- 
phanage ; Fellow, Calcutta Uni- 
versity; Joint Honorary Secre- 
tary, King Edward Memorial, 
Bengal ; Member, Executive 
Committee of the Improvement 

Trust, Calcutta ; Honorary Pre- 
sidency Magistrate, Calcutta ; 
Member, Court of Visitors, 
Indian Institute of Science, 
Bangalore ; made extensive tours 
in Europe ; keenly interested in 
the improvement of the Indian 
industries. Address ; 7, Harring- 
ton Street, Calcutta. Clubs : 
National Liberal, Calcutta. 

Muljf. Sir Yafanji Trikamji, Kt. 

(1911), Rao Sahib, Head of the 
Jain Community, Bombay ; 
Knighted by His Majesty the 
King-Emperor at the Coronation 
Durbar, 1911. Address : Bombay, 

Mulally, Msjor-Gereral Hi rbert, 

C.B. (1905), C.S.I. (1908), R.E., 
India ; s. of late MuUaly ; b. 
1860 ; edtic : privately and at the 
Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich; joined the R.E., 1878; 
ni. Mabel, 4th d. of late Has- 
tings Read, 1883 ; rose to the 
rank of Colonel, 1903; Offici- 
ating Assistant Secretary, 
Government of India (Mili- 
tary Department), 1895; Officiat- 
ing D.A.A.G., for Royal Engi- 
neers, and Secretary (Defence 
Committee), India, 1895-96; D.A. 
Q.M.G. forMobilization in India, 
1896-li;02; Cfficiatirg Deputy 
Secretary, l'j02-0;i ; Deputy 
Q.M.G. in charge of Mobilization, 
1903-06 ; served in Chin Lushai 
Expedition, 1899-90; won des- 
patches, medals and clasps; 
D.A.A.G., S. African War, 1899- 
1900; D.A.A.G., Intelligence 
Department, Natal, 18'j9 ; oper- 
ations in the Transvaal, 1900 ; 
won despatches 4 tin:os, medals, 
4 clasps, Bt-Lieutenant-Coloncl ; 
Chief Staft Officer, Zakka Khcl 
Expedition, (despatches, medals, 
clasp, CLE.); Bazar Vally 
(despatches), 1908. Addroas: 




Peshwar, India. Club : United 

Miimtaz'ud-Dowlah Muhammad 
Fahi>a'? All K^'a^. Nawab of 
Pahasu [See I'aliasu, Naicab of.) 

Monagala, Zeraindnr of ; Sri Zub- 
datul Aqran Nayani Venkata 
Ranga Rao Garu ; belongs to 
one of the oldest and most re- 
nowned Reddi families in the 
Northern Circars ; e. s, of 
Venkata Ramayya ; b. 1879 ; 
edi(c : Noble College, Masuli- 
patam ; assumed charge of the 
estate, 1900 ; takes great per- 
sonal interest in the indigenous 
industries, especially hand-loom 
weaving ! opened a fly shuttle 
loom factory ; sent a student to 
Japan to learn weaving and 
dyeing at Kioto; maintains a free 
primary school at Nadigudem 
for the benefit of his ryots; helps 
poor students; aided in the publi- 
cation of a History of Japan in 
Te'ugu ; has taken deep interest 
in the dissemination of Telugu 
literature ; started an experi- 
mental farm for sugarcane and 
other crops. Address : Nadigu- 
dem, Munagala. Kistna District, 
Madras Presidency, India. 

Munuawamy Iyer, Canvanu? 
Veiikatrama, Rao Bahadur. 
(1913), Reporter, 'Madras Maif, 
Madras ; s. of late Mr. C. Ven- 
katrama Iyer ; b. 1S6S ; educ : 
Church of Scotland Mission 
College (now amalgamated with 
the Madras Christian College), 
Madras; joined Government 
service as Shorthand Writer in 
the office of the Private Secre- 
tary to H.E. The Governor of 
Madras, 1890; resigned and joined 
the staft of the ' Madras Mail ' 
as junior Reporter, November 
1892 ; has been Reporter to the 


Indian National Congress for 
many years ; received a certi- 
ficate of honor on the occasion 
of the Coronation Durbar, 1912 ; 
presented with an address of 
congratulation by the Members 
of the ' Madras Mail ' on the 
occasion of his having been made 
Rao Bahadur, 1913. Address i 
Mambalam Saidapet, near Mad- 
ras, India. 

Mnnrci James Hume, retired Judge 
Madras High Court ; joined 
service as Assistant Collector 
and Magistrate, 1877 ; attached 
to Revenue Survey Party No. 2,, 
same year \ acted in various 
lower grades including that of 
Sub-judge 1903 ; District and 
Sessions Judge, 1903 ; Judge, 
High Court, Madras, 1907 ; re- 
tired, 1912. Adi^ress; Co India 
Office, London. 

Murarman, Raja of; 6hagawatV>i 
Bakshh Singb ; head of the Rais 
clan of Rajputs and claims 
descent from the great Saliva- 
hana ; succeeded to title, 1911 ; 
educ : in the Colwin Talukdar's 
school, Lucknow; the estate 
comprises 100 villages in Rae 
Bareilly, and 14 villages in Unao; 
title of Raja made hereditary by 
British Government, 1877. Ad- 
dress : Murarman, Rae Bareilly, 
U.P., India. 

Murray, G. P. I.C.3., Registrar, 
High Court, U.P., Allahabad; 
ediic : at Cheltenham and Univer- 
sity College, Oxford ; joined ser- 
vice as Assistant Collector, 1903 ; 
rose to present position, 1912. 
Addre-s : Allahabad, U.P., India. 

Murray, Majop-Gtnnral Robart 
Hunter, C.B. (1896), C.M.G. 
(18-)8) ; Indian Army (retired) ; 
y.s. of late John Murray of 



Roxburghshire ; h. 1847 ; eiJuc : 
Edinburgh Academy; nt. Flo- 
rence, '-'. of late Captain H. W. 
Barlow, R.E., 18S7 ; entered 
Array as- Ensign of the Hind 
Highlanders, 1867 ; served in the 
Afghan War, 1878 80 ; severely 
wounded at Kandahar (medal 
with 4 clasps and bronze star) ; 
Brigade-Major of the Indian 
Contingent in the Egyptian Cam- 
paign, 1882; Colonel, 1892; 
A.D.C. to Empress Victoria; 
served in various other places 
and was commanding troops at 
Alexandria, 1903-04. Address ; 
Hill Fields. Bewdley, Worces- 
ters. Club : Army and Navy. 

Murray, Hon'ble Stewart Binny, 

A.M.I.C.E., Chief Engineer 
and Secretary to P.W.D., Gov- 
ernment of Madras ; b. 1864 ; 
ediic : R.I.E. College ; joined 
service as Assistant Engineer, 
Madras, 188 4 ; appointed to pre- 
sent place, 1900 ; Secretary to 
Government of Madras, 1913. 
Addrea.s : Chepauk, Madras, 

Murri, Chief of ; H. H. Sir Yaghji 
Ravaj*, G.C.I.E. ; 6.1858; suc- 
ceeded to gaddi, 1870. Address : 
Murri, Central India. 

Mars3n,Rajaof;Datt Prasad Singh; 

b. 1876 ; succeeded to estate, 
190i ; belongs to a family of Jats 
who obtained landed property in 
Mursan about the end of the 
16th century ; the estate com- 
prises 113 villages in the Aligarh 
district and 31 in the Muttra 
district, paying a combined 
revenue of about Rs. 1-00,000 ; 
heir to the estate is Kunwar 
Baldeo Singh, brother of the 
Chief, /;. 1881. Adiress: Mus- 
ran, Hathras, Aligarh, U.P., 

]\Iur8hidaba(l, Nawab of ; Hon'ble 
Thiishara-ul-MuIk Rale ud-Dau- 
Ja Amir-ul-ninara, Nawab Asef 
Qadr Sayed Waslf Ali, Mirza, 
Khan Bahadur, Mahabut Jung 
Bahadur, K.C.S.I., (1910); s. of 
late Nawab Sir Sved Hussain Ali 
Bahadur, G.C.I.E. ; h. 187-5 ; 
claims to be 38th in descent from 
Prophet Muhammed ; einc ; pri- 
vately in Arabic Persian, Urdu 
and English ; proceeded to Eng- 
land and joined Rugby and Ox- 
ford; w. Nawab Sultan Dulin Fug- 
fur Jahan Begum Saheba, 1898 ; 
succeeded to gaddi with usual 
hereditary titles, 1906 ; keenly 
interested in matters Municipal ; 
Member, Bengal Legislative 
Council on four occasions ; 
represented Bengal at the Coro- 
nati(3u of Emperor George V. in 
London, 1911 ; Patron, Calcutta 
Historical Society, and An- 
juman-i-Mussalman-i-Bangala ; 
beautified the town of Mur- 
shidabad by constructing an 
imposing pile of buildings in 
the Italian style ; established 
a High School in his capital ; 
liberal supporter of local 
industries; the estate is compos- 
ed of villages in the districts of 
Murshidabad, Calcutta, Midna- 
pur, Dacca, Malda, Patna, Pur- 
nea,Rangpur, Hooghly, liajshai, 
Birbhum, and the Sonthal Par- 
ganas. R-.'crcatinns : Polo, 

Shooting, Billiards. Aidrefs: 
' The Palace.' Murshidabad, 
Bengal Presidency, India. 

Murza. Muhammad Ali Beg Khan, 

Nawab Bahadur ; .s-. of Mirza 
Wilayut Ali Beg; Risaldar, 3rd 
Lancers, Hvderabad Contingent; 
Afghan War, 1879-80; Black 
Mountain E.xpedition, 1900; 
raised and commanded the 
1st and 2nd Lancers, Hydera- 
bad Imperial Service Troops ; 




Commandant of H. H. the 
Nizam's Regular Forces, since 
1897. Address: Hyderabad (D), 

Mupzapop, Mancharjee Cowasjee, 

Khan Bahadur, (1877) ; C.I.E., 
(1891); F.R.I.B.A.M. Inst., retir- 
ed Executive Engineer, Bombay; 
0. 1833 ; a prominent Mem- 
ber of the Parsi community 
and a well-known Civil Engi- 
neer and Architect; Presi- 
dent, Corporation of Bombay, 
1891; served Government for 
nearly 18 years in the capacity 
of Executive Engineer; ap- 
pointed Executisre Engineer 
to the Corporation of Bombay, 
1893 ; retired, 1903 ; is a Justice 
of the Peace ; Fellow of the 
Bombay University ; Member of 
the Institute of Civil Engineers, 
London ; Fellow of the Royal 
Institute of British Architects ; 
Member of the Incorporated 
Association of Municipal and 
County Engineers, London. 
Address: Murgbhan Road, Bom- 
bay, India. 

Masharaf Hussain, Hon'ble Maul- 

yi, elected Member, Legislative 
Council, Bengal. Address : 
Calcutta, India. 

MuttannaH, Mr. P., Rao Bahadur, 
(1839) ; Conservator of Forests 
(retired), Mysore State ; b. 1855 ; 
educ : Mercara, Coorg ; and 
Bangalore ; joined service in 
the Forest Department as Pro- 
bationer, Coorg, 1878 ; served in 
the Central Provinces, 1886-98 ; 
transferred to Madras Service 
and posted as Extra Deputy 
Conservator, 1899 ; services lent 
to Mysore where he rose to 
the position of Conservator 
of Forests, and Secretary to 
Mysore Government (Forest 


Branch), 1901; retired, 1914. 
Address ; Mercara, Coorg, India. 

Muttunayagam Pil'a!, Mioh»el A.» 

B.A.,B.L., Judge, High Court, 
Travancore, since 1913 ; passed 
B.A., 18S2; B.L., 18S5. Addtess: 
Trivandrum, Travancore State, 
S. India. 

Mylne, Right Rev. Louis George, 

D.D. ; b. 18 13 ; s. of Major Char- 
les David Mylne ; educ : at Mer- 
chiston Castle School, Edin- 
burgh ; St. Andrew's University, 
and Corpus Christi College, Ox- 
ford; Assistant Curate of 
North Mereton, Berks, 1867-70 ; 
Tutor, Keble College, Oxford, 
1870-76; Bishop of Bombay, 
1876-97; Canon of Woodford 
and Wilsford in Salisbury 
Cathedral, 1900-05 ; Rural Dean 
of Marlborough, 1897-05; Rector 
of Alyechurch, Worcestershire, 
1905. Publication''. English 
Church Life in India ; Corporate 
Life of the Church in India'; 
Hopes for Reunion, etc. Address': 
Alvechurch Rectory, Worcester- 

Mysore, Dowager Maharani of; 
H, H. ISaharani Vanl Vilasa 
Sannldhana, C.I. mother of the 
present Maharaja ; conducted 
the administration of the State 
with the help of a Diwan and 
a Council of three Members 
during the minority of the Maha- 
raja ; is greatly loved and 
esteemed by all her subjects. 
Address : The ' Palace,' Mysore, 

Mysore, Maharaja of ; H. H. 
Maharaja Sir Krishna Rajft 
Woodlar Bahadur, G. C. S. L, 

(1907) ; e.s. of late Maharaja Sir 
Chamaraja Woodiar Bahadur, 
G.C.S.I.; ^..Mysore, 1884; sue- 



ceeded to gaddi as a minor, 1895 ; 
claims descent from the race of 
Yadavas ; the administration of 
the State during the minority of 
His Highness, was conducted by 
a Council of Regency composed 
of Her Highness the Maharani 
Vani Vilasa Sannidhana, C. I. 
(mother of the Maharaja) with 
the help of a Diwan and three 
Councillors ; ediic : first, under 
the guidance of Mr. P. Ragha- 
vender Rao, B.A., B.L., and 
afterwards under the guidance 
of Mr. Stuart Milford Fraser, 
C.I.E., I.C.S.; m. Pratap Kumari 
Bai, d. of the Rana Sahib of 
Vana, Kathiawar, 1900 ; assum- 
ed direct control of the State, 
190i ; opened the ' Industrial 
and Arts Exhibition, Madras,' 
1903 ; invited to the Delhi Durbar 
1903; entertained in his capital 
Their Royal Highnesses the 
Prince and the Princess of Wales 
(the present Emperor and Em- 
press), 1906 ; visited the Indian 
Industrial Exhibition, Calcutta, 
the same year ; sanctioned 
the formation of a Legislative 
Council in his State, which has 
been doing satisfactory work ; 
placed all the resources of his 
State, even including his per- 
sonal services, at the disposal of 
the Government of India, owing 
to the present European War ; 
maintains a Military force of 
about 2,72i, composed of 2 regi- 
ments of Silladar Cavalry and 
3 Battalions of Barr Infan- 
try ; one of the Cavalry regi- 
ments is the well known 
'Mysore Imperial Service Lan- 
cers,' with which is kept up an 
Imperial Transport Corps ; en- 
titled to a salute of 21 guns ; 
area of the State, 29,433 square 
miles; population, nearly six 
millions ; revenue, nearly 2J 
crores ; military expenditure of 

the State, nearly 9J lakhs. Re- 
creations : Hunting, Driving^ 
Motoring, Polo, Racquets and 
Music. Address : ' The Palace.' 
Mysore; 'Fern Hill,' Ootaca- 
mund, Madras Presidency, India. 

Mysore, Yuvaraja of; Prince Sir 
Sree KantlFava Narasimha Raja 
Woodlyar Bahadur, C.I. £.(1911)- 
2nd ?. of late Highness Maha- 
raja Chamaraj Woodiyai Baha- 
dur of Mysore, ar.d brother of 
the present ruler ; b. in Mysore, 
5th June 1888 ; exluc : in Mysore 
under Mr. S. M. Fraser, I.C. S.,. 
assisted by Messrs. P. Ragha- 
vendra Rao, T. Narayana Iyen- 
gar, Bhima Rao and Hussain 
Ali ; accompanied the Maharaja 
in his tour through Burma,. 
1901 ; returned to Mysore and 
resumed studies ; joined the 
Mayo Rajkumar College, Aj- 
mere, 1903; returned to Mysore 
owing to ill-health, 1904 ; conti- 
nued studies under the instruc- 
tion of Captain R. J. W. Heale, 
assisted by Messrs. M. A. Nara- 
yana Iyengar, and M. A. Singa- 
racharry ; visited Kashmir, ac- 
companied by Colonel Drake 
Brockman, I.M.S., 1908; under- 
took a tour to Japan, December 
1908; visited many important 
places in Japan, and returned to 
Mysore, March 1909 , m. Kempa 
Cheluvajammanni, 4th d. of late 
Sirdar Dalavai Devaraj Urs. one 
of the leading noblemen of My- 
sore, 1910 ; accompanied his bro- 
ther H.H. the Maharaja to the 
Delhi Duri)ar, 1911 ; proceeded 
on a tour to Europe and visited 
England, France, Italy, Switzer- 
land and Belgium, 1913 ; re- 
turned to Mysore, October 1913, 
Jiccrcations : Riding, Polo, 
Racquets and Turf. Address: 
Mysore, India. 





Itabha, Maharaja of ; H.H. Maha- 
raja. Kipudaman Singh, F.R.G. 
S., M.R.A.S. ; belongs to the 
Sidhu Jat family, known as the 
Phulkian family, which has 
supplied ruling chiefs to Baha- 
dur, Jhind, Patiala, Nabha, and 
other Punjab States ; a. s. of 
late Maharaja Colonel Sir Hira 
Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I., G.C.I. 
E., ; b. 1883 ; educ : privately ; 
made extensive tours through- 
out Northern India ; received 
administrative training from his 
father; m. 1901; one d; succeed- 
ed to power, 1911 ; Member, Im- 
perial Legislative Council, 
1906-08; introduced the Anano 
(Sikh) Marriage Bill ; Presi- 
dent, Social Conference, Lahore, 
1909 ; visited England under 
medical advice, and had the 
honor of a private audience with 
"the Emperor. 1910 ; again visited 
England in company with his 
consort for the Coronation of 
Emperor George V, 1911; area 
of the State, 966 square miles ; 
population, 297,949; re/enue, 
Rs. 15,42,906; maintains a force 
of 150 cavalry, 670 infantry, 38 
artillery, and 10 guns ; entitled 
to a salute of 15 guns. Recre- 
ations : Travelling, Shooting. 
Address : Nabha, Punjab, India. 
Club: Royal Societies. 

Katfara Ayya, V, B.A., Diwan 
Bahadur (1911), Senior Diwan 
Peishkar, Travancore State, 
(retired); passed B.A., 1870; 
entered service of the Travan- 
core State ; Settlement Diwan 
Peishkar, Trivandrum; Senior 
Diwan Peishkar for some years ; 
retired, 1913 ; occasional con- 
tributor to tbe Press. Publica- 


Hon : State Manual of Travan- 
core. Aildicsi : Mylapore, Mad- 
ras, India. 

Nagappa, B , Bar-at-law, Mysore ; 
b. in Bangalore, 1877 ; educ : at 
the London Mission High 
School, and the Central College, 
Bangalore ; passed the Langu- 
age Branch of the B.A. 1896 , 
proceeded to England, and 
joined the Gray's Inn where 
he was called to Bar, 1901 ; 
was placed in the 1st Class in 
the Final Exa.mination and 
was awarded a Certificate of 
Honor by the Council of Legal 
Education ; won golden opi- 
nions from Messrs. Montague 
Lush, E.C., Dr. A. Underbill, 
James Scully, Dr. W. B. Od- 
gers, J. W. Macarthy, etc. ; the 
Bachelors of his Inn granted 
him a special certificate for 
" Exceptional abilities " and 
awarded him a prize of £50 ; 
returned to India, 1901 ; enrolled 
as Advocate of the Madras 
High Court; worked with the 
Hon'ble Mr. (now Mr. Justice) 
J. P. Wallis ; removed to Mysore 
for practice ; nominated as 
Member, Mysore Legislative 
Council, 1907 ; one of the non- 
official members who was 
specially thanked by H. H. The 
Maharaja in passing the " Vil- 
lage Officers' Bill"; Vice- 
President of the Vokkaligar 
Sangha ;" presided at the Social 
Conference opened by H. H. 
The Maharaja, 1907; keenly 
interested in the industrial 
development of the country. 
Address : Mysore, India. 

Nagendra Nath De, Rai Bahadur 

(1909), Bilaspur; b. 1867; 
educ : Hare School, and the 
General Assembly College, 
Calcutta; called to Bar, 



18S8 ; began practice in Bilas- 
pur, 1857 ; Vice-President and 
President of the Municipal 
Committee ; also Honorary 
Magistrate ; President, Bilaspur 
District Council, since 1888. 
Address : Bilaspur, C.P., India . 

Magpur, Bishop of; Right Rev. 
Byre ChaUerton, D. D., F.R. 
G.S. ; .«. of late A. I. Chatter- 
ton ; edu : Haileybury ; Senior 
Moderator and Gold Medalist 
in Ethics and Logic, and first 
Theological Exhibitioner; or- 
dained, 1887; Curate, HolyTrin-. 
ity, Stockton-on-Tees, 1887-91 ; 
came out to India as Head of 
the Dublin University Mission 
in Chota-Nagpur, 1891-1900; 
Curate of Rich.nond in Surrey, 
1901-OJ; Bishop of Nagpur 
since 1903 ; this Bishopric in- 
cludes the Central Provinces, 
Central India, Rajputana, and 
Benares. Publications : The 
Story of Fifty Years' Mission 
Work in Chota-Nagpur. Ad- 
dress : Nagpur, C.P., India. 

Nair, Sir Chettur Sankaran, Kt., 
CLE. {see Sankaran hair). 

Nair, Krlshnan, M., B.A., B.L., 

Dewan of Travancore ; b. in a 
village near Palghat ; ediic : 
Government College, Calicut, 
and the Madras Christian Col- 
lege; passed B.A., 1889; was a 
teacher and journalist; passed 
B.L., 1893; enrolled as V^akil, 
1894 ; one of the staunch svip- 
porters of the Indian Congress 
movement ; represented the 
Southern Group of Municipali- 
ties in the Madras Legislative 
Council, 1903 ; appointed Dewan 
of Travancore, 1913. Address : 
Triyandrum, Travancore State, 
S. India. 

20 (a) 

Nalr, Dr. T. Madhavar, M. D., 

Municipal Commissioner, Mad- 
ras ; ednc : Government High 
School, Palghat, and the Presi- 
dency College, Madras, proceed- 
ed to England and joined the 
Edinburgh University, 1889 : 
passed M.B. and CM., 1894; 
was House Surgeon, Throats 
and Ear Hospital, Brighton ; 
passed M.D., 1836; on special 
work in connection with ear and 
throat diseases in Paris ; re- 
turned to India and settled down 
in Madras, 1837 ; was a Member, 
University Students' Represent- 
ative Council, Edinburgh for 
two years ; was Secretary and 
then President of the Edinburgh 
Indian Association ; was a Mem- 
ber of the University Liberal 
Association as well as of the 
University Union ; was one of 
the editors of the University 
Magazine called " The Student ;" 
Secretary and then Yice-Presi- 
dent, London Indian Society, is 
a Member of the British Medical 
Association, the Royal Asiatic 
Society, the National Liberal 
Club, and the Royal Society's 
Club, London ; is now a nomi- 
nated Member of the Madras 
Legislative Council, of which he 
was an elected Member before ; 
was an elected Member of the 
Madras Corporation which he 
suddenly resigned; sought re- 
election and was returned at the 
head of the poll; defeated in 
another attempt at election, and 
was then nominated by Govern- 
ment as Member of the Madras 
Corporation ; Fellow, Madras 
University, 1910 ; Member of 
the Faculty of Medic'no of the 
Madras University; ursuccess- 
fully contested for a seat in tho 
Imperial Legislative Council ; 
Editor of "Antiseptic," a month- 
ly journal of Medicine and Sur- 
gery published in Madras ; pro- 




ceeded in the Hospithl Ship 
Madras to render aid to the 
sick and wounded in the present 
War with Germany. Addrestt; 
Lady Napier Villa, Egmore, 
Madras, India. 

Naldanga, Raja of ; Rai Pramada 
BhuBhein Deb ; s. of late Raja 
Rai Indu Bhushan Deb ; b. 
1858; succeeded as a minor, 1871; 
took possession of the estate, 
1879 ; greatly interested in the 
cause of education ; founded 
scholarships for advancing San- 
skrit learning; founded an Eng- 
lish school and a dispensary ; 
Member, British Indian Associa- 
tion; Member, District Board of 
Jessore ; title of Raja ( personal), 
1885. Address : Naldai}ga, Jes- 
sore, Bengal Presidency, India. 

Nalltaranjan Cbaterjl, M.A.,B.L., 

.Judge, High Court, Calcutta. 

Nanak Chand Mashir-ud-DowIa, 

Rai Bahadur (1867); CLE., 
(1901); C.S.I. , (1911);Indore; s. of 
Mashir-ud-Dowla Rai Bahadur 
Omed Singh, Tutor to H. H. the 
late Maharaja Tukoji Rao Hol- 
kar of Indore; b. 1859; has been 
Judicial Secretary to the 
Treasurer; Residency Vakil, and 
Deputy Minister Indore, 1895; 
is a hereditary Jaghirdar who 
owns two villages in the State ; 
Mashir-ud-Dowla (personal) ; 
won K.I.H. gold medal, 1900 ; 
Member, Managing Committee 
of the Daly College, Indore. 
Address; Indore, Central India. 

Nand Lai Kaul, Rai Bahadur, 
(1910), I.S.O., (1911), Extra 
Assistant to Agent to Governor- 
General in Central India ; b. 
1857 ; s. of Janardan Kaul ; educ : 
at the Amritsar Collegiate 


School ; joined Finance Commis- 
sioner's Office, Lahore; trans- 
ferred to Baluchist